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11:02 AM
1-rep users that are actually registered can still suggest edits, right? Or do you need a certain rep to suggest at all?
Q: How do affixes effect Elite's names?

TheGateKeeperI noticed sometimes when I meet an elite (yellow name) in Diablo 3 their name reflects their affixes. I had found something on a wiki but I can't seem to find it anymore. Can someone explain it to me please?

anybody can suggest edits
you don't even need to be registered
but in the context of creating tags, you need rep to create a tag
It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain
Crime in a multi-story carpark is wrong... on so many levels
Teamwork is essential; it gives your enemies other people to shoot at
It's better to be a real nobody than a fake somebody
11:22 AM
@RilgonArcsinh Man those LoL passives really confuse me... :)
@pixel Nah, wasn't even tags, just an addendum (well, correction, really) to an existing answer by a new user. I told them they could suggest an edit, but then thought that maybe they couldn't.
@PatrickStalder Yes, well, LoL is not the most technically sound game anyways. :P
(Relevant example: Fizz's passive grants him unitwalk. This has the side effect of letting him walk through Anivia's wall, since it is made up of a very tight cluster of "minions")
@pixel (Related to this comment and the answer it's attached to)
@RilgonArcsinh Well, I just hate it when there is no resource of how they calculate/determine stuff. Maybe they even don't really have this and just decide on every instance how it should be handled. But for me it would have been obvious that a DoT always triggers Relai's because brands DoT's do too... That's just wierd for me. x)
@PatrickStalder Well, the usual test for "Does this apply Rylai's?" is "Does this benefit from Spell Vamp?"
Brand's passive does (and I have saved my ass this way in the past), Gangplank's does not.
The corrolary to this is "is this from a thing that applies on-hit effects, like Sheen/Lich Bane/Triforce/Mallet or Phage?", because they never apply Rylai's (since they can apply Mallet/Phage/Triforce).
@RilgonArcsinh but WHY is it that way? We actually only made assumptions right? There is no official "its because its only triggered from a passive, etc"... thats my point.
@PatrickStalder Because an ability that applies on-hit effects is considered an "enhanced auto-attack", and auto-attacks do not apply Rylai's, only abilities.
Basically things are divided into auto attacks/enhanced auto attacks and spells - the former benefits from Life Steal and apply On-Hit effects. The latter benefit from Spell Vamp and do not apply On-Hit effects but do apply Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
11:32 AM
@RilgonArcsinh Does this mean that Pantheons Q (Spear) for example would trigger spellvamp/Relai's?
@PatrickStalder I believe that is the case, yes. Don't quote me on that, though - I pestered a friend to do the Gangplank testing for me (I'm at work), and he's asleep right now. :P
(I also don't own Pantheon so I couldn't test it even if I wasn't at work.)
@RilgonArcsinh Ok without testing I can't argue with you. :) But I can't do it right now anyways (I'm at work..). But it would be weird for a AD ability to trigger spellvamp/Relai's IMO.
Aha, League Wiki states that Spear Shot does use Spell Vamp/Rylai's, which makes sense.
This is sad
@RilgonArcsinh Well ok. You won. /ff
11:35 AM
Just because an ability scales off of AD does not mean it is not a spell (and vice versa). :)
You know what's worse than a dollar? Two dollars
@badp How?
@RilgonArcsinh Yes that makes sense...
I believe the only exception to the rule is Poppy's Q, which turns the entire attack into magical damage and makes it use Vamp/apply Rylai's.
It still benefits from on-hits, such as Sheen/Lich Bane/Triforce, though.
11:38 AM
@RilgonArcsinh I hate exceptions.... Poppy OP.
@badp Do you deliver to Switzerland?
if you can tell me how yes
Per letter please. In slices
I meant how to take them how of the game
Yes, but Poppy is awesome and adorable so it's okay.
@RilgonArcsinh I think she's a little OP bastard from hell. But maybe it's just me.
@badp Kick them out of your pc maybe?
11:41 AM
That is both true and does not preclude her from being awesome and adorable.
I'm no hardware specialist but that might work.
@RilgonArcsinh Speaking of OP: Is there a good counter to rengar top?
I am being a naughty girl
mcdonalds nom nom
@pixel How is going to McDonalds naughty?
are you serious?
it barely even classifies as food
No I'm incompetent.
I would not ask if I understood you.
11:47 AM
eating crappy food = naughty
@pixel Does this need punishment or something?
Don't get too excited
you see eating mcdonalds is automatic punishment
@PatrickStalder No idea, I last played when Jayce was new. Haven't felt like League in a while.
@pixel ... it was more exciting than my whole day.
a couple of hours from now I will swear I will never eat such crap food again while feeling nauseated
12:06 PM
Can I go home yet?
@RilgonArcsinh I do now. I can work more in winter... :)
Q: In Bayonetta, how can you kill Umbran crows?

