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12:09 AM
@RavenDreamer Or the pure energy of your awesome acted like a UPS and kept it alive.
12:43 AM
So it seems we've been on a 6 month schedule for moderator elections: if that continues to hold up, one's coming up in the next couple of weeks
12:58 AM
Q: So I accidentally broke someone's neck, can I fix it?

yx.I saw someone who wanted to take my picture, so I went up to interact with them. Unfortunately, they were looking the other way and I accidentally grabbed them and then broke their neck (I meant to toss them, but pushed the wrong key, I swear!). Am I out of luck, will I be able to get that phot...

1:27 AM
@MarkTrapp at first I thought this was just really bad grammar
It occurred to me that I should've wrapped "link" and "share" in quotation marks. :(
Q: Can you use mods in Civilization V multiplayer?

gromWhen I load mods in Civilization V it only has option to start single player game. So is there any workaround or method for loading mods in multiplayer games? I am mostly interested in using some Interface only mods

@MarkTrapp Oh, people.
So, someone I know in Ottawa just posted this shot of some hail that fell during the storm today:
1:32 AM
@GnomeSlicE O.o
@MarkTrapp No, this is a cool story, bro
A: Can I get my stuff back from a follower after he has left my service?

DianaMy name is Diana I am from United States, I was I a relationship with Ben and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years and every thing was going on smoothly but February 14, 2012 a day I can call a lovers day we both had misunderstanding because I answered a call from a guy that is askin...

Also Sydney Cobourn (Not safe for wife).
> I love Ben very much and I am not willing to loose him to any woman, so I ordered returning my love spell from this great spell caster that made me a happy woman again to say it all my ex came back to me with much love and a caring heart...i am testifying to this great spell caster AYELALA SHRINE.
Oh my.
@Ktash aww, yay spaaam
1:38 AM
@Ktash A spell caster you say... Hm... I wonder what his rate is.
To shreds you say!
He put on his robe and wizard hat, for sure
@Ktash Heh. Heh heh heh.
@Ktash Congrats, you just made me choke on my popsicle.
@AshleyNunn twss?
1:46 AM
@Ktash wot
Sorry, couldn't resist :)
@Ktash I suspect if there is choking you are doing it wrong....
@AshleyNunn This is not a productive area of discussion.
@GnomeSlicE Perhaps not.
@AshleyNunn You meant doing it right, right?
1:47 AM
Alright, my next script is going to be one that takes smiley faces in chat and rotates them 90°
@Ktash oooh yes please - I am tired of having to turn my monitor sideways ;)
@Shinrai Depends on your style I suppose
@Ktash Make sure you include '=]'
@AshleyNunn Oh dear, I can't respond to that without getting into trouble
If you see me randomly smiling a lot, it's because I'm writing a script
@Shinrai Sorry. :(
@Ktash yay for smiles?
1:51 AM
@AshleyNunn It's okay. I am really restraining myself from more popsicle jokes, though.
@Shinrai They really lend themselves to it don't they
@AshleyNunn strained face
@Shinrai Oh no be careful I don't want to like pop all your braincells or something
@AshleyNunn twss
1:52 AM
@Shinrai ....I am really doomed here no matter what, huh?
@AshleyNunn ...twss?
@Koviko Good lord, that image is huge.
@GnomeSlicE Why, thank you.
@GnomeSlicE ...ah, no. THAT'S what she said.
1:53 AM
@GnomeSlicE Damn you! Now my response doesn't make much sense!
@Shinrai hahaha oh lord what I have I done
@Koviko It's okay. Rest easy in knowing that you're awesome anyway.
@Shinrai Btw, what is twss? I miss something?
1:54 AM
@Koviko "That's what she said"
@Koviko It's "that's what she said"
Well, of course I missed something.
But, joking aside, now I want a popsicle.
And I don't have any.
I have an awesome one - its lime and grape and raspberry in layers
@AshleyNunn !!!
1:58 AM
@Shinrai gives you a popsicle
@AshleyNunn seriously, where do I find these magical unicorn treats
@Shinrai Umm....Zehrs or No Frills in Canada
Hey, this is cool.
@AshleyNunn States here, what brand are the actual goodies?
2:02 AM
So here is the D3 plan: (nerds read on)
Create an interface for interaction with the game.
Create a simple bot.
Plug in Genna (http://youtu.be/lpIw6g4Xu_Y), and watch bots write themselves.
@GnomeSlicE Meh not as kewl as yoda hooked up to a voltmeter :D
@Shinrai Theyre no name - yellow box, black lettering that says "no name"
@AshleyNunn I has a sad. Enjoy them for me.
You Canadians get all the yummy stuff. I mean, I could live on wine gums but can I find them here without getting ripped off? Hell no
Bah. Wine gum? Nuts to that.
I'll just drink wine.
@fbueckert Gum*s*.
It's not chewing gum
Wine gums (or winegums) are chewy, firm pastille-type sweets similar to gumdrops without the sugar coating. While generally manufactured from gelatin, at least one winegum brand, Swedish Fish, contains no gelatin; all have their own mixes containing various sweeteners, flavourings, and colourings. Wine gums are popular in Ireland, the United Kingdom, many Commonwealth nations, and several northern, middle European countries and Kuwait. Common brands include Maynards, Bassett's, and Waterbridge. The gums come in five shapes: kidney, crown, diamond, circle and rectangle, and are labelled ...
2:07 AM
Speaking of, I've got an excellent Moscato that needs drinking. Be right back.
@Shinrai Oh. Those. I really don't like those.
They are sort of like not-very-sweet jujubees
I adore them
Who likes puns?
@GnomeSlicE I read two, and my brain broke.
You owe me a new brain.
@fbueckert Alpaca your new brain and mail it to you.
2:15 AM
@GnomeSlicE snap
You just broke it again.
Day Z is harrrrrrd
I'm kinda thinking it'd be easier to just die and start over. I'm hopelessly lost, out of ammo, out of water, and low on food... >_>
@Fluttershy I almost bought Arma 2 specifically for Day Z. Then the sale ended and I didn't notice until too late.
@Koviko =(
2:30 AM
@Koviko ... except, you don't need to buy Arma 2 just the expansion (OA) afaik
^ Freeware game pick on Indiegames.com ^
@Alok You lie -- I'm sure of it
Can someone describe the trailer to me?
@GnomeSlicE Looks like an interesting platformer with a grappling hook-like thing.
A: Differences between Arma 2 Free and Arma 2 Demo

