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12:09 AM
Q: What are GroupManager nodes for?

IsaacI've always been curious to know what signals are for before and after permission in groupmanager, for example: - essentials.kit* - -essentials.kit* - -essentials.kit.vip - +essentials.kit* - +essentials.kit.vip I've been reading the groupmanager wiki documentation, but I still don't underst...

12:29 AM
Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 Teleport in multiplayer mode a different player relitive to them selfs from (Datapack) function called from command block

Jeffrey IceSo I've looked and cant find the answer here is what is going on. I'm Cloning blocks in the x direction -1 at a time. I want to keep all players on these blocks with them so I teleport the player -1 relative to their current POS[0] or X. This works for me when the function is run from a repeati...

@MBraedley I really wish I put more hours into KSP 1.
I only ever played it for 9 hours. Shameful. SHAMEFUL.
12:53 AM
Looks like dota is getting stricter with bans for toxicity ca.ign.com/articles/2019/09/18/…
@Wipqozn Same
Although I've played it for 237 hours
Well, on Steam. I had it long before it was on Steam, and I've played off-Steam installs
1 hour later…
2:32 AM
lol oops
apparently the September elite update is broke
Folks, never play right after they update lol
(though, there are probably going to be a bunch of calls to be had on rats)
3:10 AM
Q: What's the benefit of keeping a Shadow Pokemon?

BenSince the Update that gave us Team Rocket encounters, Shadow Pokémon have become a thing. Aside from looking cool, and the option to "Purify" them (which leads to a badge, making the capture encounters easier?), and the excessive costs to buy a "new attack", what is the point of keeping a Shadow...

3:33 AM
in *Incremental Adventures* is Upper Prestige Layer Points granted by treating the previous layer as a level? ie

Layer 1 first point = Level 100
Layer 2 first point = Layer 1 100 Points
Layer 3 first point = Layer 2 100 Points
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4:53 AM
Q: In Super Mystery Dungeon, what are the exact benefits of using Team Bonuses/Motivated Pokémon?

Andrew FanIn Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, one mechanic is motivated Pokémon, where three Pokémon are motivated (for up to 2ish days in-game), gaining extra experience when in a dungeon. I believe that when in a dungeon, motivated Pokémon gain a 3x EXP modifier which stacks with an additional x2 if an Uno...

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6:54 AM
Q: Do Plaguelords have infinite cards in their deck?

ZaibisI played the new adventures first chapter on heroic and managed to build a kinda consistent Milldeck I made it to the boss with. But trying to mill him it happened on 2 occasions, that almost before I got him running out of cards, he just got 20 more cards added to his deck. I had not played any...

Morning chat
@Nzall morning
@Lazers2.0 lol, i read that as Puglords
1 hour later…
8:20 AM
Morning chat
@Elva morning
8:37 AM
I just realized that Brexit is on the same day as Halloween
Hmm, that is true
8:51 AM
@Elva morning
@Nzall boo
9:34 AM
Q: Rockstar games : GTA 5, GTA 4 etc. bought games, can we download games data from Rockstar somehow?

user3576180I have few Games like GTA 4, Gta 5 ect. from Rockstar Games, is there a way i can download the game data(Actual Game Installation Data) from Rockstar's website like Ubisoft provides with thier UPlay: where i can download purchased games if i am logged in some other system? I did purchased DVDs o...

