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1:01 AM
does anyone here have LLVM built with WASM support?
if you do, could you let me knwo if you are able to build this file with llc -mtriple=wasm32-unknown-unknown-elf -x=ir -filetype=asm < HelloWorld.ll
1:23 AM
Q: Should this identifier be suggested?

Shieru AsakotoIntroduction In Android Studio and other IDEs there are code completions to assist efficient code insertion (especially when the names of the classes or methods are so verbose), like the one in the image below. There are slightly different logics used between IDEs to determine what classes, m...

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9:27 AM
Hey guys.. I'm not a Python guy, but how would you golf a function to map a string of 'x' 'y' and 'z' (eg. "zzzxxyzyxyxyzyxy") to a string consisting of a number of 'a's equal to the number of 'z's in the original, then likewise for 'b's and 'y's, and then 'c's and 'z's. So "zzzxxyzyxyxyzyxy" becomes "aaaaabbbbbbccccc"
@jaytea translate lol
yeah, translate and sort
@jaytea in Python 3, you can do it like this, if you don't mind the list
@EriktheOutgolfer interesting


9:39 AM
I'm... pretty sure jaytea didn't want to translate between roman 166 and roman 1660 :P
(yeah, I know it doesn't do that, but still)
i can't figure out how to format code in chat <_<;;
hi all
@primo because either the whole message is code, or it's not (if you're talking about a code block)
inlined code is supported too, though
9:42 AM
(multiplies a roman numeral by 10)
(nah, doesn't really work like that)
i was happy to discover that
s.translate( dict( zip( b'...', b'...' ) ) )
works though, despite being more verbose than most languages
D × X = MMMMM ;-)
here is the function
also, that translate trick works because bytes values are essentially tuples of integers :P
10:21 AM
Hey, thanks guys!
10:43 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer multiplies a roman numeral less than or equal to 399 by 10 ;)
which is generally all that's needed as part of a decimal-to-roman implementation
11:16 AM
Hmmm so I'm playing around with that for fun, and I'm trying to reverse the mechanism so it's sort then translate. I tried sorted(s).translate(...) but that fails because sorted() returns a list. So I googled a bit and saw that "".join(sorted(s)) returns a string, but both "".join(sorted(s)).translate() and ("".join(sorted(s))).translate() still fail saying a string or other char buffer is required
Where is my folly?
are you using str.translate with no arguments?
because that does work for me
Nah, translate({a:b,c:d}) etc. as in your example
(where abcd are ascii values of course)
is that how you're doing it?
and... are you using Python 2?
Yeaaa sorry just noticed it was Python 2
yeah, Python 2's str.translate is more cumbersome
11:26 AM
("".join(sorted(s))).translate({1:1}) still errors saying "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'translate'"
And dropping the first () results in a syntax error
@jaytea Python 3, right? :P
seems like not
this definitely works
y'know I think I had some other syntax issue because it's right as rain now. Thanks!
12:04 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenSort by Largest Digit(s) code-golfintegernumbersorting Given a list of integer, sort descending by their single largest digit(s). The order for numbers with the same largest digit are then sorted by second largest digit, etc. We ignore duplicated digits in numbers. And if all digits in a number...

12:38 PM
Q: Fastest possible way of finding a substring which meets rules

PekuredaAccepted language: c++ Given q pairs of n and m long sets of numbers in a fixed order, find a length of the longest possible pair of subsets for each pair which meets rules specified below: Either subset must have the same length One subset must come from one set Either subset must come from a...

Q: Coach 2048: How much more till 2048?

micnapI have just tried a game called Coach 2048. (Note: You should have look to understand this question) Since it's wasn't very exciting for me, I've been asking myself 'How much more till 2048!?' That insired me to post a challenge because calculating this in not as easy as I thought. Your goal: Gi...

12:50 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Vedant KandoiManipulate letters.. not case Task: Given an input string, output the reverse of the string keeping the position of the case constant. Rules: Input and output must be in string format. Input may contain any characters. In case that there wasn't an alphabet on a position before but there is ...

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3:36 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BMOLet's play Peg Solitaire Tags: code-golf, array-manipulation, decision-problem Peg solitaire is a popular game usually played alone. The game consists of some number of pegs and a board which is divided into a grid - usually the board is not rectangular but for this challenge we will assume s...

4:01 PM
@Adám Do you have a link to the genealogy of languages? I remember a very nice graph that you prepared, but I can't find it on Meta (was it there?)
Q: What are the relationships between programming languages created by PPCG users

AdámPrompted by this. We already know which languages were created by PPCG users. Clearly language authors are inspired by each other and by existing practical languages. What are these relationships? Looking for something like this.

@Adám Thanks!
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5:24 PM
A: List of bounties with no deadline

jimmy2301350*3 rep for answers in Factorio (a non-free game) I'll award at least 50 rep to the first 3 answers in the latest version of vanilla Factorio without using commands, custom scenarios, etc, that: It is nontrival: either the shortest answer of all languages has at least 3 bytes, or you have use...

