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4:01 AM
@ktash I installed the newest version of your levelling script, and I must say, I love the changes. :D it is like you reached into my brain and pulled out the things I wanted. :D
...okay, that made creepy zombie imagery in my head
Haha, well I'm glad. Next step is an options dialog and... maybe some secrets
if I can find the time for them
speaking of zombies
Its 5am and I have work in 2 hours
I've done a terrible thing... I started looking at Legend of Korra stuff and it is making me want the next season so bad... :(
@pixel Oy...
@Ktash see, that is dangerous, because then you get all OMG WAITING AUGH
@Ktash oooooh seeeecrets
4:10 AM
@AshleyNunn Well, I've been waiting over 5 years for KH3, so I have some practice
@Ktash This is true, I suppose. I am just all about instant gratifcation
Crap, what happened to the weekend? Where'd that go?
@Ktash Come baaaaack weekend. I liked you
@Ktash Speaking of, I have to buy out my Steam wishlist.
Would you say that Borderlands is worth buying? Or should I wait for the sequel?
Borderlands is a fun game but lacks replayability, it's best played co-op with multiple friends
4:18 AM
Q: Is it usefull to hit a single champion with an Ash volley?

uselessnickAs an Ash in League of Legends, is it useful to attack an enemy champion with your volley or is it better to just auto attack (ulti, mana spent aside)?

Q: What factors determine the base IP cost of a champion?

AlokThe cost to purchase ranges from 450 IP for 'Heroic' champions to 6300 IP. It doesn't seem to be related to their power as many of the cheaper ones are also considered strong contenders, e.g. Ashe and Annie are 450 IP. Is there a particular pattern to how much each champion costs (year of introd...

all these league of legends questions make my brain itch
half of it is that I can't answer them, the other half is most of them are riddled with terrible english
so much muslim hate in this show -.-
So I picked up Arma II: Combined Ops and am started DayZ (@OrigamiRobot may as well) - if anyone is playing, lemme know!
@IanPugsley I am trying to play but I have no idea what is going on
@OrigamiRobot seconded!
what server?
4:35 AM
I don't know...the one with the lowest ping
@spugsley Woot!
@spugsley Hurrah! confetti and cupcakes
Bacon cupcakes, of course.
@AshleyNunn pshh, as if there is any other kind
@spugsley See, I like the way you think
4:42 AM
@spugsley Finally, now I can play Diablo 3 again.
@pixel Just as I am planning to start with truly noob questions :)
@OrigamiRobot Feeling the withdrawal?
I am feeling withdrawal from sleep
I suspect, then, you should get some sleep.
As a small Sunday bonus, here is some horror/comedy:
4:49 AM
It's monday
It's Monday on account of it being 5:50am on Monday 23rd July
I have not slept yet, therefore it is not Monday.
Universal Timezone disagrees
@AshleyNunn This.
Until I wake up, it's Sunday.
4:51 AM
I have not slept yet
By that justification, it's Friday
Who's being a pedant now? :P
I'm just using your methodology
I so wish it was friday
Q: Skins that affect game mechanics

AlokI was under the impression that all skins are only related to appearance, but came across this mention of Kog'Maw's Lion Dance which actually modifies the skill behaviour. Does this affect anything besides the visuals (as in damage, proc effects, projectile speed etc.), and if so which other skin...

