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12:07 AM
Q: How Many Possible paths exist on Detroit: Become Human?

LemonLet's take Grand Theft Auto V for example. There is just one important choice with three options. That makes 3 possible paths on a savegame. Considering that Detroit: Become Human has more than 60 endings and 250 decisions, how many different combinations are possible on the story?

@GodEmperorDune Just in time
12:23 AM
29 mins ago, by Wipqozn
@GodEmperorDune All I'll say is: Get hype.
There have been multiple guesses so far as to what is happening. Have any been right? Who knows!
I mean I know, but I ain't telling.
Q: Skyrim for the Xbox 360

JacobI just got Skyrim for the Xbox 360 and it won't work and I can't afford a HDD so I use a USB. When I go to play the main menu is purple and it freezes when I go to start a new game. What do I do to fix it.

@Wipqozn I know because literally this is the only thing capital t capital m The Mods use Majora's mask days remaining to generate hype
@Unionhawk Well we'll see just need to wait and see then I suppose!
12:47 AM
Q: How to use TrustedUUID?

PortalFor a while, I have been experimenting with NBT Data on Minecraft. Recently, I wanted to make a fox that trusts both me and a friend of mine, and I know this is possible, as they have the tag TrustedUUID. However, I don't know how to use it. There are no tutorials about using this tag, and the W...

12:59 AM
Anybody want to play Risk of Rain 2?
1:15 AM
Sounds risky
Shaky hands plus cat insulin equals me wasting two syringes because I stabbed myself instead of the cat.
Yaaaaay (that shit hurts. At least I did it before I loaded the insulin so I didn't waste that)
1:37 AM
This incremental has some strange goings on.
2:12 AM
@Ash Ouch! :(
I was displeased :P
I can imagine!
I just took one of the arms off my chair because the padding cracked and kept irritating my arm and…immediately tried to put my weight on it to shift my position
It turns out the empty void does not offer the same level of support for this purpose
evening =)
Q: Longest cooldown time ever in DOTA 2

Anton SI visited many sites about DOTA 2 , but none of them gave information about cooldown time for each hero in DOTA 2 . As far as I know the longest cooldown time is Silencer's Global Silence with 160 seconds , but I'm not so sure about that , maybe Wraith Kings' Reincarnation , or Enigma's Black Hol...

2:32 AM
@TimStone I suspect not!
@TimStone I read this as "pudding cracked" and was very confused for a second
Alas, no pudding, though that's probably preferable if it were cracked
Probably us
@Yuuki I called my parents tonight as I do every week and mom was like "how is your friend getting so many steps in and so many stairs, does he have legs left"
3:10 AM
@Frank which stage are you on?
@Dragonrage Second
End of it, I think.
Infernal is growing.
Ah. It gets weirder on stage 3. I think I finally figured it out though
@Frank yeah that’s about to the end
Yep. Stage 3. Interesting premise, upgrading, and continuing a story.
@Chippies may? Definitely is.
@Ash I mean, I don't know for sure, could be just regular sorcery :P
definitely something going on there though
3:40 AM
Mmmm yes agreed
it was impressive when he did barrel rolls, but when he did a backflip, that's when I was like "holy shit I didn't know that was possible"
@Chippies The only bad thing about this is the taste of regular RedBull
3:57 AM
I have no idea what Red Bull tastes like
If you find yourself with a spare hour and a half, this is incredible
1 hour later…
5:25 AM
I turned on search and app history, switched my units to celsius, then switched search and app history off
It's so fucking dumb
@Ash The jury is still out on whether I still have legs. I do have some nice photos to share when I get back on Sunday though.
And also, to be fair, I'm on vacation, which gives me plenty of time to walk around, and I'm in China, which gives me plenty of reasons to walk around.
Yay photos! My mom asked for a rematch when you have your legs back lol
I'd probably lose back in Houston, there's not nearly as much occasion to walk around back home.
Sadly enough, China is possibly more pedestrian friendly than Houston.
At least every intersection here has working and visibly timed pedestrian crossing signals.
The intersection near my house as traffic light in both directions but pedestrian lights in only one
I've already almost been run over once
5:42 AM
If it wasn't for the rampant cigarette smoking and authoritarian government, I think I'd actually enjoy living in a major Chinese city.
6:18 AM
yrrrrg, none of that sounds good
not posting that because it was posted before, but @TimStone summed up my response already
Aug 16 '17 at 11:53, by fredley
7:08 AM
@fredley too costly for what it is
Q: How do I hunt most effectively?

