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12:30 AM
Good luck for people there
5 hours later…
5:01 AM
> Acid-base profile
Basif isoforms: 21,21 ÷ 39,82
What could this mean?
I wonder what the ÷ sign could mean here
@Rubisco What's proforma?
5:14 AM
@Martin-マーチン I thought it's a Latin phrase.
11:47 AM
Just came across the BET Equation for adsorption. Wikipedia says the quantity 'v' refers to the 'quantity of gas adsorbed', but it doesn't specify the units 'v' adopts......would anyone happen to know ?
Is it in moles, or grams or volume or what?
(Currently this user, out of sheer desperation, seeing no help forthcoming, is attempting to answer his own question by the use of dimensional analysis)
@AaronAbraham In the original publication, $v$ and $v_m$ are volumes.
12:08 PM
Herr @Loong would you happen to know under what conditions?
(the volume's measured)
@AaronAbraham Can you get this file: sci-hub.cc/10.1021/ja01269a023 ?
I tried to figure out what v was through dimensional analysis, but that wasn't any great help...
Okay...I'll try...
@Loong, darn, you're right they're volumes ... but even the article didn't seem to mention the conditions under which the volume's measured...
Danke für den artikel anyways....
(Unrelated comment: @Martin-マーチン I've been wanting to ask you this for a while now; where did you learn German from? (I wanna learn too, pretty pweeze)
@AaronAbraham If you need the practical measurement conditions, you should probably find a standard procedure such as iso.org/iso/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=44941
(and use Acrobat to remove the stupid blue logo)
@Loong Either you know where to find anything and everything, or I'm not searching hard enough.....
Here! Take my admiration!
Oooh page eight and nine are good...thanks!
Oh wait...ran into an issue
@Loong Do you happen to know if classification of graphs on page nine (9/30) of that chinesisch PDF are standard?
Because my book classifies the graphs as I, II, IIA, III, IV und V...
(The PDF replaces IIA with VI)
12:41 PM
@AaronAbraham That Chinese pdf is a pirate copy of an ISO standard; so, yes, it's standard.
However, the classification is based on IUPAC recommendations: media.iupac.org/publications/pac/1985/pdf/5704x0603.pdf
(see page 612)
1:03 PM
@AaronAbraham it is the first
1:16 PM
The best way to learn German is being born by German parents, growing up in Germany, and even then it is quite hard.
@AaronAbraham ^^ it's true for me ;)
ping ping ping ;)
liberally adapted from goodreads.com/quotes/…
1:53 PM
@Martin-マーチン Wait. I thought you were Japanisch?
Nope, I just live here
Damn it...(my master plan goes down the drain)
Unrelated comment: Is that a Feldmütze you're wearing (profile pic.) ?
2:37 PM
Q: What's with the weird definition for the Calorie?

Aaron AbrahamI came across this definition for the calorie, which I found...strange: "The (15°) calorie is the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C." Subsequent searches online revealed that this was (one of) the standard definitions for the Calorie. Now two iss...

