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1:00 PM
@fredley There's a "no replies" or something button on Twitter.com
Er I thought there was, can't find it
@Sterno Shift return
We finally found this cat's owner
@OrigamiRobot you still up for streaming BL2 tonight? Know if @IanPugsley can join?
@RedRiderX For the proper effect he should be inappropriately straddling the GBA
1:05 PM
Also, gross, the non-backlit version
Not sure if the inappropriate straddling photo would get flagged...
Having to find light to use your gameboy in was it's own slice of hell
On the plus side they played outside fine
@RedRiderX -1, not enough nGage
@badp For Nokia phones?
@RedRiderX I can't tell if that's a pager on his belt or what.
1:10 PM
@RedRiderX It's clearly his belt.
@badp I was trying to be generous.
@RedRiderX How do you reply on your own posts? I seem to be unable to do so.
@Arperum Through ancient chat magiks.
Or looking up the comment id in the permalink.
@RedRiderX It's a tough job.
@Arperum Hover your message. Click on the down arrow and drag it in the textbox. Cut everything before the # and replace it with a :
@badp Much better explanation.
1:14 PM
@Arperum Didn't know this
@RedRiderX Actually that's a pretty bad one. :/
Can hardly hear the song playing in your head.
Good morning, Bridge.
Why, I like this one. Really fabulous.
@fbueckert G'morning
I guess you had to be alive and conscious in the 80ties to appreciate it though.
1:24 PM
I'm trying to mix it up.
I apologize to everyone for these horrible images.
@MartinSojka It seems like that baby knows what's up.
Did someone mention glamor shots?
@PrivatePansy So it never did get finished then?
It's unfinished, yes. You can even get an officially licensed poster of this to hang on your walls
1:31 PM
@RedRiderX YouTube seems to have no actual examples of one such video
@badp I know right?
It's weird.
@PrivatePansy Oh wow.
@PrivatePansy yessssssssssss. except no. hell no.
The BBC knows how to make merchandise.
@PrivatePansy Hmm, they shouldn't need to put an explanation in the poster.
I'd almost want to cut that part off.
1:36 PM
Q: Moderator Fabian did refuse to delete my question and gave me ban for 1 year

justifixThe moderator with the name Fabian is refusing to delete my question Does the increase of automation lead to unemployment?. I have asked him several times, but he is deleting my requests and gave me a ban for one year instead. Please, if there is some other moderator than Fabian, delete my quest...