DrFishI am at the stage where Lara becomes able to set up camps and hunt animals with bow and arrow to start with. However, I seem to not hit anything: Deers run away mostly, not to mention the swifter rabbits. So, the main question is, do I need to learn this stuff to advance in the game, or is it a...

you can buy a pinephone for $150
now, if it was $50, I'd buy one
but $150 is seriously a ton for a b&w screen and probably not-great internals
you can get a switch base unit for $150
okay time to fix twitter links
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
@Kevin Morning
8:10 AM
hacky but works
@Ave But can you crank it?
@fredley well it just seems to me like crank will be the most common point of failure
Just get some spare cranks
I've said this yesterday, but I'm saying this again because it'll reach different people now: I've posted an answer to an old meta post, take a look if you'd like
Q: Recent change to "speedrun" tag

MichaelloggAs of a change made yesterday, the speedrun tag's usage guidance states one should "Use this tag for questions about speedrunning in general - if your question is game-specific, please use the game's tag instead." However, of the 17 questions that still have the tag, only 4 actually follow this d...

8:48 AM
Q: Which car racing game should I purchase to learn real car racing techniques?

Đỗ Tiếnfirst of all, I am an amateur motorcycle racer (150cc). Secondly, I am about to buy a G29 kit this weekend plus the separate shifter. I have wanted to learn car racing technique for such a long time since I think it is kinda cool to use both of your feet and hands at the same time. Now this is my...

1 hour later…
9:55 AM
@Dragonrage Figuring it out now
Hard part is figuring out what is consuming a resource
I can't work out how to stockpile magma atm
10:27 AM
Q: The full edit mode cheat is not working for me

TamaraI have searched how it works and have tried to do it myself but it is not working. What do I do?

10:45 AM
@fredley I keep forgetting panic is still out there doing it's thing
And then they pull something like this
@Unionhawk the bob emergency is truly his magnum opus
150USD seems like a lot for a new gameboy, but it all depends on the games of course
For some reason I thought you could turn the crank to charge the system like it was some kind of emergency radio
@RedRiderX I really want to buy one actually
and I really want to make a game for one
11:01 AM
Yeah that's another big question mark how easy is it to develop for this
But I've already had my heart broken by the pocket chip so I don't know if I can open my heart to another novelty hardware platform again
Q: How to download wine-tkg manually?

10ZKhaledI am using Linux Mint 19.1 and I want to install FIFA 19 in it. I went to lutris.net and I found out that I have to install wine-tkg for esync features. The download link provided in there doesn't seem to work; the download never starts. There is a JSON script provided though and I don't know wha...

Q: In Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos a night elf AI took control of my units, how?

user231965I decided to see if my old warcraft 3 discs would work on my modern windows 10 pc. I installed reign of chaos, which had no issues (other than the installation window thinking I had windows nt installed). I was able to open up the game and did a test game against the AI to see if the game ran fin...

Q: How to play three KO replays in a row?

Mr. Flay SepulcrastI'm playing Fight Night Champion online, a boxing game. Usually, after a KO, there's a brief replay showing the last punch. But some online players turn that single replay into three replays with different angles and play them full one after another when they knock you out, with the only purpos...

