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2:00 AM
Would it actually be possible for a swallow or other migratory bird to carry a coconut?
inb4 seriously downvoted for asking stupid questions
@pixel It would have to be an awfully large bird
Q: Could a swallow actually carry a coconut?

pixelIn the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it is suggested that a swallow migrated with a coconut before some dialogue questioning whether it would actually be possible. Would it actually be possible for a swallow or other migratory bird to carry a coconut?

(no, I'm not watching movies so that I can spam movies.se)
@pixel If they don't close this as off topic, there's no hope for that site.
You are asking about physics, not a movie.
The question is inspired by a movie, but that's where the correlation ends.
if I tag it as analysis then it becomes on-topic
"Breaking down a film to understand underlying concepts"
That has to be more about themes, motifs, and meanings. Not physics.
2:05 AM
Q: Tips for long-term survival in the Nether

stupidmanBy survive long term I mean as in Overworld time surviving, I just joined a multiplayer server and want to make a village in the Nether. Does anyone have any helpful tips to aid me, such as growing food, trees and building?

Worth it to rewrite the question to ask only about creating a farm in the Nether, which is the only unique part of the question?
It is critical to the plot, without answering that question there is a plot hole in that coconuts ended up in part of the world where they do not belong
thus resulting in it being tagged as plot-hole
@pixel You should finish watching the movie before asking. The subject is revisited.
meh it's still playing
Q: Does the Golden Knife have different stats than the regular knife?

Fredy31When you are at the last level of the Arms Race mode, are you on an advantage or disadvantage with other players with a normal knife?

