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6:08 PM
@ArdaXi Well I already attributed it to you. You should told me sooner. I'll bet more people would've liked it if it had someone else's name attached. :P
@RavenDreamer When you sign up you get 500 cc free, which will buy you 2 reg weaps
so why not
@stevether I'm pretty sure this will wind up running into legal issues with valve
@Wipqozn I think that's why they haven't monetized it
Otherwise it's just regular trading through steam, but you trade to one of the tf2wh bots
once the trade is completed, you get x amount of credits
then you reserve an item for x amount of credits, then the bot will trade you the item so long as your balance is > x
and once complete it subtracts x from your balance
But the bots have legit steam accounts so I don't see the issue, nor how they could track/prevent it
@stevether Valve likely tracks all trades all players make. They could likely very easily track high-volume traders.
I'm sure they do, but I don't recall seeing anything in terms of use saying you can't trade a lot
That's the whole point of hatfortress anyway...
6:27 PM
@stevether They've already got robbed of all items too.
@Powerlord I think they do anyway, but the site's been operating for a while and Valve most certainly already knows about this
Just consider that this exists at this URL: tf2wh.teamfortress.org/?id=powerlord
oh wait, teamfortress dot org, not com
well it does make it little less impressive.
My bad
Q: Help me to identify this office-politik style game

ExtrakunHere are the facts I remember about this game It's turn based You manipulate office workers in cubicles The theme is cyberpunk and dark (not a serious simulation) The colors associated with the game is dark blue/deep red (IIRC) You somehow have to gain points to win the game/level The game view...

Q: Unreachable balcony/items?

ERJIn Tomb Raider: Anniversary, just outside the Croft Manor gym there are strange "glows" visible on the upper balcony across the courtyard. They look like halos for Artifacts, but according to the Level Statistics, I've already located all 8 Artifacts in the Manor.

Keys are not worth the same as crates >_>
6:42 PM
@stevether No, keys are worth significantly more.
Keys should be worth the same as crates.
Hey @BrettWhite!
Hello there Mr. White
Yes, items that everyone gets 1-2 of a week every week should be worth the same amount as an item you or someone else has to pay real money for!!!!1111
Public pinging! @thomasmcdonald Which email is tied to your Origin account?
@ArdaXi And Hello!
@Wipqozn And hello!
@ArdaXi That would be amazing.
6:44 PM
Hi @BrettWhite!
Battlefield 3 releases at midnight! Would you like a free downloadable copy of Battlefield 3 courtesy of Stack Exchange?
@reply to me with URL to your Stack Exchange account user page and your PC video card. Must have 1.5k rep on SO or 500 rep on any other site
@ArdaXi I would do that if I wasn't too lazy to make a Twitter account.
I'm tempted to reply just because.
@Powerlord I was tempted to reply, so I did.
But since I doubt I'll play it, I won't.
6:53 PM
Hello, @BrettWhite!
I would consider it, but I don't want to install origin since I don't trust EA.
I'm having enough irks with Uplay as is (Ubisoft's DRM)
I suppose I'll need an Origin account for Mass Effect 3...
Which means I can't pick it up on a steam sale, either. :/
I'm planning to play it on 360, since I've played the first two on that.
Q: Test Drive 2 Unlimited - Converting Offline Account to Online

Herr Kaleuni've started my account in "Offline Mode". I've progressed pretty much now i want to add the online account to it. What can i do? Is it possible? Thank you!

