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3:03 AM
I’m an idiot. Now I know what @uni feels like
3:43 AM
Dare I ask?
3:58 AM
@Ash you know how I was having issues with my pc? Apparently I forgot to plug the power back into my my main hard drive when I was reorganizing cables after putting in my SSD
4:08 AM
Well, at least you figured out what was going on! :)
@Ash I took the other side of my case off and facepalmed
4:50 AM
Q: Corrupted Textures?

Andrew LeeOn occasion, all grass and stone blocks will just disappear. I can still walk on them, but basically everything except wood and water is invisible. I first started having this problem in a modded world. Which I thought was normal, or to be expected because I was running a lot of mods. But then it...

2 hours later…
6:27 AM
Oh wow, the romantic comedy web manga and anime Wotakoi is getting a live action movie adaptation
If any of you like slightly frustrating point and click puzzle games, I liked this one: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.underair.getaccess
You do have to pay for the full game but you can install it and get a feel for it before you hit the point where you have to pay for it. It was under 5 bucks. It's not super long, but I felt it was worth it.
Also the shower is broken so I tried the bath instead, but I’m so tall that only half my body fits under water at once
2 hours later…
8:37 AM
Q: Why are users so much more helpful on Stackoverflow?

wolfkinaraI don't understand it. If you look at Google's website, it says if you have questions you should ask them on Stackoverflow. Even outside of Google, Stackoverflow is supposed to be the site to get help on programming if you need it. In my experience, if you post anything on that site, you are luc...

8:55 AM
Morning chat
1 hour later…
9:59 AM
Q: looking for old 2d space shooter I used to play

Nik4stI'm looking for old 2d space shooter. The gameplay was pretty straightforward, we fly as triangle-based spaceship and shoot to kill enemy alien ships, getting shot back. The ship could fly both vertically and horizontally using arrows. There were usual upgrades, I remember one of them was getting...

@Elva morning!
10:44 AM
@Ronan I just atan2'd my way through, multiplying all my coordinates by a million because rust hates floats apparently.
@fredley Yeah I did that in the end
I was trying to work out how to simplify fractions
11:01 AM
@Ronan I basically calculated the angle to each asteroid, and used that as the key in a hashmap. Number of asteroids you can see is the number of keys in the hashmap.
Ordering them was a pain though.
@fredley Yup, polar coordinates
> This question was migrated to Arqade Meta because it can be answered by passionate videogamers on all platforms.
That makes perfect sense
I hate the problems that draw things, it's really hard to add them to my tests
Oh they're my favourite!
@Ronan OCR harder
11:06 AM
Oh no it's @Wipqozn's curse
@PrivatePansy Could they not get rights to the theme?
11:23 AM
Q: Why are users so much more helpful on Stackoverflow?

wolfkinaraI don't understand it. If you look at Google's website, it says if you have questions you should ask them on Stackoverflow. Even outside of Google, Stackoverflow is supposed to be the site to get help on programming if you need it. In my experience, if you post anything on that site, you are luc...

11:42 AM
Q: How to sustain Frenzy Charges for Flicker Strike

senpaiBeen trying to theorycraft a flicker strike build for the upcoming Metamorph league, but I've been running short on ideas to sustain Frenzy Charges for Flicker Strike. The three most popular ones that I've seen (and tried) are: The Red Trail + The Golden Rule My issue is that it requires pa...

12:11 PM
@fredley I'm just happy I'm not alone
well, while Batman: Arkham Knight requires Steam to be online for the first run, atleast it actually told me unlike Super Cloudbuilt and Bound by Flame which just threw up an error
12:44 PM
Q: How do I transfer my world of warships blitz ships to world of warships

user241178I can’t even transfer.. anyone got an awnser? I just want to transfer because independence carrier is on mobile but on Mac I only got Langley

1:25 PM
Q: What is the best character considering the control in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Thiago Bueno FiorenzaAfter exhaustive testing of the characters, it was found that the characters that are smaller are the fastest. Baby Mario is an example of this. However, he slides VERY on the track, making it impossible to run with him. So I would like to know a character that is fast but has the best control. ...

@Dragonrage When I built my pc, uh, 5ish years ago it was acting up. The graphics weren't working properly at all, it kept crashing when playing games, et cetera. After a few weeks I realized I actually plugged my monitor into the motherboard built-in "graphics card" instead of my actual GPU.
I find it weird that it matters which port you plug it in to
@Ronan I find you weird!
That'll show'em
I've been showed
1:46 PM
Q: Who made these maps? Is there one for Zork III?

MitroramI recently got back into text adventures and finally completed the Zork trilogy, yay (with some peeking at hints, boo). I used these maps for the first two games. I was certainly able to find other maps for Zork III, but I never saw any like these, and wondered if their creator had ever finished ...

