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12:04 AM
@TimStone the new hitman location drops tomorrow
@GnomeSlice I really need to play this
@RedRiderX Fantastic game. One of my favourites.
It's currently my fourth most played game on steam, sitting at 146 hours.
Xcom 2 is third at 170, TF2 at 174, and FF14 at 306.
@Wipqozn I didn't know you played 14.
12:20 AM
@Frank I mostly played during 2.0, but before the first expansion. I love the game, but there just way too many filler quests. I just don't have enough time that I want to waste it like that.
@Wipqozn I got back into it with my wife. We love the whole JRPG thing.
12:57 AM
Q: How do i turn myself invisible including armor and items im holding?

D3T0NAim making a map and for my it to work i used some commands to the player use a câmera system , but the system teleports the player into the câmera spots for it to watch it. The problem is that the player armor and items he is holding are still visible. There is any command to turn both invisible...

1:54 AM
@Wipqozn it's probably my favourite game ever for some definition of favourite
I like a lot of games
Re: hours, I'm approaching 900 in brawlhalla...
Snake Eater 😂
2:32 AM
Bridge, I have relearned an important lesson: THere is a upper limit to how many pickles your body will tolerate and that number is always smaller than you think.
@Ash good to know to avoid because i believe my body's limit is 1
Q: What is the best way to get orbs?

RobbieI'm trying to upgrade by fire sword and frost armor but I need more fire and frost orbs. I only get about 2-5 from killing bosses and I was wondering if there was a faster way to get orbs. I'm fairly new (Only level 9)

(I ate like...half a jar of bread and butter pickles in a fit of "I WANT TO EAT MY FEELINGS BUT I HAVE INGREDIENTS, NOT FOOD")
2:59 AM
Q: Posting Smash Ultimate replay videos directly to YouTube

pkambIs it possible to upload Smash Ultimate replay videos directly to YouTube? The default Switch workflow seems to involve saving replay videos to an SD Card and using a computer to manually upload the videos to YouTube. But Super Smash Bros. for Wii U replays could be uploaded directly to YouTube...

anyone else thinking that the next step to this is signing up for a 2K account that you buy skip/remove ad subscription for each game?
3:21 AM
huh, we didn't notice that the original design for the XBone is being revived it not already out in the form of cloud gaming
Free rep from anyone who has played outer wilds @Ronan
Q about the quantum moon
Try to use spoiler tags probably
The game is getting more popular
3:37 AM
maybe i'm misreading it but can someone tell me if this comes with a CPU?
Q: How do you land on the Quantum Moon?

GnomeSliceEven if I keep the moon in my sights, every time I approach it, it vanishes as soon as I enter the cloudy upper atmosphere. My probe only transmits static if I shoot it onto the moon as well. Does the moon need to be in a specific location? What's the trick here, and where is the clue that pro...

@Memor-X Unless it explicitly says its a bundle, no, it's just the MB
@PrivatePansy ahhh ok, it's just that i keep seeing threadripper mentioned there which is the CPU i am getting
Yes, so it supports the TR CPUs, but it doesn't come with one
Do make sure the MB actually supports the CPU. TR CPUs uses a different chipset than the Ryzen series IIRC
Oh, AMD is branding them as Ryzen Threadripper. That's totally not confusing at all...
3:47 AM
I think I have like 1k hours on Warframe
4:04 AM
Q: im stuck in minecraft bedrock edition and want to go to java but i cant

WhamboyI want to go to Minecraft java edition. so listen up. I have the launcher. I have everything and i'm set up. but when I press play I get to the MOJANG screen and it says NOT RESPONDING. I have tried countless times on many versions. it does not respond for hours and eternity so it will never load...

4:45 AM
Q: Is it possible to not have too many shards?

murgatroid99After I got a game over and a voice line indicating that it was because I have a lot of shards bound. I remember that Dominique mentioned earlier that having too many shards would be dangerous and that she would buy extra shards to help me with that. So I sold her all of the sellable shards, ...

