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1:12 AM
OMG so I am watching Call the Midwife and Sister Monica Joan is watching TV and SHE'S WATCHING DOCTOR WHO :D (Call the Midwife is set in 1960's England)
so, I found out that my mom, while practicing the "whatever, live and let live" type of attitude, doesn't understand trans people and feels somewhat uncomfortable seeing them. This set back my coming out to her for quite some time
Being uncomfortable is hard to control. It doesn't necessarily mean people don't support it
in my experience
@GnomeSlice it's one thing when it's someone else and another when it's their child
many people who are seemingly supportive totally change their views when their child comes out as part of lgbtq
of course it's infinitely better than being outright hostile and hateful
but it certainly won't make the future conversation easy
1:36 AM
1:47 AM
Q: Does Pokemon Go rig item drops?

Shadow Z.Recently I have been playing a fair bit of Pokemon Go. I have noticed however that I am not really getting the items that I am low on. I am low on healing items like potions, yet I rarely see them from Pokestops and Gyms, along with gifts from friends. I have an abundance of Pokeballs on the othe...

@Elise Best of luck for whenever you choose to do that.
2:27 AM

user234784i was making a city in my world and then i hear this really scary screeching noise and echoes of a cave or something. every time it happens its always a new scary noise. when i first heard it i froze and stoped what i was doing then dug into the ground to see what it was. thinkng that maybe it wa...

@Lazers2.0 BECAUSE EARS!
3:27 AM
Q: What happens if a defender explodes the hatch the defuser is on?

RobbieIf the attackers plant the defuser on a breachable hatch and then an attacker explodes the hatch, the defuser get's destroyed and the attackers lose. But if a defender is the one to destroy the hatch do the defenders lose or do the attackers still lose?

3:59 AM
@Elise hugs I hope everything goes okay, when/if you are ready for that
2 hours later…
5:33 AM
I am reading this really good book right now called MARiiMO, it's about someone building a robot that learns to move/exist based on neural networks and stuff and it is super fun and I like it and it is autistic ownvoices stuff so it's extra good. And it is free! amazon.com/MARiiMO-Tyrel-Pinnegar-ebook/dp/B07KNYX3BN
*read's @Ash's post, follows reply link to previous post*.....i feel as if i missed something *check star board.*
@Elise *sets off belated party crackers*
@Wipqozn Yeah, and it's a deep-seated point of contention among the playerbase because they used to (maybe still) really give someone random the host, even if they were in the worst location and had a very shitty internet connection. The CoD playerbase has wanted dedicated servers for a long time.
@Ash And because they can be used for blizzard Balance, you can use them to buy other games
@Elise the same with my mum but replace the "feels somewhat uncomfortable seeing them" with "she says it's complicated so she doesn't have to learn anything" which is what she uses for anything technical
6:09 AM
Q: Can you add a delay to a command block?

Spades SpadesI have a command block line set up so that it detects for a players death, then gives them weakness for 600 seconds. It applies weakness to soon before they get out of the respawn time. If there is not way to delay a command is there a way to detect a player respawn?

6:38 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
@Wipqozn not since the beginning-beginning, definitely the first 2 CoD's had dedicated servers
6:54 AM
@Kevin Yeah, but those games are like 15 years old now. That was a different time
Before 'surprise mechanics' and crappy DLC
7:10 AM
Q: Apex Legends stuck at 60 FPS (G-Sync 144hz monitor)

JonathanWith +fps_max unlimited it still caps with the following behavior: On "Triple Buffered" FPS Locks caps at 60 & g-sync works On "Adaptive" FPS moves freely between 60-89 but monitor caps refreshes 60 (my monitor says it's hardware refresh rate with hardware buttons & I see tearing) On "Disabled...

