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12:01 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I said I'd give it didn't I?
I'm a code-golfer of my word
If you were a real code-golfer of your word your word would be code-golfed!
50 for meme song
text short
@RedwolfPrograms I have 6 and you have 9
@Bubbler Thank you!
Feb 20 at 11:19, by Luis Mendo
Thank you all for the award, and Bubbler for the generosity!
12:16 AM
@LuisMendo no, thank you for the high quality answer that won you the award.
@Bubbler that one seems very easy to be honest, I wonder why it's not been done so far
12:37 AM
@Bubbler 16 this window, one for yt, one for common lisp quick reference, and probably a lynx somewhere in my tmux session
now just looking at them that 16 was reduced to 9 :)
@Lyxal :-)
@Bubbler 53, 9, 19, 43
@Neil have you ever considered closing some of those tabs?
It's really easy to do as well
@Lyxal but how will I ever get back to this really important stuff? ::)
there's an extension for it
so now there's no excuse
close those tabs now.
12:50 AM
@Lyxal I need the source!
so yes, of course I can make up an excuse
open source and extension
CLOSE the tabs
do it
@Lyxal for chrome :) ⦕'̅ ~ '̅⦖⟆
okay what browser do you use
well really I'm forced to use chrome, but my school blocks all extensions, including manually installing things like adnauseum
I've covered all decent browsers and given you open source links
Now, close those hecking tabs
12:54 AM
I've already ruled out extensions
@Lyxal on github :)
Are you saying github is broken?
I just like arguing *
* about some topics
@Lyxal yes, because it's proprietary
I can send it as a zip file
just close the dang tabs
bookmark them or something
i don't care
write them down if you have to
just CLOSE the tabs
no, I can't install things from zips
@Lyxal that's too extreme
@Wezl how about .z7 or .rar
12:56 AM
@Lyxal no, I can't install extensions period. full stop.
why not
even my school allowed extensions
4 mins ago, by Wezl
well really I'm forced to use chrome, but my school blocks all extensions, including manually installing things like adnauseum
and just how do they block extensions?
Manually installing with the "developer mode" switch used to work
wait you don't even have that many tabs open
why am I wasting time?
I'm targeting Neil, not you.
12:58 AM
I know right, I just like to argue ::)
this should get @Neil 's attention
day one of pinging neil until neil closes tabs
what do you have to gain from this?
I'm down to 6 tabs now
No 7
1:00 AM
@Wezl you clearly don't know me very well
All unallocated RAM belongs to Lyxal
I'm the kind of person to invest time into futile/meaningless activity
I bully people into sleeping, spam the letter h to get to the top of a leaderboard (even though my ranking kept getting reset), play long games of Shibboleth and scheme up ways to rickroll people
Closing unneeded tabs can make you healthier according to this study
@RedwolfPrograms nope
i know that link
nice try
but you need to get creative
I got rickrolled trying to copy the link because when I hovered over the thumbnail it started autoplaying
1:02 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not gonna share my secrets here, but if you were to reach out somewhere else I might teach you the ways of rickrolling
If it's using an alternate link or URI shortener, that's cheating :p
no, no
people dont trust those after a while
No, you have to get really creative
create github.io sites
I had a particular number of slashes after my website's URL rickroll people, for some reason
@Lyxal "after a while" how long have you been doing this? ⦕* o *⦖⟆
@Wezl too long
My modern history class at school soon learned not to trust my links
1:04 AM
I've accidentally rickrolled more people than I have intentionally rickrolled
@RedwolfPrograms I made posters claiming to be "free study notes" that were actually rickrolls
I inserted a rickroll into a school video everyone had to watch
I know how to get people 'rolled.
@Lyxal Wait, how?
@user I asked the people who make it for a favour
Oh ok
Admittedly, it's kinda informal
and it's like a fortnightly chapel video
so it was actually really easy
@RedwolfPrograms you rickroll them on zoom
1:06 AM
The closest I've gotten to a mass rickroll is when I made a Google Doc that showed you the lyrics of the song every time you opened it
My 7th grade science teacher had a Google Doc full of resources we had to study for a test. I replaced them all with rickrolls.
I didn't know it was the whole school's, though
Remind me never to give either of you edit access
@user eh, I'm over it now
It's really only funny when you personally know a lot of the victims
And now I'm in an education environment where I know pretty much no-one
1:08 AM
Added a cheat code to a game I made once, then replaced it with a rickroll the next update
so I can't exactly rickroll because I don't know how people will react
protip: only rickroll people who can take a joke
and people who can understand the joke too
don't waste it on people who don't get it
I rickrolled my latin class but they didn't get it
Other than the teacher
If someone has to ask "did you accidentally link the wrong thing?" you know your efforts were fruitless
@RedwolfPrograms our school took yearbook photos of each class and we got to stage the photo. Our software class placed Rick in the background (on my suggestion of course)
The only problem with being a rickroller is that you get a tiny bit paranoid
@Lyxal Could you share some more tips?
I made a doc so not everyone has to see
Pro tip: don't try rickrolling during a conversation about rickrolling
1:13 AM
And also make it so people can actually see the contents of the doc
Oh nvm
But really, could you give me some tips?
Oh wow it's actually blank
@user er sure
Okay who keeps reversing my text?
Can whoever is inserting right-to-left override characters stop?
Okay I'll stop :p
Google supporting regexes in find/replace is actually kind of useful
1:20 AM
The RTL trick isn't as fun when people know about it :/
It's never funny
Unless you're the one doing it
hello gais
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ublecSee who can write the longest code in order to print "Hello World!". The rule is that if you remove any single character from the code, it should NOT run.

