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6:01 PM
@MadScientist Do you know if there's an english version of dynamisch.vergleich.de/vergleich/girokonto/… ?
@badp Doesn't look like it, but this also looks like it would be understandable without knowing any german
@badp That would bring upon the Bacopolipse.
I've always been curious as to what @GamingTopicsFromOutside draws from for it's questions. Is it just the queue of questions proposed for site migration to gaming.se?
@RedRiderX Any question tagged .
6:05 PM
@GnomeSlice Ah, there we go. I bought it from a Groupees bundle, that's why it wasn't showing up on the site or on Desura
@SaintWacko groupees should have given you a desura key
Why was this undeleted? >_<
@GnomeSlice They did, I just didn't use it apparently
@Ullallulloo Oh, over like every other site?
@SaintWacko Still have it?
6:06 PM
@RedRiderX I think so.
It should still be good
@MadScientist Problem is I have to get a bank account in Germany by the 16th... or at least the end of the month
I wonder if I can use it on the Desura site
@Fluttershy Meta.
Gave it enough attention.
yep, there we go
6:06 PM
@Ullallulloo Hmm okay, the user descriptions seems a bit misleading then.
All I care is that I can shut it off in six months without them kicking up a big fuss
@fbueckert Well, It should still be deleted. It sat closed as NC for four months.
@Fluttershy I concur.
and that they don't complain if I move my money to my savings account in Italy :P
> Post Undeleted by galacticninja, fredley, Resorath
Blame the porkchop.
6:07 PM
@fredley Whyyyyyyy!?
@badp Should super-delete it. :D
That'd be an instance of mod abuse that I'd be fine with. <_<
@fbueckert Not only did he vote to undelete it, he was one of the people who closed it! D:
@badp Y?
@Powerlord or I won't get paid.
@GnomeSlice Have you played NightSky?
@badp Z?
@Fluttershy You're asking the wrong guy; I'm close-happy, and in 400 rep, delete happy, too.
6:10 PM
@SaintWacko Not in a long time. Didn't really stand out for me
@fbueckert We must prevent this from happening, at all costs
@GnomeSlice Yep
Very fun puzzler
Especially on alternate mode
Ffs, that's hard
@SaintWacko Like I said, didn't stand out much for me. It was nice I guess.
@Powerlord sì.
6:12 PM
I'm also grumpy about a user's constant attempts to keep crappy content on the site.
@badp It might be easier to do that in person with a non-online bank, or just try to call someone from the online banks and ask in english about that.
What does Doujin even mean
I don't speak asian
@GnomeSlice Fan-made.
It's short for Doujinshi. It's pretty huge in Japan.
@GnomeSlice I hope you can see what's wrong with your last statement there.
@MadScientist I suppose it'll still involve signing off eleventy pages of small print in German I still won't understand
6:17 PM
@Fluttershy GalacticNinja?
@Fluttershy Yes
Q: Does replicated food taste identical each time?

Jack B NimbleIf you ask the replicator for strawberries, it will produce a plate of strawberries. Does each strawberry taste identical, or is there variation between strawberries? Q once ordered ten chocolate sundaes in ten-forward. Would they each taste identical? I believe so. In later series certain peop...

@fbueckert Possibly.
@Ullallulloo lol
25k rep and he answered a question in the body.
And it's a dupe.
6:17 PM
@GnomeSlice You realize how it can come off as a racist generalization?
Well it isn't. It was a joke.
The punchline is my ignorance
@Fluttershy And now it has a reopen vote.
That guy has the tenth highest reputation on the site. I don't even.
he has a webcomic
Oh yay, now that Outlook has been moved to Office 365, they're now moving Lync over there.
6:24 PM
Q: Fire Protection vs Protection

TrudleRDoes anyone know how much the difference is between a full set of armor with at least level 4 "Fire Protection" on all items and a set of level 4 "Protection" if you swim in lava? I'm thinking about getting a full set of protection, because it blocks most damage-types and if it would keep you ali...