3 hours later…
10:23 AM
@Nzall I'm not sure how that's at all relevant
@Kevin I know modern warfare had it, at least on consoles. Not sure about earlier ones.
It meaning player hosting
@Wipqozn It's relevant because it's not something that's actually appreciated by the community as a way of cost cutting
So it's a sacrifice that not many developers are all that willing to make
11:28 AM
Apparently, Disenchantment predicted people selling their bathwater over a year ago
@Nzall this about Belle Delphine because i thought that was a joke. or are other people selling their bath water
@Memor-X yeah, this is about Belle Delphine
Someone actually photoshopped her hair onto that above image
@Nzall well i'm just glad that the internet just hasn't been taken over by copycats
because at least Memes would be harmless
11:43 AM
@Memor-X she actually isn't the first though
> Shoko Asahara, founder of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo and the man behind the Tokyo subway sarin gas terrorist attack in 1995, which killed 12 people and injured over 1,000 more, also sold his own bath water to devotees who drank it during rituals.
And apparently the Japanese girls band Banana Monkeys tried to do it too
11:56 AM
@Memor-X huh, she was recently banned from Instagram according to the Internet
12:22 PM
@Sterno Yeah it's on sale again, so I'm once again considering buying it. Only $15. But I feel like I still won't play it again before there's another sale anyways? I'm playing MArio+rabbids right now, and then I'm thinking of XCOM2... Plus Phoenix point in a couple months.
12:45 PM
Annnnd purchased
1:10 PM
@Wipqozn I was tempted by that but... idk the reviews seem wishywashy and I'm picky about strategy games as it is
really enjoying Infested Planet though
My first dead colonist in Rimworld died of infection from a rat bite. But she was a masochist, so at least she died doing what she loved.
@Nzall I mean, I suppose cultists aren't too far apart from desperate neckbeards in personality.
1:31 PM
Q: Second hand game

Andy WI recently purchased a second hand copy of Call of Duty Black Ops. I have tried to install it via steam but when it asks me to input the game key it tells me that the game key has already been used under a different account to mine. Is there any way round this??

