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12:07 AM
Q: wget doesn't speak english anymore

zakmckAll of a sudden, my wget installation started talking to me in Italian (when I do --help or in other interactions). I can understand it, but I have everything set in English and I'd prefer to keep that language. Any idea what's going on. I'm under macOS 10.13.4 and I've wget 1.19.5 installed via...

Maybe that way?
Yay it is vacation time now
Happy vacation time!
Q: Hypixel skyblock help

Awesome Gamer 333I have several questions about hypixel skyblock Where are the NPCs in the hub? (The ones that sell you stuff) I usually can’t find the ones I need (coordinations and/or screenshots would be helpful) I am not level 5 for any of my skills so how can I get sugar cane, diamonds, and slimeballs? Wh...

@Kevin My locale is set to en_US though
1:10 AM
Q: Bought a PS3 controller from Baxtros Limited, but I think it might be fake

jose_noodlesThis is a weird one. I got this black Dualshock 3 from Baxtros which to me appears fake. It has a tale-tale sign, the CECHZC2HA1 model number with IDA Standards on what looks to me like a sticker. However, my PC detects it as a genuine PS3 Controller, as does SCPToolkit. It also seems to be charg...

1:50 AM
Q: Can command blocks allow objects to be placed on blocks other than what's allowed otherwise?

physk.e.g. Allowing tall grass to be placed on leave blocks, letting wheat seeds be placed on normal dirt (not farmland), letting sugarcane be placed on blocks not adjacent to water. Is this possible with command blocks without having to worry that the block will break when updated?

So I can buy Borderlands the Pre-Sequel for $9.99 on Steam, or I can get the Handsome Jack collection which includes it and like 50 other things for $4.70
I'm still surprised the handsome collection doesn't have Borderlands 1
@RedRiderX Handsome Jack isn't in Borderlands 1 so probably that's why
or atleast i don't recall any mention of him prior the Enhanced version
And with 15000 tokens, whatever they are and wherever they came from, that knocked $5 off, so I just got it free
Free games are my favorite games to own and never play
2:16 AM
@Wrigglenaut? Cc @Wipqozn at least when I misspelt it, it was nite->night
2:31 AM
Q: CanBreak and CanPlaceOn (mcpe)

DragonmasterI don’t know how these work. I want a iron shovel that can break dirt and grass and planks that can be placed on dirt. How would I do this. Are the commands different on pocket edition? Because I looked it up and tried but they didn’t work.

2:51 AM
Q: How to show multiple objectives for multiple players in tab in minecraft

throwaway000My brother has a Minecraft server and he wants to show multiple scores for each player in the tab menu (setdisplay list). Is this possible to set up in vanilla Minecraft and how would one go about doing this?

3:11 AM
Q: Terraria im poor on it

parkerI need wings and better wepons and maby rocket boots and good armer and a mount can someone help me or give me some im on xbox 1 and my gamertag is boundedwig62714 plz help.

Q: Is it just me, or is Dame Demona impossible with a lv 30 - 40 team?

DieheI just beat Dame Dedtime with a team of: Snartle Lv.53 Cruncha Lv.38 Eterna Lv.38 Frostail Lv.39 Auntie Heart Lv.30 (x2) Do I have any chance of beating Dame Damona? Also, I’m really low on good food...

cc @Yuuki @badp
Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough
@GnomeSlice probably don't want to tell Ross Noble that given the shit he gets up to with a smoke machine
4:14 AM
4:35 AM
Q: Are there any currently available games with the Konami code?

DieheAre any of the games that once had the Konami code (up up down down left right left right B A start) still available? What is the game, platform, cost (if any), original release date, and effect of the code?

Q: Is there a way to convert blue ice back into packed ice?

Kerndog73I just turned all my packed ice into blue ice (to save inventory space). I figured it was similar to crafting iron blocks from iron ingots (reversible). When I put the blue ice into the crafting bench, I was shocked to discover that I couldn't convert it back into packed ice. Is there a way to r...

