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12:26 AM
Q: Remove Nth occurrences

caird coinheringaahingGiven an array \$A\$ of positive integers between \$1\$ and \$9\$ inclusive and a positive integer \$n\$, remove all integers in \$A\$ which appear more than \$n\$ times. For example: [1,2,3,2,3,2,4,1,2], n = 2 Occurrence: 1 1 1 2 2 3 1 2 4 Keep? 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 Kept valu...

1:07 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is my answer valid? Did I understand the question right?
@DigitalTrauma I think so. I ran a couple of test cases through and it passed, so I don't see any issues
@cairdcoinheringaahing cool - thanks!
It's always slightly suspicious when regular languages compete with golfing langs tho :P
2:07 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing can I return output as a string of codepoints?
2:26 AM
@Razetime If that’s allowed by the default I/O formats, go ahead. Otherwise, no
hm ok
@cairdcoinheringaahing not specified there
all number arrays are output as strings in stax lol
@JoKing @WheatWizard someone in the tryitonline chatroom asked for mod help
what's crackin?
2:47 AM
3:20 AM
@Stereomac ropes
Actually no
They do be crackin'
I'm surprised nobody mentioned CnR challenges, those are being cracked
I should remember to make a text editor KoTH post sometime
Text Editor KoTH?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Mark GiraffeOutput function from one to another I tried to post this twice and I gained negative feedback, so I will put what I have in mind here if anyone is interested. Get a certain output function from one programming language and transfer to another. Criteria: It should function the same way as the o...

3:29 AM
How do you do a centered equation in mathjax again
god knows
So I want to try making a KoTH with codemirror
multiple cursors
few shortcuts allowed
so on
What's the goal?
maximum captured area after x moves?
I think that makes sense
Captured as in highlighted? Or typing some sort of character specific to the bot?
typing a character specific to the bot
which can also be highlighted for convenience sake
3:52 AM
@RedwolfPrograms $$...$$
Would decoding the Perseverance parachute code, be a good challenge?
4:10 AM
Might be, if you can describe it in a single post
4:41 AM
I'm done with today's sandbox review...
@AncientSwordRage The background is definitely interesting. The details might not.
@RedwolfPrograms Yes double-dollar, but you could lookup it...
I know I was just being lazy :p
Q: Challenge: Create the shortest program to output the result

Loie BenedicteThe program: As you type, the program outputs the instantaneous results of the sum of its alphabetic numerical values (a=1, b=2, ...) divided by the number of letters in the sentence being typed. So, for example, this sentence: The boy ate the apple. Would have 184 as its sum and 17 as its numbe...

Q: Determine the degree of a polynomial

Redwolf ProgramsBackground: For this challenge, a polynomial looks like this: $$P(x)=a_nx^n+a_{n-1}x^{n-1}+\dots+a_2x^2+a_1x+a_0$$ The degree, \$n\$, is the highest power \$x\$ is raised to. An example of a degree 7 polynomial would be: $$P(x)=4x^7+2x^6-7x^4+x^2-6x+17$$ All powers are integers \$n\ge0\$. This me...

5:04 AM
@AncientSwordRage would be a good kolmogorov challenge if you can make a good subset of it
1 hour later…
6:19 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Purple PCreate a QR quine (a "qruine" if you will) Design a QR code that legibly spells with its pixels (or the space between them) the text that it scans to. For example, this QR code scans to the letter A, and also spells out A in white: It does not matter what the scanned and displayed text is; it do...

3 hours later…
9:20 AM
Q: Upper Case [сlоsed]

Alex bries NO CasE ShoulD StaY OpeN, ClosE ThE CasE Given a sentence as input, close every uppercased word at letter i by changing letter -i to upperCase. Or as conveyed smoother by Xcali : For each n chars from the beginning and n chars from the end of the word should both be made uppercase if either o...

4 hours later…
12:56 PM
hi all
1:37 PM
hi anush
1:47 PM
God, the zoom when you click that
Wait, isn't it new to list user reps?
Not on this page
It's being doing that for years
Funny. I never noticed that.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I heard you like latex:)
1:52 PM
@flawr I edit it in whenever I see it lacking :P
The amount of <code>A<sub>n</sub></code> I've deleted on this site is ridiculous :P
and you haven't written a bot yet?:)
@flawr I don't trust my coding with the moderation powers of 25k rep :P
One typo and suddenly becomes on-topic again :P
Q: How even is a number?