2 hours later…
11:24 AM
@Wrigglenite Dark Sirs
@Nzall Duck Souls
@Wrigglenite under breath fuck that's good
11:39 AM
wooo! floor 26 and still no idea what a prestige layer is. 70% of the way to layer 2 though.
@Elva no but i watched the YongYea Video on it
is Monster Hunter World the exception to the rule for Live Services? can companies finally give up on them?
where the hell did that come from
@MattE.Эллен That's what a prestige layer is.
@Frank what happens at layer 2?
@Nzall a bit slow there. though it seems setting it on a day for scary things was a omen of the nightmare it's turning into now
@MattE.Эллен It's like regular prestige, but you reset all your layer 1 points when you prestige at layer 2.
11:48 AM
and you get auto-buyers for the previous layer
@Memor-X That require those prestige points.
So it's almost never a good idea to prestige into a new layer with only a single point.
@Frank i did that for layer 3 to get the speed up
when i get back to work i might have a couple more points to start getting the layer 2 autobuyers
@Frank So that's what I did wrong
@Memor-X I'm waiting for my fifth layer 3 point to buy the extra hero, and XP and damage buyers.
@Nzall Yeah, I did it, too, for layer 2.
But the extra hero might make the difference for that one.
@Frank reset? they all go away? I have to get all the points all over again? that seems like madness.
11:51 AM
@MattE.Эллен yeh but at higher layers you level is going up super fast so you get those points back quickly
@MattE.Эллен Yep. Only they'll come faster now, as layer 2 will multiply any increases you get.
before i left my level was starting to use the e decimal notation
Because they have their own XP/damage/armor/etc. multipliers.
OK. I see. Thanks. that's a lot more clear than the [info] :D
So rather than just a x25 multiplier to XP, for example, if your layer 2 is at x3 XP multiplier, you get x75 XP.
11:53 AM
@Frank i was wondering if that's how they stacked
It makes things ludicrous in short order.
That ironskin thingy is awesome
since reaching L5 I can't seem to make any progress whatsoever
I'm on L5 at 2 points and I've been on that for over 24h 🤔
12:14 PM
I pretty much just stopped paying attention to it, after an update last week that made it impossible for me to make any progress at all.
Q: Norwegian refuses EU delay (4.7 hours) compensation because it turned out there was nothing wrong with the aircraft

RevetahwMy flight from Oslo to Rome was delayed by 4 hours and 40 minutes. I submitted a request to Norwegian Air Shuttle requesting a compensation of 400 Euros under EU 261/2004. Their reasoning for why they can not grant compensation is that while they had to inspect the aircraft for technical faults,...

> If you strip away all the misdirection, the airline's denial can be paraphrased as:

An inspection was conducted. The aircraft passed the inspection.


This was an extraordinary circumstance.

If for this airline, having its planes pass inspections without finding failures is *extraordinary*, that surely is not a fact they should like to advertise.

I think you will win your claim easily if you point out that *passing an inspection can be extraordinary only if the airline ordinarily fails inspections.*
@InvaderSkoodge multiple updates happened that made things much quicker, but I'm still not sure how to optimize the autobuyers
Oh. I refreshed, and now I'm progressing much quicker.
@Elise that was more or less for me at Layer 2. i focused on getting exp boosts to level up quicker and when i couldn't by one, armor, damage, healing and hp in that order
1:03 PM
the 2019 Running of the Wieners is apparently today at 1pm to kick off Oktoberfest
user image
will update as new information comes in, such as how majestic it is this year
I need to take vacation one year to be down there, but then again oktoberfest officially starts tomorrow so idk what
why do this thursday
@Unionhawk Thursday Fursday
1:42 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I've always admired your ability to drop shit on a dime that doesn't bring you joy any more lol
yesterday, by MBraedley
And update, I have it.
Somehow may be even better than the last game???
2:19 PM
Dangit, I knew I should've redeemed that Twitch Prime free Switch Online thing earlier.
I have to wait two months to get another 9 months "free" and the offer expires in like 4 days.
I paid for switch online and have not successfully used it yet
@GnomeSlice It's a blessing and a curse, tbh.
It also means that I almost never finish personal projects I start.
I've only tried to play multiplayer in Wargroove and A Gummys Life and haven't found games in either lol
2:34 PM
@Memor-X I mainly just buy exp and damage. As soon as I prestiged into L3, in 8 hours I had over 800 points in L4. Since I prestiged into L4, I have managed to get 3 points in L5 in 2 days
I loaded up Smash Ultimate last night for the first time since like a few weeks after release and immediately remembered why I prefer pretty much any other fighting game.
I want to like it but I just don't have fun playing it.
@MBraedley I'm sorry what
@InvaderSkoodge Smash exists so there's something to play when I have friends over.
Guess I'm playing Overwatch tonight instead of PoE
@Yuuki Yeah it's pretty good for that at least.
I just got a Switch Pro controller and wanted to try it out.
The controller's really nice, but Smash still isn't.
2:40 PM
It's the same reason why I have Mario Party.
I've touched it exactly once singleplayer, it exists as a party game for me.
I have a lot of memories of ruining joysticks on my N64 playing the original, but I don't know if I've ever played one after that.
@SaintWacko It's such a good skin
@Elise left work yesterday after getting to layer 3. came in this morning and had 5 layer 5 prestige points
@Dragonrage what's your autobuyer settings?
2:55 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I don't think I'm going to be getting smash ultimate
Brawlhalla ruined it for me and I don't even play brawl anymore either
I didn't realize this chat was so full of BLASPHEMERS
@InvaderSkoodge those are nice controllers
The lack of analog triggers on the switch still confounds me though
@Dragonrage I'll give that a try again, because I already tried similar settings
PSA: Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day
chat is broken
You're broken
3:30 PM
@Unionhawk test
chat is unbroken?
@Wipqozn is this broken
it works
Q: Let's test out the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason

