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12:14 AM
Fuck the Police.
Q: If Gragas is pulled by blitzcrank, will blitzcrank be pulled towards gragas?

RoflkittenIf Gragas is pulled by blitzcrank, will blitzcrank be pulled towards gragas? Please answer, i really would like to know.

Q: does vlad ult increase ignite?

TheuUnknowingChimpwhen playing vlad on activation of his ult all champs and mininons? take a percent of increased damage.Ignite is true damage does this increase true damage. im asking because it makes a difference for level 6 ignite ult combo. any answers that help shed some light is helpful.

@StrixVaria Psychonauts is basically the best platformer of all time.
The Milkman Conspiracy is basically the single greatest level of any 3d platformer ever.
12:31 AM
Psychonauts is a pretty average platformer. It's the writing that is amazing. What's that? You don't think the writing in a video game matters that much? Well, that's because you haven't played Psychonauts.
@Lazers And this is why I don't like LoL questions. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of these.
@fbueckert I've seen a few 'if ability then, what' questions.
Well... That's awesome. Game I just bought won't load, and the developer's support forum fixes didn't fix it. =(
@LessPop_MoreFizz That one's just a troll.
@Fluttershy What game?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Look at the comments on it; that's a troll question if I've ever seen one.
12:40 AM
@Fluttershy Oh, I see in comments. Fat joke. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz Evochron Mercenary.
3 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
@StrixVaria Something I have heard good things about but never anything beyond "It's good."
@Fluttershy My buddy picked that up. He describes it as, "Too slow and too fast at the same time, however that's possible."
@fbueckert I wouldn't know. I can't get it to run. =\ It starts to load the campaign/tutorial and just crashes with "Runtime Error 506: Could not load image at line X" I've tried verifying cache integrity, opening up as much RAM as I could, lowering the graphical settings... Just won't work.
@Fluttershy Huh. Tried deleting the local content and re-downloading?
12:43 AM
@fbueckert Not yet. Hoping that's a last resort. Gonna try one more thing first...
So, can we just redirect Scifi.se to what-if.xkcd.com yet? Because what-if.xkcd.com/3
Q: What is the best option for an AD only champion against a heavy armor champion with thornmail+frozen heart?

Yan ChayerI was wondering when playing with a AD only character like Tryndamere, what is the best way to be able to deal with a character like Rammus or Malphite wearing thornmail+frozen heart? thanks, kollerdark

Oh god dammit... The LoL contest deadline was extended to Wednesday...
We have three more days of this garbage. x_x
At least it's better than last time
I would say that the commentators are doing a better job at plugging us too
Giving example questions and highlighting good questions
@Fredy31 Yeah, the quality is dramatically better tbqh
The quality standards to win probably help too.
12:55 AM
On another note... Currently pulling 20Mbps download speeds; downloading a Steam game at 184kbps...
@Fredy31 "To be quite honest"
for me you just fell asleep on your keyboard.
You motherf...
@LessPop_MoreFizz They're still all incomprehensible to me, though
Your wallet is still getting hurt from the steams sales I see.
@murgatroid99 Well, yes, but that's a separate issue. :P
12:56 AM
Theres a guy on my street in rollerblades playing banjo. I've seen everything.
Goddamnit @ Lazers, update so that I can point at the dupe I'm too lazy to search for
@Fredy31 Pfft. That's not everything.
Their stream is just shitty. always freezing up
I wonder why they are not with twitch
Rhythm Thief has proved that I really, really have no sense of rhythm.
@AshleyNunn Are you sure it wasn't just stolen from you by some dastardly Rhythm Thief?
@LessPop_MoreFizz You know....I never even considered that
1:12 AM
If you guys were setting up a forum, what software would you use
Q: Is there a difference in disenchanting strong items vs. weak ones?

AndrewThis answer states that the strength of the enchantment doesn't matter when disenchanting items to learn new enchantments. Am I reading that right? If I have novice robes with 50% faster regen and disenchant it and my enchantment skill is at 5/5, when I enchant that item will it be the same resu...

Q: What would be the build that give me the most movement speed?

Fredy31And I'm not talking about a viable build. Just a build that would make me go from one side of the map to the other the fastest. What champion should I pick? With what masteries? With what items?

Q: Saphire crystal disappears in inventory when purchasing Catalyst the protector?

bizso09I'm following this build http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/singed-his-chemical-romance-ap-hp-99768 It says, first purchase a saphire crystal, then a catalyst of protector. But then my saphire crystal disappears. Why? So I understand that a Catalyst = Saphire + Ruby + some gold. Is...

