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12:10 AM
Lol, 3 votes to reopen, 2 to delete... Which one will win?
@JoKing you must be joking
How many reopen or delete votes are needed to take effect?
5 and 3 respectively
@LeakyNun Yes, that's me. (you have no idea the amount of people who make that joke)
@JoKing wow, are you joking?
12:17 AM
you could say it's the (jo) king of puns you receive
perhaps you are jo king with laughter
12:39 AM
Dangit, Conor, I wasn't here in time.
12:56 AM
@ConorO'Brien i think were bringing back the ppcg tf2 server
@quartata :OOOOOOOOO
if you go back in the transcript, you can see dirct Democracy in action as the people demanded to bring it back
user image
I found this moment amusing
And that question is still at 3-2
1:03 AM
@DJMcSpookem Nice Factorio calculator
@Mego The best
@NewSandboxedPosts what is this even asking for?
@quartata no I think it got nuked in the rm rf ~
@ConorO'Brien To be deleted
1:09 AM
@Downgoat wrong room but ok thats fine. i know all the mods
@Mego awh you should have edited the chat message
@quartata My cleverness ran out after the first one, sorry
@DJMcSpookem So you're going to bash your cat? How rude!
1:28 AM
Funny, openInvent's only other post on the network also sounds like random gibberish, but actually has a legitimate answer
what an... interesting book
@JoKing Okay, can you make sense of the above? :P
one more removed post <_<
his profile is unironically a groupsspace link and I think they're the only one who posts to that forum
1:41 AM
make an account and post uh
"bring back ppcg tf2 server"
Wait a second what
i just got a letter postmarked from "naval criminal invesigative serivce"
it just says bring back ppcg tf2 server
and theres a hoofprint on the back
from gaot with love
1:58 AM
\o/ literally only one package conflict from system upgrade
this has never happened to me before
I'm so used to having to spend hours screwing around with my dnf configuration
It's VLC by the way.
Solution: don't use VLC. :P
99% chance it will work flawlessly when I dnf install vlc after the system upgrade
No, I meant in general. Not to fix this particular problem.
What's wrong with VLC?
I can't really put my finger on it, but I've always hated VLC.
2:05 AM
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just kinda got used to it since for most of my life VLC held the position of "Way better than windows media player" and I didn't really consider alternatives when switching to Linux since VLC just works everywhere
I didn't like it on Windows either.
I used MediaPlayer Classic on Windows, them SMPlayer on Linux, now mpv.
I might just use Dragon Player just because it ships with KDE
Ships with KDE isn't particularly high on my list. So far, mpv has given me the least amount of problems with codecs and the best performance, even on semi-ancient hardware.
It only sort-of has a GUI, but it has the essentials and you can write your own plugins with Lua.
I don't think I've ever had performance issues playing video from disk
oh i see the spoopy avatars have started
2:09 AM
It's been at least a week I think
For Dennis at least
@Pavel HD video on an old, integrated GPU, will do that for you.
@Pavel October 12.
@Pavel Excuse me, I put a lot of work into spoopifying my avatar
I'm actually not quite sure how that works
Intuitively, streaming video would be *easier* since normally you have to render all the stuff on your desktop and then show it, and with a video file, everything's already been rendered for you
/me knows next to nothing about how displays work
A raw video file would be huge.
gpus accelerate mpeg decompression etc.
oftentimes thats even fixed function
2:16 AM
1080p at 60 fps with 24-bit color would require roughly 3 Gigabits per second.
But it would solve the performance issue on older hardware, assuming that the disk can keep up.
I wonder if there's even a (modern) format for that
there is
avis are really just containers
no particular codec