Do you know the definition of a candela ?
Why do you ask for a definition ?
Why bring up the candela now?
@Martin-マーチン Auto-review comments script from StackApps.
Reducing long names to one word is not my forte.
Because the definition is a definition nothing more nothing less. And the definition of a candela is weird too lol
is this a new app?
2:42 PM
@Martin-マーチン O.O The auto-comments thing.
ok... i thought i missed sth
The one that has set comments and you just click buttons and insert them under the questions
But there must be some rationale behind an internationally accepted definition...
@Martin-マーチン Pssht nah
@Rubisco Pfft yeah...
2:43 PM
Woohoo 8 candidates
I hope we have a primary
Three candidates left to a primary
Darn it. @Loong is saying nice things to the candidates
That guy will never learn . . .
Although he's being Germanly creative with it.
I can't compete and say some nice things he hasn't.
@AaronAbraham the measure of what a calorie is depends on the temperature and the pressure
@Rubisco The last time I checked, enzymes don't learn either...nor do they type for that matter ;)
You're simply wrong.
@Rubisco Hm, each time I did that, a new cadidate appeared.
@Loong Then do it for the new one too. Well, I guess this strategy works too . . . You're earning yourself a bunch of votes prolly
Dammit, I feel so behind the tracks. I prolly won't be elected.
2:50 PM
Enzymes don't stand for elections either ;)
(Don't worry, you'll get my vote all the same)
@AaronAbraham What's this, a grizzly bear?
(P.S- I learnt the grizzly bear thing from Jan ^_^)
@Rubisco Iranian? O.o
Oh, she didn't do it with equal signs. It was some kinda . . . Hmm, demonic.
@AaronAbraham Yep. Now you know that generally, Iranians are cooler than Germans.
You learn something new everyday!
2:56 PM
Yes I do! I've learnt 'bout candelas, moderator elections and something about a talking Iranian enzyme among other things today! (..mumble mumble...)
(@Rubisco I've got nothing against Iran...just in case you thought otherwise...)
Meh . . .
I wouldn't care if you had something against Iran either
Kinda wish I had :P
I just don't care about what people think. What they do, however, should be our concern
@AaronAbraham Well, I don't even know where you're from to hold effective grudges
But then again, I'm not an Amerikaner...
I hold a grudge against Martians.
And Neptunians. JERKS
I really, really don't have a grudge against anybody. Not even the Saudi Arabians, which are people are love the least.
3:00 PM
Nah. not fond of the Saudis myself...
Usually, if you're loving/hating people because of what they are, not because of what they do, then you're doing it wrong.
Change that to almost always.
And religion isn't usually something to pick these days.
You either follow the crowd, or your ancestors.
Hey, I hate people for what they do...and I hate them as a people ;P
Mein Ancestors!!!!
I mean, practically, people don't get to choose religion.
I'm not KKK so I won't pick up religion as a metric for hatred....
'@Rubisco You've got a point there...
My point being that religion is mostly like skin color. It's something inherited to you.
There are good Muslims. Bad Muslims. Terrible Muslims. There are good Christians, bad Christians etc.
Then there's Germans
3:03 PM
Ever heard of something called 'albinism' ....
Yeah, it's delicious.
Heyyyy...I thought Germans come under the good Muslims and Christians category...why a separate one XD ?
Best served with hot coffee
You are the most racist enzyme I've ever known....
I am so voting for you..... XD
Wait, back to an earlier point...so there are good jews? :o :o :o
Sure, why not?
They're people.
3:06 PM
They're Jews...
That's different...
Religion only affects the everyday life of, say, one percent of the people on Earth.
And those are either terrorists, or hurt by terrorists.
Everyone else is more like "Oh yah, we've got a God, or a bunch of Gods. Whatevs"
It doesn't affect their being a good or bad guy
(Such a philosophical enzyme......I've got to print this transcript and preserve it for posterity...)
I've been better
I wish I'd been there...
If you're in Iran...shouldn't the heat have denatured you by now?
So I guess you're Russian.
3:10 PM
Nope, guess again...
Russians are the only people I've encountered that think Iranians are frying or something
Iran has a weird climate.
This part of Iran has a cool climate. Not really hot, not really cold
@AaronAbraham Antarctica
I laughed out loud when I read the 'frying' bit...it gets my star....
Hint: I'm from the same continent as you are.
New Zealand. If that's technically Asian.
It was last I checked.
Hmm, I've never seen someone from Turkey either
Really, India has the most users around here.
Malaysia isn't uncommon either
C'mon, spit it out
3:17 PM
@Rubisco India has the most?
In Asia, yeah
Well I do see a lot of questions posted by Indian students...and like 95% of them are crap...
(Homework questions)
(..and something about the IITJEE..)
Hint 2: Our countries are allies...
(Not Russia, but we're allied to them as well)
Hint 3: English is not my first language...
Well Duh
What Asian country has native English speakers?
I'm not really convinced Indian English is a thing.
Could be?
It was a Limey colony...
@Rubisco Kapitulieren?
3:42 PM
@Rubisco Last hint: We're a country notorious for sectarian strife, and crimes against religious minorities....
@AaronAbraham Well, I dunno
I mean, a lot of countries do that
More or less, prolly
Socially or politically.
Even the freest country around here, the US, isn't really free
(It was among the countries you mentioned earlier...)
Old Zealand?
3:51 PM
(And yeah...our 'English' is a thing ;) )
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp Mmm, this one too prolly
But I didn't mention Israel before
jews were mentioned
3:52 PM
No...not the Israel bit...
I'm Christian...
O' riddle master, would you spare our minds and spill the beans, 'cause I've come back from a math class and everything hurts mentally
Including, but not limited to, pH13
@Rubisco You mentioned something about our 'English' not being a 'thing'...I was refuting that ;)
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp You were reading this the whole time?!
He's one badass stalker, gotta admit
I should start stalking G-block
3:55 PM
@AaronAbraham I read everything but not for the whole time
pakistan and bangladesh, if it is not india ...
pH13 is closely monitoring me to find my weaknesses
@Rubisco no, I’m watching you on how to be a super successive chat owner
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp Yeah . . . sure . . . ಠ_ಠ
Indisch, yep...
3:58 PM
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp ಠ_ಠ
@Rubisco ಠ_ಠ
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp ಠ_ಠ
And I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids...@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp @Rubisco
Would you mind . . . we're trying to work here.
Oh right...sorry...
@Rubisco @pH13-YetanotherPhilipp ಠ_ಠ
4:00 PM
@AaronAbraham ಠ_ಠ
@Rubisco =*_*=
@AaronAbraham ಠ_ಠ
Now about that math class you were talking about....
Downvoted thingy of the day
Q: A suggested solution to new users deleting their questions