Hats off to @MadScientist.
I thought Bioshock Infinite's first DLC is Burial at Sea
@PrivatePansy No, I think that's next
Clash in the Clouds probably didn't take as long since it sounds like it's basically a combat-focused remix of used assets
@PrivatePansy Nope, Clash in the Clouds has just released, and Burial at Sea is the one everyone wants.
Wow. Just...wow.
Builds Master Sword, smashes pots with it
1:41 PM
@fbueckert Same people will do that too
@BenBrocka I actually haven't witnessed that
@justifix I deleted it for you at last, please allow up to 48 hours for the delete to kick in. In the meantime go have a drink. — Wesley Murch 15 hours ago
@badp isn't that what it is for?
@Blem precisely!
Also, this
1:42 PM
@badp On Workplace someone made new accounts to troll with at a rate of about 4 a day for a week
I think electrical engineering (of all places) has an incredibly persistent one as well
@TimStone I like how nobody actually told the asker that his leg was being pulled hard
@PrivatePansy are those... the Idea Channel guy and Felicia Day?
@badp I must admit i got a small crush on Trish (dark haired girl with "I <3 Myst" t-shirt at the end)
@TimStone Me and @OrigamiRobot are (I think) going to play/stream Borderlands 2 tonight on Twitch if you want to join
@badp Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day
1:46 PM
@badp It is wil wheaton
@badp Youtube/Vimeo fanfiction (rated: R)
It's a poster of a painting that's actually used in The Guild Season 4
@BenBrocka Oh, nice. If I can claw my way out from under this pile of work I wouldn't mind joining in
@TimStone We'll probably start around 7 Central, maybe earlier if I can sort out all my settings (I've never livestreamed a game as intensive as BL2)
I need to get around to playing BL2
1:48 PM
@BenBrocka Yes
@TimStone You have all the DLC, right? We'll probably finish Tina's DLC. I figured we could hop in Torgue's DLC if we run out of stuff to do
"The best way to be future-friendly is to be backward-compatible." @adactio #aeadc
@TimStone What level are you? We're playing UHVM. But there's already two of us and I have res so as long as you're 50 or higher you should be okay
Are all the DLCs worth getting?
Wow, that thread is just...wow. Question MUST be deleted, full stop.
1:51 PM
@BenBrocka Uhh that's a good question...
I'm just getting through Playthrough 1, but only really liked General Knox of the first three DLCs of 1
I'm at least 50
@Sconibulus Torgue and Tina's DLCs are GREAT, the other two are okay. I'd recommend just getting the season pass since it also includes the level cap boost and pearlescents for playthrough 3.
@fbueckert Makes you wonder what problem they have with it.
@RedRiderX I haven't the foggiest. Saved him from disaster by "deleting" it, though.
1:53 PM
@fbueckert The heck? Was there a ransom involved or something?
@BenBrocka I might pick that up if it goes on sale then
@RedRiderX I have no idea. Apparently it WILL get deleted, come hell or high water or tons of sockpuppets.
I figure I have at least a few weeks before I'd be at any DLC, just got through the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve\
@Sconibulus IMO Tina and Torgue's DLCs are easily worth the $15 alone. Not sure it'll be on sale much before like christmas, since it was just onsale for the summer sale
1:56 PM
It was? I thought that was just the game proper?
@Sconibulus I think all the DLC was. I kept meaning to buy Krieg but by the time I checked my cart he wasn't on sale anymore
Ahh... oops
Krieg didn't seem that interesting to me, I was looking at Gaige though'
why can't I hit enter cleanly?
@BenBrocka Nice
@Sconibulus Gaige is fun. Less sure about Kreig. My logic was more that hearing his ramblings/interior monolog would be worth the $4 on sale
2:01 PM
I like Gaige because all her trees are very different, yet they synergize well
> This article would be decidedly shorter if I could assume you, dearest reader, had played (and loved) Super Smash Brothers. If so: Megabyte Punch is the indie game that will resonate profoundly with your deep core of videogame memories. It combines the control system of that ancient, favoured title with more character customisation and level exploration than you could shake a Rogue Legacy at. You’ll love it to death and you’re doing yourself an absolute disservice if you don’t pick it up.
Q: How to airsuck and deal with airsuck?

badpAs you know, pyros have the ability to airblast, or push things away with a jet of compressed air for 20 ammo. You might not know that sometimes you can apparently use a jet of compressed air to suck fleeing spies into the Pyro. What's going on? Is airblast behaviour wonky if the pyro is too clo...

@fbueckert What did I miss?
35 mins ago, by fbueckert
Q: Moderator Fabian did refuse to delete my question and gave me ban for 1 year

justifixThe moderator with the name Fabian is refusing to delete my question Does the increase of automation lead to unemployment?. I have asked him several times, but he is deleting my requests and gave me a ban for one year instead. Please, if there is some other moderator than Fabian, delete my quest...

Q: Is there a term for "leaderboard" or "scorebased" competitive multiplayer?

MejwellI'm attempting to track down examples of competitive games of a specific type, where the players aren't ever in "direct" competition with each other, and having difficulty describing them. General examples include racing games, where players individually try to get the best time on a track, clas...