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftAccording to this page, the free version is mislabeled as a demo. So the "demo" is actually the free-version. The difference between ARMA II and ARMA II Free is that Free has lower quality audio/textures, and doesn't have the single-player campaign. Also, according to this page, ARMA II Free c...

2:38 AM
@Alok Will consider.
I haven't tried it at all (was just looking for DayZ demo, never played that genre) ... but keep in mind; using Arma 2 Free means you miss out on hi-res textures, though I don't remember where I read that
Best flashdrive EVER
@Fluttershy My mind immediately wondered why we don't have female USBs.
@Ktash ;)
GAH! Some of them are not rotating and I have no idea why!!
2:56 AM
@Ktash Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?
I also hear that sleep helps.
@Koviko Yes my monitor is on
and blowing on it doesn't help
@Ktash When blowing on it doesn't work, get other people to blow on it for you
Then take it back, insisting that you are the only that can do it correctly
wait... what's the problem?
Slam it in the slot really hard and bend it backwards a bit
my regex isn't rotating some catching some of the smiley faces so they don't get rotated
but I have no idea why
2:58 AM
@Ktash what?
@Ktash Is it consistent on which smileys it rotates and which it doesn't?
1 hour ago, by Ashley Nunn
@Ktash oooh yes please - I am tired of having to turn my monitor sideways ;)
Doesn't rotate
6 mins ago, by Ktash
@Ktash ;)
What is your smiley regex?
@Ktash what's your regex?
Maybe it just doesn't like me
3:01 AM
@Fluttershy What. The. Crap.
@Ktash ahem I need a moment to look at this.
@Ktash O.o What is -that-?"
@AshleyNunn Eyebrows, eyes, and mouths it seems.
var eyebrows = "[30O\\}\\{]?",
eyes = "[;:8=]",
accessories = "[\'\"]?",
noses = "[\\-\\^vo]?",
mouths = "[\\)\\]\\(\\|\\\\\\/oO0\\[\\?!3cCD@xXPpbÞSs]";
3:02 AM
Oh, and noses
....okay then
@Ktash the escape sequence in the last character group is different in the first regex (only one `\`)
@murgatroid99 The escapes look fine to me.
@Ktash oh, all of them are different
@murgatroid99 For which escape?
3:04 AM
In JS, he has to escape the escape character to use it as a character in the regex.
And the escaping of the quotation marks is b/c it's a string.
@Koviko yeah, I didn't notice the difference at first
Probably don't need the one for the single quote though '
@Ktash you know, you don't need to escape most of the things in those character classes
@murgatroid99 Like?
@Ktash I know, but I try not to nitpick at people's code.
@murgatroid99 Like this. lol
3:06 AM
@Ktash you only need to escape ^-\], and only ^ if it's the first character
Example: You don't need to escape the caret character when it's not at the start of the group
Beat me to it
I always over escape things like that because different regex engines in different browsers have different rules
@Ktash also, you only need to escape hyphen if it's between two other characters
@Ktash Very true. Looking at you, IE JScript.
@Ktash do you have a g flag set? I think that might help
3:08 AM
@Shinrai @pixel et al:
Easy stack splitting.
1) Left-click the stack so it is stuck on the mouse cursor
2) In the assembly window, while the stack icon is still on your cursor, right-click a box to place a single unit.
3) Make your pattern
4) Assemble
:) :) :)
@murgatroid99 That was my first guess, but the HTML in question doesn't actually have any line breaks.
