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12:58 AM
@Mego I'd like to see exhaustion fuel anything
1 hour later…
2:06 AM
Exhaustion fuels sleep ... that's about it.
@Zacharý It's more of exhaustion forces sleep... :P
Either way ...
@Quintec Plane[2] C
2:56 AM
Hello, Ð! (for some reason, I find that never gets old)
So glad I can bring you perpetual amusement :P
hmm, can it be turned into an emoticon?
Completely missing the joke but probably Japt related
Oh huh
So what does it do in Japt :P
It's a shortcut for new Date( in JS
in case you want to create a Date from something :P
3:16 AM
It's just because he's ETHproductions ... it has nothing to do with Japt. I ain't' J-apt.
ba dum tsh
3:28 AM
I am not apt in J either (seriously though, I need to learn J some day)
4 hours later…
7:15 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Vedant KandoiVisible Buildings Task Given an array of building heights and an input integer k, find all the combinations of the height such that exactly k buildings are visible. Any format for input and output is valid. In case it is not possible to see exactly as many buildings, output anything that cann...

@Zacharý easy. go on code-golf.io
3 hours later…
10:16 AM
lynn made gs2 O_o
oh yeah @ETHproductions we know lynn's real name (well afaik). might want to add it if you get permission
oh, also el'endia, mayube, mego and aditsu
10:47 AM
oh and also dj too
@ETHproductions :( why so many todos
Q: Reciprocal copycats

ArnauldLet \$A\$ be a positive integer consisting of \$n\$ decimal digits \$d_1,d_2,...,d_n\$. Let \$B\$ be another positive integer. For the purpose of this challenge, we call \$A\$ a copycat of \$B\$ if there exists at least one list of positive integers \$p_1,p_2,...,p_n\$ such that: $$\sum_{i=1}^{...

oh and now that bigint is a thing should i port charcoal to js so i can put it on a webpage? hmm
11:08 AM
@Mego nope, your "tricks" are actually visible to normal users too :-D if some mod has purged the message history, then, if you go to the history, it will say "(no message history)" or something, which indicates the history has been purged (cc @LeakyNun)
11:19 AM
Q: Definite Integral of one continue function in a finite interval

RosLuPDefinite Integral of one continue function in a finite interval It is given as input 1) one representation of one continue function f (example as one anonymous function or as one string that the language translate in a function, or as one composition of functions) 2) one finite close interva...

12:18 PM
Somebody knows any golfing language transpiled to javascript just like Japt or TeaScript?
@LuisfelipeDejesusMunoz not sure but this graph (made by Adám) might help you. There's a Javascript node somewhere in there
12:35 PM
Q: Cut-Off The Matrix

Vedant KandoiTask Given is a square matrix of any dimension and any integer n. Output all possible matrices by removing columns and rows from the input matrix such that the determinant of these new matrices is n. Rules Output should include original if determinant of original is n. Output should be all t...

@NewMainPosts um, the determinant of the empty matrix is 1...
12:49 PM
@Dennis wait, should the output matrices surely be square?
probably going to ask that...
Determinants of non-square matrices are more or less a Jelly extension.
ah, alright
damn, Jelly! :-P
15 bytes is possible.
16 bytes to de-transpose the output. :/
12:59 PM
.oO( 15th byte is , hm... )
1:24 PM
update: still trying :P
@Dennis bah, I quit :/
what did you do? extracted toothache doesn't help :-(
There's a built-in to generate all subsets of a certain length.
yeah, looks like my brain is fried rn
yeah, œc
so, œcLŻ$$ seems a bit long
“”ṭ has the same length as Ż$$...
ŒP for the fist pass, œc for the second.
1:39 PM
yippee ŒPZœcLƊ€Ẏ
but... turns out it's 17 bytes with a Q in there
How are you de-transposing?
Can be done in one byte.
ah, wait
> Dennis [creative comment]
That doesn't work. You're zipping lists of matrices.
1:42 PM
ah, yeah, just realized I moved the de-transposing before the >_>_<_<
yep, just confirmed, Q is required
Q: Terms of the EKG sequence

davidIntroduction The EKG sequence begins with 1 and 2, then the rule is that the next term is the smallest positive integer not already in the sequence and whose common factor with the last term is greater than 1 (they are not coprimes). The first terms are: 1, 2, 4, 6, 3, 9, 12, 8, 10, 5, 15, ...

@NewMainPosts pretty sure this is a dupe?
I'm certain I saw this exact same sequence in a post last week (or the week before)
@Dennis bah, looks like my brain has numbed completely...
(went to school today)
Hint: your 15-byte solution solves the problem for the transpose of the input.
wait, really? o_o
so obvious, duh
1:55 PM
That's the one I had.
yeah, the way this solution is structured looks so against my usual solving strategy, that's why I had issues...
test cases! \o/
2:25 PM
delicious jelly
3:18 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SokLunar Arithmetic Lunar Arithmetic (also called dismal arithmetic, a play on decimal) is an alternative to elemental arithmetic in which only addition and multiplication is defined, and then only for non-negative integers. For single-digit numbers, addition is defined as the maximum of the two di...

@ConorO'Brien …why did you suddenly remember about this challenge ? :p
how did you find out... it's my answer that he accepted...
Or did he just accept multiple answers in a row
yeah, probably
also... I'd never disapprove an accept :P
March 5… wtf
4:10 PM
hi all
4:24 PM
@ASCII-only I'll add Mayube's (since it's public on their GH), and I can add the others' if they don't have a problem with it. (I'll need help with their names though)
1 hour later…
5:51 PM
Q: Tribute to Stan Lee

Luis felipe De jesus MunozUnfortunately one of the most greatest comic book writers has passed away yesterday afternoon. Lots of Hollywood stars, musician, actors and many other people are paying tribute to this awesome writer so we must do something as well. Challenge Print The Avengers Logo In ASCII-art ...

@NewMainPosts uh... not that his death is insignificant, but...
@EriktheOutgolfer For a lot of us that follow his work since a very young age, it is a big loss :'c
yeah, I can understand the sadness, but, as a challenge, not sure if it's very original, to be frank
Original it isn't honestly, it is just to draw the avengers logo. Nothing too elaborated
but I actually tried and couldn't do it (I'm very bad at ascii art though)
@Fatalize @EriktheOutgolfer it just happens sometimes :P
6:19 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't see how it is any more/less creative than most ascii-art challenges.
Q: Calculate your Icy Tower Score

HatsuPointerKunDo you know Icy Tower ? Here is a gameplay example of what i'm talking about The game concept is simple : you play as Harold the Homeboy, and your goal is to jump from floors to floors to go as high as possible without falling and getting off-screen ( the camera goes higher following you or at a...

5 hours later…
10:55 PM
Hey, they posted that question!
11:21 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LaikoniDoes this Set Represent a Natural Number? code-golf decision-problem set-theory In set theory, the natural numbers \$\mathbb{N} = \{0, 1, 2, 3, ...\}\$ are usually encoded as pure sets in the following way: Zero is the empty set: \$ Set(0) = \{\} \$ For a number \$n > 0\$: \$ Set(n) = Set(n-1)...

Does anyone else feel it's sometimes easier to golf someone else's code than your own?
@Zacharý Depends mostly on which language they used ;-)
It's usually easier to see which tricks somebody else missed.
Just like it's usually easier to proofread something somebody else wrote.
(Half the time, I have no idea what the code does when I golf someone else's code). And mostly C++ is when I can actually make suggestions to golf.
Little syntax tricks and #define, mostly

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