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1:00 PM
@badp As a temporary fix, you could change your display settings to not change brightness between battery and ac power switches
@badp It wouldn't fix your charging problems, but the annoyance caused by it intermittently switching
1:12 PM
Just got a code for the Toki Tori 2 preview, courtesy of @TwoTribesGames. You guys rock!
Unfortunately, it looks like a steam code.
@RonanForman That should be @Mana's new gravatar.
My body's all chilled to the core
Speak of the devil.
And in he logs.
I hate this feeling. It happens to me every time winter approaches.
@Mana Me too.
@GnomeSlice I might make a better one, maybe bring out blender again.
1:18 PM
That's why I've started wearing my winter coat to school and stuff.
Those other people can give me amused looks all they want.
@Mana I just get tired and lazy.
I just want to crawl back into my nice warm fuzzy bed and bluuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Awww... blender's not installed. :(
Also, I get to take a look at the pre-alpha of Toki tori 2.
@Mana That's a verb?
It is now.
1:19 PM
Wait, no you must be talking about this:
@GnomeSlice It's that shiver you get when you go into a cold bed. bluuuuu.
Huh, I now have a silver php tag on SO.
@RonanForman I don't think you would ever make that noise as a result of a shiver.
It's the sound of me being a lazy blob of not-wanting-to-go-to-a-midterm
1:21 PM
@Mana Just like Animal Fat.
yeah pretty much
@GnomeSlice Nothing wrong with packing yourself in warm stuff even at 10+ degrees C. But then, I like to drive my cabrio open even with this weather ... (sunny, around 10 degrees C).
^ Animal Fat ^
@GnomeSlice Really? I do. It's more of a move to get warm shiver rather than an involuntary one.
@MartinSojka I'm kind of weird like that, I often like chilly weather, and then turn right around and freeze.
My temperature preferences aren't really consistent.
1:23 PM
Yo @Rory!
@Mana you need to get pumped up for your midterm.
@Mana afternoon!
Here, probably everyone can enjoy this.
I have no idea what the old samples are taken from.
But I love it.
@RoryAlsop Not for us, it's only 9:30 AM. =] And hello.
1:24 PM
I have a confession - I started playing minecraft on Friday. Played 12 hours of it so far... <sigh> I knew I'd get sucked in!
@RoryAlsop That happened to me at first.
@GnomeSlice It's very sad as I've just got a top spec gaming machine and am in the middle of downloading all my steam games (which look amazing on it) - and what do I play? Blimming minecraft :-)
@RoryAlsop Minecraft needs a surprisingly good machine to run well on too, though.
@RoryAlsop So envious.
It's very slow on my desktop machine.
1:26 PM
This is the sound of me being envious.
However, most of my steam games don't even run on that machine.
@GnomeSlice Nice new quad core with 560ti - 60Gb SSD for boot plus a couple of terabytes of storage. Fans everywhere, blue lights - feels lovely
@RoryAlsop I didn't understand any of that except that it has lots of fans and blue lights.
Sounds legit.
@RoryAlsop asdfasdfadfasdfasdf'
I don't have steam on my laptop, which is quad core something with dedicated graphics something.
1:28 PM
@GnomeSlice (I got a gamer addict friend to spec it and give me links to an online shop - I just hhad enough intelligence to pay some money and it arrived)
@GnomeSlice this is okay
@Mana tell me you're listening to that song.
I wrote that at the same moment you wrote that.
@GnomeSlice We operate using the same brainwaves.
@RoryAlsop Those people know best haha.
@Mana That... I... yeah, okay.
Speaking of brains.
@GnomeSlice not one of their better ones
1:31 PM
Eh, I thought it was clever.
Man, this song is so intense.
I'm pumped.
@GnomeSlice It's literally "I got a brain transplant with a guy who did dumb things. Now I'm going to do those dumb things."
@Mana Yeah, but that's basically what their comic strips are.
That's it. That's literally all there is to it. THAT'S IT.
Yes, and like the comic strips, it's all hit-or-miss.
Like I said, I thought it was clever.
