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12:13 AM
Q: Does zero-damage hit to a zombie still trigger the "summon"?

SF.I got an idea for improving efficiency of an XP farm, but I don't know how viable it would be. Considering Snow farming is easy, gathering a bunch of snowballs is quite trivial. They could be launched manually or through a dispenser with a pressure plate, or any other means. Augmenting the sky f...

My computer has slowed to a crawl. Think it might be my ssd. Anyone got any suggestions for debugging/fixing?
@Ktash get thee to Super User
@Ktash how slow?
12:33 AM
@world just posted there
@krazer like 20 minutes to boot to the login screen slow
Q: How can I debug issues with my SSD?

KtashMy computer has slowed to a crawl, and I'm pretty sure my SSD is the culprit. As of this morning, my OS takes forever to start up (20+ minutes to get to the Windows login). Ever since I installed the SSD I've had random slow downs where Windows freezes for several second before responding, once e...

There we go, that paste worked lol
12:59 AM
> PHOENIX — Actor Steven Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office are being sued over a 2011 arrest that a Phoenix-area man says was staged for a reality TV show.… The Sheriff’s Office insists in court documents that the use of a tank, a bomb robot and 40 deputies was part of its normal course of duties.
@Ktash you try doing a AS SSD Benchmark?
Ran a benchmark from the Samsung software. It just timed out lol
@Ktash I assume you're using AHCI mode?
No, last time I tried to set it to that it wouldn't boot. Trying again now
1:15 AM
@Ktash what sata ports are you using? intel? marvell?
Honestly couldn't tell you. I think marvell
@Ktash do you have any other drives installed?
3 hdd. One used to be the primary boot drive. I'm thinking I maybe need to figuring how to stop that being the primary boot drive or something
20 years ago today, this happened:
@Ktash that might be causing some issues... I seem to remember from reading somewhere that windows does checks on extra drives during boot up process to make sure there aren't any errors and stuff
check the boot device arrangement, make sure your SSD is on top of the list, making it the 1st device to be booted.
1:25 AM
No luck booting to that. Booting fails to find windows and goes to the cd drive instead
@Ktash eh? how do you have things set up?
Ahci sata config with the SSD as the primary boot
@spugsley Hello, Samantha.
@spugsley Hello.
1:33 AM
@Wipqozn Hello.
GO TURTLE GO....oh :(
Somebody made the first Night Vale episode into a video.
@Ktash I assume this isn't a fresh w7 install
In Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools and launch Event Viewer.
expand Applications and Services Logs, and go to Microsoft, Windows, and then Diagnostics Performance, under Operational, look to see if you have any events with the id 100
It's a fresh install for the drive, but I did it a few weeks ago. I'll check that whenever I actually get done booting
And now I can't boot at all... Lovley
@Ktash eh? what happened?
1:42 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't know if I'd call this a 'video'.
I should get caught up on those
I've only gotten through like 5 or 6
I keep getting interrupted
in fact I had the house to myself for the last three days, I should have did it then
anyway bedtime
Noooooooo!!!!! My SSD isn't listed in my drives anymore!!!!
Tomorrow's a day off, so I'm very happy about that.
@Ktash O_O
@fbueckert Wacky canadian holidays
Whelp, my SSD looks to be dead.... I hate drives. Seriously
1:56 AM
@Ktash how'd that happen?
I got this drive because one of my hdd died on me*
@krazer I just switched it back to IDE and switched the boot devices back to what they were and restarted
@Ktash Time for Adobe DD (disributed drive) to be a thing.
Bridge. Tell me to go write
I'm avoiding it
@spugsley Write. Or the owl will eat you
2:03 AM
@spugsley Pls write something awesome for us to read.
@Krazer for you to read? I don't think so. Not till I'm published :3 (or self published, either way)
@spugsley for all of us! as a teaser~
@spugsley go write or I will suspend you. ;p
@Krazer a teaser?!?!
2:07 AM
What's all this about @spugsley and teasing?
I'd like to say some things about my recent comments on Darksiders II.
You see, the way I play expects the ability to quickly dodge from enemy attacks.
Playing style is an individual preference, of course, but the way Death is able to dodge attacks simply fits my playing style well.
@spugsley there is a demand~
@Krazer Everything I would share would be super out of context. Lol it's a complicated story
@DragonLord I'm not sure what your recent comments were, but not getting hit is the best defense.
23 hours ago, by DragonLord
Spent a bit of time on Darksiders II: Death has this air of swiftness I've never experienced with any other character I've played.
2:10 AM
excellent! we'll have one of each
@DragonLord I should probably buy that one of these days.
@Wipqozn You weren't around when I made those comments.:
@spugsley Self published? So it's a novel or something?
I have a tendency to get frustrated when a character can't quickly dodge attacks. Thus far, I haven't been frustrated with Death.
@BenBrocka it is. I've been working on it on and (mostly) off for the last year and a half
2:13 AM
@spugsley Ah, cool. I wrote about 80 pages of a novel back in high school and have a few ideas for one floating around now, but I haven't really sat myself down to write
@BenBrocka yeah I did a ton of writing when I was in high school. It kind of got away from me in college, but I know if I just force myself, I can knock out an entire novel. The ideas are there. It's just the doing it
@spugsley well Novel in November is coming up
@WorldEngineer lol totoally tried that last year. That's when I did the bulk of my writing. I got to 8000 words or so :p Which is like nothing in novel land
I want to write more, but I also want to play games, make videos, program, design, sleep, work...there's never enough time
@BenBrocka what are you looking to write about?
2:22 AM
@Krazer The most developed idea is some soft sci fi
@Fluttershy Thank you again for the PAYDAY 2 beta invite. It seems a lot more interesting than I first thought.
That's what the half-finished high school novel is too
Q: How to connect PS3 to Bravia TV and Home Theatre with Bravia Sync?

