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12:04 AM
Zelda RAndomizer is next, so that's pretty cool.
@Sterno ACtually, we should make a chatbot to help with this. Whenever you ping the bot, it'll ping @GnomeSlice and ask him to post the image.
12:48 AM
user image
1:03 AM
Q: Can I transfer my friends bo4 updates from his ps4 to my

BrandonMy old ps4 data got deleted but my friends didn't I was wondering if I could move his updates from his system to my ps4.i have really shitty internet that's why I am asking.

Q: Can you trade from Pokemon Sun to Moon, X to Y, etc

Cody MangmounMy friend has Pokemon Sun and I'm most likely gonna get Moon, would we be able to trade, battle/interact with each other with different variations of the game?

1:19 AM
Oh snap crackle and pop, a deltarune race is up next.
I WAS planning on going to bed...
I donated for that, you better stay up
1:42 AM
Bridge, I need to figure out how to stay up all night.
I'm not allowed to sleep tonight.
Q: Minecraft Command Block keeps killing me

McNoot BoiI was working on a build in a superflat world in Minecraft 1.14.2 but the slimes kept annoying me. I had forgotten that you can set it so that entities do not spawn, so I tried using a command block next to the build to keep killing slime blocks. I activated it, and the game instantly killed me, ...

@Frank hm?
@Ash Sleep deprived EEG tomorrow.
Oh, lucky you. :/
@Frank Watch all the Friday the 13th movies. I'm sure they have tips
1:45 AM
@Sterno If I liked horror, that might do it.
Just donate to SGDQ every time you start to fall asleep until the pain of your wallet emptying prevents your eyes from closing
@Frank coffee?
@Dragonrage No caffiene from midnight on.
Can you eat food?
@Sterno It's hard to get frustrated in any way in that game so I play it every now and then to prevent myself from having an anxiety-induced heart attack :P
1:49 AM
@Frank Friday the 13th skews closer to comedy
unintentional, but comedy
@Dragonrage Food's okay
@Frank caffeine
from coffee or cola
6 mins ago, by Frank
@Dragonrage No caffiene from midnight on.
@Frank ok, caffiene free coffee or cola and have it for the sugar
You're a gamer. Are you telling me you really can't find a way to stay up all night?
I can buy you a copy of Bad Rats
2:03 AM
@Frank when I have to stay up late when traveling, having an extra meal at like 3 or 4 am helps me. Or you can try my friends trick he used while in the marines. Drink a ton of water and don’t use the restroom for as long as possible. Then repeat
@Sterno I haven't since high school.
Also, bridge do you have an suggestions for budgeting apps?
This is something I'm very out of touch with.
Uh cc @Ash @GodEmperorDune because I feel like we had this conversation a really long time ago
I can loan you some of my anxiety! It keeps me awake LOTS. :P
@Dragonrage I used to use YNAB but I haven't in eons but I liked it when I used it but it might be super different now idk
2:04 AM
@Frank are you telling me you are a responsible person and go to bed at a reasonable hour? How dare you!
Borrow someone's infant
@Dragonrage Not only reasonably, but I start nodding off at around 10:30
@Ash cool thanks. I’ll check it out
I mean, I try to go to bed at 10:30, but that’s because I wake up at 5 am to go to work
@Dragonrage YNAB
I also use YNAB.
2:31 AM
Heh. Just looked at my budget.
"That's weird -- why am I spending an extra $1000 this month?"
*Sent from my new computer*
Italicize, darn you!
2:50 AM
My ynab report looks awful this month lol
Big travel and gear expenditures
Oh well
In extremely related news, apparently my new dive computer has a "tech free" mode, which is a free diving mode that considers nitrogen loading effects, I assume for frequent, deep, and/or long free dives
@Unionhawk that's neat
3:27 AM
Oh shit I finally found a way to import my old dive log files into any program at all
apparently torvalds is a diver too so Subsurface is a program that exists and I've never tried importing my .txt format files until today
3:46 AM
the graphs are safe!
this is a bad dive profile!
but the graph is safe!
I didn't honestly go all the way to 46 for a conditions check did I?
eh decent stop though I'll take it, and obviously I lived
main issue left is the times are all wrong but I'll take approximate dates, depths, durations, and graphs
I can add locations, and all my other dives later
2 hours later…
5:28 AM
So this is a thing youtu.be/JJeb1eEZYhI
5:46 AM
Q: Minecraft timed command

