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5:03 PM
@bwarner How so?
Can I ask the policy question of why my question was closed? http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/81911/where-is-the-best-place-to-maximize-xp-per-hour-in-inferno
I read the reason that was because pixel included a bounty on the open question, but the bounty was added after I asked the question?
On a game that is ever changing (like D3) should I always try and update old posts?
the bounty was added because you asked the question
it's better to have one question with a solid answer than lots of little circumstantial questions asking very similar things, it's less confusing that way IMO
but I know nothing
@pixel This
@Jonny Posts are not considered old like they are on a forum here. The post will stand the test of time as long as the information in it is kept up to date. Posting a bounty is one of the ways in which you can request more up to date information.. Though honestly so is posting a question about the new contents and getting everyone in here to close it as a dupe and redirect traffic to the old question to get it up to date :D
I see. And I think you do more than me =) I just thought they were different at a fundamental level. I think Inferno is basically a different game, and treated it as such. I will be better in the future
5:09 PM
@Jonny If you are thinking you did something wrong, you did not :) This is just the way the site works and I hope you get the information that you need.
Anyone interested in Raiderz?
@AnnaLear I am glad to see your cat is still featured.
@OrigamiRobot Always. :)
I just think its a little strange that I have now have to track a question I didn't ask. I will receive no inbox updates/rep even though I suggested the question. That is why I sometimes see the update of old posts as flaws. Sometimes the evolving history is important
Aww man, my right speaker is all busted
5:11 PM
Hey all, anyone who wanted to get in on Castle Story but missed the kickstarter, it seems they are still accepting their own paypal donations until friday: sauropodstudio.com
@Jonny You can favorite the question.
@OrigamiRobot!!! We must pew pew some time tonight... I need to get some mad skillz :D
@OrigamiRobot True!
@James I am checking the notes!
5:13 PM
No notes yet?
@Jonny Absolutely - revision history is always kept
Click on a post's "edited" timestamp to see who edited what when.
@OrigamiRobot Not that I have seen.. Rumors are the bug that has been plaguing getting 8v8 games though is to be fixed.
made for Firefox 15 (stable), runs in Chrome 23 (dev) too
Q: Who are the captains for Madden 13 Ultimate Team?

SocioMattAll the literature states that when you start an Ultimate Team in Madden 13, you'll choose a starting captain that will determine things like your stadium and jerseys. It also implies that there will be one starting captain for each team. Who are all of the starting captains for Madden 13 Ultimat...

5:51 PM
@OrigamiRobot On the internet no one can hear you meow.
Unless you're on Youtube or something.
6:19 PM
@badp [makes a note of this for his youtube channel]
Q: Steam version of Dark Souls crashes on Windows 8 RTM

0x49D1Is there a way to play Dark Souls on Windows 8 RTM? Think it crushes because of games for windows live client..

Question: Do we provide technical support for a platform the publisher does not?
@fbueckert Do we provide technical support No.
The answer here seems to be: Steam does not support Windows 8. Wait for it to do so, or choose a different OS.
@StrixVaria You'd be surprised at the number of tech support questions we get.
@fbueckert I know, and I hate all of them.
Well, almost all of them.
Such as this gem of a question.
There's, "I've tried such and such, but still can't get it working" and then there's, "Eh. It errored. Fix it for me."
I'm alright with the first type, but the second can die in a fire.
6:33 PM
@fbueckert Are you dead-set on continuing to use 2 weapons on your Monk, or would you consider a really good Daibo or Shield if I happened to find one?
6:45 PM
@StrixVaria I'd prefer to continue dual wielding; I bit the bullet and changed my spec a bit for Inferno Diablo, but I really like the dodge bonus from Guardian's Path.
@fbueckert What adjustments did you have to make?
@StrixVaria Traded out Guardian's Path for Resolve. Equipped a shield. I think that's about it.
My monk has been using a shield for so long I don't know how reliant I am on it.
That was my Diablo end gear and spec.
Haven't touched him since I beat him.
My monk is pretty close to that actually. I'm like 5k dps lower but with slightly higher defenses.
6:50 PM
@StrixVaria I have slightly less defense when I dual wield, but the extra 200+ dexterity and life on hit more than make up for it.
I'm a regular mob blender with Sweeping Wind up.
@MarkTrapp Exception: When we are talking about Gameaddict, we are talking about the person.
Also when we are talking about Gnomeslice, but that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
Is GnomeSlice still around? I haven't seen him in a while.
And Milhouse. Nobody likes Milhouse
@StrixVaria On vacation or something
@StrixVaria Should be getting back shortly.
@fbueckert I don't think I'll ever use Sweeping Wind. I'm too invested in the current gear and a switch to crit gear would be a pain.
@StrixVaria The synergy of Cyclone with crits more than doubles or triples my DPS.
If I can get something to stand still long enough (ie. a boss), that is.
Another reason I absolutely loathe runners.
I should try out my monk soon and see how Seven Sided Strike does with the 1000% damage buff.
@StrixVaria 1000% better.
@StrixVaria The only real play I have in my build is switching my mantra, one passive (Guardian's Path), and maybe Dashing Strike. It's too useful for those Hammer Lords, though. They one hit me, and Dashing Strike lets me flip back and forth without much problem.
6:57 PM
@JasonBerkan It went from 777% to 1777%, so not quite 10x better, but still a marked improvement.
@StrixVaria Against bosses, it should be phenomenal.
@fbueckert I was using the AoE one because the single target damage was only useful against bosses.
@fbueckert Not as much about Steam as it is about the game itself
Q: Can you un-equip an inventory bag?

