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12:00 AM
@Jin November 18th....!!!
@Mana what's 11/18?
@Jin PC release date of AC
@Mana i wish i had a good gaming PC now... then i'd be buying BF3 for PC instead of X360
It's time for you Xbox 360 gamers to test your mettle! Face off against the Duke Nukem Forever devs: http://2kgam.es/w4pH4p
Although I doubt anyone is interested.
@Mana AC?
12:33 AM
Guess the Web Browser
I'm thinking this is an alternative to Xonotic.
Supposedly not dead.
And with very robust editing.
12:51 AM
That was talked about many months ago. Actually, probably about a year ago
Yeah, I'd played it.
Looks like it's been updated or something.
Looks better than I remember.
1:05 AM
Can people I'm ignoring still ping me and generate inbox notifications?
@GraceNote has grants' round 8 finished?
The Bellamy salute is the salute described by Francis Bellamy (1855–1931) to accompany the American Pledge of Allegiance, which he had authored. During the period when it was used with the Pledge of Allegiance, it was sometimes known as the "flag salute". During the 1920s and 1930s, Italian fascists and Nazis adopted salutes which were similar in form, resulting in controversy over the use of the Bellamy salute in the United States. It was officially replaced by the hand-over-heart salute when Congress officially amended the Flag Code on 22 December 1942. The inventor of the saluting g...
Your history lesson for the day.
@Jin think I could ask on SF.SE what episode that last picture is from?
That's not the ESB.
It's the Chrysler Building.
ESB on left, Chrysler on right.
The Chrysler Building is slightly shorter, but far far prettier.
(though it does lack any sort of observation deck, and thus is not useful as a tourist attraction. It also does not get lit up in a variety of colors, for both better and worse.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz that could have been automatically tagged; I think that's what it looks like from the ESB
I don't know much about the facebook fields
@NickT No it isn't. Note the one way sign - that's a ground level photo.
1:35 AM
yeah, it's pretty close though...
it's like to the east, right?
uptown and east a few blocks
@NickT Yeah, it's sufficiently diagonal that you wouldn't have a view like that
The Metlife building and GCT would block the view if nothing else.
I found the one-way sign in that pic
so probably where it was from as well
@NickT Eh, not neccesarily. It could be basically any cross street along Lexington or 42nd.
Basically every single street in Manhattan is one way.
pretty sure it's that one
the building's parallax match, the light above it, etc
1:45 AM
@NickT It could very well be.
@GnomeSlice What's that second one? I mean, it's all shiny like... ooooooooooooooh.
I don't know some guy's title (Mr/Dr), what's the safe choice?
@Mana then my question becomes: "NOW WHAT?!"
@RavenDreamer Chrome.
@NickT Mr. is fine generally. Even if he's a Dr. he's still also a Mr.
1:47 AM
I like how LoL censors chat in the matchmaking client but not in-game
I guess that's the meta-game
cuss your teammates/opponnets out all day
Something is up with my internet.
2:20 AM
Reading an Ars thread about Microsoft v Android patent licensing
pretty much everyone claims that Android is an iOS ripoff
and no one's disputing the claim
...am I missing something?
2:35 AM
@badp It's true. Android is very very very heavily indebted to iOS.
I mean, just look at what happened to Android in the space of a year after the iPhone came out.
It's pretty hard to argue that it isn't heavily indebted to iOS. iOS radically changed the way we envision and use smartphones.
So yeah, they removed the keyboard from the phone.
One thing is drawing inspiration, another things is claiming "rip off"
It's not just the removal of the keyboard.
the whole UI paradigm changed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Relevant.
