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12:22 AM
I'm liking Age of Wonders 3.
Q: Minecraft Eating food will teleport player

NoTimeLeftI was looking for a command that will let a player teleport to a certain coordinate once a certain food was eaten. I thought since food was usable and I could make a hunger clock, TP's can't be abused to constantly TP. I have some knowledge on coding, but know little about the command block langu...

@Frank Not tabletop. Red Alert. Based on the same command and colours system used by memoir 44.
@Frank its good
12:45 AM
Q: Minecraft wont launch

user234727So I went away for around a year and when I came back my Minecraft won't load. If I click on it it will bounce up and down like usual but nothing happens. Also I am on mac just to clarify.

1:45 AM
Q: Minecraft bow issues

Cj KorzonthowskiIn Minecraft xbox 1 edition i wanted to make a bow with unbreaking III, flame I, infinity I, power V, punch II and mending I but it wont let me add mending I, why wont it make a bow with unbreaking III, flame I, infinity I, power V, punch II and mending I?

2:04 AM
Q: Does killing the priest in boss combat count against "no kill" ending?

YasskierIn Vampyr, at one stage you have a difficult boss fight with She drags your mother and a priest (that performed her funeral) to the fight - while you can save your mother, the priest will be used as a "snack" by your opponent, which will replenish her health. However, you can make things easi...

2:29 AM
Oh hey, doctor who seasons are actually reasonably priced now
I might buy all the seasons I never watched, aka give them another chance, since I really stopped liking it with 6
At the very least I wanted to check it out with the new showrunnrr
Jfc the rotten fan score for season 11
I bet I know why it's so low
3:04 AM
Q: Fast pick axe Xbox one

Kyle lusbyCan I type a command into the chat in Minecraft xbox one to get a really fast pickaxe? I tried a command I found but it did not work. I’m wandering if it only works on pc?

3:20 AM
@Wipqozn I'm rewatching that right now
3:42 AM
Crave has some of the seasons, if you pay for that at all @Wipqozn
Q: Do bosses take damage from lava and traps?

RobbieI'm building an arena to fight bosses in and I wanted to add traps (Specifically Landmines) and lava to damage the bosses quicker. But do bosses take damage from lava and traps? I know the Wall of Flesh takes no damage from lava but do all of the bosses share that trait?

3 hours later…
6:26 AM
Q: Can you actually date Sans in Undertale?

KamoriSo I found this video supposedly you go on a date with Sans but this is different than the Papyrus date and besides that, I never saw this in the game maybe, I have not gotten to this part. But I did go to Grillbys with Sans and I thought they were just hanging ou...

6:40 AM
Oh hey @Elise, I like your new name ^^
Morning chat!
also it seems like it's quite a popular name these days
I know and regularly talk to 3
I know a Jenna and a Jemma... totally not awkward to talk too both of them at once =p
@Kevin okay here I go
I know 3 elises, 2 ellies, and one of the ellies goes by hikaru, and another friend (not an ellie or an elise) also goes by hikaru
Fortunately most people go by nicknames generally so... less confusion =p
6:52 AM
I'm rather happy that no two are in the same circles so it's not that confusing
Yeah.. that makes sense
The Jenna and the Jemma are in the same circle
Though one of them is thinking of changing her name to Chase, it's not legally her name yet anyway
7:26 AM
Q: How does Toxic set work in Raid : Shadow Legend?

ZomaI started playing this game two days ago, so I'm pretty new to it. I'm not that lost as I'm already playing Summoner wars for more than a year and a lots of mechanics are the same. I've found some artifacts that don't have equivalent effect in SW, like toxic set, freeze set, sleep set and others...

isn't that what a hamburger is
pickle and meat sandwich
@Ave No, this is literally a sandwich with a pickle instead of bread
That looks all kinds of horrible
@Wipqozn I can definitely understand why the first Jodie Whittaker season got low user reviews. I wasn't all that happy about it either. literally 5 of the 11 episodes had heavy references to controversial things that happen even now: Racism, sexism, warehouse worker exploitation, reckless dumping of waste and splitting of formerly loving communities by geopolitics
And then the last episode had a reference to Brexit
Oh yeah I need to watch the previous season
8:26 AM
Q: Why is my Tranquill doing the same damage with Quick Attack as she is doing with Air Cutter?

caccusTranquill should get STAB from both Normal and Flying moves, right? So why is a base 40 Quick Attack doing the same damage to enemy mons as a base 60 Air Cutter? It's as if Tranquill is not getting STAB on her Air Cutter or something.