RobotnikIt's been a little over two weeks since our latest discussion about swapping out one of our 4 off-topic closure templates with one dedicated to modded Minecraft troubleshooting/crashing. For those that missed it: Should we replace one of our close reasons with modded Minecraft tech support?. The...

3:59 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 33 mins ago, by Catija
@JourneymanGeek Should be good now. :D @Mithrandir @Tinkeringbell :D
4:30 PM
6 free batman games on the Epic store today for the 80th anniversary: the Arkhamverse and the legoverse
@Unionhawk yes
Speaking of Talk Like a Pirate day, Adagio.com has a little puzzle/game on their site, a bit of free tea if you solve it
@Ash I think you use Adagio?
4:46 PM
@SaintWacko More of Allegretto person myself.
5:05 PM
turns out morale rewarded my compo
also thanks @InvaderSkoodge
I really needed more bullshit timewasters in my life :P
I'm thinking about maybe a Warrior 1/Cleric 1/Paladin X combo.
do Paladins get out-healed?
Actually not sure how well that would work as an actual D&D multiclass.
@badp Cleric item gives stacking party-wide buffs whenever they heal someone.
Before yesterday, I was at floor 24. Got to 37 in one day with Warrior/Cleric/RangerX4.
The Cleric cloak is broke af
I wonder if the Paladin "points for existing" buff ever overtakes the Ranger's sheer damage output.
5:12 PM
@MageXy i went from floor 36 to 71 with W1P5
@Dragonrage What equipment do you have? And what prestige layer?
i was barely to prestige 3
and for all my armory stuff i needed 1e5 gold to upgrade
Okay it sounds like you've got a lot more gold than me
I'm also putting all of my prestige points into exp and damage exclusively, which means my guys get one shot a lot earlier
@SaintWacko ooooooh that's super cool :D
@Ash Right? Took me a bit to decrypt it
5:18 PM
Bridge - as people keep delightedly telling me that the Merriam Webster dictionary has put "they" in specifically as a non binary pronoun....can I just say that I am so damn happy and proud and delighted that y'all have been SUPER EXCELLENT about respecting each other and our pronouns/identities, whatever they look like? It's not common, to have such a safe respectful space, and I am delighted we have built one here.
The way I see it: If you like games, you're alright in my book
@MageXy i hate games. why else do you think im here?
@Dragonrage Glutton for punishment?
@MageXy no, this is the bridge. we dont talk about games
wait, who changed the tag in the room description?
it used to say
Okay, seriously, how do clerics decide whether to attack or heal?
5:27 PM
@SaintWacko if you have overheal enabled, they just heal
unless everyone is at max over health
@Dragonrage They're not, though
I was trying a party with a warrior and 5 clerics, and the clerics were just attacking unless the warrior had been damaged
how much heal strength do you have?
@Ash urface is such a safe respectful space
Q: What is the minecraft armor equation

dampbiscuitI know minecraft armor and that half a armour bar stops 4% of the damage. But I dont quite understand how the equation is done. If someone could comment an example that would be great.!(Like the equation but answer it like you have diamond armour and a diamond sword)

