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2:00 PM
No, just tables and stuff
@hyper-neutrino that's like, the only thing that exists
Have...have you ever used SQL?
(redwolf # #)╯︵ ┻━┻ (^ ^ SQL)
@Wezl looks like a peculiar dialect of lisp
2:02 PM
@StackMeter *doubt*
if arrays existed i wouldn't have to keep creating tables with the express purposes of making a one-to-many relation because i can't make a specific column be an array
JSON with five lines of parsing code >>>>>>>> SQL
@hyper-neutrino -doubt
@StackMeter CAST(doubt AS Float)
doubt = int(doubt)
i use a sql database instead of json just cuz apparently i'm supposed to
for a discord bot i made i initially was using a python object and pickling it because JSON can't support numbers that large so it kept turning them into strings
but i found using flask sql-alchemy easier and less buggy
2:08 PM
JSON doesn't have a limit on number sizes though lol
lol what. then why wasn't it working
either way there was certainly a reason i was using pickle and not JSON because i hate pickling things
@hyper-neutrino that's JSON's fault, not python's
1 min ago, by Redwolf Programs
JSON doesn't have a limit on number sizes though lol
idk if i was doing something wrong then
Might be Python's JSON lib
2:10 PM
i might've had an outdated one then??
but like, TIO's should be more out of date if anything
either way it definitely was turning my stored IDs into strings. i can't think of why else i'd stop using JSON
you can't even pickle most python objects,
Whoa, nginx is tiny
@hyper-neutrino most likely
now apologise to python
@StackMeter wrong answer. i'm hyper-neutrino
@hyper-neutrino and?
Trying to set up a server on my local IP address at my school lol
It's not working currently
It would be so amazing if it did though
2:24 PM
@WheatWizard Have you ever used VBScript? Because I would rather code exclusively in brainfuck, but where all the characters are homoglyphs of each other, than ever use VBScript again
@hyper-neutrino and I'm iron man
I have not used VBScript.
I got a web server running on a local ip on my school's network lol
I can make a chat program or something
@WheatWizard Functions don't have a return statement. Instead, you assign a value to a variable by the same name as the function, and it returns that
2:26 PM
I think that's how tradfns work too
or something
Function SquareInput(value)
    SquareInput = value * value
That's not that bad. It seems like mostly a syntax issue.
@WheatWizard it's mostly case insensitive, and that's not even the worst part
it's a weird choice conceptually but not that weird
2:27 PM
It's awful as soon as you get any complicated functions
How do you exit from the function prematurely? Who knows
Case insentitivity is also in my opinion a rather minor grievance.
@pxeger Sacrifice your first-born
@pxeger I generally don't exit functions prematurely using return in most languages, since I find it confusing to read. It's definitely not something needed.
@pxeger there's a thing called break
2:29 PM
@StackMeter function != loop
@WheatWizard you're a monster
@hyper-neutrino Have you heard of recursion?
Dec 15 '16 at 19:34, by Dennis
> A friendly message from The Name of All that is Good and Holy: Hello! This is The Name of All that is Good and Holy. Before you think of making your own extension to this language, here's another idea for you to consider: Don't! For the love of me, please don't make another derivative of this language! Unless you have something truly new to contribute, it's been done a million times before and will probably make it worse than the original.
@hyper-neutrino well then, return
About bf derivatives :P
2:30 PM
@StackMeter based on what I know about VB, I'd bet you it doesn't even have a break statement lmao
@StackMeter that's literally the thing that's missing from VB that they've just been discussing
In my opinion
return a
return b

Is almost always better expressed as

return a
return b
@hyper-neutrino oof
i don't like skipping the else by relying on return exiting either
but i'd rather do if !auth: return 403 and then continue than chuck everything else in a massive else block
What about?
if something then
var = a
var = b
return var
2:33 PM
no, kill it with fire
that is the worst option
It's not that bad.
