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12:07 AM
@GnomeSlice the rest of the world doesn't either right now lol
uh actually a lot of people have homes and careers and wives and families
Also now that I have my fancy new gaming PC I actually submitted a screenshot to the weekly contest
12:50 AM
Q: Do money trees produce bells only once or repeatedly?

spacetyperWhen you bury bells in a glowing hole, it produces a sapling which eventually grows into a full tree containing three bags of bells. After the tree has been shaken once, will it produce bags of bells again (like fruit trees)? Or does it only produce the three bags of bells one time?

wow I thought I was gonna get a $700 fine that was scary lol
it was just transit cops, for some reason
I took a walk to see the supermoon. brightest in 75 years if anyone can see it
unfortunately very cloudy for me
east ish, up like 15 degrees now
(for me)
still looks huge through the cloud cover
1:09 AM
Q: Keeps banning me from GTS

Nigthwing14Hi I'm new to this site and it's driving me mad and insane I need anyone's help right now I've been playing Pokemon ever since soul sliver and I never have a problem until 5 weeks ago. I now play on ultra sun and I can only use wonder trade and link trade but every time I go on GTS it bans me for...

1:35 AM
I got myself a new friend! 😍
@Elise awww, it's cute
and soft looking too
yesss, it was the last one, so I had to get it
it is very soft <3
he's watching over me now
@Elise Oh gosh your friend looks SO CUDDLY. Does your friend have a name?
I'll call her Sarah, I guess
1:54 AM
2:08 AM
@GnomeSlice that was exactly who i was thinking of when i read above
TIL her name is 'Cera' and not 'Sarah'
and it only occurred to me now why she has has the most normal name
@GnomeSlice just learned that too but it makes more sense it being Cera
yeah, but Cera is too obvious
not when you're 8
2:16 AM
@GnomeSlice and didn't have the internet
or however old I was when I saw that. probably less
Q: how to re-texture armor with transparency

Adamos The GinamosI was making my own texture pack and I fell into a problem. I was changing the texture pack of the diamond armor, and then I wanted it to have transparency so I went to GIMP(a photo editing software) and made this I replaced the old texture with the new one. then I made the texture pack and add...

TIL Filthy Frank is... a really good musical artist?
2:56 AM
@GnomeSlice I was today years old when I realized this
Q: Can No$GBA run NDS roms?

GuestI use the PC emulator no$GBA and I tried to run roms of Pokemon Black and Pokemon Platinum, but the roms wouldn't work. The Pokemon Black rom loaded but had the screen that you get when the game card is not inserted, Pokemon Platinum just doesn't work. Does anybody know what's going on?

3:12 AM
I got glow in the dark nails xD
@Elise like the glue on nails or nail polish/paint?
nail polish
I don't do artificial nails :o
Q: /tellraw using wrong player when using with command block in nether

Matthew VandenbergI have a pressure plate that activates two command blocks in the nether: execute as @p in minecraft:overworld run tp @p 98 67 101 180 0 which teleports the player from the pressure plate in the nether to a specific location in the overworld facing north. tellraw @a {"text":"","color":"green","b...

3:59 AM
Q: Can you not make scoreboard objectives track statistics anymore?

Sam HillI'm trying to make something and I couldn't help but notice there's no way to make a scoreboard objective track a player's general statistics anymore. Am I just missing something or was this removed?

4:19 AM
Q: How do you skip chapters on Episode - Choose Your Story?

MaddieI recently had to factory reset my phone, and I forgot to wright down my email that I use for episode. I tried multiple times to find the right one, but I can't. I was reading this story called Craving Scar, and now I have to restart it. I really down want to, and I want to know if there is any w...

1 hour later…
5:34 AM
Q: MCPE: Custom named lightning arrow

KuraI want to make an arrow(with a custom name, ex. "Special arrow") that when it hits the ground there is lightning. This is on mcpe.

6:16 AM
@Memor-X yeah, and the stuffed animal also looks cute. :)
6:49 AM
Q: Minecraft importing zip maps not working

user2641043When I download a ZIP minecraft map and import it into my minecraftworlds folder, a new entry appears in my minecraft worlds list, however the name is blank, the creation date is 01/01/70 and the map appears to be a default island, not related to the map i have downloaded. any ideas how to instal...

2 hours later…
8:35 AM
@Elise awwwwww
9:57 AM
Q: Setting up second PS4

Janey1aWe have a family PS4 which I set up as the primary user with parental controls etc and my two kids have sub accounts. My eldest has now bought himself his own PS4 for his room and I'm wondering how to get this set up for him. I still want parental controls and he will need to be able to link to o...

Happy birthday @Elva?
11:18 AM
@GnomeSlice lol, i saw a shorter version of this on a news program last night
11:32 AM
Q: Minecraft optifine does not appear in profile even when installed in versions

CuriouscaseI installed 2 versions of optifine, but I can't see them in from my Minecraft launcher.

