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2:00 AM
@ToddMinehardt Then you are the bigger man than I. If I was bet enough, I might try it. But it would have to be a lot.
A vote for me is a vote for text editor flame wars!
(Gets off emacs pedestal)
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp Don't write your own wrappers when we have cclib (shameless plug) cclib.github.io
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3:18 AM
What is the bond order of triiodide? 1 or 2?
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4:38 AM
what does this equation really look like? Fe^3+ + e- -> Fe^2+
because i believe both ions are bonded with water
5:18 AM
Hi DHMO, you still here?
@Biker yes
So I have a question about electrode voltage
Why not just measure the voltage of an electrode by taking the ionization energy and divide it by e charge of electron
I mean I have a hard time conceptualizing the voltage generated by an electrode
@Biker for example?
Like hydrogen, The ionization energy for it is 2.18 × 10 −18
@Biker that is the energy of H -> H+ + e- ?
5:22 AM
it gives out a voltage of 13.625 volts
Why cant we use this as a voltage for an electrode for example
How do you derive the energy of H2 -> 2H+ + 2e- from it?
You would need the energy of the H-H bond also
Try to factor that in and see if the results match
I haven't studied that yet it is in the third chapter of our book
after the electrochemical chemistry chapter
What is the result?
I haven't tried it
H–H: 436 kJ/mol or 4.52 eV
@Biker But, the electrode potential is relative
H2 -> 2H+ + 2e- is defined to be 0eV
So to break the bond and take the electrons away that requres 4.52 ev
I know that it is relative
I just trying to conceptualize how the voltage is generated
@Biker well, as you said, energy per charge
5:28 AM
In wikipedia it says the absolute potential for hydrogen electrode is 4.44 +-0.2 volts
Which is close to the result
Absolute electrode potential, in electrochemistry, according to an IUPAC definition, is the electrode potential of a metal measured with respect to a universal reference system (without any additional metal–solution interface). == Definition == According to a more specific definition presented by Trasatti, the absolute electrode potential is the difference in electronic energy between a point inside the metal (Fermi level) of an electrode and a point outside the electrolyte in which the electrode is submerged (an electron at rest in vacuum). This potential is difficult to determine accurately....
@Biker how did you calculate that?
Calculate what? it is on wikipedia
@Biker I mean the 4.52 eV above
Well take the energy and divide it by the charge of electron
you get the voltage
How did you calculate the energy?
the 4.52 eV was the energy of 2H -> H2, right
5:31 AM
well, voltage
but I thought you were trying to find the voltage of 2H+ + 2e- -> H2
@Biker eV is energy
Well isnt it the same? if you reverse
How are they the same?
It should conserve energy
but 2H -> 2H+ + 2e- takes energy
5:36 AM
Yes and the other reaction releases
but the energy of 2H -> H2 should not equal the energy of 2H+ + 2e- -> H2
@Biker Wait, I might have a clue
@Biker because H+(g) is not H+(aq)
H2 -> 2H+(aq) (0eV)
this reaction is 0
5:39 AM
Well it is zero because we have set it to zero, isnt that right?
No, this is really zero
The standard enthalpy of formation or standard heat of formation of a compound is the change of enthalpy during the formation of 1 mole of the compound from its constituent elements, with all substances in their standard states at 1 atmosphere (1 atm or 101.3 kPa). Its symbol is ΔHo f or ΔfHo. The superscript theta (zero) on this symbol indicates that the process has occurred under standard conditions at the specified temperature (usually 25 °C or 298.15 K). Standard states are as follows: For a gas: the standard state is a pressure of exactly 1 atm For a solute present in an ideal solution: a...
then where are the electrons?
@Biker Should I take it to main?
Eehhh, I will study that chapter later then come back. might have a clue then
@Biker the main site
Yea please
5:52 AM
@Biker typing up a question isn't that easy, be patient
Q: Discrepancy in Standard Hydrogen Electrode energy

DHMOFrom Absolute Electrode Potential on Wikipedia: $$\ce{\frac12H2(gas) -> H+(aq) + e-(g)\quad(-(4.44\pm0.02)eV)}$$ The bond-dissociation energy of hydrogen is $\ce{4.52 eV}$: $$\ce{\frac12H2 -> H\quad(-2.26 eV)}$$ The ionization energy of hydrogen is $\ce{13.6 eV}$: $$\ce{H -> H+ + e- (-13.6 e...