2:09 AM
Wow. TSW is even deader than it was a few days ago. Thanks Guild Wars.
"Just a scratch"
@pixel Holy Grail is among the most quotable movies ever.
Let us not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.
lol @ just a flesh wound
what are you going to do? bleed on me?
2:11 AM
oh I see, running away eh?
@LessPop_MoreFizz MMOs are like the Highlander. There can be only one. WoW must die so that another can live
religious nuts hitting themselves in the face
@MarkTrapp Speaking of WOW.
@MarkTrapp this
Not even sure Titan could do it. EQ2 couldn't kill EQ
2:12 AM
Blizzard sent me a Lil' XT code today.
WoW is definitely dying, but far too slow for anybody else to capitalise on it
I don't play anymore, and already had Lil' XT even if I did.
Titan will kill WoW if Blizzard want it to
Only Blizzard can kill WoW quickly
their shareholders would never agree to killing it though
@pixel Kill the hamsters, and the servers will go down?
2:13 AM
WoW will now continue on a gradual decline in the west
while the east continue to increase in subscription
I heard 5.0 comes out tomorrow.
yes it does
@StrixVaria Too easy because I am old.
in america
@LessPop_MoreFizz I only got 17/20
2:14 AM
/me is many excite.
wednesday for EU
which is also technically tomorrow I guess
what with it being 3:14 on tuesday currently
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sure there's some twisted logic behind still using codes like "you can trade them and give them to your dog!" but man, it's so legacy. Blizzard Store stuff should just act as an IAP attached to your Battle.net account. Expansions and full games already work that way
If Blizzard were to make a (good) WoW movie, they'd get all the old subs back.
@StrixVaria 20/20 with 2:50 remaining.
2:16 AM
@Koviko looking at the quality of Blizzard's CGI in their current generation of games, I am fairly confident that the WoW movie will be purely CGI
@Koviko They won't because it's impossible. Putting aside it's almost impossible to make a good videogame-licensed movie to begin with, Warcraft's story is so convoluted and bad out of context they might as well get Uwe Boll to direct it
@pixel And if it isn't, they will have failed us all.
@pixel that wasn't what was in production.
@MarkTrapp this.
"in production"... is a lie
WoW's story is awful.
@pixel I use the term loosely.
Status: Annouced
@MarkTrapp they could build a movie out of some localized plotline, though.
currently in scripting
the best WoW story would be that of Arthas
could easily do a LOTR three parter out of Arthas' story
@pixel Oh my God, I would watch the hell out of that.
2:18 AM
Relevant punk rock song:
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's fanservice gone wild. Marginally better than fan fiction only because Blizzard wills it so
@LessPop_MoreFizz the Arthas story is not bad at all
@Koviko Like what? I'm having a hard time thinking of a single plot line that wouldn't be terrible as a standalone story
I mean, if you had to pick a point in WoW's history where it actually died, it was when the Lich King was killed
2:19 AM
Robocop 4 is in pre-production, like Robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
and George Lucas won't be kicking his heels 'til he makes some money from Howard the Duck
Robocop 4 is in pre-production, like Robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
I hope the projectionist likes his action motion-tracked and medicated
@pixel Cringe Arthas is bad. One small point of adversary that doesn't affect him in any way on a personal level and he loses his mind. What is this I don't even
@MarkTrapp Arthas, as pixel mentioned. The upcoming attack of the Horde on Theramore could probably make an action-filled drama. Rexxar has an interesting tale set it Outland. A story about the life of Illidan has the potential to be kick-ass if they are careful to avoid actually reaching "present-day Illidan"
the whole alliance + horde vs garrosh story looks like it could pan out well too
Basically, anything Warcraft 3 is movie-worthy.
And personally, I'd watch a movie about the Argent Tournament.
@Koviko Being able to explain the necessary background to understand any of those plots to an audience within 20 minutes is a herculean feat
2:22 AM
I'd love to see a CGI rendered XT
tympanic tantrums ftw
@MarkTrapp You just avoid context. The X-Men movies are a good example of explaining the base-issue of the story without going into all the gritty details.
@Koviko Yeah. Like give the audience the bare minimum to understand and appreciate the current story. I know jack all about comic books, but I can and do like comic book movies.
I figure this could work the same.
@AshleyNunn Yup. Yeah, now that you mention it. basically every comic book movie does this. They touch on stuff that only the fans would know, but focus on the stuff that everyone will understand.
Which also explains why they skip story elements. Some stuff is just too much detail.
@Koviko Yep. Just give me enough to be able to follow the good action-y bits :D
I like when things go boom XD
Comic book movies provide context: you know Spider-Man is the way he is because he got bit by a radioactive spider, is a geeky kid who likes a popular girl, and his uncle dies due to a situation he could've prevented. The movies cover that
2:28 AM
@MarkTrapp But that's only for part one. Remember Spider-Man 3? So much was left out.
@Koviko There is no WoW Movie 3. You have to have exposition in the WoW movie.