@Ronan The closer it is to the CPU the faster it can communicate
2:02 PM
In this case it's more that you used the built-in graphics card instead of the actual GPU :p
Q: Can you marry a girl in Stardew Valley if you are a girl?

RiotRuthCan you marry a girl in Stardew Valley if you are a girl? my character is a girl and i just wanted to know if you can marry a female.

Q: Is a dragon better than wizards level 3

shaneb720I try about 10 to15 wizards but they stiil get killed should I use the dragon.

2:26 PM
Anyone here had played at Fire Emblems Fates? Is it normal that I find Birthright chapter so easy next to Conquest chapter? with same difficulties settings, I didn't need to restart the console on Birthright for 2 or 3 story battles where it was needed on Conquest at almost every story battle (due to some new enemies - like horsemans - come to the battle just next 3rd line character - like healers.
@damadam Yes
Birthright is supposed to be the easiest path.
Helps that you can grind as much as you want.
@Frank that's bad, I must have play it at 1st on Hardcore mod, to get same level difficulties as Conquest
Because I didn't really enjoyed playing Birthright for that :/
That's why I did Birthright first.
And still muddling my way through Conquest.
Only castle defense against AI is hard on Birthright
which is the contrary on Conquest xD
On Birthright, 1st winned magistry (the object to evolved) comes when I already evolved them all (at max lvl : 20)
I'm still playing on Classic. Which means I restart whenever I lose someone.
@damadam Since Awakening, there's no longer a reason to max out their class level.
2:36 PM
A: When should I use a Master Seal in Fire Emblem: Awakening?

FrankIn most Fire Emblems, if you were wanting to maximize your stats, you'd only use a Master Seal once the character has reached max level in their current class. This is because it was a one-way street. You had to get as many levels out of them as possible, and using a Master Seal at any point wh...

ahhhh okay, I didn't know that tip
@damadam It's a change from the previous games, yeah.
Probably in an effort to make the series more accessible to new players.
I'm half remembering a thing about SE having an arrangement where they get outage reports instead of reparations for down time, where would I find details about that?
2:45 PM
@Frank I should try previous FE games, to test that :)
@damadam Heh. That depends. Are you okay with permanently losing characters? And unforgiving difficulty levels?
@Frank I already play like that, that's why I restart a lot on Conquest (which is my 1st FE games)
Q: What happens when I join a game and someone is playing with the same Microsoft account?

LemonLet's say that: I join a Minecraft game hosted on Xbox One from a PS4 that has my Microsoft Account linked I join the same game from Windows 10 using the same Microsoft Account What would happen in this case? Are the 2 connections possible or I would get kicked from PS4?

when I know that I would lose a character to pass a story chapter (even after some restart), I sent the most useless to die on the battle field xD
@damadam Well, that's one way to play.
Just be warned: the older games are not as refined, and have simpler systems.
2:49 PM
@Unionhawk How did I mange to post half the messages in one room, and the other half in another?
RIP Camilla on last story chapter (against Nohr king monster)
Oh I know how. I went from desktop to mobile.
I'm bad at chat
It does make it easier to create cheese characters, though.
Swordmasters were absolutely silly in Path of Radiance.
I'm amazed I've never accidentally chat banned anyone since becoming a mod.
does AI on previous FE games can be as insane?
2:51 PM
@Wipqozn Everyone's just been covering up behind you.
didn't @fredley do that once testing a script or sometihng
3:18 PM
@damadam Not sure what you mean as insane.
On Fates, I think that the AI is well intelligent and do some decent moves, I would like to know if AI on previous FE games are just a little less decent or totally stupid.
I haven't noticed the AI do much differently.
They're way better at wearing down one character than they used to be, though.
interesting, I like that, even if it's really frustating :D
@Unionhawk Sounds likely
Skills are also a new addition, so they don't exist in previous games.
3:37 PM
Some skills are derived from abilities in previous games.
Like Astra used to be the Swordmaster's ability.
@Yuuki I...think that started with Ike and Path of Radiance.
3:50 PM
Q: Error FML[16:22:38] [main/ERROR] [FML]: FML appears to be missing any signature data

user241185[16:22:38] [main/ERROR] [FML]: FML appears to be missing any signature data. Que hago ??