oh did it? so Android has scrapped its front screen and defaults to the flat listing of applications always
It's pretty hard to argue that Android doesn't go from that to what it is today without iOS.
Yes, Android does a lot of things differently, but it does enough things similarly that to say it's not heavily indebted is foolish.
2:39 AM
@badp Wait, they do?
No widgets/ customisable home screen any more?
@GnomeSlice I was being sarcastic
Whether it's indebted to an infringing degree is another matter and one for the courts, but I'd say it's pretty much the height of apologist denial to claim that the original iPhone didn't radically change the direction of Androids development.
Did you guys read my relevant link?
@GnomeSlice Samsung Galaxy line not included in list. List is flawed.
2:40 AM
The A88 amuses me to no end.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What did you expect? To ignore what others were doing and continue sleepishly?
@badp Never said that either.
But it's hard to argue that Android is any less derived from iOS than Windows 95 was from Mac OS. And we all know how that one eventually went down.
The only real paradigm change I see in before and later is the way they handle the 'context menu', and even that is today pretty similar to what it was then from what I understand
tbh, if there's a shift, it's only hardware wise. Everything else is "just" the matter that you can only do things in a few non gimmicky ways. Unless you're going to claim that every application that does grid view of icons is ripping of Xerox or whatever.
for example, if you're going to claim that GNOME 3 ripped off the way Mac OS X does modal dialogs, you wouldn't get an argument from me.
@badp I'd say the shift to a Touch centric UI, rather than the app tray you see in those early android prototypes is pretty damned notable.
@badp I DID NOT.
2:46 AM
...but I also get to claim that OS X Lion "stole" the scrollbars from Ubuntu.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I still see that as a hardware restriction tbh. Apple showed the world that there was the hardware to do that, and they also did so. However, they didn't copy. They merely adapted.
The pre-iOS android had the home, back, search, etc. buttons. AFAIK Android still has them.
And Windows is now "copying" them with Charms. (not really, perhaps only search)
At any rate, call me apologist; I really see no ground to claim ripoff.
You could claim the previous version of Android "ripped off" Symbian. That claim would probably be a little bit more accurate.
And still false.
there a monthly fee for D3?
@NickT No.
@badp Speaking of Symbian... &^$&!@^(*!@@ ANNA UPDATE STOP FAILING TO INSTALL GODDAMNIT.
@LessPop_MoreFizz er... I never saw a Symbian update fail, if that's what you mean.
That said I skipped the earliest generations.
@badp I have this N8 here that I'm trying to install the Anna update onto, and it keeps failing. :/
er... Anna update. Hm.
3:01 AM
I'm going to assume my mobile doesn't support it.
I wonder if there will be Panda Beer in the expansion
End of Act 5, where are you :*(
@badp Anna launched like 8 months ago, it just got held up forever by US carriers. I think most Symbian^3 phones can take it.
3:03 AM
Yeah, I doubt the 5800 ExpressMusic is a Symbian³ phone.
From what I can see, it's a massive upgrade to usability. Basic shit that should've been there from day one like a QWERTY keyboard in portrait view.
@NickT There will be nothing but Panda Beer.
@NickT Given that the first time Pandaren were ever even conceived, it was in the form of Brewmasters.
@LessPop_MoreFizz uh. I've had that from day 1.
I guess that goes to show I don't have that version of Symbian.
@badp Symbian^3 did not have that because it is terrible.
So are questions about gaming streams, tournaments, etc generally bad for the site?
Q: Is StarCraft still played competitively or has it all but been replaced with StarCraft II?