11:23 AM
@Nzall Amazon is doing an Uber thing now but for postage?
@Ave how did you get it to work?
11:46 AM
@Wipqozn Why are you counting down to tomorrow? What happens on Friday?
Well for one thing: It'll be Friday
@Nzall There have been several guesses from users as to what event I am counting down to.
@Kevin Accurate
12:07 PM
Q: Mine Craft Problem

Seleem Wael AdelI really love minecraft, i stopped playign it for a month and when i came back, it did not open the launcher, so i Reinstalled it, i deleted it, i did everything but same problem, it either show me that the launcher is opened but its invisible, i cant to anything or it open to a really old versio...

Feb 17 '17 at 16:20, by Yuuki
> Can we agree not to post 600 "Dawn of the final day" pictures in the days before march 3rd?
Aug 19 '16 at 15:23, by MadMAxJr
Isn't this where you use a 'dawn of the final day' meme?
Aug 19 '16 at 15:24, by Unionhawk
dawn of the final day was like 3 hours ago
@Nzall inf
@fredley "inf"?
Image not found
12:19 PM
@Kevin I can see the image
Same here
I'm just explaining @fredley
12:20 PM
that bit of fredley. Fredley is beyond mortal comprehension
You'll have to click through because it loads fine fo rme
@Kevin Dread Pirate Fredley
12:31 PM
I'm thinking more eldritch porkchop from beyond the stars
Grandma is baking cookies pork
@fredley it is too early for this shit lol
@Wipqozn Is Arqade shutting down?
Or being rebranded as Quora: Gaming
@Ash Quite literally. I don't think anyone from the Bridge lives in Guam or Somoa
Both very good guesses!
12:45 PM
@Wipqozn Are they though?
Q: Minecraft 1.14 (java edition)

user231970When I open minecraft the normal news screen pops up and at the bottom there is the play 1.14.1 (latest release) button, but when I press it, it starts to load but it stops a fraction before it actualy loads the game and then crashes. I've looked on google to see if it is my computer but I have a...

@Ronan Yes
Does a guess have to be remotely plausible to be a good guess?
@Ash Sorry
@Ronan It's being rebranded as gaming dot stackexchange dot com
@MBraedley nope, the only Guam humans I know do not spend time in this particular chat room on SE
12:48 PM
It's being rebranded as games.stackexchange.com
we are joining the new vice games
Wait, apparently noms don't open until June the 3rd. That's more than 24 hours remain!
We're going to be called Waypoint now
Also it turns out badp and ash and strix were only doing the work of two people
Some thing something apocalypse something something Friday something something @Wipqozn becoming supreme ruler of all?
12:50 PM
Arqade will be in anarchy as @Wipqozn also retires
@Ronan now that waypoint is now vice games
this is honestly a good guess
waypoint.zone is the only true url now lol (waypoint.vice probably still redirects but will it forever? also probably)
We're being rebranded as "Wipqozn's game hole and turtle repairs"
Really tempted to rename the bridge now...
I'll rename you
12:53 PM
Pronoused Wur-gur-tur
Dammit, it should be discount turtle repair
Wipqozn's discount. Similar to Hobson's choice
Wipqozn's socks
a turtle with socks? whatever next? a porkchop with a jacket?
oh shit I'm only
6 score from bronze
1:00 PM
@MattE.Эллен porkchop with a straitjacket?
I can imagine it
@Unionhawk Gotta answer more questions
I've got 1 self answer I've been meaning to gather information on and post
but there's no way it'll get +6
so close though
it might get like 2 or 3
Oh wow this is a kickass storm
possibly the same line we're seeing lol
1:07 PM
Meanwhile it's nice and sunny here
And I just realized I only have work 3 days next week :o
The cats asked me to go outside this morning.
I'm glad I didn't let them out.
One of my coworkers lost his cat for a few days
Concerned cause said cat always comes back the next day... set up papers and everything
Till one day, I think after a week, he came back home and saw the cat standing at the front door... which he never uses... so probably the cat was trying to enter via the wrong door all this time
1:33 PM
Ouch, my ears. I updated the control software for my headphones and when I rebooted they were turned to full blast
1:49 PM
@Memor-X I literally have a thing mitming every single message
I used to use it for emoji replaces
though I'll disable it now
as I have mutant now
Oh shiiiiii
I thought I'd finished it
Turns out I've barely started
2:25 PM
Q: How does the save system of the Konami Castlevania Anniversary Collection work?