How is this reopened? It's got exactly the same problems as recommendation questions.
And the accepted answer prove it handily.
2:19 PM
@fbueckert You don't close based on answers.
@GnomeSlice Nope, I close based on questions.
The answer just proves my point.
The answer is irrelevant.
I don't really see the problem with the question or the answer.
@GnomeSlice Dude, you do NOT want to argue with me right now.
That is correct.
2:20 PM
But I am sick.
@OrigamiRobot Robots aren't sick
@GnomeSlice Very cool. Also, I see new parts!
@OrigamiRobot Dr Porkchop recommends a course of deep-scanning anti-virals.
@SaintWacko And you can save Megac loadouts now!
Plus anyone who preordered it gets the special edition with a bunch of new vs levels and wallpapers and the soundtrack
I wonder if they changed the save system. Saves were stored in the registry before, which is kinda bad. I'd like to start from the beginning so I can play through the story since it was added after I'd already gone most of the way through it.
But I don't want to lose all my shit
@SaintWacko Did you pick it up at some point?
@SaintWacko Oh that gif was from the last update.
It's the customization I've been using
I made it
Why did me asking you if you like roguelikes get 5 stars?
@GnomeSlice and why did you asking about getting stars get you stars o.o
2:33 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Because if you ask about stars you get starred I guess
It's a 'joke'
Okay, you can stop now.
Apparently, we should have meta stars for such cases, they'd have to be extremely derpy though.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, quite a while back
@SaintWacko Sweet. Special Edition buddy.
@GnomeSlice I was wondering about that myself
@GnomeSlice Wait, what?
@fbueckert welp
2:34 PM
@SaintWacko Did you get it on Desura?
@GnomeSlice Yeah
@SaintWacko You now own the special edition.
For being a preorderer.
@GnomeSlice Ooh!
What downloads does it say you own? (use the link)
user image
2:35 PM
On the right under 'purchased downloads'
@GnomeSlice yeah, I was already there :P
@SaintWacko And?
I use Desura a lot, because it lets me download things standalone so I can put them on my flash drive
Yep, I have it :D
@SaintWacko Yeah Desura is awesome. Everything is DRM free. ...Well, most things.
Some things just give you a Steam key which is stupid
Do you play it with controller or keyboard?
2:36 PM
@SaintWacko Controller, definitely.
Yeah, that's what I've always played it with
The original control scheme worked better with the keyboard, but the current one is far better with a controller.
It also made playing Super Smash Brothers really hard after lol
That means it can't be one of my portable games :(
@SaintWacko It stores saves in the registry anyway, which is kinda bad
@GnomeSlice Wow, no kidding
That's awful
2:37 PM
Haha, did you see the countdown on the sale of the normal edition?
151 hours?
The problem with the registry save is I probably can't back up my save and start a new file so I can play the story
I'm gonna have to wipe it
@GnomeSlice Oh, I misread that as 151 days
@SaintWacko Oh, hah
@GnomeSlice Wow, that's... odd
Wonder why on earth they would do it that way
2:39 PM
@SaintWacko The devs don't even seem really sure how it works, lol
> I think you have to import the .reg file before you install the game. Not sure though...
What the.. WHY would you put save files in the registry
At MOST what you'd do is put the location of a save file in it, that's kinda the goal of the registry
@KevinvanderVelden Probably for the same reason as Sony encrypted PS3 hard drives to their own unique console.
Why would you put save files anything in the registry
@fbueckert profit and fear of piracy? Doubt that applies =p
@BenBrocka also true, horrible thing ><
@KevinvanderVelden I believe they did it more for cheevos than profit.
I just realized something about NOYB's latest meta post.
He's ranting about people deleting his comment, and yet his previous meta post is:
Q: Is it okay to insult gamers in your answer?

NoneOfYourBusinessI refer to this answer: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/121306/28015 The poster insults basically all modders out there and the moderators did not react so far. I ask myself how this fits into the Q&A Format of this site and the rules? I've edited the insults out of the answer, but it go...