TchalvakSo I'm staring at an Umbran crow right now, but I can't hit it. This is in chapter IV in a rainy square, while protecting Cervesa. Run at it, jump at it, shoot at it, I don't target the crow and can't hit it. What's the easiest technique to killing them?

12:45 PM
Q: What proc values do the witch doctors skills have?

ArneWhat are the proc values (effect probability, e.g. for crowd control damage) for the different skills of the witch doctor? Some are given in the Patch 10.4 notes: Firebomb - Fire Pit: 0.067 Gargantuan: 0 Spirit Barrage - Manitou: 0.125 Zombie Dogs Rabid Dogs: 0.1 Burning Dogs: 0.05 For the...

It's just the nature of man. Give a man a soft stone and a chisel, and he'll create a stone penis.
@MartinSojka Yeah! See that image around the bottom right corner? What the hell is gameplay doing in between Steam's softcore porn image collection!
My manager calls me into her office in a stern voice
hands me a letter stating I have a pay rise
@MartinSojka What is a man? A miserable little pile of phallic objects!
12:57 PM
btw, if you want to get the new Steam community stuff thingadongdong
@badp You know that isn't safe for work right?
@pixel It's flagged as such. Twice.
@pixel I honestly had no idea, perhaps I should put some warnings around the link
@RilgonArcsinh you are a spoilsport
@badp certainly should!
(there's no going back from the new Steam community stuff thingadongdong)
12:58 PM
Me: "You should be able to restore from your off-site backups without issue."
Client: "Wish I had some."
What I wish to say: "Sorry for your terminal idiocy."
@RilgonArcsinh They're expensive!
Can't you just wave your magic wand around and fix it?
@badp We offer NAS space at fucking 33c/GB, they're not expensive.
We even give 5GB free for every goddamned server.
(That doesn't count as "off-site" though)
(unless you actually have it located off-site from your server farm stuff)
Cheap "off-site" is easy: Grab a bunch (3+) USB-connected disk drives, back up on them (rotating the use: first day Disk 1, second day Disk 2, third day Disk 3, fourth day Disk 1 again and so on), replace them as soon as they break.
Using rsync for backups works for most cases too.
@MartinSojka Doesn't "off-site" means "far away enough from your server farm that even if a disaster levels your server farm and company building to fine dust, you still have your data"?
if I had to name a cheap off-site backup solution I'd say "Dropbox" :P
1:05 PM
Yes, it does. Customers of hosting companies usually are located at such "off-site" locations in regard to their servers.
@badp google drive, automated too
In some cases, thousands of kms away.
I mean really, could you be more backed up than using google?
@MartinSojka fair enough
It depends on whether or not that option is lawful or not, really
my actions on movies.se has spawned a meta discussion
Q: Are questions about "is x possible in real life" on topic?

David StrattonExample: Could a fire hose really support the weight of a falling man? It seems to me that this isn't really a question about movies or T.V. It's a question about physics triggered by a scene in a movie. Movies and T.V. often require a willing suspension of disbelief, and questions about plaus...