5:56 PM
Q: Iterated Prisoner's Trilemma

BlacksilverPrisoner's dilemma ... with three choices. Crazy, huh? Here's our payoff matrix. Player A on the left, B on the top A,B| C | N | D ---|---|---|--- C |3,3|4,1|0,5 N |1,4|2,2|3,2 D |5,0|2,3|1,1 The payoff matrix is engineered so that it's best for both players to always cooperate, but you ca...

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7:17 PM
@Adám Done
@Mego Thanks!
Huh, that's kinda nifty. I have exactly 600 answers and exactly 100 questions.
8:07 PM
Random question: according to the golfing-langs list, Lynn created GS2, but is that really accurate? (I have no idea where I got that information from o_o)
Is nooodl a completely separate user who isn't on PPCG at all?
@AdmBorkBork Time to leave PPCG? :P
@Quintec Of course not. I like this community.
Nah, it means he needs to write exactly 50 more questions and 400 more answers
@ETHproductions That is accurate. Lynn created GS2 back when she was known as Mauris. nooodl is another account belonging to Lynn.
@ETHproductions Just by scanning the list once, I don’t see Canvas, may be missing other common ones
8:11 PM
@Mego Huh. So Lynn, nooodl, and the Mauris referred to in old comments and messages are all the same person? Maybe I should link to Lynn's GH instead of nooodl's though...
(I knew Lynn had another name they were using before, just couldn't remember what it was... Mauris sounds right!)
@ETHproductions Yes; however, the GS2 repository is owned by the nooodl account, so linking there may be more appropriate
Alright, I'll leave it as is, the more well-known name Lynn linking to the actual account nooodl.
Also just to CMA: I meant that nooodl (the GH account) belongs to Lynn - I have no idea if there is a PPCG account for nooodl, much less whether or not it belongs to Lynn.
@ETHproductions yeah, I think maurisvh too
On shinh there appears to be a lynn in 15th and a nooodl in 19th, no mauris though.
@Quintec There's an issue related to adding Canvas to the list, I'll have to go see what the problem is...
8:17 PM
Stan Lee just died
8:32 PM
@ETHproductions How comes my languages aren't on there?
The person who created my whole childhood. Rest In Peace.
@Adám Link them for me and I'll be happy to add them :-)
@ETHproductions I can just PR.
@Adám That works too, if you wouldn't mind doing it yourself.
At some point I'd like to make the list into a full webpage, so we can fit more information on each language (codepage, language status and/or usage, etc.)
Perhaps also more info on each user, so we can avoid the Mauris/Lynn/nooodl thing for future users :-)
is there a word that means something along the lines of "a bit of incorrect or outdated information"? Somewhere between "bug" and "typo"...
8:56 PM
9:28 PM
@DJMcMayhem Is this a hard drive on the bottom left?
9:45 PM
@ETHproductions For evidence: (c.f. Here)
@Zacharý Ah, good find!
My goodness.
And evidence for Mauris=Lynn
10:00 PM
what trick is my mind playing on me
I swear I saw "Anti evidence" a minute ago
I even looked at the word twice
and then now I saw it has changed into "And" and I came to this room and saw that the message was never edited
this is creepy
@LeakyNun maybe this? ...
well, inversed, but you get the point
I don't know
I feel like I've focused on the word to make sure it is "Anti" because it feels strange
I just feel like my senses can't be trusted
Well, I have no evidence against Lynn being Mauris, so I don't know what anti-evidence I could propose
Yeah, nice way to find evidence of past usernames is going through old posts. I wonder how many WW has evidence of?
(Correction: any cops and robber's posts, because people post the names when cracking the post)
10:25 PM
@flawr 'tis indeed
11:03 PM
@Zacharý Even better evidence:
Jun 30 '16 at 16:41, by aditsu
Feb 2 at 4:07, by Lynn
I went by "Mauris" before! You may have seen me around
@LeakyNun Of course they can't
@EriktheOutgolfer MS Paint evidence is impossible to refute
@LuisMendo O_O Well, that's direct. How'd I not think to look in the chat. Goodness.
I guess we can say... it's hidden in plain site
It was plane too sea
11:12 PM
Plane to C#^
11:47 PM
@ETHproductions errata
@LeakyNun Just remember: mods are to be trusted, because we would definitely never play tricks on people for giggles
@Mego lol where did that come from
@LeakyNun The only way that you could've seen a message one way then another is if it was edited, and the edit history was purged by a moderator. But we would never do that just to mess with someone, because we are 100% trustworthy and do not believe in having fun.
I didn't intend that...
I'm just being a bit goofy - I was implying that maybe we were trying to make you doubt your senses :P
11:51 PM
(we weren't)
There are multiple layers to my exhaustion-fueled jokes, just like onions

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