Q: Is there a HARD counter to Riven?

FeralI find that Riven can do at least decently in every lane if played properly, is there actually someone who can counter her reliably?

Q: What are Chatbans?

Fredy31In the ggChronicle stream, they often talk about chat bans. And those bans are not in the official banned champions of the game (those at the bottom of the character select screens) So what are they and what is their use?

1:32 AM
@pixel the best forums I've seen do use phpbb -- but in both cases there is so much custom modification that it may as well not be.
so phpbb with lots of mods, mk
know any cms systems that integrate well with phpbb's login system without much effort?
doesn't even have to be a good cms system, just something for a front page
1:51 AM
Q: Banning space, is there place for more banned champs?

Fredy31 It seems there space for more than 3 banned champions? (seems there is place for 5). So is there ways to have more than 3 banned champions on your game or the box is big like that only because there's enough space for a box that big?

Q: Any solution to Error "You have been removed from D3"?

Chong YueAny solution to Error "You have been removed from D3" so far? This problem is really annoying which force me log out frequently.

Q: What are peoples opinion on the new eve?

TOWANI love it, what do people think? Builds, Ect? I play her AP Mid (No Troll), and it is really good.

2:01 AM
@Fluttershy Oh, that's why there's so much LoL traffic, lately? I thought that LoL just suddenly became popular and I was missing out on it.
@Koviko Nope. There's a contest going on. =P
@Fluttershy Is it an Arqade contest or is it externally moderated? I ask because I remember the Diablo 3 one (the one that made me into a participant here) was visible on the site and this one... I don't see at all.
@Koviko We're sponsoring a ggClassic League of Legends tournament. Here's the relevant meta post. It can explain it more accurately than I can.
@Fluttershy Ah, okay. It was on the only bulletin meta post I didn't actually read. I need to pay more attention, it seems.
Has anybody else noticed "That Episode" that occurs in all TV shows near the end of the season where they're basically saying "It's possible the studio will shut us down after this series, so we're creating an episode that justifies how we would stop making more of these shows"?
@pixel Heh, you must have watched scrubs ;)
I'm watching NCIS atm
"Internal Politics" in season 5
but like in Stargate SG1 its episode 18 every season
A lot of shows do it because, like you said, they aren't always sure if they'll survive
Very common
Yeah I figured, the problem is these episodes are so boring that they should cancel the series
2:26 AM
I think it's mostly because many shows are designed to go on until they are cancelled instead of with a specific plot set in mind
With a few notable exceptions
oh yeah this episode is the first one in NCIS
I guess it was commissioned for 5 series
Was it?
That's really long for a show
Not done any research, would involve me not eating my chilli and reaching for a mouse
It may have been the first season they felt they were close
or they usually got early orders for new episodes
true story
There wasn't one in the first few series of SG Atlantis either
but that would have been commissioned for multiple series based on SG1 being one of the longest running sci-fi series ever
2:32 AM
Heh, you say series...
I always find that distinction very funny
this is some distinction I'm not sure of
so how do you mean?
I think ziva is awesome
In the US, we call them Seasons. A series is every episode excluding movies/spin-offs/etc
in fact, that's not fair, I think most of the women in this show are awesome, show is reasonably boring and technically idiotic but the women in the show are good
oh hmm
we just call them series, which is sequential episodes but also includes stuff like christmas specials or whatever but not movies
Yeah, series = season for the US
My favorite difference in English has to be pants
yeah the pants thing is hilarious
the other one is fags
2:36 AM
Some friends once had shirts made that read "This Shirt is Pants".
I don't understand why they would go through all the effort of making the medical scenes realistic but completely balls up all the computer stuff
yeah, English isn't the easiest language to learn
and we don't even use genders for words
Huh... Apparently Skittles is okay with showing beastiality in their commercials these days. >_>
so glad I don't watch TV
2:42 AM
I come to chat and find a star worthy comment straight off? :)
@Fluttershy ... and you're not okay with that?
@Ktash I'll pretend you didn't just type that
@pixel Haha, well, I'm just looking for a bit of clarification here
