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12:14 AM
Ok. I now have a sheet of hopefully-edible citrus candyglass cooling on the stovetop.
Now to take all the candied fruits that this candyglass was a byproduct of and dip them in dark chocolate.
12:51 AM
hooray microsoft flight sim alpha invites open back up today pls accept me
I will be a good test for "does the game do good at teaching people who only kind of know what's going on"
1:06 AM
Q: How can I connect users to another server on Java Edition?

Daniel ReynoldsI want to start a Java Edition server, and I am having trouble connecting users to another server. I know that the /connect command exists

Q: PS4 Confused about who needs a PSN account

JimboI have setup a PSN account for myself and sub accounts for my children. When they atempt to play a game they are asked to sign into their PSN account but the following screens are asking them to create an account. So we did that and the family now have 4 accounts on 4 different email addresses. ...

1:25 AM
Q: How does Live Painting skill work?

ordagoI don't understand how to use Live Painting skill of Yusuke. Text says: Allows Yusuke to use Card Duplication and Card Creation on the spot. But how do I activate it? It doesn't show up in the skills menu. I know I can activate card Creation and Duplication by talking to him at the train s...

1:44 AM
Q: Is it realistic that a minecraft server is 700GB+ big?

YogstherThe server has around 10-20 players, 50 peak. In just a month the size of the server (world) went up with 250GB. Is it possible, or is it something else? Theoretically a chunk should only take up about 4KB ((16*16*256) / 8 / 1000) and if that's the case, it can't be the world? Is Minecraft world...

2:01 AM
I... I just ordered a pie from my favourite pie shop. A pie that "serves 8-10". For myself.
We'll find out if it is possible to overdose on pie.
Q: Is it possible to recruit top tier prisoners?

l II've been dragging around 3 Karakhuzait Elder horse archers for roughly half a game year now, but they still refuse to be recruited into the party. I've already drafted all the Karakhuzait Riders I had (the penultimate tier). Should I just ransom these guys or will they turn eventually?

2:14 AM
@PrivatePansy is... is pie considered essentials? 🤔
@Elise Restaurants and bakeries are. And frankly if I can't get pie I might lose the will to live. So yes.
why the heck are restaurants open, lol
For takeout and delivery. Nobody is sitting down at a restaurant
oh that's different
Because not everyone has a kitchen, or can cook
Even fine dining restaurants have reconfigured their kitchen for takeout
2:40 AM
Q: What do new blocks look like in an earlier version of minecraft

Axes AxesI loaded 2 minecrafts 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 on my minecraft server i put a plugin that allows players join on an earlier version of minecraft i put concrete powder on my inventory on my 1.11.2 minecraft it looked like wool i want to see if other items look like other stuff on earlier versions of mine...

2:59 AM
Q: Unreal - Please help Identify these community maps

TheIronKnuckleBody must be at least 30 characters; you entered 0.

3:30 AM
@PrivatePansy i want
i have had a pie that serves 4-5 for myself. that should be my next level
@PrivatePansy which is kinda of a + for this pandemic. there are businesses who are adapting to keep business going. i only hope they keep this up after the pandemic ends
3 hours later…
6:28 AM
Q: How to make glulx window larger

Erel Segal-HaleviI downloaded Windows Glulxe from here, and tried to use it to play Photopia 2.01. But the window is very small and contains only little text: Is there a way to make the window larger?

7:05 AM
Q: Every 3D game except Team Fortress 2 experiences large amounts of mouse lag. How can I fix the other games?

ArkitektI have a laptop that exhibits large amounts of input latency in every 3D game I have tried, with one notable exception: Team Fortress 2 can run perfectly at the maximum (high) video quality settings, without compatibility settings or extra launch options. This outsider is throwing me for a loop, ...

7:24 AM
Q: 1.12.2 Forge Server Error: "No Main Manifest Attribute, in forgeserver.jar"

JerryPlayz101I am getting a weird issue regarding the installation of the forge server for the As it says in the title, "No main manifest attribute" was found in the forgeserver.jar file, of which I can confirm came from Server Installation. I've done some reading and found out that...

8:02 AM
Morning chat
8:19 AM
@Elva morning
8:54 AM
@Elva morning
2 hours later…
10:52 AM
Q: Nvidia Geforfe NOW: Games that require UPLAY crash after starting up

Roberto FugazzaI've the issue that all games depending on UPLAY crash after startup (because UPLAY itself crashes). See screenshot here Something must be wrong with my Geforce NOW configuration, as this initially worked flawlessly for about a week and then this error occured. Friends of mine have no issue at a...

11:11 AM
Q: Max number of people in a clash of clans town

Doesn't MatterPlaying clash of clans, I asked this question: What is the max number of people can hold the max level in clash of clans town? Any one know this info?

11:30 AM
Q: HEVC Content on PS4 Games?

SteveI am wondering if anyone is aware, or if it is even possible to determine, if PS4 games discs include HEVC encoded video (e.g., cutscenes or otherwise). I realize that most 4K content is rendered on the fly by the console’s graphics engine, but am curious if any 4K (or non-4K) video comes with th...

