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7:00 PM
@Sterno I just wanted to tell you he wasn't participating in the conversation at the moment
@Sterno I think it's my fault it isn't in there yet.
@murgatroid99 Gracias :)
@Alok not when you have multiple questions for the same thing all disagreeing with each other
Just because something is highly voted on meta, or even the accepted answer, doesn't mean anything.
@pixel Fair point; I have no idea what to do when that happens (but then, I vote as per my standards if they conflict with meta >_> )
7:01 PM
In fact, I had meta questions about exactly that phenomenon!
Really it just comes down to how people vote with close votes
So now I have people telling me that meta doesn't mean anything!
Well, that ends my participation in this discussion. I require food. I have been chased out of the Bridge by hunger!
The only thing any of you seem to agree on is the FAQ
@pixel Fluttershy would've asked for her own account deletion, not yours
FAQ is just a digestable, concise version of the rulings made on Meta.
7:02 PM
@Sterno Heh heh I've seen perfectly valid questions get 2 or 3 close votes within few mins ... and those expire because the remaining close brigade isn't at hand, so nice to see that happen (I cheer for the poor underdog questions navigating the minefield of vote rejections ;)
@badp *his
@murgatroid99 whatever
Q: What does an accepted answer mean in the context of meta discussions?

SternoI've seen multiple meta issues where there's a discussion about a site policy or how to handle certain issues, and answers get marked as accepted. When this lines up with the wildly popular sentiment, it makes sense. But when the accepted answer is not the most popular one, it makes me wonder wha...

@badp already covered
Is there an actual screenshot/solid-evidence ITG that got asked recently, or did this all just spawn from badp's meta post?
7:03 PM
yes @GraceNote
Q: What game is Jesse playing in the Breaking Bad episode, "Problem Dog"?

MienIn episode 7 of Breaking Bad season 4, "Problem Dog", you can see one of the main characters (Jesse Pinkman) playing a video game around 00:40: It looks to me like a first person shooter. The enemies bald guys with a sickle, and some of them also wear scarves that cover the lower half of their...

@GraceNote my post spawne from LessPop's which spawned from a question
@GraceNote Badp's meta post was spawned from the recent post in question.
Q: "Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called." A plea for sanity

LessPop_MoreFizzidentify-this-game was a Bad Tag. It was applied to Bad Questions. It is gone forever, and I could not be happier. But it appears, that we have been throwing some babies out with our admittedly filthy bathwater. So, before I move on, I want to talk for a second about why identify-this-game is b...

Q: What game is Jesse playing in the Breaking Bad episode, "Problem Dog"?

MienIn episode 7 of Breaking Bad season 4, "Problem Dog", you can see one of the main characters (Jesse Pinkman) playing a video game around 00:40: It looks to me like a first person shooter. The enemies bald guys with a sickle, and some of them also wear scarves that cover the lower half of their...