2:43 PM
@fbueckert Wait, what?
Where he's ranting about being insulted.
@SaintWacko Each PS3's hard drive is encrypted to only it's specific console.
If you try to put it into a different PS3, it will try to format it.
People contradict themselves. News at 11!
Man, every time I see NYOB, I think NKOTB
@Sterno This is brilliant (cc @OrigamiRobot)
@SaintWacko Did you see Pushcat on IndieGameStand?
Probably not your thing, but could be one of your flashdrive games.
Plays fine with a keyboard. $1 for a desura key
@fbueckert Why would it protect cheevos? They're protected because you can't copy save data from one account to another without disabling cheevos. That system works regardless of encryption, since you can copy to a USB file
2:46 PM
@BenBrocka Really? I was unaware of that.
Some save games are locked to the hard drive, though, and won't copy.
@fbueckert Yeah, I fucking hate that system, though it's used less often than the Wii does it (I have NO idea why wii does it, they don't even HAVE achievements)
@fbueckert Oh, I misread "Sony" as "Steam". No wonder I was confused :P
And for some reason PSx/PS2 saves aren't copied unless you manually copy them to a USB stick, so a full backup doesn't back those up, for no apparent reason
@BenBrocka Ditto.
Mostly because I have a dead PS3 that has all my PS2 saves on it.
Did you try the heatgun thing? I keep meaning to do that on my YLOD fat ps3. But removing the motherboard is such a pain in the ass
2:49 PM
@RedRiderX Ask some shit about atWar on the site
@BenBrocka Did that once, worked for a bit.
Now the damn thing just doesn't turn on at all.
@GnomeSlice ?
I even took it to a friend of mine who fixes them as a side job, and he couldn't get it to do a damn thing
But I don't know enough to even know what to ask yet. :P
@RedRiderX You know, ask some Q's about it.
Make some stuff up I don't know.
Ask how combat works
2:50 PM
@GnomeSlice Great plan.
I won't actually be able to answer that though
@GnomeSlice Yeah sure maybe.
@GnomeSlice Note: If this happens, I will probably downvote it.
@fbueckert That's nice.
So that's a really bad plan.
2:51 PM
You downvote everything, no surprise there.
If you're gonna make stuff up, you deserve whatever happens.
@GnomeSlice Dude, if I downvoted everything, I wouldn't have any rep AT ALL.
@RedRiderX You could ask about making custom stuff, but without premium accounts there's no way you or I can test it hah
Q: If an item is too powerful to repair, am I screwed?

Javier BadiaI have a bow that has Power IV, Flame II, Punch II, and Infinity I, and also it's renamed. According to the wiki, that has a base value of 38. Since the max level is 39, that would mean practically anything I want to do is above the max. Is there any way to repair it?

Did anyone actually expect them to appreciate it
> "You can be who you want to be in the game and you have powerful female characters written into the narrative. I think our game actually does represent women in a positive way, but the press will focus on, oh hey, there are strippers, or there's a dildo bat - it's unfortunate from my perspective that that doesn't come through."
3:07 PM
I don't know. If you put a dildo bat in a game, I think you've just got to man up to the fact you're going to get bad press.
@Sterno Heh. Hahahahaha. No kidding huh.
@GnomeSlice tbh I don't think SR3 represented anything in a positive light.
@Sterno I thought GTA dildo-batted first?
@Sterno Dead Rising
@Sterno They make it over the top in ALL ways though. Focusing on one way is still shortchanging the game for what it actually is
@fredley and yeah, IIRC Vice City had a cheatcode for it
3:16 PM
@BenBrocka Nope, it was in the game proper
In the police station toilets IIRC
3:35 PM
Q: How would one undo loading a quicksave in Kerbal Space Program?

elijaheacI just reverted to a quicksave in KSP, but I had forgotten that I had not actually made a quicksave during this mission (or in the last few missions), and thus hours of work were deleted. Is there any way to get it back?