peterhThe problem They ask, I answer, they delete. What can I do? And what should I have done? I answered a question, he accepted it, and then he deleted the question! Should I warn potential answerers that an OP has a history of erasing (probably homework) questions? Some new accounts display th...

@Rubisco I have a feeling he want to delete that real bad....
4:08 PM
Nah, PeterH is used to getting downvotes
I didn't check, but he does get a lot of them
I was actually kinda feeling sorry for him back there....
But as you pointed out, he must be used to them by now...
So I'm back to my original state of ambivalence...
It's typical of posts with a worse score than -10 to appear every couple of hours on meta.SO.
Some of them are highly entertaining
Emphasis on HIGHLY
Seriously....there was a post with a title like that? XD XD
4:12 PM
Well, they used to invoke Godwin's law too
Q: Extremely low attraction

Kitty1255I have made a question I need to be answered before continuing in a OSDev tutorial. Here it is: Cannot link linker.ld It has currently 32 views, 0 comments (2 favorites and 2 upvotes, no downvotes) that relate to the question/question problem (I wrote a comment saying thanks for the bounty, but ...

I'm joining SO right now ;)
You don't need to . . . OH NO ORTHO IS HERE . . . You don't need to do that to see their meta
Just leave a tab open
En garde @ortho
whimpers in a corner
Oooh a fencing enzyme vs. an albino seal...THIS.WILL.BE.INTERESTING.
@orthocresol I AM not going to fall for that
4:15 PM
I genuinely have to go off though. Just thought I'd see what was happening around here.
Me of course
@Rubisco How do you breathe?
@DHMO Proteins don't breathe....
@DHMO Like this
Well, we have a contradiction here.
@AaronAbraham and @Rubisco, please fight to decide the winner.
4:28 PM
@DHMO alrighty!
I may warn you
I know Kung Fu
(gets the hydrofluoric acid...)
I know molecular Kung Fu. I have a fluoroantimonic belt
you guys are gonna kill each other with the superacid
(Calls Jesse Pinkman to come over with a couple of plastic tubs...)
(Gets some "This-is-not-crystal-meth" mercury fulminate....)
4:39 PM
Q: What is the difference between Copper Sulfate and Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Muhammad NourFirst question from someone who know nothing in chemistry :D I want to do copper plating and seen people using Copper Sulfate but also there is Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate So what is the difference and which one should I use?