@Nzall It's not like Dr. Who is a stranger to episodes/serials with a message/take on current events, even if they are sometimes a bit clumsy. See "The Happiness Patrol" and it's take on Margaret Thatcher.
@TrentHawkins Yeah, I know that, but never before to the scale of the latest season. At least not during the revival series, where we had at most 1 or 2 episodes per season that had heavy handed social commentary, not 5
I thought is was overall a good season, with a few small blunders (The spider episode just kinda... ended suddenly.)
8:46 AM
Q: Can i play with someone if they dont have the same stuff as me

TiinyDinoIf i download Optifine can i still play Minecraft with someone who doesn't have Optifine? Or will this mess up the game somehow.

Q: Age of Empires II automatically switches to desktop

HyperDracoI play Age of Empires 2, (no expansions installed on this machine) and something weird happens very often on my old Windows 7 PC. After a few minutes of gameplay AOE auto reverts to the desktop without any user input. First the screen turns black for around a second then it shows my desktop. In a...

@TrentHawkins viewers don't really agree. Over the course of the season, the show lost 4 million viewers
and yes, I compared them all, S11 lost the most viewers between the first non-new doctor episode and the final episode of the season of any revival series
9:06 AM
Q: Promote system in League of Legend

kitI found that when you are in promote from Silver 1 to Gold 4, you need to win 3 rounds but from Gold 4 to Gold 3, you only need to win 2 rounds. Is there any specific name for these promote?

2 hours later…
10:45 AM
Q: Tag synonym request: Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III tags

galacticninjaAs per Should we standardize our tag formatting regarding Arabic vs. Roman numerals?, the official spelling of the game title should be used in the tags whenever possible, instead of replacing Roman numerals with Arabic numerals. Requesting that these tags be synonymized (current tag » official ...

