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12:27 AM
Q: Why did many pinball machines at some point stop using a "spring-thingie"?

Pin BallerFrom what I can tell, beginning in the 1990s or late 1980s, some pinball machines stopped using the "spring-thingie" which you normally pull and release to make the pinball fly out into the table each time. Instead, they replaced it with a big, binary (non-pressure sensitive) "START" button, or s...

I think I just got a taste of how @Frank feels sometimes: I was called a "cancerous asshole" for casting a close vote
Okay, so every stand-up comedy I've looked at on Netflix is tagged with "Irreverent".
Is there a reverent comedian? Seems like an oxymoron.
1:29 AM
@murgatroid99 Here? Point me at it.
Finished Nioh once, playing again now with a different weapon. I really like the combat in it a lot.
@Frank The comment was deleted as soon as I flagged it, so I assume others flagged it too
It was on that pinball question
Yeah, found it.
I think that might be a stronger negative reaction than I've gotten to any moderation action I've taken on the site where I'm actually a mod
1:51 AM
Just finished framing out a wall for my basement. So much measuring and cutting.
@Frank Don't forget; measure once, cut twice.
@TrentHawkins Isn't it supposed to be the other way around...?
2:16 AM
@Frank Well, sure, if you don't want to do it the fun way.
2:36 AM
@Lazers2.0 Even if it was about video games this would be developer intent anyway
3:09 AM
Bad news. We had our second casualty in Aftermath.
3:36 AM
God, 10-2 took me way too long.
I had to write basically a whole new solution because I decided to brute force part 1.
My solution potentially isn't generic, since it doesn't make it a full circle before hitting asteroid 200.
3:52 AM
@InvaderSkoodge I have that downloaded. How does it compare to souls combat?
@Memor-X This feels like kind of a loaded question. I give exactly 0 shits about it being an Epic Game Store exclusive or the contract they had with it. As far as bugs, there are some, but they're minor. The bigger problem I'd say is some balance issues. I've got about 40 hours into the game now (which should make it clear I do enjoy it) and there are some pretty broken combos. For example, one ability, dash, lets you spend 4 willpower to get a free move.
So instead of spending the 1 or 2 AP (of 4 you get per turn) to move, you can dash for 4 willpower. Then do it again. And again. For as much willpower as you have (max is around 20> So that's basically 10 AP of moves before you start even spending AP. And you get 2 willpower (3 with a perk) every time you kill an enemy. And there's a skill you can get that gives you 2 AP when you kill an enemy
So you can make a shotgun guy who basically zooms all over the map on turn 1, constantly getting refunded willpower and AP for every kill, and kill like 10 guys in a round
To be clear, that's kind of fun to do. But on some missions (like one where I started next to 6 units that can mind-control 3 of my guys each... and I only have 6 guys), you almost need to use it to succeed
So overall the game needs some rebalance. And I'd love to see more content. You see pretty much all the enemies pretty quickly and then just fight versions of them with more armor, mostly, as time goes on
Combat feels so much better than XCOM though
And the geoscape is a lot better too
So could it have used more polish? Sure! Can I say whether or not whatever money they did or didn't receive from Epic Games went towards that, and it would have been even less polished without it? Who knows? I write software too. Sometimes you just fuck up and go way over budget.
The actual bugs I've had are shooting from cover not always working correctly (patched already), I had one item I looted from the battlefield was broken and unequippable (and the tooltip was <Missing ID> or something like that), and I've got a tech upgrade that gives my energy generators +50% power, but every time I finish a mission and come back to the geoscape/base, it forgets that and powers off a third of my base, and I have to go turn things back on.
That's been pretty much it
A lot of the initial "this is a buggy mess" claims (mine included) were actually kind of from treating the combat and cover like XCOM. It's not. Just because you hide by a wall that shows a half cover or full cover marker doesn't mean you necessarily actually have cover from a particular person. It draws a real line of sight and bullet trajectory
And for the first 2 days or so there was a bug where your guys wouldn't always step out from cover to fire, so you'd get behind cover and not really be able to shoot at anything. And I think that probably made things seems a lot buggier than they were.
I would say they've got to know the game could have spend more time in the oven, though.
But it came out last Tuesday and I've got 45h 57m on it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I think in a year or two with patches, DLC, and mods, this is going to be the best XCOM-like to play
As for the Epic Game Store stuff, I just really don't care anymore every single time it comes up for all the different exclusives. I prefer Steam, but whatever. And I was an original Kickstarter backer. Yeah, they said Steam or GOG. They didn't do it (for another year, anyway). Life goes on. As far as broken Kickstarter promises go, this one is really, really minor to me.
Plus, my understanding is that I still get a Steam key in a year. "All backers up to this point will also STILL receive a Steam or GOG key after the 1 year exclusivity period. The Steam/GOG key will also receive the same 1 year of free DLC which came with the Epic key."
So now I can gift a copy to someone a year from now. Fine by me
4:16 AM
Q: AoE II: The Conquerors AI: how to make trade max profit?