so, within 30 minutes we have "what does accepted answer mean on arQAde" AND "what does accepted answer mean on Meta". brain warping
Well, that's one problem I see with ITG questions: answers in tags. Thought this was covered on MSO before
7:05 PM
Still, the only question that could possibly be an exeption to the ITG rule is far too trivial to be on the site.
Debate about muddy topics that I have and will simply ignore questions about aside, I was wondering, "if I buy the Steam copy of Jade Empire, do I get a CD key?" Because I'm having trouble finding an answer, I'm thinking "no." Can anyone confirm?
.. Identify This Game is back in debate again?
@skovacs1 No idea, sorry. Some games from Steam still require CD key activation and those you'd get a key for, but I'm not sure if Jade Empire is one of them.
@James a small subset
7:08 PM
@skovacs1 I think that's a legitimate question to ask, especially if you note the lack of any luck you've had finding the information on your own (I assume you've checked on both Steam and the developer's websites)
@murgatroid99 quivers in fear
@James Essentailly, if you have a screeshot, ITG is allowed, this is stupid as this situation never happens
@James Only if you count something like "What game was Jesse playing in Breaking Bad?" to be the same thing as ITGs
@RonanForman It's happened twice, actually
@Sterno The screenshot in your meta post is obviously of Amnesia. runs away
7:10 PM
@GraceNote As a defender and champion of ITG, though down trodden and broken... That still seems like a stupid 'if you have a screen shot' loop hole.
@Grace What's the other time and can it be as easily googled as the breaking bad one?
Mysterious hidden dungeon wall chicken Ancient deleted game identification question of yore included one which was "What is the game this is from?", which is certainly not as clear as the one in debate here, but, it happened
ZOMG I randomly found myself playing this game today, can someone tell me what it was called? :D
@RonanForman All the cases in the past (There's actually more than I remembered) are just isolated screenshots, so it's not like there's some concrete google term you can use other than trying to physically describe the image
@BoltClock Fluttershy already made that joke, gawd.
7:12 PM
I am 100% for the existence of ITG type of questions.. much to the annoyance of a lot of members of G.SE... But the votes were cast, it was gone, bringing them back if people can provide a screen shot of the game just seems like a wasted effort.
@GraceNote you can put the image into google image search
@Grace Oh in this case I googled 5 words to get the answer, and thus had zero research effort.
@Wipqozn I didn't see. Sorry.
I could have done it in 4 if the show had a shorter name.
@BoltClock You can stuff your apologies in a sack mister. A sack I say!
7:14 PM
@BoltClock Aha! Wrong! It was for Dark Room Sex Game. I'm not making that up.
@Sterno Hey, I've played that.
@murgatroid99 I am amazed as Google's ability to match this image to a bunch of Chinese MMO screenshots
@AnnaLear Since you can't activate retail Jade Empire keys on Steam, I'm thinking not.
@FAE You are the type of gaming expert who could have identified my screenshot!
This one, however, yielded the game instantly
7:16 PM
@GraceNote It doesn't work if the screenshot is not already somewhere else (indexed) on the internet, and this is feeling eerily similar to the discussion from about 20 minutes ago, so I'm going to stop talking about it
@murgatroid99 I'm not going to argue for or against this position, before you assume I'm doing so
@GraceNote I meant the whole discussion about the limitations of google searching for screenshots. I did not mean to indicate some inference of your argument position, and I'm sorry if I did
I'm pointing out that screenshots are not actually an isolated incident in the history of identification questions, and their searchability is, for the most part, not consistent - some are easy, some are hard, and I don't think we can classify the whole group of screenshot identification as easy to find, or that it's once-in-a-blue-moon
Which, honestly, is kinda why I don't think they really help us much since for the same reason it's hard to find the stuff to begin with, it's hard for others of the same inquiry to find us, haha.
@FAE ahem
Q: Taking down 80-X Boxguard and achieveing smooth/ghost

pootzkoIs there a way to take down an 80-X Boxguard and still get smooth/ghost at the end of the mission? I tried taking him down with an EMP grenade in several different ways (throwing the grenade below him, to his side, directly at him) but every time I would get "alerted" and "hostile" after throwing...

Q: Where do I find supplies in DayZ?

authenticgeekI've managed to install the ARMA2/CO mod DayZ and play around in it but I'm always dead in a matter of minutes because I run into some zombies without anything to defend myself with. The official beginners guide explains the controls thoroughly, but it doesn't explain much about how I should sta...