TamaMy old PS3 Premium recently kicked the bucket and I've replaced it with a PS3 Slimline. I'd like to make use of the Bravia Sync feature and have tried the following connection path, as suggested by Sony on their website: http://www.sony-asia.com/microsite/bravia_connectivityguide/index.html P...

Q: Can I transfer my Terraria world from one PC to another?

JeffMintSo I'm looking at my laptop which has my first world and the files name is world1.wld and my PC has the same name. Do I have to rename the file to world2.wld?

@BenBrocka I wish I was imaginative enough to write sci-fi. I mostly write fantasy with some interesting elements. This novel is about Empaths
@spugsley I kinda wish I had ideas for stuff other than sci fi, being a "genre" piece kills like 90% of your audience
...then again, looking at readers today, not being generic sexy vampires starring Self Insert Girl kills 90% of your audience
2:30 AM
@BenBrocka bahahaha
Fantasy is good too though
it's what I've always read so it's what I know
I've got an entire working fantasy setting :)
and a scifi setting
and other stuff
2:31 AM
I've also done some really heavy short stories about self harm and depression
but that's as realistic as I get. I'm not much for modern day settings
@spugsley If you need someone to bounce ideas off of or read some stuff let me know. I might ask the same of you once I get some drafts though though
@BenBrocka I love reading other people's work so absolutely :)
go go Arqade writer's group~
@OrigamiRobot does too. He's helped me a ton with my novel so you should ask him too :)
I'd be interested in helping out, too~
@Krazer ok :3
I wanna help! What are we helping with?
lol my novel. If I ever get less embarassed about people reading it :3
I always think I'm a failure. I hate sharing
I can never think of a salespitch that doesn't sound crazy
@spugsley Oh yeah! I totally help with that. :3
2:52 AM
@BenBrocka sometimes it's the crazy ones that work
@Fluttershy i'd buy that, but I kinda... have everything on there. And I paid full price.
@Fluttershy Meh
@SaintWacko >:(
@Hiroto Same. <_<
@Fluttershy :P

Proposed Q&A site for theologians, professors, historians and Greco-Roman scholars.

Currently in definition.

By guess who?
3:02 AM
@fbueckert It's by the Guess Who? Didn't know Burton Cummings and the rest of the band were on SE...
@fbueckert my annoyance is building. I shall continue to bide my time.
@fbueckert Why can he write decent question titles there, but not here!?
@spugsley I can help too somehow!
@Fluttershy Because he hates us?
@AshleyNunn :D
3:03 AM
Ooh! @OrigamiRobot, found the best A51 for you!

Proposed Q&A site for people who use AutoCAd

Currently in definition.

Q: What are the IDs for the spawners in minecraft?