Likes_to_Program123I'm using AoE II: The Conquerors with a 1.0c patch, and I'm wondering if it is possible for two of my AIs to trade but for the max possible profit. For example, if the AIs had conquered half the map, then is it possible for them to move their markets to the corners of the map so it's the max poss...

2 day old response wall of text crits you for 400
4:37 AM
Q: Is there a key for the map icons in game?

ColinI bought lots of markers for my map from the nice bug lady in Dirtmouth but I can't actually remember what most of them are for and there doesn't seem to be a key or legend that I can see on the map or in the journal. I could just look them up on my phone but I was hoping for an quicker in game ...

2 hours later…
6:47 AM
got my ssd working now :)
7:01 AM
Q: Candy Crush Saga Hack Cheats Get Unlimited Lives Generator No Survey

Tonya KellerCheats of Candy Crush would be to utilize any applications or methods to acquire more Lives, Tickets, Boosts, and perform more efficiently, get more combos, and far better score in each degree than could ordinarily be possible. Now it needs to be pointed out that not each tap and cheat will work...

7:35 AM
@Frank Why did you delete my question?
Grounds to close? Fine. But there was no need to delete my question. If the community's stance changes on game-identifiaction tagged questions, appropriate questions can be re-opened.
Q: Playing with multiple controllers

HumanjoWhy didn't Microsoft make the ring around the power button on the controller, correspond with the player number ? It worked really well with Xbox 360 controller's... I was playing Super Street fighter 4 yesterday and noticed how there's literally no indication, of which controller is which

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9:05 AM
Q: Why did many pinball machines at some point stop using a "plunger"?

silverballerFrom what I can tell, beginning in the 1990s or late 1980s, some/many pinball machines stopped using the "spring-thingie"/plunger which you normally pull and release to make the pinball fly out into the table each time. Instead, they replaced it with a big, binary (non-pressure sensitive) "START"...

9:26 AM
Q: USB Controller and emullator issues

Michelle LoweDoes anyone know how to hook up a USB controller to muphen64plus fz emulator?! I tried to map it but it doesn't recognize the controller. Can someone please help me?!

1 hour later…
10:36 AM
Morning chat!
Oh no, it's maths day
11:05 AM
Yaaay it ran out of memory
I'm quite proud of myself for correctly mathematizing the solution
Or at least, spotting the trick
I might have to think about it harder then...
Nah, throw more memory at the problem
Q: Why am I seeing so many Lairon recently?

F1KrazyFor the last few days, I've been seeing a considerable number of wild Lairon. I don't recall ever seeing a wild Lairon before - only Aron - but over the last few days I must have seen dozens. I don't particularly mind, as I have an Aggron with near-perfect IVs that could use the Candy. But why...

@Ronan To put your mind in the right space, my loop period was 353620566035124
11:11 AM
They give an example in the problem
The example is only a few billion though, you might think it to be feasibly calculable.
Ah I see
You worked out how to do it?
No I see what you mean about the example
I solved my memory issue though
11:29 AM
europeans of bridge
from "you'll be okay" to "uh oh", how bad is it that bank gave all my euros (that I got for 36c3) in 200eur bills?
@Ave 0.0001% bad
I mean it's very annoying. I'd go into the branch and ask them to break them down for you.
@fredley I'm still ahead of you by one point
@Ronan Tomorrow
Almost certainly
sets alarm for 5am
12:11 PM
Q: I've proposed a Video Game Speedrunning StackExchange website, is anyone interested in something like this?

Konhaivo12This is a big concern - it's also why there isn't a single unified speedrunning wiki, and info on places like SDA (especially for games that aren't "Mainstream" speedrunning games) is often out of date. It takes a very active community to maintain a wiki or stackexchange. Each individual game re...

