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12:50 AM
I guess it's worth mentioning here because (IMO) the CGCC community has been heavily inspired by APL family languages:
1:16 AM
CMQ (inspired by a couple of recent events for me): A challenge poster accepts your answer. You notice the reputation change. What's your reaction?
@cairdcoinheringaahing heck yeah very cool get gamed on nerds
Wow, why does lyxal's answer not surprise me? :P
@DLosc How goes the blog post write up?
@Bubbler Given the post about Glenn Randers-Pehrson, a Rest In Piece post might very well be on topic for meta
2 hours later…
3:01 AM
Had a horrifying moment we’re I was writing in my esolang and realised that I had no support for JSON, but needed to parse it anyway
“Do I implement a JSON library in the language itself, and use C#’s built in library, or do I write a JSON library in the language itself…”
@ATaco i think it's time to implement a simple recursive descent parser lol, i think there are a lot of implementations on the internet and they are decently simple...
but implementing it in an esolang? difficult, but doable
Chose to implement a parser as my solution. Given the language is designed with practicality in mind, it wasn’t too hard
I was impressed with how simply JSON is defined, nothing like parsing XML
JSON is pretty clean grammar-wise
XML has... no grammar at all
Trying to parse XML is liable to summon Z̴̠̮̓ą̴̻͈̇l̴̘̑ǧ̷̦͊ö̶̟̣͖́̓͘
just run it through an XSLT stylesheet that formats it nicely /s
3:50 AM
4:06 AM
So...a church near my house likes to put the topic of the sermon for the next week on a sign outside. I know they have a limited number of those little letter tiles they can fit on the sign, but "eternal peace next sunday" could really use some rewording.
4:33 AM
Y'all ever just used an autoclicker to be a cookie clicker tryhard?
dont they come with the game
@lyxal didnt code bullet do that?
@thejonymyster No no I mean an external autoclicker
Like an overlay that taps once every 10ms
ik im just saying it seems redundant
nah i just typed stuff into the console lol
4:34 AM
@PyGamer0 idk
@hyper-neutrino now tell me how tf imma type stuff into a console on the mobile app
i wouldn't be able to tell you how to autoclick on mobile either
@hyper-neutrino adb?
How to autoclick on a mobile app: run it on bluestacks and run any autoclicker on your pc
There's an app for that
No rooted or anything?
4:37 AM
why you think people use autoclickers: they want to hack and win
why they actually use autoclickers: they don't want carpel tunneling
@Bubbler Unrooted, download from the play store
Wh...what is this ad
@Bubbler here
4:38 AM
@RedwolfPrograms D&D for furries probably
You'll find a remarkable overlap between D&D and Furries as it is.
it took me way too long to figure out that the thing above and to the left of the uwu is an upside down 14 in an ornate font and not a chinese character
Okay I clicked it out of pure curiosity and it's just a site selling ordinary D&D dice
4:41 AM
The real question is whether caird has it in their dice collection
imagine owning things
@UnrelatedString imagine imagining owning things
@PyGamer0 imagine imagining anything really
i used to genuinely be proud of not having things but now i've started actually wanting things sometimes and i can't process those feelings
lyxal aphasia confirmed?
4:47 AM
@UnrelatedString duh, of course you can't. How tf you gonna juice feelings? /s
feelings are like avocadoes
You try for thirtee minut and no juic?
no juic :(
@user that would be very good
(me when no juic)
4:51 AM
my brother got this game called gravity maze
it looks eh decent but it is very costly
(he was asking for it for the past 2 years oof)
CMQ: Have you watched harry potter?
yes though i can't remember if i watched them all or just some of them
user image
it counts if you have watched only 1 second
@PyGamer0 yesnt
4:56 AM
@lyxal O juic??
@PyGamer0 0 juic
(image transcription: me when when 0 juic)
user image
How long did you take to make that?
:o You can't just doxx me like that
5:06 AM
@emanresuA not very long lol
Me when winning skywars 2v2v1 as the 1
That was very flukey
@RedwolfPrograms get gamed on
Redwolf got caught in 4k
@emanresuA bruh i won bedwars 1v4v4v4 when i was the 1
5:17 AM
Did you has egg?
and how many kills?
since when did bedwars have eggs, or is this not hypixel
( I mean bed)
(Used to playing eggwars)
@emanresuA 3 beds
i think
maybe 2
@emanresuA idk it was like 4 months ago
5:20 AM
Did you have a bed, how many people did yo ukill?