5:24 AM
@Memor-X Wouldn't 4x8Gb be more economical than 2x16GB?
Also I feel like TR is a bit much for a CPU for gaming
Not many games are CPU bound, no?
@PrivatePansy yeh probably, maybe i should swap that out
@PrivatePansy yeh but this PC is also what i do my programming and game development on. sure i'm not doing anything too substantial but have been told in terms of rendering a threadripper would be good and can't say i wont be doing that in 5-10 years from now (want this new build to last me just as long as my current pc which is about 8-9 years old now)
Oh yeah, if it's for game dev then that config makes a lot more sense
i've found out that AMD is releasing new CPUs in a couple of weeks. would it be worth it to wait?
That MB has 8 slots for RAM, unless you need 128GB 8GB sticks are perfectly fine
@Memor-X Probably, yes. Their high end CPUs are quite interesting I think
@PrivatePansy yeh i totally forgot it had that many. i changed the motherborad when i selected the threadripper and the previous motherborad i had only had 4 slots
6:06 AM
Q: How stacks work in mtg(can this scenario happen)

Bdubz02A friend of mine and I are playing mtg when he tried to counter my Crystaline Sliver with Final Reward. Is this a legal move?

6:26 AM
Q: Minecraft pocket edition how to lower render distance in options.txt

Battlefield VMy phone works pretty well, but it's stuck at a render distance of 5 chunks. How do I lower that in options.text to 4 (or lower)? Here's the options.txt file. It's gfx_viewdistance, the view distance is 80, and in-game render distance is 5 chunks which causes me tons of lag in multiplayer and i...

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10:30 AM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.14.2) How to give a player an "ability" they can use anywhere with a datapack?

Nik3141I know this may not be possible, but just for kicks I'm trying to write a datapack which lets you unlock abilities, such as starting a fire or summoning lightning somewhere, without any carrots on sticks or spawn eggs or any items. So just an ability they can use, anywhere, anytime. I know that ...

10:51 AM
Q: Does the app detect walking (and unlock Portmanteaus) if screen lock is on?

Chaos_99Will walking be detected if the phone is locked? What if the phone is unlocked, but the App is not in the foreground? Answers for Pokemon suggest "No" for both questions.

Q: Do I need an active gold subscription to play the 360 "games with gold" on xbox one?

SerxipcThe FAQ mentions this: What happens to my Games with Gold games if I cancel my Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? On Xbox One, you’ll no longer be able to access your Games with Gold titles if you cancel your subscription. However, if you decide to renew your subscri...

@Memor-X heh
I'm alive
The Textorcist looks fun
IT's on GDQ right now
Bullet hell game where you attack by typing out words.
1 hour later…
12:04 PM
> such and such department is looking for developers who would like to participate in the sharepoint
12:18 PM
@Unionhawk I know that stuff
12:40 PM
oh boy I can't wait to read through... apparently 69 resolutions based on the ones I marked as "pass" or "lean"
I actually didn't plan that that's just how the math worked out
there's a proposal on the table to have a special meeting locally to talk through it all but by my math, if we talk for 5 minutes about each item on the entire agenda, that's about 7 hours
that's a lot of coffee
I mean a lot of these are gimmies but 5 minutes is probably the bare minimum overhead involved in voting on a thing
@Unionhawk nice
like resolution 7 related to conflict resolution training is an easy Yes
also we're missing 4 resolutions? including at least one in particular that I signed and that definitely got enough signatures?
8, 61, 74, and 79 have been excluded from the thing
1:13 PM
Q: How do I recover deleted books from inventory in minecraft?

LiamSo I died in my hardcore mode world that I really care about and I changed myself to creative mode, grabbed my stuff, put it in a chest and made a new book explaining to my future self how I died and how long I survived for in case my future self curiously came into the world to see what it was. ...

national extended their own deadline from june 20 to june 23 6 days ago and they still missed it
1:33 PM
Q: What does the phrase “building hopping chop” mean here?

seeekerHere is a sentence from an endless runner game: Building hopping chops is a good strategy to avoid unexpected dangers. The player is advised to leap to the side when she sees any danger or goes near a risky corner.

@Memor-X It might not actually be a couple of weeks. They've released the specs, which are very good, but no dates as of yet, which is annoying
2:14 PM
Q: Is there any reason to target the defensive riders?

GnomeSliceThere are some riders on the road (they always seem to be neutral as well) who have little icons floating over their heads. Most of them give easily identifiable bonuses for killing them. For example, the $ guy gives you cash, the + guy gives you health. One of these riders has what looks like...