4:55 AM
Q: I cannot log into the Minecraft launcher

LordCucumberI can't log into the Minecraft launcher, because it tells me that the username or passowrd is incorrect. I have tried resetting my password and have even given the account to my freidn and he was able to sign in perfectly, i cannot. If I try to login in through the official website the login butt...

5:13 AM
Cc @GnomeSlice
@GodEmperorDune first thing i thought of was a Ferengi ship with the Hash Key written along the site as the ship name
> I am DaiMon Tutk of the Ferengi ship E9E5399209DE27F272A90CEFC729CDF8
> Picard: No. 1. i think the Ferengi have just given out the account password for your comission
Riker: bastards!
2 hours later…
7:37 AM
Q: Looking for old nes game about ambulance

BhautikI played one game back then around 2005-2006. this game is about ambulance(not exactly just guessing it may be fire brigade) who catch people from building that on fire. The player controls a pair of firemen holding a trampoline-like bouncer. People are escaping from a burning building, and it's...

@PrivatePansy apple.stackexchange.com/questions/21096/… might be relevant
8:12 AM
"My heart says Rio de Janeiro but my bank account says Bristol"
2 hours later…
9:52 AM
10:10 AM
@Dragonrage I mean, we all knew I was terrible at typing. It was bound 6o happen.
Q: If a HRE nation rivalled to the Holy Roman Emperor, will they respond to wars of aggression against HRE nations from non-HRE nations?

Pradana AumarsBrandenburg is rivalled to the Palaninate, currently the Holy Roman Emperor. I'm about to take the risk and take 4 provinces from the Low Countries with Austria as my ally. Bohemia is weakened from an Austrian invasion for the time being. Is it in my interest to fight this war?

11:00 AM
Q: Evoker fangs and commands

QuickMønstaI wanted to spawn evoker fangs that would only damage people in other teams. I added a team (red) and I have a repeating command block putting evoker fangs on team red. (FriendlyFire is disabled) However when I'm in team red, evoker fangs still damage me. (Tried with zombie, works) Is there ...

