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12:15 AM
Hoopla is another service that you can typically get with a library card
12:33 AM
Yeah, that's another good service :)
1:56 AM
just wanted y'all to know that Walmart is a great place to work if you're transgender ๐Ÿ‘
besides the part that they don't have a preferred name thing in the system (although they had a field for it when I had to fill it in after getting hired?!), so it shows my legal name every time I clock in and on schedule and everywhere in the system
everyone calls me Elise and uses "she" pronouns (not that I get talked about within an earshot enough to know what they call me when I'm not around, lol)
all of that makes the occasional "thank you, sir" from customers worth it
cc: @Ash and @Elva :D
Oh that makes my heart so HAPPY.
the first day I was there, a lady at customer desk was trying to help me find the person I had to talk to and they were nowhere to be found. She was explaining the situation to someone else and she was like "this man.." and then she turned around with this "oh shit I fucked up" look on her face and started stuttering "this... this.." so I helped her - "woman"
she was super apologetic after that, but I was just happy that someone even entertained the thought that I might not wanna be called a man
2 hours later…
4:02 AM
Q: How does Rico's grapple hook not tear off his arm?

xpertIn Just Cause, the main star of the show if the grapple hook. Rico doesn't wear an attack on titan style harness that evens out the weight one would feel with that reel power so how does he not rip his arm off?

@Lazers2.0 How does Mario (a rotund plumber) jump several times his own height? How does Samus fit inside the morph ball? How can a bottle of "healing pills" cure everything and anything? How does Link survive with so many hearts in his ribcage?!
5:05 AM
Looking for local meetup groups and found one called Cybertaco and I cannot tell if it's a joke or not
ok, while trying to find an elusive 45 Gem in Cliff Town in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy i've come to find out how horrible handling it is. i have been noticing that the ground in every level i've played have been treated like if it's an ice level where Spyro will slide if he's standing still and you'll start to drift to the side while running or charging but also sometimes you can't even move unless you jump first and one time i was charging and the only movement Spyro had was sliding backwards
unless someone can tell me that this isn't the same in the other 2 Spyro Games in the Reignited Trilogy i think i'll stick with the Playstation ones, sure they aren't as graphical as the remake but at least i'm not fighting the controls
no idea if the Crash Bandicoot remakes are the same, will try that out later on
5:42 AM
I lost my Kindle, and got a Kobo to replace it. Having Overdrive and Pocket integrated is amazing
The software has some rough edges, but oh man it has actual features unlike the Kindle
The desktop app is hot garbage though
6:14 AM
@Frank did we build the railjack thing in our clan dojo in warframe?
i can't seem to find it on the map, just found the observatory which need more tellurim
7:07 AM
Jurassic World: Evolution is currently 80% off on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/648350/Jurassic_World_Evolution
This is actually really good
I just played it til 2AM by accident
Q: hi, I have a serious tnt problem with my constructure

์กฐ์›ํฌso i was just about to make self-destruct button under the floor. (dont ask me why am i make that such a dumb thing) and i make stupid thing happen in front of my face, i activated a single tnt. it is going to explode after 4 seconds, blowing up my structure. there're around 7 tnts nearby the ran...

Q: Did something change in the announcer badge?

Mathias711I earned the announcer badge three times at once last night. Previous time I got it was over 1.5 year ago, and I earned those new badges on quite old questions, and I did not share a link recently (I cannot even remember I share them...). As far as I remember was the bronze level always at 25 uni...

7:20 AM
Like I just want to keep playing more of this
The dinosaurs are extremely well animated and simulated
8:01 AM
I heard so many complaints about Jurassic World Evolution
Q: Baby Villager Command Block 1.14

MeganI am brand new to command blocks, but I want to create a command block that finds all entities with a specific name and resets their age back to -1000000. Essentially, I am trying to create minecraft families where some of the villagers stay children forever. There is quite a bit of information ...

8:40 AM
Not enough space to build, having to balance the three branches (security, entertainment, science?) is tedious and nonsensical in execution, the dinosaurs' AI is extremely simplistic, there is no interaction with visitors whatsoever
9:09 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
9:28 AM
@Elva morning
9:47 AM
ok Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy plays way better, infact the first one plays better than the original because i don't ever recall fighting Ripper Roo
10:13 AM
Q: How to change the Java path in firewall settings to a different version of minecraft?

EvoTheNerdMinecraft LAN wasn't working so I searched the issue and allowed Java through the firewall however the path goes to a different folder for the game I have on my computer and when I click 'change settings' inside the window to allow apps through the firewall the text box with the java path can't b...

@GnomeSlice I don't have enough souls experience to really go into a lot of detail, but you have a lot more options in Nioh and it's a little faster paced.
Each weapon has 3 stances, each with their own unique moves, so each weapon has access to 6 different attack strings instead of just 2. Plus you can unlock different skills for each stance which increases the option in each stance significantly.
10:34 AM
Q: How to reduce mouse sensitivity in Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries (7kaa)?