I need to find some games to post about that will actually generate some rep for me lol
My rep hasn't gone up much in years
I guess you need to start playing Minecraft lol
I haven't played minecraft in like 8 years
I just started about 8 days ago :P
@GnomeSlice To be fair, it's hard to top that one question.
2:22 PM
@Lazers2.0 Um... I know the answer to this
What do you think?
@Yuuki Which question, I feel like there's a few
Q: Do Blasts Pass Through Obsidian?

GnomeSliceI'm in a bit of a pickle. It seems someone playing on my friend's SMP server decided that it would be a good idea for him to do some testing with TNT. Now, he's conscientiously set this atrocity up a reasonable distance from the rest of the construction on the server, so I don't think that ...

Oh right
Heh. Yeah, 3 of my top 5 are minecraft
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

Nick TMeme: GnomeSlice getting into trouble in Minecraft Originator: GnomeSlice Cultural Height: ? Background: I seem to have made a bit of an error in judgement. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Related:

Dang you weren't kidding
@AlexMyers Nope, lol
Asked 8 years 2 months ago
@Lazers2.0 @Frank What do you think about reopening this? I know exactly what he's asking and the answer
2:25 PM
@GnomeSlice ITG questions generate a ton of rep (but they kinda suck)
@Yuuki Man, I need to find this place :D
@SaintWacko same
My highest voted answer is an ITG answer. 2 sentences and not really any effort. I hate it but it's at like 50+ upvotes...
It's not a very good question though
@Jutschge oof
@Jutschge LOL next to the same minecraft question, my next highest voted answer is an ITG
A: What is this game with skeletal characters?

GnomeSliceThis is a classic. Grim Fandango. If you missed out on the original release of this game, updated re-release Grim Fandango Remastered is available for purchase on a variety of platforms.

Meanwhile there are some answers I wrote where I spent probably a week researching and testing and those are at 2-5 upvotes.
2:27 PM
Most of my top answers are pretty good.
I still don't know why that minecraft one took off the way it did
I only cringe at my english when browsing through my posts lol.
My top arqade post is +60 and all I did was point someone to the microsoft order history page.
My highest voted answer is on a Fallout 4 question
@AlexMyers Sounds about right
Voting is weird all across SE
Popular things get more, unpopular or underground get less, that's just how it is
hmm until recently I didn't have a 25 vote LoL answer but a gold badge...
2:29 PM
I think sometimes a post gets selected as a "hot network post" and it spins out of control
quantity over quality for me I guess :(
@AlexMyers I believe that's what happened with my boobie physics question
Yeah I just checked the question edit history of the question I answered and got +60. It tells you when it became a hot network post and when it was tweeted.
@Wipqozn I suddenly can't remember why I'm to blame for @InvaderSkoodge's name change.
A: What's the best way to use the marines?

GnomeSliceIf you need a particular weapon, like a Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle etc, you can swap your current weapon with a marine to take his. So marines can be a good way to get weapons in certain situations. Additionally, a marine will carry any weapon you give him until he is killed, or you s...

I kinda like that one
2:34 PM
Q: PC controller issue: D-pad affects X-rotation

John MitchellRecently, I discovered an issue with my PC controller(namely, Redgear Pro Wireless gamepad). Whenever I move forward in a game(left thumb stick up), the direction changes to the left and whenever I move backwards(left thumb stick down), direction changes to the right. So basically I move forward ...

2:44 PM
@SaintWacko I'd suggest editing it a bit. Maybe take out the reference to where it comes from, and it might be similar enough to our other general reference questions.
Most of it for me was being confused why the asker was just refusing to tell us where it came from.
Not sure we can do that and keep the essence of what is being asked, though.
@Frank Yeah, same
As it is...I'm leery about reopening it, as answers right now are going to be a general definition of, "chops", without any real gaming expertise behind it, I feel.
imo as long as the question is about a game, it doesn't matter if the answer falls a bit more outside
I don't feel we should close based on the answer(s) to a question
That question is meh though I don't really care
@Frank Actually, I think you're right, and their question on ELL is the right one
I think the bigger problem is that we dont actually know if it is from a game
2:49 PM
Oh they posted it there too?
The user claims it is from a game. If the confidentiality is because NDA, it is also from non-released most likely, which we also do not support
I mean the core problem here is I think more ELL's domain
Q: What does the phrase "building hopping chop" mean here?

curiousHere is a sentence from an endless runner game: Building hopping chops is a good strategy to avoid unexpected dangers. The player is advised to leap to the side when she sees any danger or goes near a risky corner.