CuBe BOSSI currently run a minecraft server along with some other people, with the new addition to Discord nitro server boosting we'd like to give people who boost our discord a reward. The plan is to make a discord Nitro rank in the minecraft server, this rank will expire in 7 days (the amount of time ...

@PrivatePansy impressive. though i suspect beyond what most can actually achieve
6:06 AM
Q: Potion effects on armor mcpe

DragonmasterI am trying to effect anyone wearing a diamond helmet named “scuba” night vision and water breathing. I need it in pocket edition though not anything else.

Q: What Pokemon were revealed before their generation was announced?

Leafsw0rdTitle, basically. There's lists of what pokemon were shown in the anime early before the anime moved to the relevant region, But I'm asking for cases like Bonsly (who was first revealed in XD in August 2005, but Diamond and Pearl were announced in 2006).

6:46 AM
Q: I'm trying to summon a horse that has dyed horse armor but the armor is never dyed when it summons

Ryan Rolphthis is my current command: /summon horse ~ ~3 ~4 {Tame:1, SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1}, ArmorItem:{id:leather_horse_armor,display:{color:3949738},Count:1}} what's wrong with it?

7:02 AM
37° C in my city today... oooh boy...
Q: How can I disable mii coming to my plaza with an invitation

Gamer555DTI have been receiving mii's by invitations and I want to disable that option. Is it possible

@Jutschge uncomfortable but not unbearable
a fan on you should remedy the day
@Memor-X I'm more concerned about getting into my car at the end of the day
Also 37°C is insanely hot for Switzerland. We have somewhat high humidity here
I mean 40° C or more a are no problem in countries like Italy or Egypt where there's the sea and dry air. But here... you go outside and you're soaked.
It's not tropical rainforest bad but it's bad enough
2 hours later…
8:47 AM
Q: Where can I find the recipe for Uni Rice Bowl?

murgatroid99One of Susie's quests appears to be asking for a Uni Rice Bowl. It looks like I had some in the past from another quest, but I guess I ate them all because I don't have any now. So, I need to make one. Where can I find this recipe?

9:07 AM
Q: Minecraft-How do I run a command when I'm facing a certain direction? [1.14]

QuickMønstaI was told to try /execute if entity[y_rotation=85..95] run [command] but this only seems to work in 1.13, I need a command that works if a player is facing (North or west) in 1.14(.3)

Q: Do the 26 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion people?

ZebrafishBernie Sanders, who is running for president in 2020 gave a speech a few days ago. He makes a claim which goes like the following: Today the world's richest 26 billionaires, 26, now own as much wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion people on the planet, half of the world's population. Link to v...

anyone else feel hungry?
I'm pretty sure everyone in this chatroom owns as much wealth as a couple of thousands poorest people.
10:12 AM
They raised $114k during that Pokémon run yesterday. Really impressive. I wish I caught the whole thing.
10:57 AM
@Wipqozn Wish you caught it all?
11:13 AM
@Moacir Yes (cc @Yuuki)
@Niro Man,I saw this while reading a @Frank horror story, and you reminded me of Mario MAker 2. HYYYYYYYPPPPPEEEEE.
11:29 AM
Q: Should I buy Ryzen 2700X, or wait for the third generation?

DjokoanI need to change my processor along with the motherboard and the RAM. My question is simple, wait for the third generation of Ryzen to release or go ahead and buy 2700x?

