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12:13 AM
> More than two decades after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) sets out to protect a young woman named Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and her friends as a liquid metal Terminator (Gabriel Luna), sent from the future attempts to terminate them.
@Wipqozn Wait, what happened to Terminator 4 and 5?
@Ash what was that site that had cheap glasses?
@GodEmperorDune Zenni?
@PrivatePansy I think so, thanks
@PrivatePansy possibly salvation 2009 and genisys 2015
It's listed unnumbered on Wikipedia
Same as those two
12:20 AM
@PrivatePansy that's the one yep
12:47 AM
@Ash thanks for confirming
1:04 AM
Q: How to give a player an effect while near a certain mob?

ShinkuI’m trying to make it so that players within 5 blocks of a wolf get a defense boost, how do I pull that off?

1:39 AM
ugh that was greedy I should have left
I think I'm maybe even on this boss lol
good money maker if you're NOT BAD AT THE GAME
1 hour later…
3:02 AM
@GodEmperorDune no problem. They have pretty good customer service to if you ever need to contact them for something
Q: How far do I need to be from the Iron Golem farm for it to work?

Ryan JohnsonI have an iron golem farm that is about 100 blocks away from me and 230ish blocks away from the nearest village but iron golems don't seem to be spawning. Am i too far away from the iron golem farm for it to work? Also I'm playing on vanilla minecraft 1.13.2

Man, I kind of want to save up for the good weapon for this boss so my kills aren't so luck dependant but it's like 140m
Right now I'm using a pair of special attacks with a weapon that reduces their defense but like, sometimes that hits 100 total and sometimes it's like 30 and it's super noticeable
The 30 will barely get done but the 100 is no problem
@Ash I am just stunned that I can get glasses so cheap with quality materials
Like plastic is cheap but I thought titanium was expensive, yet I’m staring at some for under $20
That's where I got my glasses from.
Online shopping is so nice, no wonder in person retail is dying
3:14 AM
I love it, even my specialized glasses are like 50-75 dollars total instead of 600 dollars or more
(I have terrible eyes that do extra weird stuff because hydrocephalus)
that's cyborg accoutrements for you
Yep lol
I made chocolate orange cake for my community's event tonight for the Declaration of the Bab and people loooooved it. I am apparently getting known for being the person who makes the tasty vegan snacks.
(I just like having people to bake for so I don't have to eat all of it myself)
(and vegan baking is an interesting challenge)
@Ash maybe it’s my dyslexia showing, but I thought you said hippopotamus showing for a second, and I was very confused
I also wasn’t entirely sure what type of glasses you were talking about, so that didn’t help
@Dragonrage hahahahaha Hahaha omg
I love that so much
I wish y'all weren't so far away so you could help me eat this leftover cake
ooh, cake. what kind of cake?
3:29 AM
Chocolate and orange!
All swirled together.
that sounds quite good.
ooh neat. that was the best first post review ive had in awhile. a person actually answered a minecraft question with a pretty solid answer
also, idk how many times i have looked at the review page and not seen the history tab. when did that show up?
Generating Void takes a looooooooong time.
@Frank just wait :P
I am. :P
And then spending it on upgrades as soon as it becomes available.
the next thing you generate takes longer :P
3:39 AM
At least I have the four secondary elements in enough of a balance that they feed on each other.
So they're all sustaining each other.
it has like either a 1% or 10% efficiency and takes void as its input
Generating Void itself is 1% efficiency.
It gets better with upgrades
wow sunglasses are much more expensive... still cheaper than regular tho
3:56 AM
@GodEmperorDune you can get clip on sunglasses for any frame, and any frame can be tinted to be sunglasses afaik
yeah, i see that the regular lenses are free/very cheap and sunglass lenses jump up to $30 for the basic ones
i dunno what this 80% sunglasses vs 100% sunglass means
How tinted they are
(I think, I would gave to see the page)
oh i see the clip on thing now
lol 3D movie clip ons
doest that actually work
I have no idea, I am so curious lol
The sunglasses clip ons work well I know that much
> 3D Clip-On

Our 3D clip-ons attach to the front of your glasses, providing a more comfortable way to enjoy 3D movies. Made with passive 3D technology, they are designed for watching most 3D movies in theaters. They cannot be used with IMAX 3D or alternative 3D technology.

To provide a complete 3D experience, 3D clip-ons are cut slightly larger than the optical lenses.