Seriously, Skittles.... Wtf...
did not watch
2:43 AM
oh and @Fluttershy - I'm now level 3 by doing the training tuts in LoL; so I guess I will get to lvl 5 before being tired of it (though 250ip is pretty low benefit for the referral, since afaik we get that each game?)
@Alok IP is odd. Every 24 hours you get a First Win of the Day bonus of 150 IP in addition to the regular game IP... Which can be anywhere from 20-100+... I think...
@Ktash I am not. <_< I am not from Enumclaw, WA.
Haha, just checking. I'm from Seattle so we have to ask ;)
@Fluttershy Didn't know that - I got 400 RP for reaching lvl 3; and I think I have iirc 600+ IP from the training games (and 1 custom game with 1v1 me against a bot)
@Ktash I used to live in Tacoma. >_> I know Washington's history with that sort of behavior..........
@Alok What is your opinion thus far?
... Alright, I know this is equivalent to sacrilege on SE, but I don't agree with Jeff's new title for my new user question so I'm changing it again...
2:47 AM
@Fluttershy on LoL? haven't started playing it with actual people, but the game itself seems interesting so far.
I thought it was very slow paced at first; but then considering the buying items, upg. stuff etc. all that adds up to take up attention span :p
@Alok You can play custom games with 1 and 4 bots against 4 bots until you feel like you have the hang of it. Then you can do what I do... Which is to play Co-op vs. AI. The only other people are on your team. =P I don't play actual PvP. The LoL community is too bad.
@Fluttershy Hmm that sounds good; I will prob. do that for a while (with bots vs AI) to get used to it. I still need to read up on what is 'solo queue' and other basic terms ;)
Are we talking LoL? How much is it to start playing that game? Is there a monthly fee? I've been a WoW guy for the past few years and keep hearing LoL thrown around.
@Alok Solo Queue is basically... You go in to Player (human) vs. Player (human) 5v5 by yourself. Overall not a fun experience.
@Koviko League of Legends is completely free.
@Fluttershy Surely, you jest.
2:50 AM
Its free, otherwise I wouldn't have played ... I dislike monthly fees (more like, I'm opposed to them and ever trying games which need one)
Undid Jeff's edit... my the stackexchange gods have mercy upon my soul
@Koviko Are you familiar with Dota at all? Or Heroes of Newerth, Rise of Immortals, or um... Some other stuff I can't remember?
@Fluttershy hmm good thing I didn't go for that!
@Fluttershy None, first time trying the 'moba' category :D
I fall asleep for a bit and I come back to discussions involving beastiality and Skittles. Perhaps I should have kept sleeping.
@AshleyNunn Did you watch the video I linked? >_>
2:51 AM
I have played the original Dota war3 map with a friend vs AI waayyy back
@Alok That's how I first got started on MOBA, too. =3
@AshleyNunn It wasn't what it looked like. It was a different walrus.
@ktash you brave soul ;) I liked your title better. It suited it.
@Fluttershy I've heard of them and I have a friend that tried to get me to play DoTA but failed.
@Koviko Failed because you weren't interested? Or you tried it and didn't like it?
2:52 AM
@fluttershy I was too scared to - dont want to ruin my good girl reputation
@Koviko I'm just starting it too; used Fluttershy's referral link so atleast someone benefits even if I quit it later ;). Seems fun so far atleast vs bots; so if actual humans are all jerks I can just avoid them and enjoy by myself
@Ktash link? :p
And fyi ... 'bot' can also mean 'bottom lane' which is unrelated to the other kind of 'bot' (AI controlled heroes) ... just realized that yest.
@Fluttershy Because I wasn't sure I'd have time, I guess. At the time, I was trying to balance my free time between WoW and Diablo. Now that Diablo's become... well, yeah... I may have space for a new game in my life.
2:55 AM
@Ktash I think your edit is better; Jeff's implies its just a problem of rude comments which is not the case (imho)
former stack exchange employee?
well I think his title falls into subjective territory
subjective could be the wrong word knowing me + time of night
@pixel I don't think at all. You guys are way over my head.
neutrality ftw anyway
I think he took it away from the original intent.
Its more of not-easy-to-understand close criteria, questions being closed quickly that could be reworded, random edits that don't add real value etc etc. >_>
2:57 AM
@Alok That's what I was trying to convince him of. If you read the comments I was trying to convince him it wasn't about the comments last night
@Ktash I'm just surprised whenever I post in meta and it isn't downvoted to oblivion; so I keep my participation there a bit lowkey ;)
