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12:40 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardLet's start with a fairly innocuous definition of a polygon: A polygon is a set of points $P$ in Euclidean space and set of edges each having two distinct endpoints in $P$, such that the edges form a single cycle. We will define a regular polygon then as: Take each edge of the polygon and divi...

@SandboxPosts Are the definitions here clear enough? I get that without the couple of theorems I'm planning to add to the spoilers section this can be impossibly tough to get started in, but I just want to make sure that the problems statement itself is easy to understand.
> Skew Polygons
Oh, like the jan Misali video
Yes :)
I hope you don't count those weird spirals too?
@SandboxPosts Why is MathJax not working?
Spirals have infinite sides so they don't matter, also they aren't polygons by the definition given.
@Bbrk24 Ooop, I forgot to use slashes.
12:52 AM
I feel like this is sufficiently well-defined, but I wouldn't know how to approach it. ...actually, what's the winning criterion?
Mmmm I should add codegolf.
Yeah there's a very important theorem of McMullen and Schulte that is necessary to make much headway on this.
The theorem is rot13: Gurer ner ab cher cbyltbaf
However it takes a bit to explain what cher cbyltba means.
Lbh qvqa'g qrsvar "cher" :C
Oh simple: N cher cbyltba vf n cbyltba bs qvzrafvba terngre guna gjb gung vf abg gur oyraq bs gjb ybjre qvzrafvbany cbyltbaf.
Of course it itakes a bit to explain what oyraq means.
well, yeah
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: (untitled), Create an equation for a convex polygon
1:00 AM
Gb oyraq gjb cbyltbaf gnxr gurve pnegrfvna cebqhpg naq pbaarpg gjb iregvprf (n,o) naq (p,q) jvgu na rqtr vs n vf pbaarpgrq gb p va bar bs gur bevtvany cbyltbaf naq o vf pbaarpgrq gb q va gur bgure bevtvany.
That should actually explain pretty much everything.
I'm not sure that I have the mathematical background to solve it yet, but these pieces of insight help
There are still 2 more useful theorems that help.
1:56 AM
hmm 418 is actually useful sometimes
A: Is 418 "I'm a teapot" really an HTTP response code?

wizulusI use this code. I have nginx reverse-proxying requests to two separate HTTP servers. One handles requests for unauthenticated users, and the second handles requests for authenticated users. The problem in this particular case, is the first server is the one that determines if the user is authent...

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5:58 AM
CMQ: Which golfing languages allow you to index into a number to get a digit from it?
Vyxal does?
Dunno, does it? try-it link?
@Neil is that how you compute the conditional mean?
7:00 AM
@Simd if f is a PDF, then E(f) = Integral(xf(x)dx)
(my error was that f wasn't a PDF because Integral(f(x)dx) was 0.5
1 hour later…
8:05 AM
Question: What is the maximum Mean Squared Error for two images, one having been copied from the other in the file system?
This might seem like a silly question, but files might corrupt and the Mean Squared Error might become nonzero.
Theoretically with sufficient cosmic rays the entire image could be completely different
But even a single bit flipping is extremly unlikley
Big data centers with ECC detect cosmic rays all the time.
Yea but those transfer a lot more data than just one image
Q: Representing a number as an unordered list of smaller numbers

KarlSuppose we want to encode a large integer \$x\$ as a list of words from a dictionary of \$n\$ words, in such a way that the decoder can recover \$x\$ regardless of the order in which the words are received. Using lists of length \$k\$, there are \$\binom{n+k-1}k\$ different multisets represented ...