1:33 PM
I knew you were going to do that.
I love half term, you see all the parents trying to do what they'd normally be doing and trying to take care of 3 4-10 year olds.
@RoryAlsop Top spec? Out of curiosity, what kind of video cards?
I need to remember to check this out later, looks really interesting.
Woah, Kenta Cho!
@Mana That would explain the bad English, and the way that 'sine' is continually spelled 'sin'.
1:39 PM
@GnomeSlice This game is very hard.
@Mana Yeah, I just tried it.
Neat concept though.
and then it speeds up :|
@RoryAlsop Just one, or more than one?
@Powerlord at the moment, 1 - will sneak the other one in when the wife is away for a bit
1:43 PM
@RoryAlsop Good thinking.
@Powerlord once it's in the box, it's invisible, and therefore doesn't exist
I have dual GTX 570s, also from EVGA I think.
But I also don't have a wife.
So I don't have to hide it!
I have dual 465s.
The 460s came out about a month after I built my PC :/
But also Evga.
@RavenDreamer they keep doing that! I'm just delighted I have finally retired my 5 year old PC (which was good at the time, but now pretty sucky)
My rig should run Skyrim comfortably. If it does, I'm happy.
1:46 PM
@GnomeSlice 25000 points!!!!!
My 3 year old PC starting have blue screens, RAM-related I think. I meant to replace it soon anyway (I bought a refurbished computer last time, so I expected a shorter life than average).
I don't think I'll assemble a computer again. Way too stressful.
I'll just buy what parts I want and pay someone else to assemble them all.
I bought one from Digital Storm computers.
@Mana Is that good?
Mine had started doing odd things - I have tentatively diagnosed it as a failure on the motherboard and I thought I'd use that as an excuse to budget a grand for a new one. Love the boot speed from SSD though!
1:48 PM
I didn't even check my scores after playing.
going to get a couple more of the Corsair 60Gb SSDs for my car stereo - currently the boot time from the two laptop drives in it is the only bottleneck
I also got a really crappy monitor. The monitor itself is fine, it's just that the hardware response to a blue screen of death is "turn off monitor".
Because of that, It was several months before my realized my computer was BSoDing.
@RavenDreamer That's... what? Why does that even?
Q: Can a monitor fail to display a "Blue Screen of Death"?

Raven DreamerI assembled a computer for myself about 11 months ago. It was my first build ever, but I seem to have done well-enough. However, I sporadically run into a problem where the audio hangs, all computer functions immediately cease, and am force to either restart or power-down the computer. In short,...

Oh, look. A typo.
and am force!
@RavenDreamer TL;DR, but you've made your point, sir.
@RavenDreamer Should be 'I am Forced'.
1:52 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes. Yes it should.
I will fix.
Actually, just "am forced".
Since the I is implicit
It's not, because the section before it in the commas doesn't use that perspective.
The 'I' doesn't carry through the entire statement once you break it like that.
RIP The IT Crowd.
> audio hangs, all computer functions immediately cease, and I'm forced to either restart or power-down the computer.
@Powerlord D: What!?
1:53 PM
@GnomeSlice The guy who made it has decided not to make a fifth season.
@Powerlord that sucks
@Powerlord It wasn't really about IT any more anyway though.
@Powerlord did they manage to get a gaming.stackexchange sticker onto their wall at any point?
@RoryAlsop What? They were going to?
1:55 PM
@RoryAlsop No, since Gaming.Stackexchange didn't exist the last time they filmed new episodes (mid-2010)
Does anyone else think that Jeff Atwood's gravatar invariably makes him come off as aggressive and intrusive?
Like, whenever I see the little screaming head of Jeff
I'm just like, "oh snap!"
@RavenDreamer I don't think it's Jeff's gravatar that makes him come off as aggressive and instrusive...
shoots flames from fingertips
@RavenDreamer I never actually did at all, I always liked his gravatar.
I found that it's more Jeff's posts that make him come off as aggressive and intrusive.
@RavenDreamer Jokes aside I like his gravatar.