Presenting, VBScript, but without the return var line :P
I hate when people do that, they have a return variable that they mutate, potentially several times, and then return it
Another great option is:

`return if something then a else b`
Isn't that how guards work in Haskell?
2:35 PM
nah, guards would use |
I mean Haskell doesn't have a return keyword. This is more Kotlin-esque.
i don't return. instead I set a global variable and then my function mutates it
to exit the function early, i raise an exception and catch it in every caller
This may be heretical, but I genuinely don't have much issue with SQL
It's a little hard to get started, but beyond that it's fairly intuitive
Who needs a global variable just mutate one of the inputs.
2:37 PM
Why take input when you can just hardcode it?
i don't use functions, i just copy-paste the code around whenever i need it
Time for macros.
can i get some sandbox feedback on this? plan to post soon (you're welcome caird)
microing macroing
@hyper-neutrino You missed your window, I'll be awake for the next 12 hours at least :P
2:40 PM
hence the "you're welcome" :P i could've posted it last night because timezones so i'm up far later than you
Also, do we really not have a tag? There are at least 33 questions it could apply to, and it isn't really
What music are people listening today? I think I need some recommendations right now.
@WheatWizard Yuve yuve Yu - The Hu
@pxeger call/cc ftw
I'm listening to only the dankest of memes
2:45 PM
@WheatWizard Black Sheep - Metric
@Razetime Nice. I've already heard it though.
immaculate taste
@WheatWizard kanaria (it's a vocaloid) - king / its many covers, but i doubt anyone/many people here would like / listen to it lol.
in scheme you don't have return by default (you never need it for pure functions), but when it's convenient you can add return as a function, and you can return from any expression, plus it's a first class value
@cairdcoinheringaahing I started this and realized it is on the Scot Pilgrim soundtrack, so I've heard this too.
@WheatWizard computers humming
@hyper-neutrino I will try this next thanks.
I will try all y'all's recs.
2:48 PM
@hyper-neutrino vocaloid good
my music taste is completely random. it'd probably make a good PRNG tbh. lol
@pxeger You don't need to return prematurely
i want to say i have no taste in music to begin with
@WheatWizard Also, a whole bunch of EDM :P Tsunami (DVBBS) and Darkside (Alan Walker) most recently, but I have more if that's your thing :P
2:49 PM
i've gone from only listening to classical music to listening to primarily kpop to now mostly listening to jpop
one of my friends is into some really really diverse stuff
The Ecstasy of Gold - Ennio Morricone
@Razetime ooh yes that is a good one
@Razetime That's a great tune
I will reccomend to everyone to listen to my profile picture. Takashi - Yasuaki Shimizu, its some sort of japanese experimental jazz, one of my favourite albums of all time even though I really don't like Jazz.
2:50 PM
@hyper-neutrino I feel like I understand a theme in my music tastes, but I could not describe it at all
Didn't know everyone here had seen the good, the bad and the ugly
Of course. And the sound track is excellent.
@Razetime I haven't
@user it's on youtube and well worth your time
2:51 PM
@Razetime For some reason, I'm convinced this has been part of a Tarantino soundtrack, but all my googling and rewatching suggests otherwise
@Razetime I've never seen it, but since playing it in an orchestra I love it (and most of Ennio Morricone's work)
@Razetime I'll try it
oh interesting
@cairdcoinheringaahing same lol. there's some consistency but none that i can explain (or really understand myself, i just feel like there is some)
2:53 PM
@WheatWizard tracks for a game I'm making
@Wezl If you got a link and you don't mind I will listen to it.
@hyper-neutrino Idk about you, but I also have obvious and describable consistencies in subsets of my music (e.g. any pop/pop punk from 2009-2014 is 100% good for me :P), but put them all together and words fail me :P
@WheatWizard not finished :/
I don't care if you don't ;)
@cairdcoinheringaahing see every time i decide on a subset of music and think i won't like anything outside of it i eventually find something outside of it i like :p
initially i hated kpop but i think gangnam style gave me a bad impression early on and eventually i kind of liked some of it (definitely not related to one of my friends making me listen to like a crap ton of it lol)
2:55 PM
Why believe you won't like other music in the first place?