It's time i told you something:
I like mathematics
8:10 AM
You gonna major in math?
@mousetail nowhere near that time yet
Just do it
@mousetail how?
Just walk into a class and pretend you belong
@mousetail no im not a tresspasser
8:12 AM
Never to late to start
In some countries/universities, that's perfectly alright.
Yea at my uni I've never been checked for my pass in the 5 years I went there, except during exams
tbh math.se seems like the only math Q&A site that is NOT naïve.
@mousetail What pass?
Campus card
8:14 AM
iirc, I didn't have such a thing.
You can access lockers and bicycle parking with it, and need to show it in exams
It also never expires so I can still access the parking even though I graduated years ago
We didn't have lockers, and bicycle parking was everywhere.
Yea there was also public parking but there where a few locked ones for e-bikes and other more expensive bikes
Ah, right, e-bikes didn't exist back then.
I was once on answers.com and someone asked "What number multiplied by itself equals 37?". The answer is obviously sqrt(37). But someone even more naïve said something similar to "The only factors of 37 are 1 and 37. Therefore, there is no number that can be multiplied by itself to get 37."
8:17 AM
That's not really a math site
@PlaceReporter99 OK, but number could also mean natural number.
That's the advantage of SE yes, most people are actually somewhat knowledgeable about the field the site is about
@mousetail its a Q&A site that does have math
Not math math but math math though
Normal people math
8:21 AM
@mousetail A side effect of being clever is thinking people are dumb.
It's also a side effect of being dumb
It's kinda a universal human thing to think everybody else is stupid
@mousetail right...
@Neil ah so we have to divide by 0.5
@Simd aka multiply by 2
Dumb people tend to think they are way smarter than thay actually are
8:22 AM
@mousetail they also think smart people are dumber than they are
@mousetail Lots of smart people think they are dumb.
@mousetail well... i actually know things that i should only learn in about 5 or 6 years.
@Adám True, the more you know the more that you know you don't know
@Adám yeah because you then dive into the world of clever people and realise how much more clever they are.
@mousetail there are things we don't know that we don't know about!
| Sheltered in a nice roof. The rain will not hit me. I am also standing on a floor! |
@PlaceReporter99 Please use the sandbox room for such.
8:29 AM
PlaceReporter99: hello from the sandbox!
@UtilityBot Bots are not allowed here (except the agreed-upon feed bots).
I just added a feature that allows me to say things in rooms without actually being in them!
@Adám Do you know how to give a user permission to delete messages from another user?
You cannot. Only room owners and mods can do that.
I don't think you can do that
Yeah RO's can't delete chat messages
Well, other people's
8:39 AM
They could move the message to a trash room
@Adám all that they know is that they know nothing
Is it possible to know that you know nothing? If you knew that you would know something so would not know something, making it a belief and not knowledge. however, in that case you wouldn't know nothing again so the belief that you know nothing would be true again.
"I know that I know nothing" is a saying derived from Plato's account of the Greek philosopher Socrates: "For I was conscious that I knew practically nothing..." (Plato, Apology 22d, translated by Harold North Fowler, 1966). It is also sometimes called the Socratic paradox, although this name is often instead used to refer to other seemingly paradoxical claims made by Socrates in Plato's dialogues (most notably, Socratic intellectualism and the Socratic fallacy).This saying is also connected or conflated with the answer to a question Socrates (according to Xenophon) or Chaerephon (according to...
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11:15 AM
@mousetail nuance of the english language
11:50 AM
@everyone I'm creating a programming language called AnimeMonke. Can you guess what it is about?
I can guess that you should talk about it in TST
@Ginger It's related to PPCG
so it's a golflang?
it's gonna be a surprise
it's also not measured in bytes
oh boy
11:55 AM
can you guess what it's measured in?
I'm not sure I want to
the measurement unit will be a big hint to the core of the programming language.
not at all related to bytes!
Is it monkeys on a typewriter?
no, but monkeys do play a role in it.
amount of commands one can write on a banana?
11:57 AM
you'll see when i make it
will it be something allowed by CGCC's scoring rules?
didn't the consensus say let it be measured in any unit you want (reasonable of course)
Is it reasonable?
it is reasonable
11:59 AM
Then probably yes but it's impossible to say with the vague hints you have given
if I make a new language and decide to measure it in "florglesplorgs", which are 10^15 bytes, that would not be reasonable
so I'd like to make sure you are not doing that
If there was a logic reason florglesesplorgs made sense I'd say that's reasonable, your answer can be 0.000000000000001 florglesplorgs
@Ginger very funny example. i'm not doing that.
@mousetail and that reason could be that a single character takes up 10^15 bytes.
anyways, it's not related to bytes at all.
Probably not very interesting to golf in but reasonable I guess
If your language has 10^15 builtins I'd be impressed
Actually 256^(10^15) builtins
12:18 PM
@mousetail it doesn't. So far it has numbers 0-15, brackets, print, execute python code, number to string, input, print and halt.
so i'm not sure that's 23 builtins, but it's certainly 23 commands
1:00 PM
@NewPosts spam
Try calling this number: +1-760-706-7425 you might get better support — lyxal 1 min ago
a little trolling
What number is that?
the rickroll hotline
1:09 PM
@PlaceReporter99 the result of my latest experimentations
a horrible combination of things that cancel each other out to create nothing but suffering for everyone
It's extra dairy lactose intolerant friendly bread
1:50 PM
huh, my PPCG identicon changed to the same one used by Meta SE and Super User
(that is, all three sites "reset" to the same icon, but SO reset to a different icon)
A: I'm in the process of replacing all anonymous imgur images with stack.imgur images, and I need your help