SpatlapI have four standard 4-slot bags equipped, but now I have crafted an 8-slot storage box and want to use that. I'm afraid there is no way to un-equip one of those standard bags... am I right ?

Also I think I know the answer to that one
It's going to be a common problem
A: Steam version of Dark Souls crashes on Windows 8 RTM

badpDoes Dark Souls use OpenGL? Did Windows install the graphic driver for you? Graphic drivers installed automatically by Windows 8 seem to have almost zero support for OpenGL and games relying on that graphic API will run extremely slowly (e.g. Spacechem) or not at all (e.g. I believe Pixeljunk Ed...

7:02 PM
@badp Sounds more like backwards compatibility isn't there in Windows 8.
Windows 7 didn't install those drivers for me in the first place
I claim, "PROGRESS!"
also OEMs are probably going to continue shipping the "real" drivers
7:42 PM
Are we back?
I didn't know we were gone.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Chat was down for the last half hour or so.
Q: 502 errors when connecting to chat

Kyle TraubermanI'm getting 502 errors when trying to join chat. HTTP/1.1 502 Fiddler - Connection Failed Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Connection: close Timestamp: 12:19:57.066 [Fiddler] The socket connection to chat.stackoverflow.com failed. <br />ErrorCode: 10061. <br />No connection co...

@UQAllulloo Huh. I had the tab open in the background with no issues
It did go silent for 30 minutes but I didn't see anything wrong with chat either
@pixel So everybody just assumed that nobody was talking.
And since no one had anything to say, nobody had anything to reply to!
7:54 PM
I assumed nothing, I was busy playing CSGO
@pixel sigh Just when I think we start getting along, you have to remind me of our fundamental differences.
I'm sorry that you don't have the reflexes to play FPS games
@pixel I've got fantastic twitch reflexes.
I just don't like CS. Of any sort.
Q: How does armor work?

WipqoznI know that armor reduces damage taken, but how is this reduced damage calculated? Does it differ between weapon damage and condition damage? For example, if I hit an opponent with a skill that does 100 damage, and that opponent has 100 armor, how much damage do I deal?

Q: I just got invited to a guild. Why can't I see or talk in Guild Chat?

LessPop_MoreFizzI just got invited to a Guild in Guild Wars 2. But after playing for a while, I noticed that Guild Chat was... unusually quiet. I know these people. They are chatterboxes. They normally do not shut up. So it seemed odd. Then I tried to talk in /guild, figuring I'd kickstart some conversation. Bu...

@fbueckert high five
7:58 PM
@StrixVaria high five Indeed.
I don't like waiting 2 minutes to play again every time I make a mistake, among other complaints.
When they added Arena mode to TF2 I never even tried it.
@StrixVaria the solution to this seems quite obvious!
(make less mistakes)
@pixel When you get punished that harshly for making mistakes, why would you ever want to play?
You spend more time waiting to play than you do playing.
8:35 PM
@fbueckert so funny story. After I found that legendary fist weapon, I found another legendary five minutes later that was even crappier
Trying to come up with a DH build that isn't going to bore me to death playing it.
@spugsley Ok. I need your luck.
8:51 PM
@fbueckert I have the quantity luck but am severely lacking the quality luck
@spugsley I found a pretty kickass mojo for @StrixVaria over the weekend.
I may have the quality luck, but no quantity. :P
@fbueckert Can we just merge into one really quick ass Diablo item farmer please?
also, kick*
Q: Optimal allocation of Stats from equipment

newuserFor maximum survivability, is it better to get gear with only Vitality, or should you evenly distribute between Vitality and Toughness? I have read that Vitality seems to be a lot better than Toughness. Also, between Strength and Precision, is it more effective to go all out Strengh?

Q: How do I get Okami to the platform on bottom floor of Moon Cave?

Jon EricsonAfter falling to my death a number of times in Moon Cave, I turned to the walkthroughs. A typical example reads: Jump on the elevator nearby. He warns not to disturb him lest the platform go crashing down into the pit below. Power Slash him anyway and he will drop the controls, sending the p...

@fbueckert Yeah, and I found that sweet armor for your Wizard.
9:25 PM
@StrixVaria I don't think that counts. :P
Q: Can't connect to multiplayer in ACB on XBox-360

redEvoI only ever made it to level 19 in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and wanted to go back to level up. It would be nice to get the few remaining achievements. However, I can't seem to connect to any servers. It will say it's waiting for other people, and that 1/6 has connected, for 10-15 minutes usua...