@Koviko League of Legends can be 100% free. You earn in-game currency which can be used to unlock champions. In addition, every Tuesday a different 10 champions enter the "Free-to-play" rotation. It's MOBA at its finest, IMO. If you want to check it out, please use my referral link. =3
@Koviko Some alternate resources are: This lengthy YouTube video, and these League of Legends Streams which can give you a general idea of the gameplay.
@Alok I look forward to any votes on meta because it means my voice is being heard
Yeah there is a lot more to it than just comments. I know with the whole "be nice" blog post recently he is just a little stuck on it.
@Fluttershy Will do. :)
2:59 AM
Usually mine are downvoted anyway though, since I don't always hold well recieved opinions ;)
@AshleyNunn Yeah, reading his comments on that post are kind of funny
@ktash hey at least you are brave enough to voice the opinion.
@ktash yeaaaaah, it is a little funny for sure.
@pixel ME TOO
flash backs with multiple perspectives, now I need to go and find that episode again
3:00 AM
@Ktash which is what happens to me too hehe - I wouldn't mind downvotes if everyone actually thought about them; but its more like ... 1 or 2 people downvote, others come by and see its negative and everyone piles on without actually using their own brain at all
@pixel I find that paying more attention the first time around helps, too. ;)
@Koviko we're talking about a tiny nuance
I've been watching these back to back while gaming, misses happen
@Alok Sometimes. But for me it's mostly just people don't agree with my arguments ;)
@ktash are you like a meta black sheep then? ;)
@pixel Personally, I find I can't watch anything and game at the same time. I end up not paying attention to either. o.o
3:02 AM
@AshleyNunn Bascially
I don't need to pay attention to clear firelands or dragon soul
@pixel Haha this is true
Just dont do heroic rag
nah, heroic rag as well
autopilot now
did 7/7H and 8/8H tonight
Coming from a user centric background means content is king only so far as it does good to the user... which is well received sometimes, but not always
@ktash black sheep are more interesting anyhoe.
(i hate not being able to edit from mobile)
3:04 AM
oooOOooo target acquired:
@pixel Is that a bad tag? Too vague?
@AshleyNunn "Anyhoe" made me lol.
@pixel As in kill it? Clean it? Edit the wiki? Become a professional gamer?
@fluttershy shush you
@Koviko means different things based on game - type 6
3:04 AM
@pixel yeah I saw that and was wondering why it was around; but did not check posts ... as the saying goes, 'kill it with fire!' :D
Did you really just link AYB to me
I suspect so
It's not the 90s anymore, get over it
3:06 AM
@Ktash wot happen? sum1 set us up da bomb.
@pixel War was beginning
shoots off every zig
@Ktash I was personally on this particular page
@Ktash From skittles to 90s newgrounds.
3:09 AM
Of course. I seem to start or participate in a 90s discussion every time I get on here...
Not the best trend, but acceptable
I struggle with 90s conversations
Listening to this on repeat.
such a sad song
but so great
it was great during the opening scenes
unfortunately it was also played over all the terrible scenes as well
3:11 AM
ME3 had the best ost in the series.
nearly every track was a throw back to ME1
@ktash I liked the 90s. Good cartoons.
Yeah, but better.
even the menus had the title screen music from ME1 in them
wish an engine hum over to the top of it
super subliminal stuff
3:12 AM
Let's say, hypothetically, I bought ME1, 2, and 3, but haven't played 2 or 3 because I haven't finished 1 yet. And I haven't finished 1 because I'm like, 70% done and torn between go after the full 100% and being bored doing it. What do?
100% isn't required except in the final game based on whether or not you want to spam multiplayer
A good one too @Ktash
I'd go with an up-do
There are certain missions that are beneficial to do but I can't identify them without being in game
Halo ODST was a great game, even with the hate it received
It was an ambiance game made perfect.
3:14 AM
@Fredy31 I agree. My favorite non-halo halo game :)
I just wish they had done the Fall of Reach instead of Reach
@Ktash this is a good soundtrack
it would have been so much better
Let's say, hypothetically, I have Halo 1, 2, and 3, but I learned how bad I am at consoles when I tried to beat Halo 3 without a co-op partner. What do?
3:15 AM
They took that back into halo Reach, those scenes when the city was destroyed were perfect because of this prectice
@Koviko gamestation it because Halo is a bad game
@Koviko Put it on easy mode ;)
Nothing is left of
sorry professional gamers
@Ktash I think it was. I got stuck in some sort of... cave... I didn't know how to get out and things kept spawning.