Guh... somebody just went "hey @everyone talk with me" in a discord server and multiple people got pissed I said "Uh, why are you pinging everyone for that"...
Well, that's what the block button is for!
@Kevin also mods and restrict the use of that ping too if i recall
Yeah they can
But I'm fairly certain the person so desperate for attention iiiiis one of the mods? I'd check but she's not worth the effort
Aug 19 '13 at 19:49, by StrixVaria
@BenBrocka @fredley @OrigamiRobot @GnomeSlice @StrixVaria @GraceNote @Sterno @Ullallulloo @FEichinger @badp @Krazer @Wipqozn @fbueckert @JasonBerkan @RedRiderX @Blem @TrentHawkins @SaintWacko
Old-school equivalent.
That only pinged the first 3 people! :p
Besides, that wasn't nearly as dumb
1:40 PM
I could have sworn that pings at least 6
or something
11, actually
close enough
I remember when we were experimenting with it lol
Oh I may just be confusing the minimum amount of letters for pinging someone
1:41 PM
RIP like a full 1/3 of the people in that message though.
That's sad
Especially that fbueckert character.
And that Strix person...
highlights for me and I'm #4
1:43 PM
Aug 19 '13 at 19:50, by RedRiderX
@StrixVaria ಠ_ಠ
@GnomeSlice yeah but the highlight in chat is different from actually getting a ping IIRC
quotes don't ping but they highlight because reasons
I'm guessing because regex
I'm thinking because oneboxing is done locally and the server just goes "This is a link, it is not a ping"
but the code that looks to add .mention to stuff sees it and goes "hey this is span.mention now"
1:52 PM
@InvaderSkoodge wanna feel old?
it's been 6 years since this.
You were... 10 when that happened or something @Ave?
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, I miss @StrixVaria. Whatever happened to that guy?
2:10 PM
Stop selling us work arounds for shit mechanics!
If it's a shit mechanic that people want to pay to get rid of just don't put it in the game in the first place
But then they wouldn't be able to sell the thing?
I'm still super happy I didn't buy falllout 76.. or any ubisoft game in years... ooooor
"what if we make our thing shitty on purpose so we can sell another thing that makes the first thing the way it should have been all along?"
2:12 PM
I can't remember the last AAA game I bought
Unless Paradox Interactive is AAA...
I've played some free to play AAA games, buuuut those are honest about it
@InvaderSkoodge "urg, testing is hard, lets release the game as is and get people to pay us to be our beta testers, we'll call it Early Access"
... Our tape backups failed again last night
They first failed last week, 2 days after our sysadmin left on a 3 week vacation
so for now, I've temporarily put them on hold, because it's a hardware problem, not a software issue
so for the next 2 weeks, backups are to disk only
Good luck!
@Kevin Honestly, if anything does go wrong for which we would need a backup, we're in trouble anyway, because our sysadmin is the only person who knows how to restore them
Bit of a bus problem
Tiny bit
2:25 PM
So I read some new developments in WoW lore. We're really doing Garrosh again, huh?
@Yuuki essentially, yes
Didn't they say "we're not doing Garrosh again" at the beginning of this xpac?
though Garrosh was just his own ego and lust for boosting up Orcs. Sylvanas might have motivation from the Void Lords
Still another Horde warchief being the bad guy now the Horde has to be all "noble and honorable" and rebel against them.
Yeah, but this seems to be the last time. There have been multiple leaks (though on 4chan) from people calling themselves Blizzard developers, claiming they're planning on putting an end to the faction conflict next expansion, putting Baine as Warchief.
2:29 PM
I mean... 4chan...
yeah, but all the leaks were consistent with one another
Could all be the same person =p
I am also a blizzard developer who can confirm exactly this
and all the details work out
they all told roughly the same things, and were from various departments, where they each knew only what their department really knows
@Nzall And then the expansion after that...
2:31 PM
Like, I don't think there is a single developer on the WoW team that knows everything about the entire game, let alone one at a level that would willingly leak such things
I hear Blizzard is going to start enforcing 2-2-2 in ranked and quickplay in Overwatch.
Welp, faction war again. Turns out Baine is a rabid vegetarian and begins waging a war against all other races for eating meat.
CC @Sterno and other overwatch people
I am a blizzard developer and I can also confirm this
@InvaderSkoodge And in OWL
Which is hilarious
2:32 PM
also they released a video about it
@Wrigglenite oof
@Yuuki and then waging war against whatever race he is for them all being meat
@Wrigglenite Yeah, OWL and ranked are pretty much the same format I think?
I was bored of watching GOATs like 2 days into Season 2.
I can understand enforcing comps in competitive because people are jerks online but enforcing compositions in professional is a bit weird to me.
So I'm all for this in OWL purely from a spectator standpoint.
2:33 PM
They had to rework Brigitte because there are no off-healers anymore
There can't be
Oh interesting, let me try to find details of that.
@Wrigglenite What'd they do?
I've heard OWL is moving to a homestand format which is neat
rather than doing a bunch of matches all in LA or whatever
2:34 PM
@Yuuki More passive healing, 3 charges on armor
200 shield health, from 500
That's the barrier, she didn't gain shields
@InvaderSkoodge So she needs to be in everyone's face to be able to heal and they nerfed her reliable heal ability?
And they nerfed her survivability move. Ouch.
But if she ramps up it looks like she heals more.
Oh yeah and less stun RIP
But can she stay alive long enough to ramp up? Even though she's tankier than most healers, she was still pretty paper last I remember.
Especially since the other healers can stay back.
2:37 PM
I've been playing a lot more overwatch recently again
Repair Pack is a pain to use in the middle of the mob
@Unionhawk werent you the person who scienced that?
sounds like something I would do
p sure it was either you or @Yuuki
I think we've scienced it multiple times since it's changed multiple times.
2:40 PM
so it might have been both of you
The Overwatch patch notes always contain words like "frustrating", "oppressive", "restricting"
It's like they don't care about balance
The goal of the Overwatch developers isn't a competitively balanced game, it's a game with massive wide appeal to try to get as many players as possible.
The OWL is essentially a huge advertisement for the game.
So focusing on player experience over absolute hero balance totally makes sense when they do "balance" patches.
balance is inherently subjective anyway
Apparently Moira can Fade out of Earthshatter now.
Or any CC.
Yeah, a numerically weak skill that anyone can pull of constantly can be way less fun to play with/against then a numerically strong skill that few can pull off
2:43 PM
like there's no set of magic numbers that blizzard can pick and the game is perfectly balanced
Like being pinned or slept.
The latter of which makes absolutely no sense.
CC is unfun
Or something
@Wrigglenite There is this WoW streamer, Asmongold, who says that every time you get CC'd by another player blizzard should refund you 10 seconds of gametime, because you can't play the game
@Yuuki Damn. Moira was OP before in my opinion
Man, I haven't played Overwatch in quite a while
2:49 PM
@SaintWacko Same.
@Unionhawk And balance is highly dependent on the skill of players in a particular match. What's balanced in gold, which has the plurality of players, is different from what's balanced in bronze or plat or top 500.
@MBraedley cough Ryze cough
Q: Getting Player Heads MCPE

CrazyVideoGamezHow do you get player heads using commands in MCPE? Like get your own head and be able to place it down and all that cool stuff?