11:21 AM
fucking hell I got UKIM'd
@Ave UK Islamic Mission?
@Nzall What Rick looked like in the inside
@Nzall Uluslararasi Kargo Isleme Merkezi - International Cargo Processing Center
a section of turkish post
the worst section
basically they confiscated my capture card (which is coming from Italy mind you, where we have trade agreements with)
@Ave i want to ask on what grounds but i assume it's going to be a shit reason anyway
@Memor-X "We couldn't determine price!!"
11:31 AM
@Ave do you have to pay tax?
@Memor-X yes
it's... going to be extremely expensive
probably ~300 or so
Of coooouuurrrsseeee
@Nzall because they haven't been in the news so probably wanted to remind people how shit the game was and how not as shit it was it is now
@Nzall They unfixed old bugs again?
really think you should be covered for a refund if the developers release a patch that breaks the product
it would be like if Nintendo shipped back your console with a new Battery which blows up
@Ave going by how you describe them i'm going to assume they couldn't be bothered looking properly
12:15 PM
@Memor-X correct.
@Ash I do not, but that's good to know.
@Nzall the last season introducing one of the most drastic tone and style shifts in recent memory makes that number not so surprising for me
And while it feels easy to hang all of that on people being weird about Jodie Whittaker, I think it's a response to the larger style shift of the show in the last season
Personally I like the last season
Doctor Who has always been consistently inconsistent when it comes to per episode quality, and that was as true as ever this season
"It takes you away" rates among my favorite all-time episodes.
But the first half of the season did have a few stinkers
@RedRiderX That was a good one
12:26 PM
@RedRiderX Yeah. The older seasons were just about the Doctor having awesome adventures where the scope of the danger escalated more and more until the Doctor and sometimes his companion saved the day, but it feels like the Doctor in the latest season is really just along for the ride, especially in those episodes with a more moralistic setting
Really my issue with most episodes is that I felt they evoked a strong theme but didn't actually address it in any interesting way.
See: arachnids in the UK and the blamo one
Like, I actually found the Rosa Parks episode harder to watch than the spider episode, because the Rosa Parks episode is a lot more recognizable in current events
it really confronts you with events happening right now, and that's powerful in a way, but the problem is you can't really have 5 episodes with such confrontations in one season
If we're going to invoke "how doctor who used to be" then Rosa Parks is by far the most traditional episode in the series.
Straight historical episodes were how the show started
Arachnids, Rosa Parks, Demons of the Punjab, Kerblam! and the Witches episode all confronted us with current events to some extent, but not all in the same quality
@RedRiderX Yeah, but I don't think there has been a full-on straight historical episode since 1980 or something like that
@Nzall I don't understand why this is a problem?
12:32 PM
Doctor Who has always been a little #topical but I agree with you that the episodes you listed varied wildly in quality.
And for me that was in large part how tactfully they handled the subject matter
@Wipqozn I mean, it is good that the show tries to put on social commentary, but every older series in the revival (I haven't seen the original) only had like 1 or 2 episodes which confront us with our dragons
Not 5 in the same season
The seasons were 4 stories long in the old seasons
The only thing I've seen of the original series was the Key to Time series
@Nzall I get that, I just don't understand why that's an issue.
And it's never been subtle with the metaphors of various aliens
12:34 PM
@Ronan Yeah I've never watched, but they were all super short.
@Wipqozn the social commentary is not an issue, it's just that from one season to a next they massively increased the amount of it
officially 1 week until quest release and I still need to get 4 levels aaa
With that I mean the episode count in which the central conflict of the episode is founded in the social commentary part
I don't think there's more "social commentary" now as much as the commentary now is less abstract
Rosa, Arachnids, Punjab, Kerblam and Witchfinders all have a plot that's solely focused on the moral point of the episode, the reason the plot starts is pretty much the social conflict the episode focuses on
12:38 PM
The last Capaldi season got pretty deep in the abstract philosophy stuff.
And also the convoluted plot line stuff
There was one which literally starts with The Doctor explaining the thesis of the episode
@Ronan Yeah, but wasn't that the one about the grandfather paradox?
@Ronan Which was an abstract philosophy question right?
Like, that's just a physics conundrum we're trying to solve, not a fundamental sociopolitical problem that we're massively struggling with
Before the Flood yeah
It's not really physics, it's more the concept of origins and what it means to say and idea is created
12:42 PM
@Ronan Yeah, but it's essentially just a time travel paradox. Those are par for the course in a show about time travel, like killing Hitler
Killing Hitler, a traditionally apolitical example to use
you can expect a show about a time traveling box to contain at least one episode where they're dealing with the grandfather paradox
@Ronan Yeah, and the Doctor had an episode about that too, but they just used Hitler as comic relief in that episode
like knocking him unconscious and shoving him into a cupboard
12:58 PM
@Nzall The impression I get of your arguments are:
A) This series is more #topical (deals in more direct commentary rather then abstract allegory).
B) This series' ratings are down because of the drastic changes made
I think I agree with both those points
But I don't think I agree with the implied conclusion C) backing off of the #topical episodes will improve ratings.
The changes run much deeper then that.
You can see a new tone and style in everything from the Doctor herself, to the types of companions she has, to the tone of stories being told, to even the colour grading.
This new series wants to be warm and inviting, specifically to a younger audience.
I can't say I really liked Capaldi. Love Doctor Who, and gave Capaldi a go, but...it just didn't interest me enough to keep watching.
Yeah the Capaldi era is where I fell off.
Though it might be partially because that's the first era I had to watch in real time, and the convoluted arcs taking up more and more of the smaller seasons felt like a waste of time.
Still had some standout episodes for me though
Heaven Sent is another all timer for me
Flatline is also a pretty good MOTW episode
1:15 PM
@RedRiderX That's quite possibly my favourite
Mummy on the Orient Express and Time Heist were also good, I'm surprised how many good Capaldi episodes there were
Although I guess it was over 3 seasons
Q: Can body purist have pain-stopper without negative debuff?

pagepCan a colonist with the Body Purist trait have a Painstopper without the negative debuff?

Q: Is chopping down wild trees for logs sustainable?

NoodleIt looks like the only way to get logs is to chop down wild trees. (Not grown trees, which I don't have yet anyway.) But I can't see a way to replace the trees. Will they grow back? If so, how fast? Or is there a finite supply of trees/logs?

Q: Minecraft - Teleport Player after certain action

NoTimeLeftI was looking for a simple teleportation system that let players teleport after they do a certain action. My idea was to make players teleport after they drop a certain item. Currently I've got: /execute if entity @e[type=item,name="Iron Ingot" run teleport @p 100 64 100. The problem with this ho...