Thank you :D
I just would love to have a professional chemist and ask him all the questions that I have XD
6:52 AM
@Biker i am far from a professional chemist, you may consult @orthocresol or @Loong or @Wildcat (sorry for the pings)
7:08 AM
Why do Ag atoms form negative photograph
7:30 AM
@Biker what do you mean?
I mean in photography you have AgBr when Br gets hit by a photon/light it oxidizes and Ag gets reduced so you form Ag atoms
The resulting picture is negative which means The lighter the object is the darker it is in the picture
Terminology issue here........is it correct if I term a reaction intermediate's [Grignard reagent-Carbonyl group adduct] breakdown as 'decomposition' ? (I don't really see anything wrong with that, but just in case.......@DHMO , since you're picky with terms......any ideas, please? )
@AaronAbraham no idea
Trying to figure out how I need to frame my next question.....
But thanks anyway......
@Biker no idea as well
7:42 AM
@Biker You are correct. This is conventionally set to zero. Many people have done experiments to measure the "absolute" value, which is not 0.
So could you answer my confusion please @orthocresol?
8:05 AM
@Biker Sum of two ionisation energies for copper: Cu(s) -> Cu^2+(g) + 2e-
Standard reduction potential for copper: Cu(s) -> Cu^2+(aq) + 2e-
secondly, ionisation energies are (depending on your source) either changes in enthalpy or internal energy.
Whereas reduction potentials are obtained from Gibbs free energies: $\Delta G = -nFE$
Someone like the meta rant of the day?
Sorry to interrupt
@ortho could I have some failures of VSEPR such as transitional metal complex?
@Rubisco What is it going to be about?
Just ranting
Sure, be my guest
8:09 AM
Q: Question punctuation

sdlñkfjñaljdgñlajgI think it's very unfair that a person is being penalized if he writes something in wrong English, even it is easy to understand. I read the rules, and they said that you can get help from a friend or something similar to redact the question. But am I required to ask my friends to rewrite all my ...

How can a question have 39 net downvotes
@DHMO Wanna see something more exotic
A: Info: Contacted by spammers (Ispirer Systems) referencing Stack Overflow

Ispirer SQLWays MigrationsWe would like to comment on behalf of the company. There are several questions on this website, the possible solution to which can be the use of our tool. Our answers were always deleted by the site administration, despite of the fact that they contained useful information for the SO users. Th...

@Rubisco :o
@Rubisco WOOW!! This is monstrous!!
Meet the most downvoted post in the world
No really. Even Atwood didn't manage to get so many downvotes on a post.
8:23 AM
@orthocresol All right that is good, Now typically How do they electrode build a voltage across? My explanation would be that metals ionize until equilibrium leaving negative electrons on the electrode and positive ions in the solution thus creating a voltage across.
But what make the metals ionize? DHMO replied before that they get bond with water thus and the gibbs energy is negative so it is spontaneous. So the water used in cells is pure(Pure excludes the ions of electrodes and salt bridge)?
And how did they exactly measure the absolute potential of the hydrogen electrode
@Biker Don't know, gotta ask somebody else about the details of what goes on in the cell.
Don't know that either, it's in some research paper somewhere. Sorry.
Like I solved all the problems available to me about galvanic cells and electrolysis. But I just don't like to accept things until I fully get it
Like I am used to the fact that metal produce positive ions
If I try to explain it, nope. However, I probably agree with DHMO's answer because it must be
8:43 AM
@penta I'll take the plunge, I guess..
8:56 AM
@pentavalentcarbon you cannot tell me to use cclib if you don't know what we are talking about ... oô
I wish people kept all the questionnaire answers at a certain vote.
@Rubisco Don't tell me what to do
@orthocresol Oh you just wait a few days . . .
Actually, I think I can even do it without a mod status
9:18 AM
hey @Wild
9:41 AM
:( Wildcat ignored me
@orthocresol Only because you'll not vote for me
@Rubisco That's because I'm voting for myself.
You can vote for three. The only perfect sorting is me first, me second, and you third.
Me first, me second, and you third. Got it.
You got the me wrong
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10:45 AM
Q: What is the non-ideal equivalent of mass action kinetics?