6:37 PM
@badp If you have some very specific questions, I can look at some stuff for you. But I'm not a laywer and I can't guarantee that I'll be right about any tricky stuff
@Powerlord But doesn't everyone love subscriptions for software?
But in general there is a lot of regulation in Germany and you can expect ToS to be somewhat reasonable. Most ugly surprises would be contrary to german law
I forget, did Lync have a subscription component before?
@RedRiderX Not sure
I know they do now
@fbueckert I think this proves clearly that the 1 year suspension was justified. I was rather surprised that he went even to Christianity and complained about me there (the question was tagged ;-))
6:43 PM
@MadScientist After that thread, I think you went easy on him.
@fbueckert Well, I suspended him for a year and destroyed a few of his socks. Then I had to sleep a bit and I missed most of the fun
Hah, great action shot there Microsoft, I always use my tablet to help me paint.
yawn. Press sock-destroying button Continue on.
@RedRiderX Also, definitely a great use case for Office.
@RedRiderX I find it's odd she's painting a school gym
Does not seem like the kind of area you'd use that wimpy-ass handbrush for.
6:48 PM
@RedRiderX It looks like it is a green screen to me, but that might be just the strong colors and some strange lighting
@TimStone She actually just realized she bought a Surface and is about to paint over the screen in disgust
@TimStone Well you got to have one hand free to hold the tablet.
Chroma Squad got funded! Woo!
@fbueckert That's the power ranger game, right?
@Wipqozn Yup
6:51 PM
@fbueckert I thought you said you didn't need any new games
Does anyone have a bigass fancy TV? Considering picking something up in the 50"+ region but looking at TV specs is like a billion times more byzantine than PC specs
@GnomeSlice I don't. Doesn't mean I don't buy more games if I like them.
My bar for interest just gets raised.
@Wipqozn If it hits $80K, they'll add in solo hero missions, ala. Kamen Rider.
I never understood stretch goals in crowdfunding things.
It's basically an excuse for feature creep
@BenBrocka I have a 40", but I spent two years selling home electronics! What's up? <_<
@GnomeSlice Personally, I see it more as holding desired features for ransom.
6:58 PM
Do we do "who wrote X music for game Y" questions?
@Fluttershy I have (two now, thanks to Arqade) 42"ers but looking for something bigger. 3D is a plus, low input lag is vital. Something that works well in bright-ish conditions is good too since I hate when I can't play dark games because it's daylight out
@BenBrocka So you want something with more of a matte screen like Sony's Bravia line. It reduces glare. Personally, I'm not a fan of anything with 120Hz refresh rates. I prefer 60Hz. Personal preference though, and I don't even think you can get less than 120 anymore. I can't offer any advice on 3D TVs. I can't see 3D. >_> But if you're willing to spend a little bit more, check out Sony's Bravia line. Samsung also makes a good flat screen.
3D's more of a "may as well", I'm frankly more willing to spend $1000 on a TV than $70 on those stupid glasses
@Fluttershy why would 120hz be worse?
For viewing angle, I can't really say anymore. =/ LED-TVs weren't a thing when I worked in home electronics, but I've heard nothing but good things about them. Plasma screens put off quite a bit more heat, so if it's a small-ish room, may wanna avoid those.
LED would be ideal
7:03 PM
@BenBrocka Any time I watch something with 120 Hz refresh rate, I feel like I'm watching a soap opera. I can't really explain it, but I'm just not a fan.
I'm iffy on Plasmas. It's not a small room but I sit close-ish the TV and I'm already worried about heat since I'm putting my consoles inside the entertainment center for once
Also burn-in/etc but my dad had a plasma for like 6+ years and it never burned in
@BenBrocka Did he play games with static HUD elements on them?
@GnomeSlice yeah :/ people get notified of it when it's 48 hours left though
7:05 PM
@BenBrocka I'm convinced burn-in is a myth.
@BenBrocka I just got notified
@GnomeSlice No, so that's a bit of a concern. Though I did play games like that when I was over there