@Unionhawk I agree, and I've posted an answer there
it being possibly not released or whatever isn't really materially important here
Oh. Asker was advised to post here.
2:53 PM
That's weird
Yeah, it's definitely an unusual situation
Mostly because everyone who looked at it was taking "hopping chops" as a single thing rather than two separate concepts
terminology questions are weird, overall
It's such a clunky sentence
2:55 PM
@SaintWacko I was seeing "building hopping" as one concept. If that's coming from a game, it needs some serious reworking.
@Unionhawk usually a google search resolves it fairly quickly
Even rephrasing it to "Build your hopping chops..." would make it way easier to read, or just not using the word chops
@Ash Man, pickles are so good. Just dill, though. It's such a betrayal when I think I'm biting into a dill pickle and it turns out to be one of the sweet varieties
@SaintWacko All pickles are good, it's just that sweet pickles need some accompaniment.
I should try throwing some dill in quick pickled red onions but I don't know if there's enough time for the dill flavor to get in there.
3:10 PM
Rainbow Road Redemption...?
Post credits level
Spoilers :(
This game doesn't have a story
Well, I think it does but it's not important or good
Also it's been out for years
@Wipqozn hey SGDQ has an official store if you want to add it to the pin
3:25 PM
@GnomeSlice Thanks, but uh, it's already in the pin?
i got an email about it
I see
:50809931 gay butthole?
@GnomeSlice I just read some of that text
less shitty version
Anyways, I'd understand if you wanted to go live in the mountains as hermit now due to the shame of having been bested by me @GnomeSlice.
3:33 PM
Oh hey, Epic store supports Amazon Pay?
Assuming that's what I think it is, then I might actually use it.
Outer Wild, Phoenix Point, and Metroid Exodus are all epic games are absolutely need to paly.
@Wipqozn I thought Metro exodus would eventually also come to Steam?
I forgot about Metro, but mark brown released a video for it which now makes me really want to play it.
Q: testing my modpack but this comes up when ever i join a world. Pls help!

Fin-ain2---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // You should try our sister game, Minceraft! Time: 25.6.2019 18:21 Description: Ticking screen java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target 259 Exception Details: Location: net/minecraft/world/gen/layer/GenLayerShore.func_75904_a(III...

@Nzall Oh maybe? I'm not sure
4:02 PM
i need some help thinking of good prizes to offer for games for a company event. any ideas? preferably something on the cheaper side so I can get the budget approved, but something people would still want
@Wipqozn Damnit Turtle, you got me excited that there was a new Metroid game I had missed
@Dragonrage what kind of company is it? whats the age group that is going to participate? what kind of games are you doing?
@FoxMcCloud it company, mid 20s to mid50s, bowling
@Dragonrage You can always get a couple of gift cards. Steam, Origin, Blizzard, Playstation, Microsoft
4:18 PM
headsets, usb (3, C, lightning) charging stations, coffee mugs (high quality ones), pc bags and bookbags, gaming art, drones
.............fidget spinners?
@Dragonrage An ice cream sundae consisting of seven banana slices on side and ten banana slices on the other.
liquor is always a hit for prize baskets
aka a 7-10 banana split
@Yuuki Nice
I managed to pick up one of those once
@SaintWacko Excellent
Supposedly the steam summer sale starts in 22 minutes
4:39 PM
oh good. i needed something to spend money on /s
@Wipqozn It's not merch btw, it's just a game store
but the money goes to the charity
@Dragonrage I needed something to spend you on!
@GnomeSlice Well hopefully a mod less lazy will fix it. I bet @Wrigglenite is still filled with the eagerness to use his new diamond powers!
@Wipqozn im not sure how to take that
@Dragonrage Me neither.
I think I will just ignore it and move on with my day.
4:45 PM
I really hope China wins this game
I've been spending all my money on hardware recently
I just have all the games I need for now
My wishlist keeps growing
Between Minecraft, KSP, PoE, WoW, and Destiny 2, no matter what I feel like doing I have a game for it
I just need an excuse to buy something from it
@Wipqozn ?
4:47 PM
Overwatch used to be part of that, but I haven't played that in a while
@SaintWacko My sister wanted to play Overwatch with me last week but I forgot that I had uninstalled it.
@Yuuki Women's world cup. China vs Italy.
Italy is favoured, but I want the mix up.
@Wipqozn So if US beats France, the next match would be US v. China?
@Wrigglenite Get on my level
@Wipqozn Don't let @badp hear you say that
4:48 PM
And then we'd have a proxy for <current political climate>.
@GnomeSlice I have very little Steam wishlist items.
I do, however, have a rather massive gunpla backlog.
Oh, US and China are on opposite sides of the bracket, never mind.
If they meet, it would have to be in the finals.
@Wipqozn Ew, linking FIFA.
china is currently losing 1-0
4:54 PM
@Unionhawk there are also just straight up errors in this document what the hell
how is that possible all you have to do is copy what was submitted and paste it
Q: What does the gold beam above a Foundable mean?