@MarkTrapp But WoW1 could be anything in the story. Warcraft doesn't have a beginning, necessarily.
I remember when I was younger, I was writing out a story that ended up expanding in both directions of time, gradually and just got bigger and bigger (followed 6 characters) until it became all but unmanageable.
That's how I imagine WoW. It's... huge.
Illidan's story would make a suitable first movie, and lead up to Arthas' story for the second movie
@Koviko Take Arthas: you have to explain why he loses it the first time anything bad happens to him or it's a non-sequitur. He's being manipulated by a necromancer who's really the tool of the Lich King, who's really the reincarnation of some other necromancer who's causing a never ending scourge and oh my god I've already fell asleep
the third war would make a great movie
the burning legion would look good on a big screen
2:31 AM
@MarkTrapp Do you have to explain it in the first movie? Action movies normally put action first, story second. Dramas put story first.
Kill Bill Vol. 1 was a big fight scene. Kill Bill Vol 2. was the explanation of wtf just happened.
@Koviko Second movies don't get made if the first is a flop. Movies have to provide a coherent story
Kill Bill 2 was also a much better and more interesting movie
mainly because the characters had some depth
@MarkTrapp ner'zhul and the lich king are the same person, there is no "tool"
ner'zhul was the tool of the burning legion
@pixel Kel'Thuzad is a tool of the Lich King
all lichs are tools of the lich king
2:32 AM
@MarkTrapp I think a good example is Underworld. The story was "Vampires exist. Werewolves exist. Okay, let's get started."
but then you could say that about any creature belonging to the scourge
But they left out a lot that they explained in the following movies.
that's like saying that fordragon was a tool of wrynn
kinda how hierarchy works
@Koviko Yes, but Warcraft doesn't have stories like that. Well, you could go back to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. That was pretty much "Orcs are invading, Humans are defending their homelands. And scene"
To understand and care about what happens to Arthas, or Illidan, or any of the post-Warcraft II people, you have to understand the background
2:34 AM
@MarkTrapp Personally, I think that'd make an interesting story. It could be like Halo 2's story following Master Cheif and the Arbiter as they fight a bigger threat.
@MarkTrapp I fail to see how that is any different from any other movie based on any other franchise
@pixel It isn't. Good movies always provide exposition. I'm saying it's exceptionally hard to do in a short amount of time with most Warcraft plot lines.
And I would totally shriek if they made any references to Garona or Rexxar. Eeee XD
The opening of the Dark Portal actually... That could make a cool first movie.
lol @ people up voting my question on movies.se
@pixel Why lol? You trolling?
2:37 AM
it is pretty borderline trolling yes
I was just going to argue it as on topic for fun
but there isn't much chance of them being able to answer it
We want... A shrubbery!
@fbueckert Silly moon probe, you're drunk. Re-orient yourself.
@fbueckert It needs a sign like the one on my bag of potatoes "If this side is up please flip me over"
@MarkTrapp It's more than drunk; it broke apart.
2:41 AM
@pixel ecky ecky ecky k'pang zoo-BOING aeee
Silly lander hit the side and tipped over.
And there's no way to re-orient. I attempted to take off.
It didn't go so well.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think my brain just malfunctioned
@pixel Did I get ahead of you?
maybe, maybe I just heard it differently
@fbueckert yeah, I can't imagine it would work out all that well.
2:43 AM
Brave Sir Robin ran away... bravely ran away away! When Danger reared it's ugly head, brave sir robin turned and fled brave, brave, brave, brave sir robin!
yeah I'm past that
@AshleyNunn Nope. And now, I have TWO Kerbals to rescue from the Mun.
@pixel If the shrubbery has not yet been presented to the Knights who Say Ni, then no, you're not past it.
no, no shrubbery has been presented
I'm at the guards getting their orders wrong
Then yeah, you just didn't recognize my phoneticization.
2:43 AM
with the prince who keeps trying to break out into song
HUGE... tracts of land.
yeah, I got the juvenile humour on that bit
@pixel This is Monty Python. It's all juvenile humor. It's just that some of it is juvenile humor that you can only get if you have a college education to connect the neccesary dots.
But make no mistake, it's no less juvenile for that.
I think you mean "A college education from the middle of last century"
@LessPop_MoreFizz That part just makes me giggle. Every time.
2:47 AM
@pixel Well yes. The point is that the Pythons are a bunch of dudes who met while pursuing various advanced degrees at ox-bridge places and are very fond of showing off that fact while simultaneously delivering the lowest brow humor possible.
"Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who..."
"If you will not assist us voluntarily, we will say... Ni..."
@LessPop_MoreFizz Gotchya
I wonder if raising a question saying "Is it possible to cut down a tree with a herring?" would give me away
3:03 AM
Now, to see how well boosters on boosters do.
@fbueckert yo dawg
Prediction: This will not end well.
@fbueckert new build
Q: What do you get for 5 kills in a round in Demolition?