7:19 PM
@OrigamiRobot Are you speaking up because you want to play it with me?
@FAE I...errr....back to work
@OrigamiRobot Nice going
@murgatroid99 No issue taken, then
@GraceNote Hello to you too.
@GraceNote for reference, I was talking about the conversation starting around here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/5475633#5475633
@murgatroid99 Interesting
7:23 PM
@RonanForman The community has been overwhelmingly clear: ITG the guessing game is not cool with us. I don't challenge that. That doesn't imply we can't do more objective ITGs
They're not as common, but they're there.
Are we now supposed to call it GI? Knowing this would surely be half the battle
@BoltClock It might help.
The idea is Mark Trapp's
@BoltClock I wouldn't want to leave the question tagged as . It makes the question kind of weird
kind of like putting [solved] at the end of a question title
@murgatroid99 Exactly. There's a post on MSO about "answering in tags" or whatever it's called - tagging a question based on its answers
After all it would help the discussion to distinguish ITG (old! guessing! memories! boo!) with GI (new! different! now with actual evidence!)
7:27 PM
@murgatroid99 Since the start, we've always said no to doing this kind of thing
I'm not going to force its removal, but it miscategorizes the question to have that tag
@GraceNote I would retag it, but all of the content dispute stuff makes me a little nervous about it
I can kind of make a point for 'rage' to be in the question title only for SEO reasons
@murgatroid99 I'd suggest not doing anything on it for now
but the tag is now gone.
The solution of a question is not necessarily an element of what the question is - if I ask a sorting question and get an answer that uses LINQ, that does not magically transform my question into a question about LINQ - so having LINQ as a tag would be folly.
7:29 PM
@murgatroid99 Thanks.
@Fluttershy no problem
@Fluttershy Welcome back
@badp Thanks.
"The item server is shutting down. Items will be unavailable temporarily."
My only memory of Fluttershy being angry was with the snoring dragon who puffed smoke all over the skies of Ponyville
7:32 PM
@badp Is that an in-game system announcement or something?
@BoltClock She got pretty mad at the Grand Galloping Gala.
@BoltClock It appeared in the console
@Fluttershy that too
She also made Rarity cry
7:33 PM
@murgatroid99 You mean MLP doesn't have people being wrong on the internet? HERESY.
Ah. My most lasting memory then.
(I'm new. Just started watching it last week from the very beginning. Hi!)
@badp what? I didn't say anyone was wrong
@BoltClock I only remember what I do because I just watched that ep again :) also, yay for watching MLP :)
@BoltClock ah, then you might not have seen some of them. Also, welcome to the herd
@murgatroid99 People being wrong on the internet is cause of 89% of angriness... angritude... anger. Up there with made up on the spot statistics at 70%.
7:34 PM
@badp OK
Someone had to do it, I'm sorry
@BoltClock you beat me to it ;)
(it is 3:38 am here)
Are we done fighting yet?
I believe everything has ceased now, yes
7:41 PM
Oh, good. No more anger. I left the room in good hands in my absence.
Did I miss the fight?
@Koviko Yes. Yes, you did.
@OrigamiRobot Fighting is actually a good thing! It means we care.
@badp The depends on what exactly you're fighting against.
7:43 PM
@origamirobot I believe so. Also that image makes me want to give BMO all the hugs.
It's frustrating to see your emotional investment hitting the wall of, "Well, I'm right and I'm going to nitpick your argument until we're arguing about something else."
Hm, Eve, Samson or ???
I need this fifth damn victory
@badp Eve
@AshleyNunn The image was especially for you.
Samson even needs to fight Satan still
@Fluttershy Sir yes sir.
7:45 PM
I tried Samson once. I died in the second room. <_< Starting with 1 heart is no fun.
@origamirobot melts aww yay gives all the hugs to BMO
I've already gotten close to beating Isaac with Samson, but no cigar
and after that try I haven't had luck with items or somesuch
like, I now got the lemon mishap :|
@fbueckert God I hate people who do that.. They realize they are wrong but wont give in until they argue themselves on to your side of the argument then you sit there and go Ya know what? Not worth pointing out what a jackass they were.
Q: Rayman Hoodlum Havoc - what's the next chapter?

WituzI am a very big fan of Rayman, specially the story of the series. But do you think they are still continuing with those danm rabbits? I really don't like them, their older games was so much better. I miss the whole plot of Rayman :) Do you know if they are continuing the story in a rayman game ...

@Fluttershy Honeslty Judas can start with 1 heart just fine, given his damage
7:50 PM
@James I had an ex that did that. Absolutely impossible for her to admit she was wrong. She couldn't do it. Ever.
Got annoying, fast.
@origamirobot yay BMO hugs
It's good to be home.
Oh, I see I got yelled at. Time to play catchup.
@LessPop_MoreFizz If I'm construed as yelling at you, I apologize. That was not my intention, at all.
@fbueckert The argument is that these questions don't have the same problems as memory based guessing game ITGs. If they do have any of the same problems, I would like to know about them, because it would go a long way to changing how I feel on the matter.
7:54 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz For the most part, now that I know you can actually search by image, it reduces the question to, "Google the pic".
Grace showed it isn't the case always
@Fluttershy You're totally misunderstanding this as being about memory. It's not about memory. it's about encountering an image from a game in some other media - and to move away from the TV show example, how about a clip of a game being played in a news piece on video game violence - and wanting to know what it is you are being shown.
Because for the most part, if you have a screenshot, it came from somewhere on the net.
...could we not instantly revive this discussion so soon?
@GraceNote Shutting up now.
7:55 PM
@GraceNote It was a rather one sided discussion while I was in transit.
Sigh, skipping a treasure room for lack of keys always feels bad :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm aware, and I'm not happy that I am shutting you down here, but things got a bit... violent-y while you were out, and I'd like for the room to have some respite before things reignite
@pixel The term you want is 'a fence around the law'.
@GraceNote Well then. Fair enough.
@GraceNote This is what I get for just going through my pings. :/
@LessPop_MoreFizz Play catch up, write it up in a document, and toss it all at us in the morning? ♪
@GraceNote Oh, that's no fun. It's so much easier to pick an argument apart as it's forming. :P
7:57 PM
@badp yeah, even worse if you could afford one in a shop
@GraceNote Not worth it. I've said my piece in a meta post. People don't get it/don't want to engage with it directly, preferring to make orthagonal slippery slope arguments. I'm nearly as done with it as @Fluttershy tbqh.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Point taken
For a random diversion topic - just started LoL, but I know its been out a few years already ... is there some upcoming moba game I should be looking at instead; with similar ways to get free heroes (e.g. IP in LoL-land)
@Alok Well, DotA 2 has them all free from the get-go
Just to get that out of the way

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