12:13 PM
@Lazers2.0 more or less what i was asking yesterday
@Jutschge ahhhh. not sure if it will help with the humidity but on hot days when i go to my car i have all the windows down at first as i start to drive and after a bit i put the rear ones up
@Sterno @Wipqozn very good I don't have it any more actually
@GnomeSlice Much disappointment. But also makes you realize that was from years ago.
Like years before I was a mod
I rebuilt my PC a few months ago
I don't have any of the gifs although that's the only one anyone cares about lol
And the flags-gif-who-shall-not-be-named
I asked a on sci-fi about an old book series that came with a game yesterday, but today I thought on another way to search for it, and found the answer.
I am so proud of myself
12:29 PM
To this day, I think my best SFF answer was a question that I answered within 5 minutes of it being posted based on a single scene in a six-book series.
And I think The Seventh Tower is probably the least-known or least-popular of Garth Nix's series (the others being The Old Kingdom and The Keys to the Kingdom).
@Memor-X hmm I mean the AC works fairly quickly but entering the car is the worst part. Also I usually burn my hands at the steering wheel :/
12:45 PM
@Jutschge Do you have a windshield screen?
@Yuuki nope.
It should help with the steering wheel thing, but I usually just keep a hand towel in my glove compartment to put onto the steering wheel.
Hmm that sounds like a plan
Or you could go the Mr.Bean route and just take the steering wheel off when you leave your car
1:16 PM
Bridge, I made it. Stayed up all night.
I'm at 26 hours and counting.
Why though?
12 hours ago, by Frank
@Ash Sleep deprived EEG tomorrow.
@Frank you did it!
I'm going to sleep so hard once this test is done.
I imagine so.
1:51 PM
Q: Minecraft launcher broken after update

MattFrightThe minecraft java edition launcher got an update recently, but no matter what it wouldn't update for me, so i decided to reinstall the game to see if that'd work, but now it just pops a window about a minute after trying to open it that says exactly "Unable to start the Minecraft Runtime Envirom...

2:19 PM
I dunno about the correct price, maybe @Wipqozn can help, but hitman 2 is $19.99 on IndieGala (Its $23.99 on steam right now but steamdb claims the lowest price was $11.99)
If you have criptocurrencies it goes even lower, to around $16
@Moacir What about bloodtocurrencies?
I suppose that's a fairly US-centric reference.
@Yuuki I was googling for it
@Moacir tl;dr In the '80s and '90s, there were two fairly major gangs in... I think Detroit named the Crips and the Bloods. IIRC, they still exist today though not in such numbers nor as prominent.
They featured a lot in pop culture at the time, particularly in hip-hop and rap culture.
Q: My walled, lit, coastal village is filled with zombie villagers. What happened?

conmanI think I know the issue but I'm looking to verify. The village is a coastal village, and while much of it is on land, a large portion of what I walled in is also water. For places where the wall goes over water I didn't build the wall all the way to the ground beneath - I just made sure the wa...

2:32 PM
Like the saints in Saint Row
2:47 PM
the testing ads meta question is almost at -200
I wish I could see the ratio of up to down on that
I suppose voting breakdown on meta is only useful for site mods, but it seems like it could be nice to have a lower threshold for that on the general meta.
Especially since general meta doesn't have a specific site tied to it, per se.
Can I sue Google for trademark infringement?
Granted, I used "Internet Famous" and not "Internet Awesome" but same idea.
You can try. Not you can win, but you sure can try.
3:11 PM
@Dragonrage Link?
Q: How to get better rating when drawing spells

LolCatIn Wizards Unite, when we draw spells, there is a meter on the top of the screen. We can see if we got good, great, etc. I want to know how is this score calculated? I think the time taken to draw the spell is taken into acount. I guess how much the spell drawn respect the shape also as an ef...

Q: We're testing advertisements across the network

Juan MFor several years we've had advertising solely on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for them. Traditionally, that hasn't been a hardship since Stack Exchange sites have required only a small investment from the company to set up...