NickbrownieI tried to do /give Nickbrownie 52 1 58 the ID is 52:58 and its supposed to give an Enderman Spawner I placed it and it was a piggy spawner please help me!

Q: Playstation Pulse headset bluetooth

RamyleDoes Playstation Pulse's blueetooth is compatible with mobile devices? Because I saw an audio jack connected to a mobile device, but I haven't see connecting it to mobile device via bluetooth. I want to buy it but I want to verify if it is bluetooth compatible with mobile devices.

Brb, making the question "How do I remove someone I don't like", tagged
@Hiroto You are a mod, you can do this already.
@Fluttershy Yes, join me
3:06 AM
Ha :p
/clicks on the WorldEngineer's chat profile
WTB healthy body plz
quik, is there a game about selling corpses?
@Hiroto Already exists.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Larry WangI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

just so I can ask "How do I sell my body"
3:09 AM
Q: Can I force someone to leave my city?

FluttershyMy quiet little town has run into some trouble. Recently, I tried building my third bridge only to be informed that a citizen's home was too close to the build site. Upon closer inspection, I learned that my problematic home belonged to Buck, my steroid-fueled donkey. I've never been a big fan o...

@Hiroto We have a long history of... interesting question titles on Arqade
@LessPop_MoreFizz "How do I keep monsters out of my nether regions?"
Q: So I was out drinking last night...how do I remove a tattoo?

Raven DreamerGeralt got into a bit of fun with the Blue Stripes last night. After getting rip-roaringly drunk, the Witcher thought it might be good to see if it was possible to float across the river on the bums of four prostitutes. It wasn't. The Witcher woke without equipment and a new tattoo on his neck. ...

@Hiroto Dwarf Fortress you can sell certain body parts, like bones. I don't know of any where you can sell whole bodies.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Indeed.
3:12 AM
Q: My children are useless. What should I do?

AubergineI've been playing King's Bounty for a while now and have picked myself up a wife. I was very surprised when she asked me to have a child, but since I did not want to upset her (luckily I don't apply this game-logic in the real world) I went along with it. So after a while I embraced a new virtua...

Is it me or are 90% of the upvotes on questions here due to people ruining their computer peripherals with coke/milk/whatever and clicking "upvote" in a fit of laughter?
@Hiroto Certainly for the ones I'm linking...
Q: What are the consequences of accepting unknown substances from strange men?

ManaIn Chapter 1 of The Witcher 2, I encountered two people dressed in merchant clothing who asked me to test a potion for them, with promises of great rewards to come in a year or two at Vizima. They were whispering cautiously between themselves and one of them shouted that the gods have no love for...

Q: What happened to my face?

Raven DreamerI bought Dragon Age: Origins -- Ultimate Edition, and installed it on my computer. Registered the game, registered the DLC it comes with, and go to create a new character. Male humans apparently lack a model at all (they are just floating hair and a set of mysteriously floating clothes), and wh...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I did a decent one
hang on
3:21 AM
Q: How do I balance on the floor?

World EngineerEDGE has an achievement called balance where you're told to "Balance on the floor". I've tried to do this by partly moving to another square so my cube is sitting on it's edge but it seems to immediately fall over or back to the original square and no EDGE time timer appears. What am I missing?

@WorldEngineer As for my personal best:
Q: Should I take the side of the poor oppressed Duergar, or the racist Genies in the Civil Rights Negotiation?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've been asked to mediate a civil rights dispute between a striking band of Duergar who are being deprived of their Dunkaroos and Rubies, and a conspiracy of racist Genies working on behalf of the Square-Enix-Goya Corporation who wish to deprive the dwarves of their Civil Rights at all costs and...

Q: Why don't I have any friends?

FluttershyIn Tiny Tower, you have the option of viewing your friend's tower, giving them gifts from your own stocks, and... That's pretty much it, I think. The problem is, I have no friends. How do I get friends in Tiny Tower?

I dont think I am talented at all with titles
The Secret World gave me some good titles too
Q: Are Tacos Delicious? What happens if I eat 7,460 of them?

LessPop_MoreFizzSatan gave me a taco once. It made me mighty sick. So naturally, I was suspicious when I met a rather terrifyingly friendly demon-looking-creature in the markets of London who was all too happy to sell me a Taco. Are there any ill effects, or even, much as it would shock me, beneficial ones to e...

Q: How do I remove people's intestines?