I didn't listen to music intentionally until I was like 21 so my music tastes are pretty eclectic, just grabbing onto whatever. I never really developed a prefered genre.
Related CMP: Do you have a single favourite song/track? What is it?
@user people like staying in a comfort zone
@user well i don't mean like i'm convinced i won't and refuse to listen to other music, more that i think i've found the subset of music i like but then eventually that's false
@hyper-neutrino This was a little too ... something, for me, but thanks anyway.
2:56 PM
i'll listen to other music if recommended; like i didn't enjoy yasuaki shimizu too much but it was nice and i listened to the whole thing on recommendation anyway
@hyper-neutrino Gangnam style definitely affected the way that the West looked at k-pop for a long time :P
literally anything by PinocchioP
@pxeger I've already heard this one, but a Classic for sure.
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, most songs turn into earworms for me, even though I never understand most of the lyrics :P
even just the overall style of music i like listening to has gone back and forth between like calm/slow/sad and energetic/whatever a couple of times at least
2:58 PM
@hyper-neutrino Ignoring the lyrics, this had major Pokemon vibes for me :P
Like, I'd expect that to be playing during an Elite 4 or Champion battle :P
oh one song i like that might be more enjoyed by people here than the other one is yoru ni kakeru by YOASOBI. found it from a meme i saw on instagram about people not understanding its lyrics, actually, lol, but it's a good song
@Wezl and I can't even screen record audio :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing Motherfucker=redeemer. It is really best played in the sequence of the album. But man what a song. The album version is for me the definitive version but the 2002-03-13 performance at the Icelandic Opera house is sublime as well.
@hyper-neutrino i think i remember this meme
@hyper-neutrino Yes, I did just write that answer, I haven't had it saved :P
3:02 PM
Can't FGITW, am englishing :/
@hyper-neutrino That isn't a joke btw, I actually did write it
yeah well you probably remembered the approach still from before
idrc cuz you probably would've been the first jelly answerer even if you just saw this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :P
Yeah, I remembered the ċⱮ` bit, and the rest is kinda obvious (at least for a Jelly approach) :P
well yeah :p
3:03 PM
ooh new question which is brachylogable
i mean it's really straightforward for golfing langs
Now I am regretting my choice, motherfucker=redeemer is an excellent song, and I have a hard time saying something else is better, but there are some other really good tracks that I feel bad for not saying.
it's literally just "take all sublists" "filter" "longest" (or if your sublists are in order, tail)
@WheatWizard lol, I always have trouble deciding on my favorite for just about anything. especially smth like music because depending on how i'm feeling i might like one song over another or vice versa so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@WheatWizard Is that 33 minutes long?
The album version is 37 minutes long but the live performances vary. The longest one is 55 minutes long.
3:06 PM
i probably should've posted this question later. idk if i'll cap too early. then again idrc about rep as much, so i'd rather cap early than risk not capping (for the badge :P)
It is really well paced though. It's not just long for the hell of it.
Well sometimes. There are some poorly paced performances in my opinion.
@WheatWizard I'll take a full listen to that later, rn I'm in a different kinda vibe than what my impression tells me from the first few minutes :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing can't relate, don't really know anything about pokemon :p
3:11 PM
I think mf=r is also kind of more of an aquired taste. It is definitely the fan favourite, but I think if you are acustomed to 6 minute songs with a certain structure it can be hard to parse the monster that is mf=r. There are some songs by the same band that have much more broad appeal. Mladic stands out as an example which I think most people can instantly just get the groove.
God that sounds incredibly pretentious. I don't mean to imply that any song structure is bad. I'm just saying that sometimes you do need to be in the right frame for a song.