Not for use as sunglasses.
for $3.95 i feel it's worth a try
did you get the water or oil resistant coating?
4:04 AM
Yeah, they don't work with like a lot of the home 3dtv stuff apparently. I can't really do 3d at the theatre because I get sick
So you wk have to tell me how it goes
@GodEmperorDune I just get the antireflrection coay
if you want to nerd out, i found a write up on how they apply antireflection coatings - allaboutvision.com/lenses/anti-reflective.htm
how its made music plays
Okay, that was super neat. Thanks for sharing that. I didn't realize how much work it was to do the coating!
4:26 AM
Q: Are pre-existing Villagers affected by workstations?

BenAfter asking this question, Villagers from 1.13 that you have traded with, then upgraded to 1.14 will maintain their Profession and trades in 1.14. Any that you have not traded with, will lose theirs, and can be assigned new ones at will. However, can these pre-existing "Professional" Villagers ...

2 hours later…
6:44 AM
Morning chat!
7:04 AM
Morning @Kevin
7:14 AM
@Kevin Morning
8:03 AM
Q: Do Workshop codes work in multiple platforms?

LemonDo custom Workshop game modes work on all platforms or just the one where it was created? As an example, let's say that I create a Workshop gamemode on PC, can my friend use the same code on PS4 to get my Workshop Configuration?

8:34 AM
This incremental is a good incremental
1 hour later…
9:39 AM
The element one?
It's pretty good
Got to stage 3 yesterday
9:51 AM
Stage 3 is exponentially larger than the other 2
I got somewhat into stage 3, all the basic golems and such
1 hour later…
11:23 AM
Q: If I play a custom map in warcraft 3 online (such as dota), will I get a copy of that map?

user231965I believe that's the way it used to work. I can't seem to find a safe-looking site to download the map from. It would also appear that the official forums were taken down some time ago. Its been years and years since I last played online (as in around 10 years ago), and I believe that if you play...

Q: Command blocks placing blocks far away in PE

FredI am trying to make a world that clones some blocks, and places them far away. I am using the latest Bedrock Edition. World spawn point command doesn’t load the chunks that I want to place in.

> DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY - 24h ago by Wipqozn
Need to wait for it to flip to 1d ago
Y'all excited?
Okay okay
let's all count down
Bad turtle
12:04 PM
@Wipqozn you got me
I suppose in retrospect we all should have seen this coming
@Ave I warned you!
(thank you brain o.o)
yesterday, by Kevin
Well for one thing: It'll be Friday
Let the record show that I called it
@Unionhawk I like your new pfp
As did fredley
@Kevin welp, it's even on starboard
12:09 PM
Also my pinned "Bad turtle"
lol what the hell is that Zelda rolling question hit hnq
why is my answer +24
Because people have heard of Zelda
no one to blame but myself
@Unionhawk Seriously
@Ave Excellent
It's also funny because I'm pretty sure @fredley already revealed details on the election date since the page is publically accessible
So it is
12:12 PM
ah yeah it is hnq
and closed
OKay now to find out if I was correct about it getting removed
I really liked that question and I'm sad that it has been closed
it doesn't say so in history but
or maybe in a few minutes
@Wipqozn Which one was that?
The only event should be when a moderator takes it off the HNQ
Not when it times out or is closed
Q: In the 3D Zeldas, is it faster to roll or to simply walk?

Fredy31In 3d zeldas where you can roll infinitely (By memory Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Windwaker and Twilight Princess) I usually just roll over and over again instead of simply walking. It feels just a little bit faster. I know this may change from game to game (I didn't want to create 4 questio...

IT should be removed, I think, but might take a bit due to caching.
12:18 PM
I already repcapped so meh
your face is meh
I've got the time circle feeding off each other, so on to the next upgrade.
@Kevin shock and horror
Well, I guess my bounty is going unclaimed.
@MBraedley Which bounty was that?
Feel like it was overwatch..
12:29 PM
It was
Q: What counters Mei?

senpaiExtremely frustrating playing against Mei, whether it's in a teamfight or solo. Heck, trying McCree, a supposedly high CQC damage hero fails because most of the time the Mei can freeze me then headshot me to death with her alt fire. Is there a true counter to Mei? Because it seems like every m...

@Yuuki was too lazy to update his answer
@MBraedley @Yuuki is the worst
Although to be fair I think he's currently traveling across China
On foot
Q: Do bombs, arrow volleys, warhammers and such affect my soldiers too?

JNatTitle pretty much says it all: do these "per-tile" actions also cause damage to my soldiers, or just the enemy soldiers? Some times it looks like a bomb blew up 3 of my soldiers, but then other times they appear unaffected... is it just coincidence, or is there friendly-fire at play?

Q: Does being on a tile where a boat comes to shore put my soldiers at a disadvantage?

JNatWhen enemy boats come to shore, they "bump" into my soldiers, and they slightly scatter — is this purely visual, or does being there actually put my soldiers at a disadvantage? How complex are the mechanics in this scenario? Would it be a better tactic to wait for the "bump" before moving my so...