11:46 AM
@GnomeSlice and also happy birthday @GnomeSlice!
@Elise oooh fun!
12:10 PM
Q: Command blocks: checking team, and score of players, and summing up values

MildlyFrustratedI am trying to use command blocks to set up a team death counter for my friends server. We wanted to have a scoreboard that just displays how many deaths a single team has. I currently have the scoreboards set up with a death objective which counts how many deathcount of each individual person a...

12:50 PM
Q: How do I execute a command relative to an entity in 1.15?

DasNerdworkAlready found similar posts like (How to execute a command relative to an entity), but those are some years old already and very outdated, what would be the new way to use the execute command relative (e.g. slightly behind) an entity? I'd guess it something with at @s[z=.5] but that wouldn't work...

1:03 PM
finally read the full transcript. only took me a year and a half :D
@Reflexive you mean the chat transcript?
what a madlad
The best part is i forgot absolutely everything :D
But why though?
1:18 PM
Some things in there are best left forgotten
1:52 PM
I don't think there's any benefit to reading this chat. I don't even read it when I'm in it. I just randomly say things and hope they're relevant.
@Wipqozn Nah it costs way more than that
@Ronan Great idea
@GnomeSlice That's a great song and/or game you posted. Thanks!
Somewhat disappointing, morning price is the lowest it could have been, 199 bells.
Anybody got better?
I read a comment describing the pattern on the new PS5 controller as a tank top and now I can’t unsee it
@Yuuki That's twice my max for this week
2:05 PM
That’s higher than I’ve ever got lol
My range for this morning was literally 199-580 though.
How long is left on your morning?
3 hours?
I'll open up my airport via Dodo Code.
Do you mind if I share it with some friends?
Sure, go ahead.
As far as fruits go, I have cherries, oranges, peaches, apples, and coconuts.
Dunno what the last one I'm missing is.
2:09 PM
@Yuuki Pears, I'll bring you some
Henry's singing in the square again like the best islander he is.
Yeah 199 is better than my week
I opened it via Dodo Code: 3ML5X.
I know I just spent too long looking for that prior to opening
there it goes
I have enough fragments for a wand! This is so exciting
2:16 PM
oh god
quick open an interface
So I guess I'll just jump on my Nook Phone for a few minutes here?
Oh no your town tune
Please tell me it's Friday
@Ronan :D
2:20 PM
It's a high quality rip
Huh I can't find you in the friends list
@Ronan I'll take that as a compliment because I worked it out solely from memory.
@Ronan I don't think I'm in yours. The only Bridge person on my Switch friends list is Uni, I think.
Pretty sure if I jump out to the Home screen to look at a friend request, I kick everyone from the island, right?
I have no idea
@Yuuki You're right, Henry is wonderful
Isn't he?
2:27 PM
Anyway I should get back to work
Yeah same
It failed to send me home
How is that an operation that can fail?
Oh, I figured everyone was leaving so I kept my Nook Phone open. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.
You’re now in purgatory :P
I really need to organize my flowers lol
I just have a bunch around randomly
2:33 PM
@PrivatePansy Man, I didn't know how that worked and I didn't get on the day after the meteor shower :(
I didn’t get any on my first try either heh, this is the second time Celeste showed up
Also! We have a new friend code sheet that has edit turned on
@Unionhawk Oh! Link?
How do I find my Switch friend code?
2:37 PM
@SaintWacko At the home screen, go to your user page, then profile
Ah, thanks
2:54 PM
Q: What´s the name of this minecraft plugin or mod?

JosephI saw this on a video And I wanted to do this on my minecraft map!, can someone tell me how can I do this?

Q: How to set a command block to test for the time and change it?

RubyAppleI've been building up villages on my server, and I'd really like to not have to watch for zombie sieges. I'd like to set up a command block to detect when it is almost midnight, and then skip midnight. The old methods I've found on here aren't working as the /stats command has been removed. Anyo...

3:29 PM
I wish you could improve the interior design for your early Islanders.
Without the gimmick of forcing them out and then re-inviting them via amiibo.
There are rumors about moving their houses might make them switch to the new design
Q: How to link the nether portals in 1.15.2

Микола КікецьI am going to blow my mind if there is no person ho can explain how it works: In overworld i have 2 portals: (OW1): -149 55 -199 (OW2): 60 30 -484 In nether i have 2 portals: (N1): -18 38 -26 (N2): 7 127+ -60 But, as those portals seems far away from each other i was thinking that they...

3:51 PM
Q: Does equipment stack?

musefanDoes the equipment (perks) stack? So for example is there any benefit in having Iron Nails 1, 2 and 3 all equipped at the same time, or will it just use the highest? The fact it allows it to be done suggests yes, but it doesn't seen to say so not sure, and can't think of best way to test for my...