4:15 PM
11-2 is off to a very bad start so far
@Unionhawk How did you do part 1 but get part 2 wrong?
      # #
      #   #
       #   #
      ###  #                           ##
       # #                             # #
      # # ##                         #   #
     ## ##  # #                     ###  #
      # #  ##  ##                  #   ## #
          ##  # #                  #  #### #
      ##     # #                    ##  ##
      ###  #  ## # ###               ## # #
   #     ####   #  ## ##              #   #
   #  #### #   # # ##  # #          #   ## #
   # ###   #  #  ## ##  # #   ### # ####  # ###
if you can find 8 letters in there please let me know
That looks like part 1 to me
ah yep it is
Clearly it's all cool S's
4:17 PM
I changed my first input in 1 spot but not the other, more important spot
@Unionhawk You ordered your layers in reverse. I did the same thing the first time. (Assuming it's day 8 you're talking about)
@MBraedley nope, it's day 11, and I was supposed to give it an initial input of 1 instead of 0
I will not be going to space jail today
I think I have my 7-2 down now I just need to actually implement it
Yeah, getting 7-2 to work was a bit tough for me as well.
You could do it by hand, but threads were the way to go for me.
Hm yeah I'll probably have to thread this too
I have never done threading in C# and it's been probably 4 years since I've done it in Java so this can only go one way (very well)
but it might also go "great" or "excellently"
If you can pause your intcode computer, you don't have to thread them, but you still need to handle the IO pipelining.
4:29 PM
Actually yeah, I could add a PeekNextInstruction, see if it's looking for input that it doesn't have yet, and wait until it gets that input somehow before continuing with my RunNext on that computer
Q: Where does Sora dissapear to in KH3?

RaineDrop953In KH3 at the end Sora disappears. I have heard he goes to "The world ends with you" but I don't know for sure. Where does he go?

@Unionhawk That was my solution, I made a function that ran the code until it paused or halted, and a return value to tell you which one, when it pauses take the output, put it in the next input and set that one off
@Wipqozn i did the same thing when i first built my pc however long ago that was
4:52 PM
Q: Leaving worms after destroying spawners

Robert MillerWhat happens if I leave worms intact after destroying spawners. I would expect that no more biters and spitters will be produced there but will leaving the worms there cause any problems for my base?

5:12 PM
Q: Pro Minecraft talk centre

MTWTechPro's Minecraft Talk centre. this is not a question. anyone can talk here by replying, and others can see it and talk by replying too. NO EDITING!!!!!!!! ONLY ADD STUFF! DO NOT REPLACE OR REMOVE ANY CONTENT HERE! please only add appropriate stuff. We will also add and view content too.Pro's Minec...

Q: How am I supposed to know that this post is locked when there is no mention of it anywhere?

DragonrageI found this post today that obviously didn't belong on Arqade meta, so I was going to downvote and voted to delete as it was already closed. However, when I clicked the downvote button, it said I couldn't vote on a locked post, yet there is nothing anywhere on the question stating that it is loc...

5:33 PM
Q: is there a ending to Stardew Valley?

RiotRuthIs there an end to Stardew Valley? like a end cutscene or end items? i've pretty much finished everything and was just wondering if there's a end.

stop. please just ignire this stuff and give me a higher reputation. no removing stuff! — MTWTech 5 mins ago
@Wrigglenite did you red flag burn it, or can you delete non closed questions?
Can't 20k rep users vote to delete open questions with a score of -3 or lower?
But yeah, I can delete anything
@Wrigglenite no
answers, yes
Oh, is it closed questions with negative score and -3 or lower answers?
@Wrigglenite i can vote to delete answers with a score of -1 or lower, and i can immediately vote to delete closed questions with a score of -3
5:45 PM
Oh yeah, that's how it was
10k users have to wait 2 days before voting to delete closed questions
That is so annoying
@Wrigglenite yep. also i wish we had a delete vote queue
Me too
Sometimes I see answers I've voted to delete months ago
i probably have 50+ delete votes that are on questions that are sitting at 1-2 delete votes needed
@Wrigglenite can you retract your vote and vote to delete again with super mod powers?
5:48 PM
I don't need the first step
Yeah, just voting to delete will dump it down the drain.
Makes for some interesting revision history.
Speaking of revision history
Best part of being a mod is the little button for it
@Wrigglenite wasnt sure you could delete again if you had already voted to delete prior to being a mod without retracting the vote
@Wrigglenite I think you're talking about the timeline button.
Yeah I just realized
I'm just so happy about that timeline button, you know?
5:53 PM
It's super duper useful.
So useful, in fact...
Q: Make existing timeline icon of a post available to anybody and not only to mods

Pierre.VriensI noticed that on a site where I'm a moderator, there is a small icon below the up-/downvote buttons and favorite icons of every post, which looks like a small clock, and which actually links to the timeline of that post. So as a followup to my answer to "Add a link to the timeline of a post", a...