@hyper-neutrino no this is nethergames
@emanresuA i lost the bed when 2 teams were remaining
wait i lost that match
i meant a 4v4v1 where i was the 1
6:13 AM
Q: Pythagorean triples given the hypotenuse

G BDefinition (from Wikipedia) A Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers a, b, and c, such that a² + b² = c². The typical example of a Pythagorean triple is (3,4,5): 3² + 4² = 9 + 16 = 25 which is 5² Task: Given an integer number c, write a program or function that returns the list of...

6:41 AM
@PyGamer0 i've probably seen like half of one of the movies? did read the books though
7:26 AM
:o finally I'm on the frequently in room list for TNB
Very cool
7:44 AM
haha all vyxalers get rekt
Nice job
Just saw that, nice golf
Luckily order doesn't matter
Otherwise that wouldn't work
8:00 AM
... I wish zip worked, then I'd have a 9-byter
Btw I don't know Jelly enough for this, but could Ƥ (with niladic argument) help with this?\
Jelly and Vyxal nicely tied at 10, beating the common enemy 05AB1E
@emanresuA I doubt it would win over ṡJ
Probably it won't work at all
That explains why I was having trouble
lol bubbler is clearly a god
bubbler can golf everything!
8:20 AM
-30 user was removed yesterday
Did anyone else get something like that?
8:33 AM
Why, SE. This is one thing we do not need.
8:46 AM
@emanresuA lol. i guess people need to put food on the table
we do not need but stack exchange is so desperate
9:28 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I upvote the challenge. (But if the accept is later retracted, I attempt to retract my upvote.)
hi all
9:47 AM
@Anush what's up
what's down what's left what's right
10:03 AM
@emanresuA what's funnier is that it's just an empty page
@Neil attempt? Just edit the challenge and then change your vote ez /s
10:36 AM
@pxeger hmm i think it's grammatical actually. "collectives" here is a name and a singular verb can follow that name
it may technically be, but it looks stupid nonetheless and would make much more sense to be pluralised
"What is Stack Overflow Collectives" might be better but even that sounds wrong to me
oh dear, it seems that stack exchange sometimes blocks vpns... so sometimes I can't send messages with my vpn on
I'm convinced that stack exchange is short on engineering resources now
there's so many bugs
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
@emanresuA I had -10.
@lyxal UwU I do not
Not being a furry and all :P
1:44 PM
Lol we have a big test in World History on a monday morning and my whole class is freaking out
But gtg o/
hope you r'member the things :)
2:19 PM
It was a somewhat difficult test, my guess is I'll get a 90
Luckily there's a thing you can do for 10 points extra credit on it
>:) love that
whats the thing
in case i have to take the test
Not sure, I haven't checked yet
But I know it exists. Once I open the box I can find out if it's alive or dead but it's both at once until then.
i was never good at history. correct me if im wrong, but you really just have to memorize everything for tests, right?
@thejonymyster yes
with math you learn a skill / system, but history is just a sequence of events
math just being a rando example
2:29 PM
@thejonymyster i just try to memorize everything
in math or history?
in history
The problem with history is that you know the outcome before you even learn it: everyone dies at the end
yea, which sucks if you (general) dont have a good memory
how would i memorize in math lol
2:30 PM
lol to the both of you
lol to every last one of yas
trying not to rant abt education system now that i reminded myself of the topic
althought you have to memorise some basic equations
i rerationalize them from scratch every time
Yes very unsketch please sign me up
One of the many legitimate businesses who use all caps and can only be contacted via WhatsApp and Skype
all caps when you spell the brand name
is it bad etiquette to share major sandbox edits here as soon as theyre made? i love being annoying but i dont want to bother anyone :)
Do you mean asking for feedback on them?
2:37 PM
If you want to get feedback on a Sandbox challenge, feel free to ask in here
So long as it isn't done excessively, it's perfectly on topic here
yea exactly lol
oh ok ^_^
originally it was a dupe by accident, so i flipped the challenge backways
That looks like a cool challenge!
Although it's recommended to use something like [Any feedback?](link) rather than just the raw link, to avoid large one-boxing (like ^^) :P
2:39 PM
I usually do Any feedback on [challenge name](link)?, which has the advantages of both
fixed, still had edit time
oh oops
well, next time
It doesn't really matter what format you use, no worries :p
@thejonymyster I'd suggest using something other than FALSE in the test cases, as I thought that was the actual output, rather than indicating a falsey value
Maybe 0?