SolveSoulHow does the save system work exactly in the Konami Castlevania Anniversary Collection? Since this collection contains games that didn't have a save system back in the day it's not really clear how the game can be saved. Does it work in save-state kind of way that you can save at any point and r...

2:45 PM
@fredley you are quite a bit further than me though. i cant figure out how to make more air golems
3:05 PM
Q: In the 3D Zeldas, is it faster to roll or to simply walk?

Fredy31In 3d zeldas where you can roll infinitely (By memory Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Windwaker and Twilight Princess) I usually just roll over and over again instead of simply walking. It feels just a little bit faster. I know this may change from game to game (I didn't want to create 4 questio...

@fredley I'm still stuck at figuring out how to balance the mud and magma production.
@Frank ive found pausing certain machines help, since there are a number of conversions that are lossfull, so if you have too many lossfull conversions running, you will have zero net increase in resources
Q: I go to turn on chat to allow everyone but it just shows up with friends or no one only how do I select everyone?

user231975*so yeah pls help me. I really need help because there are non friends I want to message. *

3:48 PM
basically if you are stagnant in producing resources, you will need to turn at least one off
4:02 PM
@Unionhawk lol Johnny Catches
4:13 PM
hey ppl
is my pf changed?
Q: Is it possible for me to build a raised platform that I can put a carpet on?

JoshAgain.. Is it possible for me to build a raised platform that I can put a carpet on? I want to make a raised grass area

4:42 PM
@Dragonrage Yeah, I've been turning off mud when I need magma.
hmm, i was producing enough steam, now i am not. and i didnt change anything :(
@ErrorTheWolf You may want to consider spelling out all the words in your messages in this room, both 1) to fit in with the general culture that has developed here over nearly a decade (what.), and 2) to be understood and possibly actually get a response.
5:04 PM
Q: Nintendo DSi resemblance feature comparisons?

1gr8penguinMy sister owns a Nintendo DSi and when she used the resemblance filter to take a photo of me and her, it rated 37% (cousins). I once tried it on a mirror photo of myself and got 58% (twins). I once tried it on a mirror photo with 8 duplicates (not 1) and got 49% (siblings) with one of them. I als...

@InvaderSkoodge Yeah I have no idea what pf stands for. I've got an idea based on the fact their avatar changed, though.
@Wipqozn idk what pf means either. pfp on the other hand is more obvious
5:21 PM
I don't know what any of you kids are talking about.
@JasonBerkan It's a shame @Sterno isn't around as much so you two can talk about old people things. Such as how things were better in your day and about your favorite kind of dentures.
5:57 PM
@Wipqozn I didn't have a pocket phone/computer back in the day, so your first discussion point is false.
Now, the fact that I need bifocals to see the screen on my pocket computer is an older person topic.
6:23 PM
@HalfEmpty This is the kind of feel good stories we need
7:03 PM
bbl KL1637
@badp Have a safe flight?
7:24 PM
Q: Borderlands 2 Norfleet interaction with absorb shields

Roijan EskorThe question I'm trying to answer is why the Norfleet's damage does not get entirely absorbed by an absorb shield. Here's some background on launchers and splash damage (credit to Demonite from the Gearbox forums): Splash damage works as area of effect damage of guns. Note that not all guns...

8:15 PM
So so so, who's running for mod tomorrow?
@Wipqozn hey, want me to destroy the "feel good" aspect of it?
@Ave No
Sad kitties make me the saddest of all
Q: How do I angle Sandbag's up-special?

