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12:19 AM
I wonder how my work computer isn't on fire yet... it has 4 gigs of RAM total, running Windows 10 and I have 110 chrome tabs open (spread between two windows)
12:40 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami You should close some, or use a tab suspender
1:00 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami 4k monitor? otherwise, that's a lot of tabs to navigate 🤔
1:22 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami pffft, please
give me a sec to get the numbers but i can tell you the Youtube window is 40+
95 for the bottom one
38 for the top
~173 in 3 windows and it's still the start of the day.
the youtube ones will close as i collect my videos for the day but the other 21 windows get archived, basic tabs reloaded and then continue to grow from there
1:37 AM
The underwater sequences in Doom Eternal are unfathomably shit and out of place
Q: How To Automatically make particles when a player Joins Using Commands On Minecraft Bedrock Edition

nonoI am attempting to make a kit PVP on Minecraft and I'm trying to make particles when a player joins the server.

@GnomeSlice i am already guessing that it's because you're moving slower
No they're just... not fun
Pointless, there's no enemies, just annoying busywork. The radiation you have to swim through is not fun
'puzzle' is a bit of a stretch here
1:54 AM
jees the Taras Nabad slayer gate on nightmare was hella fun
2:17 AM
we are living in a meme
although they asked, think he dodged that pretty well I guess
2:39 AM
That reporter is a dummy for even asking that, but lol
2:54 AM
Q: Game for XBOX ONE like Android Brawls Stars

LCarvalhoI don't know exactly if I can ask that kind of question here. I wonder if anyone can recommend a game for XBOX ONE that is like Android Brawls Stars. Games with various characters with different powers that evolve over time, but with a more childlike profile. I thought about Final Fantasy, but I ...

3:08 AM
Tornados in area whee
(south of me should be good)
Apparently they have a "possible tornado debris" radar indication on top of wind direction indicating rotation which is a neat toy
Yeah they're just calling this as either a radar confirmed tornado, or serious straight line wind damage
3:21 AM
Yeah way southeast now
3:39 AM
Stay safe
We're good it's way out of area now
Q: I have a small port forwarded LAN server... Need help

TrizzI have port forwarded and configured my server properly, but when I test the port, it still says it's not active while the server is running. In the cmd, it shows that the port 25565 isn't active as well. I would love if someone would answer my question... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY

4:06 AM
I'm at a friend's island where the stars just keep falling. I've made 100 wishes already if my phone is to be believed
Feels like a glitch, but I'm not questioning it if 100 star fragments show up tomorrow morning
It's legitimately hard to even do anything because there's so many stars
4:48 AM
Q: How do I delete a custom room?

EcholetaI have a lot of rooms in my list that I want to get rid of but I can't find anywhere in the game that allows me to delete them. Where is the delete button for rooms?

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6:14 AM
About 20 minutes ago my carbon monoxide detector started beeping, which made me really nervous so I started ventilating my whole apartment.
I just found out that this is not the "there is an invisible deadly gas" alarm but the "this detector has reached end of life and needs to be replaced alarm", which is a little less urgent
I don't think I even have anything that can produce carbon monoxide
7:13 AM
Morning chat
2 hours later…
9:12 AM
Q: How to increase the draw distance in the Bethesda Gamebryo Fallout games?

user598527The grass draw distance was extremely limited in Oblivion, but Fallout 3 and New Vegas still have quite noticeable issues with loading (streaming?) their sparse landscape. I've maxed out all related sliders in the options menu. The related .ini variables apparently are (15 is the highest in-game...

9:31 AM
Q: How to trigger the Adlib sound in the game "Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun"?

temmandlovAccording to MobyGames, the game supports the AdLib sound card and PC speaker. By default, the PC speaker is triggered on. By the way, I've asked the same question on Reddit and I got a suggestion: type freddy -adlib on the DOSBox command line. I have tried it and the game crashed and I got an ...

10:06 AM
i woke up this morning determined that during my lunch break at work i would go to my car and call my mum to come out to her. i practised what i would say, how i would answer some question i thought she would ask, how i would explain how i would start my HRT.

then came to my lunch break and i chickened out, i thought to myself i'll do it a couple of hours, that i need to be at my computer to do any packages that could come up. i must have did this subconsciously knowing that i had meetings then so i wouldn't be able to do it
Q: Uninstalling a game through steam?