11:33 AM
It occurs to me that there's probably Bridge regulars who have no idea who the "jin" is in .
Makes me sad.
11:51 AM
I dont
Graphic designer for SE
He made the ship shoot lasers
@Wipqozn *puts hand up*
Praise be
The mothership
Former Ask Question button
12:02 PM
Did they ban animated ads already during this "testing"?
Because if they didn't, we could argue to add animation to the ship again
@Moacir The ship already animates
So I wasn't going crazy
It's not animating anymore
Or rather, it's animating once per browser
Yeah, it doesn't animate on hover anymore, it's just an effect that appears sometimes now
Wait, no
Meta is kinda working
But main is not working properly
It takes a while before it animates
12:14 PM
Bridge bridge bridge today is HUSBAND ACQUISITION DAY
@Moacir it was more the new design wouldn't allow for it
remember that the old design the mothership was ask a question and it animated when you hover over it
Yeah, right now it's just a .gif file
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we eagerly await the arrival of new husbands. [+♦♦] [+husbands] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics]
It's just a Gif
Okay, the mothership is animating once per tab
If you reload the page, it doesn't animate again
If you navigate to a different page, it doesn't animate again
12:17 PM
It might be a non looping gif and your browser it doing weird caching
i blame @Wipqozn cache
@GnomeSlice Yup, in addition to designing the rest of our old look. He was the best.
@Wipqozn <3 <3 <3
12:37 PM
I think @Sterno mentioned he got a game for free because it saved $5 from the steam sale
How does one get such discount?
I saw a system of "betting" somehow, but I didn't see anything specific mentioning such discounts
By spending a lot of money
Oh, you pay something then you get to pay less on something else?
You can buy a discount at the Pit Stop
Also wow, my racer is dead last
12:52 PM
Yeah, I waited a few hours to choose my team, and it's been first place ever since (corgi)
1:31 PM
I have a colleague that is on vacation, she handles costs, but I am her backup. I always thought she was a bit condescending with people that are not from the administrative area.
Now, a person from the factory floor had a problem with something that is simple if you understand the logic behind it, so I took the opportunity and taught her why that was ok, and how that affects everything
And she got really happy to understand what her job affects, and how
Treating people nicely should be the norm
@Moacir See, this is what should happen way more often: instead of simply telling someone to do something or ignore something or do it for them, you should explain them the reasoning behind what's bothering them. People are a lot happier when they feel like they are involved in something rather than along for the ride
@Nzall I remember an anecdote that once someone asked a janitor working at NASA what he did, and he proudly said "I'm helping mankind to go to the moon"
I took that to heart. I always try to explain people why something is giving me problems or why something is ok or not
2:17 PM
@Wrigglenite Wait, really? I was joking when I said that about the Steam sale gimmick yesterday.
I knew nothing about the sale when I said it.
Well, you got it right nonetheless!
I'm a prophet.
You need to spend money to get points, which you can turn into coins, which you can use to buy a discount
For fuzzy values of "prophet".
I was joking about how sales work. When you buy something, there's a chance that you spend less money than you would have otherwise, depending on whether the item is on sale or not.
@Moacir I find that showing your co-workers that IT isn't a faceless entity that just sits in the office and actually has people helps a lot, too. Works so very well to cut through red tape when you need their help.
2:28 PM
@Frank In my case its accounting, so everything that happens in the system affects the results one way or the other. Its good for them to understand what happens, why it happens, and then be able to see if that is ok or not. And also open the comm channel so "If in doubt ask" happens more often, instead of doing it wrong and hope no one notice.
I even showed an example of something that should cost $10, but someone did it so wrong that it costed $0.001 then made it worse by making it cost $900
That just happened because who was doing was just following a task, and not understanding what that task did
For them it solved the problem. For everyone else it just fucked everything.
2:42 PM
It's so weird to me how cricket match threads have been hitting the top of /r/all regularly for the past week.
And the vote counts on the comments aren't really in proportion to the vote count on the parent post.
Yeah, I know Reddit fuzzies the vote count but not to a huge degree.
You saw that reddit added a new tab right?
Before it was popular then Hot or something like that
Now is like best, popular and hot
Correction, I meant number of comments on the parent post, not vote count on the parent post.
I don't remember the last time I saw 16k comments on a post and the most upvoted one is at roughly +200.
2:57 PM
Wheee, built the most careful trash mountain at the end of my driveway. (considering it is mainly composed of a whole ancient couch, it's surprisingly compact and still leaves room for people to walk.)
(I may have gone on a cleaning disposing removing binge to prep for World Engineer arriving.)
Got to seem presentable
Or plan activities like mountain climbing.
Q: New home page makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more

user1118321I will start off by saying that I'm a bit of an oddball. I browse exclusively in private browsing mode. When I'm logged in to Stack Overflow and close a tab, I'm no longer logged in. So despite being a regular, I log in manually every day. Today before I logged in I saw the new home page, and it...

i think SE/SO needs to hire some new UI/UX people, because it has been getting worse with each update
I found the questions button!
There are two, one in the hamburger menu, labeled as "Stack overflow" and the other in the footer labelled "Questions"
also, afaik, they didnt even announce the change or ask for feedback, they just dropped a huge change on everyone without bothering to say anything
@Ronan there is also a third way to navigate to the questions page. if you click the link free community it also takes you there
the problem is that none of the three options are easily noticeable in all the noise that is the new landing page
3:13 PM
@Dragonrage Wow, what is this?
I get that most people find questions straight from google, but still
@Dragonrage Oh also, nice
oh, also that curl question that caused a ton of drama due to a CM undeleting it even though it was unambiguously off topic is also prominently featured.
@Dragonrage Yeah, that caused a massive backlash.
Haha it's a closed question
It's a locked question, even
3:22 PM
@Ronan yeah it was closed correctly, then a mod deleted it like it should have been
@Ronan Yep. There's a huge meta question on it, and the CM's are getting a lot of argument as to their judgement on it.
then a cm stepped in and undeleted it because it was popular
pretty sure there was at least 2-3 meta questions about it
Q: Connecting to a friends world