NathanielStarting from the equations of mass action kinetics, one may show that (for suitably chosen numbers $A_i$), the function $\sum_i x_i(A_i + \log x_i)$ is a Lyapunov function, i.e. it decreases over time. Apart from an irrelevant factor of $RT$, this is the expression for the free energy of an ide...

@orthocresol Meow!
@Wildcat `(.•.)´
room topic changed to The Zoological Table: Haikus are awesome / Chemistry's even better / So pull up a chair [blowing-the-lab-up] [german-stuff] [hullo] [love-you-all] [martin] [table-flipping] [tre] [welcome]
Technically, we have a fox as well
11:11 AM
Ok... there we are.
Q: Why am I getting this notification?

AbcdWhy am I getting this notification "we are no longer accepting questions from this account " ?

@Loong what is the solution of the SE of He+?
@orthocresol did I miss something? XD
@Wildcat Not much :)
11:29 AM
@Loong Technically, we have much fewer animals than most other main site chats
@orthocresol Well, this is unexpected
I only saw him post one question
12:06 PM
Q: Why am I getting this notification?

AbcdWhy am I getting this notification "we are no longer accepting questions from this account " ?

@1,3-feeds @Ortho you forgot the space before punctuation but I spare your life
!!flip/help center
(づ๑ʖ๑)┛︵ɥǝꞁd ɔǝuʇǝɹ
12:30 PM
Annd.... Rubisco got a doubleflip
Heyhey @MAF
1:03 PM
:( Why am I getting ignored so much today
@orthocresol Nice pun!
@pentavalentcarbon Hmm? no pun was intended...
I know, but "plunge", seal...I'm grasping for straws here
Q: What element when mixed with water can produce great odor and kill bad odor?

Fahad UddinI am trying to create a paper which could be flushed in the toilet with water, will mix with water, dissolve and produce great smell and kill the poop smell. Can someone please guide me which ingredient will be good?

1:17 PM
@orthocresol The element of Frenchperfumium
Hm, ChemDraw 12 doesn't name polyspiro ring systems, so I named that trispiro[]dodecane-4,8,12-triol myself. However, ChemDraw 13 can name it; I should have checked that first. :-|
@orthocresol How do you even review this?
@ToddMinehardt thank you for the edit ^^
ill assume you were drunk when you wrote that. Explain please. — E. Everett 33 mins ago
@Loong That's THE comment!
1:29 PM
I've had conversations in real life that included that comment...
@orthocresol I told him use valeric and butyric acids
@9-BBN doesn't work; it has to be an element :)
I think a healthy dose of caesium would do the trick, but then it might kill more than the bad odour ^^
I work at Givaudan during my internship in a fragance application laboratory I know some bad smells now :P
looks up valeric acid
He said an "ingredient"
Is that the same as an element?
1:32 PM
@9-BBN The title has element. Of course, I have no clue what he is looking for.
Oh he might non be english "element" in French can refeer as more than "element" of the table
I think that is clear enough from the profile. :)
2 hours later…
3:18 PM
I don't see any help forthcoming, so I'm resorting to this.....
Q: Grignard reagent reaction mechanism: Which bond breaks during the decomposition of the adduct?

Aaron AbrahamWe just finished our Organic Chem. chapter Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids at school, but I still have one lingering doubt....... Considering the reaction between an alkyl magnesium halide and an aldehyde or ketone: (Diagram's from Wikipedia) Now my teacher tells me that in the adduct...