@BenBrocka What size screen are you wanting? And what price range?
Oh, just passed 48 hours. I'll wait and see. He said he'll finish it no matter what though, the Kickstarter is just to make it happen faster
@BenBrocka Oh, excellent.
I wonder if Reptile has considered a GameStick port for Megabyte Punch
also holy hell the new final boss is really really hard
7:06 PM
@Fluttershy It's really not, I have it on my monitors.
@Fluttershy I'm thinking 55~ unless I can go like 60s without adding literally thousands. For price I'm looking at best-of-best stuff and the prices are $1000-$2000 some. I would be willing, but not thrilled, to pay in that area, but it'd have be a fantastic upgrade over my current one. The problem is I have NO idea what's a good TV these days, or where the point is where you start spending tons more per inch. In the past 42" was the sweetspot it seems.
I guess I should check stuff out in shudder bestbuy or something
@BenBrocka Take a look at some of the Vizio TVs at Walmart. You can get a 55" Vizio that's pretty comparable to some of the Sony/Samsung stuff, and it's like half the price of the former.
The Vizio M3D550KD would be pretty decent for what you're wanting. 55" LED, 240Hz refresh rate, and a matte screen for better quality in bright areas.
And by "pretty decent" I mean "likely the best for its price."
I had a visio 24" before, it's....pretty lame. And I'm not sure if it's age or what, but it's colors are REALLY off, it's blue at the bottom and orange at the top. Not sure if that's symptomatic of the quality or what though
Wow... the new final boss is wayyy too hard
@BenBrocka Sounds like you just got a bad one. My parents have had a 46" Vizio for... Three or four years and haven't had any problems out of it. How long ago was this?
7:14 PM
@Fluttershy Or maybe your parents just got a good one.
@Wipqozn Ideally, they should all be good. <_<
I'd suggest actually poking around at brands online too, to get a better idea of reliability and quality.
@Fluttershy Yeah I was wondering if the smaller ones were just cheaper
@Fluttershy You crazy kids and your fantasy worlds.
though that 24" did get a lot of use in college as monitor and TV
Also known as "please actually use the store, here's an attempt to get you hooked"
@BenBrocka ^
I really want the GameStick to do well
@BenBrocka Buying a TV off the Internet is risky. Regardless of what brand/type you choose, you're gonna want to window shop. It really comes down to which one you feel has a better picture.
> At my workplace we have the policy of never installing version x.0 of anything. We're running Firefox 3.6 and IE 5.5.
7:20 PM
@Powerlord Oh god tell me that's a joke
@BenBrocka That's a joke.
CC @badp @RavenDreamer
free humble bundle Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel Steam Key if anyone wants it: DJZP5-4A4XM-N0PX5
@spartacus Thanks a ton!
7:24 PM
...metro 2033 on a humble bundle?
Aw, someone snagged it
deep silver bundle
@Arperum enjoy
I've been eyeing Sacred Citadel for quite a while.
Looks like a grownup castle crashers
@Arperum Heh, congrats
well, pay 5 bucks at humble bundle and get that + risen 1-2 saints row 2-3 metro 2033 and dead island :P
@GnomeSlice I joined the channel not even a minute and was actively checking the curreznt conversation, and then got lucky :)
7:26 PM
I was like 5 seconds too slow
I really only wanted Sacred Citadel anyway
@RedRiderX sketch with Metro mspaint.exe
@badp did you see the game I just linked
(*not bundled)
@GnomeSlice yes I did
It's finally out
@GnomeSlice I mostly wanted risen. Sacred citadel is a nice extra since I've been a fan of the sacred franchise since sacred 1 :)
7:29 PM
@Arperum I didn't even realize it was a series
@Hiroto For the third time.
@GnomeSlice sacred citadel isn't, it's a spinnoff from the series
Sacred 2: Blood & Ice (expansion) was the last thing Ascaron released while going bankrupt.
@AshleyNunn Are you still trying to learn Python?
All I know is that Sacred Citadel looks like a less foolish Castle Crashers
7:46 PM
Fucking dogmen
I am itching to play Skullgirls now.
Q: Is it possible to fire a lock-on Rocket Launcher in "Dumbfire" mode?