Apparently they made a mistake and my father will be able to remain at the rehab/care facility for as long as he needs, not just 3 months. all paid by govt. That is... really good news.
2:52 PM
@Nzall What about when you're not at the computer?
@Wrigglenite That's a conscious choice
Being CC'd by another player is someone else interfering in your gameplay
Context: Ryze is a League of Legends character who's notorious for having a lot of reworks. His current kit has an ability that allows him to teleport all allies in a small area somewhere else on the map. Because of this, it's really hard to balance him because if his numbers are too strong, he's overpowering in professional play but he's otherwise underpowered in non-professional play because people don't coordinate well online.
@Nzall Or unconscious, when you're sleeping
also, apparently mods can nominate themselves during an election, so @Wipqozn couldve ran for the last election
2:56 PM
lol roll20 got pwned apparently
@Dragonrage So I figured this was Friday given the link text, went to go look at a Reddit tab, came back and then clicked on this link.
@GnomeSlice yeah, that is really good news
Just make sure you have that in writing
@Yuuki i never post Friday links though
And signed by the person who said it
@ dnd people: roll20 got pwned
3:04 PM
How bad is it? :p
> Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Partial credit card data, Passwords
3,994,436 accounts
@GnomeSlice That's fantastic news
@Ave Ah, shit
Will they be contacting people if they were part of the breach?
idk I found out with a have I been pwned alert
@Kevin smh, smh, 13.
3:08 PM
I wish I could dismiss pwns, the checker is basically unusable now
Bridge I got a job
@fredley !!! congrats!
@GnomeSlice I'm so happy to hear this.
@fredley I already pinged him about this. GAWD.
Also I love how the first nomination was someone saying they wouldn't really be a good choice
@fredley Yaaaay!
I'll be gainfully employed from August
taking a few couple more weeks of downtime because it's the best
Highly recommend not working
3:11 PM
@fredley Congrats!
@fredley Yeah infinite free time is great
@Wipqozn I don't think I've ever seen a candidate score lower than 2/40.
I mean, is that even legal?
tbf, idk how you get a lot of those points on that site
@Unionhawk Highest rep is only 9k, so the answer is you really don't.
There just isn't enough traffic.
or quality
@fredley And Lifehacks is just now announcing a mod election...
3:31 PM
Q: How can I hide the compass icons for other player's bases?

InfiJust started playing a new game and the world that I spawned on has dozens of compass markers for bases crafted by other players. Is there any way to hide these? I'm up to the bit where I craft an Analysis Visor, and am expected to return to my ship by looking for its compass icon, but there's n...

Did the Inbox get updated?
@Ronan Uuuuugh
at least it was in my password manager
I've been looking for Roll20 alternatives anyway
Astral Tabletop seems good: astraltabletop.com
I like how they position it as an in-person game aid as well as a fully digital game platform.
3:51 PM
Q: NFS underground graphics

UserKunal123I have always pondered on this since my childhood, when I first played NFS underground after playing the previous titles (Porsche unleashed, Hot Pursuit 2), the first thing I noticed was that the graphics were a bit cartoonish, and the way the car kind of vibrated when steered felt kind of odd. I...

cc @Wipqozn for the last panel
So apparently don't watch the Cats trailer if you don't want to be scarred for life.
@GnomeSlice These images are always reversed.
@RedRiderX I keep forgetting that I am behind a work filter, because I can browse all of Arqade.
4:26 PM
Wtf I got honked off the left lane with 200km/h today...
Germany is weird
Hmm... this second area in DQB2 is a bit weird.
Well, the NPCs that is.
It feels very... Japan.
4:45 PM
@Wipqozn To be fair so is having money
@Jutschge That's 125mph, holy shit.
@Yuuki Boy, wait till you find out which country Dragon Quest came from
@Dragonrage Yesss
@InvaderSkoodge yeah... the dude behind me was going at least 50km/h faster...
4:47 PM
@PrivatePansy I mean, I know but the arc is very Japan in its cultural sensibilities to the point where I've been cringing the entire time.
Tactical rpg from creators of Valdis Story: Abyssal City
It's pretty creepy.
@GnomeSlice I am interested, and also I should go back and actually play that game.
@GnomeSlice RIP @FAE.
@InvaderSkoodge I got to the final boss and it was so BS I quit in disgust
But the game was pretty good. I got many hours out of it
It's difficult
4:52 PM


Q: Need Fixes for HUD - MINECRAFT

Another GamerRecently, I have installed the Replay Mod and the Optifine mod. After clicking around in the menus, I found that my hotbar and crosshair has vanished. Any fixes?