Wow I actually found a "first post" on Arqade to review
I can't remember the last time the queue wasn't empty when I checked
Maybe you review first posts before they have a chance to appear in the queue
I think they don't show up if you perform an action
Say, downvote, close to vote, comment
@Wrigglenite no, they do. you just cant review them. or maybe that was the VLQ queue
Q: Could the Low Quality review queue detect previous actions on a post?

DragonrageI almost always have Arqade open on a tab watching for new questions to pop up while doing other things. When they do, I look at them, and sometimes I will flag them if needed. The problem is that if I flag something on the site normally, sometimes while going through the Low Quality review que...

3:14 PM
I think VLQ remembers what you did?
first post might. vlq doesnt
I know there's some queue out there that remembers in some cases
I haven't reviewed anything from queues in about a week ;)
I have checked a few times this week, but usually the review queues i can access are empty
i usually refresh the page a few times a day and there are a decent amount of stuff to review
I do have access to every non moderator queue though, so I probably see more than most
@Dragonrage thanks
3:23 PM
i remember when pogo first came out. I was maxing out on reviews in a day, and kept running out of votes
i wasnt even voting on the questions, just saving all my votes for close votes so I would have more
Q: How can I use a datapack to remove a block's default behavior?

AgentBaseyI want to script custom behavior for a sponge in a datapack I'm writing, and I also want to remove the default "absorbing" behavior. If I were to type /datapack disable vanilla I noticed that sponges would no longer absorb water. I obviously want to keep vanilla enabled, but I'm wondering if i...

Q: Minecraft sticking two commands in one command?

SkrampyHi can you help me to add one command to other one? I can do them separated but I can't put it in all there are commands /give @p jukebox 1 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:melon_block"]} /give @p jukebox 1 0 {display:{Name:"Box"}}

3:48 PM
> We have been listening to the feedback regarding Switch performance. Our goal is for everyone, regardless of platform, to be able to enjoy the game and have it run smoothly. We want to live up to your, and our, expectations.

Throughout the QA process we have been addressing performance issues in the game. Update 1.01 was published to Switch prior to launch to add content and improve performance. It did not accomplish as much as we had hoped and we need to do more.

To address the concerns brought up by the community we are immediately shifting resources to improve performance and stabili
Well, that's good.
Which game is that again?
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
Oh, right
I played like ten minutes yesterday night.
It was all right. Felt a bit laggy but I wasn't sure it was performance issues or me being unfamiliar with the gameplay.
Hmm. i only have 2 delete votes left
4:13 PM
Q: Removing name plates in 1.14.3?

The WeasleIn 1.14.3 Is there any way that i can remove the name tag in minecraft? I did it before in 1.14.2 but I can't now. Has anyone had anymore luck?

4:30 PM
Holy shit there's a west of loathing dlc?
@Memor-X Yes! It has to be those pesky iPhones, even though us adults are more on it than kids.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee last day of work before WorldEngineer arrives :D :D :D :D :D
Is "this answer answers a different question than then one I asked" a valid NAA flag reason?
Usually I'd say yes, unless the question is answered in a frame challenge fashion
@murgatroid99 I'd mark it as valid
4:38 PM
This is more that the answerer didn't understand the question
@Ash :D
@murgatroid99 i tried reviewing it, but the review queue broke, but i still managed to vote to delete from the queue, but didnt get credit for the review :(
5:05 PM
Why did the SGDQ merchandise link get replaced with the game store link?
@SaintWacko blame @Wipqozn
I renamed it, actually
I didn't change the link, just the name
@Dragonrage I mean, always
@Wrigglenite thats irrelevant to me blaming @Wipqozn
@Wrigglenite Oh, okay. I had assumed it was a link to The Yetee before
5:07 PM
Wow, chat edit history is deleted very quickly
I can't see what it was before my edit, so you'll have to trust me
@Wrigglenite thats because @Wipqozn purged the edit history
like i said, blame @Wipqozn :P
Shouldn't the version before my change be there still?
Normally yes, but mods can delete edit history
Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc., 88 F. Supp. 2d 116, (S.D.N.Y. 1999), aff'd 210 F.3d 88 (2d Cir. 2000), more widely known as the Pepsi Points Case, is a contracts case tried in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in 1999, in which the plaintiff, John Leonard, sued PepsiCo, Inc. in an effort to enforce an "offer" to redeem 7,000,000 Pepsi Points for an AV-8 Harrier II jump jet (valued at $33.8 million at the time) which PepsiCo had shown in a portion of a televised commercial that PepsiCo argued was intended to be humorous. The plaintiff did not collect 7,000,000 Pepsi...
So this was a thing
5:12 PM
Q: What happened to this review?