Yay full QL10 gear. Now if only I had signets for it.
if only I'd known you were playing TSW I'd have done something other than sit here all night
5:08 AM
@pixel FYI, tomorrow night and tuesday, my plan is to teach myself to tank.
I'm about ~75 AP away from having enough skills to be comfortable doing so.
awesome, what is your definition of 'night'
Have a full set of QL10 green tank gear.
what's that in UTC
What secret society Do you Guys play?
@LessPop_MoreFizz it 2am there?
5:10 AM
@pixel 1:15 atm
Daylight Savings Time in full effect
Excellent @pixel
ah ok, well I can realistically do until like 11pm your time each night
I have full QL10 gear, minor talismans are all epic +heal and 1/2 of my major talismans are too
and I'm ~15 AP from full necromancer deck
although I've spent way more than 15 by getting pretty much the full inner circle
Im ql8 420 dps xd
should be able to heal you through the first several instances if you weren't in a tank spec with 0 avoidance
(ie: I can tank myself while healing)
not sure how far 'several' goes as I've only done the first 2-3 instances
5:14 AM
@pixel Yeah, no, I have a full set of QL10 tank gear. Just need a few basic talents.
most likely every instance on normal then tbh
(i.e. I need to pick up Karma from Chaos and the threat misc passive.)
I could probably do with the second level of threat reduction
got so bored with doing quests though
Where is the best place to Grab ql10?
Ideally, I'd like to spend about ~100-150 more AP before I tank anything hard.
Should grab another 50-100 tonight.
@PatrickStalder In my case, from the Cabal bank. :P
5:16 AM
in QL10 gear nothing is hard up until eygpt tbh
Ankh has a lot of DPS check in it
How much dps is required?
Don't know, no dps meters
QL10 greens though
@pixel there are DPS meters
@pixel Yeah, several
5:17 AM
Yes Advanced combat tracker for example.
I haven't mucked around with any addons yet, but they definitely exist
Isn't 'where' a good question for the actual site? (I don't play TSW, but from context ...)
actually Alok
I think I already raised that question
Where to get gear? Or what are you referencing @alok
and ignored the answers on it
oh I didn't ask it
I answered it
5:20 AM
Well... last day of Steam sales, and I am 45 cents short of buying what I wanna get. FML
@Fluttershy what are you trying to buy?
@PatrickStalder 'What are the DPS meters in game and how do I get them?'
A: How can I customise the UI in The Secret World?

IngmarOut of the box, the interface is not very configurable at all. What you can do without custom UI modifications (mods) is: Move some windows around by dragging on the edges (not the party window though) Add chat tabs/windows and customize them by clicking the small gearwheel icon Scale the UI in...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Strongly considering Saints Row the Third.
Is Bastion any good?
5:22 AM
@alok i think a Bit more broad question about add-ons was already raised. But i cant Check right now. (Im on the move atm)
@AshleyNunn Bastion is great and is also right up your alley from what I can see
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is the answer I was hoping to get :D
@Fluttershy Tell ya what. I've been eyeing it forever and have too much on the list in front of it anyway. I'll gift it to you now, hit me back the next time it's on sale for the same or lower.
Also, I can't argue with paying 3.74 for it.
(Bastion, I mean)
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is something I can definitely do.
May 10 at 5:45, by Fluttershy
@AshleyNunn Bastion, to me, is in the same category as Shadow of the Colossus. A masterpiece of video games and art that should be experienced by everyone.
I even pinged you then, too. =P
5:26 AM
@Fluttershy I was gonna say, oh hey, we had that discussion, apparently. :P
Annnd....bought :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz I nearly shat myself when I saw it was the "Collection Pack". I was like, "That's like $50, yo!" Then I saw it was only $1 more than the regular game. >_> The world Collection tricked me. But, thank you. I will make sure you are repaid in kind.
@Fluttershy Yeah, 80 cents more for a massive pile of DLC seemed like a no brainer.
It actually feels like a pricing error.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I was thinking that as well.
Like enough of one that I'm just going to jump on it and you can hit me back for something else at some future point.
because that feels like a big pricing error.
Yeah, that really looks like a mistake, but it is one that if I were into such a game, I would jump all over
5:31 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sounds good. Just let me know if/when you see something that price and I'll pick it up.
If I buy something on steam with a soundtrack with it, where can I find the soundtrack files?
@AshleyNunn Pretty sure we've had a question about that somewhere...
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, probably :P
I've found a weird pattern, whenever I stay up all night the sun comes up with no clouds
@AshleyNunn Program Files (x86) (if Win. 7) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> [game name]
5:37 AM
@pixel perhaps it is the sky rewarding you for achieving the all nighter (unless you like clouds)
@pixel clouds are Not rendered at that time.
fuck me
a bird just flew into my window
scared the crap out of me
Poor bird!
hey the bird is fine, it looked dazed and confused and then got on with it's life
the addon install process for TSW is awkward
@pixel That's all that matters
5:49 AM
Q: What's the difference between downloadable games on XBLA and PSN?

ruberglyI've recently found myself in possession of both an Xbox 360 and PS3, and in addition to having to having to choose between the platforms for normal console releases (How do I choose between the console and PC versions of a game?, Does a website exist that compares the versions of the same game o...