FluxOn Ubuntu, the mouse sensitivity in Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries (7kaa) is so high that I have great difficulty in pressing the menu buttons. How can I reduce the mouse sensitivity in 7kaa? 7kaa is the only application on my computer with mouse sensitivity problems.

10:58 AM
@Elise <3
*shakes fist at @Ron*
shakes fist as well because that seems like the thing to do
Hahahahah I made the game play manually
I feel like a fool
11:15 AM
Q: Is there a downside to stealing from Farmer?

StudokuI befriended farmer and got access to his house to take the plot item there. It turns out he has a lot of useful things in that chest, especially that fertilizer. Can I take the other items? If I do, will there be consequences?

11:26 AM
I considered that for a second
Q: Did "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" use a battery for keeping the save files after all?

Mayor LinkI thought I had finally established that only Ocarina of Time used a battery-powered save feature, whereas the sequel Majora's Mask had advanced to a flash-based save memory which didn't require a battery (and thus the savegames will last forever)... But then I read this: Miscellaneous Attrib...

@Ronan Most of the time was making my computer block on input
Rather than crash
11:42 AM
It took me far too long to realise that it was only outputing updates to the screen
12:10 PM
@Ronan I noticed that quickly enough, but had to change my computer to be able to 'block' correctly between updates
Did it not already need to do that for the engines?
I think previously you had fixed loops after which you could add input
12:26 PM
@GodEmperorDune That's the dry dock
I couldn't find anywhere else to put it.
12:38 PM
Q: Is there any benefit to having "NAT Type 1" (aka no NAT and publicly-routable IP) on a PlayStation?

André BorieI've just got myself a new PS4 and am wondering whether there's any benefit to giving it its own public IP address and getting "NAT Type 1" over a private IP behind a NAT (with ports forwarded by UPnP) which is a "NAT Type 2"? Regards.

1 hour later…
2:02 PM
@Memor-X I honestly didn't notice any issues like that in the first game, but I haven't finished it either, so maybe it becomes worse later on ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
2:29 PM
I've ran through the whole Spyro Reignited trilogy, and I didn't notice anything too glaring about bad controls.
2:41 PM
@Frank the skating sections were a bit weird but otherwise felt great like the originals
@GnomeSlice I always saw that as just par for the course. It's ice; it's not supposed to be tight controls.
2:57 PM
So Riot's licensing their IP to third-parties to make games. Which I think is pretty cool because the League of Legends lore is really interesting and Riot hasn't really been able to explore it through LoL itself.
Q: Optimal Keybindings to avoid RSI?

DavidOwenIt`s probably no surprise that this game can be extremely straining for hands and arms, and now after playing an AOV Crusader for a couple of weeks I am really starting to notice. I will probably take a long break from the game soon but in the meantime I am wondering if anyone has a keybinding th...

Q: New glitch after catching a Pokemon?

MatthewAidenSo today when I started playing Pogo I realized I have a glitch. When I catch a Pokemon, I usually ask directly for the stats (attack, defense, hp) and send it away if I am not satisfied. So after hearing about the stats from my team leader, suddenly all letters in the description of the Pokemon ...

3:42 PM
@Frank ah cool it just needs30 more tellurium then
@GodEmperorDune Been farming. Got a bit.
Ooooh yay warframe
@Elva Railjacks are live.
I'll have time off after next week! :p
Need more Arqade members to help contribute to getting our own spaceships.
3:53 PM
nods and preps her warframes
(Which cost 6 million credits if you want your own)
Yeah. I'm lucky if I have 300k kicking around.
Is the index thing still up...
Looks like we've got some farming to do folks!
Q: How can I farm credits quickly?

DragonrageWith the new Rising Tide update, I need 6 million credits to build my own railjack. What are the easiest/quickest ways to farm credits quickly?

But first up is Tellurium. Need more to even build the dry dock.
3:58 PM
4:09 PM
4:25 PM
Q: Is there a way to see a list of every game I have ever owned on Steam?

Braden BestIs there a way to see a list of every game I have ever owned on Steam? This includes games I have refunded, free games I've removed the license for, and free weekend games that I didn't end up buying. If I edit an achievement showcase, I can see almost such a list, but it only shows games I have...

1 hour later…
5:53 PM
I think I might have a million or so lying around.
But I also need to get new frames.

 Warframe Talk

Wherein space ninjas use space magic and space guns to kill sp...
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
Q: Do you have to finish Looming in the Shadows to get the next Team GO Rocket Research?

CloudzzzI have been getting notifications about the new Team GO Rocket research for December but have not gotten the special research itself. I was wondering if anybody here has gotten it or if the notification has gone out before the research was actually available? I have a feeling that I may need to...

Fun fact: Although "Dinotopia" is ostensibly a portmanteau of "dinosaur" and "utopia", "dinosaur" derives from "terrible (deinos) lizard (sauros)" and "utopia" comes from "no (u) place (topos)" so "Dinotopia" could be translated as "terrible place".
7:41 PM
8:16 PM
what it feels like to be a girl in keybase
all of those except one are randos
and a loooot of unsolicited dms
8:32 PM
Q: Can the Success Chance be cheesed?