Q: minecraft how can i make so a command blocks says a score in the chat

zombie1111i trying to make a system thats sends a message is the chat that says a scoreboard value… for example when i press a stone button it says, you have 3 kills! and if i kill 2 more mobs it says you have 5 kills!.. i think you understand! but is it even possible? i tested to do /tellraw but i cant...

Q: Patch of green space on island where nothing grows

Jason WhitishI have a decent patch of "green space" that extends over and past my island's eastern beach. When I've tried to plant things in that space, they don't seem to grow, even though I'm pretty positive they have enough space to do so. Is this fixable, e.g., with the terraforming tool, or does it jus...

4:10 PM
Q: How can I get rid of extra fruit or food energy?

Private PansyYou get energy from eating fruits and other foods like eggs (from the Bunny Day event) and turnips. The energy can be used to break rocks and transplant trees, but what if I don't want the energy? How can I get rid of it?

4:29 PM
Q: Is there a Minecraft console command for randomly generating specific items in the world?

jimpI am setting up a Creative Minecraft server for players to explore. I'd like to use the console to randomly generate items, such as eggs and boxes, throughout the world without me having to manually place each one. Once the players have collected most or all of them, I'll run the command(s) again...

5:07 PM
Q: What free program converts minecraft pc worlds to pe worlds that isnt mcc toolchest pe

hn PI want to convert minecraft java edition worlds to pc is there a free program for that mcc toolchest pe does not load command blocks

Q: What ranged weapon would be best to defeat The Twins in Terraria

LoganI have the full hallowed gear and i have light discs and plenty of potions. I also have a sword name that i can't remember but does 71 damage and is extremely fast. I need advice.

5:38 PM
It's my birthday in 2 weeks, I am now accepting suggestions for animal crossing birthday party themes
A bit more seriously, do you have any interesting furniture sets? Otherwise you could lean on community designs - there are some interesting ones out there
6:04 PM
Q: Unable to start career with NFS the run game in my PC

Deepesh ShivhareWhen I play Need For Speed: The Run, all the onscreen prompts are to press "B" or "X" or "LT" (Left Trigger) for Xbox 360 controls, while my setting game play already with keyboard.

6:28 PM
Does anyone here remember this game or am I just old?
wait that didn't work
I assume that upload worked but I can't see the image cus it's blocked by the filters here at work
Yeah that worked
ok good. was not sure cus I can't see it and the upload despite being from my downloads folder said C:\fakepath for where it was coming from
Yeah it does that
Anyway yeah, does anyone remember that game?
Fate (2005)
6:39 PM
That game was great
Oh I've never played it, I thought you were trying to work out what game the screenshot was from
Q: Mount And Blade Bannerlord smelting

MatthewI'm currently playing through Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord which has an interesting smithing system. whenever I visit a new settlement there is a trader who'll sell items and at times it's worth buying weapons with the intention of smelting these to materials. I've been looking about but I'm una...

Q: Can't connect to ONE Minecarft server but to others I can

ofidoFor at least a couple of years now I get SUPER strange behavior in Minecraft. I can connect freely to 99.9% of servers and play them without any issues and with a fast connection. Every time I or friends buy a host(We currently have a host at ExtraVM) I cannot connect to it(Only it, servers like ...

@Ronan nah was just curious if anyone else remembered it or if I was just old lol
6:54 PM
@Ronan if they wanted to know that, they could have asked it as a question. They have a tangible element from the game
Happy birthay gnomiest of gnome slices @GnomeSlice!
Also thankies everyone, yes it is also my birthday
Thinking about it I'm pretty sure that screenshot could've come from any of the 4 games in the series
Happy birthday @GnomeSlice and @Elva! Sending much virtual cake and confetti to you both :)
I had a tompouce instead of cake, there were only big cakes and there weren't many people over for gestures at world obvious reasons
Tompouce is a good giant cake subsititute :)
7:07 PM
Aaand they come in packs of four!
And dad said no so tomorrow I have twoooooo for me :3
I just want to say that craft beer delivery is now a thing, and it's awesome!
Also I painted my nails before having my parents over
@Elva yay for extra tompouce for you!
Q: Alternatives for setting up a digital clock in the scoreboard sidebar 1.15.2

CraftyCrashersI want to put up a dynamic clock on the top of the sidebar so you can see what time it is (in Minecraft). This is how it should be displayed. The way I use it, is with a scoreboard with the objective id main where I use the variables #hour and #minute. These variables will change every second....

7:26 PM
Ah, score, Burn Notice is on Amazon Prime
7:38 PM
Q: XPlane offsets the yoke in flight, but not in calibration

BoeingLikesToDabI have a Logitech/Saitek Flight Yoke System (yoke + throttle). Recently, I've been having a problem with the yoke slightly turned to the left. I've checked joy.cpl, I've recalibrated it in XPlane, I've reinstalled and uninstalled drivers, but everything looks fine. In other games, it works just f...