Brandon_JIn SSF2, Sandbag's up-special has him dropping a bomb on himself to propel him upwards. CPU players appear to be able to angle the move in a desirable direction, but I am unable to do this consistently. How do I do this?

ok, now stage 3 is getting absurd lol
8:35 PM
hey guys
my pfp has been changed
@Ave technically speaking, wouldnt it be selecting questions to ask first?
and now my username
@Dragonrage hum?
8:37 PM
isnt the first stage of the election figuring out what questions to ask the moderator candidates?
ok where was i
It just so happens that RPG.se is in that first stage of their own election
Q: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

JNatRole-Playing Games is scheduled for an election next week, May 27th. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely volunta...

my point stands tho, is anyone from here running?
5 mins ago, by Unionhawk
8:41 PM
why does my mini map look like a turtle?
@Wipqozn what have you done?
@Unionhawk you have my sword. and my vote.
Q: I’m playing Plants Vs. Zombies on and ibook G4, but the gameplay is much faster than normal. is there any way to fix this?

BoDaciousi don’t see anything about it in the options menu, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else i can do. Is this how the game is supposed to play on mac or am i missing something? The game audio is just fine, and i don’t notice anything else being wrong

Q: How to unassign a 1.14 Minecraft Villager's career in survival, no villager farm

JacksonIs there some way I can make something like a Farmer turn into a Weaponsmith or a Toolsmith? without creative or cheats?

@Ave i plan to
and you get my bow and vote
I think this is time for me to formally announce my intention to not run in the moderator elections due to the simple fact that I do not think I'm in any way qualified to hold this position
8:46 PM
@Ave ooh, i like bows :)
@Nzall is this something we all have to do? I thought we only announce if we do intend to run? :P
@Chippies it is a joke
I also formally announce my intention to not run in the moderator elections due to a whole lot of reasons
@Nzall mine's not. I am completely serious about not running for the elections
@Chippies Same, but I'm poking fun at the fact that other people are announcing their intention to run by doing the opposite
@Chippies But are you running as a Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election?
@PrivatePansy oh crap, I think I need a list of all elections happening so I can announce that I don't intend to run, so I don't accidentally run in one
this is going to get lengthy...
9:14 PM
@Chippies nice, I've wanted to play that for a while
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
oh hey skyward sword any% is now faster than ocarina of time 100%
Also the run is, completely wild it doesn't make sense
Like even more so than before, it already had back in time
Q: When will OptiFine for 1.14 come out?

EmeraldEyeI play Minecraft on a low-spec laptop. I normally use OptiFine to speed up my experience. But i've been constantly checking the OptiFine website for the 1.14 update. Specs: 2 GB Ram, MacBook Air Late 2010, 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB Will the update take as long as ...

@Unionhawk WW is now the slowest any% too
10:37 PM
This is wonderful
You will not be disappointed
> Portion of proceeds donated to Autism Self Advocacy Network
@Ronan lol wow
Tbf that run was almost a year ago, and barrier skip in hd is a thing
That run is, also wild because you do a manual superswim at the beginning
And then teleport everywhere
Once you get grapple
What a time to be alive
11:25 PM
Q: Minecraft : using @e[] to detect item with a custom name

personI am trying to get a command block to teleport 1 Polished Granite (which is dropped on the floor) 1 block above itself (the command block). It also has a custom name, being "Block A" , and my command looks like this: tp @e[type=item,nbt={Item:[{id:"minecraft:polished_granite",Count:1b,tag:[{disp...

11:45 PM
Q: how to get '*!* whispers to you' to go away?

Nightmare09122when I type /msg @p xxxxx it always says "! whispers to you: xxxx". How do I change this to a name, like xxx: xxxxx instead? I'm on windows 10 edition for xbox one.

Actually wait no spirit tracks is slowest
By like an hour
@Unionhawk Your post was also late by an hour
Conspiracy? YOU DECIDE!
oh snap it's almost tomorrow
Listen spirit tracks is almost wind waker
I liked spirit tracks. I never finished phantom "the main dungeon gimmick thing was done really poorly" hourglass.

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