WondercricketIn Wizards Unite, there will occasionally be a gold beam that shoots from the Foundables that appear on the map. At first I thought it meant to be Foundable that I had not yet encountered before. However, that theory ended up bring proved wrong after I encountered one of these and it ended up b...

@Wipqozn This is a weird speedrun
I think I will get a switch for me either christmas or my birthday next year
@TimStone Soccer is the speediest game of all
Oh the @badp team scored again
5:17 PM
Q: Ps+ share not working

IyadhI have a play station network account with play station plus and its set as my primary play station. But I still dont have play station plus on the other users!! I have tried many things and nothing is working please help me.

Q: Is there a problem with the new minecraft launcher's login database? I cant login!

Taylor SparkJust yesterday minecraft released a new launcher for mc 1.14.3 and I went to login, and my password kept failing, I tried to do "forgot password?" and it took me to the mc website, but the site was there... except... the login portion of the site wasnt there, just a white block, same thing when I...

Q: Can I play GTA 5 story mode with no wifi connection?

GabuI won't have a wifi connection for a while, is there any way I can pick up the game where I left it without connecting to xbox live and without starting it over? And if not, can I still save the progress if I do start it over? I have an xbox 360.

@Lazers2.0 Yes. You connect via ethernet
> retroactively applying a 3D aesthetic to a game is kinda presumptuous and betrays the intent of the original developers, artists, and fan base in my opinion.
I mean, that's just not some universal truth, and kind of annoys me.
There's a lot of design decisions made in the day specifically because of software limitations, and not because of an artists "vision"
To be fair it breaks the nostalgia factor to some extent
Mega MAn is literally just blue because of the colour palette available on the NES, by word of god, if I remember correctly.
It's not a case of "authors intent" or anything.
5:23 PM
For example Secret of Mana
It had a full 8 bit thinghy
Of course, it was what they had anyway
@Wipqozn pretty much - like going "oh well nothing should change" is kinda silly because tech has changed a LOT.
I mean don't get me wrong, some things are 100% creators intent et cetera et cetera, but the idea that everyone in the past was guided by nothing more than "pure vision" is just... wrong.
SO many character design choices were made because well, we have x constraints, how do we make things visible etc
And the specific things they're talking about preserving, like 2D graphics and sprite resolution, are definitely the result of hardware and development constraints
Spyro being blue is another example. He was originally green, I think, but was made blue to not blend into the background.
5:28 PM
@Wipqozn Sorry I guess more what I was trying to say was that I really like that updated 2D animation
You're right I actually have no problem with sequels to old games in 3D or whatever
idk why I said that
@GnomeSlice To be clear I really like it too, I just disagree that there's only ever one way to remake something. and that all creative ideas are just magically spawned from the authors heart fully formed.
woo my new dive computer is in
time to not spend any money on games because I spent it all on gear
@Wipqozn absolutely agree
5:34 PM
@Wipqozn Any recomendations?
@Wipqozn Steam sales and 500 errors. Name a more iconic duo
I'm setting up a gofundme to fund "postmate a cake that says 'fix twitter oneboxing you cowards' to the stackoverflow office in new york"
@murgatroid99 PB&J?
@murgatroid99 @Wipqozn and Mod Abuse
@Moacir Slay the spire. I have no idea if it's on sale.
It's on sale for $15
5:41 PM
@Wipqozn I'll check it in Br. thanks!
How long will the sale last?
Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale 2019 ends on July 9th
Found it
5:59 PM
All I wish is for the Terraria update to be released so I can again start a new world and forget about it before hardmode
@Wipqozn I'm immune. At this point I already own pretty much everything I could want from Steam
I mean, I guess I could always buy a few extra gift copies of Bad Rats
@Sterno you should gift the new mods a copy of bad rats :P
6:18 PM
@murgatroid99 Steam sales and people complaining about what's on sale.
Somehow finding out about the Steam sale made me purchase super mario maker 2 for switch.
I didn't realize it was coming out so soon.
@Sterno Yeah I don't see myself buying anything
Oh, hey, new Cthulhu game today
@InvaderSkoodge I'm so excited for that
WTB Zelda Maker
6:25 PM
@Sterno in hoping that links awakening is a test for exactly that
Oh wow vegas pro 16 is with a 70% sale! ($119,70 now)
Was holding off on Bloodstained for the Switch release, but it sounds like it's a not-so-great port
Q: Iron Golem Spawner Blocks In air?