Although not sure when I'll get around to actually playing it
6:55 PM
Skyrim in 3 weeks!
Not buying Skyrim either.
Cue massive productivity decrease!
I am planning to wait until next year when they release the GOTY edition.
I am also planning to do the same thing with Batman Arkham City.
@Wipqozn Keep editing...
till - Prepare and cultivate (land) for crops
Much better.
Hello, John.
6:57 PM
Hello, @RavenDreamer.
I'm not sure if I know you or not, because there are a lot of Johns, and a lot of default gravatars.
@John whoa, for a second there I thought you were @ArdaXi!
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
Transformation complete. He now is Arda Xi.
@RavenDreamer But there's only one John with my default Gravatar.
@RavenDreamer ಠ_ಠ
6:58 PM
@John I can't argue with that.
@RavenDreamer What just happened?
Are you the same John from the gamedev chat?
@RavenDreamer I'd be surprised if you did, considering you technically still have a default Gravatar.
@RavenDreamer No.
@John He doesn't.
@ArdaXi He does, just with a different color scheme.
6:59 PM
@John So it's not a default.
@John I don't, actually. The center is impossible under a normal gravatar, color scheme notwithstanding.
@ArdaXi It's still a default design.
It's not a default Gravatar by the way. It's called an identicon.
@RavenDreamer How so?
@RavenDreamer has a Gravatar. You don't.
7:00 PM
@ArdaXi ಠ_ಠ
@ArdaXi ಠ_ಠ
I'm working on my @GnomeSlice impersonation.
@John Because regular gravatars have the 4 center minicubes that are identical. Mine rotates.
You lose @John. @ArdaXi and @RavenDreamer win.
@Wipqozn You just said I am @ArdaXi.
So I win too.
@Wipqozn We lose @John? When?
@Whoever-starrred-that ಠ_ಠ
7:01 PM
@John Except you don't look as handsome in a suit as @ArdaXi.
@ArdaXi Now. poof
@Wipqozn Actually, more.
@RavenDreamer Hello!
@John (✌゚∀゚)☞
@John \o/
@ArdaXi I can't tell what that's supposed to be.
@John Neither can I.
7:02 PM
I feel kinda sad that of all the people who said Hi to Brett, I'm the only one that didn't get a response. :(
I think that
@BrettWhiteΨ How goes Brettdom?
@John He probably has you set to "ignore"
@Wipqozn I'm beginning to the that @GnomeSlice's issues result from your taunting.
7:03 PM
@Wipqozn A very good idea, indeed.
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
@ArdaXi ಠ_ಠ
@John I think I started it.
Which would be difficult considering I'm already @ArdaXi.
John is.
@John Excellent. We could all do with a little more @GnomeSlice.
7:04 PM
You're crazy, man! Crazy!
@John @GnomeSlice is @ArdaXi's alt, so it's not that difficult.
yesterday, by John
@Wipqozn I'm crazy!?! I'm CRAZY!?!? I'M crazy?!?
@John Yes you are.
@John No, @Wipqozn is. Stop making everything about you.
@Wipqozn You sound as though you speak from experience.
7:05 PM
@ArdaXi Just like Gnomeslice does
@ArdaXi That's a relief.
Whoa, @John really is becoming GnomeSlice!
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
Yep. @John is @GnomeSlice.
So that also means that @John is @ArdaXi
7:07 PM
@ArdaXi (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I pretty much based them off the same character sheet.
There. Now I'm Thomas McDonald.
@ArdaXi IT shows.
@John pffft, you wish.
Except I don't post random YouTube videos.
cough @Wipqozn cough
@John Give it time.
7:08 PM
@Wipqozn (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@RavenDreamer It goes, it goes
I love my clipboard.
What have I missed round these parts?
10 hours of leak spin anyone?
@stevether leak spin or leek spin?
7:09 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ Burgeoning Skyrim anticipation / paranoia / hallucinations.
@BrettWhiteΨ You have missed my transformation into the sad object of @Wipqozn and @ArdaXi'a torture (aka @GnomeSlice).
@John lucky you
I don't dream at night, anymore. I've upgraded to full-on hallucinations.
@Wipqozn (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
It keeps life interesting.
7:10 PM
@Wipqozn ಥ_ಥ
We should stop trolling @GnomeSlice and just troll @John instead.
@RavenHallucinator: Really?
@Wipqozn ಥ_ಥ
@Powerlord Yup.
@RavenDreamer Good, stay vigilant and alert, because the Skyrim is EVERYWHERE. Justified paranoia
7:14 PM
2 hours ago, by Raven Dreamer
I'm going to go consume food.
Talk to you all later
good bye Gnom- err, @John
The fun thing is this should still ping him.
@ArdaXi It won't. It'll try to match the name exactly.
@AnnaLear But it can't, so it'll backtrack up to 3 characters until it finds something that pings.
At least it used to only look at the first 3 characters.
@ArdaXi I don't think it backtracks. Let's test this. :D
7:20 PM
So then shouldn't you ping @Johnsli ce?
@ArdaXiSlice Does this ping you?
@AnnaLear Aww, it used to.
@RavenDreamer this works, at least.
You mean @JohnGore is GnomeSlice
7:38 PM
I finally understand what happened to @GnomeSlice. Now, to take drastic measures before it happens to me...
Wow, the "Ignore" feature updates in real-time!
Heh, awesome isn't it.
It's like you can instantly whoosh people.
@ArdaXi Yeah.
Oh look, I can ping myself.
Five Battlefield 3 PC http://stackexchange.com winners! @hmemcpy @nberardi @factormystic @jasarien @mandlar
@badp He drew them already?
He probably picked the first 5
8:10 PM
Hello @DavidFullerton! I see you're the mod who drew the short straw of making sure we're behaving ourselves in here.
not exactly...more like the employee spying on you
@DavidFullerton I have noticed that once in a while a different SE employee comes in here. They usually end up so traumatized that they don't come back for quite a while.
oh, we're working on that...we've retained a professional therapist
I hope it isn't Jeff.
Hey, if someone asked a question like this on your site, would you let it fly or close it?
8:22 PM
@MarcoCeppi On our site, close in a heartbeat. It's kinda borderline (IMHO) on AU though.
I figured it was a close for Gaming. Trying to figure out what to do with these kinds of questions.
I feel like they set the wrong kind of precedent on the site. Was curious how you guys managed Qs like these
@MarcoCeppi No problem. :) We're here to answer all your question-closing needs.
Q: Identify this medical shooter

JupotterI'm trying to remember a game I played on windows 95/98, some kind of first person shooter with a medical theme. The game was 2D, with sprites being scaled to give a sense of depth. You where piloting a miniaturized ship in the human body, trying to eliminate all viruses in the screen. The game w...