1:59 PM
Maybe its because the same icon is used for TVTropes 'nightmare fuel" sub trope thing.
@RavenDreamer Which Gravatar? His one on SO is the Coding Horror logo. :/
Hey man, Sexy Hiking is the greatest game of this century.
@Powerlord Yes, that one.
@RavenDreamer By the way, 100%.
@Powerlord Right. I don't think he created it though. Otherwise, I don't think TVTropes would have appropriated it.
No, the avatar isn't his own creation. It comes from an icon from a book.
"Logo image used with permission of the author. (c) 1993 Steven C. McConnell. All Rights Reserved."
Like I said, I think the gravatar is scary!
So I'm staying home.
2:17 PM
I'm assuming that's a typo.
Also, gaming just told me I'd earned the nice question badge for a question when it actually meant I'd received the notable question badge.
Midtown is boring.
In theory, I am "navigating" but in a perfect grid where traffic moves at 6mph, that means saying "turn right and then right" every 25 minutes.
lol, there's a stab at Apple too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sure that once you take in consideration the time costs of giving way, that'll change!
I mean I am literally saying 5 words to my coworker every 25 minutes. That is the total amount of work I am doing.
Just because you're minimizing space it doesn't mean you're minimizing time
2:27 PM
Q: What's the point of Poes?

Ashley NunnIn Ocarina of Time, there are various places (as an adult) that Poes appear. You can fight and kill them, like any other enemy, but when they die, they leave behind a glowing "soul" type thing that you can put into a jar. Why would I bother? They don't appear to be really good for anything. Is th...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I must have misunderstood you
Just because zig-zagging is shorter, it doesn't mean it's faster. To which you'll reply, "DUH. I meant this other completely different thing, you dumbbell."
I do. I'm talking about just covering every horizontal line of a grid.
Back and forth.
It's not about getting to a destination. It's about driving every inch of roadway.
Oh. Google Street View?
Bing. Among other things.
This is probably why Google's invested in self-driving cars.
2:33 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz do you compute the most efficient route, or just try and cover all your map in blue
(we also capture a ton of other data t gets encoded for a variety of map things.$
(or whatever colour)
although Google might've given up there
self-driving cars is the only explanation I can give to Google's Street View current coverage of Italy
@Rory cover the map in green in the most efficient manner possible.
They went every fucking where.
2:35 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz so purely manual task to decide on best route?
They have all the streets from all the minor cities, and we've got a TON of minor city in Italy.
@rory: sort of. It's... Complicated.
But for this current project in Manhattan, yes.
Which is easy... But mind numbing because traffic moves so slowly.
6 MPH. Island is 2.5 miles wide. Back and forth.
I'm interested from a tech perspective, but I can imagine just how boring:-)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why even take the car there then?
@RoryAlsop I don't mean him obviously. I mean everybody else.
@badp you'd need the photos?
2:38 PM
I'm every day surprised at the amount of traffic Amsterdam has. Or, more accurately, doesn't have.
Same for Wien, really, where people aren't that crazy for bikes, but the metro service is rather awesome.
@badp hahaha - I understand now. Certainly whenever I go there I walk everywhere. From the southern tip of Manhattan to the north end of central park is hardly any distance - it's a very small city centre.
(Mind you, I've never been outside Europe.)
Although there's a non-null chance that'll change next year. My parents have been planning a family trip to Australia for their 25th anniversary.
@badp (Oz has interwebs too)
@RoryAlsop I've heard negative reports on buying things off Steam from abroad, although I've done so just yesterday after I updated my billing address.
It was super confusing, because I wanted to use my Steam Wallet and with that option it doesn't show you the billing address fields. So it was still invisibly using the old settings where I was claiming to be in Italy, while my connection originated from the Netherlands. Steam didn't like that.
@badp Interesting. worst case you could set up your home server so you can VPN in to it and buy from home:-)
2:45 PM
...and I put in some money on Wallet exactly to make sure I wouldn't have this kind of trouble.
When I tried Paypal, the fields got visible, I could update them, and then the operation got through.
Hi @Brett!