Nick TStarCraft II seems much more spectator-friendly (and modern computer), but are there still any large tournaments that are sticking to the old, balanced to the n-th degree SC1? I can't really make out what happens in Korea that well, it seems like there are tons of StarCraft tourneys, but are the...

@NickT no, they're not.
3:05 AM
This N8 is the most dramatic combination of great hardware terrible software I have ever used.
@badp They aren't bad in general, but I think that one isn't particularly good.
well, he did ask "generally"
@badp Yes, but he did also provide an example.
what's the problem with that one
I dunno, the example seemed to ask a pretty objective questions. Are people still organizing stuff for this game?
@badp It's kind of localized IMO
3:08 AM
@Mana How about Minecraft?
How many questions we have are up to date to 1.9-pre4?
@Mana far, far, far, far less than any game with patches
True, true.
this isn't about something whimsical, this is about official, sanctioned tournaments
I know. I'm fine with it.
Oh, look. The Wikipedia page for my mobile claims Anna should also be available for it.
3:11 AM
I need something to kill time with for the next hour. I'm too hyped up.
Ovi suite, I choose you!
Nope, no revision 60 through Ovi Suite, despite what Wikipedia claims.
@badp Could be a carrier support issue. Anna was released for this N8 by Nokia back in March, but AT&T wouldn't approve it to be distributed to me until today.
And now it is failing non stop. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz My phone's not bound to any carrier.
Got it for like €150
@badp Not a matter of being locked to a carrier.
The N8 I'm using is unlocked as well, but it's still attached to AT&T's network now.
so what is the problem?
3:15 AM
@NickT To be honest I'd like more questions about competitive play/tournaments on this site
like a lot more. Even about basic stuff like how tournaments are run and the logic behind certain tourney decisions.
@badp Certain carriers haven't approved distribution of Anna to phones attached to their network.
I kinda doubt this extends to Italy tbh, but I'd have to look into it further
@badp It's a certification thing. Nokia won't put it in the Ovi Suite unless it's available OTA for some reason. At least, that was the problem here in the states with Anna/AT&T.
Besides apparently the only Anna thing the new firmware would get me is... the browser.
Big effin' deal.
There were backdoor ways to do it by using a prepaid t-mobil SIM and then hooking up to Ovi, but they were a royal PITA as far as I know.
3:18 AM
so two mods think it kinda/sorta should be reopened but they don't? sheesh
hugs Opera Mobile
@badp The browser update is actually pretty damned nice.
@NickT I don't see a reason for it to be closed, but I need a kind of a strong reason to reopen it after 5 people closed it.
See it as two reopen votes. They're something but not enough.
At least you'd have mine.
it was up to 2 at least a while ago
they decay though, so it's reset to 0
3:20 AM
I can install "Here and Now" though! And the "Facebook Update!" And "Mail for Exchange!"
@NickT I'll take your word for it; you better be correct :P
@badp The updated Ovi Maps app is actually really fantastic.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I do have that installed. Dunno if we have the same version
It really kind of struggles on this hardware though. I've seen smaller handsets having a much smoother experience, perhaps thanks to a smaller screen.
The software's good, there's just not enough horsepower in the mobile and so it kind of lags out. Annoying in critical situations but not a deal breaker.
The N8's hardware is a marvel.
I just wish I didn't hate Symbian so much. Hoping Anna helps in that regard.
because oh god the OS that's on there now is so fucking terrible.
I currrently have Maps v3.06
with maps from February. I dunno if I'll ever get newer maps.
Oh look. Updated maps.
uh. it didn't actually update anything
Tried again. Ovi crashed. Hm.
Tried again. Downloading. Woo.
I didn't really need Austria maps anyway. Thank you.
Oh, actually Nokia claims 5800 has revision 51 as the latest in the US, and 52 in Italy
I should look into getting a replacement mobile eventually. Windows Mobile's design pleases me, but lack of navigation is a downer. I also get free navigation with Android, but the whole scenario is kind of a clusterfuck. iOS... I don't have a credit card.
