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12:58 AM
Q: Unable to connect to dedicated GMOD server

Oscar HurstI have this GMOD server running on my pc and even with extensive research, I cannot seem to connect to it. I have tried connecting with my public IP and port 27015 but it says it isn't responding. The server console shows no error regarding the server and says it's running fine, VAC secured and a...

1:38 AM
Q: Minecraft command block help please

AdamI'm playing on minecraft windows 10 and im using a command block to keep a certain area clear of mobs this is what i have set so far for what i do not want killed /kill @e[type=!Player,type=!Iron_golem,type=!Rabbit,type=!Sheep,type=!horse,type=!ocelot,type=!cow,type=!pig,type=!wolf,type=!polar_be...

2:06 AM
For some reason SE likes messing up close reasons and now it happened again. Can this question please be reopened and then re-closed as duplicate of gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/334102 ? It is definitely NOT "unclear" or "too broad", it's just about the millionth time someone asks how CanPlaceOn works.
@FabianRöling ...Which question?
2:35 AM
@SaintWacko it seems that clerics don't heal if you have max-1 or more clerics
they only start healing if you have 2 or more non-clerics 🤔
which is just reiterating what you were saying about 4 or fewer clerics, but I just wanted to add that it's relevant to when you have fewer than 6 heroes
2:53 AM
@FabianRöling i don't see any mention of it being closed in the history
you sure you linked the the correct question?
4 hours later…
7:21 AM
Q: What genre would the choose your own story games on mobile fall under?

MorgothI keep see adverts for games like Choices and Episode. I was wondering what genre these would fall under? I assume it is RPG, the Wikipedia definition for RPG seems to be quite liberal: A role-playing game is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Pla...

7:56 AM
I just lost a game in ranked notable for our jungle being Katarina
As it turns out Katarina can't do jungle camps at level 2
Unfortunately, Katarina didn't ask for a second leash
As a result, she got executed
Much more unfortunately, our mid was one of those locally grown bronze yasuo mains
He started flaming and never stopped for the remainder of the match
Our Miss Fortune found the flaming entertaining and stoked the flaming
Naturally I (Soraka) was the only one who gave her a second leash
after which Katarina was okay and could farm regularly and even tried a couple of ganks
Meanwhile Yasuo kept going 1v1 Vs the enemy Jax
Miss Fortune kept not get any kill (the enemy Lux wasn't great and Jhin kept using his ults on full health players but they WERE pinning us under tower)
and I guess our Urgot had an okay game
and it actually starts turning around once the game reverts to ARAM
They're feeling overconfident and try to 1v5 us a bunch
so we find ourselves in a position where we can take baron and get their mid inhib
Yasuo finds the time to proudly proclaim he can now 1v9 them all while still flaming Katarina
There's a bunch more trades going on mid, we try a couple of split pushes
Then we find ourselves with a freshly spawned Baron and the enemy team being four players down
Finally managed to apply for photodna
just took me, uh, becoming an employee for a friend's LLC
oh no
We go for Baron naturally, except the remaining player is their jungler, Jax
Urgot doesn't want any of this and backs
Katarina is dead
Yasuo and Miss Fortune start whacking the Baron
I put vision behind the pit
Obviously Jax is there
I ping and ping and ward and ping and starcall and silence and ping and starcall and ping and silence and oh of course Jax flashes and smites baron
Yasuo "I can 1v9 them" ends the game with more deaths than Katarina, a bunch of reports and finally a penalty applied to his account as League expeditiously informs me
and that's the happy ending
8:15 AM
Oh, oops, forgot to link it. Here: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/357789/…
See above.
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
@Elva morning!
8:44 AM
Slack don't play with my heart
It scrolls, all the animals are moving, it's too much
9:09 AM
Hmmm... 64 core CPU...
1 hour later…
10:22 AM
Q: Bounty button missing

bearb001I would like to place a bounty on why just ban minecraft modding tech support, but I can't seem to find the button. After some research it seems like it's supposed to be under add a comment, but it isn't there: I have then checked and didn't find the bounty button on any other meta.arqade, or ...

2 hours later…
11:52 AM
Ash Ketchum apparently finally won a Pokemon League
12:23 PM
Congratulations @Ash!
1:22 PM
Q: Minecraft items punched out by mobs

Mr MilkeHow do i stop items punched out by mobs? Please help! Any command or mod? I already tried buffs, but they didn't work(

1:42 PM
Q: Deathmatch map auto switch not happening

Abinab DangiYesterday me and my friend played csgo deathmatch in a workshop map with some bots then we kicked the bots out and played 1v1 sniper. Then the time stopped we were redirected to a new map and was fun but now the autoswitch isn't happening. After time ends it says new match starts ni 5 seca but do...

