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12:51 AM
Q: How do I enchant a bow with Mending and Infinity?

Cj KorzonthowskiIn Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, I wanted to make a bow with Unbreaking III, Flame I, Infinity I, Power V, Punch II, and Mending I, but it won't let me add Mending I. Why won't it allow me to make such a bow?

why are people voting to close this as unclear what it's asking?
seems very clear to me 🤔
@Ash my mom is visiting us until end of july and I strongly feel that the big coming out will be happening over the internet, someday when she's gone back... I was kinda building up to it, but now I can't really tell how it would go and I don't feel like dealing with a bad outcome if we have to live together
plus coming out is difficult when you're still trying to figure yourself out and lack confidence :P
On a more positive note - wife and I went on a small road trip today and I was in girl mode for most of it (threw a t-shirt over my girly tank top when going into stores). I really needed that and it was great. Going home kinda sucked tho
@Elise That's fair, do it on your schedule when you feel it is right for you :)
Would be great if people would just accept it like it's not a big deal (it really shouldn't be for anyone other than me and my wife), but that's wishing for the impossible :P
1:12 AM
That would be nice.
Q: How to make a bridge egg in vanilla Minecraft?

L. F.In Minecraft Hypixel Bed Wars, we have an item called Bridge Egg. When thrown, it creates a bridge. (source) Is it possible to make a bridge egg in vanilla Minecraft?

there is apparently a cook out kind of close to the convention hotel so RIP @ori @spu
1:54 AM
Q: What are the locations that contains market stalls in Skyrim?

blackbirdWhat are the locations that contains market stalls in Skyrim? From memory, these are the cities that contains market stalls, but I am wondering if I missed any, From memory: Whiterun, Riften, Markath, Solitude, Windhelm have market stalls, but are there other locations with market stall...

2:34 AM
Q: After which event in Hitman: Codename 47 does this event take place?

Meraj Al MaksudIn the prologue missions (Freeform Training and The Final Test) in Hitman (2016) (which also have been featured in Hitman 2 later), we see 47 appear at a secret ICA recruitment facility. Here Diana greets him and while talking she asks him what felt like taking lives. In Hitman: Codename 47, we ...

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3:55 AM
Q: Bitrate and Resolution Settings for Recording osu! with OBS using a GTX 1060 Laptop?

NeonKrakenRecently I've been experiencing a lot of issues with osu! lagging while recording it with OBS. It was suggested that I lower the Bitrate and Resolution in OBS settings. I have lowered it to 7200 bitrate and 720p at 60 FPS (I'm using CBR as rate control and the x264 encoder). I am wondering what t...

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4:56 AM
Q: How can I change the recipe to make it Unbreakable?

ShibaThe code is right there but basically I want to make it where it makes the diamond sword unbreakable and also with a name. { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ " # ", " # ", " / " ], "key": { "#": { "item": "minecraft:obs...

5:36 AM
Q: Minecraft aqua 14

ChristiffanyCasasCan I ask why I can't hit my brother at minecraft and when I'm in survival I can't get hit my evil mobs but I can hit them ONE HIT... AND I CAN'T OPEN IT WHEN I'M PLAYING THE OLD VERSION... I REALLY HATE IT BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE.

5:56 AM
Q: Why is my character randomly looking up?

RiverSo I was playing fortnite and randomly my character starts to look up even though I didn’t press the joystick to look up and it did it on its own. Can someone help and find a way to stop this bug.

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7:21 AM
Anyone remember a space game from probably around 2000s where you had a ship, from a top down view, you could have different ships depending on how many points you got, fighter, dreadnought, mothership etc. You went around blowing up the other team's ships and you picked up colony's from your planets and would drop them on other planets to spread
@Aequitas Is it Spore? Sounds somewhat like the space stage
Q: My Minecraft pc mods don’t work! HEPP MEEE!

BobMy question is how should I troubleshoot? I have read the instructions on how to download mods. I have forge installed, and I’ve put my downloaded mods in the mods folder. Please note I am doing this on a MacBook Air.

8:11 AM
Guess I can add "Yoghurt pot lid" to the list of "things I cut myself on"
8:28 AM
@Nzall nice. I've got a carrot on that list
@Jutschge A baguette, a fish knife and my own toenail are on that list too
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10:15 AM
Q: No jungle biome :(

Terminator CookieI explored my entire Minecraft world and no jungle biome which means no pandas or bamboo. I know i can get bamboo by fishing and that but so far no luck. Now i know i can go on creative but my world is an all survival word so yeah. And for the pandas well my world will be panda less. Anyone else...