1:08 PM
Often times you either need your users' consent to disclose their data to your third party cloud company thing
or you just cannot disclose your data period.
(in the EU at least)
So no, most of the time "Dropbox" or "Google Drive" is not the answer, hence the ":P"
Speaking of Dropbox, time to try two-factor authentication!
(start here)
Good morning, Bridge
good mid afternoon, @fbueckert
1:28 PM
@badp It's not, but it's also close enough to off-site to work in 99% of cases (the other 1% being fire, somehow, which I doubt)
@RilgonArcsinh Well, I just had to debug and fix a bug which happened in less than 0.01% of the cases (over 100k of actions done on the DB during the years, exactly one of them showed the problem)... :)
Thankfully, it was analytically discoverable and solvable; running the test case would take a few more years ...
@MartinSojka That sounds like a busywork project. Fixing a bug that happens that rarely is usually just a waste of time.
@MartinSojka Oh I know. The clients to whom contingency in a <1% outcome are important probably already have geographically diverse server configurations and failover DNS and whatnot.
I do not think HURRCRAFT PVP SURVIVAL HARDCORE SERVER will be terribly impacted by loss of data due to a DC fire
@fbueckert We had to prove that it actually was happening that seldom first (and wasn't just being ignored so far), at which point we already found the cause and solution anyway. :)
@RilgonArcsinh If they're going to pay for data backup, hey, who cares if it impacts them or not?
1:34 PM
@fbueckert Well, our NAS page makes no claims that it is geographically diverse from the data center, so they have no room to bitch that it's not, either. :P
If it is that important to them, they can get geographically diverse storage to back up to!
@RilgonArcsinh Acts of God are supremely rare. If your building gets smashed into itty bitty bits, chances are good it would take a decent amount of time to get it back up and running, anyways.
@fbueckert Quite.
I would actually be interested in seeing the event that could harm the building we're in though, it actually used to be an old federal reserve building
Bulletproof glass on all doors on the first floor, earthquake spec (in a state with like zero historical earthquake risk), Cat 4 hurricane resistance, etc.
@RilgonArcsinh I'd be more worried about saving my bacon if there's something strong enough to take out your building.
Chances are good your home won't survive whatever it is.
@fbueckert Word.
Also god damnit, TSW maintenance is exasperating. I WANT TO PUNCH HELLSPAWN IN THE HOTEL.
Our main telecom here has a building that is basically a double building; it's got an outer shell to protect it from most acts of nature. Such as tornadoes.
It's apparently theoretically floodproof, too.
1:39 PM
That's pretty hardcore.
@RilgonArcsinh I think it's also the central node in the Canada-wide backbone. Hence the redundancy.
@fbueckert Yeah, makes sense. Doesn't distract from the hardcore-ness.
Of course, this is all hearsay from someone who works for the telecom company. I'm inclined to believe him, though.
I'd like to work for a business like that, once. Rather than having to struggle and argue for every penny to make sure stuff works. And make sure my equipment isn't from the stone age.
@fbueckert Try your local secret service then.
@MartinSojka I'm in Canada. Our secret service is a joke.
1:48 PM
Well, so is Germany's, but they have nice toys. :)
Q: Puzzle in Kingdom of the Dead - Darksiders 2

AerusOn my 1st and 2nd playthrough i'm stuck on this puzzle and i can't stop but imagine there's a room full of treasure chests on the other side. The puzzle is in the Kingdom of the Dead, starting on the right side when you cross the bridge when you come from the Tree of Death. When you follow the p...

2:06 PM
Oh hot damn, TSW maintenance ended early.
@RilgonArcsinh The Stupid Wince?
Q: Where is the best place to maximize XP per hour in Inferno(1.04)?

JonnyThere are many questions here on Arqade about farming xp to get ready for inferno difficulty; this question is not my intent. I am playing a level 60 character either solo or with a friend. In both cases, I/we are able to easily clear any Act in Inferno. I am currently running the entire Act 3 ea...

Should we not just update existing answers to take Paragon into account?
I don't think we need a specific question for this.
Q: Dark Souls P2DE: Trainer Laurientus

user1165499By chance, I told him where I learnt chaos magic ( chaos covenant ), but I didn't learn all spells from him, is there any possibility to learn it somewhere else ?

Q: Where is the best place to maximize XP per hour in Inferno(1.04)?

JonnyThere are many questions here on Arqade about farming xp to get ready for inferno difficulty; this question is not my intent. I am playing a level 60 character either solo or with a friend. In both cases, I/we are able to easily clear any Act in Inferno. I am currently running the entire Act 3 ea...

Q: Does the HORI Real Arcade Pro V3 SA stick work with Touhou games?

AlphatrakI'm looking to buy a nice arcade stick for PC, particularly for playing Touhou (generally the newer Touhou games, but really just about anything since the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil). Looking at the HORI Real Arcade Pro V3 SA, I've found that the PS3 version also works with PC, but I can't seem...