1:57 PM
Pretty messed up for a kids show lol
Why? A kid isn't going to notice :p
There's pleeeenty of those jokes in kids stuff to keep the parents entertained
@GnomeSlice ... Did they make a joke about shoving an eggplant up your rear end there?
No, deeefinitly not
deeeefiiiiiinitly not
@GnomeSlice There are a lot of those kind of moments in that show.
Prison abuse, online threats, they really swing for the fences with their allusions sometimes.
2:22 PM
Q: What do the playing cards do in the binding of isaac?

JackTheLunaticI have found playing cards (NOT tarot cards) e.g. the two of clubs. I am unsure of their use and I am wondering if they even have a use. I know what the ace of spades does, but that's about it.

Q: Was the line-up of this dota 2 game in my opponent's favor?

user237815We had a lot of success early on, but they gradually got the upper hand and we ended up helpless against them. It was a weird game. My side chose Treant (me), Dazzler, Arc Warden, Phantom Assassin, and Axe. Their side chose Pudge, Tidehunter, Bloodseeker, Drow ranger, and Ancient Apparition. Th...

I'm supposed to be pretending to submit stuff for our sprint retrospective so that it's plausible that I could have been someone who sent in a thing hello
I love getting paid to pretend to work
I got nothing for this retro! Things are fine
It looks like everyone else agrees
Seems legit
2:43 PM
Q: What is the method to take up a career in Gaming Development field

Prakyath Thalyai am 19 years old i wanted to know how i can take up a career in Gaming development. I am From INDIA so i wanted guidance. Basically i wanted to know what happens in the life of a gamer day to day life. Please increase my knowledge in the field of Gaming. Let me know what is the minimum requireme...

I need to figure out what to lunch
@Unionhawk Qdoba
could do
i wish i had one closer. i would go there a lot
there's not one close but it's climate strike day so long lunch sounds :cool:
I do have a meeting at 2 though
2:53 PM
the closest one i know of is near where @GodEmperorDune lives. if he still lives where i think he does
there's one about 20 minutes from the office
@badp Honestly, this is probably a game you should have dodged. Unless the Kat was a smurf and/or had played a bunch of jungle Katarina games previously, there's almost no chance that was going to end positively. Junglers shouldn't require a second leash.
The Yasuo obviously didn't make things any better with his flaming, but the game started with a handicapped team comp to begin with. :/
oh, apparently there is a closer one. it is still 30 minutes away without traffic
Yeah I moved to be closer to Qdoba
I live really close to a Chipotle but not a Qdoba. I've learned to cope, but I'd still prefer Qdoba.
3:05 PM
oo I could get: good bagel
Route planned: work->good bagel->library (pick up hold)->work
My planned route: work a bit longer -> go home -> WEEEEEEKEEEEEEEND
Are there good bagels in other parts of the country besides NY/NJ?
Also, before you say yes, have you had an actual good bagel from NY/NJ?
There's one shop run by an old Jewish guy in Cincinnati
But that's it
Ok that sounds about as close as you'd get.
The thing that makes it hard is that there are also bad bagels in NY/NJ.
So even if you come here and have a bagel you're not guaranteed to get a good one :/
Current mental image is some dad from Ohio visiting new york and getting bagels at panera
3:18 PM
Today is a great day for gaming, not just because the new (old?) Zelda game is coming out...
but today is the release of UNTITLED GOOSE GAME!
3:39 PM
So I watched Promare last night.
... someone needs to send a psychiatrist over to Studio Trigger because they have a serious problem with tacking on aliens at the end of everything they do.
3:56 PM
@Yuuki Geesh, spoiler alert man. You just spoiled... let's see, every single Trigger show except Little Witch Academia
@PrivatePansy The worst part is that it doesn't even affect the plot.
So it doesn't matter as spoilers.
4:55 PM
@MageXy I know, I know
we should all have dodged
none of us paid enough attention on champion select
and in bronze there's always the off chance of smurfing
its amazing how many toxic players there are plat 4
is there like a happy island then in like gold
or is it just toxins all the way through
Iron IV probably.
The people there are so comically bad and have such a breathtaking lack of knowledge on how to play the game that it's really hard to rage there.
Ignorance is bliss, as they say.
I mean, it's perhaps more likely to see jungle Katarina in Iron IV, but then the enemy jungler is probably Yuumi.
5:09 PM
I hate when I make an assumption about past work and that assumption turned out to be wrong
There's a Twitch streamer that streams Iron IV games, if you're interested.
@Yuuki Pretty much. Just as Diamond is the top ~2% of players, Iron is the bottom ~5%. Anything goes there.
@Yuuki SaltyTeemo?
@MageXy Sometimes, I wish I played more League and got ranked into Iron IV just to experience the shenanigans that happen in those games firsthand.
Is Xin Zhao in a bad place right now?
Probably not, he likely just doesn't fit my jungling style.
@Yuuki I think he's okay. Not as great as the more meta ones, but not D tier either.
I probably should've gotten Phage after completing my jungle item but before Warrior.
Warrior stats are nice but Xin's CC requires him to attack 3 times first and even with HoB, people were just dashing and walking away from ganks.
5:20 PM
I need a drink
This is the worst
@MageXy Wasn't it only like two or three weeks ago when he was meta?
Who implemented this thing like this
I wonder if escaping the quotes allows you to quote with hyperlinks.
Q: What is the purpose of these two diamonds in Celeste chapter 9 (Farewell)?