1:35 PM
@Lazers2.0 that reminds me, is need to buy thar.
That's what you get for changing your profile picture
why would you do that
back in 2009
this is why this file is 36kloc
I think I can rip out like 20 lines of code that does COMPLETELY NOTHING right now lol
1:45 PM
Old code NOT best code.
hmm nope what
then why
wait but then why ok
I hate this
@TimStone tbf part of the reason it's that many lines is it has various control load methods for literally every state which we should probably break up into a series of sub-controls instead of having everything live on this one file for both lines of code and performance reasons but
enterprise application development is Fun
2:12 PM
In light of this edit review, I'd like to bring just a little more attention to my proposal for the Speedrun tag on this old meta post. Please let me know what you think.
2:31 PM
@Wipqozn Arrr, buy that thar game
I love doing some things in LoadScreen() and some things in ScreenName_Load(object, EventArgs)
it's good actually
Speaking of games, Gladiabots looks pretty interesting to me
2:47 PM
@fredley have you finished it?
No not yet
Blocked on something again
I've just got compressed earth etc
somehow i passed you then
im like 15 machines past that i think
every time you do something, another machine pops up
Q: Problem in Real Myst

hochiwichIn the Channelwood area of Myst I found the lever to open the top gate beside the second elevator, used it and went down the spiral staircase to the bottom gate. But then the bottom gate doesn't open. Is there something else I'm supposed to do to make it open? I can't get out to redirect the wate...

im turning gold into silver, bronze, tin, aluminum, and a few other things atm
@Dragonrage Yeah, I'm around that point
It's fun
3:03 PM
@Dragonrage Oh not got that far
I have gold but not the others
once you compress all your four base elements, you then have to distill them. then it gets more complicated
I just activated the gold machine
Oh, I forgot about the minimap!
@Dragonrage Yeah I'm probably 6 orbs behind or so
@Dragonrage Oh yeah I've got distillation
But something's looping/locked up atm
3:06 PM
id take a picture of my actual machines, but they cant all fit on one screen
I need FoldedSpace
@fredley Ahhh, thank you
I was disappointed I couldn't zoom out by scrolling
@SaintWacko ikr
It's interesting to read the story, broken grammar and all.
3:09 PM
@Frank Yeah, I enjoy that aspect a lot
I think I just got my space machines into a reciprocal loop before I had to take off for work.
Gold's up, and compression's working.
Took me forever to realize the game signals when you have something to upgrade.
@Frank o.0
How did you even do it without that?
@SaintWacko Lots of clicking when things stopped
@Frank Dang
Ok I've worked out how to make fspace add up, veeeeery slowly
3:13 PM
Considering you do the same thing when something's blocked, it's not that onerous at the beginning.
It gets more tedious into the second tier and almost impossible in the third.
3rd tier?!?
@fredley Muahahaha
Oh wait is that the tier with gold
The gold and those resources
3:14 PM
Story even refers to them as such.
Once I have all the machines unlocked I want to render it as a computer background
But like a live one
Need that Windows 98 feature where you could set a webpage as a background
And add something that will randomly drain half the elements of a random type every 30 seconds or so, so there are always some machines running
@fredley I haven't messed with that yet
It's fun
Is it really just speed up and slow down?
3:17 PM
I have no idea what its doing
@SaintWacko I think so
I think slowing down stores time and you can release it in turbo time
Maybe it's over unity? I have no idea.
slowing time just makes everything run at 20% speed so you can see what is happening easier
speeding up time increases the tick rate at the expense of time, which is only really useful if you have a bunch of time stored up from being offline
So if I have 9.83e7 time I should probably use it
Q: What is the best app for chatting in games?

here iamWhat is the best app for chatting in a game with five or seven people at max. Our faces aren't shown so video chat isn't necessary.

