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12:03 AM
@GnomeSlice "Relationship falling apart due to spouse playing too much Mario Kart and neglecting their responsibilities. As a solution we'll make both of them play Mario Kart all weekend and ignore everything else."
@Elise at least it's better than "Resolve your marital argument with a match of Smash"
@Memor-X monopoly 🤔
@Elise naaa, that takes too long
@Memor-X you're there for the weekend, it can't take that long
@Elise ahhh, in that case then yeh. Smash is for shorter things
unless it's an argument of who gets to play as Waluigi
12:26 AM

DAG Grim SlayerOk, so when I run a game on the VBA GX emulator for the Gamecube it runs really slow how can I fix this.

12:59 AM
Valve is going to appeal but lets not forget
> it’s notable that UFC-Que Choisir scored this victory, and it could very well lead to changes on Valve’s platform. A 2014 Australian court ruling, for example, led to Steam’s current refund policy.
it was both Australia and England if i recall
now on the surface this could fuck with indies, but at the same time Valve would be in control
@Memor-X Oh my this certainly could cause some waves
Valve could make it so a portion of resells still go to the developers/publishers, something the AAA would love to be the case
Has anyone really approached the concept of reselling licenses to digital goods?
@RedRiderX you mean in a way that's not shitty *looks at G2A*
other then something like G2A which is more abusing a loophole of redemption
rather then a real transfer of rights after someone's used the product
1:04 AM
@RedRiderX i don't believe so, but it is something that's going to have to be worked on if we move more to digital products and services
Sharing digital goods is of course possible with DRM free products, but even then, that use case usually isn't explicitly allowed legally.
I don't even know how you start to approach a framework for selling "used" digital goods.
I feel like the definition of "used" just breaks down at that point.
@RedRiderX for sure since when you use a physical product there is some wear and that brings the price down, when you download a digital product your getting it created as new every time
And short of some bulletproof DRM scheme, how do you even guarantee the original owner doesn't still have a copy after purchase.
@RedRiderX i suppose the same way how you can't guarantee that with a physical game or a poster the original owner didn't just copy it
and then there's Epic. if Valve has to do this you can see other online systems having to do it to and while most probably don't give a shit how Origin or uPlay or Bethesda will do it, Epic is trying to be the messiah of gaming
What does resell a game even mean when you consider something like fortnite?
Does this mean you reselling accounts is legally protected?
1:15 AM
oh yeh i didn't think of Online games like that which generally make it apart of the ToS or EULA that you can't re-sell your account. but at the same time you can't sigh your rights away
I assume platform holders would try to keep microtransactions out of the reselling equation as they are with physical games.
On some level all these problems exist now for platform holders, so I guess they'll find new ways to mitigate them.
But what I really can't fathom is what effect this would have on the economy of selling digital games
Would the floor fall through on the market?
@RedRiderX what about DLC? White Knight Chronicles came with a pass which comes free with a new game that'll let you manage your village, if you get it second hand you have to buy it as DLC
Would Steam sales just not be a thing anymore?
Would it be all about dinging you for DLC when you buy a used game?
@Memor-X I should have DLC in that sentence yeah
@RedRiderX well you said Microtransactions so it would but currency and loot boxes is one thing, there's is legit DLC. i can see some publishes *cough*EA*cough* just selling a Demo for $5 and then selling the rest of the game as DLC and then argue you can't re-sell DLC
Would even more games go FTP, so there's no game to resell?
1:26 AM
Q: Minecraft Even Distribution Smelter

Droem19Could anyone help me with some redstone please. I am trying to make a smelter that will accept items from a top chest and then distribute the items into furnaces evenly to smelt. I'm not exactly sure why this isn't working right now so any help would be great! It is currently setup so every time ...

Q: Are there any top selling PC game charts?

SarkeI'm looking for something like the music industry has for top selling by week or month. Preferably going back to early or mid 90s. Is there such a thing?