Brian GordonIn the Reconciliation sub-chapter of the DLC chapter (Farewell), there are two refill diamonds (one single diamond, one double diamond) hovering at the top of the screen. As far as I can tell, these serve no purpose. It's very difficult to reach them, and the bird throws you right past them. Gi...

5:37 PM
@Yuuki I don't think he's really been meta for a couple patches. He's been average to slightly-above-average the whole year I think.
I feel like Jarvan has a similar-ish playstyle, but does more damage and crowd control, and thus is just a better version.
Q: How do I unlock 'A Captainless Squad' part 3?

OakAfter completing both part 1 and part 2, the game popped a warning stating that if I defeat the enemy Aces on both parts, I'd get access to the conclusion of the rest of this Chapter/Extra Story. Both with an A rank. Thing is, I have defeated the (Ace) Grenadier and the (Ace) Shocktrooper on par...

5:52 PM
Oh man, Frontier is giving away some Cobra III wireframe skins
for sharing your favorite elite memory
time to dig out the 2% hull and canopy breached screenshot
(I thought about going for a fuel rat call, but no that story is way better)
Oh hell yeah I also found the correspondence between @TimStone and RIP @Ori
Jan 12 '15 at 21:19, by Unionhawk
user image
Jan 12 '15 at 21:14, by Origami Robot
user image
@badp happy islands are like 2nd and 3rd divisions. people in 4th divisions are toxic because they cant climb, but also cant get dropped to the division they should be in, and 1st divisions are toxic because they have to deal with the 4th divisions when they are trying to climb
@MageXy And has an easier time building tank if needed.
6:24 PM
Q: who wants to join my bedrock server? we need 3 more people!

icecoldking99darkpit.aternos.me this server will have no cheating and only survival and we will make a way to the end. the server opens every night at 7:00 pm and will stay open for 10 minutes when there is nobody in it so get on fast.