2:21 PM
@fbueckert I already borrowed that picture you posted and turned it into an answer
@pixel Yeah, I saw that
not for that particular question
It would be nicer if suddenly there weren't a bunch of "In 1.0.4 what is...?" questions though
@pixel Yeah, that question should be a dupe of our existing XP questions.
since once 1.0.5 comes out or 1.1 comes out we end up having to clean stuff up
There. Dupe added.
WTB close votes.
Even better, the dupe question title should fulfill the requirement nicely.
2:26 PM
is that question still up to date?
Not quite, no; it could do with a small rewrite to include Paragon.
How much you want to bet we're going to get some backlash on that?
I added a very well explained bounty on the old question
if there is backlash it's because the new guy can't read
@pixel Or doesn't care.
yes but if he doesn't care why should we?
At least gameaddict is gone. Hopefully permanently, this time.
2:32 PM
there are mods for when that happens, and we're just doing the right thing as per the rules
@LessPop just read a really good analysis of the ending of the Sopranos. Regretting having not watched that series yet.
finally I have a bounty badge
Remember, heinous monsters react the same way to their friends getting teabagged as everyone else.
@RilgonArcsinh Enrage and punt said teabagger across the room?
@fbueckert They sure try to, at least.
2:47 PM
@RilgonArcsinh Someone should code in teabagging as an animated emote. No shooting or dodging while you're doing so.
It would quickly become a non-issue.
@Mana Was that the 7-8 page analysis complete with photos and in depth discussion of the Members Only guy?
Q: What is 'Cultural Armor'?

Emerica.I see certain towns, in my case more specifically Divinity's Reach have 'Cultural Armor Merchants'. Each one of these merchants has a tier which as I understand tiers with levels. What is the significance of this armor vs. other armor that you can find? Also, why is this armor separated by race...

Q: Nintendo DS WiFi Support

C-dizzleI still have the original DS and can only get online by either using WEP or no security at all. This is an annoyance since my security is set to WPA2 on my router. What type of WiFi security do each of the DS models support? I guess that also leads to another question, do certain games only work...

Q: Is it possible to disable a dedicated server's welcome page?

KurleyI've had some issues with unofficial dedicated servers when creating Left 4 Dead 2 games. Over the weekend when creating a game my friends and I would keep getting the same dedicated server which is configured to show a home page which appears to be designed to test my patience. The home page c...