2:06 AM
Q: Recreating 32k swords

P4NTOMSo recently i've been trying to recreate the 32k swords from 2B2T but im a noob at commands this is the command i've been trying to use. /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:32767}]},{id:19,lvl:10}]},{id:20,lvl:32767}]},{id:21,lvl:10}]},{id:22,lvl:3}]},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}

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3:58 AM
TIL California's largest lake by surface area was created by accident
The Salton Sea is a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault, predominantly in the U.S. state of California's Imperial and Coachella valleys. The lake occupies the lowest elevations of the Salton Sink in the Colorado Desert of Imperial and Riverside counties in Southern California. Its surface is 236.0 ft (71.9 m) below sea level as of January 2018. The deepest point of the sea is 5 ft (1.5 m) higher than the lowest point of Death Valley. The sea is fed by the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers, as well as agricultural runoff, drainage systems, and creeks. Over...
4:10 AM
Q: How to disable night?

Kenny EvittHow can I disable night, i.e. the night portion of the day/night cycle? I'd like to play in eternal daylight. I didn't notice any relevant settings when creating a new game and I'd like to avoid mods if possible.

4:50 AM
Q: Why does grass look terrible

Andrew LeeI'm making a modpack designed to make Minecraft look as good as possible. Shaders, Optifine, No Cubes, the works. However, the texture of the grass that grows on top of grass blocks just sickens me. I can't stand to look at this beautiful smooth world from a hill and see a ton of green X's all ov...

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6:51 AM
Q: How to avoid other Ingress players to steal items when I am exchanging items with others?

Max ChanIt is very annoying that when I am dropping capsules to other Ingress members, someone steal my items. I lose many valuable item from this and I don't know what to do to prevent it.

7:11 AM
Q: How do you check for player death in 1.14.4?

user237849I've been googling this for a while to find nothing that works. When someone dies, I want a message like "Lmao you suck"

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8:11 AM
Q: Destroy all farms or not ? (modern times)

TristanI was wondering if it's ok to destroy all farms at once when you are asked to when bio farm are available or do you need a special strategy to do it (like destroying half food farms and replace them, then destroying the other half after the bio farm is really producing) ?

8:33 AM
@Memor-X this just sounds like a great way to get Valve to withdraw their business from France
9:12 AM
Q: /testfor command with scoreboard HELP 1.14

gamenshaneva have a command: /testfor @a[score_Time=0] and this no work in 1.14, PLEASE HELP ME

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10:12 AM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.15) Tellraw incremental death messages

nicholas9211Recently I have been making a map, I was wondering if an incremental tell raw death message could be applied. What I mean by this is, if you die, chat will automatically say "Death, 1" Next time you die, chat will automatically change the tellraw command into "Death, 2" And so on. Is this poss...

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11:37 AM
@Wipqozn I'm thinking about this too hard
In order for people to die, people need to be born
So shouldn't they promote healthy lifestyles and population growth?
11:51 AM
@Wrigglenite maybe their job is total extermination
and right now new people are born faster than they die
12:29 PM
I think everybody's overthinking it.
12:49 PM
Wow players! 8.2.5 releases next week
1:14 PM
Q: Using Mouse as Wiimote IR in Cemu Emulator

MegadarderyIf anyone is familiar with the Cemu Emulator, it is a Wii U Emulator, and a pretty decent one at that. Similar to Dolphin, it allows emulating the console's controllers, as in, you can emulate the Gamepad, the Pro Controller, and the Wiimote... However, unlike Dolphin, Cemu does not fully emulate...

Taking my Switch out to my dad's today
Pretty sweet
1:34 PM
Q: Why doesn't this summon command work?

Iluv PeanutsI am trying to summon a lightning bolt when it detects an arrow on grass, but when I put this command in to a repeating command block, I get the error "Failed to execute 'summon' on Arrow" Any ideas why? Command: /execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ grass 1 summon lightning_bolt

1:58 PM
Damn it @InvaderSkoodge, now I want a pretzel.
2:26 PM
This thing holds the switch and dock including attached joycons, joycon grip, power adapter, one of my 8bitdo controllers inside and the other outside in the pocket, and like 8 games
And it was "free" with an amazon GC I won at work
3:15 PM
Q: My minecraft keeps crashing

COOKieMy Minecraft keeps crashing and it says at the end of the logs "Process crashed with exit code -532462766",

Q: With the new Minecraft launcher, is there a way to change the .minecraft folder without manually specifying the Java path for every profile?

cowgodI am aware of the --workDir command line option, and I am using it to change the location of the .minecraft folder. However, any profile I try to launch does not find the javaw.exe file (which is found in the workDir folder, as it should be in runtime\jre-x64\bin\javaw.exe). It throws the follo...