@pixel yes very awkward. I didn't get any addon to run. Only the external DPS-Tracker (ACT)
A friend told me that its possible to play cross-server in TSW, can anyone confirm this?
6:05 AM
you just join party and it prompts saying you're on different servers, and lets you switch to the party host's server
OK thank you.
6:27 AM
Q: Where do companions go when dismissed in Fallout: New Vegas?

Steve V.Boone and I have been murdering our way through the Mojave Wasteland for the last ingame month or so, and we're very happy together. However, I've just reached Trading Post 188 and encountered Veronica, who claims to wish to join my quest. I know that there's a room in the Lucky 38 where compani...

Q: Is it usefull to hit a single champion with an Ash volley?

uselessnickAs an Ash in League of Legends, is it useful to attack an enemy champion with your volley or is it better to just auto attack (ulti, mana spent aside)?

isnt this question a bit broad?
7:30 AM
Q: Low sound problems

DamaskoxI've been looking 30-60min different links from Google to fix my problem, and still not succeeded. I am using Windows XP (with Service Pack III) I am using VIA Unknown @ nVIDIA MCP61 - High Definition Audio Controller. The speakers I am using have a text on them: "Platinum UBL Series" (did a qu...

8:09 AM
Q: PCSx2 is not working on my Ubuntu 11.10?

Manik RastogiI installed PCSx2 on my Ubuntu 11.10 to play some PS2 games on ubuntu as I did in Windows. But PCSx2 window is not displaying anything. I think it's because of dependencies issue. How do I know about dependencies for PCSx2 9.9 and how to satisfy them.

8:51 AM
YAY change control forms
feel like I'm drowning in paperwork already
Anyone in here knowledgeable about bicycles? (Bicycles.SE chat is empty)
9:03 AM
Q: What is the most economical Zerg opening?

tenfourZerg macro openings must balance the timing of: Spawning pool Hatchery at natural expansion Queen Early spawning pool or hatchery means sacrificing drones to afford it, but means more larva to produce more drones. What is the most economically-optimal build order for Zerg?

9:41 AM
@QAdley They have two wheels, connected by a chain? I understand the mechanics and various parts of various forms of bicycle, how they work, what they're called, etc., but I wouldn't say I have any special knowledge of the subject matter, so not really. Sorry. This chat seems rather dead at this hour also.
10:34 AM
That's because everybody is asleep
@skovacs1 Looking for on the subject
10:51 AM
@QAdley definitely get one with two wheels
oh and brakes, they're important too
Thanks for the advice, god knows what I'd have ended up with if I hadn't asked in here...
you're welcome
gears are a good idea too
@QAdley don't feed the trolls. :P If you have a specific question I could ask my dad he is quite into cycling, maybe he can provide better input than pixel.
11:06 AM
Q: Vulcano Theme Pinball Game

MarianneI'm Trying to find an old pinball game - it's 3d, vulcano themed. if you hit certain objects, the ball would get powerups, or would be transported into the vulcano, rolling on tracks. I also remember some "vulcano People" and the ball could go through their village. If you won the game, the b...

Q: Is there an English version of of The Typing of the Dead 2?

ayckosterI liked the first part of The Typing of The Dead, which had an English version, but somehow I cannot find one for part 2. I understand that the Japanese version supports Latin letters, but all words are in Japanese. Does some official or unofficial (via mod or patch) English version of The Typi...