hello @Razetime
@user just do it in a place where people don't expect it
and use a link shortener
you don't need any other tips
1:23 AM
That's pretty useful, but it's not enough
@user who has access to the doc?
Everyone, but I'm making it private now
@user dang it i was about to quickly add some more info
Gimme a minute let me share it again
i requested access
1:31 AM
Oh ok
1:50 AM
@user bruh
@Razetime No offense, I meant it in a joking way (but really, to be successful, there are other tricks too)
none taken lol
@Razetime I don't see you providing 20 tips on how to rickroll
get good
I have to take care of my pet chungus, sorry
@Razetime When you're done with that, have a look at some of the tips Lyxal suggested
1:56 AM
@Lyxal ₛₕₕₕ
I have a completely straight expression on my face. Don't worry.
@user good
2:22 AM
Q: Pangram "Hello, World!"

HyperboleYour challenge: The code must print "Hello, World!" and nothing else. Your restrictions: Your program must satisfy these requirements: The program must be a pangram. It must use every character in printable ASCII, or, if you chose a particularly strange language, characters which are stored as ...

2 hours later…
4:17 AM
This challenge is +17/-14...that's a score of over 11.5 on my controversialness rating
For reference the highest I've got is somewhere around 2.8
Is there a userscript to show controversialness?
No, although that might be cool
I'll have to see if there's a good way to get the vote breakdown of a question with the API
if only there was someone who knows how to make userscripts and was excellent at javascript in this chat room
wouldn't that be great.
@RedwolfPrograms someone could just get the vote split from the 1k privileges because it's broken anyway
hypothetically of course
just sayin'
I'll take a look at that
Shouldn't be too hard to implement if I can copy over some of the logic
I totally didn't find it because I used to use it on StackOverflow when i had <1k
totally not why I know of it's existance
4:26 AM
Looks like aria-label is the attribute I need
I wonder if <1k users have that
finally got code golf gold!
@Razetime how many?
that's my target to beat
I'm gonna try and get more than one code golf gold
I got the bronze one recently, now I feel less special :p
4:28 AM
you just need to fastest gun more
and you need to code golf more too
I um...I...okay fine
Also it looks like the user script will only work for 1k+ users because it's less work
@RedwolfPrograms as in you need at least 200 code-golf tag answers
@RedwolfPrograms pbbt
@RedwolfPrograms very easy to get 1k here on code golf.
People actually upvote things
4:30 AM
the best time to get code golf tag badge was before 2017
@RedwolfPrograms I challenge you to get more code golf silver than me
If you get more code-golf silver badges than me I'll give you 50 rep
More being greater than and not equal to
I'm busy working on the user script right now :p
@Razetime but do you have 69 bronze badges?
I'll get there
I have 89
Mostly from Nice Question and Popular Question
4:34 AM
@RedwolfPrograms but 89 isn't the funny number
so it doesn't count
I'll get back to you when I get 331 more
I envy user svtag
Also, apparently Md Mosleh Uddin is our 100kth user
And none of them did anything :/
They probably aren't even aware of their incredible luck
4:40 AM
wasted niceness/luck
4:58 AM
what is da luck about
The aria-label attribute only shows up after you click the vote counts :(
Looks like I'll have to do some work after all
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerIs this Game of Go configuration fully alive? code-golf go decision-problem Background This challenge is about the Game of Go. Here are some rules and terminology relevant to this challenge: Game of Go is a two-player game, played over a square board of size 19x19. One of the players plays Blac...