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4:25 PM
@Wipqozn Not sure what I have to do with this.
@InvaderSkoodge Today's Google Doodle
Q: im wanting to change grass blocks within a set region to magma blocks on bedrock edition but i cant find anyything that works on the nintendo switch

user237872I'm wanting to change grass to magma on my nintendo switch world to make a skyblock challenge sort of thing but so far every command I've tried just says invalid command. does anyone here know what i should be doing different. (ps the range is from x256 z256 to x-256 z-256 if that changes anything)

4:56 PM
Q: How to GET minecraft world spawn with commands?

andreasxpI would like something opposite to /setworldspawn, a command that would return me current world spawn location. I tried getting SpawnX, SpawnY and SpawnZ nbt data from a non-existing player, but it seems that this is not allowed.

5:14 PM
please send help
(floor 38, 81% to first prestige layer 3 point)
will I lose the prestige layer 3 progress if I prestige layer 2
I guess I'm doing floor 39 too
it'll just take an hour
@badp No. Just layer 1 prestige.
5:51 PM
and floor 40
this is so derpy
I love it
it might be a couple more floors before something will deal 6e17 damage
and counting
6:17 PM
Q: Visual noise in new COD MW

user237878 How to fix this visual noise on weapon in new COD MW BETA?

7:17 PM
Q: Why was Magus at war with Guardia?

Mason WheelerWarning: spoilers ahead. The spoiler statute of limitations should be long since past on this one, though. A significant amount of the plot in the first half of Chrono Trigger revolves around the war between Magus's armies and the kingdom of Guardia in the Middle Ages. Later on, you find out t...

Q: Are questions about Twitch on topic?

RobbieI read a question on here with an answer saying that if a topic is mostly about video games then it's okay. So are questions about Twitch on topic?

7:55 PM
user image
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
Q: Can I see the total amount of my crafting materials?

user598527The game seems to display * when the amount of material exceeds 999 in the blacksmith's crafting menu. I don't have any estimate for the amount of arcane dust I have (on the middle; I've always mainly disenhanced magical items). Are the crafting materials also listed elsewhere and in full?

8:11 PM
So, joey salads posted his number to his twitter.
I gave him a call, it went to voicemail, I wonder if he'll call me back.
8:37 PM
user image
@Yuuki Excellent
8:54 PM
my 4 cleric, 1 warrior, 1 paladin, no floor skip team has got me further in less time than I could progress before I wiped my save
cc: @SaintWacko
9:38 PM
Q: Remove only 1 item from container (hopper/chest)

Shjncommand block only gets rid of 1 item in chest eg. 12 wood, 13 planks, 18 quartz, 23 netherrack and 17 wool / 12 wood, 13 planks, 17 quartz, 21 netherrack and 17 wool any help?

10:18 PM
Q: How to detect a player on a specific block(s)

Aidan JardineI'm making a map and I'm trying to separate players by building a wall when ever one crosses a certain point, but I can't seem to get the command block to detect when i'm on something and build a wall. I want each person to go a seperate way

11:08 PM
@Wipqozn about time Pennywise got a job
Q: How do I pair my controller with other PS4 systems?

L o a d i n g . . .The PS4 controller I want to connect to my friends PS4 is a CUH-ZCT2U it doesn’t have a reset button for some reason and I have also tried resetting the PS4 and what not it just doesn’t connect I have tried a USB wire the Bluetooth thing but none of that works and the PS4 controller flashes but j...

11:38 PM
Q: a mi amigo lo saca de mi server de minecraft

KSforlifehe can play and play for a while but he constantly takes it out Someone could tell me that I should owe that error, the server was doing fine but after updating java he could no longer continue to play normally search on YouTube but there are no videos for this specific problem,

Q: Initial screen just went wordless

user237895 I'm just a mom with no idea how to fix this for my boys.. Help! Thanks :)


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