Jed DanielsIs it possible to fire a lock-on Rocket Launcher in "Dumbfire" mode? That is, can I fire without having locked on to something first? For example, if equipped with the NS Annihilator, and I want to shoot at a player (i.e. non-vehicle), can I?

Q: How can you cook a cow with a dispenser and lava?

JeffreyAs of 1.6.2, what is the most compact way to cook a cow/pig/chicken with a dispenser and a lava bucket? Or what is the most compact way to send two fast pulses in order to activate the dispenser and deactivate it fast enough so that the mob is cooked but its drops aren't destroyed by the lava i...

@StrixVaria It's a very well made game but I played the beta and it seems like the kind of thing you'd need to put a lot of time into to get good at
Also I have no idea how to block
Since a random act of kindness can only be repaid by kindness:
Anyone interested in a copy of torchlight II?
@GnomeSlice Hold back, like in 95% of fighting games
Or 100% of fighting games that aren't Mortal Combat or Soul Calibur
7:55 PM
@BenBrocka Oh. That's unintuitive
@GnomeSlice Holding back to block is unintuitive?
@GnomeSlice Depends how good you need to get. It doesn't take long to get good enough to beat Normal NPCs, really
@StrixVaria That's what I was going to say.
@StrixVaria Yes, why not just make it a button
It's only been the standard for...a couple decades?
7:55 PM
@GnomeSlice It's standard fighting game stuff, so you don't have to press a button
@GnomeSlice Because this game already requires 50% more buttons than there are physical buttons on my controller.
I thought MK was the only one to have it as a separate button
@OrigamiRobot SC does it too, they make it part of the mechanic (just guards, it's also half the throw button)
@GnomeSlice It is probably the most intuitive thing to try to back away from an attack.
Fine, whatever, it's not a contest.
7:57 PM
I don't think you know what "contest" means.
If it was, I'd be winning
I'd win SO much harder than you guys
@GnomeSlice did you check the tutorials? They are REALLY good
@BenBrocka Do they have per-character tutorials?
@BenBrocka No, I would! Haven't you ever seen Wargames?
@StrixVaria Somewhat, the majority of the stuff is cross-character, then they have shorter tutorials per character which teaches you a few important moves and some general info about the character (e.g. Cerebella's a grappler, that means blah, Valentine is Rushdown, so blah...)
7:59 PM
BTW I find Cerebella and Valentine easiest to use personally. Val has some decently long normal combos that are easy to do, and her specials and supers are useful. And Cere lets you do lots of damage without a combo at all thanks to command grabs
@BenBrocka I'm going to have to just try them all and see who fits my style. I don't remember them all but Painwheel or something looked really interesting.
@StrixVaria Painwheel is interesting but complex, so she doesn't get that much use
Everyone's pretty damn balanced though, MikeZ does a great job
Filia is apparently "easy to use" but she depends a lot on airdash stuff I never got the hang of. She's great in the air though
I usually start games by learning characters with good zoning.
8:02 PM
That'd be Peacock and Parasoul
and to a lesser extent Double
I'll take a look at them first and see how I like them.
Is Double the one who kicks her head around or something?
Peacock's really funny too. She's a weaponized 40s cartoon, she's great