@tiddy Yeah
3:03 PM
@fbueckert Not a dupe IMO.
The pre-existing question didn't answer this question, and the information isn't exactly trivial to add.
The pre-existing answer goes in a completely different direction than what is required of an answer specifying Inferno and paragon levels.
If it gets closed, I will be voting to re-open.
Jesus christ almighty, Ak'ab are the worst ever
@RilgonArcsinh I only played that game for like a week and I already hated those things.
@StrixVaria I'm not saying it's trivial; but we don't need different questions for each patch that changes the leveling system.
My opinion is that the previous question is generic enough to encompass all levelling aspects.
And my opinion is that this question wasn't already answered on the site and shouldn't be closed as a dupe of something that doesn't help the asker.
@StrixVaria We've got enough "How I level fast?" questions floating around. We don't need another.
3:07 PM
Is this question answered on the site? Yes or no.
If you show me where it is, I'll gladly close it.
@agent86's answer on the linked question needs a small update, but the general answer applies fairly well. Slot the best ruby you have, and then kill in the highest act you can, as fast as you can.
Oh. Actually, that is a fairly trivial addition. I take that part back.
@fbueckert Disagree. The answer to "where" can include routes about high-density areas with elites or tons of other enemies. It involves picking the act with the most of those areas, where specifically to go within those acts, etc. The existing answer to the other question is just "go wherever is next". The answers are significantly different.
Sure you can answer this question by just giving a vague hand-wave and saying that's that.
But that's not a good answer.
That's not the kind of answer that question deserves.
It's an interesting question, and we shouldn't close interesting questions as dupes when they're not even already answered.
3:14 PM
it's the answer the question deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
think of the children. the children questions.
so we'll hunt it. because it's not our hero.
alone and afraid. and we're just abusing them, calling them names like "dupe" and "unconstructive".
is that the right thing to do? Is that who we've become?!
@StrixVaria whether you're level 50 or level 60 with paragon level 50 the fundamentals of levelling do not change
kill stuff > get xp > kill more stuff > get more xp
3:25 PM
@pixel The fundamentals don't, but the details of how to do it efficiently do.
Which stuff should you kill for maximum efficiency?
@StrixVaria and this is also incorrect - D3 is randomly generated, there is no guarentees that any routes will work
That's the crux of the question.
@StrixVaria depends on your gear and player skill, no such thing as a cookie cutter answer, only guidelines
@pixel Certain areas are more densely packed than others. It's not all 100% random, it's within bounds.
@pixel Guidelines are fine. Routes are guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules that you have to follow or your account gets band and a Blizzard headhunter tracks you down and ends you.
One single, in depth question can answer both "How do I get from level 10 to level 11" and "How can I get paragon level 99 to 100"
and be perfectly accurate at both
3:27 PM
@pixel It could, but it doesn't exist.
Which is the problem.
Closing A as a dupe of B, when B's content doesn't answer A's question, is stupid.
the question @fbueckert mentioned is suitable, if you can read past the opening line to the four questions at the bottom of the original question
those four questions remain valid regardless of what level you are
I think some people are getting caught up on the opening line being "I'm level 40 and..."
We have differing approaches to duplicates, I believe. A question is still a dupe, if it's been asked before. Even if it hasn't been answered.
@fbueckert Solution: Let the new one exist and do a merge later.
Otherwise, leaving dupes open results in several open questions that ask the same thing.
@StrixVaria and you know what, I used to agree with this particular statement but it got beaten out of me and replaced with if question B doesn't answer question A then question B needs a more comprehensive answer
3:28 PM
Don't just kill the new one and then wipe your hands clean without any effort to help people.
and as for wiping my hands clean
I see your bounty.
@StrixVaria I'm discussing it in chat.
You shouldn't have to add a bounty to get a new question answered.
Sterno made a good post on that on a meta topic recently.
I take slight insult to the fact that you think me just closing it as a dupe and leaving is the end of it.
3:29 PM
well there we go, something else I did wrong
go figure
literally everything I do is wrong in somebody's eyes
@StrixVaria @MarkTrapp said it best. Expect LESS from new users, and expect MORE from us.
In this case, one of us adding a bounty is the correct way to go about it.
@pixel A community site. It's bound to happen.
Rather, you and me agreeing on something is somewhat rare. :P
@pixel :( not in my eyes!!
@fbueckert I don't disagree with this. I think that helping new users get answers to their questions is expecting more, however. Sending them on a redirect to a link we already know doesn't help is doing less.
@fbueckert I could not possibly disagree with this statement more.
No one should be required to add a bounty to get information pertaining to a new question answered.
I want to help people on the internet. It should not cost me my own internet points to do so.
Hello, @Jonny
We're discussing your question.
3:45 PM
O really =)
Yeah; we're in two camps about how to handle it. :)
Well, I'm not.
Sorry for creating divisions.
@Jonny Nah; it's fine
We live to argue here.
3:47 PM
I know there are already a lot of "how to get xp fast" questions out there
It's not the Bridge if someone doesn't go screaming at least once a day.
even on this site
I'll still be watching out for Monk items for @fbueckert in Diablo 3 when I play, even though we disagree here.
fair enough =)
@StrixVaria We're acting like adults! Which is strange. :P
3:48 PM
What P levels are you guys in D3?
@Jonny I'm all of 6.
@Jonny 7 :P
Took a break after completing my last goal in D3.
I started leveling my DH to 60, though, instead of continuing to use my WD.
Which I don't even know why because I hate playing as DH.
I want to get all 5 classes to paragon level 20.
ok sweet. @StrixVaria wow. that'll take some tiem
3:49 PM
@StrixVaria Speaking of your WD, is a pet build actually viable now? They were saying that was the goal.
@fbueckert Pets are so good now.
@StrixVaria Great. Another class to level.
My WD is kind of bulky, which helps a lot.
Really? I havn't played my 60 WD since June
Probably do that one before my Wizard.
3:50 PM
@Jonny I hadn't either until 1.0.4.
I was using my Monk in Inferno more recently.
I built my Monk too defensively, I think.
I have like 900 resist all before Barb buffs or Mantra of Healing.
very nice.
Do you of you run Act 3 inferno? (Cant visit the link, blocked at work =(
@StrixVaria 900 is good. Switch to Conviction + Overawe, and you're sitting pretty.
Every item except my gloves gives poison resist :P
3:51 PM
@Jonny My last goal completed was Inferno Diablo down. :P
@Jonny I could probably take Act 3 on my Monk now. I never tried it pre-patch, though.
My WD is still doing A2 Inferno, but I might try A3 soon-ish.
I've found pub games are much more fun now that multiplayer doesn't suck.
I couldn't do A3 pre patch without dying a lot with my barb, but now I can =)
plus runnign with a CMM wiz helps a ton
@StrixVaria I'd think public games would be full of people expecting to be lazy and get carried through without contributing.
@fbueckert There's a votekick option for those.
@StrixVaria There's also a, "I refuse to play public games" option for that, too. :P
3:53 PM
I haven't run into too much of that, actually.
can you pm at all on this site?
I've been pubbing mostly to get my DH through hell, though.
I haven't done too much in Inferno.
Q: Is there a way to send messages to people with stack exchange?.if so how?