3:56 PM
~999 persons on the wall, 999 doors~ I can't figure out how to get hours into there, too.
Huh, it's been 7 months since I last posted a question on a site that wasn't a Meta site.
New Tales game comes out today! Woo!
@RedRiderX There were actually a couple panels on this at PAX East, actually.
It is so hard to justify buying a single game for $60 after that steam summer sale.
@StrixVaria Pikmin?
4:07 PM
If the price ain't gonna lower, if it comes with nice trinkets, and if the game itself satisfies you for much time to come, I'd say that works. Yeah, it won't have been as cheap as your sale games but if I want the game, I'll take it over not taking it.
@fbueckert Yeah.
I've also not played previous Pikmin games.
I'm just looking for more games to justify having a Wii U.
Which is utterly flawed logic, I know.
That doesn't sound like flawed logic at all.
The past 5 or so consoles and handhelds I've bought have all been after waiting until there's enough titles out there that I actually want, to justify me making a purchase.
In fact, honestly I'd say that having enough games to warrant a system is the most logical reason to secure the purchase of a console.
@GraceNote The flawed part is that the amount I spent on the Wii U is already a sunk cost. It's lost whether I find games to play on it or not. It opens the opportunity to a wider array of games, but it shouldn't be used as a reason to buy a game.
I already have the console :P
@GraceNote Yea but he is looking for games after he purchased the console
4:11 PM
As am I
Then you really don't need a justification, neh? You already got past the hurdle of making the purchase, now enjoy that you can play the games available on it.
Now I have to treat each game as its own purchase though. Pikmin 3 has to be worth $60 to me for me to get it.
I'm not sure if it is, because honestly I have no clue what it even is.
I'd listen to your hesitance, then.
@StrixVaria You ever play Overlord?
@fbueckert For about 30 minutes until it crashed.
4:14 PM
@StrixVaria So...not long then.
@fbueckert Right.
If you don't have enough pull from a game to go for that release price, you stand no benefit to picking it up at release price instead of waiting to see if the price drops or can be found for cheaper at a later date.
Pikmin is like that, only more colorful, and you're tiny.
I get that in Pikmin you kind of indirectly control things by telling little flower people do to the work for you.
But overall is it like an action game, a puzzle game, an RTS game?
@StrixVaria Sorta a bit of all three.
4:16 PM
I should just watch some gameplay.
I once heard the series as "How an RTS should be done on a console".
Q: Skyrim save files & Steam

CrusfyrOk so I am afraid my hard drive or whole computer will explode, I am getting a new one, so is it possible to just copy my skyrim saved games on a USB memory flash drive or whatever it is called, and then just copy them on my new computers hard drive? Will it work that way? Or is there a reliable ...

Q: Do pikmin still "flower" when left in the dirt?

Ben BrockaA classic Pikmin trick is leaving all your sprouts in the ground on the first day (where there is no timer) so you can start off with a batch of flower pikmin without running down the game clock. When playing Alph's first day I left a large group of red Pikmin in the ground as sprouts for at leas...

@GraceNote Oh really, what were some of their arguments?
@RedRiderX The one panel I attended was on the general topic of gender studies and transgender in games, I couldn't cite the exact arguments but it was extremely happy with how the game handled the topic, apparently. I did not attend any other panels that spoke of Saint's Row.
Hrm wired 360 controller for $25 on Newegg, if I already have a PS3 controller I use as a 360 emulator would I have any reason to get that?
I don't especially prefer the 360 pad but if it's less fuss or anything it might be worth it
@StrixVaria It's an RTS Puzzle Adventure sorta. It's hard to describe and it's more complex than most nintendo games so I think that's why it never caught on to the level of lots of other nintendo properties. Plus it's one of the few newer IPs they have
4:27 PM
@GraceNote Hmm interesting.
Now I'm curious to how Saint's Row handles the topic.
Although I wouldn't be surprised if it amounted to acknowledging the topic and not making a big deal about it, and continuing with the rampaging and crazy and such.
And in case anyone was interested:
The (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle: set of six full length books featuring episode guides, producer autobiographies, coming-of-age stories and even recipe books themed around the infamous time traveler.
@RedRiderX That's pretty much the most I've ever seen out of a game. The only examples I can think of are a few Japanese games that have implicitly/explicitly transgendered characters (that are often played for laughs to varying degrees) and Animal Crossing New Leaf, in so far as the clothing shopkeeps mention when you're looking at unisex/male/female clothing
4:51 PM
Octodad arm movement on PlayStation Move is pretty amazing even without tweaking it much yet.
I would actually use my Move for Octodad
Q: Who conducted the new music in Runescape?

Young GuiloWhat band or orchestra conducted or created the newest music for Runescape 2013? What other music tracks have they done?