@Loong Sind sie ein organischer Chemiker? (I know my German's crappy.....just practicing though...)
3:45 PM
@AaronAbraham No, he's mostly a radioactivist or radiosentivist or something like that.
Radioactive species activist.
@Rubisco That last bit deserved a star....
Thank you. </Trump>
Make SE Great Again!
(@Rubisco; The Frenchperfumium bit was amusing too....so that got a star as well ^_^ )
@Loong Heh, got a comment from the Mart.
The Mart?
3:53 PM
@AaronAbraham Yes. One of the coolest mods to have ever existed
(I'm definitely not saying that to get his vote. DEFINITELY)
@Rubisco That might have something to do with a certain flag.
@Mart it's funny how Proforma adds a "Welcome to Chemistry!" to the beginning of every new-user-targeted comment. What if someone takes it literally?
@Loong Well of course. What are we paying the mods for?
You are paying the mods?
Yes. Three ice creams a week
Whoever is reviewing suggested edits so fast . . . please stop being so fast.
I'm trying to work here.
@Aaron you should totally drop "...." and use \ldots in mathjax.
@Rubisco I have edited huge number of posts amending these things ;/
4:02 PM
Holding your fingers on the '.' is satisfying, but let's only do it in chat.
Main should look as professional as possible, and that's with using as correct a typography as we can.
Also, if you don't mind me asking, where're you from?
Since we usually keep track of people's nationality and consistently remind ourselves of the overwhelming number of Germans.
@Rubisco Germans rule Chem.
Case in point
@Aaron flew. Let's think of some devious prank before he comes back
Passes salt instead of sugar in the dinner table
We are going to get a German mod in Phys if everything goes right.
US is predominant in Phys, although.
I provided my thoughts above. Thank you — user39531 26 secs ago
Well, you don't see that everyday
Hey @NotW
4:17 PM
@Rubisco So, you failed T__T
Oh shoot I thought @Ortho was kidding when he said he's gonna run
Welp, now my nomination is DEAD.
@Rubisco You didn't see that?
I'm missing a lot of things these days
Mainly because I don't leave tabs open.
@Rubisco He doubleflipped you.
That one I saw
4:21 PM
Now, I'm waiting for Jan.
The constants should be upright, no?
Which one?
I use \mathcal to distinguish constants from other letters.
@MAFIA36790 R
The ideal gas constant
$$P V = N\mathcal R T$$
4:24 PM
\mathcal? Not sure.
It's not for decoration. Special constants get the mathcal.
\mathfrak for decoration ;P
@Rubisco I'm not sure, some people like to use \mathcal{R} but I just stick to plain old R.
I've seen many literatures using \mathcal to write constants.
Also, I usually use small p for pressure and not big P.
4:27 PM
@orthocresol But I thought that's for special constants.
However, \mathcal is generally used for writing operators.
Like using mathbb for real numbers.
I don't know. The only time I've actually used mathcal was for Laplace transform.
@Rubisco \mathbb is used for any algebraic structure.
Not saying it's wrong or right - just how I do it. I might be wrong for all I know.
4:31 PM
There is no rigorous rule for that; it just depends on the author and his senses.
@Rubisco Your starred message made me want to run.
@orthocresol Which? Bill Clinton? Well, Mr. Cruz, I'm sorry to disappoint, but you won't even make it to the primary
All of the users which I have wished have nominated themselves.
I don't think that being a mod is a bad thing for me. It might very well be a bad thing for the community, but I decided to let the community decide on that, since I have a tendency to be very self-critical.
@Rubisco Frenchperfumium, of course.
> It might very well be a bad thing for the community
4:34 PM
Such attitude won't work.
You should be super-confident ;)
@orthocresol But who do we have to trust to do the canonical question labor?
@Rubisco I don't think there would be any primary.
Number of candidates are less than ten still.
@Rubisco Well, we'll let whoever else is nominated do all the mod duties and I can just do my canonical questions with an extra diamond of authority.
4:37 PM
I'm telling you . . . I'm not a good canon writer.
Meta maybe, but not main
Moderatorship doesn't affect contribution.
It's a (deduced) fact.
@MAFIA36790 Why? Because a bunch of h-bar'ers thought so?
> Exactly 1 mol of Mg2ClO contains how many moles of Mg, Cl, and O?
4:38 PM
@Rubisco People are wise there ;/
Exotic compound detected
@MAFIA36790 They're wise. That doesn't mean they can't be wrong.
As I said, h-bar is the Jedi Council.
You have to see that you're arguing against buttloads of people here, MAF.
4:39 PM
Q: Rate of Reaction in an experiment