@badp that is great, but... why me? 🤔
your pets?
my... pets?
I mean close enough :P
I have a cat 🤔
6:25 PM
well no matter glad you enjoyed it
(smoke bomb)
I mean, I do think that is excellent, so I'm glad I got pinged on that :P
actual footage
@Elise It's so you can train your cat to only hunt for attractive mice
6:26 PM
cc @fredley
@Unionhawk yes
@badp I think you meant to ping @Elva.
@MageXy my cat doesn't hunt
yes I did and now that I think about it Elva's are mice not rats
one time I was trying to get a huge spider in the bathroom and it ran out in the room and towards my cat and he jumped a little and moved out of the way 🤷‍♀️
6:28 PM
though they are pretty fashion
@badp they were rats actually!
damn it
I had 2 small rats when I was like... 10. They didn't come with instructions and I fed them meat and they died 🤷‍♀️ I buried them behind our apartment building
Huh, they are like... omnivore scavengers
Some meat should be fine
6:31 PM
then again, my mom is terrified of rats, so maybe she just poisoned them or something
(she wouldn't do that)
she was definitely relieved that we didn't have rats in the house anymore tho 🤷‍♀️
@Elva I think I also fed them cheese
Rats are adoooorbs though
I probably just overfed them, idk
I think cheese is bad
I was young and dumb and didn't have internet
Dairy products tend to be bad in general.
6:32 PM
Noooo seems like good
Idk how any of us survived before internet 🤔
Assuming they're hard cheeses
Most mammals lose the ability to process lactose upon reaching adolescence.
Only some rats do!
mine were like lab rat looking ones
6:33 PM
That's the general domesticated rat
The fancy rat (Rattus norvegicus domestica) is the domesticated form of Rattus norvegicus, the brown rat, and the most common species of rat kept as a pet. The name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal fancy (the promotion of domesticated animals) or the phrase "to fancy" (meaning to like or appreciate). Wild-caught specimens that become docile and are bred for many generations still fall under the fancy type. Fancy rats were originally targets for blood sport in 18th- and 19th-century Europe. Later bred as pets, they now come in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns, and are bred and...
I love it!
Fancy rat!
@Elva Man, I wonder they survived long enough to be promoted that far with that name.
@Yuuki I think they inherited the title
@SaintWacko my 4 cleric 2 warrior party is doing great, albeit gold gain is really slow
6:52 PM
Is there a rule for getting gold?
Figured it was just random.
@Yuuki iirc it's floor/10 rounded up
and you get gold every time you move up a floor
when you see you're getting way more than that, that's just because you skipped floors
For those of you who have "AutoBuyer priority: Prefer higher layers" set, remember to switch to preferring lower layers every now and then.
Been stuck at floor 44 since yesterday while I racked up level 2/3 prestige points, but I couldn't get any further. Switched this option to prefer lower level points, and I jumped up to 48 in one run.
Since once you have a high prestige 2/3 base, each prestige 1 point is worth hundreds if not thousands of times more, and you earn them a hell of a lot faster.
@Unionhawk Hat: Yes! Knife: Ehhhhh....
7:24 PM
Q: Is there a way to configure computer loadouts in local play?

The Potato ManSo I recently booted up my old ps3 and I've been having a blast playing on local play against some cpu. I really wanted to configure the load outs that my team has, is there a way to do it?

I had a small list of comparisons I expected
Hitman was not on it
7:41 PM
camemeforum.org this is a thing that has happened
@Unionhawk they should better come up with a title already, the game is being released today 🤔
Titled Goose Game, pls.
8:02 PM
Everyone is saying that the game's official name is "Untitled Goose Game", but apparently that is inaccurate.
8:52 PM
@Yuuki I don't think that's the naaaameee or anything
Just that it's the general (as in common) domesticated (as in, "has been domesticated" rat
Why's everyone talking about goose game?
It's one of those indie games that's fun for like 5 minutes isn't it
Like roundabout or donut county
Is it actually good
@Elva Yes but's a common joke. Like referring to "private conversation" as a person, "Pvt. (Private) Conversation".
... oh
You're being a silly
Disenchanted Part 2 is on Netflix
sorry, Disenchantment, not Disenchanted
@GnomeSlice I'll let you know tomorrow after I've played it tonight
It sounds like it's a puzzle-ish game where you have to manipulate NPCs into doing certain things so you can steal items/disrupt work/be annoying in order to expand the world map.
The reason it's so hyped is because the trailers are hilarious and it looks like a lot of fun
9:20 PM
Way to FGITW me, @Dragonrage :P
tips hat
@Ash oh, oops :P
Oh, no worries! :)
Q: What is the source of this image?

BalancedTryteOperatorsFound this on a website. I need to know the source game it's from.

i happened to swap to the home page when it was posted an immediately recognized it since i play the game a lot. i also have one of the skins feature there
9:25 PM
Ah, I was going the "reverse image search" route :P
yeah, that would work. wouldbe probably given you links to the wiki for the skin line, maybe the youtube video or patch notes for that release
It's splash art though and this one in particular is not available through the game client.
That combined with "found this on a website" makes it look close-worthy.
S'pose it doesn't matter since it got answered.
@Lazers2.0 Didn't we recently have a meta post about art that is not verified to come from a game? I mean, to someone who has never played LoL before, there's nothing in this image to suggest it's game art as opposed to, say, some fantasy art based on a novel or something
Wait Google has reverse image search I don't need you guys — BalancedTryteOperators 1 min ago
9:29 PM
Oh it's definitely close-worthy as it is
I'm trying to make it worth keeping
But they're not cooperating
Wait Google has reverse image search I don't need you guys — BalancedTryteOperators 2 mins ago
@Wrigglenite if they link the site they found it on, and it doesnt explicitly say which game its from there, or give an allude to being a game, i say delete it
eh, just nuke it
@Dragonrage I got inb4'd and I didn't even notice
9:33 PM
I think closing is enough for now :)
im not opposed to a hammer
or a nuke
Orbital strike?
@Wrigglenite sure
or send the moon into it at .1c
whatever makes you feel happy
i vtc. happy to vtd once its closed
i wouldve deleted my answer, but its marked as accepted
9:42 PM
Well, reading that comment discussion was amusing.
"I don't need you guys" but also don't close my question.
Q: Im STUCK in the void. I need help