Well, some people don't deserve an association bonus.
@Rubisco Can we kick him out? Close the account somehow?
Why would we?
Why shouldn't we?
Why doesn't the other lone pairs of the oxygen atoms form hydrogen bonds?
They probably do....just that particular diagram doesn't show it....
4:44 PM
IIRC the dimer is the most stable possible structure.
no, I am told that they don't
WBU Rube's argument?
@AaronAbraham what is that?
You need to take into account that other -mers attached would mean a lot of empty space in between.
That's not really stable
* Rubisco's argument
4:45 PM
what is WBU?
*What about Rubisco's argument?
Look at how solid the dimer looks.
how does WBU mean what about
@Rubisco how solid?
It doesn't look very solid...
Not solid per the definition.
4:46 PM
@DHMO (sigh) forget I said that....
I meant strongly, firmly standing
@AaronAbraham nope, water never forgets
If you'll excuse me gentlemen...there's a question I need to edit, cheerio....
. . .
@DHMO Water doesn't exactly remember to begin with...
4:48 PM
@AaronAbraham well, water have stretching modes
they are memory
Nice. Pseudo-science 101
doesn't water stretch?
But it's not like how hoomins stretch
It's more beautiful. More complicated
4:49 PM
I didn't say it is
Enzymes stretch too no?
I understand that when one H-O bond stretches, the other H-O bond contracts, right?
And then it is a vibration
Koshland said so...
@AaronAbraham I don't like it though
How many water molecules can one carboxylic acid molecule hydrogen-bond to?
4:52 PM
Four or less, obviously
You need to be specific
we are taught that it can only form 2
It can even be more than four, depending on the other groups in the carboxylic acid
You've a point there...
@DHMO So you're only talking about the carboxylic acid derivatives of alkanes with less than, say, 7 carbons?
@Rubisco is this somehow relevant?
4:54 PM
Of course it is
It makes all the difference.
interesting; why?
It's all about how much space the water molecules have to form a hydrogen bond.
Counting the number of lone pairs will usually give you a wrong answer.
is there any systematic way?
Since you usually can't fit as many molecules as you counted there.
Stuff takes up space.
@DHMO No, just memorize whatever you should, answer tests and be done with it.
@Rubisco ...
4:56 PM
This isn't usually real science. It's just part of the lesson people thought the lesson would feel incomplete without.
then what is real science?
@Ortho come and smite at will. I ended a sentence with a preposition.
@DHMO Things that you will remember after ten years.
@Rubisco how many molecules of water does alkanoic acid molecule hydrogen-bond to in real science?
can acetic acid form 4 bonds?
As many as a real scientist experimentally verifies.
has that been done?
4:59 PM
These days, I guess they just do a bunch of simulations and calculations
can i consider a polar-covalent bond to be the resonance hybrid of a purely covalent bond and a purely ionic bond?
what does it mean?
The dipole moment oscillates around a certain, average point, but this is a view I hadn't considered
That's really not what the resonance structures are taught for
5:01 PM
I have got my answer properly :D — Muhammad Nour 39 secs ago
You got the downvotes properly as well.
@Rubisco go and comment that there
@DHMO Yes, the electron cloud density doesn't remain the same around the atoms in a molecule.
It changes very, very rapidly.
@Rubisco :o
But the changes are negligible.
if they are negligible then how did you detect them
5:03 PM
I didn't
do they also form magnetic fields?
I just read about them
@Rubisco the "you" was generic
You should ask the people that did
@DHMO When you use past tense, it can't be
5:04 PM
@DHMO Do you know how NMR machines work?
It's intriguing.
@Rubisco that's not boxes are put there for
@Rubisco not at all
@DHMO Do you know of Lenz's law?
@Rubisco yes
Then grab an online tutorial and read about how NMR works
5:06 PM
It might also be related to how those changes are detected
@DHMO Nah, it'd be mean
@Rubisco why shouldn't you be mean?
Because of unstated social rules
but you are an enzyme
you don't need to think
Hence you think I am uncivilized?
how can an enzyme have civilization?
5:50 PM
Someone superping this Krithik dude/dudine and tell them to edit responsibly
yeah i might have said it wrong, so what is the parent structure? — Don Nestor Razon Jr. 2 hours ago
reminds me that I should not give hints in comments.
6:06 PM
@Loong so what is the parent structure?
Organic compounds can be expressed as derivative of methane. Maybe we should try that. ;-)
@Loong yup. But what is the parent structure?
6:35 PM
Needs more mathrm.
Is there a thin space before each \mathrm{d}<variable>?
i.e. f(x,y) \,\mathrm{d}x\,\mathrm{d}y
or only one
@orthocresol yes, for each d
Okay, thanks
6:40 PM
I'll bookmark that.
you could write \,\mathrm dx, but that saves only one character
Not worth reprogramming my fingers :)
@orthocresol That document may contain some special typography that is only used by AMS but not in international science and technology; that's why I don't link to that file on meta.
@mel⁠bel Did you withdraw your nomination?
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