The deadric warriorPlease help.i want to send a message to my friend but I do not know how

@Jonny Nope.
Q: Are charisma, dignity and ferocity used for something besides NPC dialogs?

stoldarkBesides the answers you can give in some dialogs (where I imagine that a kind of "roll check" is performed to see if it succeeds / fails) what are these atributes used for? Do they unlock special missions or items?

Q: Steam version of Dark Souls crashes on Windows 8 RTM

0x49D1Is there a way to play Dark Souls on Windows 8 RTM? Think it crushes because of games for windows live client..

Q: How do I change between orders? (Durmand, Whispers, Vigil)

stoldarkAt some point during the personal story the game forces you to choose one of three orders: Durmand priory Order of whispers Vigil The wiki says that once you've made a choice, you can change affiliation "with a little effort", but doesn't give more detail. How do I exactly change between ord...

3:54 PM
@Lazers I don't think Steam supports Windows 8 yet.
Thanks. I was just wondering if I could get your D3 usernames, but wasn't sure if we could do it in chat. We could do a run together sometime
Q: Are you playing Diablo 3? Why don't you play with us?

LessPop_MoreFizzBlah blah blah enormously hyped, blah blah persistant multiplayer yadda yadda battletag and built in chat client, I'm not going to bother boring you with things you already know. Instead, I'm just gonna put it out there: If you're going to be playing Diablo 3, and would like to play or chat wit...