mousetailList of images that are not backed up and need replacing more urgently Copies this from the post to community wiki it. You can cross out a post if you have finished replacing it. Frequency URL Failure Post ID (if known) 1 https://i.imgur.com/0ujlnme.jpg APIException: Image uploads are lim...

This list is not up-to-date, as some have been fixed. But some haven't, I think. I just fixed a GIF that was too big.
I had to chop it into two pieces, and compress each piece.
Please help fix the posts in the list, lest some images be deleted forever.
2:38 PM
@mbomb007 Thanks, most of the ones that remain are albums and I'm not sure what to do with those
2:51 PM
in general, is it okay to post new versions of old challenges but change it up a bit to make it more interesting and to fix potential issues with the old spec?
@Jacob Ask on meta first
It's decided on a case-by-case basis
@mousetail Can you download the images individually?
Yes but I can't upload albums to the stack imgur
2 hours later…
5:00 PM
@DLosc Ah, nice, they've fixed this by making it just the queen symbol without the surrounding square.
1 hour later…
6:15 PM
Q: Tips for language design: still on-topic?

DLoscCurrently, we have two open questions tagged tips language-design: Tips for storage in a golfing language Tips for Creating/Maintaining a Golfing Language Now that there is a StackExchange site for Programming Language Design and Implementation (in private beta as of this writing), do we still ...

6:54 PM
What do people think of my new meta answer: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/25777/20080
A: Command-line flags on front ends

isaacgCommonly used flags are free, unique flags/flag combinations are not Essentially, the flag problem comes down to differentiating two scenarios. At one extreme, we have languages which are often invoked using certain flags. At the opposite extreme, we have flags or flag combinations which have nev...

I agree but it's going to be nearly impossible to get 50 votes
If people also downvote the existing answer, it only takes half as many
I’ve finished the compiler for my AnimeMonke programming language but I haven’t tested it.
7:20 PM
@isaacg might need to edit to unlock the votes though
> We don't need a list of rules for which flags are free versus which flags aren't. This lowers the barrier for participation for users who are not aware of all of our rules. When the obvious solution is the correct solution, new users can participate more easily. - The other answer
7:35 PM
@emanresuA I disagree with that answer. Plenty of new users see some unconventional flag combination, assume that anything's on the table, and feel cheated or like it's a game of exploiting loopholes. See this deleted answer by a new user: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/261022/20080
1 hour later…
8:43 PM
@isaacg Hm, yes... One might argue that we do in fact currently have a list of rules for which flags are free versus which flags aren't--or more precisely, not free but rather allowed.

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