Or [falsy]
ah, good idea
2:41 PM
CMQ: What should the function composition of a unary function and 2 binary functions be?
hang on, gotta google "function composition"
@PyGamer0 Why are you composing those functions?
cause the answer is basically "whatever makes sense for your usage"
@cairdcoinheringaahing which is most useful in a general case
I don't see any ways of doing it that immediately jump out as the best, though. Probably just figure out a consistent rule for ones with higher arities/numbers of functions and use that
Sort of like chaining rules
f(h(g(x, y)), h(g(x, y))) :P
The problem tbh is the second binary function
2:44 PM
agree, if it was just one, both orderings would make plenty of sense
If it was one binary and two unary there'd be an obvious way to do it, but with two binary it's just kinda weird
1 unary and 1 binary have a couple of obvious approaches, but 1 unary, 2 binary is just weird
seems we all agree
Maybe f(g(x, y), h(x)) or something?
i guess thats why the question is the way it is, or thered be no question
2:44 PM
Or f(g(x, y), h(g(x, y)))
@PyGamer0 Have the second binary function distribute over the first, then apply the unary function
@cairdcoinheringaahing ?????????
h(f(x, g(y, z)) = h(f(g(x, y), g(x, z)))
3:06 PM
@lyxal looks like pinocchio
@RedwolfPrograms Do codegolf with Vyxal. The Hivemind decrees it.
I confirm this
3:23 PM
CMC: Make a somewhat golf-oriented language with a two bit code page.
Brownie points if it's TC
jelly but each command is four characters
code page? im noob
Basically you have four commands and they're two bits each
3:35 PM
Why not just keep the normal 256 command codepage, but have each command be 2 bits instead of an entire byte? That seems much more efficient. /s
something something hq9+
3:51 PM
@RedwolfPrograms given the existence of OISCs, that should be fairly alright
@RedwolfPrograms JSFuck
I'd question "somewhat golf oriented" given that even getting something to run at all is a few hundred bytes, and all constants are multiple bytes each :p
hyper-neutrino's language is the best solution
I think I have a good one
I've got one (and I'm implementing it atm)
4:00 PM
It'll be similar to Risky, but I'm thinking about changing up the way the adicities are determined
Instead of dividing in half, I'll do thirds
I've got 3 commands: push literal integer, repeat + eval, subtract, and I need one more
I've already got implicit input and output
Mine's just Risky but Riskier :p
And with better built-in choices
Not that I have many to work with :p
@RedwolfPrograms well theres your name
I know, I'll add a second stack
no, that's boring
26 unique operators in two bits seems pretty good
4:03 PM
@pxeger comment
maybe reverse the stack?
maybe try doing something with the three you have
and then see what you wish you also had the most
@thejonymyster it's not gonna be golf oriented if that many of its programs are redundant
(I can't do maths today)
aw the math was the best part
it was wrong though
4:06 PM
4:32 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I definitely read that as "acidities"
make sure the pH of your program is balanced
@RedwolfPrograms I wonder if this paradigm could work.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Haven't worked on it yet--I've been up to my eyeballs in implementing a new language recently.
4:54 PM
@DLosc ooh shiny, what new language?
@pxeger A golfing Lisp with a Risky-inspired half-byte codepage
(Which will probably, like Risky, be somewhat golfy for some challenges but ultimately not be able to compete with Jelly et al)
given that Risky (4-bit codepage) can't really compete with Jelly (8-bit codepage), I propose:
Finished implementing my idea
CMconjecture: golfing languages with codepages of more than 8 bits might be good
That's guaranteed to be true
You can make more common operations use fewer bits than doing them by hand
E.g., with Risky, taking the cumulativ sum of an array takes quite a few operations. But in an 8-bit code page, you can afford to make that shorter.