TimI'm looking to create an Iron Golem grinder on a factions server with literal "Iron Golem Spawner blocks." However, unlike in my previous experience, I cannot seem to get them to spawn in mid-air? I've seen multiple videos of the same design working but it for some reason just does not work for m...

6:41 PM
@Sterno Yeah, kinda feeling down about getting today since I ordered it last week.
Oh well, I suppose I'll just hope it gets patched.
So how does this year's Steam Sale gimmick work?
You buy games and you have a chance of spending less money on them than you would have otherwise.
New ways to gamble in gaming!
@Unionhawk cowards?
7:07 PM
Yeah, there weren't that many great PC games on steam in 2018, so there aren't a lot of good games from then that are on sale
7:19 PM
I'm going to wait for the sale for another hour, it doesn't work well right now
7:39 PM
Q: Multiple computers 1 minecraft

user233594If I have minecraft downloaded on a single pc but I am getting a new computer do I have to buy it again?

7:59 PM
Q: Total War Three Kingdoms: What are the exact figures on corruption?

Alex CohenCorruption is a major issue in total war three kingdoms and I have not been able to find exact figures on how corruption percentages are calculated. Does each additional settlement cause more corruption or is it by each new commandery you gain settlements in? If so then by how much? How much d...

8:20 PM
Updated my phone and now my gumdrops are gone until I re-root it
Although oddly enough the fluid gestures app still works
@SaintWacko What is gumdrops
Christ, this steam sale minigame thing is too much work on slow servers for maybe eventually saving like $10
@Moacir The Google emojis from a few versions ago
@Sterno worst part?
8:28 PM
Before they switched to the boring round ones that everyone uses
in turkey it only saves you 10try
@SaintWacko I miss those
^ Are those not vastly superior?
@SaintWacko that uses accessibility and simple write perms to SECURE keys so
@Ave Yeah, but I could have sworn it needed root to hide the action bar thing
8:29 PM
nop that's the thing it uses secure for
to hide action bar
@SaintWacko Yeah those were my favourite
and accessibility to emulate input
@Ave Huh, okay. Not sure why I thought it needed root then
well, it doesn't need adb to give secure write perms if you have root
it also doesn't need accessibility enabled if you have root
@Ave Ahhh, so because I had root when I initially installed it, it'll keep working even though I no longer have root
8:31 PM
which is one of the main reasons why I don't use fluid navigation anymore even tho I have pro
accessibility, for some bizarre reason, disables FDE
or rather disables requirement to enter password during boot.
Have you tried out the new gesture control that XDA endorses?
Well now the only things I need root for are my gumdrops and changing the squeeze to turn on the flashlight instead of activating the assistant
@Ave Nice
Oh thank goodness, Voice Match works now
"please enable accessibility"
@Ave Bah, of course
8:34 PM
okay, I'll give it benefit of doubt
I haven't tried it myself, I like Fluid
if it gives me enough value I'll keep it
8:47 PM
12 minutes of use
it slows me down and stuff
also made me nauseated somehow
@Ave Yikes, good call then
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