Meric OzcanIf I uninstall a game through steam will it delete it on my Computer? In other words do I have to re-download all the game data again, like 20+ GB?

i hate how i'm making this harder than it should be. even when we was talking transgender people because of something that showed up TV and my mum joked that if i was transgender she's spend more money getting me new clothes i still didn't say anything
not expecting anyone to have an answer for me, sorta just needed to vent my frustration like that
Don't beat yourself up. It is a difficult thing and there's nothing wrong with finding it difficult
2 hours later…
12:34 PM
@Memor-X oof. And yeah, it's hard, even when you have every reason to expect everything to go fine.
I didn't come out to my mom until a few years after my egg cracked and 6 months after I started HRT.
1 hour later…
1:55 PM
Q: Minecraft: I can't enter my world. How can I fix this?

ArdaI tried command: /tp ~ ~6000000000000000000000 ~ I teleported but minecraft gave crash. And when i enter my world it gives crash. This world very special for me; How can I fix this? How can I change my position? I won't try this again.

Q: How to change a block texture but not the item?

D3T0NAi changed the texture of the chest of minecraft so it is invisible for a map of mine, but as the item is the block itself it is invisible in the inventory as well, i searched and there is no chest in the item textures folder, is it possible to create a item.chest file ?

Q: Does Guard Spec. affect accuracy?

Jack MThe item Guard Spec. is supposed to prevent reduction of stats from moves like Growl. Does this also cover accuracy reduction from things like Sand Attack?

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3:05 PM
horray I have island designer
I did have to spend 50k moving one house since it's right where I'd want to put a path though lol
Q: How to remove psn account from ps3

玉垣さんWhen I got the ps3 I had a different psn account then I do on my ps4. I want to remove the psn account from my ps3, but since I had loads of trophies(achievements) that I got before a psn account was added I want to be able to put a new psn account (the one on the ps4) on that profile and keep th...

Q: How to remove particle effect in Minecraft pe if it's a mob

i needhelpMy friend typed the command "/particle minecraft:mob_flame_emitter ~ ~1 ~" or something like that and now theres a fire we can't get rid of. I don't know how to get rid of or kill it

3:22 PM
I'm going to step back a bit from TIF, because all the negative news that's shared there is hurting my emotions
3:48 PM
Q: Fortnite resolution error

Umz 10I was looking at a thread and u had a detailed answer but this didn't solve my problem and u have a good profile so I thought to message u directly. So I just got a new 165 Hz monitor but my laptop can only support 120 Hz which isn't too bad and I the 120 Hz mode is working perfectly fine in desk...

4:02 PM
@Nzall that's why it's separated
@GnomeSlice and now that it happened to me, I understand why
Hey All - I'm trying to figure out if there are any consoles that come preloaded (or can be loaded) with NES, SNES and N64 games? I've seen a few articles out there that describe how to build an emulator with a Raspberry Pi - would that be my best bet?
4:21 PM
@AbeMiessler Probably, RetroPie is decently popular, though apparently N64 emulation on a Raspberry Pi is difficult
The hardware apparently struggles to handle it
I'm not aware of other systems that do N64 emulation other than obviously desktop emulators like Project64 or Wii Virtual Console though
RetroPie does have a page on how to make it work though (the answer appears to be overclocking) retropie.org.uk/docs/Optimization-for-Nintendo-64
4:45 PM
Q: Do activated hoppers produce less lag than unactivated hoppers?

TheCreepeersteerI know that putting blocks with containers above hoppers can reduce the calculations that the game needs to run, improving the performance of the game. Does activating hoppers with a Redstone signal (thus locking them) achieve a simillar effect?

5:23 PM
Q: Can someone help?

Sarah MadukayilI've been playing minecraft for a while and i'm not able to break blocks. I'm not in adventure mode and I am not holding a sword. I've left clicked so many times! can someone help me? P.S. I am in creative mode

5:33 PM
@Unionhawk Does the Switch still have a virtual console?
or was that discontinued?
because I think if the Switch still supports downloadable legacy games, it would probably be the most legal way
@Nzall There's some NES and SNES games included with Nintendo Switch Online
no N64 Nintendo Switch Online yet though
gamecube virtual console when
(probably never)
Q: Not getting rare dwellers

unicornturtleIn both survival and normal modes for Fallout Shelter (mobile), I am not receiving rare dwellers. I played a couple of years ago and would get rare dwellers from lunchboxes very early in all my vaults (at least 1 dweller within the first 3 boxes) but now, after playing for a couple of days or so,...

Q: Can You Become A Vampire Werewolf Hybrid In Skyrim?

Anthony CooperI was originally a werewolf, but then I looked at the vampire things and was like: "Woah, these things are epic!" But I don't want to create a whole new game to become a vampire. HELP!