At the cost of things like "factors of the sum of two numbers" which are built from a few simpler operations costing more
5:02 PM
but clearly, this wouldn't hold for a 100-bit code page
so there must be some optimum
@pxeger That's just because it's impractically large though
well it's a balance of making longer programs shorter and making short programs too long
@RedwolfPrograms For most of our challenges
@RedwolfPrograms well, and because all programs must now be at least 13 bytes
For a really really complicated program it'd be much more optimal than 8-bit
5:03 PM
which means it loses to jelly by default 90% of the time
But for anything usually lower than 100 bits it's a waste
i feel like somewhere around 9 to 10 might be optimal - a lot of languages have digraphs but don't end up using the full digraph space
so you could probably pack all of those commands into 9-10 bits
10 bit it probably close to optimal, although if you're using weird operator sizes you might as well use huffman coding
Introducing Ultrarisky, a language with a 2-bit code page
It fits 26 overloads into that, so not bad
It uses a slightly different set of parsing rules from normal Risky
Anything with 3x+1 bytes it parsed into thirds, with the left third and the two right thirds being the arguments to a dyad in the center of those
Anything else has one to two monads before it
And a single operator is of course a nilad
with 4 digraph introducers, you have room for 1276 commands
That's not how Riskylike parsing works
You get so many overloads because of the weird parsing rules, which you'd have to get rid of (or modify heavily) to add digraphs
5:11 PM
@pxeger @RedwolfPrograms this was for a "standard" 8-bit language (Jelly, Vyxal, etc.)
I was gonna say "...but you definitely don't need that many" which would make my message make more sense but I got distracted lol
Added comments under the gist for ultrarisky with documentation
so I reckon 9 bits is sufficient
Sample program: I02I (subtraction)
5:13 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Meaning abcdefg would be ab c defg?
is there any way to concretely state the problem or is "golfiness" not quantifiable
@DLosc Yes
 I  Input
  0 Add
 2  Negate
I   Input
Okay. I would phrase that as "with the left third and the right two-thirds being the arguments"
Probably a better way to phrase it yeah
I was confused at first as to how one dyad could be in the center of three different sections
5:15 PM
triangular arrangement
One issue with ultrarisky is that I had to drop the identity operators for golfiness, which might actually make some stuff basically impossible
And padding it to a whole number of bytes will change the meaning of the program
just typo'd git innnit and I have to say git is not very down with the kids
E.g. a multiplication program would have to be 2II2I, which overflows into a second byte despite multiplication being just two bits
@pxeger Well, it's git, innit?
I know Ultrarisky isn't turing complete, unfortunately, because it has no looping other than for and reduce over finite lists
If anyone can write a nontrivial and interesting program in ultrarisky I'll probably give them a bounty :p
5:24 PM
I feel like you could maybe replace negate with something more useful if you replaced add with subtract. Also not sure how useful square and abs are, since I think you could implement them using multiply and compare. But I haven't tried the language to see how the parsing affects things yet.
Since golfiness was intended to be a concern, I wanted to avoid the mistake I'd made with Risky (having too many pretty specific operations, while generally useful stuff required reimplementing)
I was about to mention the lack of division and modulo operators, but then I realized you can use base conversion for those, right?
I figured multiplication was more useful than division, and didn't have room for both
5:57 PM
I just thought of a concept for a really awful esolang
1-bit codepage, lots of data types. 0 shifts the datatype by 1, 1 is an operation that depends on the data type
make sure to include a lot of novelty datatypes
i rlly like that idea btw :)
6:39 PM
Q: Is This Scrabble Board Valid?

EphraimRuttenbergBackground Scrabble is a word game in which players collaboratively build a board consisting of letter tiles that spell words. Each word must be connected to another word, and players gain points based on the letters they use and where they are placed. Words can be spelled either from left-to-rig...

you just have like five different list types that you cycle through
and 20 integers
are trees covered in those five
Haskell has something close. Sum is number but with monoid operation being +, and Product is the same with *
@RedwolfPrograms Whirl
7:15 PM
Oh neat
8:04 PM
@RedwolfPrograms github.com/pxeger/2bcmc
Latin class today has been interesting so far
The whole class is now on the same page about the impossibility of doing any of our work, and we've scheduled a meeting with a bunch of people
that kind of rules
@pxeger which commands represent which digit in the base-3 number?
@pxeger Looks cool!
(imo you should include that info in the docu because its nice not to have to guess/backread for it)
also nice, bijective base 4
8:51 PM
What if I don't want to know why?
9:15 PM
that is a poorly formatted flowchart :rage: :rage: :rage:
9:46 PM
it is a poorly formatted class
9:58 PM
@pxeger I think variable length encodings could be really great, but when you go that much into it, golfing kinda loses its fun
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