@Koviko g is for global, not multiline
Added g, matches all now
@murgatroid99 But it only seems to make a difference in multiline.
<- not an expert
3:09 AM
but the ones it wasn't working on didn't have more than 1 match
@Ktash So, fixed?
@Koviko regex is my second top tag on SO
dunno, only works on first load right now, so we'll see
@murgatroid99 Good thing you're here, then. :)
What's the diff between global and multiline?
3:10 AM
@Ktash wait, it looks like your regex has an open paren with no close
Global = multiple matches?
@Koviko yes, and multiline makes ^ and $ match line breaks
@murgatroid99 That code doesn't have any parens
and changes whether . matches \n
@murgatroid99 What does global do to ^ and $? Keep it as absolute start and end?
@murgatroid99 Same with /s?
3:11 AM
@Koviko I don't think it affects them
all parens should be escaped in those sequences
@Ktash Otherwise, you'd be having bigger issues.
@Ktash there's something right after the noses
@murgatroid99 noses = "[\\-\\^vo]?"
comes out to [\-\^vo]?
/[30O\}\{]?[;:8=]['"]?[\-\^vo]?[)] ( \|\\\/oO0[\?!3cCD@xXPpbÞSs]/
3:13 AM
I dunno how to quote ._.
@Koviko you have to have only the link as the message
@murgatroid99 Ah, copy paste error I think
@Ktash oh
I was breaking up the above into pieces and pasting it in
13 mins ago, by Ktash
3:15 AM
@Koviko hurrah!
@Ktash then in the other thing, something is off with the mouth code
Anyway, interest in this is dying since I don't know how I'm going to make it work efficiently for new messages
@MarkTrapp Invalid eyebrows. Does not compute.
mouths = "[\)\]\(\\|\\\\\\/oO0\[\\?!3cCD@xXPpbÞSs]"
3:15 AM
@Ktash oh, nevermind, I missed an escaped ]
@Koviko It's a surprised guy with an octopus in a basket on his head and a 5/6-legged spider hanging from his lower lip
@Ktash You've got your work cut out for you.
@Ktash your escaping is inconsistent. It's kind of confusing
@murgatroid99 inconsistent?
Oh, that's from SE chat mangling it
3:17 AM
@Ktash I'm not sure. Why do you have so many backslashes in a row? you can only match one
Anyone here have any DayZ experience?
@Ktash can you take out all of the escapes from characters that don't need them? It's kind of hard to read
@murgatroid99 \\ <- one backslash in the string
@Ktash I meant this: "\\\\\\"
so it comes out to \\ in the regex with 4 backslashes
plus the escape for the next character
so 5 in a row
3:18 AM
@Ktash as I said, it's hard to read with all of the unnecessary escaping
/\\\// is what it comes out to
hard to read either way ;)
@Ktash I have a feeling you don't need to escape a forward slash in the middle of a character class
@murgatroid99 Again, some js engines might let it pass. Most I would guess would not
Anywhoo, losing interest for now. Work on it more later
@Ktash why?
@murgatroid99 JS regex is not very complex or good... most of the time
3:21 AM
@Ktash I'm pretty sure it's basically standard, though
@murgatroid99 Perl or POSIX differences plus bugs, implementation differences, etc. In the end, my regex usually is coded in a way that works everywhere and ignores some of the fancier features
I'd rather code safe than twice :)
this all sounds really complicated
@Ktash well, this seems to work: /[30O}{]?[;:8=]['"]?[-^vo]?[)\](|\\/oO0[?!3cCD@xXPpbÞSs]/g (in chrome javascript console)
@Ktash anyway, I'm going to bed. Good luck with the script
Q: Using games/game reviews as a tool in learning a language