No, that's Ms Fortune, the cat
She does puns
Oh, ok. Ms Fortune is the one I'm least interested in using, then.
It's pretty useful, her head can extent combos or pincer attack
I kind of liked Litchi in BlazBlue where she could put her staff down anywhere on the field and use it to combo, but her combos were really hard to pull off.
I just don't feel like getting into that again.
Carl Clover was beyond me.
8:05 PM
@BenBrocka I couldn't beat the first one so I gave up
Why do most of them have such huge tits.
BlazBlue was really hard to play in general, though.
@GnomeSlice Look at the rest of Kinu and Alex's art
@StrixVaria Ms Fortune's head is surprisingly easy to control. Only has a few attacks. There's a good coverage of different playstyles in the initial cast though
@GnomeSlice Are...you sure you're looking at the tutorials? The first one is for walking around
@BenBrocka Yeah it's for dodging stuff
the counter doesn't go up when I dodge stuff
I found some I could do though
like the blocking one
So thanks I guess
Yeah you can do them out of order too
And the game just force closed
I can definitely see some of Zone's animation in this
This is pretty nice, but I don't have the cash to blow on it right now
I'm guessing this will stop working once it's out of beta
8:09 PM
Zone hasn't worked on anything in the current game yet...
Kinucakes is the lead animator, Zone would just do cleanup and shit
@StrixVaria I got it for free on Vita, didn't get very into it. Just made me want more Guilty Gear
@GnomeSlice report bugs!
@BenBrocka It felt like it was trying to be Guilty Gear but almost took it too far.
One character attacked both when you pressed and when you released buttons.
Which made his combos even more impossible to pull off.
@StrixVaria ...odd
I didn't try many characters though, just took a peek at the oddly complciated story mode
@GnomeSlice BTW do you at least know about the magic series? try using light, then medium, then heavy attacks. They'll usually cancel into each other, making braindead easy combos. In addition you can cancel any normal attack into a special (command + button) and any special (I think) into a super
And it crashed again
Whenever that girl with the tentacle does her coffin thing it crashes
So with Valentine you can do a big long chain by pressing LPx3, MPx2, HP (or HKx3) with pretty lenient timings, then cancel the last heavy into a special (like the shuriken) and then into a super if you have meter
Valentine is amazing.
And Cerebella
8:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh, Squiggly's unfinished, that's probably why
They're both good to start with. Val's combos are much simpler than they appear
@BenBrocka buh
@GnomeSlice If you like you can just poke with light attacks and then mash HK until you stop attacking...that works as well. Builds less meter but surprisingly does not lose all that much damage
Most of my combos end with Cerebella falling out of the sky and landing on people.
so use LP/LK and if you get a hit confirm just wail on them with HK (the IV spear attack), she can do three hits with that for good damage
I suck at this
I don't even know what buttons those are dude
I've been winning though so that's good
8:22 PM
There's Punch and Kick (P&K) and light medium and heavy (L M H), they're arranged in ascending order on keyboard/gamepad, and Heavy attacks are visibly slower/heavier than lights
Q: Best passive-3D 27" PC monitor