@Lazers2.0 burn it with fire
also, someone move that message to Android Hell too pls
5:37 PM
I borrowed @Ash's hug gun for that one.
1 message moved to Android Hell
@Frank thnx Frank
> On the back of the update, those who've been regularly reported are now being banned - some until 2038, which is the maximum amount of time the developers can input as a penalty.
Man, Dota should really update to 64 bit timestamps so they can hand out two billion year bans
@PrivatePansy Wait, so they store the ban timestamp rather than ban duration?
That seems... problematic.
Hmmm, it is one less calculation when you need it, and the server TS should always be correct anyway
Yeah but then you run into problems post-2038. Which I suppose 19 years is not really a concern in the games industry.
Even pre-2038 when a supposedly lifetime ban lasts two months.
5:47 PM
Imo, if dota2 exists in 10 years, fix it and then set all 2038 bans to 2100 or so
@Yuuki The thing is you can't calculate your destination TS either even if you store the duration separately
(so you don't get to late 2037 and end up perming people who should only have a month)
@Frank Always glad to share.
@PrivatePansy Yeah, gave it a second thought and whoops.
@Yuuki Your options are to store ban start time and duration, or just ban end time. The latter seems on the face of things to be easier.
5:49 PM
@Yuuki hahaha I try
hmm rain getting pretty serious here
Q: MINECRAFT fill 3x3

DennezI am trying to make this command work : /execute as @a[nbt={SelectedItem:[{id:"minecraft:grass_block",tag:{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"GRASS3x3\"}"}}}]}] run fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~-1 ~1 It works when I leave the selected item part out, but I only want the command to execute when I'm holding a sp...

i swear houston's either mad max or waterworld
there's no in-between
@Ash I try my best. I mess up from time to time, and there are some things that I still struggle with understanding, but I try
@Yuuki :( :( :( :(
6:16 PM
Q: Why on maids 2 multicoloured face

MattJust got in jonested and the ncps have multicoloured face I'm trying to re order my mod order but I wuld like to know what order I need I currently have maids 2 deception first maids 2 deception asxest send I got maids 2 light te tire patch next last maids 2 deception wild encounters I don't k...

6:28 PM
Rain's letting up and job's letting us out early if we want to head home but I'm not sure I want to drive out without knowing the state of the roads.
Q: How do you unlock the Loader?

Mage XyThe new Risk of Rain update came out, and with it, a new survivor! They look really cool to play, swinging around like Spiderman and punching enemies with giant steel fists. But I have no idea how to unlock them. The achievement for their unlock is to defeat the hidden boss of the new stage, Si...

Q: How to properly restore save game of ETS2 on macOS?

conerI have all files from /User/myusername/Library/Application Support/Euro Truck Simulator 2. But there is a question. There are empty profiles folder, steam profiles, and some game version steam profiles folders. Which folder(s) am I supposed to copy and paste to (which) directory?

7:16 PM
Q: What is this number/identifier on a PS3 disc?

LemonI was cleaning my old PS3 discs when I saw that there are 4 letters and a couple of numbers on the left side of the disc. In the case of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, it is BPDL-246890: What do these letters and numbers mean?

Q: Does Diablo III have a loot filter?

user598527Another ARPG, Grim Dawn, has a "loot filter" feature which disables the text labels and being able to pick up loot below a specified level of rarity. Does Diablo III have any comparable feature?