Fredy311 kill = Proceed to next weapon 2 kills = Proceed + Frag grenade 3 kills = Proceed + Flashbang 4 kills = Proceed + PyroGrenade 5 kills = Proceed + ??? I just want to know what is the bonus for eliminating the whole enemy team in one round.

@OrigamiRobot New spaceship for you? I'm lacking context!
3:13 AM
@OrigamiRobot Ah. You're using a new build. Gotcha.
Tell me it's not the "I'm invincible! For ten seconds out out 30, anyways" build.
@fbueckert No, Conviction and WotHF with the IAS on Crit
That's pretty much all that's different
A: Can I haunt people as a ghost?


not an answer
A: Can't delete Minecraft files

Kyle Domonthanks so much it really worked. where did you find this

also not an answer
There. 2.5 tanks to spin me out to Mun.
@pixel thanks for the free flags
3:23 AM
I flagged them too
Is the holy grail meant to end with them all being arrested?
because that was a lot of black screen with multiple and no credits
@pixel yes
well that was a bit of a poor ending
Those leafs in the opening sequence to "And now for something completely different" look an awful lot like marijuana leafs
@pixel You did watch the credits, at the start, right?
yeah but who ends a movie with a black screen and music
@pixel everybody?
3:37 AM
no it normally has text scrolling up it, it kind of indicates that the movie is done
Q: Do you keep your items from custom maps when you return to your world?

MarioKartMax13On some custom maps in Minecraft they give you items. Can you keep these items to bring back to your main world?

Q: Heroes in current DotA heroes that is present since the old DotA versions

patcolI do find some sites and forums that mentions old heroes in DotA but they only mention those who were already removed from the game. What I'd like to see are which heroes that exist way back when DotA was in the Warcraft Reign of Chaos days or prior to the popularity of DotA AllStars that someho...

3:53 AM
Orbit achieved, now to let Mun catch me.
4:04 AM
@fbueckert soooo
legendary fist weapon
@spugsley ...ilvl 63?
@fbueckert I wish lol
57 :/ it's terrible, but still lol
Ah. Logan's Claw.
I was wondering if I would have to give you my firstborn or something.
@fbueckert You're first born child? Pssh, I'll pay you to keep it
now your soul on the other hand...
@spugsley For a lvl 57 claw? Pfft. My soul's worth MUCH more than that. :P
4:09 AM
@fbueckert I mean if it was an ilevel 63 :p
@spugsley I need to find some awesome stuff for you, so I can build up goodwill for whenever you DO find something like that.
@fbueckert hahaha good luck :p
@fbueckert Psh, if anything, I get it.
And we'll see how well that goes.
Apparently, 237 m/s is a little fast to be attempting to land.
56169 joules of energy per kg? Fantastic!
KE = 1/2mv^2
4:19 AM
@YiJiang I get 28084.5
Which is half of what you said
Forgot the .5, grrr
1 hour later…
5:20 AM
Q: Crystal Scepter with Gangplanks passive?

Joseph LormandI cannot find anywhere if gangplanks passive poison on-hit effect (which does magic damage) works with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I know this isn't viable in most instances, but I found myself wanting to get it as a last item in an ARAM game, but didn't because I assumed it didn't work. However i...

Q: Should I be mean and pop my villagers' balloons?

Ashley NunnSometimes my villagers walk around with balloons. If I tap them (which pops them) I get 40 coins. Is there any benefit to letting them keep the balloons?

@Lazers @AshleyNunn I thought the purpose of all quasi-god-like games was to be as much of a malevolent, hateful creator as possible. :P
5:50 AM
Q: Are there any blocks that don't damage your tools?

ThePlanI was farming with a friend of mine, and he was gathering crops with a diamond sword. I told him not to use a diamond sword as it takes damage, but then he told me crops don't damage your tools when broken. What blocks don't damage your tools when you break them, besides crops?

6:26 AM
Hey, it works!
@CyberSkull What works? :)
@rilgonarcsinh I figured I might try being nice for a change, but apparently balloon popping is a profitable enterprise.
@AshleyNunn You know what else is? Buying For Yak.
7:27 AM
finally, sanity prevails
@pixel How? Where?... don't leave me hanging like @CyberSkull.. :)
my obvious troll question got closed by a mod
Sorry, personally I find the question funny and love the movie - but unfortunately it's not particularly on topic for this site, nor probably a constructive question. Sorry. Yes, it is from a movie, and a question about how the joke is used in the movie would certainly be on topic - but fact checking a Monty Python joke is probably not for this site. — iandotkelly 4 hours ago
incidentally, that is a good closure message...
I think something is broken though
because I only have 250 rep but I can cast reopen votes on my questions?
@pixel The question is too good. I want a qualified answer on that so bad now.
and the other question they're not liking that much is this one
which currently has 1 vote to close
Q: Could a fire hose really support the weight of a falling man?

pixelIn the movie Die Hard, near the end, John McClane ties a fire hose around his waist and jumps off the roof of the Nakotomi plaza building. Would a fire hose really be able to support the weight of a man of that build at falling speeds?

