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3:03 AM
An excellent covid19 world map from HGIS Lab (University of Washington): hgis.uw.edu/virus
6 hours later…
9:26 AM
Is there anyone here who has a Google Voice account? If so, does it matter which number I have? Specifically, does the area code matter?
9:46 AM
Strange, I'm getting messages on a console that look like:
Memory pressure relief: Total: res = 29347840/29347840/0, res+swap = 24915968/24915968/0
10:07 AM
AFASIK, area code doesn't matter
Did you find a real phone number to bind with your GV account?
What do majority of the world use instead of GV?
A NFS question. Thanks if any one know
Q: Does a distributed filesystem have to consist of multiple filesystems located on different computers?

TimDoes the concept of a distributed filesystem require a distributed filesystem to consist of multiple filesystems located on different computers? Does an NFS filesystem consist of only one filesystem? (See the diagram below) If yes, is an NFS filesystem a distributed filesystem? Thanks.

Q: What differences are between a NAS, a shared disk file system on a SAN, and a distributed filesystem?

Timhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clustered_file_system#Network-attached_storage says Network-attached storage (NAS) provides both storage and a file system, like a shared disk file system on top of a storage area network (SAN). NAS typically uses file-based protocols (as opposed to block-b...

11:01 AM
@Tim Not a real number, exactly. An internet number.
But Google Voice accepted it.
@Tim Lots of people use Google Voice. Lots of people use Skype. People might use Whatsapp too. I imagine there are lots of possibilities.
Now it seems to be complaining about mic access, even though I've allowed it in the settings.
@Tim NFS is a networked filesystem.
what internet number does GV accept for binding?
@Tim Well, it's an internet number, but its form is a US phone number. And it accepts SMSs, so Google was apparently ok with it. It sent the number an SMS for authentication. I got it from anveo.com.
It seems distributed and networked filesystems are basically synonyms, at least according to Wikipedia.
I guess the common factor is that the filesystem isn't on the computer being used, but elsewhere.
I used AFS once. The Andrew File System. UNC used to use it. They probably still do.
I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work on Linux, once upon a time.
Apparently no longer - its.unc.edu/2018/04/retire-afs
11:21 AM
> Over the years, though, it became apparent that AFS’ suitability was coming to an end. As technology has advanced, most of AFS’ functionality has been replaced by newer technology, such as Office 365 and WordPress.
Is this real? Do any of you agree with it?
Do you use the free plan? anveo.com/consumer/service.asp
can you make a call using your free plan account?
What is its addvantage over other company options?
11:43 AM
@Tim I don't know. I never found AFS terribly useful when at UNC, nor did I use it much. Personally I would not recommend Office or Wordpress to anyone.
But really, a better way of distributing data (at least small data) is to use distributed version control. Which wasn't a thing while I was at UNC.
@Tim No, I'm using a paid plan. USD 2 a month, prepaid.
@Tim I'm not sure. I haven't tried.
I think not - they probably charge you per minute.
@Tim I needed a phone number to do 2FA using SMS for a bank. And banks use short codes, which not all services support.
12:01 PM
Ok, works on Firefox, but not on Google Chrome or Chromium. Must be something blocking it.
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4:23 PM
Hi folks. To quote a famous rock opera: is there anybody out there?
4:53 PM
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6:25 PM
Hi @Kusalananda. How are you?

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