Gust van de WalThe ancient Greeks had these things called singly and doubly even numbers. An example of a singly even number is 14. It can be divided by 2 once, and has at that point become an odd number (7), after which it is not divisible by 2 anymore. A doubly even number is 20. It can be divided by 2 twice,...

Q: Get the closest value to number

AlexINFIn this code golf, you need to get the closest number from another one in a list. The output may be the closest number to the input. Example: value: (Input) 5 --- [1,2,3] --- 3 And, the program may work with negative numbers. Example: value: (Input) 0 --- [-1,3,5] --- -1 value: (Input) 2...

2:25 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Michael ChatiskatziWhat is the next repdigit? code-golf math A repdigit \$r\$ is a number containing repeated instances of the same digit \$d\$. It can be represented as: \$r = d \cdot \frac{10^i-1}{9}\$, \$i \ge 0\$, \$1 \le d \le 9 \$ Challenge Given two positive integers \$n,j \in \mathbb{N} \$, where \$j \le n\...

3:18 PM
At one point today (around 2 hours ago), we had 6 questions on the HNQ, more than any other site!
I think RPG.SE was second with 4
You've got the hottest question currently, with mine in 4th :p
I get most news about politics and science from the HNQ list
3:34 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I had both of my latest questions on HNQ (excessive and Achilles), but it seems as though Achilles has dropped off :(
It probably decided the number of challenges you had on HNQ was...excessive :p
HNQs are clearly caird's Achilles heel
They should totally do a live action remake of the Bee Movie
Wait it was originally supposed to be live action
2 hours later…
5:39 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A lovely girlReverse error quine Based on this Write a quine that prints it own source code in reverse, but to STDERR. Penalties +200 using other files I.E. reverse.txt +100 internet usage +20 reading own source code Rules Minimum length of source is 2 bytes No palindromes Standard loopholes apply code...