so you can put uncompressed video in there
theres also lossless stuff lke huffyuv
of course the best way of doing video. this is the secret shit not even pixar will tell you. here it goes
tarball with 1 uncompressed TGA per frame and a wav file
2:24 AM
oh boy
patented by gabe newell baby.
You know if someone at Valve actually tried this I wouldn't be too surprised
gabe "we havent updated our avi codec since 1995" newell
you thought this was a joke
I was hoping this was a joke
the only part that was a joke was the tar part. it gets dumped in pwd
2:26 AM
Is this a source film maker thing
I think the only "videos" played in Valve games is the introductory screen where the valve logo flashes for a few seconds
when you export demos. i think sfm can do it like that too but it might have some different export options
it got mpeg4 in source 2013. except it loks like shit
color space for ants or something i really dont understand it. looks like a sepia film
The real reason Valve games don't have cutscenes
the intro cinematic is in BIK which is actually compressed by 200 IQ geniuses
this spring roll was too spicy make me angry. make me smash inferior video codecs
You know, half the time that @quartata speaks, it makes me think of this picture
@DJMcSpookem y u no kno the sPiCeEeEeE
2:39 AM
@DJMcSpookem self portrait
2:55 AM
Oof, deleted won. Pity, I had this solution lined up for it
I assume Data means arbitrary 8-bit binary data. was intended to include null bytes and infinite streams.
3:32 AM
If I have an unsigned int with value 10000000000000000000000000000101 in C and I cast it to (int) then why is it -2147483643 and not -5 :|
@Downgoat That would be 1111...111011
yeah not how twos complement works
>_< maybe shouldn't have fall asleep in CS class
just think about it wrapping around. for 4 bits it would be 0, 1, 2, ... 7 then wraps around so -8, -7, ...
Actually it might work if you find a processor that implements signed-magnitude system
3:43 AM
oh shit. i cant believe the standard allows that hahahaa
apparently ones complement is allowed too
i just had a great idea
make the worst C compiler that complies with the standard
we dont need hardware to do signed-magnitude math really
That's an option ofc
life of ordinary PPCG user
like how can we make the least-compatible and yet most-standards-compliant compiler. its all smooth sailing until you so much as tip-toe into "UB"
make the emitted assembler miseable and slow too
4:09 AM
just compile it to qftasm :)
@quartata I think making the output assembly would ruin potential jokes about trying to use it "seriously"
what do you mean
fine, "machine code." you happy adjunct cs professor
I missed a word, sorry
i hate the words machine code. almost as much as zeroes and ones
4:15 AM
I meant to say "crappy assembly"
thats true. itd probably be more fun to make the output quality just mediocre and focus on making your C acceptable to the compiler be the challenge
this isnt movfuscator
you can run it through that after if you like. real toolchain
You don't even need a backend you can just write it as an alternative GCC frontend
no you still need a backend for e.g. changing the integer representations
id just do my own though. have you seen how small people can get basic compilers?
Not really
the main challenge is going through the standard and finding every opportunity to subvert expectations
im not sure signed magnitude is bad enough anymore. there is worse
4:25 AM
you could do something fun with division by 0
maybe "run python", since that's usually an accident
4:36 AM
Fedora 29 upgrade is succesful
5:29 AM
Only had one obvious regression so far
Some really weird stuff happened to my cpan configuration
4 hours later…
9:44 AM
@Downgoat the type to which you cast is signed, so the most significant bit of the argument is copied to the result
9:55 AM
oops, now i realise my comment is irrelevant... ignore me
1 hour later…
11:19 AM
Q: Goods distribution problem