CharlieI'm interested game-related media as a tool in learning another language, in a similar way to how people watch movies in a foreign language with subtitles. Specifically, I'm hoping to learn more about Spanish, though I would be interested in resources in other languages as well. I'd prefer someth...

Q: How is might calculated in Kingdoms of Camelot?

FoxtrotI have been playing kingdoms of Camelot for a few days now an I still cannot determine how might is calculated. I'm aware might goes down when you send troops out of your base, but I had a significant amount of might left over when I only had transport troops left in my base during a march - wh...

3:34 AM
@GnomeSlicE what is this i dont even
@GnomeSlicE ... Now I know I have issues. My first reaction to that was trying to figure out which gundam it was
@Ktash Did you come up with one? :P
@GnomeSlicE No. The wings and helmet combination make me think it isn't actually a real gundam
I don't know of any that have horns and an X
3:37 AM
@Ktash Show me a real gundam and I'll eat my own shit.
Anyway, bedtime.
be careful what you say :)
@Ktash I was trying to find that picture :)
If you've seen The Dark Knight Rises, you know that Bane sounds a bit like Deckard Cain from the Diablo series
And coincidentally, the guy who plays Deckard in D3 plays a few voices in Arkham City
@Koviko So does this mean I can ask whether the Diablo and Batman universes are canonically compatible on Scifi.SE?
3:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You can ask if the next step in the Dark Knight series involves Tyrael and I'm sure you'd at least get responses.
@Koviko See also:
Q: Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon with Star Trek?

Scott ChamberlainInspired by the various answers and questions about ET and Star Wars based on a cameo, I wanted to know is Star Trek and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the same Multiverse? Now before you go laughing me off of the internet I recommend you watch the following video. http://www.youtube.co...

Mention Deckard Bane and you auto-win
@LessPop_MoreFizz No way o.o
Q: Are E.T. and Star Wars in the same universe?

FlimzyAn answer about the Star Wars timeline, uses the appearance of E.T.-like creatures in the Star Wars universe as a frame of reference for dating the sagas relative to our present day. I remember noticing, and discussing the E.T.-like creatures when I saw the film, too, but is there an in-universe...

@LessPop_MoreFizz But... But Earth...
Disclaimer: I know nothing about Star Trek.
Or Star Wars.
@Koviko Oh, and also:
Q: Was E.T. a Jedi?

DavRob60I came to this thought that E.T. was in fact a Jedi (or at least Force-sensitive) and the more I think about it, the more it seems possible. This would explain many things. First, we already know that E.T came from the Star Wars Galaxy. So, if he was a Jedi, he would show some force powers: F...