Cassidy Mattisoni can’t connect to my friends world. it was working the other day and now its not. we both are using ipads both updated to the newest ios and minecraft is also updated to 1.11.4. we both have xbox accounts. he invites me and every time i hit accept it just says cannot connect to world. i’ve tried...

Q: Are there missable quests in Another Eden?

FoxMcCloudIn Another Eden, like most RPGs, I have multiple sidequests going on and sometimes I'll finish a chapter and move on to another city. Will I be able to come back and start/complete sidequests or character quests?

I'm kinda glad we don't allow questions about developer intent
@Dragonrage And then it was featured in the SO newsletter.
3:23 PM
I mean, explicitly disallow them
Which caused another backlash.
@Wrigglenite SO does, too.
Oh, it does? Looks like "primarily opinion based" was used
tbh, im surprised no one has brought up that it is featured on this page too yet. though the person who posted the question about it being featured in the newsletter is still suspended
@Wrigglenite I think there's some history behind it; SO is so much bigger than us that there's lots of back and forth on stuff.
So, how is Teamfight Tactics?
3:30 PM
@Sterno Is it out for everyone yet? Last I heard, only some accounts could play it
I think it came out yesterday
And then immediately had to implement 1 hour match queues
Match queues? Not login queues?
@Wrigglenite it is afaik
@Wrigglenite Yeah. Not sure if that's still the case, but it was last night
@Wrigglenite yeah. i had to wait 90 minutes before i was allowed to join the queue
which is better than the 24 hour login queue in pbe, but still terrible
3:32 PM
Do I get to link to Dota Underlords now? I've been playing that recently
they claim there was some issue with how the games were being created or something on the NA server which was leading to an increase in queue time
@Sterno to answer your question, i find it fairly fun, but heavily rng dependent on whether you win or not
If you want something with a queue time of 5~ seconds and available on mobile, give Underlords a try
So there's a chance I could win!
I heard complaints about how items work in TFT, but I haven't tried it myself
Teamfight TActics is LOL Auto chess?
Also I barely know anything about auto chess, but I'm surprised it's become so popular. Do you even do anything in it?
I should probably google or something
3:38 PM
You make choices.
looks like the queue throttle should be off now. cant confirm myself though as i am at work
@Wipqozn You buy from a selection of randomly picked units, which then fight against a random enemy's units each round. Units have synergies with each other and skills they can cast, and having 3 of the same unit will turn them into a more powerful version of that unit
@Dragonrage I suppose that's why the throttle would be off.
@Wrigglenite Okay, got it.
@Yuuki the reason for the queue throttle was supposedly a issue where not enough games were being created due to some bug that only affected NA servers. they apparently started rolling at a fix to all servers last night sometime and have since started easing the throttle
3:44 PM
Q: What are crate drops in Surviv.io?

snoozingnewtI want to know what the crate drop percentages in surviv.io are. There are no other surviv questions on this website, and I can't find anything elsewhere. Does anyone know from experience or a website that I have not found? Thanks!

