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1:13 AM
holy shit the amount of positivity and all is wonderful lol
(though I don't know why it's burritos specifically)
@Ave because they are sustinence and solidarity, and therefore important
@Unionhawk how exactly?
Just generally speaking
And because I stole the specific wording of tweet 3 of the thread
Ah alright.
1:45 AM
@Wipqozn I see Slay the Spire is about to hit Switch, so I'll probably play it again. What Ascension are you? I need to make sure I am the superior gamer
2:02 AM
@HalfEmpty Oh, I like this
2:53 AM
3:47 AM
Q: How do I suppress my guns?

Antinatalist IE As a Counter-Terrorist, the game didn't automatically suppress my M4A1 after I bought it. How do I attach the suppressor? What other guns can be suppressed?

@TimStone okay this is great
4:44 AM
@JasonBerkan they are, more so with how some hints to understanding some puzzles are in other world, like one world had this track that you ride on and at each stop you hear a noise that tell you what direction to go next. yet to know what the noses mean without looking it up online you have to go to another world to the hide out of one of Atrus's sons where there is a device you can use to help understand the noises
never played Riven but i played Exile and Exile's puzzles were self contained from what i recall
Q: What's the significance of the writing at the Dantooine Spaceport?

SirTechSpecThere's some writing that's repeated several times at the spaceport in Dantooine. But I couldn't make it out, and the Aurebesh guides suggest it says "zxczsd fczsc". The signs, etc. in the rest of the game spell out valid words (though not always strictly applicable, e.g. there's only one "Cant...

5:30 AM
Q: Xbox one headset problems

Ed CollinsDude u helped me a lot in finding out how to use my headset through my computer but I couldn’t Get my game volume to work still. Any help of is that impossible ??

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7:40 AM
8:28 AM
Q: My pet dolphin has vanished

Mine craftI was playing minecraft on the Nintendo switch. I went under water and made an underground base in creative mode, the base had no water in it except for a pool I had made. I put a wall on the edge of the pool and made it out of light blue glass. The wall reached the roof and to get into the pool...

8:48 AM
Q: Gaming Language - Searching for game specific terms

WerfischI am currently planning to write a scientific work about gaming language, and so far could only provide gaming terms I knew myself and from friends (which is mostly League). So I'm asking this community to give me their juiciest bits of game language, at best with a small explanation, when the t...

9:28 AM
Q: Help using /fill command with NBT tags on spawners in 1.14

Benjamin FasickI'm working on a mob grinder, and have some spawners I need to place. However, I'd like the player diatance tag to be 1000, instead of the usual 16. I know it should look something like this: /fill 5527 187 1981 5516 187 1997 minecraft:spawner replace air {RequiredPlayerRange:1000} Honestly,...

Q: Counter Strike Condition Zero Mac Dedicated Server with Steam

noobmaster69I just purchased counter strike condition zero from steam, and now I want to host a public server over which my friends can connect from different places over the internet. For that I tried installing Half Life Dedicated Server from steam itself, but when I run it all I see is this error Have ...

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10:49 AM
Q: Minecraft Version 1.7.6 crashes upon singeplayer mode

WhitcheefI have a problem that started today (5/25/2019) and it's been bugging me. I'm trying to play on the single player game mode and re-live my old memories (version 1.7.6), as that was the time I actually really got into Minecraft (1.6.2 was when I started) and I wanted to try 1.7.6 again. So, I op...

11:42 AM
@Memor-X Exile's puzzles were entirely self-contained, yeah -- each world contains everything you need to solve it.
Riven was more like Myst in that there's clues and puzzles spread out all over the place, but unlike Myst you can never end up in a situation where you need to solve an unclued puzzle to proceed and can't go back and look for the clues.
IMO Riven is the best game of the series¹ overall, although Exile has some excellent individual puzzles.
¹ with the caveat that I haven't played Uru
@Ave are there like subtitles or a transcript or something anywhere?
Q: What are units in Dota 2

Barry PI read sites about Dota 2 ,and there they often mentioned about 'units'. I confused because 'units' here does't mean 'distance units'. But 'units' here can mean many things. So, could you explain what units here really are ? Thanks.

Awesome :D
11:57 AM
@Ave what i got in the up next when i opened it up in incognito mode and thus not logged in
12:17 PM
@Wipqozn lol
also I fixed onebox locally
I can confirm though that the ratburn wedding was a big socialist plot (public broadcasting?)
that part is completely real
but it's good
@Sterno 10 with Ironclad and Defect, 9 with Silent. I also plan to buy it again, even though I'm still playing it on PC. Portable Slay the Spire will just be fantastic to have.,
Did anyone else lose some reputation from a user being deleted?
In the last 12~ hours
@Wrigglenite Oh I have a link for this!
Let's see if I can find it here...
A: Massive user removal in one night?

animusonThere's no such thing as a database cleanup that would affect reputation, because we don't automatically delete profiles that have voted. One or more users deleted their profiles, and there's really not anything further we can discuss about the topic for privacy reasons.