@pixel Are you now trolling other SE sites?
7:37 AM
no, not at all o:)
I would never do such a thing
Carry on then citizen!
Q: BuildCraft waterproof pipes and water/oil pumping, does liquid get lost?

Lasse V. KarlsenI found an oil well the other day and have now successfully pumped it dry into a ton of tanks, some 450 tank blocks, spread over 25 high tank towers. Now I want to refine it. The question is, do I have to empty each tank at a time, to avoid loosing liquid? All the tanks are placed next to each...

more tags please.. :)
only one tag now
I was faster!
interesting... I thought the system was meant to stop that from happening
@Pixel Well I think it can't check for multi-user access while editing.
7:44 AM
sure it can, if two users make edits that don't match each other it prevents the second one from submitting it
yet if two users make identical edits they both go through without error
Did you edit or retag?
you can't retag once you have the rep to edit without queuing
Well I did make a retag...
I still blame the system
For what?
7:47 AM
not preventing the second edit
Is it possible to make an empty edit and save it?
7:59 AM
awwww yee ratchet & clank collection is in my hands :D
Q: BuildCraft waterproof pipes and water/oil pumping, does liquid get lost?

Lasse V. KarlsenI found an oil well the other day and have now successfully pumped it dry into a ton of tanks, some 450 tank blocks, spread over 25 high tank towers. Now I want to refine it. The question is, do I have to empty each tank at a time, to avoid loosing liquid? All the tanks are placed next to each...

Q: What is the best way to make a dog remember its name?

NicolaiI have just bought Nintendogs for my 5 year old daughter, but it has been a really frustrating experience so far. It takes for ever to name the dog, and once we have finally managed that it keeps forgetting its name. What is the best/quickest way to name your dog, and make sure it remembers it ...

8:33 AM
I just lost SIX HEARTS to double envy.
@PatrickStalder Can I tag it kill-all-minecraft-questions-forever
does this answer appear abrasive to anybody else?
A: I can't join servers on Counter Strike Global Offensive

ShaderachIf that box appears it means you're trying to join servers that are already full. Since you seem to be unable to read the server browser columns properly, I suggest using the filters at the bottom and checking "Hide full servers".

8:48 AM
@pixel Yeah, little bit - may want to remove the first clause in 2nd sentence till the comma
Clear out six rooms in Shoel for a library
Find two copies of TELEPATHY FOR DUMMIES!
man that was worth it not
@RilgonArcsinh If you formulate it a bit more firendly... it might have a chance...
SATAN GET. Finally
and even for a rather dumb item, "Consumes HP to damage all enemies in the room."
@PatrickStalder murder-minecraft-painfully
@PatrickStalder chat works in a hostile browser beta.
9:02 AM
@pixel Abrasive? Yes. Needed? Also yes.
laters again
So now "all" I need to do is challenge runs and seven ??? defeats. sigh
@RilgonArcsinh I don't think calling somebody you don't know out as an idiot ever really has a place
@pixel Unless it's a rap battle.
I don't think that particular scenario will ever show itself in the questions and answers part of stackexchange
9:07 AM
@pixel I demand it to happen! Meta-rap-battle RilgonArcsin vs MinecraftCommunity!
epic stack battles of rhapsody?
@pixel That would be some delicious cake for me.
Q: BasiliskII and libgtk1.2

BrianI'm trying to install Basilisk2 on 12.04. I converted the rpm from http://basilisk.cebix.net/#download to deb. Running it, however, gives me: BasiliskII: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Any ideas?