user83795There are some factories, the number n of which are given by the user. Each factory has been indexed from 0 to n-1. The factories are situated on a circle in order. We have to distribute goods starting from a factory, and have to go at each factory in order along the circle i.e. if we start from ...

12:04 PM
Q: Numbers Manipulation challenge

MonolicaUse any programming language to generate two random digits between 1 and 9 (including both). Then your program should display: - in the first line: the first random digit, - in the second line: the second random digit, - in the third line: a number whose tens and units digits are the first and se...

12:31 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Spitemasterking-of-the-hill javascript Game of Game of Life Conway's Game of Life is a 0-player game. But that's okay! We can make it a multi-player game. This game is played on the smallest square grid that will accommodate a 6x6 square for each player (12x12 for 2-4 players, 18x18 for 5-9 players, et...

2 hours later…
2:45 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ZgarbCyclically self-describing lists code-golf array-manipulation counting A list \$L\$ of positive integers is cyclically self-describing, if the following conditions hold. \$L\$ is nonempty. The first and last elements of \$L\$ are different. If you split \$L\$ into runs of equal elements, th...

Q: My array should equal this, but it doesn't!

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3 hours later…
5:25 PM
tfw you actually get the reference of DJ's Halloween chat "about me"
tfw when you see the casual self advertising
well, in that sense, print "Hello, World!" is also PSF's casual self-advertising :P
"Hello, world!" advertising for 100+ languages
with the print in front... not so many
5:52 PM
CMC: Implement Vim's J command. The J command takes the current line and the next line, removes all leading spaces from the second line, and joins them together with a single space.
Input will be 2 strings, corresponding to the two lines, and output will be one string, corresponding to the first line after using J
For example: "Hello", "world" -> "Hello world". And "Hello", " world" --> "Hello world"
(inb4 vim, 1 byte)
V, 1 byte. :-P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

sergiolUser ranking in language Challenge is: You need receive the input of "language". By "language" I mean the at left of the comma in the Title of an answer on the present code-golf site. The source for the data are the answers posted here on code-golf site. You must present results in order. De...

@DJMcSpookem PowerShell, 32 bytes Try it online!
@DJMcSpookem Jelly, 6 bytes: œl⁶,@K
(or œl⁶⁶;ṭ as a full program)
6:08 PM
@DJMcSpookem Canvas, 10 bytes
does Jelly really beat Canvas? wow
by an order of magnitude too
@EriktheOutgolfer what does Jelly do?
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't know jelly is why I'm asking :|
ah, I thought you were trying to make me forget about it :P
6:15 PM
@dzaima That's the question that everyone, even those who program in Jelly, ask.
œl = remove leading y from x; œl⁶ = pair of œl (trim leading) and (space); , = pair x and y; ,@ = reverse arguments quick applied to , (pair) (implicit arguments: right: right argument); K = join with spaces
@DJMcSpookem Actually, 5 bytes: ö' +o
lstrip, prepend space, append
see, canvas doesn't have any stripping builtins, nor join with spaces, nor even an indexOf function :p
the spooky thing about that, it Actually works...
6:19 PM
it's just while(popFirst()!=" ");, prepend last left arg of that last , prepend " ", prepend input, couldn't come up with anything better
@EriktheOutgolfer Now try it in V or vim without any joining built-ins
I can do it in 5
let's see how I can get my rust V going on
Spoiler is 5 bytes, but it is kinda half-cheating
(it doesn't use J, but it does use what I would consider to be a joining built-in)
Oh wait, I'm dum.
That doesn't work if the second line has no spaces
@J.Sallé doesn't work if has no leading spaces
I have 18 bytes
6:35 PM
@DJMcSpookem Emacs, 3 bytes C-n M-^
becomes 2 bytes (just M-^) if the cursor is placed on the last line instead of the first
@dzaima fixed mine, it's now 20 bytes
@TuxCopter eye-twitch
@DJMcSpookem 7 bytes: j^d0i<C-h> (+ trailing space)
@EriktheOutgolfer That's actually exactly the same as my 5 byte approach, just with some minor changes
Would you like 2 tips, or do you want to try to figure it out?
but it does work if the second line doesn't have leading spaces
6:43 PM
Yeah, mine does too
ah, alright, tips it is then :P
I'm already tired of searching for how to remove a newline without going into insert mode
The gJ solution I posted was an alternate solution for the heck of it. I consider it cheating since gJ is basically the same thing
good Job
@EriktheOutgolfer Tip 1: <cr> == j^, or if there are only two lines G ~= j^. Tip 2: d<motion>i == c<motion>
So all together, I had Gc0<C-h><space>
Wouldn't it be awesome if the IDE you're forced to work with didn't stutter every time you type?
6:45 PM
But <cr>c0<C-h><space> would work as well
hm, wouldn't + work too?
Oh yeah, for sure
good job cheat sheet, you have me disappointed
And a nice thing about this is that it works equally in V and vim. The shortest V specific approach I can think of is one byte longer: óîó*/<space>
(Which is basically :s/\n\s*/<space><cr>)
so... it looks like that c in normal (not visual, goddangit) mode isn't documented in that cheat sheet
6:52 PM
Which cheat sheet?
actually, that c command is nowhere
Ah yeah. Honestly, they should put operators and motions (and text objects) in completely different categories. Learning dj or dw isn't nearly as useful as learning that d is an operator, and you can d<motion> whatever you like
@EriktheOutgolfer It is under visual mode, but like I said I'm not a fan of the way they laid that all out
under visual mode? scrap that cheat sheet!
the context of c in your approach is definitely not visual mode
Especially once you realize that visual mode is really no different than normal mode, it just lets you make more fine tuned movements for an operator to work on before specifying what operator you're using
hm, is there a better cheat sheet out there? Google doesn't help me, and I'm not going to remember hundreds of Vim commands
6:58 PM
The best cheat sheet is using vim everyday for years. I don't have to remember the various vim commands, my fingers remember them for me :P
But more seriously, this one's not bad: viemu.com/a_vi_vim_graphical_cheat_sheet_tutorial.html
@EriktheOutgolfer It also helps to learn the "grammar" of vim. Like how operators (verbs) and motions (nouns) work together.
.oO( so the nouns are the motions... )
Q: Distribution of goods keeping cost into account