10:39 AM
@Unionhawk I just got an alert about you winning a 10x game
Oh it actually tells me about friends, it wasn't a coincidence
11:15 AM
Q: How to Install DLC/Expansion to Wine/CrossOver Base Game

grlndbrggsAttempting to install an expansion (SoD) into/onto a base game (BG: EE) via CrossOver, and I'm bumping into the (in hindsight perhaps predictable) issue of the setup immediately failing to detect the base game. The latter is installed/running w/o a hitch in its own bottle (setup_bg_ee.exe). Not...

11:35 AM
Q: StarWars battlefront 2 online multiplayer

Harry HodsonI’ve brought psn+ so I can play online multiplayer on StarWars battlefront but I am struggling to use it in my sub account. Please help

12:35 PM
Q: For some reason my game is being weird

KerikoKraftOkay so on Dark Souls 3 I was playing as a Theif. Everything was going fine, I had some pretty strong items (Even though I was only at the beginning at the game.), and I had been getting pretty close to beating the second boss that looks like a dog with titanium armor. Then, I decided to make a n...

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1:35 PM
Q: Is there any way that I can use non-class weapons as a Pyromancer?

KerikoKraftIf I were a certain class, and there was a piece of equipment that I wanted to use but I couldn't because I'm not the right class, is there any way I can use that equipment? I think that if I level up my dexterity enough then I can, but I want to get the facts so I don't just waste souls on a wil...

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2:40 PM
splatfest time!
aka last splatfest time
I'm 4 for 4 on friends picking order now
@Ave what's splatfest and why is this the last one?
Pick a team, your score counts towards the team for the weekend, which ever team wins gets prizes
And no idea, seems an easy thing to keep doing
@Ronan order here too
@Ave You can see your friend's picks in the app
2:50 PM
mine isn't up to date
3:15 PM
Q: Horse died after 4 foot drop

THE_BEASTSo I was playing trying to find the 7000 steps when I fall about 4 feet and my horse died I already tried to fast travel and nothing happened so do I have to buy another horse?

Already got to order defender. Time to get to champion and then to queen.
3:28 PM
Yeah I think I just need the last bit for queen
4:15 PM
Q: I am using a command block to find myself on my personal server with a friend and for some reason it cannot find me

Walg0I used testfor WhereAmIGoing in a command block and it seemed to not have found me. Please, can you guys help? ty

champion got
queen time!
@Lazers2.0 how realistic
I should really customise the stats of my gear
4:33 PM
Which one?
The octo expansion theme
Which is?
@Unionhawk ifkr.
do you mean the one with the "song that'll end them all" or whatever one?
The one with the bombs or the tentacles?
4:35 PM
because if so I love it.
I don't understand that one, I just lost a game on it
hit the bombs
I got that bit, I mean with the killer wail
and when timer gets to 1:00 get to the middle, and use the weapon
killer wail?
Yeah I was under the impression that the game picked whoever was losing the first 2 games
4:39 PM
I only just realised you get the same shifty station for 2 hours
also what is a clout
in context of splatoon 2
Splatfest score
what does that affect?
I think just overall winner
I wonder if they'll let us keep the tees this time
5:10 PM
716/999, so close
Q: Why can't some characters use their abilities?

Invader SkoodgeI'm trying out a bunch of characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but I'm having trouble figuring out why some characters seemingly can't use their abilities at all. For example, Scarlet Witch and Spiderman never have their ability icon active. Even while trying to press R+Y just a basic attac...

Q: Unable to give player custom splash potion (Java 1.14.3 Minecraft)

Bradley JacksonI'm trying to make a custom splash potion but whenever I give it to myself it gives me a splash uncraftable potion. What am I doing wrong? The command I'm using is: /give @p minecraft:splash_potion{tag:{CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:2,Amplifier:3,Duration:12000},{Id:4,Amplifier:10,Duration:12000},{I...

597/999 here
5-6 good games and I'm done
How are you on odd numbers?
@Ronan winning over and over with a team gets you 1.1x
under name synergy
Oh for some reason I've never been getting that
5:20 PM
@Lazers2.0 need new tag for anyone on desktop atm
Maybe it's a pro thing?
pro thing?
You can choose pro or normal games, and I have no idea what the difference is
I'm on normal
Yeah I picked pro I guess that's it
How much do you get for a win?
It looks like it's sharing qualities with your team, like gender, hairstyle, clothing etc.
Rather than win streak
Or both?
5:28 PM
@GnomeSlice Fixed :)
Q: What's the best bloon to buy to improve your economy?

DJ Spicy DeluxeIn the game Bloons TD Battles you can buy bloons (or balloons as they're known in real life) to attack your opponent, and doing so also increases the amount of money you get every few seconds (save for a few larger bloons that have no change or make it worse). Often it's a good strategy to buy th...