3 hours later…
8:36 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Originally? Wait, you mean the Bee Movie wasn't a live action movie? I feel cheated
9:13 PM
Over the years I've sort of began to understand why JS's features work the way they do, but I'll never understand why .sort is implemented alphabetically by default
@RedwolfPrograms it's not even alphabetically: ['a','B'].sort() is ['B','a']
@ngn Because it's the numeric value there
Oh, forgot, it's Unicode code points
It makes complete sense for strings, but for everything else, it's just weird
I just love it when 12 > 100
In fact I vote for getting rid of < and > entirely for numbers, and use Unicode there too
9:17 PM
once upon a time someone thought "let's make it work for strings, we can always add support for numbers later", and the rest was backwards compatibility
@RedwolfPrograms You should try PHP instead of JS. I assure you, you'll love how it turns strings into numbers instead of the other way around
Honestly "we can always add support for numbers later" feels like JS summed up in one sentence
@RedwolfPrograms "summed" -> "concatenated" since we're dealing with strings
I really hope someday someone makes a really rapidly spreading, unstoppable virus that just deletes internet explorer off people's computers and installs a reasonable browser
Then we can just forget about backwards compatibility
lol :)
9:20 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Microsoft is promoting Edge
I tried opening a page in IE once and it automatically opened in Edge because apparently IE didn't support it or something
Luckily newer versions of Edge are just Chrome with a texture pack
Most of the people who use older IE are probably corporations and governments who are too lazy to upgrade from Windows XP
web dev is so much easier in this decade compared to the early 00's
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, it's time to upgrade to Windows Vista now
Or Linux
@RedwolfPrograms Funny you should say that, I recently installed Ubuntu Budgie on my old Windows Vista laptop
9:24 PM
I mean it's a bit more annoying than Windows for some stuff, but I'm sure if companies started switching it'd pressure more applications into supporting Linux
Plus you can't easily install Internet Explorer on it
There are distros with nice UIs for dumb Windows users like me, and I'm sure they'll just improve in the future, so it's not a problem
@RedwolfPrograms No one installs IE anywhere anymore
If they have it, it's usually because their computer came with it
Good evening Lyxal
Morning y'all
@user mornin'!
good timezone
9:30 PM
CMQ: Which browser(s) do you most hate or most love?
I really only use Firefox
Favourites: Vivaldi and Duckduckgo. Hated: google chrome
and have never actually done web dev so no IE compatibility nightmares
I like Chrome, although I get why people don't
@Lyxal You should try Brave
@RedwolfPrograms RAM, I guess?
9:32 PM
@user I did
I don't notice any RAM issues
@user hated: ie before ie6. loved: [position available].
@user I switched from brave to Vivaldi
Just over 200MiB with 10 tabs open
Brave seems nice
9:32 PM
Because Brave started playing up for some reason
my dad uses it but I just prefer FF lmao
Firefox is probably good, but running it on a chromebook feels too ironic (and it's slower on a chromebook)
@Lyxal "playing up"?
that makes sense
honestly I might switch from Firefox if I found out about something that's really good at optimizing RAM usage when you have like 500~2000 tabs open
I used to use Firefox when I was younger but don't remember it anymore. Is it slower than Chrome?
9:35 PM
@user definitely slower on a chromebook
I don't see why RAM is that much of a problem for a browser; almost all laptops nowadays are going to be at least 4 GiB, and who has more than 20 or so tabs open at once?
how the hell do you only have 20 tabs
do you just use a lot of bookmarks
I don't know why, but my old laptop used to often crash when I had Chrome open (even just a handful of tabs)
Yeah, bookmarks for most things and a few pinned ones
9:36 PM
makes sense
across all windows I think I have like 10 total pinned tabs
Plus I know V8's really optimized; I'm not sure what would be using more RAM than other browsers
I mean I can initialize a 40 MiB typed array and insert a million random values, and the memory usage doesn't even really change. There's obviously quite a bit of laziness and optimization going on.
Almost all tabs I have open are using 2-10 MiB...that means my $200 chromebook can probably handle several hundred tabs, if a little slowly
has anyone tried to compile a browser from source?
@user I don't remember exactly what it was doing, but it started misbehaving
@Lyxal Huh, better keep an eye out for that then
@RedwolfPrograms I don't know why Chrome has a bad reputation when it comes to RAM, then. Perhaps older versions weren't that optimized
I am trying to sort each line of a file, individually, in functional bash (no explicit states or loops). My best attempt so far: Try it online! Am I missing some obvious (or non-obvious) better way?
10:22 PM
Woah since when have they shown question tags for answers in search results?
@Lyxal ?
@ngn I used to only ever run Firefox compiled from source, but that was before it got monthly updates
@user ^
As you can see, those are answers (the "A:" which I circled on each shows that they aren't questions)
And they have the tags of the question they answer (which I circled as well)
10:52 PM
Oh cool, that's a nice feature
@RedwolfPrograms look here
CMP: How many browser tabs are open right now?
I have 42 on this PC, 19 on another, and 15 on my phone
@Bubbler 6: 4 on PC and 2 on mobile
10 on pc and uncountably infinitely many on mobile
@Bubbler Today is a good day for me, only 13. My max is around 50, average is around 25
@Lyxal Can one get anything for learning how to play some other song by Smash Mouth on the piano?
11:00 PM
@user no
i only like All Star
@Lyxal How about I introduce you to some nice classical music that I just happen to be able to play on the piano?
how about no.
Alright then
I need to make a bounty for Scala answers
A: List of bounties with no deadline

user50-500 rep for answers in Scala I'm giving out bounties for answers in Scala, an amazing language that is unfortunately rarely used here. Any Scala answers gets 50 rep from me, and if the following are met, you can get a bonus: Good explanation: +50-100 Cleverly done: +50-200 Wins challenge when...

I guess "Wins challenge when posted" would be almost impossible for Scala, except for FGITW
^ Here's an incentive for people to answer more in Scala
11:12 PM
(or solving an unanswered, which is very challenging for a reason)
@Bubbler Probably, yes, which is why I've made it +100
I guess if some answer wins a challenge, it'll probably also be really cleverly done
@Bubbler Because you already solved all the unsolved ones that were even remotely possible…
If the first few answers are normal languages, Scala can sometimes win (e.g. binary -> decimal is just _./:(0)(_*2+_))
There are a few that are still possible though. All of them are on my "target list" I think
There are also challenges that have only one or two very lengthy answers
11:29 PM
For example this is up for the grabs
A: List of bounties with no deadline

user50-450 rep for answers in Scala I'm giving out bounties for answers in Scala, an amazing language that is unfortunately rarely used here. Any Scala answers gets 50 rep from me, and if the following are met, you can get a bonus: Good explanation: +50-100 Cleverly done: +50-200 Wins challenge when...

I answered an unanswered question from 2016 a few months back, it was quite painful.
I could probably golf 25% off of it but I'm not going anywhere near that code for the rest of my life
@Bubbler I have nine, three that I usually have open, four that are semi-permanently open for current projects, and two that I'm using at the moment
I thought I was bad at managing the number of tabs I had open until I saw y'all's reponses
@Lyxal Thanks for the bounty :p

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