Q: Removing the "broken shield" icon

SeanI got hit by a mega-rocket and have a broken shield icon over my head. I haven't noticed this on my previously revived units—when does it appear and what does it do? Can I repair my defenses, or am I permanently impaired?

@Fluttershy GOODBYE runs
@Fluttershy HI
9:35 PM
@Fluttershy NO
@Fluttershy Later.
I will play GW2 whenever my current interest in D3 goes away.
@StrixVaria Didn't your interest in D3 go away like... when TSW came out?
@Fluttershy This patch made the game unsuck.
@StrixVaria Unpossible.
That's what I thought too.
9:39 PM
I'm gonna need to see some patch notes, apparently.
They're so big they have a table of contents.
@StrixVaria None of this really sounds like a big deal.
@Fluttershy ಠ_ಠ
You didn't ever get to level 60, did you?
@StrixVaria Nope. Game sucked too much.
It only moderately helps the game from 1-60, and then dramatically improves the end-game.
Increased rare drop rate across the board is really nice, though, even for new characters.
Also the fact that you can actually use most skills now if you want and not be crippled.
That's pretty big.
9:49 PM
@StrixVaria I guess... I just can't be bothered to hit level 60. <_<
@LessPop_MoreFizz: I didn't realize you picked up Guild Wars 2.
There are some pretty neat mods out for KSP
Q: How is guild influence gained exactly in Guild Wars 2?

Hao KungThe official wiki lists the following as one way to get influence: 2 influence for individual guild members completing an event or part of a personal storyline. (The per-player influence gained increases substantially with each new participating guild member.) Does anyone know exactly how t...

Q: In Anno 2070, which NPC cannot go to war?

Thierry LamI was playing a modified medium continuous game with Bartok and she declared war on me based on an ultimatum. If I want to play a continuous game, which NPCs should I pick so that there are no military conflicts at all? I'm ok with them fighting each other as long as I'm not dragged in their co...

10:33 PM
Q: How is the weapon damage of the Engineer exclusive weapons calcualted?

WipqoznI've noticed that an Engineers Weapon and Condition damage when equiped with one of the Engineer exclusive weapons (Grenade Kit, Bomb Kit, Flamethrower, Elixir Gun, and Wrench) are calculated independently of the weapon they have equipped. In other words the statistics of the equipped weapons don...

Holy cow, someone made a tool to syncronize launch data for KSP.
So, a server hosts the data, and everyone pulls it down from there.
All launches get uploaded to the server, resulting in some very crazy orbiting maneuvers.
We should totally start an Arqade launch server.
ohhh goodness I bet no one is having a better Tuesday night than I am :3
10:50 PM
MapleStory's on Steam now?
@UQAllulloo Yup, couple of weeks ago actually.. Ive been t hinking of checking it out again but I am fearing I may discover why I stopped playing.. I only have fond memories of it though.
@James hmm...I never actually played it. I kind of want to play it, but I have enough other stuff to play right now, and I'm not sure how well it would hold up now...
@UQAllulloo Yeah I just got Junk Jack, Dungeon Village, and Elder Sign: Omens for my iPad
Looked into some software too, might be doing some LPs of those :)
Especially Junk Jack
Its like Terraria done right
sans multiplayer
11:16 PM
@James Kairosoft!
Good, play Dungeon Village.
It's a little simplistic, though.
@Wipqozn I was drunk last night and I spent money.
@fbueckert I dunno I have not gotten into maxing out buildings and did Nothing with the cauldron my first time through.
Rolled a Mesmer. Game is okay but hasn't blown me away yet. It is a very pretty chat room for the crowd I followed in.
@James Cauldron doesn't help much; it's more for learning spells than anything else.
@fbueckert Oh, I just made a fireaxe with it on my new game
Did not know its where spells came from, hehe
11:18 PM
Spent two hours figuring out that guild chat shit though, hence the ask/self-answer. Shit is totally nonintuitive and not mentioned in the help tool tips at all.
@James Weaponry helps a bit, but most of the better stuff can just be bought, once you get one of them.
@fbueckert Yeah I am having loot issues on the new game.. The number of blue chests is decidedly.. Crappy
@James RNG does that sometimes
I am also keeping my adventurers in dungeons too often to make money.
but I am trying to get gear that doesnt suck :D
One thing I have noticed though is that Dungeon Village makes my iPad HOT.. and drains the battery pretty damn fast
Faster/Hotter than even GTA 3, or Junk Jack.
@James That's surprising.
11:26 PM
@fbueckert Yeah I find it odd as well
I am starting to wonder if there is something amiss with the battery of my iPad, hehe
11:38 PM
ilvl 61 legendary
@fbueckert this is my fifth legendary found in the Watch Tower btw :p
@spugsley I took a break from D3. :P
@fbueckert bahaha :p
@spugsley I completed my goals. :P Take a few days break, and then start up again.
@fbueckert sounds like a plan ....I'm actually finding some pretty good stuff so I'm not giving up yet :p
Besides, I think I just found my Minecraft.
11:46 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz What server are you on?
11:58 PM
@Mana Hopefully he went on Crystal DEsert. That's where all the cool kids went.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sounds like a fairly solid decision to make while drunk.

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