Q: Longest Sublist with Equal Occurrences

hyper-neutrinoGiven a non-empty list of integers between 1 and 9 inclusive, find the longest contiguous sublist such that the number of occurrences of each element (of the sublist) within the sublist is equal (not the number of consecutive occurrences, just the total count). You may return any non-empty subset...

3:29 PM
tmw you're halfway through the solution and you get this
That's a better error message than most tbh :P
i suppose lmao
hey, that's my character! :D
@MatthewDaniels you've said that 69 times
unrelated: 103 times
Unrelated has been here a lot longer tho :P
very true, but does that mean Matthew was stealing? :P
@Wezl nice
3:41 PM
i've said it 149 times
lmao nice
I've said :P 4764 times tho :P
huh chat doesn't let you say the same message twice in a row
3:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well technically just "P" but i doubt there are many instances where you've said "P" on its own but not as ":P"
wow very meta
@cairdcoinheringaahing NP
3:45 PM
ha I did it
@ThomasWard I think I've asked you before, but why did you get rid of your lazer eyes?
@cairdcoinheringaahing you have asked before. I never answered. Which will remain that way.
@ThomasWard Alright then, keep your secrets :P
@NewMainPosts @hyper-neutrino Got 7 bytes in Jelly :P
Now it's all capital letters :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing *gives imaginary brownie points*
3:52 PM
And I just got Epic :D (pending the system update)
I knew the new question was brachylogable
just didn't know how to do it well :P
anyone here know spring boot? i'm confused about something but i don't have a properly formatted question that SO would accept
(not about you being confused lmao)
4:18 PM
:( git's all broken and it's probably my fault
rebase time
it has something to do with public keys and those scare me
@Wezl If those scare you, you should let me take care of your private keys so you don't have to worry about them :P
wait, is there xkcd for everything?
4:23 PM
No, but it feels like it
but I already deleted and tried again
Apr 4 at 21:35, by Original Original Original VI
It gets even worse when you're trying to edit something with someone else at the same time, so you upload your repository to Floobits and then you need to pull from GitHub and Floobits every time you do something and then push to both places each time and when you have a merge you find the latest version in both places and copy it to a separate folder and manually edit in the changes and then commit and then realize it doesn't work and then you throw the laptop out the window and follow it down
I recommend the last part of this ^
@Wasif relevant xkcd that isn't actually an xkcd: thomaspark.co/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/xkcd.png
4:52 PM
Apr 4 at 21:29, by Redwolf Programs
Imagine actually knowing how git and github work and not just using it like fancy google drive
i know how to use git up until when something goes wrong. then i don't know how to fix it, so i just rm -rf and re-clone. then i realize i deleted 5000 lines of gitignored config files
Git is just a slang term for github.com right? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing no IMO
I don't use version control I'm just really fast at Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y
Sometimes I copy stuff into another empty file if I need branches
@Wasif (assuming caird is joking - you better be ಠ_ಠ) it is not at all, git is a protocol implemented by more services than just github, e.g. gitlab, bitbucket, etc
4:56 PM
@hyper-neutrino I'm not joking
I'm caird
are you sure about that
CMQ: how many times you have encountered "you are not x you are y"
@RedwolfPrograms unless you are not joking can you prove that
hey don't interpret ^ literally pls
It's a shame that TNBDE isn't still active
4:59 PM
TNB data explorer
where is it
unofficial SEDE-like for TNB hosted by... elendia? I think
@Wasif gone
actually is it still up but outdated, or just totally gone @caird
elendia's there on discord, can probably ask him
@hyper-neutrino The website is down IIRC
5:06 PM
Just asked him on the discord:
> My hosting provider got bought out and I just haven't had the time + will to get it back up on a new host.
ah, unfortunate. i might be able to bring it up on my server
Apparently the repo is up-to-date, so it should be possible to get it up and running again if someone wanted to
5:20 PM
I'm actually kind of surprised how ubiquitous github is in some circles seeing how ubiquitous gitlab is in others. I'm not sure why certain circles tend to cluster to one or the other.