The bosses are really frustratingly hard
@GnomeSlice Ok nevermind.
Yeah finally boss was wack
I'll just play that one with all the bugs if I want a metroidvania.
I don't even think I was able to beat his first form or whatever
4:52 PM
I can't believe I don't remember the name right now.
Oh, literal bugs
Ah yeah. I've heard it's really good as well
I also got to the end of Guacamelee and quit because the final boss was bullshit.
4:53 PM
Yeah I never played that one but meh
I should play hollow knight
@Wrigglenite Yes, whoops.
Especially since hollow knight 2 is coming
I want to play that pinball metroidvania still
@GnomeSlice I own it somehow, so it's the obvious choice.
4:53 PM
The last physical copy is gone from my local eb :(
@InvaderSkoodge guacamelee? I own it too but but never played it lol
Idk metroidvania games don't grab me how they used to, maybe just not indie ones
@GnomeSlice No I mean I own Hollow Knight already, so since it's so acclaimed and it's "free" for me, if I'm in the mood for that genre it's the natural choice to play.
Dust: An Elysian Tail didn't keep my interest either
Guacamelee was very good until the final boss.
Oh nice
@InvaderSkoodge sounds like Valdis Story lol
Let me know what you think of hollow Knight. I see people talk about it a lot
5:10 PM
I have no immediate plans to play it.
I'm just starting to try to get into RimWorld.
That game ever get finished?
That was big in here like... Years ago
Yeah, it hit full release in October I think.
Huh. Wonder if I should look at it
Going into the hospital now. Peace
1 hour later…
6:18 PM
so I started a hardcore ironman for my osrs Unionhawk account since it got unbanned
well that didn't last long, I got downgraded by a moss giant during waterfall quest who can apparently hit 11
so my final stats on the hardcore hiscores are: 2 attack, 11 hp, 5 thieving, 4 cooking, and 1 beginner clue scroll completed
ugh run energy on 1 agility is Rough
big oof
Q: How does Ralph know about the Castle's secret garden entrance?

Vince EmighBackground In The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, after beating Mermaid's Cave, you're sent to the castle to invade while Queen Ambi is gone. Moment of confusion Once at the castle gates, Ralph is already there. He mentions a secret entrance, then explicitly says: What? "Why do I know abo...

@Unionhawk Nice.
6:34 PM
didn't plan to take this early of a death but oh well, I only hit hardcore because there's literally no reason to select regular iron in osrs
since all hardcore means is when you die your stats lock on the hardcore scoreboard and you get downgraded
7:14 PM
Think I'm gonna be sick
7:43 PM
I'm moving to saguenay
How do they calculate the minimum wage required to afford an apartment?
Agh... does anyone here have a PS4 controller connected to their PC (via bluetooth)?
I do hope it accounts for more than just rent.
Q: What is the [rx command in minecraft?

user234823I am going through commands on minecraft windows 10. I know [r is range and rx is out of this range but I want to know what [rx is. I am trying to make a area be survival and when you leave adventure.