@koviko trade the games in for something nice like Cooking Mama or Mario
3:16 AM
@pixel What game is that
@Ktash the secret world, best soundtrack in any MMO imo
I'm loving the soundtrack :)
MMO though... lost me
Great soundtrack though
I like the music in Kingdom Hearts.
"it's like Deus Ex meets Final Fantasy´╗┐"
that's fairly fair tbh
3:17 AM
KH... I really hate KH so much.
Not because they are bad games
But because they wont pick a console.
it's one of the few games I've played recently with a skill system that has more depth than the original deus ex
@AshleyNunn KH 2 has a good intro song, but it has been over used too much since it has been in every game since
possibly ever
This show is coming near me soon. Wonder if I should pickup tickets.
3:18 AM
@Koviko If you buy them all now, you only need three consoles ;)
Would like to play KH. But no PS or DS.
@Ktash I need to find a way to get them all onto PC.
And didn't they have like.. a gameboy game, too?
And they all had different storyline portions.
3:19 AM
Another kick ass theme.
directory shepard killed him
what a bitch
@Koviko GBA, but you can get a PS2, PSP, and 3DS and play all announced games in the KH series now
@Fredy31 even if Blizzard have forgotten how to make games like they used to, their cinematics and soundtracks have gotten better for sure
although I think the title theme for D2 was better
3:20 AM
I just wish they had more cinematics, honestly.
no you don't
Blizzard should do movies.
the game is already like 10% cinematic
they should do full CGI movies though
3:21 AM
It's called Metal Gear Solid syndrome ;)
These are kick ass cinematics.
You don't want it
it wouldn't surprise me if the WoW movie actually turns out to be CGI
I sincerely hope so.
completely developed inhouse
3:21 AM
No man can be Thrall.
Draenei would be quite hard to pull off too
Game of last year IMO ^
@Fredy31 Bastion is a good one. Glad that came with the humble bundle
I bought it day one on XBL... never did I regret it a second.
Talking about a person playing Thrall made me think about a person playing Goku.
3:23 AM
@Koviko My spacebar hates you
finished that game 4 times, would still play it again.
@Alok haha
@Ktash Never has a YouTube comment made me actually want a watch a cartoon before
I may have to check that show out.
3:27 AM
oh the zelda soundtrack
@Koviko It's an amazing show. They did really well with it. I would recommend it.
Ok should stop posting music from Videogames.
With the caveat that you have to accept that it is on Nickelodeon and they have to fight against the stereotypes that cartoons are for kids so it has to play to that more than I feel they wanted
Just making you a small calm playlist before going to bed
3:28 AM
@Ktash Or more than you hope they wanted.
@Koviko No, you can see it in the themes. There are strong hints they are going to kill one of the characters but they never do
and there is a moment when you can tell that it would have been the perfect time to do it
On chat, what is the number below my name
@pixel 9001
@pixel 5221 is the total rep you have across all of stack exchange sites
3:30 AM
@Ktash Oh man, I keep forgetting I need to watch this at some point
and now just to wake you guys up.
And I'm out.
@pixel Sad part is I know what that is without watching it
Don't ruin the surprise for the others
3:36 AM
Also, the official music video? Really? Not one of the other versions?
The obvious ones all have words on the preview that would give it away before it ends up in their history
@pixel I don't even have to click that
@pixel After seeing this for the first time, I told some buddies in WoW that the guy is gay at the end. They all assumed I was trolling.
it was obvious he was gay from the first 30 seconds
@Ktash I like the Cookie Monster version
3:39 AM
@AshleyNunn I haven't seen that one. I'll have to check it out lol
@Ktash Oh man, its awesome, and ABOUT COOKIES
@Ktash This makes me feel a little sad, I don't know why.
@AshleyNunn It's supposed to. It's at a very sad part of the show. Well, emotional. I guess it's not sad
@AshleyNunn Glad to see cookie monster hasn't lost his love for cookies completely
@Ktash Oh, no, this video is ALL about the cookie-love
Watching that makes me think of this
@Ktash Oh man this is horrible and I shouldn't laugh but oh man it is hilarious
3:46 AM
It is wonderful
It made me cry I laughed so hard
brilliant, lets give a laptop to a guy in iraq so he can communicate with family
oh wait, forgot to give you a power supply
or explain about the lack of internet civilians have in a warzone
I thought Verizon was supposed to give coverage everywhere. Everywhere.
Not outside of America

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