It was actually that question that made me ask here
Yeah I got a -20
I was wondering how much this now-deleted user had voted on Arqade
1:05 PM
ah gotcha
Well I have no idea
Although now I wonder if there's some sort of "Deleted user" history for mods.... probably not.
I got -80 which doesn't seem all that bad compared to what I'm reading about on other sites
> note that if a moderator or employee deletes a user, their votes are always invalidated, and vote preservation only comes into play if the user voluntarily requests deletion
That makes sense, I suppose
1:42 PM
@Wipqozn "not available in your country"
1:59 PM
in The Screening Room, 2 hours ago, by Memor-X
@AnkitSharma i lost 835 from Anime and Manga and only 10 here on Movies and TV
2:23 PM
@Wrigglenite Yeah, I lost 70
Must be a newer user, I didn't lose any
I guess they weren't very active here on Arqade
I lost 25 rep on Arqade, 10 on Software Engineering and Skeptics, and 5 on movies, writing, Android, Worldbuilding, security and Earth Sciences
[5.24.19] _ MOON BASE.7
Artist is Beeple
Super love him
@Wipqozn the one in the dream? One of my favs tbh
2:51 PM
Q: You are not interested in me, you are a SHELLOS

gsamarasAfter battling the last level veteran Pokemon trainer in the Factory of the Trainer House in Heartgold, he said: You are not interested in me, you are a SHELLOS, if I may so or something like this.. Being a Generation 1 & 2 trainer only, I don't know much of this Pokemon (SHELLOS), and its ...

@SForceSpector This is why I have endless respect for shows like Arthur and the creators. They never do these kinds of episodes for social brownie points or for moral grandstanding, they do it to educate and teach kids to accept different ways of life.

Yeah Arthur is great
Agreed :)
3:48 PM
I think this will work
Q: Battlefield 3 Punk buster ban

Ameenthis is about origin and Battlefield. I got punk buster banned a few years ago on my gaming pc with a different origin account. I recently bought the game again with all the expansion packs and on a different account. Will I be able to play on the same pc without getting banned or will I have to ...

Sadly I am at work so I can't make it there whatsoever BUT I AM HAPPY IT EXISTS REGARDLESS. bounces
Oh man, how I hate it when a show ends on a cliffhanger and the final piece is "to be continued on [this other show]"
Supergirl does that sometimes :(
@Ash I was watching the Flash S3E08. Everyone got teleported away by the Aliens except The Flash and then this giant arrow head appeared with the text "to be continued on Arrow".
@Nzall yeaaah I had to chase down some Flash episodes
@Ash I've tried starting Arrow, didn't enjoy it because the setting is a lot darker
4:14 PM
I didn't love the Flash, but I just watched the ones that would let me keep going with Supergirl
2 hours later…
5:59 PM
Update on my father: he will need surgery, the ball has been dislodged from the rest of the joint and they pretty much have no choice but to replace the entire joing
6:17 PM
@Nzall Really sorry to hear that. I hope the surgery goes well.
6:43 PM
Trying to balance water usage when trying to get elemental essence is interesting.
cc @Dragonrage @fredley
7:13 PM
Q: Minecraft pe server

G_GzCan I change my name a 2nd time in Minecraft POCKET EDTION without paying?i got a new account and used the same gmail and it counted as changing my name

7:40 PM
@Nzall Oh, damn. I will keep him in my prayers, if you feel it's appropriate to do so
@Nzall Ouch! My sympathies :(
Slight adrenaline but we did an antiracism
@Ash I don't mind.
Outnumbering them roughly 100:1
7:43 PM
@Nzall Then I will do so. :)
So Artifact on twitch is now just streaming movies and anime lol
One of them is Food WArs and now I'm hungry
This brewery has a rainbow grilled cheese which is really good
@Unionhawk what makes it rainbow?
@Ash colored cheese
Like I guess they dyed mozzarella or something
7:59 PM
@Wipqozn I thought you might be exaggerating but no the Artifact topic is entirely anime and Ugandan cinema
@RedRiderX The first genuine Artifact stream has 8 viewers
8:33 PM
Q: Amnesia - im stuck in the chancel

JehrikoSo I've got the orb pieces, put them in the pedestal (with the tar), now what? i don't know what to do with the bone, the jar with the string on it, or anything at all about "Weyers tonic"

How did Harry Potter get down the hill
JK, Rowling
thats terrible and I like it
2 hours later…
10:15 PM
There is a new game that is basically Pokémon snap but with dogs and I am HYPED
10:30 PM
@GodEmperorDune tbh it not actually being pokemon, and even not being on rails, makes me sad.
They really need to do a Pokemon Snap 2: Even Snappier
11:07 PM
@Wipqozn hear that folks, @Wipqozn the terrible hates it, so it must be good
Q: Far Cry 4 won't install completely on my xbox 360

Coy OsbonI recently bought Far Cry 4. During the game data installation it gets about 1/3 of the way through and quits saying the installation cannot be completed. I've tried several things, but nothing seems to work. I even tried in on another Xbox but had the same results. The disc looks fine. I don't k...

11:33 PM
@GodEmperorDune I do what I can to help small businesses

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