12:00 PM
Q: Whole lemon is stuck in the toilet

Kristin WestrupMy little boy flushed a whole lemon down the toilet. It is stuck. What can I use to dissolve the lemon?

12:35 PM
@Unionhawk I've acquired one of your villagers
Oh interesting
Yeah he moved out last week
@Wipqozn interesting. A couple weird translation glitches (it liked to use Russian names in Cyrillic for USA and Canada street view)
@Unionhawk moved out... or gotten abducted?
1:36 PM
@Sterno Why did I not check the calendar...
Q: So my chunks corrupted and I am trying to find the other half of my house

JovanDo any of you know how to find the rest of my house? I'm playing on 1.15.2 Optifine.

@Nzall What do you mean? It's FF7 Remake Release Day!
@Sterno That's also the Friday video
I'd never link that.
The pro subscription does come with some games.
This'll be what finally gets me playing Steamworld Quest I think.
@Sterno One day I'll probably play that
I was not interested at all until I heard a certain plot spoiler
@Sterno IS it the one about the spooookkkky ghooooossstttts?
2:13 PM
My favorite part about how Blizzard handles the Shadowlands Alpha is how much they're communicating about decisions, and how they're allowing for this communication to take place. The alpha is only out for a day or so, and they've already posted half a dozen blogs and developer notes posts, plus an hour long fan interview with the lead game director with actually good questions
2:27 PM
> Picture of the day: A tough catch
by Douglas J. Struble from Taylor, Michigan
Planetary nebula Purgathofer-Weinberger 1 (PuWe 1) lies some 3,500 light-years away in the constellation Lynx. It’s also faint. To create this image, the photographer captured almost 60 hours of exposures.
Now that's what I call HDR
2:39 PM
@Nzall that's really cool.
I preordered it last night just so I can make a Pandaren Death Knight.
@Ash Oh, they're finally allowing those?
Ugh, I don't really want to tank again but I'm having a little fun playing Dark Knight.
A Pandaren Death Knight sounds ridiculous, though really, a Pandaren anything sounds ridiculous
@Ash After BfA, I'm holding off my preorder until later
The DK class is not really my thing anyway, so I don't miss out on anything
I mainly want to see how covenants and thorgast turn out before deciding to preorder
3:18 PM
Q: How do use elytra wings in minecraft java edition. I’m in1.14.30

DUDWhen I’m in survival I double click jump like the way you fly in creative mode. But I just stay on the ground. Am I doing something wrong?

Q: How to watch a non-competitive demo like a competitive one?

MrWaveI have a demo of a casual match I played, and I can view it from first-person of me (through demoui). But can I rewatch it as a recording of a competitive match you would find in "My games"? By this i mean switch between players, do a first-/third-person or noclip view.

4:08 PM
It feels bad when a game goes free on the Epic Game Store (in this case, Close to the Sun) that you bought back at release but never got around to playing.
@Elise 1280x1024
bit late but this is the first chance I've had to respond
Q: What determines which character gets to use a summon?

musefanDuring long/hard fights you get a chance to use a summon after the gauge is full, but despite having summons equipped on all characters only one character can call their summon. How does the game determine which character will be able to use the summon once the gauge is full?

4:25 PM
justbought Slay The Spire on switch
cc @Wipqozn
@GnomeSlice Niiiiice
tricky towers is $8.99 on switch. I super recommend it
It's not tetris
@GnomeSlice Oh hist I've been waiting for a sale on that, thanks!
@Wipqozn Let me know if you want to play online some time! It has a good amount of single player content too
Seems great for coach play
4:30 PM
Yeah it's an awesome party game
@Wipqozn If you're in the market for more couch multiplayer games, Invisigun is $1
nintendo seems to be having a big store sale
clusterpuck 99 is a similar price. that game is wild
4:59 PM
This video never gets old
@Wipqozn Is this a return to Darkest Dungeon, or are you fairly new to it?
@Sterno REturn. I always get far into it, then just lose interest.
THis will finally be the time I paly until I beat it! Right...?
Same. I always lag out somewhere around the mid levels
I liked the Crimson Court megadungeon thing. Was less excited by the madness DLC though
5:14 PM
@GnomeSlice THanks
@Sterno A classic. Also an example of why I don't bother getting cable.
That's network TV, baby
Does anyone want to find out what happens if you visit someone with K.K. Slider?
5:28 PM
This game is good
cc @Wipqozn
@GnomeSlice Spire? Yes. It's fantastic. One of my all time favorite games.
I know. Idk why I never picked it up before
Q: Getting the Toy Sled in Terraria

thegoodhouseso im trying to platinum terraria on PS4 and the last pet i need to use is the toy sled, if anyone out there has the toy sled and could join up with me on ps4 terraria so i can use it, it would help a lot.

Q: Fire Emblem: Shadow dragon - remake differences?

IzzyI am just wondering what difference exist between the original 1990 Fire Emblem game (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light) and it's 2009 remake (Shadow Dragon). Other than a graphical update, how different are the two games? Do they use similar systems? Is the story line, and it's presentation, ...