Happy bday @Elva and @GnomeSlice
8:13 PM
I have to say, Doom Eternal for me is much more enjoyable with infinite HP and ammo cheats enabled
(from Wemod)
Man, what game have I been playing where N is quick travel?
I keep pressing that to try to teleport in FFXIV
9:05 PM
@SaintWacko that is a weird one. I keep my teleport on 0
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yeah, same. Not sure why I keep wanting to hit N
I hit N and almost immediately run out of gil. But that's cus I'm trying to level crafters...
@Himitsu_no_Yami I'm still on a free trial, so I have to keep working on my DoH/DoL since I can't buy things from the market lol
Oh gods... I couldn't stand the trial limitations
They're not so bad so far. My highest level is only 24, though
I'm sure I'll end up paying at this point, I'm really enjoying it
9:09 PM
What server do you play on?
@Himitsu_no_Yami Adamantoise
On Aether
Oh cool. I started on Cactuar but I'm on Faerie now
Ah, okay
What job do you play most?
that's a tough question tbh cus it depends on what role I feel like playing
I play DRK, RDM, and SCH though
Oh right, you're new, you might not know the abbreviations. That's Dark Knight, Red Mage, and Scholar
Q: I purchased the windows 10 minecraft for Xbox, can I play it on windows 7 pc?

Silver_Wolf_1776I'm trying to get minecraft on my pc so I can mod. I have payed for it on Xbox, but it's saying i need to buy it again. I am on win 7 so I don't know if that is a problem or not.

Q: Deluxo car for my son

brettMy sons deluxo that I paid a lot of money for, got impounded, and now we can not find it or get it replaced with insurance - Is there anyway to get it back???

9:13 PM
I started as a MRD (mainly because I wanted to start in Limsa Limonsa and then switched to LNC as soon as I could because I've always loved Dragoons
I want to try MCH when I can, and BRD also has me interested
I started as THM/BLM but quickly realized I liked ACN better
I can't remember whether it was BLM or RDM I was interested in
BLM is "Spam fire spells until you're out of MP, switch to ice to get it back, go back to spamming fire spells, repeat"
Ah, yeah. I tried that out. Seemed interesting
RDM is keep your black and white mana balanced, rotation is something like "jolt → verthunder → if proc, verfire if no proc, jolt → veraero → if proc, verstone if no proc, jolt → verthunder → ..." while also weaving in your OGCDs
once you get your black and white mana to 80+ each you can run in for a melee combo
BLM is in the base game and is obtainable at THM 30. RDM is in Stormblood and requires you to have a level 50 or 60 (I think) class
9:19 PM
Ah, yeah, the RDM melee thing seemed weird
it's really fun IMO
I'm pretty sure I dramatically oversimplified BLM but that's about as far as I got before I got bored with it
Hm, I'll have to try RDM, that does sound interesting
I like procs
Not usually a big fan of a fixed rotation
hmm... I should do my db change and build tonight
instead of tomorrow morning
9:44 PM
aw come on
build faster
so I can go home
alright build succeeded please pass smoke test
Q: How can I make a 2x2 piston door that is flush with both the inside and outside walls with no visible redstone?

Himitsu_no_YamiI've been trying to figure out how to create a 2x2 piston door that is flush with the wall on both sides and has no visible redstone (from either side of the door at any point). This would preferably be activated with a button toggle from either side and work ideally in vanilla Minecraft 1.7.10. ...

Oh no, now I have to name my Chocobo!
10:04 PM
hooray test passed shut down
I just read that Disney+ is working on a Doogie Howser reboot
what is life
Q: Can you get round games that won’t load a save as you have copied them to new user?

SimonGames that won’t load a save on ps3 after you have copied them to a new user - is there a way around or can you only ever load that save on the original user?

@SaintWacko oh yeah, i've been meaning to get back into ffxiv
@Yuuki I'm really enjoying it
I like it the most out of the MMORPGs I've played.
It takes what I like about WoW and just makes it better. It's like WoW 2.0.
Better graphics, the ability to change classes, a profession system that's actually enjoyable...
10:24 PM
The only problem with the profession system in FFXIV isn't even a real problem. But that's that it's expensive as hell unless you want to get everything yourself and spend way longer than is reasonable
lol I almost ran out of ammo on that vorkath kill
what an awful kill too, 4 and a half minutes
10:48 PM
Q: Can you have 2 different Forge Versions on the same minecraft installer?

Ironfort9I have tried installing Forge for 1.8.9 since a mod I wanna use needs it but when I install it the version of Minecraft doesn't show up. Do I need to uninstall the previous Forge or is it another problem.


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