@PatrickStalder It's fine, pixel is a regular here. I just want general advice on what to look for in a £4-500 commute bike.
@QAdley I know pixel is like the restless guardian of this chat.
@PatrickStalder While denizens of The Bridge sleep, @pixel watches over us
@QAdley so she's the board computer?
@PatrickStalder *bored
11:22 AM
there isn't much watching
I am 99.9% asleep atm
You have to watch over the lazers!
Or they get out of control
How about a nice reboot @pixel?
as much as I'd love to I can't
I'm at work until 5, then going home, then carrying the healing while raiding, then some eating, then some TSW, then some dishes
and then I may sleep
@pixel what are you currently doing in TSW?
idling lots out of boredom
No gear to farm or something? sounds very dull...
11:28 AM
I started gearing very heavily as a healer, but CBA with random groups
so I'm stuck in a position where it takes me ages to kill anything solo
I see. Aren't there enough people from Arqade to do some dungeons? (or is that still random for you?)
they're all american
Except for me :P
But how is that a problem?
11:33 AM
they play when I should be sleeping
I'd like to emphasise on the should.
I am actually considering changing my sleeping pattern
sleep is for the unsufficiently caffeinatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt‌​ttttttttttttttttttttttttt
so its like work at 8, home at 5, sleep until 11, games overnight, work at 8
@badp more than 4 coffees in a day makes me feel ill
@pixel get bigger cups.
11:36 AM
eh... that won't solve the problem I feel
Then get a droid to go to work for you.
Q: Are there factors outside of time and damage taken that affect merit in Commandos:Behind Enemy Lines?

FadewayAt the end of each mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, merit is awarded, and the player may be promoted for excellent performance. Enough promotions are supposed to grant access to a secret mission. The game manual says that merit is mostly awarded for time taken and damage sustained, and ...

Q: Basic questions about Payday - The Heist

TobyThree friends and me have started playing Payday - The Heist. Unfortunately we have quite a hard time in "understanding" some of the basic mechanics in the game. So my first question is : Is there any new player guide to this game? Because if so, I have a hard time finding one If not, then mayb...

I don't understand why this has received so many up votes:
Q: Conditional check for "i == (2^8)" fails when i is 512?

SandyHere is a small Program to print powers of 2 till 8. But it is no quitting after 8. Please explain the reason. #include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> int main(void) { unsigned int i=1; while(1) { i = i<<1; printf("i = %d\n",i); ...

While(1) ftw
The up votes must be because of the edit.
12:01 PM
@PatrickStalder Not it!
Will the Romanian economy really collapse if I change my display name? (meta SO told me so)
Q: How do I collect this collectable?

Ronan FormanI 'need' to reach the space above the exit door to collect the awkward noise generator on the table, but I can't just stack the assorted furnishings as the fan will blow any lightened objects to the right. How do I reach the collectable?

12:23 PM
May I just say I hate ScFi.SE tagging system
Q: Clarification about the conclusion of Dark Knight Rises

Keegan McCarthyThis first part of the question regards the flight at the end of The Dark Knight Rises: This second part of the question regards the fate of certain characters in the film.

@Wipqozn May I just say I hate SciFi.SE?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, that too.
I'm just talking about one specific part of them.
I do find that they give really good answers. They just need to refine the type of questions they allow.
@Wipqozn Should just redirect the whole site to whatif.xkcd.com
@LessPop_MoreFizz You should probably make a meta topic on ScFi suggestion that.
I'm sure it would go over well.
@Wipqozn I think I'll let @JeffAtwood make that post.
12:28 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz True. They probably already hate him for his tweet, so making that meta won't change anything.
Oh, right. That reminds me.
@Wipqozn I haven't seen the reaction to that tweet, but I can imagine that it must be awesome and would love a link.
Something which occurred to me today involving spoilers in titles: If you don't want to see spoilers for a game, just use the "Ignore Tag" feature. Super simple stuff.
Something which occurred to me today involving spoilers: Who cares.
12:33 PM
in Mos Eisley, Jul 18 at 22:43, by Gabe Willard
The great and mighty Atwood has tweeted his displeasure with our community. Should we tremble with fear?
That's the start of the discussion.
A fairly boring reaction.
@Wipqozn Yeah, was gonna say, that was far too muted to be entertaining.
A: Are there any ways to get Realm Gold?