I just did something smart
oo what did you do
Instead of hunting down the function I'm looking for in thousands of lines of ugly minified code, I made the debugger activate whenever the vote thing is unfocused, because that's called from the same scope as the function I'm looking for
So I can debug that function
Never mind the function is harder to read than I could possibly imagine
I guess I'll debug the network activity
Hey wait I'm dumb
It's just https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/<id>/vote-counts
5:18 AM
@Adám Hi. Interested in userscripts?
@RedwolfPrograms Hi dumb, I'm Lyxal.
Nice to meet you
What should I call the controversialness rating?
I think controversialness is too long
What do y'all think about this?
that's a better name maybe
Good idea
I'm thinking I'll put it between Active and Viewed
Why not simply "controversy"?
5:30 AM
TIL Java has a stack class in it's utils lib
IIRC it's a thin wrapper over Vector, isn't it?
@Bubbler posts aren't always controversial
@Bubbler I really don't know. I only just discovered it
Well, I haven't used Java recently either (the last time I used it, it was Java 8)
Do y'all like it including the vote breakdown, or should it just be the controversialness?
Maybe just percentage upvotes vs. downvotes, then the controversialness?
@RedwolfPrograms why not just the controversialness
5:33 AM
Having exact vote counts would be better for me
I don't like how it looks with this font though :p
I like this version
I'll add an option to customize the layout
Actually percentage upvoted might be cool
I'll add a way to customize it. Not really any reason not to.
Hmm I might send feedback to the ddg mobile browser to allow us to install userscripts
Lol I did
@Razetime Yes, I use a few, including yours.
5:47 AM
Should the Reception/Controversialness be the last or second to last item?
I'll go with last by default, it's customizable anyway
I can't wait to test it when I'm back at my computer
@RedwolfPrograms wait so lower is better?
Lower controversialness means it's closer to 0:1 or 1:0
ok lets test it
So 0.0 means it's either 100% upvoted...or 100% downvoted :p
5:59 AM
It's customizable too; if you go to the edit screen, you can change the word Reception to anything, as well as the format
I'll make a gist with some useful presets
I actually liked this question :( codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/218294/…
6:01 AM
sadly, bonuses
When I give ideas for challenges, they end up not being very controversial
Conclusion: when I give you a challenge idea, write it up
surround a string with friendliness pellets
speed of lobsters
Around 99% of questions with my username in it have a reception rating < 1
conclusion: put my username in your question for upvotes
Here are some example configurations for Question Reception
Including the +x / -x ones
The format function can be anything; you can make it do this if you want:
2 hours later…
Idk. Existing error quine techniques may or may not work
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
@RedwolfPrograms also probably bad grammar, but controversiality isn't much shorter...
10:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameWrite a Deadfish~ writer & golfer code-golf metagolf interpreter Deadfish~ is a language with a couple of basic commands, and an accumulator which starts at 0: i - increment accumulator d - decrement accumulator s - square accumulator {...} - repeat the statement inside 10 times. (...) - if accu...