Q: How many flowers do I need for a 3 star rating?

BenIs there a specific target of flowers that I need to get a 3 star rated island? I have Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters, more than 25 outdoor furniture items and a full villager count etc.

Have had a lot more money for games recently
Got my buddy to pick it up on pc as well
Switch edition seems good. I have hardly been doing anything but PC gaming, can play this at work now
Not that I have a shortage of games to finish..
@Wipqozn is there any reason to not just use my real name on my save slot
Like leaderboards or something
@GnomeSlice There are daily leaderboards
5:36 PM
Oh I can change it. Nice
5:52 PM
It doesn't run super well on the switch, surprisingly..
6:08 PM
Q: How can I insert a Hermitcraft S6 map into my Minecraft?

AlexSo, i watched a video and did exactly the thing it said. I pasted the map into minecraft saves (as a file) but it didnt show up in my singleplayer world. (if you need ask for more detail).

Q: Is there an advantage to smashing two rocks with one swing?

user1008646When mining for gems, is there an advantage to smashing two rocks with one swing, over taking two swings? How does it affect the durability of my weapon?

7:05 PM
Q: Are command blocks in MC Java edition?

AlexI want to know if command blocks are in Java. I may just be lazy.

Q: How do i summon custom villagers that sell custom prefilled chests

LoganI was making a trading system on my minecraft server (e.x. 64 iron blocks = good armor) and i couldnt figure out how to make the villagers sell custom prefilled chests if you want to do it for me i would love it! Prefilled chest give command: /give @p chest{display:{Name:"\"Iron Rank\""},BlockEn...

1 hour later…
8:21 PM
Q: How do I use the player test command in minecraft?

MartianBEAXI'm making a shop in minecraft with money in scoreboard and selling is okay but purchasing is not working I do /scoreboard players test @p money 500 999999999 and then remove 500 from players money and give the item but when I click in the button nothing happens....

Q: how do I recover my minecraft account if my computer was wiped?

AveryMy sister has a computer and we both had Minecraft on it. I still have Minecraft and I have a server that I asked her to join. Then I remembered that one day, her computer had randomly stopped working and she rebooted it to find that it had deleted everything off of her computer. I miss when we w...

8:40 PM
Q: Minecraft commands not working in single player world

Cythos562At first i thought world edit was corrupted so it wasn't letting use //wand but then i tried to do /weather clear and it says that's not a command so i went in a new world and all the commands worked. I'm not really sure what to do I've tried copying the world but that didn't even work. I really ...

Amazon just delivered an empty package.
9:00 PM
@Yuuki Did you order oxygen?
9:14 PM
So I guess KK Slider shows up on Friday if there's a fishing contest Saturday?
Seems so
I'm so excited to spend the entirety of the tournament catching fucking eggs
9:31 PM
I tried Animal Crossing. Do not understand the appeal
Q: Krunker.io - Constantly getting DISCONECTED message

GrandtourEverytime I try to enter on a Krunker.io match to play a game, I get DISCONNECTED message. After changing the server a lot of times (that is represented by the ?game=xy:abcde in Krunker.io url, like krunker.io/?game=SV:lksfj for example), it works. But that doesn't make any sense to me. What shou...

9:55 PM
Q: Can you own a building in Undertail?

Samuel MisharevSomething like a house. But, not a hotel room.

10:07 PM
@Sterno I feel like this might sum up the appeal the best
> It offers the fantasy of friends that are always available, debts easily repaid, and a comfortable lifestyle within reach of a modicum of effort. twitter.com/Obscurica/status/1246330577906737153
Q: Difference between versions of a virus?

Boneco SinforosoAt first I think that the higher the version of the virus (spam, warez, miner) the more money/bitcoin it will generate. Today I had a conversation with another player and he told me that the only thing that improves with the increase in the level of the virus, is that it is more difficult to be ...

Oh god the pie is here and it's big
When I told my roommate he said "Well you eat three meals a day right"
10:44 PM
@Yuuki Yep!
rabb.it is selling their hardware
really, really good deal tbh
Q: Why is my Commercial (High Density Only) revenue suddenly dipping? (Cities: Skylines)

MyNameIsJeffSo I've been running my city for about a couple of months. In the beginning, I had a gain of $50k+ a week. Then, over the course of a few months, it plummeted to over $20k+ loss a week. I checked my "Budgets" panel and it showed that my commercial revenue went from ~ $116k to ~ $56k. The only thi...

@Ave Interesting, but what would you do with a server consisting of 10 NUCs?
@PrivatePansy I'm really a lot more interested in the TK1s
Also how in the world did they manage to stuff that in a 1u rack
10:55 PM
but yeah- their use was for encoding
@PrivatePansy to be fair, it goes very deep.
but yeah, very impressive
as for what I'd do with a 10 nuc server...
I'd probably get a 10 device proxmox cluster
11:49 PM
Q: What is "hitting the ground to hard?" in Minecraft?

oliverthegreatI noticed that some people get killed in Minecraft by "hitting the ground too hard", but what is the difference from being "fell too high"?


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