@fredley should I do so here or in germany?
@Ave either. In general it's best not to travel over international borders with shitloads of cash though.
@fredley it's just 700eur
@Ave Oh ok
Might as well do it here
here being turkey or europe?
(I'll use credit cards for almost everything, but wanted to get some cash just in case)
12:33 PM
Q: I've proposed a Video Game Speedrunning StackExchange website, is anyone interested in something like this?

Konhaivo12This is a big concern - it's also why there isn't a single unified speedrunning wiki, and info on places like SDA (especially for games that aren't "Mainstream" speedrunning games) is often out of date. It takes a very active community to maintain a wiki or stackexchange. Each individual game re...

@SepiaLazers doubtful
Plus we have this one
2 hours later…
2:25 PM
Q: How do I disable the right analog for the camara in the PS4 Bedrock Edition?

LemonMy right analog is broken, so I tried to use a mouse for the camara and it worked! But the game is taking the analog and mouse input for the camera at the same time. How can I disable the right analog for the camera?

2:56 PM
Q: How do I /give myself a broken Elytra [1.14]

GoobyDooI saw this question asked 2 years ago, but when I tried the answer it didn't work. Wondering if anything changed in those 2 years and if I can get a broken Elytra in creative now.

3:17 PM
Q: Farming with mob spawners in Minecraft

MTWTechHow do I use mob spawners to spawn mobs, then wreck them and collet their drops?

3:37 PM
Q: Do my eyes deceive me, or is the train Station in Paradiso based on the one in Antwerp, Belgium?

Agi HammerthiefToday I came across an image of the train station in Antwerp, Belgium (below). It very strongly reminds me of the one in Paradiso visited by Bayonetta. Is there any evidence (developer comments/credits) that the one in the game is inspired by a real-world train station, particularly the one in An...

There was a double whammy episode drop yesterday. We had our second casualty.
@fredley I like what they've been doing lately a lot, especially their Daft Punk covers (there's a third one as well).
@MBraedley omg they did Digital Love
And it's really good
4:14 PM
Anyone here with Youtube Premium?
I thought about getting it when it was released... but it took several years before they decided it was acceptable to take my money so I'm just gonna continue using adblocker
> Clearly, you might need to find a more efficient way to simulate the universe.
absolutely not
You can't tell me what to do
@Frank ill try and catch up. i need to see if @Wipqozn dies
4:21 PM
Also, Nzall's been a beast with the incendiary grenades.
@Elva the problem I have is that I just started my vacation in Spain, and I'm trying to subscribe as a Belgian user but they won't allow me to change my country to Belgium instead of Spain
To the point I'm questioning why I ever gave him a gun to begin with.
Sidenote: We're almost out of incendiary grenades.
@Frank Never thought a throwaway joke would be so helpful
When in doubt. Use fire.
I have instead chosen to add a periodic update to the debug stream on sw.Elapsed
4:23 PM
It's turned out to be surprisingly effective.
And am testing to see if it runs if my computer locks
looks like it does, neat
@Nzall I have it via nepotism.
@Nzall then wait I suppose? :p
Or use a VPN mebbe
@Elva Yeah, I'm currently installing Opera
Since that has a free VPN included
though the slow wifi doesn't make it easy
sw.Elapsed passes 5 minutes hm
Oh shit my step count probably needs to be a long doesn't it and also I should rethink this actually
4:31 PM
@Unionhawk So...tempted....to.....pin.
@Unionhawk RIP John
Q: What Can You do After Beating the Story

K00lmanI just recently beat Hacknet, and it seemed really short. Other than the achievements and buying the DLC, is there any other content in the game? I would really like to spend more time in the game but there seems to not much else to do.

Q: Do I have to start a new career after installing Breaking Grounds expansion to Kerbal Space Program?

MołotRecently, I bought and installed Breaking Grounds extension to Kerbal Space Program. Will I be able to use all the goodies that comes with it without starting new career? Or do I have to start again?

5:00 PM
Q: How can I teleport players between dimensions with the correct ratios with a data pack?

DaedalusMindI'm creating a data pack where when entities go below bedrock or past the height limit you teleport to a different dimension like this: END Y -128 --> Y 320 Y 384 --> Y -64 OVERWORLD Y -128 --> Y 320 Y 384 --> Y -64 NETHER And I want to teleport with a 1:8 ratio in the Nether and End. Examples...