4:16 PM
I think this is the single most expensive McDonald's meal I've ever had. Thankfully, I get to expense it.
woo exponents, I love that these last 7 levels are 6 million exp away still (current strength exp: 6.5m. 99: 13m)
I have new toys at least, this armor set can let me hit a 57 which just straight up one-shots the stuff I'm fighting
@MBraedley what made it expensive?
@Ash I think mostly just being in Israel
@Unionhawk Nice
nightmare zone synergizes well with dharok's since you usually sit on low hp in there anyway
plus it's cheaper than obsidian and berserker necklace by 3m so I'm glad it's also higher dps for my strength and hp level
4:36 PM
@MBraedley ah, yes, I forgot you were travelling
That reminds me, I kind of want a stroopwafel mcflurry
I don't know if I spelled that right but either way it's a thing in the united states for now
(and maybe elsewhere other than obviously the netherlands idk)
4:47 PM
@Unionhawk Well that sounds amazing
You did spell it right and I am sad that they don't appear to be a thing here because I would be all over that.
@Ash Apparently US MacDonalds has a few items from its international menu in the US
The Canadian item is a Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Chicken Sandwich
I don't know why that's Canadian
Yeah the only one I understand is the netherlands one above
Like that checks out, bacon cheese fries being from austrailia does not
why is that a specialty item and not just something that I can get all the time
Singapore McDonalds has a new McFlurry flavor every month. It's rose (bandung) this month.
I mean, I guess I can get them all the time, I just have to go to kings island because the potato wedges stall has them
easily a top 5 food item in that entire park
5:03 PM
I just looked up what a stroopwafel is, and now I want one.
They are good
some airline had them as their snack option for an early flight I took one time
it ruled
Unfortunately for me in a month I think that one was not delta?
@Frank highly recommend.
@Unionhawk delta has speculaas afaik which is a decent snack too
This is true
(I think they call em biscoff cookies but they are totally speculaas)
If you find grocery store stroopwafel, I highly recommend eating them with tea, and resting them atop the teacup for a bit so the warm tea steam softens them a bit for extra delicious
Yes, I took that advice but with coffee the time it was the airplane snack
way better than getting Gate Gourmet Brand Cheese Flavored Snack Mix
5:12 PM
@Unionhawk I as amused that searching for that caused US McDonald's website to come up first, but then again they might call it something else in the Neatherlands. McFlürry perhaps.
Google probably prefers to serve you websites in your default language and such
to be fair
I miss the rice bun burgers that Chinese McDonald's used to have.
@Yuuki There's a Japanese fast food chain in Singapore that still sells those
Ah, Mos Burger actually came up with the concept
5:14 PM
I went back a month or so ago and the menu was so... boring.
Now if you want crazy international stuff, Pizza Hut does not play games.
Huh, apparently Japan has Pizza California
You want corn on your pizza? You got corn on your pizza. Sashimi? Red bean paste? Pizza Hut takes no prisoners.
@Yuuki Read bean paste, wow \
Is it a dessert pizza?
It can be whatever you want it to be.
I am in awe of the Chinese Pizza Hut menu, to be honest.
5:31 PM
@Yuuki ಠ_ಠ
@TimStone I thought it was pretty good.
Hrm, I just really have texture issues with crispy rice
Although I understand that is not a commonly held issue :P
Only thing that bothers me about crispy rice is bits between my teeth.
Plus it doesn't have to be crispy rice.
I assume the toasting is to get a reasonable crust on it though right? The combination otherwise seems good to me
@TimStone It's not really crispy
There is a slight crust, but the rice is soft on the inside
It's not crispy rice like in rice puffs
5:45 PM
I tried out Fallout 76 a few days ago
I did not like it at all
@Yuuki I'd assume Pizza Hut doesn't have jails to take prisoners in... right?
@Dragonrage That does not look tasty to me, sadly
I'm a picky eater
@MilkyWay90 ive had a few of them. they are pretty good.
@Dragonrage I see
though i am also probably close to the least picky eater you will ever meet
5:51 PM
Oh okay
@PrivatePansy I was thinking more like dried out like the bottom of the rice cooker if you overcook, but hmm. It stays together?
6:17 PM
I wonder if @TimStone or @Sterno did the bank yet
6:33 PM
> Doctors have funny posters in their office: Don't confuse your google search with my medical degree.
As a software developer, I have a sign up in my office that says: Don't confuse your google search with my google search
7:00 PM
@Wipqozn SNES is in works.
it is known that the switch can emulate the gamecube too
since the nvidia shield can
Q: Sound files 2019 battlefield v

Battlefield VHas anyone been interested in the end of round bug Back on breakthrough before the patch I loved it now I'm trying to make the end of round themes the newer ones but I can't find any on the internet can someone please decompile BFV sound files for me please thanks :) the ones I need is arras nea...