RyanIt is gold that you spend like fame

That needs delete votes.
I'm not sure if a mod will delete it since it's technically an answer. Will depend on the mod.
@Wipqozn It's a wrong answer
It doesn't need delete votes, just downvotes
@QAdley No, it's an answer to a different question.
A: Flagging "answers" that answer a completely different question

WipqoznIf someone leaves an answer on a question to a different question, then the answer should be deleted as "not an answer" because they are not real answers. As @oak said, they might technically be answers, but the important thing is if they are not an answer (wrong or otherwise) to the question. ...

@Wipqozn Which makes it a bad answer
12:38 PM
I expressed my opinions there.
@Wipqozn Quite. Read Oak's answer
The point is answers which don't answer a different question aren't answers and should be deleted.
@QAdley Who agrees they should be deleted, albeit for a different reason.
@Wipqozn > wrong = downvoting, not moderator intervention
> However, in practice, I think we can all agree these answers add nothing to the site and could be safely removed in the interest of making the Internet a Better Place. So maybe we need to start removing answers in cases where it's obvious the answerer misunderstood the question completely. The answer you linked is a good example, as is this answer.
@Wipqozn Meh, it's not vital. Unlike deleting posts like this
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm close to a Minecraft one, just need more questions!
I'm on about 940 at the moment I think
@QAdley Yeah, you need to write about 100 more answers though.
Same goes for KevinY in minecraft, and Raven, YX and Mark Trapp on Skyrim.
@QAdley I don't see a difference. Both are just noise.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh that's easy. There's plenty of questions I haven't left an answer on :-P
All 5 of you have the rep, but need to answer 100 more qs.
@QAdley Well, you specifically also need like... 6 more upvotes.
12:44 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I can manage...
Also, how am I still the top user for D3?
@LessPop_MoreFizz You're the top user for everything
@QAdley No I'm not.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Uhhhh...
Pretty sure it says "@LessPop_MoreFizz Is top of everything"
Every game we've been given for free anyway :-P
Tags in which I'm the top user: D3, F:NV, WoW, SWTOR.
12:47 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Impressive.
@QAdley Raven beats me on most of those actually
I also didn't realize you played WoW.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ok, maybe I was exagerrating very slightly
@QAdley Yeah man, you were only off by 2084 tags. That's not a huge difference.
@Wipqozn I create that many tags in an afternoon
12:50 PM
@QAdley I think you mean burn that many.
@Wipqozn Burn, create, what's the difference at the end of the day?
@QAdley Two, the difference is two.
@RonanForman You're two.
@Wipqozn Creaaaaatttttte.
Oh, the steam summer sale ends today.
I assume they will have a last day everything is on sale again sale.
12:54 PM
I don't play WoW anymore, but I used to.
Used to raid with a US top 10 guild in fact.
MoP is coming soon. Going to jump back in for it?
Looks exciting.
It looks very not exciting.
Pity. They are changing a lot.
And finally building that Pokemon MMO everyone wanted.
They are moving away from the things I fell in love with in tbc.
That doesn't mean you can't love what they are adding in.
12:57 PM
The rest of the game never held much appeal to me.
woo, soon I will be the #1 editor for arqade
I stuck with wow for high-end, large scale PvE raiding.
Personally, I haven't found a game as engaging as WoW. Especially with communities like openraid.us around.
Which is a segment of the player base that blizzard (rightfully) no longer caters to.
Depends on what you mean by catering to. They do have difficult content and the current nerf system is able to be turned off.
12:58 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz they do (although I agree 'large scale' is dieing rapidly) - the problem is its for like 2-4 weeks per tier until the carebears get it nerfed
My guild turned it off recently and we definitely enjoyed the challenge.
More to the point, given my history, I don't think I could go back to wow and not end up playing at that competitive 20-40 hour raid week level.
@Koviko wrong there is no differentiation between having it on or off when it comes to world ranking
If world ranking is the only reason you are playing, then sure.
@Koviko just like there is no differentiation between 10 and 25 when it comes to achievements and realm firsts
the two major cancers of WoW

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