Q: is afk bannable in BR

Avenger_ aawinWhen i go to "Report player" while in stw there is an option that says "Afk" but in battleroyal that option is unavailable so question is is afking bannable in battel royal

Q: Which Attack Spell Hits the Fastest?

Deeked I'm using an Archon build at the moment. Due to a set bonus I have, every time I deal damage outside of Archon form, I gain a stack. I can gain up to 20 and onie I enter Archon, I consume all stacks and radiate enormous amounts of damage scaled to however many stacks I had upon activation. My que...

1:34 PM
@RedRiderX I don't think I'd consider blunt social commentary as something warm and inviting, but then I'm maybe not the target audience
I tend to consume entertainment so I can relax and escape the things happening in the real world, to get away from all the politics and messes that the news reports on and that are so frequently described in chatrooms and on Reddit
2:01 PM
@RedRiderX I've never made it past season... 6?
@Frank Capaldi had a real rough start.
@RedRiderX Heaven Sent is arguably my favorite Doctor Who episode of all time, not just of Capaldi's run.
Q: If 5 labs run at <80% how can I use 4 instead?

dlamblinI have research production of 5 Research Center 2s fueled by Gas & Oil Reports from 5 Gas & Oil Labs. But due to constraints on how the centers consume the reports (stock of 12 at a time) I find that the labs are between 68 and 80% efficient. It seems to me that 5x80% is 4x100% and I could feed t...

2:16 PM
Computer parts are arriving today!
Oh sweet!
@Nzall yeah, that makes sense, and it answers my earlier question.
Q: Necromancer kill and Item acquisiton

ShabasDoes the Necromancer's kill-revive-swap ability grant them the Items of the person they killed, like with other killing abilities?

Also, I'm thinking about switching from Google Play Music to Spotify
Ugh, UPS.
2:26 PM
I've been making a list of pros and cons from both, and what it boils down to is that GPM's music library is better, but Spotify has better features
I'm thinking about finally making the switch to subscription music as well
And would be about $10 a month cheaper for what the family needs
I assumed spotify was the gold standard for library
I do like the playlist features. I have a lot of local playlists and they're always getting lost or borked or whatever when stuff happens to my pc or phone
@GnomeSlice Spotify has random stuff missing
@SaintWacko I heard that GPM might be undergoing some changes soon?
Something about YouTube music?
2:28 PM
It's probably fine if you listen to newer top 40 type stuff
not really
But they're missing one of my favorite John McCutcheon albums and one of Jimmy Buffett's best songs
And probably a few other things I haven't discovered missing yet
And sometimes they're missing just a song or two out of an album
@Yuuki Yeah, they've been talking about that, but YTM is definitely not in a place to replace GPM yet
@SaintWacko That's never stopped Google before.
@Yuuki Yeah, that's true
Another reason to look at Spotify
I signed up for the month-long free trial of Premium, so I'll try it for the next month
See how it goes
Right now, I just use Play Music because that's the app my phone has to listen to my own stuff.
2:30 PM
@Yuuki That's one of the other downsides of Spotify
You can't upload your own stuff
I haven't tried subscription music services yet although my sister does have Spotify.
It can add local files to your library
But that requires using the desktop/mobile app rather than the web player
God that would take me a billion years
And I try to minimize the number of different programs I need to use
I like that it has an app
2:31 PM
you can automate it probably gnome.
Which is why I love command line stuff :D
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I appreciate that it has an app, I just wish I weren't forced to use it if I want to fill in the gaps in their library
2:46 PM
Q: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Recording with osu!- Lag; Lowering Bitrate and Resolution without Compomising Quality

NeonKrakenThis is sort of a follow-up question to something I asked about recording osu! with OBS. What happened was osu! was not performing well when OBS was running. I was suggested to lower the Bitrate from 20000 to 12000 and the resolution from 1080p to 720p. I do think this helped but I believe I will...

@Ave thanks :)
@Ave I don't know a single Elise and I feel like it might even be too "exotic" for around here, lmao
then again, less exotic than my birth name, which has a silent j that really throws off any English-only speaker around here
@Elise Move to Mexico?
@Yuuki j isn't silent in Spanish, it just makes a different sound 🤔
then again, my j isn't silent either, it just makes a sound that is easier to explain as silent to English-only speaker
3:06 PM
Q: Minecraft: Issues concerning chunk refreshing

SlayerDiAngeloI'm playing Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.11 on PC. I was designing a flying machine with observers and pistons when I observed this bug. Whenever the flying machine sets off, it creates randomly, some observers and pistons, throughout its path. These components can be broken but will not d...