UllallullooI'm trying to remove someone's intestines, but I can't figure out how. I can cut the small intestine on the left and the large on the right, but pulling on the large intestine doesn't do anything, and I can't grab the small intestine. I've tried cutting everywhere, but I don't see any new spots t...

Q: How can I stop nauseous animals from vomiting everywhere?

UllallullooI have a rather...unpleasant problem in Dwarf Fortress. Currently, over half of my animals are "Nauseous" and are...regurgitating everywhere. This widespread case of emesis doesn't seem to involve my dwarves who I've been protecting against cave adaptation pretty well due to the lack of goblin am...

3:24 AM
Q: I've agreed to be the spokesperson for a new line of performance enhancing drugs. How do I use them?

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, my Bounty Hunter, having achieved a fair amount of Galactic Notoriety after winning the Great Hunt, has received an offer from Adascorp to endorse their new line of experimental Stims. Since the offer had more 0's than Mako could count, I'm going to assume that this is some Pretty Good Stuff,...

All these questions make people sound like monsters
Q: Can I drink myself stupid?

LessPop_MoreFizzOne of the notable 'features' of Fallout:New Vegas was the return to the series of 'Low Int Dialog' - that is to say, special dialog options in conversations that reflected the fact that you had rolled a Very Stupid Character. Now, I know the threshhold for Low-Int speech options is generally 3...

@AshleyNunn Mine aren't monstrous! Just wildly irresponsible!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Incredibly so.... :P
Q: Grelka. Light of my life. Fire of my loins. My sin, My soul. Why the hell won't you marry me?

LessPop_MoreFizzGrelka is a comely nord lass from the city of Riften. She dreams of leaving Skyrim, demands your money in the gruffest manner possible, sells and offers training in the use of Light Armor, buys a variety of legitimate, and with a properly honeyed tongue, illegitimate goods at a fair price (certai...

Aww... I'm all out of juice. =(
3:26 AM
I am inordinately proud of that one.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Okay, it made me laugh. Although it also meant I snorted my tea.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think you misspelled "homely". <_<
@Fluttershy :(
@AshleyNunn I know. =( I'm gonna have to start getting the bigger bottles of Naked.
@Fluttershy I did no such thing. :P
3:27 AM
@Fluttershy It is soooo goooood
@AshleyNunn It is! But it's also expensive.
Also, @LessPop_MoreFizz, really? ? I am disappoint.
@Fluttershy This was in the days of .
@Fluttershy It is, which is an unfortunate thing
Welp... It is late and my Cube World partner ditched me again tonight, so I'm gonna go sleep. =(
Am I correct to say that doesn't need editing? It's a closed question.
(cc: @LessPop_MoreFizz and @AshleyNunn in the hopes of squeezing out delete votes)
3:33 AM
@Fluttershy Why hasn't it been deleted yet, is what I'm wondering.
Oh. Too late. People approved it and gave the guy rep for editing a closed question. grump
@Fluttershy actually, that should have been rejected as too minor anyway
@Hiroto That's what I've been saying. This guy's been getting rep for minor edits like that for days now. It bothers me.
3:34 AM
@spugsley Already danced for 90 minutes today.
All danced out.
@fluttershy i'll check his review history and yell at @badp
@fluttershy i see he's done nothing but add alt text to images for quite a while.
one or two are useful, but the alt text... not so much. I'll ask
@Hiroto It's regarding this meta post. So I can see why he's doing it. I just don't really feel like we should be giving this guy rep for only that.
@spugsley You have delete votes, right?
@spugsley does a dance that is more just rolling around in her blankets
@Fluttershy I'm still amazed that that was salvaged into a 'useful' meta post, given how it started.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Likewise... <_<
3:39 AM
@Fluttershy yah
people harping on about screen readers again, and trying to have posts retroactively edited because of it? ugh.
@Fluttershy I don't know how >.>
@spugsley Down where it says "Share, Edit, Close" etc., you should see delete. <_<
3:40 AM
@Fluttershy oh, than nopes
@Fluttershy I voted to delete too if that helps
Oh. You aren't 10k at all! I thought you were! D:
@Fluttershy 10k+ only
@LessPop_MoreFizz I only have 6k cause I am lame :3
well, i'd be 10k+ if I could nab a diamond from badp's kitten, and then my votes would be binding
3:41 AM
No you are not lame don't even :P
Alright. Sleeptime for reals. G'night, Bridge!
Gonna go grump myself to sleep. poofs
@Fluttershy hugs Good night
Q: What do bandages do?

avestar101I recently bought the game Super Meat Boy, and have noticed there are "bandages" spread out across the world. What do these bandages do? Is it a sort of "score-keeper", or does it have a practical use?