6:09 PM
The N64 is surprisingly difficult to emulate well.
@Nzall It's not a easy place to be in. And there's no need to be there if it's not helpful or useful to you. Take care of yourself :)
I think the only console that's given me more trouble is the PS2. PSX is a contemporary and is a piece of cake, of course, but so are the Gamecube, and even the WiiU and PS3 are straightforward by comparison.
Q: How to delete a vanilla Minecraft item with a mod

DannyI'm trying to make a mod that changes the way Minecraft is played quite a bit. To do so, I need to remove a number of blocks and items from the game rather completely before I can add in new ones. How can I do that?

@Ash my auticoach (basically a therapist) recommended I cut a lot more negativity out of my life, mainly through not following so many politics accounts on Twitter and avoiding negative news
6:34 PM
@Nzall That is very, very good advice.
6:57 PM
Q: How to supply a piston feed tape from a large cube of blocks

TMHI'm wanting to make a sort of piston feed tape chamber, a 12x12x12 cube of blocks, that slowly gets fed into a piston feed tape. So the blocks would look something like this: And I'd like to pick out one block at a time, to move into a feed tape. The idea behind this is this will feed into my n...

Bridge, I have important news
June has started calling me "butterbean" and it's the best
Undo that star you coward
7:16 PM
Q: Which shiny variants can a Pokémon transferred from Pokémon Home have?

WondercricketIn Pokémon Sword/Shield, there are two variants of shiny forms which have different types of sparkles: Square Sparkles Star Sparkles Yesterday, I received a shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Home through the GTS. The Pokémon had never been transferred into either Sword or Shield (it had the question m...

7:27 PM
More stars? :o
@Ronan That is awesomely adorable news
7:39 PM
@Unionhawk How do I add my details to the Bridge gamer ids?
I think anyone can edit it?
Yeah I think it should have edit turned on
Unless I messed it up and it doesn't
Yeah edit is turned on and seems to be working
Q: Add more buildings to Simcity3000

Matias BarriosI got a bunch of bld files to add new buildings to Simcity3000 unlimited. But whne i try to import them, i can only swap one existing building for one of the new ones, so the total number of buildings in game remains the same. Is it possible to ADD new buildings without losing the vainilla ones?

8:16 PM
Okay, I think I got the important ones
8:33 PM
@Nzall I would recommend just not using twitter at all any more
I took a break from facebook for a while and felt pretty good, although I did miss the communication with some friends
@GnomeSlice Twitter has it's uses. I'm essentially dropping all news, politics, cartoonists, business and government accounts and sticking to content creators and infosec
@Nzall I did similar except mine is mostly romance novellists :P
only 2 corporate accounts I intend to keep following are the train and bus corporations, so it's easier to ask them for support
8:46 PM
Gaze upon my terrifying visage, mortals, and despair. For I have achieved greatness beyond your ken.
(I made sandwich bread from scratch and then made grilled cheese)
Okay, I went from over 350 following to 101 on Twitter
I might be able to remove one more, but at this point it's getting tricky
now onto youtube
okay, dropped Youtube to 184. Still A LOT, but many of those channels have only weekly or monthly releases
9:09 PM
Q: MIecraft Forge and Optifine Versions dissapeared

ScisrI was downloading a mudpack on Twitch. When I ran it, it made me log into Minecraft again. When I logged in, my modded versions (optifine and forge) are gone? How do I retrieve them?

Q: Unable to detect correct NBT, 1.15.2

AaronKanaronI made a sonic map in 1.12 commands, and I'm now trying to transfer it to 1.13 commands instead. I'm trying to detect how many blocks were affected by the command that was run (previously "/stats") by using the new /execute store result. As you can see, it didn't work cause the "test" scoreboard...

I've been stuck at an encounter in Nekravol for like 20 minutes now
finally used the sword, not bad
archviles man
9:28 PM
Q: How fast can you rush the "Full Crew" achievement?

DementoAfter over 90 hours of playing The Witcher 3, I realized that I made a bad choice early on, which blocks me from getting the Full Crew achievement in this playthrough. Should this be the only achievement I'll be missing in the end, I'll consider replaying the game on the easiest difficulty and r...

9:42 PM
@SaintWacko Ugh, I can't decide what class to pick up.
Have to do a certain glory kill on the doom hunter for mission and I cannot get either of them to even stagger
I've restarted this encounter like 8 times. Literally killed that one with the heavy rifle and still no stagger
10:38 PM
@Ronan we'll always be here for you and support you, butterbean ^^
I did this to myself
Q: Console picking advice

k.n.shiConsole picking advice What’s the best console for playing adventure/action/shooting games, like god of war, skyrim, cod, halo, gta etc... just for games, not movies or anything. Used to play only on friends’s (multiple consoles), but now I want to buy my own.


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