3:55 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hahaha oh my god
@Koviko You don't need to know that to know that these questions are just absurd.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You'd think Jedi would at least need... Capable limbs.
At the very least.
What kind of community is this SciFi.SE?
Aren't SE sites known to be "an exchange of ideas amongst experts" or something of that nature?
If they say something and it gets a lot of support, people all over the Internet will take heed.
And then we will have an AvP movie with ET and Anakin.
@LessPop_MoreFizz seriously?
I've decided the correct answer to every http://scifi.stackexchange.com question is "who cares?"
Jeff said it better than I ever could.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This...someone....oh man.
3:59 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Isn't Jeff one of the creators...?
@Koviko Of StackExchange? yes.
And he's not a fan of SciFi.SE.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Haha wow. That's awesome.
Need an AshleyJudd.SE
Q: Is there any way to know how I got caught?

IsziPerhaps the most annoying part about Uplink, is when you think you've gotten away with something but you really haven't. A couple in-game days later or so, you suddenly find your Gateway shut down and you're disavowed. It's easy enough to find out who caught you - just log in as your disavowed ...

4:02 AM
@MarkTrapp Oh, the things people ask there just....wow. People. Why.
@MarkTrapp And what the hell is up with the answer acceptance?
Who knows? I tried so hard to make SciFi.SE not suck, but they fought tooth and nail to keep it that way. Ended up resigning as a mod pro temp due to it
Q: This site is doomed and will curl up and die -- the sunshine-and-hope thread

neilfeinLet's try something else. Amidst all the doom and gloom here in meta, I'd like to point out the few rays of hope for this site: We have users who care passionately about the topic and know a lot about it. There's a lot of activity in meta, particularly for a young site. I don't have numbers ...

It's like a very slow, 18-month long trainwreck
At least Jeff doesn't hate Gaming anymore.
4:07 AM
@BrQAnt We've come a long way. :)
@BrQAnt I wouldn't call it just yet, especially if gains traction
@MarkTrapp I'm not entirely sure why Jeff has an issue with the revised standard. Like I said, none of the same issues apply.
I may be biased in my interpretation of it, but I read his objections as the rejection of relaxing of the ban on ITG as a response to the new user discussion
To be honest, I really don't quite understand the rules being created regarding game identification: it does seem like it's becoming ITG take two it's not going to suck this time honest
@MarkTrapp Because people are trying too hard to make rules at all. :(
4:17 AM
The "these aren't ITG questions so stop trying to apply ITG rules to them" argument made a whole lot more sense to me but what do I know
@MarkTrapp At least Brett White is a pretty cool guy.
If anyone's interested, I did post my own view on the matter.
Q: Where do I find Arvak's skull in the Soul Cairn?

SpearI am playing Dawnguard, the Skyrim DLC, and I have been given a quest to find Arvak's skull in the Soul Cairn. It is a big place, so can anyone lead me right direction?

5:04 AM
@lesspop this is too good. Now it all makes Sense.
3 hours later…
7:38 AM
A: Where do I find slow and dry moving zombies for the quest "They Never Stop Coming"?

AonaI got the Slow and Dry Zombies in the graveyard behind the church. (The 'Dearly Departed')

yay for duplicate answers
7:49 AM
Do people like.. read?
I don't think so
Is it possible to kill such an answer?
there's already a meta discussion regarding duplicate answers
Q: Dealing with duplicate answers

authenticgeekSome people are just innately helpful, I suppose. When they arrive at a q&a site they must immediately post their answer to a question, regardless of its answered status. I've been noticing it consistently, but I'm not sure how to deal with it. Most recent example is this where the answer is...

I don't care that much, it borders on policy conversation
I'm staying out of those from now on
@pixel meta discussions?
7:56 AM
@Kappei no idea what you're talking about, sorry
you said that you're staying out of "those", so I was wondering what that "those" was referring to
policy conversations
so how are you today?
it's 10 am and it feels like I've been awake for days
I guess that's what I would refer to as normal @Kappei.
8:00 AM
yeah I can definitely relate to sleepy
I had 10 hours of sleep and didn't want to wake up this morning
think if I closed my eyes for more than a few seconds right now I'd pass out again
wow can your body handle that much sleep? Isn't that like a overdose?
I hadn't slept since Friday
10 /4 averages at 2.5 hours /day
Ok, i don't even know how you stay up that long. I would pass out during the first night.
I used to be able to do those things
now if I don't get at least 4-5 hours of sleep per night I'd pass away while working
@Kappei that's why I slept lastnight, because I was starting to get sleepy at work

The site you requested is in a filtering category that is blocked by your organization's filtering policy

Block Reason: URL Blocked By Policy

Site Category: Online_Gambling
8:07 AM
probably an ad's fault
sad story when the one time I access a website at work without my vpn connected it results in a blocked url warning
Q: Do Evasion and Protection work against non-physical damage?