Sorry I missed you last weekend sister wrecked her car. :(
Has anyone here ever bought anything via Origin, specifically gifted via Origin?
trying to figure out if gifting thru origin is even possible, their FAQ is no help
Hahahaha. Buy things. Origin.
2:48 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh dreadful! I hope she's okay
That's funny. You're funny.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ouch
@brett she's fine. Wrecked mechanically, not collision.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ahhh the more desirable of the many wrecking types
She put gasoline in a diesel car.
She is not bright.
2:50 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Diesel car? They still make those? :P
Volkswagon does.
@Powerlord They're kind of becoming the default actually
I am sitting in one right now! The gas milage is insane.
Hey, in Europe petrol costs twice as much. At least.
2:50 PM
@badp not in the US.
Basically only VeeDubs here.
In Italy it's roughly 1.633 €/l → 8,56457558 US$ / gal
here at the moment £1.42 per litre of V-Power petrol
V-Power? Seriously?
and I get 35 mpg. Some of the Audi diesels get 80mpg
Are you talking of "premium petrol"?
2:55 PM
@badp I need V-Power as a minimum
yep - I need at least 98 RON
@RoryAlsop Wow, really?
102 is better, but rare and expensive
@badp yup - slightly tweaked car :-)
Subaru Forester STi Litchfield specced import - almost at 400bhp now, so very high compression
think 102 RON is around £4 per litre where you can get it
Yeah prices in NY hover between $3.50 and $4.00 /gallon
So about a dollar per liter.
I.e. an 8th of UK pricing.
3:01 PM
just not fair - especially here in Scotland where we do make our own oil
(well, pipe it from under the sea...)
So does the US. Not enough to meet domestic demand though.
3:24 PM
I just heard back from the people I interviewed with!
They said:
"Hi, we're still deliberating! We'll let you know when we decide!"
A comment I saw about Wikileaks recent problems with financial institutions:
> You threaten to publish the secret, evil, nefarious ways of financial institutions, claim to have a hard drive full of incriminating information, and now these same financial institutions now won't deal with you? Why... I never. How demonic indeed!
@Raven: that means they want you but haven't cut through the red tape yet in my experience - they're trying to make sure you don't take another offer thinking they they weren't interested.
That said, sometimes the cutting through red tape fails and you don't get the offer.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I hope so, fingers still crossed!
"I wanted to let you know that I did received the feedbacks from the team and it was very positives. "
There was even an adorable typo.
That seems less like a typo and more like a non native speaker.
Hm. I think you're write, actually.
Maybe she's South African?
3:37 PM
@RavenDreamer Speaking of typos.
@ArdaXi That's an ironic typo, though.
@RavenDreamer As opposed to a sarcastic typo? :-)
@RoryAlsop As opposed to a typo borne from ignorance.
@LessPopMoreFizz - so have I talked to you about Mists of Pandaria yet?
I know I brought it up with @Powerlord.
You have not.
I /wowquit a few months ago. This probably won't lure me back.
In short: I am amused at the ridiculousness of it.
And I'm in the same boat.
3:41 PM
It's the Pokemon that kills me.
Huh. iPhone autocorrect knows Pokemon should be capitalized.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, that was straight outta left-field.
@LessPop_MoreFizz But it doesn't add the accent mark?
I wonder if I should feel lucky.
That depends. Are you a Punk?
Michael Dell as Dirty Harry?
Oi! Battlefield 3 emails are going out it seems.
3:50 PM
Tim! How's it going man?
@Mana ! I feel like I've not said anything to you lately!
Not bad, not bad...trying to get caught up with 100000000 things.
@RavenDreamer Correct! I assume this is because we're both incredibly hyped for End of Act 5 tonight/tomorrow.
@Mana I keep intermittently forgetting about that.
I did find this on Reddit, and it looks nuts.
3:54 PM
@RavenDreamer This sounds like the sort of video I shouldn't be watching in class.
@Mana Its okay, they demonstrate it with a hotdog.
At first.
Uhoh. Still watching it.