RivaI hope this is relevant to this forum. I am going to buy a new passive-3D 27"+ monitor for my PC. So far I tested an LG DM2752D (PZ) and I liked it, especially for its IPS screen with good viewing angles I need for graphic work. But I wanted to check if there isn't a better screen with less 'inte...

I like Valentine's finishing animation
Well, if nothing else, I recommend spamming the IV Spear attacks. AIs usually aren't smart enough to punish and it does good damage with GREAT reach
@BenBrocka Yeah that one seems to work pretty good
Q: Seperate Towns?

KaisermuffinI recently decided to buy the digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I was wondering if the towns and everything else would be separate from the cartridge that my brother plays on. For those asking why we dont play on the same game, I wanna be mayor of my own town.

Q: Best passive-3D 27" PC monitor

RivaI hope this is relevant to this forum. I am going to buy a new passive-3D 27"+ monitor for my PC. So far I tested an LG DM2752D (PZ) and I liked it, especially for its IPS screen with good viewing angles I need for graphic work. But I wanted to check if there isn't a better screen with less 'inte...

8:30 PM
also if you have super meter to use, Cerebella's Ultimate Showstopper (fullcircle throw) does the most damage you can do with 1 bar of meter
Not sure I approve
of the sega bit anyway
Sega's kind of a massive failure at localizing games, especially RPGs. That's exactly the opposite of what Atlus needs, unless they're going to start changing their tune regarding localization
@Wipqozn I am, yeah
Why do I have one of the songs from Contra stuck in my head?
Why the shit is Marie so hard
8:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah she's no fun. But you definitely need to block in that fight
I usually spam her with the jump+ bonesaw with Val and Titan Knuckle with Cerebella
Yeah, I got her.
Third try.
I can't figure out why sometmies I can do this head spinning thing with Cerebella and sometimes not
I think that's quarter circle forward and...heavy punch?
It's in the move list as Cerecopter. It's a very good attack
Yeah. Usually that just does titan knuckle though
Maybe it uses drama or whatever it's called
Titan Knuckle is just forward and HP
Often if I start with that and then mash my sitck and HP I can get her to do it
8:48 PM
You must accidentally be pressing down before the input sometimes
It doesn't use up power or whatever?
Specials don't use up meter, only supers
Titan Knuckle is a special too
I don't know how to do the supers
I'll figure it out
I don't actually know what all the buttons are
They're usually just quartercircle forward plus two punch or two kick buttons
I know x is punch, y is MP and RB is HP
I think
8:49 PM
it's in the command list, check it out. Most characters have very short command lists (cerebella is an exception)
Do a full circle (starting forward, going clockwise) and grab with Cere for Ultimate Showstopper
I did notice sometimes her throw was different
Is that the one with the sword?
That move
Yeah that one
You'd notice that it's a super for sure
For one thing it does like 50% damage
Uh. Well
Wait yeah
She throws them up in the air and impales them on a sword
8:52 PM
No that's just Diamond Drop I think, unless Vice Versa (the hat) slams them back and forth repeatedly first
She has LOTS of different throws
It's very hard to do Showstopper on accident
I did it a couple of times
Did I see "diamond", "drop" and "hat" in the same message?!
@BenBrocka dropped his mod-cap
I never ordered my mod hat, I don't do hats
8:53 PM
@BenBrocka What time will streaming begin?
There's the one where she smashes them, one where she throws them up in the air and catches them, one where she kind of spins them, and the showstopper one
@GnomeSlice Huh, yeah that'd be the one
Valentine's super is creepy
@OrigamiRobot Probably 7 CST
Which? They all have multiple supers
8:53 PM
@BenBrocka I think she says that.
It sounds familiar.
EKG Flatliner is one of my favorites
Yeah does she have two
She also says "Here. We. Go!" when doing showstopper
I did the operation one twice by accident
Valentine has 5 supers
8:54 PM
Most have 3, Double has 4, Val has 5
Fuck this game
You don't even need to use them
Double always uses the same one
the car thing
Everyone has two 1 meter supers which are generally braindead easy and one 3 meter super which is riskier
You need more meter to do some of them. Val's revive attack needs 5 (full) meter, which is why you'll almost never see it
8:55 PM
@BenBrocka the one where she goes back and forth with the beeps?
@badp Yeah, the EKG noises
and visuals
it's pretty iconic
There's apparently an emulator to run OSX software on Linux desktops now.
@GnomeSlice You'll see level 1 supers very often, level 3s pretty rarely (though AI may pop them off for littlereason)
I don't think I really have the time or patience to get into another fighting game
shit is complicated
8:57 PM
The EKG one is generally the one you want to use with Val
You can learn it as you go though, you don't need to know it all at once
...especially since like half of chat is getting it and none of you know what you're doing. Makes you on even ground more or less
When the beta ends my steam copy will stop working anyway
@BenBrocka I am having borderlands issues
Somehow, part of my work today involved creating an icon. Keeping in mind that drawing is one of my extremely weak suits.
@BenBrocka The Grand Gaming Stack Exchange Button Mashing Competition
@OrigamiRobot What's it doing?
8:59 PM
@BenBrocka Does the beta support online play?
@GnomeSlice Yes, that's part of the point, to test that
Luckily, it's only 32x32 or whatnot... had to erase an arrow pixel by pixel and draw a question mark in pixel by pixel.
Want to play?

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