It's interesting seeing what is and isn't shown at various rep levels
there are a lot of things that i can do as a 20k user that simply arent easy to do because of lack of ui support for it
A lot of those things aren't very well documented, either.
Mod things aren't well documented either :(
when you have to resort to using sql queries on sede to find posts to cleanup, that seems less than ideal
Yup, it's pretty neat
I wonder how well the depiction of video game will age
Well, it's not Pixels.
6:55 PM
Q: Fortnite PC with Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

NinjaFarazRecently I have switched from my Switch to my PC for Fortnite but I've got a problem: I have to use my controller wired because my PC doesn't support BlueTooth and when I do so, my PC reads my inputs as mouse inputs. For example if I move my joystick around, it moves the cursor. I have watched do...

@Frank That is such a low bar
@PrivatePansy Only recent video game-esque movie I could think of.
Wreak It Ralph is relatively recent, though it depicts arcade games, which are not
You know what? I totally forgot about Wreck It Ralph.
Maybe I was thinking of live action video game movies?
Also Ready Player One, which is also a pretty low bar
7:03 PM
Does Hardcore Henry count?
Video games aren't involved but it looks a lot like playing a first-person shooter.
@PrivatePansy I didn't mind that one too much.
@Frank It's not as good as the book, but I'm not sure we wanted a 4 hour movie.
@MBraedley Yeah, the book is way better.
I wouldn't mind it as a single season TV show.
It's actually pretty similar to Wreak It Ralph in premise.
Engage in a decades long treasure hunt?
7:13 PM
The new movie
Oh, Free Guy. From the trailer, yeah, sorta.
NPC becomes self aware and changes the status quo.
Well, they could definitely do worse than live action Wreak It Ralph
@PrivatePansy That's also not a high bar.
See: Most video game movie adaptations.
That reminds me. The Monster Hunter movie is coming out next year, apparently.
The Pokemon movie was pretty good.
Yeah, can't believe we didn't mention the Pokemon movie.
Detective Pikachu?
7:25 PM
Haven't seen that yet.
@Frank Wait, are you implying that Wreck-It Ralph was not a good movie? Because if so I'll have to fight you
Second one wasn't amazing but the first one was great
@MageXy I mean, they say it in the actual movie: "I'm bad..." - Wreck-It Ralph.
@Yuuki Hey now, don't take that quote out of context! "I'm bad, and that's good!"
@MageXy "I'll never be good and that's not bad."
7:59 PM
@Yuuki "Thanks, Satan."
(*  ̄︿ ̄)
You were supposed to finish the quote.
@Yuuki Sorry. I am le dumb.
I had this prepped and everything.
woo I'm completely caught up on advent of code again
@MageXy Nah, that movie was awesome.
I'm implying that live action video game movies are traditionally bad.
8:18 PM
@Unionhawk BOOO!
Some of us have to work. And then play Overwatch
Q: Profile Picture Error

RiotRuthI've been trying to change my profile picture, it would upload, but it will change back to the default when i reload the page. why is it doing this and how can i get my profile picture to stay?

9:12 PM
Did they change the colour of the reputation notifications? I saw a blue number pop up in the top bar
Q: Reputation changes showing with blue background

Em CI just refreshed a page to see my +10 rep notification turned blue. On chat it still shows green, but everywhere else (MSE, regular stacks, SO) I see this blue background. I didn't see any posts about this already, and it's recent (since ~11am EST this morning) - is it WAI? Winterbash related?

9:42 PM
@Wrigglenite no, but the color did :P
A: Reputation changes showing with blue background

Aaron ShekeyTiny bug there with a variable rename. Our variable literally named @green was coming out blue. CSS 😛

Oh, good. I'm not the only one to make silly mistakes sometimes.
@Frank CSS is apparently colorblind
@Dragonrage If it wasn't, I'd start questioning whether or not it was out to get me.
10:20 PM
var duck = new Platypus();
"wtf why is this duck object behaving so freaking weird"
10:44 PM
Q: Stardew Valley game code

RiotRuthSo i've been getting into game coding, but i have no idea what code language stardew Valley is coded in. so I was just wondering what language is Stardew Valley coded in?

10:59 PM
@Lazers2.0 And edit makes this specifically about modding the game, which looks wrong to me
An edit by the answerer, whose answer is more correct if the question is about modding
I reverted that edit
I posted an answer because I happened to know it's something the dev has discussed before, but I also voted to close the question because I don't think it's on-topic. Is that hypocritical?
11:19 PM
It'll disappear before too long.
So it's probably just a wash.
I'm amused at the one answer's idea that you need "specialized tools" to edit YAML
It's literally just text
Q: Will I be able to keep everything in my Season Bank?

RobbieIn the winter event when you attack people some of the loot goes into the season bank which can be collected at the end of the event. The amount I will be getting is way more than my storage can hold right now. Will I lose all of the resources that I can't store or will I be able to collect them ...

11:46 PM
Q: how do i insatll and us T-modLoader?

RiotRuthive always wanted to install mods to my terraria game, but i have no idea how to us or install T-ModLoader. how do i install and us T-ModLoader?


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