@PatrickStalder I am as white as they get, so that would not be a very thrilling rap battle.
This is how broken WoW: MoP is going to be upon release
yes, that is a DK hitting for over 1 million damage with a single attack
9:18 AM
I don't see how numerical inflation == "broken"
You will when you watch the video
especially since no other class get hit even half that
(and that is a DK tank...)
Yes, I've seen the video before, it's merely new Vengeance scaling on top of Soul Reaper
yep, and it's broken
it will certainly get nerfed within the first month or two
blood DKs topping dps in the first week of raiding will go down real well
N...not really? The gimmick is that Mandokir hits hard enough to trigger shit like that (which you absorb through fight gimmicks, but Vengeance ignores absorbs)
meaning the issue is vengeance, not that DKs even needed soul reaper due to their insane survivability anyway
but then, vengeance has been an issue since it was added to the game
9:23 AM
Yes, Vengeance is an "issue" in an encounter where you can absorb a 900k damage hit through gimmicks - i.e. one encounter
@badp yo
vengeance has been an issue since it was added
blood dks solo'ing groups in pvp due to vengeance is also an issue, granted it got fixed eventually
Vengeance is only an "issue" for underperforming DP in 5-mans
No one gives a shit about PVP
(or, rather, no one should)
9:24 AM
sure pvp should be considered
if pvp was that unimportant it shouldn't have been added to the game
Well, no, it shouldn't, but we have "HURR PUT DA WAR BACK IN WARCRAFT HURRRRRRR" morons running Blizzard, so...
@ThomasMcDonald looking for some MvM or..?
@badp Just saying hello. I am still without a desktop.
the moronic part was removing the war from warcraft in the first place, not adding it back in
@ThomasMcDonald "still?" When did that happen?
9:26 AM
Infact, judging by the box I just had to tick, I haven't logged onto Steam since the new subscriber agreement.
@badp About three weeks ago, my dad borrowed my power supply and in doing so seems to have broken my GPU.
oh football manager
how I miss you
@ThomasMcDonald ugh
but I've been about ready for a new desktop anyway, so it might just have bought that forward a month or two
9:30 AM
...or you could just replace the GPU
yup, but my box is like 3 or 4 years old now. Might as well go the whole hog.
Plus hardware is pretty affordable now; a great i5-based system can be had for like $800.
9:46 AM
insert coin
thats nice :P
10:02 AM
@AdilSoomro Coin?
insert coin
@AdilSoomro hiya
insert coin
insert coin
I am beginning to suspect a coordinated invasion
insert coin
insert coin
10:35 AM
Q: What are the equivalent PC keyboard keys and mouse buttons of the Xbox 360 game controller buttons shown on the screen?

galacticninjaThe PC port of Dark Souls shows Xbox 360 game controller buttons on its in-game messages and the UI. However, I'm playing with a mouse and a keyboard. This makes learning the controls a bit awkward. What are the equivalent (default) PC keyboard keys and mouse buttons of the Xbox 360 game control...

@pixel Third and fourth tags are superfluous, agreed?
(Was about to retag it myself but figured I'd get a second opinion)
Q: Can I respec in Faery: Legends of Avalon?

CyberSkullCan I respec my faery in Faery: Legends of Avalon? And if so, who/where/how?

Q: How many chunks do I need to keep loaded to keep quarries working in Tekkit?

JustinIn my SMP world I have large quarries operating and I wish to ensure that they keep on operating even when I'm not around. I know that I can use the Teleport Tether to keep chunks loaded, however I'm not sure how many chunks I need to keep loaded in order for my quarry to continue operating. Do...

Q: What are the equivalent PC keyboard keys and mouse buttons of the Xbox 360 game controller buttons shown on the screen?

galacticninjaThe PC port of Dark Souls shows Xbox 360 game controller buttons on its in-game messages and the UI. However, I'm playing with a mouse and a keyboard. This makes learning the controls a bit awkward. What are the equivalent (default) PC keyboard keys and mouse buttons of the Xbox 360 game control...

@RilgonArcsinh yeah for sure
10:52 AM
My little brother is playing Ys: Origin on my recommendation.
I can't wait to hear his raging. >:3
Amusingly, we do not have a tag for either Oath of Felghana or Ys: Origin.

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