@fbueckert I removed myself from that spreadsheet thinking the spam friend requests were from that.
I'm still getting them now, though, so I don't know.
@StrixVaria Ditto
I still get one or two, but that's about it.
It's probably just some automated troller that runs through usernames on the bnet forums.
I like reporting them for spam, though.
It makes me feel good inside.
3:58 PM
Anyways, looks like we completely sidetracked the whole dupe issue.
@StrixVaria Yeah. Now that it's not a two step process, anyways.
I hated that you had to A) Report for spam, and then B) decline friend invite.
Talking about D3 is more fun than talking about meta rules.
@StrixVaria I hear that.
I really want to play GW2, but I'm not going to get it until my interest in D3 is waned again.
I don't know how long that will take, but it doesn't seem likely to happen soon.
@StrixVaria And by that point, there will most likely be a sale on it.
4:00 PM
Do you guys work too haha? Or just play games?
@Jonny I'm at work right now. :P
@Jonny At work now.
Which is why I'm only Paragon level 7.
I know someone who's 25 because he doesn't have work.
Ok, me too. Just checking
Im level 8 =)
@StrixVaria That your buddy? GDI, or whatever his name was?
Oh, I work. Also I develop games in my spare time. Occasionally I also play them (currently: L2, CK2, ArmA2, lurking on EU4 forums getting all excited and awaiting the train wreck of ESO).
4:01 PM
@fbueckert Yeah, GDI.
He's a RL friend of a RL friend. I've only met him in person twice.
@StrixVaria I've got a roommate who doesn't have a job, either.
But we played tons of D3 together at launch.
But he's not as much of a D3 fanatic as I am.
He doesn't have a single 60.
I'm almost to my third 60.
@StrixVaria He was of the opinion that he'd go through the game once, get the story, and that was it.
He wasn't interested in anything else.
4:03 PM
@fbueckert Roughly how I played Diablo 2.
The story?
In a Diablo game?
Yep. Played through it once (without the expansion), decided the story - and by extension, the game - was too boring to bother, then stopped.
I wish I could turn the story off and get to more killing.
@StrixVaria Hey, I'm just repeating what he said.
The story was much better in 2 than 3... 3s was pothetic
4:05 PM
I'm still of the opinion that the blacksmith should have the ability to add affixes to items. Or upgrade existing affixes.
It would add so much more to the game progression.
That way, even if you low-rolled an item, you can throw tons of money at it, and get it better than it was.
Or find a cheap, sub-standard item in the AH, and do the same.
@fbueckert that would have to be regulated a lot though for it to work
@Jonny Yeah; adding new affixes should be random.
The reason Torchlight got boring is because of the ability to continually enchant weapons and armor.
They all turned into the same thing after enough random affixes.
AH prices are already way too inconsistent with a too big of gap between ceiling and floor
And keeping track of how often you've upgraded it should multiply the cost exponentially.
4:08 PM
@fbueckert so in the mils for each affix?
@StrixVaria It should still be limited to the 6 max a rare can take.
@fbueckert Libel! Slander! Slibel! You're actually quoting yourself :P
@MarkTrapp And I was paraphrasing you. :P If you don't want credit, that can be fixed.
@Jonny Maybe not in the millions. Perhaps limit the max number of times an item can be upgraded, so you have to choose whether you want to risk another affix, or upgrade the existing ones.
The idea is not to have items that you can use from beginning to end, but that if it rolled decently, you can upgrade it into something really good.
@fbueckert Interesting... I'll ponder that thought. I would rather see an extra way too hard dungeon that impossible to clear
@Jonny D3 is all about the item hunt.
Giving the player the ability to give some control over those items will improve gameplay immensely.
Because right now, there is nothing that's average; it's either godly, or it's junk.
4:12 PM
@fbueckert Im not sure it would improve the gameplay, but it would make it interesting
@fbueckert My position is more nuanced than that: there's a minimum standard of duty for new users, but the system breaks down for even ideal new users when we have an unanswered question that a new user wants an answer to. If high-rep users actually want to help those people (they don't have to), they can not by arguing we shouldn't close questions by new users, but by acting as proxies for them by offering bounties, revising questions, and such
@fbueckert Average is what I'm wearing.
I don't spend millions of gold on individual items, but my gear is still pretty good.
@StrixVaria I just crowd source my item finding. :P
Goodwill is a fantastic currency.
I'm a new user =) (for this SE site) What advice would you have for me?
@Jonny Read the FAQ
4:15 PM
@Jonny It's easier to give good answers than to ask good questions, so concentrate on those. :)
@MarkTrapp The basic premise is sound, though. I absolutely abhor questions that go, "Yes, I know this is a duplicate, but there's no answer to my problem there."
@Jonny People get very heated about what they think is good content here, sometimes disparaging questions/answers in the process of their arguments, but they're talking about the words, not the person who wrote them. If you get caught in the crossfire of a discussion or argument about policy (which happens to pretty much everybody at one point or another), don't take it personally.
@Jonny And whatever you do, don't ask questions like this guy.
@MarkTrapp You should write speeches.
@fbueckert @MarkTrapp @StrixVaria @Martin Ok, so I have read the facts, posted a few questions and a few answers. Can I ask for feedback so far?
4:18 PM
@Jonny Overall, it looks like you making a good start.
@Jonny In general you get feedback by comments and votes (mostly votes).
@StrixVaria We shall not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today, we celebrate our… apparently the Assumption of Saint Mary in the Eastern Orthodox Rites
@Jonny Having a high rate of accepted answers is good sign, and you haven't had any down-voted or closed questions, which is also a good sign. Only suggestion I have is to not add parenthetical comments in question titles (like here and here).
If something needs explaining, use the question body. For the Diablo III question, versioning is generally not good because the game is constantly updated. If the answers change with an update, the answers will get updated
Actually, your Skyrim question looks like it's a duplicate of this question
4:27 PM
Eh, related, but not duplicate
4:42 PM
@Jonny What exactly was so great about the Diablo 2 story? I don't recall it being substantially different than the one in Diablo 3.
It was less Scooby Doo and more From Hell: rather than going on capers and unmasking Old Man McGee every act, you traced the path of the Wanderer and followed the story through the narration of a man driven insane by what he's seen
@MarkTrapp I appreciate the feedback. Ill fix my questions from now on =)
@mana the Sopranos was good but overrated, the ending was stupid, and fuck Journey because Journey fucking suck. That is all.
@bwarner I thought the the D3 storyline was far too predictable... I won't spoil anything though
@MarkTrapp I have to agree. D3 had a lot more emphasis on story, but it was a pretty bad story. D2's story was minimal, and not exactly pullitzer material, but it was at least coherent.
4:57 PM
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@sjohnston Duriel never really made any sense to me.

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