Q: How to play with friends in minecraft

user233594Is there any way that I can play with my friends in minecraft in my single player world?

@Unionhawk That's what I use my Surface for
Yeah apparently the shield has TP or something for some reason, and that game actually runs pretty well
which is a good sign because that's an end of lifecycle game on gamecube
7:27 PM
@Wipqozn I don't know what that means
@Sterno New Hitman 2 level. You did buy the Gold edition, right?
I never actually finished the base game for that
Played Hitman 1 right before it came out so ended up burned out halfway through
yeah that's how I play every etrian odyessy game
I did finish #4!
(and maybe #3, I can't remember)
possibly even the remake of 1
7:44 PM
Oh damn, why can I never remember this? What's that great emulator dashboard called?
Oh! Retroarch
Q: Need help for tektopia mod

Bas AmptI have made a village for the new mod TangoTek is making, but this mod will probably only be playable in 1.13.2. Does anyone know how to reload a world from 1.14.3 to 1.13.2 without destroying every block you have placed? Thanks

8:48 PM
Q: Can mobs spawn on carpets?

Răzvan MPI want to mob-proof the main island in the End and I'd like to use carpets for it, as they are cheap (for me, I have a massive sheep farm) and also look nicer in my eyes than most slabs. Can Endermen spawn on carpets?

New scifi film from producers of Arrival in the works
9:03 PM
Yes, that's a cover of exactly what you think.
@Unionhawk it can on both android and linux
@Arperum yeah it's pretty great, linked it a big ago
Also hey Arp! YOU LIVE!
9:28 PM
Q: Why game didn't saved some of my choices?

giorgi rcheulishviliIn the Walking Dead game series i was playing season 1 and first time when Kenny, Lee, Clem,Katya,Duck and some others found this abandoned car with supplies in it i didn't took it and said to clem that we would be okay without it but in season 2 in previous episodes it showed that i took that ...

Q: Why am I getting this error on Infectonators 3?

GoneBoyGoneSo on this save I've had about a week or two, everytime I try to open the game, I get this screen, which is very weird! Clicking anything like countries or the leave button does nothing, and the pause button is in the wrong language, I apparently have a lot of money - too much, and this is crazy,...

9:38 PM
Apparently Google Stadia will charge you full price to play games which you won't own
@PrivatePansy It's like Netflix for video games but you also have to buy the video games!
Q: How do I unlock Yves?

UnionhawkI have noticed through watching speedruns that there is an unkickable deku scrub character called Yves. I'd like to do a Yves run, the problem is I don't know how to unlock them. How do I unlock Yves?

1 hour later…
10:52 PM
@Yuuki oh i want to make that a thing and put it up at my desk
11:22 PM
100% banjo race tonight. Shoudl be good.
there might be a penis on the moon
I missed the mario one due to real life existing, but I'll make time for it over the weekend.
ive missed most of the runs at this point, and i dnt think there are any vods up yet :(
So today I learned google caller id knows DSA's phone number lol
National called me about an email I sent 2 weeks ago
@Dragonrage there are a bunch up actually youtu.be/c-iuhGwCMjI etc
Up through Kirby 64
11:47 PM
@Unionhawk oh i can catch the rest of BL2 i missed
Q: Should I approve an edit for an old question?

ReflexiveWhen reviewing suggested edits I came across this edit. I noticed that this edit was for a question from 2011. I was unsure whether I should approve this edit, which was just to add some relevant tags. I see that the edit should be approved because it's an edit that follow the edit guidelines, an...


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