4:05 AM
Q: Installing windows game from disc

Trevor WI just purchased Dishonored to use on my new linux Ubuntu 12.04 machine. I can not, for the life of me, figure out what to do here to get steam installed with Wine. Every time I attempt to do so, I get a message that tells me I have to install to a hard drive. I have selected the .wine/drive_c di...

4:26 AM
Q: Why was this question deleted?

Robotnik10k+ users can probably still see this: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/109342/why-were-there-civilians-in-char I just clicked on a link to this question, read it, went to upvote but it said the question had been deleted. I (stupidly) refreshed the page, and got the "This question has ...

5:26 AM
@WorldEngineer throws a log onto the fire
8:49 AM
morning people
I.... what?
9:06 AM
@Arperum morning
@KevinvanderVelden I would suggest a rejection of the edit on the ground that it dose nothing to improve the questions wording to fit the site
@Blem I don't have the privilege yet or i would do it. I find the question title rather funny though :)
@Arperum I didn't look at what game it was at first, and was thinking it was some hotel building game and the cousins where ingame family
It has been rejected.
9:24 AM
@FEichinger Burned up.
Q: Why do i always get kick by punkbuster in bf3 half way through the game?

soulreverGame disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'playername' (for 0 minutes) ... This PB Server Requires (A1386 C2.331) - Error loading pbcl This is what i get when i get disconnected after a few minutes of playing the game. I've tried re-installing punk...

9:56 AM
I'm probably not the first person to ask this here, but does anyone know where JonTron went? It's like he just disappeared from the planet after that announcement video.
@Asad My answer to this is: Who is JonTron?
@Blem Ever watched this show: youtube.com/watch?v=owlbbOm1E4A ?
Do it now.
but I saw he was the guy voicing the recent DYKG
so what was his anouncment?
10:08 AM
Well, he left the show a couple of months ago and said he was going to focus on his own game commentary channel, but then just total radio silence.
Q: How do I get the Happy Snap achievement?

lunboksI'm currently trying to complete all the achievements, but this one's giving me trouble because I don't get what it's telling me: How exactly do I save an "action shot" to my "camera roll"?

@Asad Did they ever actually finish sonic 06?
@TrentHawkins I believe they did not, actually.
10:30 AM
@GraceNote Yeah, thought not - that was the most disappointing part of Jon's announcement IMHO. Even if they weren't as able to keep up the pace, if they managed to finish that beast eventually it would have been a good bookend to Jon's time on Grumps.
10:47 AM
@Trent You're assuming it is even possible to finish Sonic '06. They did finish Sonic and Shadow's campaigns IIRC.
Bah! 12 flags and not a single user to destroy
What's next? People will start actually answering questions?!
11:06 AM
Heh. Feedly Pro. I guess that was necesary
HTTPS is a Pro feature? >_>
@TimStone Get it while supplies last!
Guess SE sold itself short on that front.
Someday, I'll register getstackexchangegoldfree.com
It'll be glorious
and by free I'll mean FOR JUST 5 HATS A MONTH!!
@TimStone Do you have any idea how much work it is to make a https-page for all users instead of only the elite paying part?
11:10 AM
@Arperum the fixed costs are much higher here, ask SE about it
if anything else, you're spreading development, testing, deployment etc. costs over a smaller userbase
@badp Seems like my sarcasm missed a corner there.
Should i watch any of the spinoffs or the old series when watching Doctor Who?
11:27 AM
@Blem Torchwood was good
user image
@fredley I got to The Stolen Earth ep of Doctor Who and felt like a lot was missing, so started on Torchwood, seen 2 or 3 episodes of it so far and like it
Q: What is an XM anomaly?

OddthinkingOn various Ingress discussion forums, there is a lot of talk about planned upcoming "XM anomalies" and who will be partaking but no-one bothers to explain what one is. What is an XM anomaly?

Q: Is there any way to make Steam overlay work on flash/AIR-based games?