DragonrageI was attempting to review an answer in the VLQ queue. I voted to delete the answer, and a message popped up and said an error occurred, please try again. I refreshed the page only to be greeted with this. However, my delete vote was still applied to the answer.

@PrivatePansy "The White House stated that the Harrier Jet would not be sold to civilians without "demilitarization," which, in the case of the Harrier, would have included stripping it of its ability to land and take off vertically. " giggles
Okay, I bought the Star Fox shirt for SGDQ
@SaintWacko ooh, whats it look like?
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
5:18 PM
@SaintWacko ooh, nice
@Dragonrage I also have the shirt in the bottom left of this image from a few years ago
@Wrigglenite We can purge edit history. I did it to troll @GnomeSlice.
Not quite.
But wasn't that before my edit? That's the part that's confusing me
Although the responsibile mod use of it would be purging PII or something extremely offensive
5:27 PM
Yeah, what's the pint of being a mod when you can't abuse your privileges? ;)
Also this
Basically your original message shows up in the edit history. IF you purge it, that original revision vanishes too, which you can see in that second link.
which is kind of weird, but yeah.
I see now
@Wrigglenite Look at me, educating the new mods. Step one in ensuring the Year of Wipqozn never ends.
5:31 PM
We've only had what, a few weeks of Wipqozn so far?
i was going to tell @Wipqozn to stop chatting, and to handle my flags, but I think someone else already did. :P
@Wipqozn We should make a list of mod powers and how to use them for trolling
@Dragonrage I'm pretty sure that was me.
@Wipqozn at least one of them was @Wrigglenite, though a few were handled by you
At least I just handled some flags. Not sure who. I just used to assume all flags came from @Wrigglenite.
5:37 PM
the only real way i can tell who handled any of my flags is to see who voted to delete as well
@Dragonrage That's not always accurate either. @Robotnik and I have had that happen before, where one of us actioned the post while another marked the flag at the same time.
So one person got the credit (me) while the other did the work (@Robotnik)
...wait a second
sounds about right. @Wipqozn always stealing other people's glory
Aren't flags auto-marked as helpful if you delete the flagged post/comment?
Answer is "it depends". I'll explain more in our secret meeting spot.
5:41 PM
Oh geez
Yeah @Dragonrage is a huge nerd I agree
oh shit wrong room
@Dragonrage And socks because his are never clean.
6:04 PM
@Wipqozn :(
6:15 PM
Q: Can Rigid Carapaces be looted in Greece?

MaladyThe Titan Quest Wiki says that Rigid Carapaces can be acquired in any Act... But at looking at its list of monsters that drop it, I don't recognize any from Greece. So, can Rigid Carapaces be found in Greece, or not?