@Lazers wat
@StrixVaria Overlord is similar in some ways to Pikmin.
Although if you've only played it for 30 minutes...
@BenBrocka The earlier Pikmin games also have time limits... and it sounds like the new one does as well.
To an extent
@Lazers I hate questions like that.
They're worse than lore.
5:06 PM
Can I ask the bridge a question?
@isthisbetter It probably won't answer though, you should ask us instead.
What is the most eloquent way to tell someone that they have anger management problems?
@isthisbetter From behind bullet proof glass.
@isthisbetter Passive-aggressively.
5:10 PM
@isthisbetter Why do you think we would be particularly qualified to answer that question?
@murgatroid99 If anything, gamers fall into the rage category when gaming.
wow, backslash gets removed?
5:13 PM
apparently backslash is an escape char
for SO chat...
@ShotgunNinja You think?
@RonanForman Yeah, but what purpose would it serve in chat?
insert coin
5:13 PM

 Coin Slot

A place to play the cool Arqadian/Arqanoidian murder asteroid ...
So, what\n happens when I insert \n \\n? So, what\n happens when I insert \n \\n?
You sure backslash is an escape character? Seems to work fine for me.
It's an escape character for Markdown characters.
(which that underscore in the relevant message is)
5:30 PM
Anyone have expertise in CSS and divs? I've got a problem that needs resolving.
rusty tho
For some reason, my update div that's overlaying the table is pushing everything else down.
Maybe I can get @Jin to deign to help me. :P
clearly the C++ in your https needs more php
5:35 PM
@isthisbetter -1 not helpful.
flag comment for offensive
@fbueckert You mean the space at the top? It looks like a margin on perhaps a <p> wrapping the text within the overlay.
@TimStone Nah, that's fine. It's the space underneath it I'm worried about.
It's pushing everything below it down, but only when the update div is visible.
Oh, there's supposed to be stuff in the blank part of the screenshot?
@TimStone Yeah, stuff unrelated to the updating form.
That's what's supposed to be right under it.
5:39 PM
CSS for the overlay?
position: relative;
background-color: white;
top: -178px;
left: 0px;
width: 100%;
height: 163px;
opacity: 0.8;
-moz-opacity: 0.8;
filter: alpha(opacity=80);
-ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=80)";
z-index: 10000;
So much for code ticks.
I have to use relative, because I don't know exactly where this will be when they use the form.
Ah, that's how position:relative works.
@TimStone It takes up space beyond it's own height?
But giving it a margin-bottom: -163px; might work
Q: stumped in volkrund keep

BruceIn Volkrund Keep I got the door open. we went down the hall and turned left down some stairs. Here is the problen, the room at the bottom has furniture all over, some floating in air, strange but ok I thought. out and down another hall with cells on either side. turn right and there is anothe...

5:42 PM
@fbueckert Not exactly, the following container is rendered as though the relatively positioned element was not offset.
@TimStone Ew.
I wish there was a better way to give an Ajax update overlay over a module.
@Powerlord Yeah, you collect fruits and you need one unit of fruit juice per day or you get a game over. You almost always have an opportunity to get at least 2 units of fruit per day though, so far it seems much less restricted than Pikmin 1
The margin does it, though.
Wow, the OpenJDK site makes it impossible to actually find the real Java source code.
JDK? More like IDK
5:44 PM
Their mercurial repo is full of mainly stuff that are just the build instructions.
@BenBrocka It could stand for, "Just don't know"
5:55 PM
@GnomeSlice How do I download the most recent version of NEO Scavenger?
@SaintWacko Desura I guess?
Where did you buy it?
@GnomeSlice From the BlueBottle games website
But I can't find a way to download it from there
@SaintWacko Oh. Uh. I have no idea actually.
Q: Lookin for Ubuntu Game

user181884Not sure if this is the right place but anyway,I just switched from windows 7 to Ubuntu 13.04,Only use the PC for movies,photos and browsing,Running an imac before and love Ubuntu,But i was a bit of gamer to earlier and only playing MMO's,I have Wine,But i'm seeking a fantasy MMO for linux,Is the...


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