11:10 AM
@RedwolfPrograms hey wait I've seen that question somewhere before
Idk where though
3 hours later…
1:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/115193/80214 why's this deleted?
1:56 PM
@Razetime Because I lost the source code to Hodor
Click either of the links in the answer, they both lead to 404s
2:15 PM
oh :(
what's hodor based on
oh you made it lmao
@RedwolfPrograms Have you published it to Chrome Web Store?
no I mean which lang is it based on
I lost the code 3 years ago, so this is from memory
I think it used just an accumulator as a memory model, so it wasn't really usable
@user It's a userscript, not an extension
2:24 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Oh right
I wasn't able to install it just by dragging it into extensions. Guess I'll have to install Tampermonkey or something :(
Tampermonkey's useful
I just don't like installing extra stuff
You can also get Feed Filter, which shows the names of sandbox posts in the NSP feed
Oh cool
I've refrained from adding userscripts so far, but that might be useful
TBH SE is the only thing I use userscripts for
2:29 PM
Cool, I can see the reception now! Thanks @RedwolfPrograms
Sandbox Viewer, Review Stalker, Feed Filter and the Site Design are all super helpful
I use a custom one for XKCD but that's about it
2 hours later…
4:09 PM
Q: Make a QR quine

Purple PA "qruine" if you will :) Design a QR code that legibly spells with its pixels (or the space between them) the text that it scans to. For example, this QR code scans to the letter A, and also spells out A in white: There are 4 categories, one for each mode of QR code: numeric, alphanumeric, byte...

1 hour later…
5:29 PM
@NewMainPosts What do y'all think of this challenge?
Needs clarity
Would be cooler if the QR code encoded the program itself
Without the pixel art spelling thing
@RedwolfPrograms It would also be easier to judge
It was in the sandbox, but OP posted too early
You might want to suggest both of those to the OP
3 hours later…
8:37 PM
Wow monospace fonts aren't very good at being monospaced
8:59 PM
@RedwolfPrograms ?
Pretty much all of the math characters are too wide or thin
This is Verdana, right? I guess it wasn't made with that in mind.
Oh wait you're not talking about this font
Verdana's not even monospaced
I had those in backticks
Is it Consolas?
Yeah. I've tried a few others too.
9:04 PM
Let me try Droid Sans Mono
Great, that doesn't work either
9:23 PM
Can I just say that y'all are missing the obvious solution here.
Obviously, the answer is to use comic sans. :p
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
@Lyxal It's so ugly that it's almost beautiful
Excuse me while I scrub my eyes with steel wool
Now I no longer have to worry about aligning everything!
Really, though, it's even more inconvenient than it looks, especially when you're trying to move your cursor to another line
You really should be using helvetica, it's much nicer looking :p
I can't find Helvetica on IntelliJ :(
Chiller is such a great font, it even makes your code smaller so it's easier to read!
CMQ: Which font do you most love/hate?
Love: Calibri
Hate: Default serif
For text, not for code :p
11:57 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Ok that makes more sense
I was wondering if I'd mixed up Calibri with Consolas :P
For code, probably cousine (the default one on chrome), in size 8 pt it's actually nice
Oh, I really love the default 8x16 bitmap font on some linux distros
57171419: For code, I prefer using Droid Sans Mono. For text, I usually use Verdana, Times New Roman, or Comic Sans (it's really not that bad)
@RedwolfPrograms Do you know what it's called?
I don't think it has a name TBH. I'll take a screenshot

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