Hey, LastPass, when I click "save", that typically means save.
Had to reset a password so I generated a new one and clicked "save". Turns out, that just means copy the generated password to the password field and not save the new password.
Of course I already reset my password on the actual account but LastPass timed out and wiped my generated password so now I have no clue what my new password is.
Hotel Wi-Fi is being hotel Wi-Fi. Even when I'm logged into the work VPN.
6:31 PM
@Yuuki The password generator interface has a list of previously generated passwords
@PrivatePansy Not for mobile, it seems.
Yeah, save will at least save it to your vault, if not associate it with the site
6:47 PM
Apparently not if you hit save on the password generator interface.
You can do it @Ash!
Also morning ish chat
Shush we did not sleep in till 1130
@Kevin I've made it through 3 hours of my shift almost without exploding!
@Kevin sleep is good :)
@Kevin its 12 minutes till noon, so i guess its still morning?
that pppepery person is going to town with flags
@Ash especially next to GF! She's in poking range! :o
6:59 PM
@Kevin I'll refrain from asking what you're poking her with
@Kevin giggles
t_d got quarantined.
@Ave Yeah folks are discussing it in TIF
@Ave WHAT! That is such fantastic news
7:14 PM
@Wipqozn my fingers!
7:28 PM
Why do you sick so much, Wi-Fi? I just want to watch YouTube! My boss just wants to receive group text messages!
holy heck nice
clownworldwar is also banned
@GnomeSlice I switched to DDG for a while, but I got tired of getting noticeably worse results every time I tried to search for something
ddg is still a company
use searx
control your search
lavasearx, my searx fork, adds a couple useful features to searx. check it out too maybe.
Are Minecraft servers (spigot, bukkit) tech questions off-topic, because they're modded or are server questions fine?
It's 5 "recommend deletion" votes from the LQP queue to delete a post, right?
7:39 PM
at least we have tags for them
@Wrigglenite I believe 6, but I'm not entirely sure
Yeah I just checked, it's 5
theres a delete vote included, doesnt that count towards the result?
According to the "deleted by" text, no
7:47 PM
strange, should be ranked even higher when it comes from a 20k
Yeah, it's kinda weird that a deletion vote doesn't count as a suggested deletion
math.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/25229/… they say 6 votes, but not sure if its the same for all stacks
Oh, so it does count?
what the hell are the SE servers doing atm
7:51 PM
lagging like hell
also yeah I count 6 in both the review and "deleted by"
There is a very real possibility that I'm blind
But I can't check because the review won't load
deleted from review by deutschZuid, Colin, 54D, Dragonrage(the 20k voter), Quijibo, Reflexive
rip stackexchange servers
It's 6 then
7:54 PM
Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have joined forces to tell the U.S. government that its newly-proposed tariffs on goods imported from China would hurt consumers, put jobs at risk, and stifle innovation, according to a joint letter sent by the companies to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative kotaku.com/…
This is not this is fine ;)
I will allow this
Are Minecraft servers (spigot, bukkit) tech questions off-topic, because they're modded or are server questions fine? <- should I ask on Meta or do we have a consensus for that already?
i personally would consider those part of modded minecraft
you're more than welcome to make a meta post though
Yeah, meta posts are always good
And if you're lucky, you'll see an old meta about it in the sidebar while asking your question
7:59 PM
wouldn't make much sense having tags for those, because server questions almost always have a technical nature
I'll try to post a meta when the servers let me
woo password kerfuffle has now been solved but my workflow has been completely disrupted
Q: I was playing minecraft and it says unable to connect to world

Aben AbrahamSo baisically.. im a picket edition player and my friend is a windows 10 player. And we are usually able to connect to eachothers worlds but when I try to join her world now it says "unable to connect to world" every single time. Please help. I use ait samsung tablet.

@Dragonrage The thing to talk about is not the rate of my flagging, which is rather high, but how so many off-topic and duplicate questions managed not to get closed, causing me to flag them years later.
Q: Modded Minecraft server tech support

dlyI know we do not allow tech support for modded Minecraft, but does that also include servers? I'm primarily talking about the big ones we already have tags for: minecraft-bukkit, minecraft-spigot or bungee (ok, this one is not yet tagged). The main reason for this question is that one of these p...