@SaintWacko So a bunch of my packages are arriving today and not tomorrow.
3:26 PM
Q: When a Pokémon evolves, which stats remain constant?

Mat NXWhen a Pokémon evolves, a lot of its attributes change, for example, types, base stats etc. Some, however, like egg cycles and levelling groups stay the same. Are there any other values or attributes that stay the same? Just for clarification, I am not talking about individual Pokémon values, li...

3:37 PM
@Yuuki Nice!
@Nzall Hah I didn't say they executed well on that vision, but I'd say addressing issues of inclusivity is in line with a more inviting (to a new generation) tone.
3 hours ago, by RedRiderX
Doctor Who has always been consistently inconsistent when it comes to per episode quality, and that was as true as ever this season
Spoilers it's actually true of every season
Yeah I just don't remember seasons 8-10 as much as the earlier ones
Q: Interaction Succubus - Undead roles

ShabasQuestion: how does the Succubus interact with the Necromancer and the Banshee? This question consists of two subquestions: Which ability of the Necromancer does the Succubus redirect; i.e can they redirect the person that is revived or the person that is being swapped into? Can a Succubus redi...

Q: WH and Banshee interaction

TheZeppo95I was a Witch Hunter in mcw-001 and had marked the banshee as a witchcraft user before they were lynched. Later they possessed a body and the mark to kill showed on the possessed body. What happens when a Witch Hunter kills the body that has been possessed by a banshee they had previous marked?

3:53 PM
@TimStone That's cool actually
BTW, for the interested: Hanners returned to the QC webcomic this week, with a major amount of character development related to her OCD
@Nzall This reminds me I am reasonably behind (a couple weeks I think)
@Frank I stopped watching during Capaldi, but started now with Thirteen and I LOVE IT now.
4:10 PM
It's a crying shame how badly they wasted Capaldi.
Also not really a fan of how they resolved Clara.
I never liked Clara
I liked aspects of Clara's arc but there are way too many points that drag it down.
I just felt that they were going for too much look how tricky and convoluted and clever we are and not enough actual story
I'm kinda happy that Thirteen is working basically as a reboot
I'm sad because there are parts of Capaldi's run that show that it could've been so much more.
I liked the idea of the first episode that the Doctor looks old again because he's been hiding the trauma of the Time War by pretending to be young men. And you could hot-swap any companion in there, doesn't have to be Clara.
Granted, for the conflict in the episode to make sense, it has to be a companion that was with Eleven, so Clara should've ended her arc before Matt Smith left.
(Which also would've been a good thing)
The Cyberman thing also felt a little strange.
Kinda felt like they had no idea of what to do for a plot arc.
4:26 PM
Q: Ankh of Retribution and Item acquisition

ShabasIf player A carries the Ankh of Retribution and is killed by player B, player B dying the next night, does player A receive player B's items as per general rules of receiving the Items of somebody you kill?