If I were to get Android I'd want to get Android. Naked Android. No bells, no whistles, no skins, no chains.
Well, okay, sure, Google's own bells and whistles, okay.
3:47 AM
@badp How does not having a credit card hurt your interest in iOS?
I can't get an iTunes account.
I can't buy apps.
Also, If you like WinMo but want navigation, wait a week. Nokia should be launching it's WinMo phones, and I can guarantee you they'll launch with an Ovi Maps app for WinMo.
In the iOS ecosystem that's major.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, I'll be waiting more than a week.
Basically until this phone dies.
iTunes store takes PayPal and you can also use cash to buy iTunes gift cards at any FruitShop.
Oh, it takes Paypal? When I last checked it (okay; that was some time ago) it needed a credit card to get album art
That does make things different.
3:49 AM
@badp It's taken PayPal for at least 5 or 6 years, since they definitely did when I worked Retail for the fruit company.
You can also associate no payment type and fund an account exclusively through iTunes gift cards, which are... omnipresent to say the least.
iOS... I dunno. I'd probably end up liking it, but I currently admit to being biased against Apple products.
If Nokia's WinMo devices are half as sexy as the N9 is hardware wise though, they're going to be hard to resist if the iOS app store advantage isn't a big deal to you.
(Also - no navigation.)
@badp There are a ton of excellent navigation apps for iOS, including several free ones like Waze.
eh, right now I'm no app-aholic. Certainly waiting in public places is a bit boring, at the top entertainment choice on my mobile is Pendulum. It draws curvy shapes in colours and shit.
Typically I fix that with the internets. I can't do that those six months.
3:53 AM
@badp Yeah, the big advantage to iOS is that it's rapidly becoming a first class gaming platform.
@badp Heh, I said the same thing and somehow ended up with an iPhone 4. Granted, my alternative choices at the time were fairly limited due to carrier exclusivity and the like.
Which is more than can be said for Android/WinMo, which are definitely getting the major utility app category covered, but just can't come close to iOS for entertainment.
@TimStone King of Dragon Pass. Get it. Love it.
I am so fucking hooked on this game it's not even funny.
Oh? I was actually looking for new games too, I'll check it out. Thanks!
The one thing I want to abandon from my mobile is memory issues. I'd like to be able to keep a browser running in the background.
Nokia are really tight with RAM.
@TimStone Think Choose Your Own Adventure meets Dwarf Fortress.
3:56 AM
oh wow, this mobile comes with 128 MB of ram! Not 60 as I previously believed.
That must've been the previous mobile, before it took a bath in the Mediterranean last summer.
> I always described it as "Oregon Trail, but you've made it to Oregon, and it's already inhabited by pissed off duckfolk, and all the bison you shot on the way have risen from the dead and want revenge".
Fantastic :D
Oh Bastakos. The Craziest advisor.
4:15 AM
New Release - Stronghold 3: #SteamNewRelease http://bit.ly/sKzRoe
Oh hey guys, Battlefield 3. Let's get it on.
Not the best of moments to release, eh?
Pff, I'll take a copy of Stronghold 3 over Battlefield 3 any day!
I'll skip both.
1 hour later…
5:27 AM
End of Act 5 is out but both the main site's hosted version and the mirror are crashed completely.
Did...Andrew Hussie just take down Newgrounds...?
5:50 AM
@RavenDreamer ;_; I WANT TO SEE EOA5
6:08 AM
oh god I found a livestream of it
here we go. End of Act 5.
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
Okay, 7 times watching this is enough
For now.
3 hours later…
10:22 AM
holy shit @Mana changed his gravatar
@badp Something tells me the audience for Battlefield 3 and Stronghold 3 don't have a very large overlap
@Mana What have you done to me? All my 'shops are useless now!
10:40 AM
@RonanForman I was thinking the same thing
Let's take a vote
Star this if you think @Mana should change his gravatar back
You mean like we forced you to change your's back?
@RonanForman Exactly!
Peer pressure is a bitch.
I'm not above the opinion of the community, and neither is @mana (although he has become corrupt with power)
2 hours later…
12:45 PM
Q: Can I still get the Haunted Metal Scrap?