looks like i am out of delete votes again :(
@pppery A lot of people ignore the minecraft tags, so they don't act unless the ypop up in the queues
funny thing that we actually have a minecraft tag on meta
Thus leaving room for users like me to browse the site for old questions and flag them.
8:35 PM
@pppery The fact that Dragonrage mentioned you is not to criticize you or anything, afaik, he just made an off-hand comment that someone was flagging a lot
Do not take it personal
I didn't take it as criticism.
I noticed that too.. like 95% of the flags lately were from you
Which is not a bad thing
Just mean that you are being active :)
If you see my flags I got..
29 helpful flags raised
or mine
8:38 PM
i think im am getting close to being out of close votes too
more votes for me :P
@dly get some more rep so you can help with deleting too :P
i keep running out of delete votes
@Dragonrage working on it :P but I need more questions in wow, cs, minecraft etc for that :D
and we got a few new minecraft people taking away the loot too quickly
there are plenty of minecraft questions every day. the only problem is, most should be deleted
Well, I'm almost out of flags, so that should reduce the close-vote load
8:42 PM
@pppery for TODAY dun dun duuuunn
p sure it resets in like a few hours
yes, I know
9:02 PM
Oh no, it's a @TimStone imposter.
I wish he used spoiler tags
Oh that is a spoiler here
It's not the answer I was hoping for lol
I mean I knew the answer I just wanted a higher quality response
Q: How do you land on the Quantum Moon?

GnomeSliceEven if I keep the moon in my sights, every time I approach it, it vanishes as soon as I enter the cloudy upper atmosphere. My probe only transmits static if I shoot it onto the moon as well. Does the moon need to be in a specific location? What's the trick here, and where is the clue that pro...

That one
ow, that sounds familiar
Q: How can i get player score to show in a custom book?

D3T0NAIm creating a map that has some sort of rpg stats and i want them to be shown at a book for the player to see his stats. is it possible to do that? and if so , do the stats self update ?

@OKAY,PANIC. i dont know what to panic about because twitter doesnt one box
10:05 PM
@TimStone Stop scrubbing it up and do the bank mission
@pppery Your default avatar is very similar to another users.
At a glance I thought you were him
10:28 PM
Q: Launch keeps on failing

user233594I just bought minecraft and this always happen in the launcher

A: Why is Stack Overflow trying to start audio?

user11703325The ad is attempting to use the Audio API as one of literally hundreds of pieces of data it is collecting about your browser in an attempt to "fingerprint" it, to uniquely identify you across sites despite your privacy settings. This isn't general speculation; I've spent the last half hour going...

Ouch.. those advertising guys know how to bypass privacy. Is that even legal?
@Wipqozn Never! (Soon)
WAT x2
Good thing I can still play games on Epic!
(waits to see if anyone chomps on the bait)
Is this ad geographically restricted? Because I can't imagine this not being illegal in Europe. — Wumpus Q. Wumbley 6 hours ago
10:44 PM
In Europe it definitely is illegal
something collecting your data privately is not allowed according to GDPR. Everything you collect has to be made public
@dly legality of it is probably dubious at best.
there is a reason i always use an anblocker when browsing
11:05 PM
CC @Ash
11:15 PM
ponders sending things to the canadas
@Kevin i think canadians like maple syrup
Link between worlds came out in 2013? Wow, I did not realize it was that old.
@Wipqozn not as old as you are
@Dragonrage Accurate
I should really play that again. I really enjoyed it.
11:29 PM
Q: Is this game "Pilgrim" from the TV series Halt & Catch Fire modeled after a real game?

Marc C I have only read online several theories that it was created specifically for the show with Unreal Engine or something similar. One theory posits Myst as the model but I don't think that quite fits.

@Wipqozn whoa, really?
@Dragonrage yeah but I have lots of that :P
@Ash Yup. Makes me feel old that I thought it was recently released.
Yeah, I didn't think it was that long ago
22 more minutes til I am on vacation and then just ONE MORE SLEEP til husband is here
(omg omg omg omg omg omg THIS IS REALLY REAL)
@Wipqozn gets out cane You're darn tootin'
@Ash huuuuuuuuugs
11:39 PM
@Ash and 2 more sleeps until mario maker 2!
Those events are equally hype, right?
@Wipqozn oh yes, that is the most important :P
SmoothOperative has a very smooth voice
Does anyone know how wget decides what language it should be in? For some reason mine's traditional Chinese
This is a company laptop with all locales set to en_US

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