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7:10 PM
@Loong Me-what? You mean Melanie?
7:28 PM
7:46 PM
Hey @Mith, we were mithing you
I mean missing you
Hi @Secret I remember you but you were here a long time ago
@Rubisco really ;)
What do you think about the election and all?
Will you run, or just walk?
Haha :D
7:50 PM
. . .
I guess that's just walk then. :\
And what does mean walk in this context? ;)
Not run
Hey @Jan. I don't remember if I remember, but if you want to choose my name on meta, you have to be the guy that writes the meta post.
@Rubisco I was thinking of doing that. I’ll do it later today =3
Just saying
You'd like me to candidate?
7:53 PM
@Mithoron YES!
@Rubisco Why?
Yeah I guess I know why
1. You're really cool
2. You've helped moderate this candyland for quite some time
3. You're really cool
@Rubisco really cool is rather ambiguous ;)
@Mithoron STP
I think you and Loong will do
@Rubisco :D
7:59 PM
@Mithoron Or Loong and Ortho. I don't think I'll get as many votes as Ortho
Which is sad.
Because I won't be able to bully him anymore
@Rubisco :/
We'll see how that goes.
Seriously though, an Ortho-mod would be too cool for the servers to handle. It'd break the system
Oh no, oh no
What's happening to me? I'm being nice to the rivals.
@Rubisco Loong rubbing off on you?
@orthocresol The guy is contagious
8:05 PM
Note to self; write a bunch of FAQ's after the election that you've been procrastinating for some time
@Rubisco Maybe I'll candidate next time... If I'll chill out ;) Also some rep and experience wouldn't hurt
@Mithoron You should start answering homework crap
Erm, I mean misguided queries
@Rubisco Don't scare me ;)
Omg, with all those candidates I don’t know who to vote for anymore =C It was simpler when I just had to choose between three =C
8:15 PM
@Jan I know who you should vote for.
He's obviously the best candidate.
I can’t vote for @Rub, @Loong, @ortho and @pH1 all at the same time Y__Y
Q: How small is the smallest known carbon ring containing only double bonds?

zenot funHow small is the smallest known carbon ring containing only double bonds? The stress from the double bonds makes small rings impossible to make something like cyclohexahexaene so I want to know how large the ring would need to be so the stress is small enough such that the ring can be made.

This question needs tags; I need suggestions!
@orthocresol Good one!
@Rubisco All those poor OP's should tremble in fear if I'd get elected now ;)
. . .
Ow, I thought you ran.
8:25 PM
furiously refreshes
@orthocresol Whoa whoa, this is discrimination against RAM's and browsers.
@Rubisco Haha ;)
Okie dokie, time to sleep.
Goodbye world
8:52 PM
@Jan that’s quite easy ;D
@Loong Yeah, I think I'll be a better candidate when I'm here long, have more rep and experience with editing. :)
@MelanieShebel Well, you were better candidate then gannex...
Do you guys feel weird about accepting your own answer to a question? I posed a question back in March and answered it yesterday. Now it's sitting there like staring at me with that check mark, like "I'm a check mark, click me." I think I ought to wait for more answers. Or more votes on my answer.
@Mithoron There are a lot of really good candidates! :)
@MelanieShebel I personally wait at least two days before accepting any answer and I double that period for accepting self-answers. But do as you see fit ;)
@MelanieShebel if you think your answer is the best, accept it. if someone else writes a better answer, you can change it.
9:05 PM
Yeah, @Jan I think I'll wait. It's an older question so it's had quite a while to garner answers, but my answer pushed the question back into the limelight, so perhaps others will answer.
9:34 PM
Back to the moderator election, I want to wait until I have 2k rep and thus experience with flags before I run as a moderator. That way I'll have more experience under my belt.
2 hours later…
11:04 PM
@TheGreatDuck Europe: total area - 10,180,000 km2, Texas: total area - 696,241 km2. In metric system, Europe is bigger. — Daerdemandt 16 hours ago
@Daerdemandt United States: total area - 9,833,517 km2. In metric system, Europe is bigger than USA — Bosoneando 12 hours ago
^ My two comments of the day =D
Q: Let’s choose a definite name for our favourite molecule, in case he gets elected as a mod!

JanWe all know this guy who nominated themself for a moderator position in the upcoming election.[1] Over the course of history-of-chemistry, we got to know him under a number of different names.[2] Notice the comments under his nomination post over at the election site. Of if you’re too lazy to fo...

@Jan sigh ;)
@Mithoron You don’t like Imperial units bashing? ;)
@Jan Guy had some imagination
Oh ^^
Right. I’ll imagine myself going to bed then. See ya o/
11:18 PM
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