Ishan SinghThere are some house situated on a circle. Each house is indexed from 0 to n-1 in order, n being the number of houses. Each house has two properties, first the amount received after delivering goods at the house and second, the cost required to travel to the house with next index. We have to star...

@NewMainPosts four winning criteria...?
@DJMcSpookem nice stuff over there!
I've downloaded the 8 SVGs
and yep, lesson 2 explains the "change" command quite clearly
7:17 PM
Oh cool, I'm glad you like it. I haven't looked at it that closely, I've just seen that image a bunch of times
Good to hear it's a good tutorial overall
caveat: doesn't really explain the g* commands, pretty sure there are more than two
or the z* commands for that matter; I guess I can look up elsewhere :P
@EriktheOutgolfer You could say that again. I checked vim help: There are 65
And 45 z commands
I guess I must somehow install vim or something on Windows
@NewMainPosts Looks like a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/175005/42963
8:18 PM
@AdmBorkBork Seems suspicious - either same person or it's from an ongoing contest...
definitely either of those two...
8:53 PM
@ASCII-only do you remember anything about VSL prarser gettniga mbiguity error :(
btw @quartata what happened to PyTek
@DJMcSpookem Make up your mind... the J command doesn't insert a space if the current line already ends with a space or the next line begins with a )
> current line already ends with a space
Dang I wish I had thought to include that
> or the next line begins with a )
@Neil nah, would complicate the challenge
9:31 PM
Hey, what does an APLer say when programming tacitly?
I like trains
10:03 PM
happy spookyday, I guess
Yes, Happy Halloween indeed.
happy Halloween, 2018-11-01
@Zacharý Some APLers find tacit difficult. Maybe we should have training courses?
@Adám Maybe.
Original Conway's notes (apparently) about his game of life:
10:18 PM
man the look-and-say polynomial is really spooky
10:28 PM
@DJMcSpookem Python, 27
11:00 PM
@DJMcSpookem MATL, 9 bytes
11:47 PM
@DJMcSpookem Perl 5 with -p, 22 bytes $_=($_.<>)=~s'$\s*''mr
^ Doesn't work, ignore
$_=($_.<>)=~s'\n\s*''r is equally long and does work in all cases
@LuisMendo 0/10 nothing about Tetris
I got to meet John Conway a while back and it was a super nasty experience.
He does everything he can to convince you that A) You are infinitely dumber than he is and B) you will never in your lifetime achive anything like he has
Yeah, he seems like the kind of dude who would be offended by QFT because we "tarnished his legacy/vision" or some bs
He said "This math is too complicated for you to understand it in your lifetime, so we're skipping this step" during a talk he gave to a bunch of middle-schoolers.
That raises several questions.
11:57 PM
He was a guest lecturer at a summer camp I attended
Wait you went to a math camp?
@Mego QFT?
Best 4 weeks (minus two hours listening to John Conway) of my life
Q: Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Joe Z.Here is a theoretical question - one that doesn't afford an easy answer in any case, not even the trivial one. In Conway's Game of Life, there exist constructs such as the metapixel which allow the Game of Life to simulate any other Game-of-Life rule system as well. In addition, it is known that...

11:59 PM
Ah, the tetris.

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