7:37 PM
Looks like I'm stranded at work for the time being. I could probably make it home, the street flooding isn't particularly where I am but I don't really feel like risking it.
@Yuuki Stay dry
ugh i wanna be home and play oni though
@Yuuki I said nothing about your mode of transportation remaining dry. Just you.
Solution: find one of those human hamster ball things and roll my way home.
@Yuuki Genius idea, since that will float on all the flooded streets too
7:45 PM
Rain is dying down though so hopefully there'll be time for the streets to drain.
@Yuuki I'd recommend asking around at your job if anyone is interested in grabbing a drink
@Nzall And then drinking the water from the streets to speed up the draining process? Another genius idea!
Man, this chat room is on the ball today
@MageXy The human hamster ball, that is.
@MageXy Honestly, I don't recommend drinking rain water, it's probably not that healthy
@Nzall I read in one of those bathroom reader fact books that rainwater is actually a good source of vitamin B12
No idea if that's accurate or not lol
7:50 PM
@Dragonrage I mean, it varies depending on how many levels I have
Theoretically, it would be fine if it weren't for the fact that Houston has a major chemical processing industry and so you have no idea what the water particles are condensing around.
Yeah, there is that
But yeah, I'm experimenting with different things trying to get the boosts from the heals, but my clerics are just attacking instead of healing
In a more rural/remote area, rainwater should be potable.
Although you should probably still boil it.
Rain water is probably save to drink in case you live in Florida or in California, but Houston?
Note: I have no idea how much heavy industry and pollution there is in either state
7:51 PM
I mean, we've improved a lot since the days that we used to be the smoggiest city in the US.
But still don't drink rainwater.
@Nzall Depends on where you are. LA is definitely not a good idea due to the emissions from the sheer amount of traffic there.
Q: Minecraft Items punched out of hand. command

Mr MilkeHow to stop items to be punched out by mobs? Any cheat or command? Help PLEASE!

Q: How can I place something ONLY on something else in Minecraft Bedrock?

user237793I don't know how do this :( I try a lot but couldn't help me. Thanks if you know how.

8:10 PM
@SaintWacko is it higher or lower than your targets max health?
Hmm, there we go. Apparently if five or more of the party are clerics they'll attack instead of healing
Okay, that wasn't a bad build
four clerics, a warrior, and a paladin
in that order
So you only have one damage dealer? Or is the pally also specced for damage?
8:25 PM
@MageXy my warrior is 1 armor rest damage, my 5 paladins are 1 armor, 1 healing, rest damage
@Dragonrage this is what I use
it got me to level 71 before i prestiged. now im waiting for it to build back up my multipliers
@MageXy pally is specced for damage as well
@Dragonrage That's what I was using
And I think it still works a little better than this cleric build
It's faster, certainly
8:42 PM
So I just tested a R3/C2/P1 build (my favorite) vs the P5/W1 comp you guys seem to be running.
@SaintWacko if you have synergy they do both
Results are a little hard to read since I'm still gaining exp on all these runs
@Dragonrage Yeah, but barely
Youtube has unverified pretty much everyone today, AFAIK
They should be dealing 1e24 damage per attack
8:43 PM
Like, they even unverified their own youtube channel
But while the P5/W1 comp reaches the higher floors faster, the R3/C2/P1 comp is able to fight the harder enemies with more success
Which can easily one-shot everything
Instead they're doing their tiny little heal and only 5% of their attack
Both die on the same floor but the R3/C2/P1 comp gets more exp since they are able to defeat more of high tier enemies before they expire
Because somehow the health of a bunch of my characters isn't staying maxed
So the paladins are trying to heal them
On the plus side, this means the clerics are casting a lot of heals and massively buffing the party
To the point that my meat shield clerics have 1e28 health
@SaintWacko This is another reason I like my comp a bit better. My paladin attacks first and kills one enemy, then the clerics overheal him, then the rangers clear out the rest
so each floor leading up to the upper floors, I'm getting at least a +20% stat bonus from cleric heals
8:48 PM
Mine is really slow, but I'm not sure it will actually cap out
Every round I get a +40% stat boost
And since the clerics go first, they're guaranteed at least one round on every floor
It's already pushed two floors past where I was before
And the health of my clerics is always one or two orders of magnitude greater than the enemy's damage
Oops, hit floor 51 and that is not true anymore
Lost three clerics
Before the heal boost stabilized things
> Level: 3.78e14 - Experience: 0/0 ((e^NaN)NaN%)
@SaintWacko pretty sure when you level up, your max health goes up, but current health does not
@Elise Ahh, that would make sense
Man, I wish you could swap gear around
I was doing the math and with 238% morale boost per paladin, a party of 1w 5p is same as having 12.9w and 64.5p
I want a ranger with overkill
5 paladins at 238% each is 1290% total stats on each hero
so if your clerics are boosting your party by 40% each round, you'd need... 32.5 rounds to match
8:56 PM
Not quite
The 40% is +40% of your current stats
Not +40% of your base stats
Q: Does radiation count as splash damage?