5:14 PM
Damn it, the Opera free VPN is for a region, not a specific country
all right, it's running substantially faster now but uh, hm
My hacks have come back to haunt me
I found a hint that makes a lot of sense but even that isn't enough
@Unionhawk What's the hint?
the first repeated state is the initial condition
5:18 PM
Do you want another hint?
who knew we were working with orbits
@Ronan Yeah, I'm at 111 million steps 4 minutes into the second example
so even this version will take... like a half hour or whatever math
What does the x position and velocity depend on?
Or rather, what does it not depend on?
Q: How can I open the PS4 Menu when only using a Keyboard and Mouse?

LemonI'm using only a Keyboard and Mouse for playing a game, my controller is turned off. How can I open the PS4 menu?

5:52 PM
@Ronan it doesn't depend on anything because the x-axis is used to represent the independent variable
@Yuuki Thanks for your help
6:07 PM
"oh I think I got it let me try it on the test input"
> Part 2: 9
Oh I found it it was obvious
Updated: I ended up uninstalling my Youtube app and just using Safari, since Safari supports adblockers anyway
top 5000 for part 2 let's go
@Ronan Me last night working on 10-2
Q: [Synthesis-Update]: How can I mark a visited place as "seen"/"checked", visibly noticeable?

PeterCoI'm actually on a friendly planet with many POIs. Unfortunately, I can't remember all the places that I already have visited. Do you know any possibility to mark such a visited place? I think about something like the "visited" tag on NPC's, but visibile from a very far distance. Or how do you m...

6:24 PM
@MBraedley This is my actual work
6:36 PM
@Ronan Well, don't write hacky code at work!
@MBraedley That's more work in the short term though
6:54 PM
@Yuuki This is the correct solution I think
Mine got to the solution in ~1s
@fredley What language are you using?
That's relatively fast, though. What's @Unionhawk using?
I arrived at 12-2 in about a quarter second iirc
Once I figured the math out
7:39 PM
Dungeon crawler where you date your weapons.
@PrivatePansy This just sounds like Persona with(out) extra steps.
Q: Screenshot of the Week contest #2

WriggleniteWelcome to the second edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! Robotnik's submission of an intimidating wild duck took the first spot with 16 upvotes! Here it is in all its beauty: To submit a screenshot, simply post it as an...

8:03 PM
Still not over the solution in SPL for day 8
@Unionhawk I pretty much did this
Who has time to code a lcm function
I don't remember if my lcm function is based on Wikipedia or stackoverflow
And by based on I mean copied from
I should probably find and attribute it
I am in awe at the power of generating the link to get the wolframalpha answer in code
@Unionhawk I just found one and pasted it in. I still haven't worked out external libs yet
@Unionhawk Yeah. Pity they didn't call it and print the result.
I'm mostly mad it isn't built in to System.Math
8:18 PM
It's at the perfect threshold of 'I understand how to do this but cannot possibly be arsed'
8:37 PM
Isn't LCM something like lcm(a,b) => a * b / gcd(a,b)
Maybe Math.abs around the numerator there
Then again today dealt wholly in positive numbers so I guess that doesn't matter
Is the concept even well defined for negative numbers?
I don't know Wikipedia had an abs on top
And then I think GCD is something like gcd(a,b) => case (a == b) => a | case (a > b) => gcd(a-b, b) | case (a < b) => gcd(b,a)
I guess the last two can be simplified to gcd(max(a-b, b), min(a-b, b))
Q: Pokémon GO AR+ doesn't work on my MI A1

Thiago Bueno FiorenzaThe Pokemon GO camera feature called AR + does not work on my Xiaomi MI A1 phone - with Android One OS - since it was released. This option simply does not appear in the options. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Showing how my screen looks: Showing how the screen should look:

8:52 PM
I guess the modulus version is probably faster: gcd(a, 0) => a | gcd(a, b) => gcd(b, a%b)
The new Sonic animation is adorable
Yeah I used return (y == 0) ? x : GCF(y, x % y); which I think is from SO
@Wrigglenite Thanks for not deleting your own passive aggresive comment, but deleting mines instead
There are better ways to communicate that an answer is not fully correct without being a jerk
I have no idea what you're talking about
Since you're linking a wiki and not mentioning where they can be found ingame, can I assume that your "Yes, there is!" actually means "No, there isn't"? — Wrigglenite ♦ 5 hours ago
This is pretty passive aggresive if you ask me
9:02 PM
Flag it if you wish
You could've said "This isn't correct because x,y,z"
I already did flag it, and someone instantly removed my comment about it. Weird timing huh
Ah yeah, I see it now
Wasn't me, so problem solved unless you want to make a meta about it
@Unionhawk gcd and lcm are in the C++ standard library now, so I got to use that last night.
I used atan2 for that one probably
Assuming we're thinking about the same one
9:18 PM
Also used atan2 for 10-2, and probably should have used it for 10-1
(would have made 10-2 much easier)
but my solution also needed gcd for both 10-1 and 10-2
been watching the saga of new user, MTWTech... pretty entertaining stuff
> my reputation is in danger, and i keep getting locked out of stuff, and the other users keep yelling at me!!!!!! Help!!!!!
Q: Can Eclipse Double?

Blazing TrioI've been thinking about the long-ranged tome used in Fire Emblem games, and recently I've been wondering if the Eclipse tome can double attack. eclipse, in Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword, bring your opponent to half health, rounded up, with the exception of Binding blade, in which case it bring...

Q: When should the Spam flag be used?

RobbieRight now the spam tag is labeled as Exsits only to promote a product or service, does not disclose the author's affiliation. and in the author's affiliation it says "The community here tends to vote down overt self-promotion and flag it as spam..." and "Don't talk about your product...

@Steve-o169 Not really meant to be entertaining.
We have our rules to follow, but that doesn't mean we can't try to help them.
@Frank As someone who's moderated other online communities, I find it entertaining watching someone melt down because they won't read/follow the rules of the community. Maybe my bar is set too low lol
9:34 PM
@Steve-o169 Eh. Getting out the popcorn and watching the meltdown doesn't really help with getting a positive outcome.
All it does is cause more drama and ganging up on the poor guy.
So let's limit the comments to that, and try to focus more on how to help them, alright?
@Frank Not much more to do for the guy? Not trying to offend or stir anything, just commenting on the situation. I'll leave it be, maybe my inner troll got the best of me on this one
@Steve-o169 We sometimes do discuss situations here, but please remember that this is a public chat room.
Snarking at their situation, while fun, doesn't really do much expect reinforce how unfriendly we can be.
User shaming is not cool.
9:52 PM
Did I say anything overtly disparaging? A user was presented with links describing rules and directions for using the SE platform and continued to violate them and instead added a cry for help to their profile. I've already agreed to drop it, merely commented on it with my reaction. shrugs
The comment is pretty disparaging. For things like that, just flag it, and let someone deal with it.
But let's just drop it there. We've said our piece, everybody agrees, all done.
Is it disparaging to the New York Yankees to say I was entertained by their game? I don't see the negative here. If the user has a Youtube channel, I might watch for the entertainment. Fair enough though, we can agree to disagree.
Not sure if sale worth it... or just sign up for gamepass when I want to get back into this... humblebundle.com/store/the-outer-worlds
10:16 PM
In other news/questions, is naming updates now a common thing?
In what sense?
Stellaris names all their content updates after sci do authors
Like, Asimov, Clarke, etc.
Are those codenames?
Because codenames in software development has been a thing since forever
I guess codenames are probably the better way of describing them, yeah.
@Frank It adds flair to the update, and it's more memorable/human readable than "Update v3.6"
10:18 PM
They seem to be more prominent now than they used to be.
Makes it easier to figure out what it is, but harder to tell if you're actually up to date or not
Although, to be fair, version numbers are also not always the best way to go about it
See: Microsoft and their methodology for Office updates.
I feel like it's a reasonable attempt to make things more understandable in some ways, but yeah, it's hard to know immediately if like...Asimov came before Clarke, unless they go alphabetical
(I feel like there was something that did that with animal names?)
@Ash macOS versions used to be named after various types of cat
They weren't alphabetical though
Android used to be sweets.
Wasn't it like Ubuntu or something? I dunno
But yeah, giving some indication of "this is the newer one" is important.
10:41 PM
Bridge, maybe you can help me
What is the best audiobook platform for somebody with vision problems (my dad, since his accident) and also looking for personal audio solutions as well for this
like.. voice commands. Probably google home or alexa
Audible seems really expensive for what you get
oh huh, my mom has amazon prime so I Guess they get audible
Maybe not a bad solution then
No, you still need to pay for Audible stuff
> Amazon Prime members, who pay $99 annually for free two-day shipping, can now access Audible audio service content at no additional cost. You'll be able to stream from a rotating group of more than 50 audiobooks. You can also listen to ad-free content including podcasts on Audible's new on-demand service Channels.
there's a small amount of stuff you don't have to pay for, but iirc when I last looked into it, you still either pay their monthly for one book credit per month, or pay per book
Oh. result from 2016
@GnomeSlice Oh, yeah, this thign
10:44 PM
@Ash pay per book is probably fine to start
it doesn't have much book wise
yea sounds like
Can you recommend a good platform?
I don't use audiobooks, myself.
At least, not often
Worth a shot
Me neither
I think most people I know who do use the audible monthly thing because it has the most books, you get one free per month with the monthly and then you get other books cheaper if you buy them
(also you keep anything you get through it)
10:47 PM
Wow. audiobooks are expensive
Now it doesn't seem like such a bad deal
Yeah, they're not cheap
Kobo does audiobooks, either pay for each, or a similar system to audible: kobo.com/us/en/audiobooks
It looks like it's a little cheaper than Audible
@GnomeSlice I love my Google Home Mini, if that helps?
My parents have a bunch of google home things and amazon echo things
(or are you looking for somethign that integrates with audiobooks? Because I don't know if it does)
I was thinking of something like this though amazon.ca/Polk-Audio-BITR-Boom-Bit/dp/B01HIS5NRG
wearable and small
Oh, apparently Google play books does audiobooks - support.google.com/googlenest/answer/…
10:51 PM
integrating would be sweet but probably not affordable for me to start with
@Ash hm. neat!
Yeah, I didn't know about that until I searched for it just now
For something completely different, have a awful science pun it took me too long to get
nope i got nothing
right now I get it
weird canadian band.
Dumbest thing I've ever shared probably actually
@Ash This looks nice, but you only get one book a month?
I mean I don't know how much he's going to be using it if at all
My dad's... different now
@GnomeSlice you only get one book a month with Audible, too
11:05 PM
It says one audiobook plus "2 audible originals" whatever that means
with both, you can pay for more than one, but the sub is for one book a month
@GnomeSlice those are books that start out just on their service, I see it for random romance novels sometimes.
Oh, so one book and two crummy books
No offense I mean like likely not much my dad will want is what I meant
He will probably want books he's already read in the past
Makes sense though. I've been pretty happy with the kobo store for myself maybe I'll see about a gift subscription and a cheap speaker
@GnomeSlice It makes sense, yeah, the two audible originals are unlikely to be things he knows.
I've had a lot of good experiences with the Kobo store for ebooks.
I got into it this summer when I was in the hospital a lot
I liked it
Q: How do I make a don’t touch green minigame in Minecraft 1.14