loagnI was dumb and did a command that sets my spawn in the void. And its to far down I cant fly out. Im am playing on PC version. How do i get back up. (it on a super flat world.)

Q: How can I mention a specific name

SomeRandomGuy Is there a way to make it so a command block mentions a specific person if a scoreboard requirement is met Someone on here yesterday helped me make something that kills everyone if one person dies and I'm wondering if there is a way to specify who died in chat Thanks

@Lazers2.0 try doing a command the sets your spawn to not be in the void
@MageXy Maybe not recently, but wasn't that long ago.
@Frank yeah, i kinda forgot about it until they brought it up
and was like ooops. probs shouldnt have answered that
Well, I wrote it. So I probably remember better due to my investment.
Q: Where do we stand on artifacts the asker believes are from a game?

FrankWe've got a class of questions related to game identification that we seem to be rather inconsistent on. We've gotten several questions where the asker wants us to identify something, and believes the original source is from a game, but has nothing but their memory to back up that assertion. Th...

9:47 PM
I really need to dig up to the surface.
I'm trying to come up with a bunch of methods of utilizing the cold slush geyser I have but they all end up at "but now I need to get rid of excess Oxygen".
@Frank i wrote the top answer :(
We can give it a bit, and see how the asker responds.
Hopefully we can work with them.
@Frank Ha! I knew I wasn't crazy! ...*checks date*... A YEAR AGO?!
@MageXy Time flies when you're having fun?
Although, more seriously, I find that time goes by faster the older you get.
Well, a year is progressively a smaller percentage of your life.
9:52 PM
@Dragonrage I'm an optimist, dammit!
@Dragonrage That's always my response when I have to use my company's email client
@Frank im a realist :P
> "Magic 8-Ball, how should I write this company e-mail?"
> <shakes 8-ball>
> RE: Docker Integration
10:25 PM
Q: Ensure that mods dont spawn on farm land (Modded Minecraft)

nick zoumI'm playing Minecraft with a mod called Advent of Ascension that has mobs that can spawn regardless of light level. Is there are a way to make sure that these mobs don't spawn on my crops or my grass blocks (so that the sheep can regrow their wool).

btw, that question just needs one more delete vote if anyone is feeling like deleting it
10:45 PM
Q: Is it possible to see an erroneously dismissed dialogue again?

z33kIn Battle for Wesnoth, while playing a campaign scenario, it's very easy to accidently dismiss a dialogue that game uses to build a narrative. One misplaced mouseclick (e.g. directed at a unit) will do. I know it's possible to read all Mainline Campaigns' dialogues on the wiki, but is it possibl...

oh no, i just lost 45 rep because @Wrigglenite deleted a question
I wonder how much you got back from answers I voted to delete
11:05 PM
Q: Elemental Damage vs Skill Damage

Milkman MattyRecently a quiver dropped that could have either it's Elemental Damage% or it's Skill Damage% re-rolled. Both of the naturally rolled properties were not used by my build. I need to re-roll one of them but which one will give me the biggest damage boost? My build is an Impale Demon Hunter, whic...

@Wrigglenite no idea. though to be fair, i also voted to delete that question, and i vote to delete a lot of answers that i have downvoted
im pretty sure delete votes are my second must used type of vote behind close votes
11:20 PM
Q: I need help with this on minecraft

AEDYN LEGGETTI really REALLY wanna get a custom skin but I can't get it cause I am on ps4. I'm trying to download skins but it is impossible. Can any help.

First time I've had to myself to relax in weeks
Got a fresh J and several hours of remnant ahead of me probably
Then tomorrow regretting not doing laundry
11:46 PM
Q: How do you detect an item in a player's inventory 1.14?

LycanduskSo I want to detect if a player has a red mushroom, and I just can't figure out the execute command.


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