Nick SI'm currently using a Moze splash damage build, and I just acquired the "Atom Balm Commander Planetiod" Legendary artifact, which increases the "Aura burst radius" of radiation damage. Does this count as splash damage with regards to Moze's skills? Should I be using this artifact, or does "Aura...

So only 8 rounds
now if you could disable floor skip... :P
New meta
Start a new game and don't buy floor skip
8:57 PM
yeah, that's actually quite tempting
especially since I'm super stuck on this L5
eh, why not, I'll do it for science, I'm pretty close to quitting anyway 🤷‍♀️
I think the ultimate build would be five clerics and a ranger
Except that it messes up when you get five clerics
And I have my clerics set up with only a single point in healing and the rest in health
@SaintWacko not if the ranger can't kill 6 enemies in one round
So they're a huge meat shield, too
although idk, I guess with meat shielding clerics it could work
The meat shield tank strat sounds great in theory, but I've found that it kinda falls off
9:00 PM
@Elise Except that the clerics have such a huge amount of health that not much can put a dent in them
but the meta seems to be oneshot the room or wipe
At some point your units can only tank one attack each, even if they have pumped up armor stats
@SaintWacko damage goes up exponentially on each floor 🤷‍♀️
@Elise And my cleric's health was doing the same :D
later floors you either don't take damage at all or you die in one hit
yeah, well, I'll give it a try :P highest floor - 6 😂
9:06 PM
okay i am home
@SaintWacko I think Warrior 1/Cleric 1/Paladin X has been pretty great so far but I'm definitely behind you guys.
Warriors with ironskin shields seem pretty crazy to me.
Straight up damage division prior to armor calculation.
Steam's interactive recommender has managed to only suggest games I have no interest in
I don't know whether this says more about AI or me
I wish Rangers had a better special item
@Frank Yeah, that's pretty wild
It's nice that they get crit, but the crit chance is just so low that's it's not worth the money
Especially the tier 2 upgrade... 10k gold for 10% total crit chance? yuck
9:10 PM
I'm not using warriors anymore, though, since at the point where they're useful, lower levels, I'd rather let my clerics get more heals off
9:37 PM
Q: In Minecraft, How could I take multiple outputs and output the leftmost output?

TherrSpoobI know that sounds very confusing, but I have a few examples. I want it so that I can flick something like 3 levers and have the output be the leftmost one. If I flicked the first two, the middle one would turn on, and if i flicked only the right one, the right one would turn on. During this all ...

10:03 PM
Ok, this is weird. It's happening too fast for me to note numbers but my paladins are synergy healing each other in a streak every now and then. Are they losing life somehow?
@Coronus do you have a cleric?
@Dragonrage No, 1w4p1r
hmm, i was wondering if a cleric would cause your paladins to overheal
or if your paladins thought they were clerics and were overhealing
10:31 PM
Armor gets affected by blessed.
I've got two orders of magnitude more armor than the damage being inflicted.
10:59 PM
Prestiged layer 3, no multipliers in layers 1 or 2. Currently on floor 46, they can't touch my armor.
i was going to say something overly pedantic, but then as i was starting to type it, i gave myself an overly pedantic reply
11:17 PM
Q: If they were did make a season 3 of minecraft story mode what do you think it would be?

mr.videogamenoobI want to know ideas based on mojang and telltale stupid idea to shut down mcsm season 3. For instance, my ideas if what if jesse and petra go back to the portal network and find a hidden portal room, or if there could be there could be a new thing where you can switch to other NPC's, not just je...

11:58 PM
Q: Making pathways for followers

Zadekiel SephirahSo I made an entire pier including a ship ( one of the wrecked in Skyrim ) and placed them at Volvihar castle where the dock used to be using "Jaxons Positioner." It pretty badass. The only problem I'm having is that my follower will neither follow me onto the pier or the ship of which halves tha...

Q: Length of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney if it were a novel?

Orange KidHow long would Phoenix Wright be if you consolidated all of the text and dialogue into a book?


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