Q: How does the weapon stats scale per upgrade?

yx.I've noticed that the higher the number, the more value is added per upgrade. I.e. a weapon with 250 base damage gets more per upgrade than a weapon with 25, but does anyone have the exact formulas? I'd like to be able to figure out how much damage a fully upgraded weapon is before spending a t...

Q: Is it possible to die before your town has started?

Jack B NimbleI joined a random town, which presently has 28 of 40 citizens. The game said the town will not start until there are 40 citizens. Does this mean I won't be killed at night or die from thirst while the town hasn't started?

@MarcoCeppi Mostly with anger.
8:27 PM
More specifically, Game-rec is specifically disallowed in our FAQ.

Please note, however, that site policies prohibit questions of the following types:
Shopping advice and **recommendations**
8:45 PM
> Heavily influenced by Portal and centered around the art of manipulating time, Officer Alfred was originally an entry for the Ludum Dare #20. Since then, it's been polished even further and it is, I must say, looking pretty awesome. There are a number of rather clever things going on with Officer Alred, some of which can be seen in the trailer. Nonetheless, it's probably best experienced yourself.
9:10 PM
I think I actually got something useful done today... nah, couldn't happen.
Of course, it wasn't so much work related...
I need to do more testing on my vote mod, but when I do, MapChooser Extended already has support for it. \o/
Of course, I have other MapChooser Extended features that I said would be in the next version not yet present.
9:47 PM
@badp I have no idea what that is for, actually
Hmm, I wonder if it would be better to have accepted answers have additional weight, say... the weight of 10 upvotes or something, rather than being at the top always.
Seeing as I do come across questions asked by someone a year ago which have answers that are far superior to the accepted answer and have thrice the upvotes, but aren't shown at the top because the user left the site and will never change the tick.
@ArdaXi And on the other sort methods?
Well, those would stay the same, I mean oldest and active both have qualifiers unrelated to votes.
Accepted is fixed to the top in all 3 methods, though
Only a tinge, but a tinge nonetheless, it'd be a tinge awkward if the accepted status outright ignored sort order in only 2 out of 3 cases.
Is it? I just checked with a random question, and on both it was the second down.
9:55 PM
Was it a self-answer?
No, it was the top one in votes.
Q: The kids bought a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road for PC, how can I get it working on Windows XP?

ChrisFThe kids picked up a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road, but I can't get it to install. What do I have to do?

Mwoah, must be a fluke. It's pinned on every other post I check.
Can you link that example, then?
Oh, it was a self-answer. How did I not see that.
I require sleep.
9:59 PM
Wait, we did a League of Legends GameOn on the weekend I was out? Really?
@GraceNote Clearly we must fire this @Wipqozn guy immediately
10:15 PM
Oh, okay, so Jeff's tweet was about some odd thing he tweeted about yesterday
10:53 PM
Wow. Having been asked what our policy actually IS for furries, I must now write the most awkward question ever to our inflight team.
11:31 PM
My clan was wiped out. :(
The Duck People became enraged and invaded en masse.
Had a very satisfying round as engie on cp_desperados
First some better-than-average combat engineering, with the reveningeer achievement finally unlocked
then some more traditional engineering on the last point to get people in faster
oh god, @GraceNote is becoming disgruntled. I'm doomed!
then a demo destroys my teleport entrance and goes on chat "mad engie, eh?"
I wasn't aware I was disgruntled or a ferret
and gets killed, and respawns, and get destroyed by my sentry
"mad demo, eh?"
my sentry never went down as it was nicely placed... mostly by luck
and probably also because the demoman wouldn't detonate those stickies that were in range as I frantically tried to shoot 'em down
eventually another engie put another level 3 nearby and started wrangling straight in their spawn area
I wrenched his stuff while we proceeded to capture the last, very hard point.
I then joyquit.
11:40 PM
Inappropriate image of the day
@MarcoCeppi Keep in mind that gaming is really strict on recommendation questions. The other sites are not as strict as us.
@Mana You're Hitler?
oh wait.
You weren't linking it for the font eh?
@badp No. No I was not.
@Jin Wait, wasn't the man facepalming the doctor from Voyager?
Portal 2 Update Released
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Portal 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Fixed a save/load exploit in challenge mode
- Fixed error sounds playing during a few animations
- Additional localization strings
11:48 PM
@badp no that's Sagat from Street Fighter
@Mana Read up on all the SC2 blizzcon news?
New multi units announced, units being removed, new upgrade, et cetera
@Wipqozn jajaja
@Mana So happy to be playing Zerg. The Viper looks soooo awesome.
@Jin ...that scene, in the picture you linked, is Street Fighter?
11:50 PM
@badp yes
I'll just reject your non computing information and replace it with my own.
Arkham City is great

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