NickIs Haunted Metal Scrap being awarded during the lead-up to this year's Halloween event? Is haunted scrap under the same restrictions as haunted gifts (i.e. they're only awarded during a special time of year)? I've attempted to melee the Horsemann a couple times but I haven't had any success.

Q: Where can I find the source code for Dungeon Defenders?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftAccording to the wiki, the PC version of Dungeon Defenders comes with the "gameplay code and source" for UDK, for the purposes of modding. However, it's not listed in the usual place ("Tools" in Steam), and I can't find any other info online. Where is the source code?

Q: Do items in Binding of Isaac affect stats that are at max?

murgatroid99In the Binding of Isaac, if a stat has all of its bars filled when I look at the pause screen, does an item that raises that stat for a single room cause an effective increase of that stat past the maximum or does it just round to the maximum? In particular, if my damage stat is at maximum, does ...

Q: How can I identify ranged collector cards?

AubergineI've built a nice deck of cards to play "Rage Frenzy" with, but there is something I found very disturbing. The distinction between melee and ranged cards is rather important in the context of the mini-game, and I would have expected there to be a way to tell the two apart. I have yet to find a ...

Q: Can any of Batman's gadgets knock enemies unconscious?

Doozer BlakeWhile Batman is not actively engaged in combat with enemies (Predator mode, Stealth, etc.), do any of the gadgets alone or possibly a combination of gadgets allow Batman to knock an ememy unconcious? I'm assuming no from what I've tried, but just wanted to see if I was missing anything. Edit: I ...

Q: How do I stop my rockets blowing up my own buildings in Revenge of the Titans?

JonathanJI've been playing the latest Revenge of the Titans v1.80.12 on Steam and am in the middle of the Mars missions. I've been focussing on rocket research, with 4 x scanners they have a huge range and area of effect damage. My question is: What determines where a rocket will explode? From watching ...

Q: Where did the Pandaren race/continent come from?

Nick TWasn't the Pandaren race some sort of joke originally? I thought it was April 1 or something when I heard about the new WoW expansion, but alas, no. I recall there being the Brewmaster in WC3, with what seemed at the time some half joking lore behind it. Did the premise for this whole expans...

Q: Are mangled items any good?

andronikusSo for various reasons my dwarves just fought off two Forgotten Beasts at once while a goblin siege looked on. One of the Beasts knocked over some doors on the way in, so I have a bunch of mangled XXdoorsXX and mechanisms. Surprisingly it seems I can use them like regular doors etc, even though...

Q: In the mission Going Hunting, how do I hit enemy MIGs with my plane's machine gun?

ManaMy apologies if I mess up the terminology; I am overwhelmed by Battlefield 3's lingo, simplified as it may be. In the mission Going Hunting, I am the gunner and flare-dumper of a plane being flown by another guy. It's a pretty interesting and intense experience where it feels like a single secon...

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Q: Can I use an American key from Amazon in my Origin client which is identified as British?

ZivI live in Israel, when buying a game from steam I pay in USD and pay the American price. I want to buy Battlefield 3 but Origin identifies me as British and asks me to pay the more expensive British price. Can I buy the American download version from Amazon (or someone American will buy it for ...

Q: Do any of you know about a good, open source, program for campaign management?

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Q: Mtg like game on armorgames

tarraschi am looking for a game, i have played some time ago now, on armorgames. It was a magic the gathering like game, where you would summon monsters - some were hp lovecraft style ones - and cast spells via cards. Hp as well as sanity were your health. I remember the card "taint" that removed sani...

Q: Phone opengl demo water waves effect

asedra_leI'm looking for water surface effect example for iOS. I have found project at: iPhone opengl demo water waves effect. However, it isn't working on xCode version 4.0.2. I don't know how to open it using xCode because I haven't found *.xcodeproj file. Can anyone tell me how to open it using xCode ...

Q: Do I need to launch steam everytime to play Football Manager 2012 on OS X?

revolverNow that we need steam to validate Football Manager 2012, do we need to launch steam everytime we want to play Football Manager 2012? I am using OS X Snow Leopard. Thanks.

Q: Where can i find Amethyst?

SteftoI recently bought Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny and I'm hooked despite my gaming tastes. Now I'm in need for a better weapon so: Where can I find Amethyst which is used to make Luck Blades(Dual Blades)? I'm at the Flame Shrine now (final floor tough).