Diriector_DocI am trying to earn the "The Reform through Education Initiative" grant. To do that, at least one prisoner must pass, not just finish, the "General Education Qualification" course. This could is already har to achieve since it is a much more difficult course, and the prisoners who are qualified a...

8:53 PM
Q: The Witcher 3 Download Help

Eternal FireSo I bought The Witcher 3 and it has 4 discs, do i need to put in the discs in one at a time durring the down load or how do i download it? ive tried with just the first one but it wont download completely.

9:15 PM
@Ash velociraptor ate my gucci handbag 1/5 stars, would not vacation again
9:41 PM
@Yuuki I don't blame you :P
oof that's a feels that i really didn't need today
context: i'm reading a deconstruction of the soulmates trope and this kid just survived a disease that killed his mother and his father, in a drunken stupor, just said to him, "why couldn't it have been her?"
@Frank agreed, lol. I never thought of that
I just want to get home and play more Jurassic world evolution
10:10 PM
List of the Game Awards winners since I haven't seen them posted here yet:
> Game of the Year - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
> Action - Devil May Cry 5
> Action/Adventure - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
> Art Direction - Control
> Audio Design - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
> Community Support - Destiny 2
> Content Creator - Shroud
> <a lot of esports awards>
> Family - Luigi's Mansion 3
> Fighting - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
> Fresh Indie - Disco Elysium
> Game Direction - Death Stranding
> Games For Impact - Gris
> Independent - Disco Elysium
> Mobile - Call of Duty: Mobile
... not sure I appreciate Disco Elysium taking both Indie categories when Baba Is You was only nominated for Independent.
Wait, what is the difference between indie and fresh indie?
Surely nobody wants a stale indie
Fresh Indie is actually an award for the developer not the game.
Sweet, I have not played any of those
Ah, so first game
It goes to studios/creators who released their first game.
10:14 PM
Huh, didn't realize Beat Saber was only released this year
It definitely didn't
I think the 1.0 release was this year, not the early access release
I guess that's accurate. But it's a weird way to count it.
I mean it makes sense to only give out awards once the game is fully released
10:16 PM
Like, Factorio could end up being indie game of the year 2020 (or 2021) even though people already have thousands of hours in it
Although it is true release date as a concept is pretty fuzzy now
@Yuuki I have questions. Mainly isn't Bravely Second the sequel to Bravely Default, and why a sequel to Bravely Default and not Octopath?
@PrivatePansy Nah, Bravely Second is clearly a different franchise.
Bravely... Second
Bravely Third was taken?
Bravely Default did involve multidimensional travel, so who knows?
3 Brave 4 Me?
10:21 PM
Maybe it's like Final Fantasy where Bravely Default <X> signifies a new universe.
And then you have sequels like Bravely Second II.
Oh god
Bravely Second X-2?
Bravely Ninth II.8: Dream Drop Distance
Still not as bad as Kingdom Heart version numbering
Oh the game awards happened?
Did gris win anything
10:23 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes, "Games For Impact".
..really? Not for art?
Although I'm not 100% sure what the pro-social message of Life Is Strange 2 would be given that the first one was "if you have weird multi-dimensional travel/reality warping powers and can change the timeline... don't?"
Doesn't feel particularly applicable to everyday life.
@GnomeSlice Control won Art Direction.
@Yuuki I'm glad Control won something, it definitely deserved at least a minor award.
Is Sekiro really that good of a game? Or is the Soulsborne genre just that popular?
I'm interested in trying it, but I really disliked Dark Souls because it's really hard and I don't have the patience to "git gud" so I'm hesitant to buy Sekiro
Or are game awards arbitrary and just a way to show more ads?
Wait, Sekiro came out this year?
oh god what is 2019 even
10:36 PM
tbf 2019 has been like 20 years long
11:00 PM
I need to check out both control and disco elysium
11:27 PM
> Sports/Racing - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Now that is a brutal takedown of the state of both the sports and racing genres.
@Ave ...it appears to be a music video?
@ToxicFrog that means that you have to star it now
11:42 PM
@ToxicFrog Specifically Friday, because that's how we roll.
(The hiding of Friday in other links is a longstanding tradition here, to the point of people memorizing the end of the URL for one version of the video.)
I only know the kfV and the 0 at the end
(It's a tradition I dislike, because the duplicity is frustrating, and my brain does not let me remember things, so I just get tricked, over and over, and it makes me feel like Charlie Brown and the football, and it's not fun.)
(But it is a thing that occurs. With less regularity than before, so I am more prone to forgetting, and then feeling stupid and stompy.)
11:44 PM
I'm not mad at you in particular, just more finding that as I learn more about how my brain operates, that I find that style of humor not appealing.
I put up with it, because enough people are amused, but I don't love it.

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