KappeiThe mage's specializations in the elemental trees grant, with 32 points spent, a protection from a single element for the whole party. Are the resistances the only way to protect your characters from magical and non physical damage, or are Evasion and Protection also factored in?

even Lazers is sleepy... I put that question up 20 minutes ago
2 hours later…
9:41 AM
Q: Staying alive with Heimerdinger

Bomberlt What is a best way to get many CS and staying alive with Heimer? I allways defend (not heimer) turret but I got killed a lot when I overextend.. And if I dont place both turrets in lane I don't get any minions.. And is it better to buy AP or cooldown reduction for Heimer? Because I allways buy a...

Q: Minecraft Xbox 360 edition our new server

The deadric warriorMe and my friend nik were wondering if any of you guys want to join our new server because we're filming a series of minecraft multiplayer survival and we need some new players if you want join my gamertag is Dazzathespazza if you want to watch some of our videos our account is called loljokespro...

okay, wtf
anybody here played Mirror's Edge?
@badp Yes I did, a long long time ago.
@PatrickStalder How do you grab onto pipes again?
I'm having a wide running jump followed by a vertical pipe grab
but I can't grab the pipe no matter what I press
@badp I think its running into them or jumping into them. If there is a key you will have to take a look into the Settings. But as I said long time ago :P
Also WHY OH WHY won't Mirror Edge support windowed mode and crash while tabbed out
fuck this
10:02 AM
I does not want you to have fun.
in the meantime, TF2 dropped me a hat! :D
my throat feels really sore in the last hour or so
well - better - a misc! An engie misc!
woot woot.
Q: Do different foods restore a different amount of hunger?

KappeiWhile exploring the depths of mount Grimrock, your adventurers can find different kinds of food. Excluding their aspect, is the weight the only difference between the various foods, or do they restore a different amount of hunger as well?

10:41 AM
Q: How to achieve the Golden Weapons and Clues in Max Payne 3?

manticoreI was wondering how to achieve the Golden Weapons and Clues in Max Payne 3. I tried it by choosing chapter 2, then I found all the weapon parts and clues but when chapter 3 was initiated and I quit, I seem to have made no progress in collecting them. Do I have to play through the story the "norma...

1 hour later…
11:45 AM
@MarkTrapp VTC General Reference.
also, huh
Q: What is the reasoning behind the "no questions whose answer would be a list" rule?

John OIf the question were worded in such a way that while the (proper/correct) answer would be a list but that the list is strictly limited in scope, why is this a problem? I can think of several answers, but they all seem to indicate that awarding reputation is more important than questions being ans...

Q: MAME crashes on a fresh new installed Ubuntu 12.04 with illegal instruction core dumped

nikeI just installed Ubuntu 12.04, got the updates, and installed Mame via apt-get. The installation went fine, but now when I run it I get "Illegal Instruction - Core Dumped". Some hint? Thank you.

His example of a list question without an infinite number of answers is:
> Which actors have portrayed satan in Hollywood (or American indie) films since 1970?
Every time a new movie is released someone would need to check if Satan is portrayed in that answer.
So the list may be technically finite, in practice it's not.
lim_{t\to\infty} \text{answers} = \infty
@Wipqozn Dibs on asking the same question with 1965 as the min date!
Can't we cap the list questions at some low score? Somewhere around 2 or 3 sounds good. — John O Jul 14 at 2:33
11:56 AM
Elections on webmasters.SE and english.SE
Thought so. He's new to Stack Exchange.
I had an issue escalated to me regarding a tsql script I wrote, stating it wasn't working... I hate logging into customers but got ordered to do so by management. Logged in, SQL task was disabled.
Our support department is full of _____

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