I use github solely because that was the first one I was introduced to
To be honest, the only reason I use gitlab since github is owned by microsoft. But there are a lot of things about gitlab I like now that I am on that platform.
Ok I might be a little too hard on myself. If gitlab had been a serious downgrade I probably would have caved and gone back to github. But I actually find it a slight improvement.
@WheatWizard Really? I found that GitHub's API was much easier to use.
Wait, I think gitlab.io is unblocked on my school's network :o
What is github's API for? I don't think I use it.
I mainly care about CI and issues. Both of which I prefer on gitlab.
5:29 PM
@WheatWizard Getting info about a repo/tag/branch and getting zips for them.
Oh. Yeah I never use that.
I use github normally because it's the first one I was introduced to. I've used bitbucket since back then github didn't have free private repositories. I'm using gitlab right now for work, and I used it in the past since a minecraft server's plugins/scripts were on there too
I also find it much easier to search other people's repos on GitHub than any of the other competing services.
Yeah, also not something I am doing.
hi. :D
5:32 PM
I use gitlab pretty much just as a git server with CI. I use MRs a lot, sometimes I use the issue stuff.
NGL I use github as a publicly accessible hard drive. If it can store my files, I'm happy
You should typically leave things in the sandbox for typically a week or so, or until they get +2 or +3 upvotes
@MatthewDaniels Why not /, : or ÷ for division and × for multiplication?
Or a c-dot?
Those are all standard symbols for division/multiplication
I can't find for those symbols on my keyboard, and I was even lazy to even search for them.
5:35 PM
I was about to ask the same.
I'd think / would be more common than \​
Okay wth markdown
so is the cdot a multiplication symbol?
Is it even possible to put a \​ in <code> in chat markdown?
@MatthewDaniels I think you should leave things in the sandbox a bit longer so that the questions don't get closed when you post them
5:37 PM
I'm having to cheat with U+200b
@RedwolfPrograms Yes, but I can't remember
@rak1507 it will take a long while before I can even ask on Code Golf SE.
because of, well, my schedule.
@RedwolfPrograms Two backticks, slash, two backticks
Didn't work, tried it
12 am and 1 am UTC doesn't sound like long enough
5:38 PM
Wait what
not sure what your schedule is but do you really have to post questions to every site? bit strange
SE chat markdown is (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
no, not that one.
5:38 PM
I rest my case :P
I post 2 questions on different sites everyday.
It changed after like 10s
@MatthewDaniels why though
CMC: Shortest chat markdown to write `\ as code
`` `\\ ``
5:38 PM
I like to. lmao
I'd recommend you stop though. 8 of your 12 questions have been closed
most topics there are interesting anyway.
and 3 of them are the same thing but in different languages
Experiment there, then answer here :)
5:40 PM
should I delete all my questions then?
Just try posting a question on a site when you actually have that question
in future just don't post low effort questions
Aside from here and Puzzling, that's the entire point of SE
5:40 PM
@Adám 5 bytes: `\\``
sure. :|
or you could browse the site a bit and see if you genuinely have a question about something, bc there are a lot of interesting topics
may not work for foreign language ones
@hyper-neutrino Doesn't look like the correct output
`\\`` gives \`
I thought it was supposed to be ​\​`
5:42 PM
@RedwolfPrograms HN put their submission as code :P
`\\`` is what you're supposed to type to get \` and i typed that by doing `\`\\\`\``
we can continue the discussion about my questions in my room.
I thought it was backtick backslash not the other way around
yeah you're right i'm stupid
@MatthewDaniels Please don't
5:43 PM
4 messages moved to Sandbox
ok. :P
has "escape as chat markdown" been done as a CGCC challenge yet?
Ugh I'm getting like 10s delays on every message
ok i give up
5:43 PM
@Wezl It'd be closed as underspecified ;-)
┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
I don't even think it's possible lol
It is, assuming the output can have trailing zero-width spaces
That'd be cheating

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