user39531$$\ce{CaCO3(s) + 2HCl(aq) -> H2O (l) + CO2 (g) + CaCl2(aq)}$$ Will the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas also increase, if water is increased? I presume that the reaction rate will also increase because as the water increases in the conical flask, there is less space for the carbon dioxid...

This unclear?
Sounds like it
@Rubisco The blockquoting is really unclear, especially when we are conditioned to think that blockquote = question ;)
!!flip/formatting inconsistencies
(∿°○°)∿ɟoɹɯɐʇʇᴉuƃ ᴉuɔousᴉsʇǝuɔᴉǝs
4:41 PM
@Rubisco Valid point T__T
This is the sort of question that I don't like. Two questions in one
But I do understand what it means, so I wouldn't unclear-vtc it.
Actually, idk. I have an interpretation, and I'm quite sure it's what he means, but I'm not 100% sure.
Well, that's unclear.
2 hours later…
6:24 PM
Thank you for editing and showing me how to better present my question on this forum. Looking for a reply now. — user39531 53 secs ago
@Ortho can you please comment?
I'm busy chatting somewhere else.
This one's really polite, so I don't want it to go without a reply.
Why do people think SE is a damn forum ;((
Because it still partly is a forum and there is no practical word for "questions-and-answers website".
I always like to link this post to the newbies:
Q: Is Stack Overflow a forum?

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AI was under the impression that Stack Overflow was a forum, or a forum-like object. And if it is not a forum: Why isn't it? What defines a forum?

@MAFIA36790 Then link
6:36 PM
@Rubisco Done.
Just a side note, @user39531, SE is not a forum. — MAFIA36790 18 secs ago
6:47 PM
@Rubisco I might answer based on my interpretation but I'll just check with him/her first.
@orthocresol Shrug Do what you don't see fit, rival, so I can use it to downgrade your position
So many homework questions...
Hullo @Melanie! Welcome to chat!
What happened? :O
@Wildcat So many complaints . . .
7:04 PM
@Rubisco Thanks!
Hi @MelanieShebel, will you answer the questionnaire?
Yesiree bob
It's not Bob. It's Loong the fire breathing German.
If I'd venture a guess, it's Bobsch.
Did I guess right? @Loong
7:16 PM
Hey everyone, Loong's real identity is compromised.
@Rubisco Why not even Borschtsch?
Close. It's Roberschtsch
@Loong 'cause no second 'b'.
Just Borschtsch for short.
7:23 PM
@Rubisco Does that make clearer which constants should be upright? meta.chemistry.stackexchange.com/revisions/444/22
in Language Overflow, Sep 3 at 18:40, by DEAD
Aug 28 at 18:15, by DEAD
Now you're just showing off
Well, you have asked.
Don't mind that DEAD guy. He's a jerk.
Well, I guess we're better off just remembering what to italicize.
Q: A surface with variable roughness

NickAs you may know, wettability is a characteristic of each surface which determines what the contact angle would be when a droplet is put on the surface (see here for more info). Surface roughness has a significant effect on wettability. For instance, if you increase the roughness of a polymer surf...

This question was edited after it was closed. Should it be reopened?
8:17 PM
@Rubisco If it can be made more specific sounding, it should be reopened.
Also pretty pictures.

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