@RavenDreamer I saw that on a tv show
It's pretty nuts
sure, your saw's completely broken afterwards
but hey, you still have a finger
Oh, phew.
It's totally not graphic.
In other news, I made a minecraft texture pack.
I really like how my wood came out.
But I can't get any good log textures :(
3:57 PM
@RavenDreamer I bet you like that.
@RavenDreamer Did Blizzard announce at the end of Blizzcon that they were joking or not?
@Powerlord They weren't. Pandanium is a real thing.
@Powerlord Yeah.
They're not.
@Mana Pandaria. Alternatively, Pandamonium.
@RavenDreamer Does it really matter?
@Mana Well, Pandanium sounds like the new ore in the expansion. Pandaria is the actual place, and Pandamonium is a homonym-pun.
4:02 PM
Let's just agree that it's incredibly silly
@RavenDreamer o rly
I'd offer to show you my wood...
But it's on my PC, and I'm on my laptop atm.
You'll never get the ladies if you keep hiding your wood away. You've gotta rock out with your... textures out.
My problem is not that I can't charm them, but that I can't find them to begin with. :(
Part of that is my major. Women are the endangered Zebras of the computer science department.
I feel compelled to make some sort of "hunting Zebra on the Safari" reference now.
4:15 PM
So. Uh.
Women. They like to go swimming (swimming)
@Mana Let's go hunt Zebras!
@mana I need to listen to that song now and don't have it handy on my phone. D'oh.
It is lunch.
I'm bac...on!
4:30 PM
@FallenAngelEyes ಠ_ಠ
@GnomeSlice Yeeeeeeeeees? :3
Now, see, I could have said something else that was bad like "If I don't put my wood away, little kids play with it and it gets all over."
Although that's not Minecraft related.
4:42 PM
good evening ladies and gentlemen
@Mana Have you been skinny dipping?
Oh snap! @Mana did you hear about the new SC2 units announced at Blizzcon?
oh nifty. 5k rep. I can approve tag wiki edits now.
@RoryAlsop On the upside we're much more careful about fuel and green stuff.
At any rate bbl.
@Wipqozn Were they ones previously introduced as an April Fools joke, like the Terratron?
Oh wait, sorry, it was WoW that is getting the former-April Fools joke ones.
4:59 PM
I'm so happy I switched to zerg. They seem to be getting the most awesome new units (viper? Yes please) and unit changes (increased hydra speed? banelings can move while burrowed? Awesome.)
I find this to be hilarious though:
> Corrupters no longer have the ability "Corruption"
> Corrupters now have a channeled ability "Siphon" against buildings that does 1 dps and converts damage done to minerals
Corrupters without Corrupt. Maybe they should be renamed.
@Wipqozn To Siphoners?
5:15 PM
@Powerlord Exactly.
Powerlord has the idea
also, this new map looks awesome:
Looks like a good map for Zerg
I reemerge.
@RavenDreamer or do you?
Nope. I'm decidedly here.
looks at starred message list
Wait, really? -_-
@RavenDreamer yes, really (not sure what you are talking about)
5:27 PM
Also, @Wipqozn, thanks for that link.
@RavenDreamer You are welcome
Was unaware you played SC2
I don't, really.
Tried for a while in beta, multiplayer was too stressful.
yeah it can be
@badp Hello
5:33 PM
just posting this answer so it gets a little more love than it already has
A: What makes Meta Knight so powerful?

Nicholas1024The reason Meta Knight has been banned is basically because he's amazing in every single aspect of the game, and has no real weaknesses. Recovery and Gimping Meta Knight's recovery is hands down the best in the game: He has 5 jumps, a glide, and even after all that he can use one of his special...

A lot better than the accepted answer imo
Since it's not just a quote from the wiki
and goes into a good amount of detail
Already been there, upvoted, got the t-shirt.
Also: This --
Live action Skyrim trailer!
@RavenDreamer I'd watch that if I wasn't at school
but I am, so no sound, et cetera
thanks though
Fuckin smart
Once they monetize that they're going to make bank.
5:50 PM
I'm so excited for heart of the swarm now

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