8:02 PM
@Jutschge My PC doesn't have a built in Bluetooth receiver, and the one I bought doesn't support the DS4 for some reason
I can connect the thing but for some reason Steam won't recognize it via bluetooth... Can't find the problem anywhere else (it does work with usb though)
And the device is listed in the system settings... really doesn't make any sense to me
Steam as in Big Picture mode?
I've always used ds4windows which emulates an Xbox controller (I think?) because native support is spotty
yep. Just says "no controllers connected" and I check in the system settings and there it says "connected"
@Yuuki for CA i think they state that housing + utilities should be no more than 30% of your gross income
which means for Orange county, you need to make ~65k a year minimum to afford a 1 bedroom apartment
which i think is around 33$ an hour
@Dragonrage wtf
I make just under $20 an hour because I wasted my post secondary and now can't afford to go back
8:15 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, I was going to ask. That seems off.
@Jutschge I ran into that issue too but gave up trying to fix it.
I just plug it in now.
@RedRiderX playing with KB+M again
@Dragonrage for most places, yes, it is calculated on "rent should not exceed 30% of income" which is why the numbers are always super high
I was considering using the controller because I've played over 1000 hours of monster hunter with one but fuck it... might aswell use KB+M since I use it for literally any other game
I wanted to play controller+mouse for MHW but the game doesn't like it.
8:22 PM
@Ash yeah, you can usually afford to live there if you are ok with spending more than 30% of your gross salary on housing. most people do, because they have to
@Dragonrage nods
For the place I want to get in Kitchener, it would be 50% of just my income, so once WorldEngineer finds work, we'd be pretty okay. (It's a one bedroom)
oooookaaay nvm kb+m is awesome
Switch axe really works a lot better than hammer
I'm not sure I'd want to live in an apartment that only cost 30% of my income when I was first starting out. Only places I can think of like that were suuuuper sketchy.
Right now my place costs me 25% of my income, and it's not bad
@Frank Of course that depends on your location and your employment.
8:25 PM
(mind you apparently my friends think the places I pick are in "bad" neighbourhoods, inasmuch as K-W has such a thing)
@Yuuki oh yes very much so
@Ash my apartment is roughly 50% of my net salary, but i just need to budget correctly and i should be fine
@Yuuki Of course. I'm thinking of my college days, and my first job.
Like 30% of min wage is MUCH different than 30% of what I know dev friends got
Someone I know pays very little for their housing in comparison for their income but they live in a relatively rural area and work software dev remotely.
since my net salary already includes paying taxes, putting money into my 401k, and putting money into my savings account
8:27 PM
@Yuuki That makes a lot of difference, yes. If I wanted to move to a cheaper area of town, it would mean MUCH longer and more complicated transit to everything, or trying to figure out affording a car
So for me, spending more of my income on housing is preferable
First job wasn't dev. >< Couldn't find one. Had to answer phones for a couple years.
@Frank shrugs I'm still answering phones, so.
@Ash where my parents live, i could buy a 2 bedroom house for what it costs to buy a condo where i work :(
@Ash Sorry, wasn't anything specific. My bad.
@Dragonrage Yeaaaah, if I moved to the rural area my parents are in I could buy a GIANT place for what I'd pay here for a condo.
(I could even have a yard! But again, car, etc)
8:28 PM
Surprisingly rural areas around me are more expensive when it comes to apartments. But the taxes are so much higher in cities
A lot of the studies I see going around seem to have flawed methodology; there was one that was complaining about house prices in each city, saying most people couldn't afford them.
@Frank I just get irritated when people act like answering phones is menial crap labour that doesn't take any skill.
Of course, those studies also included average prices of homes of mansions and absolute top end, so of course they skewed the average.
@Ash trust me, driving hours every day to work is not fun :)
@Ash Which is very understandable; my intent wasn't to imply it was a menial job, but that it wasn't a dev job.
8:31 PM
@Dragonrage I grew up rural, so yeah, I know how unfun it can be :) I'd not do it again, cheap place or no
(I am nooooot the kind of person who can be happy in a rural area.)
@Wipqozn here is another one with a good php analogy
@Ash I don't think back fondly on my time answering phones not because it's "unskilled" or anything, but because of the incredibly poor workplace conditions and culture.
Though I know that's specific to where I worked.
my parents dont live in that rural of an area, it just doesnt have many tech jobs so housing is in much less of a demand
@RedRiderX My current one isn't like the WORST thing ever but I do look forward to someday not doing phone support. I'm working on it, slowly slowly
(I am super hoping that I can make a go-back-to-school plan I have come to fruition, because that would change everything. But right now, I just hold steady where I am at so we have household income, and go on from there.)
Ah yeah that's always the catch 22
How can you spend time on a new path if your current path is what's sustaining you.
8:44 PM
@Dragonrage hahaHHAHAHAHAHAHhaahaahahh holy shit
@RedRiderX applying to jobs you think you have no chance of getting.
@RedRiderX Once my husband has a job, we will have a bit more wiggly room
Getting an interview is somewhat of a luck thing but during the interview you can really do a lot
1 hour later…
9:47 PM
@RedRiderX This pretty much
My god I hate 9gag
"Excuse us while we steal the work of others, then remove all their watermarks and not credit them!
Entire company should be tossed in jail
Q: Help with a minecraft slime farm (BEDROCK)

AnonymousTomI was strolling around in a large labyrinth of abandoned mine tunnels on my Windows 10 Bedrock minecraft survival game and I found a slime chunk. I cleared the entire chunk out and lit it up below level 40, and slimes spawned for a bit, then stopped. I did some research, and found a lot of inform...

@Wipqozn so 9gag is the @Wipqozn of sites?
10:03 PM
@Wipqozn I hate content farms like that
1 hour later…
11:13 PM
Q: Minecraft - CanPlaceOn Command

Billy JohnsonI'm currently creating an adventure map and I can't figure out how to make it so a button can only be placed on chiseled sandstone. I already know the command : '/give @a minecraft:wooden_button 1 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:sandstone"]}' But I'm not sure how to make it for chiseled sandstone. I'v...


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