4:36 PM
So uh yesterday we met with the doctors
@Yuuki It felt like they wrote themselves into these impossible corners that they absolutely could not figure out how to resolve, and I just found Clara so irritating.
He's not really making the progress they'd hoped he still can't communicate or participate in any kind of rehab so we're going to have to send him to a facility that takes care of uncommunicative people fore three months, and after that we'll need to find a long term care home for him
They said usually you see improvement in the first 18 days for these injuries. sometimes in the first 6 months and rarely in a year
It's fucked up. I'd rather he died than live the rest of his life like this
They don't think he's suffering his heartrate is pretty low he seems calm
But it's like watching an infant
Don't want to remember my dad that way
we put in a DNR in case anything happens
Obviously I would be ecstatic if someday my father recovered more but I don't think I can hold out that hope for the next like 20 years so...
I wish I had traveled with him more
5:01 PM
@GnomeSlice My nan passed away a year ago, and one of my biggest things is I wish I spent more time with her for the year leading up to it. I used to see her a lot in university, and at my last job (since in both classes I really, really close to her place)... but for the two years before it happened I didn't see her much. All that's to say I know what you mean.
I've actually been really close with my dad more recently... there was a period a few years ago where we didn't do much
I wish I had used it
Yeah I've taken to just being really grateful for the time I did have.
Whole thing just really sucks. No other words for it, really. My heart goes out to you.
5:19 PM
Agreed. This is a hard thing, and I wish so badly it wasn't.
For people in the UK, now is a great time to get an Advance Decision (Living Will) sorted out. It provides guidance for what types of treatment (life support) you may wish to refuse if you become non-communicative and unable to refuse the treatment yourself. People in other countries there are sometimes similar provisions, YMMV.
I believe there are similar provisions that can be set up in Canada.
@GnomeSlice If you haven't already, try and start writing down as much as you can remember about times with your father. Do it in any way that feels right to you. It's not to show to anyone, it's just to help you remember him, and it's a good way to channel the feelings your feeling into something positive. Going through old photos can help too, so see if you can track down as many of those as you can, and talk to others who knew him.
@fredley Surprisingly my parents had never even had this discussion
My mom is going to have to tell my sister and I about what she would want now after this, god forbid the same thing happen to her
@GnomeSlice We had it about a year ago after hearing a programme on the radio about it.
5:28 PM
We have the same thing
5:55 PM
well I gave into it
I now have youtube premium
(same as red)
6:08 PM
@Ash I think there's something like this in some states in the US but the issue is that in most states, living relatives can override.
Well, that was a dumb way to word it. Of course living relatives would be the ones to override, dead relatives typically don't have much to say.
@GnomeSlice I'm not surprised, tbh, it's not really a discussion a lot of people have.
Yeah, a living will is a thing here, too
@SaintWacko I think there have been a number of cases where an immediate relation, such as a spouse, was allowed to override a DNR in a living will.
@fredley I should talk to a lawyer about this, thanks for reminding.
6:28 PM
@Ave If they had a "just no ads" solution, I'd take that instantly
@Nzall I mean I took this so that we avoid ads on TV (switch/xbox) and have non-vanced people play music on background
(oh yeah, use vanced: vanced.app )
@Ave I'm on iOS
I used to have an app that blocks ads, but it got removed and broke later on
yeah I see
I guess I'd add you to my family but google is unhappy about cross-region families unlike netflix.
@Ave Immigrants didn't like that.
laughs in google
google's cross-region limits really caused issues for me abroad
I couldn't download local apps on my main account
7:06 PM
Q: How do I open a .dcr file?

383498So I've downloaded an old .dcr file that contains a game (I think), but with adobe shockwave no longer available to download, is there any other way I can open the file?

7:43 PM
lol robert's rules in brief: "In the majority of conventions, the list of delegates is noncontroversial, and the Credentials Committee report is routinely adopted without debate or amendment."
narrator: but this is not a normal convention, and at least one high-profile credentials dispute is pending already
@Ave I went back for a week to Singapore, and friends gave me a Starbucks gift card, but I can't download the Starbucks Singapore app because my region is set to US already
ever just yubikey
Splatoon 2's on its final splatfest?
@Yuuki is it? that's sad.
I don't imagine it's particularly hard to make them, so why are they ending them?
7:50 PM
yeah, agreed.
Especially since Splatoon 3's not in the pipeline according to recent news.
and I think you can only get a specific currency through splatfests
the one you use to add more upgrades to new items iirc
They're adding all the splatfest stuff into the regular rotation
At least the maps
Oh shit I need to pick a team
I didn't realise it was this weekend
I've got to dust off my cartridge
7:51 PM
shit yeah
It's Order vs. Chaos. Wow, how bland for a final splatfest.
It's honestly the hardest splatfest to choose
Pretty sure Order is going to win by virtue of every pre-teen edgelord picking Chaos.
I'm going Order
7:57 PM
Although being a Chaos Queen sounds way better than Order Queen
> When you hear about a fight against Chaos and suit up without listening to the briefing
One day I'll play Splatoon 2 probably
I was going Chaos but Marina made good arguments for Order I think
I enjoyed what I played of 1. Just never seem to find time for multiplaer stuff.
7:58 PM
@Wipqozn last day to play is this weekend
(if you want splatfest)
It'd take a strong argument to get me to side with Pearl
this is true
wait, is this a 40k splatfast?
@Wipqozn Marina not Marine.
Oh okay
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