user241246I want to make a Minecraft map and I’m a noob at command blocks, I need help, could you teach me?

11:12 PM
audible definitely seems to have the most books
They make excellent ereaders and their customer service is pretty stellar.
Anyone else's inbox just get flooded with a bunch of [Announcer] badges?
@GnomeSlice yeah, they do, but they're part of Amazon, so that's not surprising.
Kobo's not been doing audio for very long.
@Robotnik Nope.
@Ash 🤔
Not I
11:14 PM
I've gotten 4 today on 3 different sites
And I don't even remember creating tracked links for them
All the new ones are on answers for me. Perhaps there was a bug that was fixed
A: Missing publicist badge?

TarynThanks for reporting this. The query was broken and has been for a little while. It should now be fixed along with some improvements to it. The original queries the sharing badges, Announcer, Booster and Publicist, were supposed to count the total number of unique IP Addresses that visited from ...

@Robotnik i got 3
I guess I dont share things :P
@murgatroid99 mystery solved! Good work gang.
This might be the best solution after all
one book a month isn't very great..
Also, does your local library do audiobooks? Mine does, and they have a pretty big selection
@fredley Welcome to my kitchen, we have bananas and avocados
I think they use the Libby app
11:31 PM
@Ash yeah I believe so
@GnomeSlice uwot
@GnomeSlice Might be worth checking that out?
I should ask my mom
She uses the library a lot
Haha, star
@GnomeSlice Looks like you have a number of options: biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/collections/audiobooks
(the overdrive stuff will be using the Libby app I mentioned)
11:36 PM
Hm. I know specifically he is interested in doing the mistborn series again on audiobook and they only have one of them
book 5
@Ash This Libby app looks really nice
hm. oh! this overdrive stuff has them in audiobooks

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