Q: What does the Spectrum stat on enemies mean?

FallenAngelEyesIn Sequence, for each enemy, you can see various stats. What does the Spectrum stat mean though? I've posted an example of 2 different enemies.

Oh, Lazers woke up?
1:01 PM
Maybe he was just mourning, as any good AI should.
@MartinSojka :-(
I think @Lazers was probably just too busy playing BF3
Q: Is there any way to increase my crafting success rate?

FallenAngelEyesI can't recall if this was mentioned in the tutorial or not and I can't seem to find a way to review the tutorial. Each item has a specific chance of success based on its crafting difficulty. Is this set in stone for each item, or are there ways I can influence this success rate at all, like by l...

1:22 PM
I especially like the image filename, "Untitled-10.jpg"
I was never a fan of the GTA series.
@badp I am curious as to what direction they're going to take now
@FallenAngelEyes Now you'll kill two hookers!
At the same time.
* yawn *
If they want real controversy, they'll have to make them male hookers.
@Wipqozn Is it a bad thing that I can say "Been there, done that" to that statement?
1:34 PM
@FallenAngelEyes It is, but it doesn't surprise me.
Dog sitting for the least behaved dogs in the world is fun!
@RonanForman Poor fellow.
Want a treat @RonanForman?
A... DOG treat! lolololololol
@Wipqozn Depends...
@RonanForman ohohohho
@Fallen New champ rotation.
1:42 PM
@GraceNote oh yay
Huh, Kassadin again already?
Yeah, quite quickly
And still no Olaf.
@Lazers So, I hear I put "Blizzard" instead of "Valve" in my answer to this question. I don't suppose anyone has fixed that yet?
@Powerlord Actually it's in a comment
> @BlaXpirit: No, he's right. You can't get it again. Then again, Blizzard hasn't yet added this year's Halloween map and its associated drops. – Powerlord 1 hour ago
> @Powerlord: "Blizzard"!? Now that's weird. – BlaXpirit 58 mins ago
Your answer says Valve only
@FallenAngelEyes So I can't play now for the reasons of being at work, but tonight you up for a game?
Oh, well I don't get a lot of context from the Super Collider
I've been talking a lot with friends about WoW's expansion (and how ridiculous it is) so I've been talking about Blizzard a lot lately. Instead of about Valve.
So is Blizzard actually an error there?
1:52 PM
@GraceNote Yes
@GraceNote I don't think I have time tonight, my other b/f's off work today so we were gonna play some CoH and GW :(
I'll never get out of this blasted "Only Level 30s!" game streak then. Crepes.
@FallenAngelEyes other b/f? You have more than one? :O
@GraceNote After Saturday's game with Brant, I ended up 13 points from Level 12
@Powerlord I do
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I heard there was a GameOn over that weekend
2:02 PM
And now for some free wallpaper:
2:20 PM
Q: Does the Goblin Mech always spawn in the west?

StrixVariaI've only played the Throne Room level once, and he spawned in the west. My friend says he spawned in the west for him as well. Two trials is hardly enough to go by, however. If I want to play the level again and set up extra defenses facing west and he comes from the east, I'm going to be in a b...

2:32 PM
So, @wipqozn, I think we should keep most of the games in the tournament 'light', to be honest.
Lots of people who registered don't play that often, and don't like 'dark' games.
A: Reviving Game On

GnomeSliceI think we could try BattleField Heroes. From what I gather, it's similar to games like Team Fortress, but plays in the browser. ...

Two downvotes? Really?
2:58 PM
@GnomeSlice If you've ever posted anything on Reddit you wouldn't feel bad about two downvotes
@Mana I have. It only got one downvote.
@Wipqozn Not happening man!
Who the hell are you?
Yo, I changed my avatar to John! From the End of Act 5 animation.
Doesn't he look cool?!

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