PropellerIf my memory serves me right, I can play Anodyne and a bunch of other flash/AIR-based games on Windows with an overlay. Now, I'm on OS X and I can't seem to pinpoint any valid solutions. Is there a "hack" or a way to make it work on OS X?

11:41 AM
@fredley but is because of █████████████████████ or ██████████████? When I saw ██████ ██████████████ the ███████████████ I thought surely ████████████████████████████, right?
(I'm sure there's a hunter2 joke in there somewhere.)
SPOILER CRESCENDO ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█████████▇▆▅▄▃▂▁
U+2584 LOWER HALF BLOCK is a dick.
My opinion about CoH 2 in one image:
@badp Yeah. Don't even start about the ████████████. When ████████████████ to ████████████ and she ████████████████ it was a real turning point.
@Blem Least favourite character ever
11:59 AM
@fredley I wanted to counter you, but cant think of a worse character...
@Blem There's always ███████████████, █████ of ██████████.
@fredley At first I thought this was talking about U+2584.
@badp Pah, everyone hates ███████ after he ████████████████████.
@GraceNote I would much rather River Song's part was replaced entirely with U+2584
It would make for a much more pleasant viewing experience.
@badp ...and decrescendo. More of a spoiler swell.
12:23 PM
Q: What fuel sources will my turtle accept?

EnderWhat fuel sources do turtles accept? It seems that they used to accept more sources than they do now, and by now I mean any of the 1.5.2 mods, and by before I mean pre-1.5.2 mods.

Q: Does the silver shovel also add a chance for a second 100 bell coin to show up instead of an 8000 Bell bag?

ReafexusI try to get the money rock as often as possible. The Silver Shovel adds a chance for all 8 things that pop out to be various gems instead of bells. But several times now I have also gotten 2 100 bell coins instead of the chance to get the 8000 bell bag (which I barely ever get anyway). Is this ...

@Lazers cc: @Wipqozn

Proposed Q&A site for user and enthusiasts of Folding@Home. Help Stanford University scientists studying Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and many cancers by simply running a piece of software on your computer.

Currently in definition.

Question 1: How do contribute to Folding@Home?
A: Run the Folding@Home software.
Site closed forever
12:39 PM
@Lazers Chocolate milk.
Man wearing Google Glass breaks window after walking into it while watching YouTube on El Camino Real near Calderon Ave.
@BenBrocka But how do you get the pesky thing to run most efficiently on your I7 and couple of dual GPU together? (without melting anything preferably)
With melting the GPU's I can ask a friend who did just that, melt two pretty pricy GPU's by folding Non-stop.
@LessPop_MoreFizz People wearing Google Glass are so cool, they just casually break windows with their heads.
Google Glass: The only glass allowed to be in front of you.
12:56 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is that an American toonie
@GnomeSlice ... ... no.
@LessPop_MoreFizz =P
@Arperum He should have stress-tested his stuff then. Can't imagine getting dual GPUs without being damn sure the cooling system could keep up
@BenBrocka can't imagine modern GPUs without thermal fail safes either
@BenBrocka Yea, well. IIRC it was a rather hot week and he wasn't there to stop things. It ended up with cards who ran at about 120°C for a week.
1:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden You don't want a failsafe to kick in anyway
@BenBrocka I would if it prevented damage! I'd rather stop gaming for a bit and fix it than game 5 minutes longer and have a molten GPU.
It were rather modern GPU's IIRC some 2 or 3 generations of NVidia cards back.
@KevinvanderVelden I mean you don't want the temperature to get high enough to trigger it anyway
@KevinvanderVelden They were only partly melted/roasted though. And they ran for literally months non-stop on full load.
@BenBrocka of course, that's what monitoring is for, but sometimes the weather is extreme or something goes wrong, that's when I want the thing to just hard shutdown
1:39 PM
@RedRiderX Oi, you got some free time?
@GnomeSlice Like, right now? Not really, Sorry.
No porb
Q: Clash in the Clouds: Can money be used for anything?

Django ReinhardtI've completed every level (although not gotten every Blue Ribbon). Bought every Vigor and Weapon upgrade from both Vending Machines. Purchased every item in the Museum. And yet I still collect cash for completing levels. Aside from purchasing Resurrections, is there anywhere else in the game ...

1:58 PM
I solve porbs all the time.
I'm a porb solver!

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