964 aaa
woo max
never gotten a queen in a fest
5:47 PM
@Unionhawk I'm 1-2 matches away (957), wish me luck.
Also I really like how switch is... switch.
can keep playing anywhere
Bastion is eight years old today
I always play splatoon handheld and utilize my spinning chair to get maximal motion control potential
@Unionhawk that's like poor ppl VR
@Unionhawk This is making me a little nauseous to contemplate
6:30 PM
Apparently Zombieland 2 is coming... October 18?
6:58 PM
it hot
dat is all
I am kinda dreading leaving work in a couple hours because teh A/C is on full blast here :P
7:14 PM
Q: Does completing stage achievements provide anything?

Chase IngebritsonOn each stage, the player has the ability to complete and unlock stage achievements for easy, hard, and master difficulties. However, the game never provides any information as to what you get when you complete these challenges. So, is there any sort of reward such as experience or pieces to cha...

7:34 PM
Q: PlayStation 4 friends to xbox friends

El_BlockayIs it possible to add someone on xbox 1 s to PlayStation 4 friends. I have already tried sending them a friend request but it went to someone with that name on my PlayStation 4.

Q: Disappearing horses

posiedon9898 VoI've recently noticed this glitch that every once in a while, my horse disappears when I climb off it. I am playing 1.14 Minecraft java. Usually, it reappears when I restart the world. The computer I am playing on isn't very powerful, but I also saw it happen on another computer, which is slightl...

7:55 PM
Huzzah! The ethernet cables I ran (at least to my spare bedroom) are working! As are the short patch cables between the patch panel and new switch!
I no longer have to rely on a 50' cable stretched the length of my house in order to play games and what not.
8:06 PM
8:34 PM
Q: trying to connect to my friends minecraft lan world through hamachi, gives me a " failed to connect to server" error

Johndarukso im trying to connect to my friends lan world, i heard that hamachi lets you do this, but its not comeing up, and when i put in the hosts ip and the port number, it gives me an error that reads "failed to connect to the server io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexevption: connect...

9:14 PM
Q: Summoning an arrow aimed at a mob

Wicked GrinnI want to summon an arrow that is fired in the same direction as the player that it is summoned closest to, is this possible with just commands and as minimal command blocks as possible? (not one command block for like ever 30°) Currently I have tried summoning it without gravity and right after...

9:53 PM
also trekkies get hyped
@Elise congrats, thanks for sharing your truth
@Ave congrats
@fredley congrats
@GodEmperorDune thank you!
I'm lost
@Elise was your name change announcement, sorry for confusion
@GodEmperorDune ah, thanks :) Had a few congrats recently and wasn't sure what it was on, since I came out as trans to you guys couple months ago, lol
@Elise i've learned there are many steps on that journey, each merits its own congrats :D
10:06 PM
I namechanged to normalize and help associate it with myself in my head, it seems to be working rather well :D
@GodEmperorDune fffff WHY CANT I WATCH THIS
(america america is why)
@GodEmperorDune now I want lemonade.
@Ash search picard trailer on youtube, its reposted all over
@Ash it just says unavailable to me. Shouldn't it say blocked in my country if it was blocked?
@Elise oh, I just assume if I can't have things I blame america
@Ash i mean, fair
10:08 PM
@Ash I mean, you're probably not wrong to blame america for it :P
@Elise Try this link: youtube.com/watch?v=RZ9lvNHQzLQ
@Ash RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?????????????????
why are mothers like this? I could be sitting doing absolutely nothing all day and she won't need me, but the second I try to be social online, she needs something from me -.-
My parents in-law are the same with my wife. It must be a parent thing
it's like their parent-sense is tingling the second you say a word online
11:09 PM
Jurassic Park is on Netflix right now
Was kind of feeling a 90s nostaliga trip...
Q: How do I install Minecraft texture packs on Linux? (Ubuntu 19.04)

Tem326So I installed Minecraft on my Linux. I am trying to add resource packs, but I cannot find the folder. When I click the button to show the folder, nothing happens. I even tried creating the folder ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks and making a link to it in ~/.minecraft/texturepacks and it still won't o...

I just watched the SDCC trailer for Picard and I am legitimately hyped.
And I see that others have seen it too.
And that second spoiler is probably not for who you think.
11:53 PM
Q: How to transfer world from application to external (To copy it to aternos.me)?

Martin CanarioI recently installed minecraft pe from the play store ( and created a new world (in application storage). My doubt is, how do I transfer it to a .zip file to upload it to aternos? When I search it in my internalstorage/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds folder it shows, but if a log into ...


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