hmm, so i need to increase my 4 base element production
are any of you past the stablized c rifts?
Nope, that's as far as I've gotten.
3:25 PM
i need to get past that, but i havent figured out how to get 1e5 of an element
Either an upgrade to the storage of the c rift, or an upgrade to a process.
i think i need to unlock blaze, but i am unsure how
Hmm I have nothing glowing pink, or even blue
@fredley what is you last machine you unlocked?
Anti Measurer of Anti Volumes I think
Producint FSpatial
3:34 PM
what is the most amount of knowledge you can hold?
My knol is ~79 currently
Not changing
you have unraveling revelation?
Hmm I think I've found the blockage
what machine is that up to the right of gale?
Sand is not being produced
3:37 PM
was it paused?
No, it's just being used to produce gold, which is being used to produce revelat
At least, that's what I'm currently waiting on :P
But revel is about to cap, and then gold will start climbing
And once it caps sand production will take off again
Except that I'm sure I'll spend some gold before it caps
@Dragonrage yes, fucking hell
Missed tyhe machine pause button
I wish there was a global unpause button
Ok just unlocked intermediate chest
I just unlocked the compressor
@fredley that should allow you to start unlocking like 4-5 other things and get you about to where i am blocked
Yeah I'm there
GOt copper, bronze etc
3:44 PM
Hmm, and everything is capped and there's nothing to unlock?
@SaintWacko do you have capped compressed elements? that should unlock a few things once you get enough of it iirc
@Dragonrage Yeah, my cap is .8 right now
can you post a pic of your thing, maybe i can remember what opens next
where the fuck does gale come from?
the one connected to coolant
3:48 PM
yeah got it
I only just discovered those sliders are sliders
Ok things are moving, v slowly
Everything's on and running except the rabbit hole and the alkahest generator
Is there something that takes 42 alkahest to upgrade?
were you able to upgrade stuff on your distiller?
I don't think I have a distiller
3:52 PM
My time is running out
oh, yes solution requires 42 Alkahest
try pausing everything that uses it
ok gold fully upgraded
Now blocked
3:58 PM
i need to create more folder space, parallel, base elements, and alkahest :(
Just unlocked t2 rifts
true rifts?
I just got a weird animation
@Dragonrage Magma rifts etc
4:01 PM
is that an upgrade on the volcano?
oh cool
@Dragonrage yeah
Blocked again
any of yall use pixilart?
Oh no wait, brewery!
oh, i dont have enough distilled elements for that
4:03 PM
Ok the animation happens periodically, and supercharges everything
thats because i dont have enough solution or alkahest
@Dragonrage Also blocked, but they do charge when the animation fires
time to pause everything
I think it's to do with the rabbit hole
Oooh Underwater planting box
ok all alkahest consumption paused, time to make more solution
4:10 PM
Alkahest consumption is mainly cryo right?
all the gold related stuff takes some
Still bottlenecked on solution
hello people
i have to turn stuff off let solution cap, then turn on a few things until i run out of solution
4:17 PM
4:31 PM
Y’all still on the @fredley incremental?
I got bored and went into console
It lost me during the tutorial.
@Wipqozn did you really do a multi day troll? >:(
Did you forget what year we're in?
apparently there are 97 machines in total
4:37 PM
oh m gosh thats a lot of mech
@GodEmperorDune Yes, yes I did.
Gah, what is consuming ash
I actually attempted this a couple years ago, but then completely forgot about it when Friday rolled around.
@Wipqozn did you really do a multi year troll? >:(
@fredley Yes
4:41 PM
hey wip
how do u like my new pfp
I still don't know what pfp stands for
This must be how @JasonBerkan feels when his kids talk in memes.
@Wipqozn Me: Yes.
pfp stands for profile picture
@Wipqozn (p)ro(f)ile (p)icture
That's a really weird
4:45 PM
@fredley i dont even have ash :(
@Dragonrage Neither does the mod team
Too soon :(
Humour is how I cope with pain.
That's why I always make jokes!
4:47 PM
probobl for the changes
Seems to be the reason.
i wouldnt be surprised if the election is actually starting today, and @Wipqozn is just setting up for a double troll by announcing it early so we think he is trolling
no, nomination opens june 3
monday monday gotta get down on monday
5:02 PM
I know @Unionhawk plans to run. Anyone else considering it?
@Wipqozn You should run again
See if you can be a double mod
writes "don't open your mod election nomination post with 'greetings comrades' like you did your convention delegate nomination post" on a post it and sticks it to my computer monitor
@Ronan Vote for @WipqoznsSocks
@Ronan Then it can be the Year of Wipqozn..FOREVER!
5:35 PM
just got an email saying that I was given wrong information and I am, in fact, not receiving my benefits coverage
this seems like a PR disaster in the making
time to make a sensible twitter account, I guess?
since that's how things get done these days...
@Chippies Have you already "paid" for whatever they said they'd cover?
@Wipqozn I did, then I got reimbursed for it. it's been a rollercoaster of misleading back and forths since January
oh I think you misunderstood - I am applying for insurance and I was rejected
the full story is just... complicated to say the least
I did misunderstand them, I think.
literally just made an account, wtf
5:59 PM
Q: What can feltrite be used for?

PausePauseI know Feltrite is used to upgrade your weapons and skills. However, with the ease that it can be acquired with it is not difficult to fully upgrade those skill trees and still have thousands of Feltrite Crystals left over. Other than personal upgrades, can Feltrite Crystals be traded or consum...

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