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12:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ExcelGuyWasn't able to find anything in my searches, but please let me know if this or something very similar has been done before. Appreciate any feedback, first post in sandbox. Can I leave yet? I'm bored at work, and want to know how close I am to being able to go home. To represent this, I wish t...

12:14 AM
CMC: given a string, output only the characters that are valid in brain flak
@totallyhuman Japt, 12 bytes: o"()[%]\{}<>
(I should really separate regex literals and string literals one of these days...)
Dangit, [] is a valid character class in JS regex. Why, JS, why...
It's useless except for matching nothing ever
You don't need to escape the `[
CMC: is this challenge ready for posting?
The tag isn't quite right, but we don't have a tag for this type of challenge (yet)
12:27 AM
Vim, :%s/[^\[\](){}<>]//g
05AB1E has a built-in for "()[]{}<>" or similar, so I'm sure it'll be like 4 bytes max
@ATaco What's the % for?
I have no idea, but it doesn't seem to like me if I try it without.
Although it does seem to work now..?
Funny, the weird % in my program is also necessary, the difference being that I know why because I designed the language :P
12:34 AM
How would I go about running VB.NET from bash on Linux?
@ETHproductions is there a lookup table tag?
The mono-project has VB.NET compiling support, and it's got linux distributions.
can I sudo apt-get it?
or do i have to get it from a repository?
12:38 AM
What version of Linux are you running?
How do I check?
You don't know..?
Well I know I'm running Linux Mint [Rosa] but I don't know the version number.
That's the info I needed.
12:39 AM
Yay thanks
@ATaco oh ok lol
When someone asks you which <any word possibly containing information about your linux distribution> you have, your answer will probably be Mint.
I don't think it's got support for mint, but you can try the following.
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF
echo "deb download.mono-project.com/repo/ubuntu precise main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official.list
sudo apt-get update
@ATaco mint = modified ubuntu
Then this should work fine.
12:40 AM
I has support for Ubuntu therefore it supports Mint in 99.9% of cases.
I tried that and it gave me a bunch of broken package warnings/errors
It might generally be because of your apt-get packages, or it might be because of mono.
ehh linux mint 17 or 18?
It was actually libc giving me issues
well actually libc was giving libmono-microsoft-visualbasic10.0-cil issues
12:41 AM
@HyperNeutrino rosa is 17.3
Uh... Good luck?
thanks :D i'll need it
@HyperNeutrino the mono one? yeah mint 17 is trusty not precise
12:43 AM
I only barely know my way around fedora ;-;
@HyperNeutrino replace precise with trusty in the thing ATaco posted
After I'm done running the commands, how do I run a vb.net script from bash?
Oh okay.
Next, apparently, you need to run sudo apt-get install mono-complete
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 mono-complete : Depends: mono-runtime (= but is to be installed
                 Depends: mono-runtime-sgen (= but is to be installed
                 Depends: mono-utils (= but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: mono-devel (= but it is not going to be installed
12:45 AM
@HyperNeutrino you need to uninstall the wrong one
how many of these do i need to uninstall?
@WheatWizard I finished my code. Whenever you finish tell me and we both reveal
NO! I had finished the new interpreter and I just lost it
@HyperNeutrino like all of them
idk how you installed all of them at once though
just uninstall the old mono-complete or something, sudo apt-get autoremove and install the new one
ehh idk. i tried that and it still said i held broken packages
12:50 AM
i'm going to manually uninstall all of them
wait i don't need to
most of them are just "you should install this" not "you have the wrong one"
@HyperNeutrino try sudo apt-get update and installing again
also remember to do echo "deb http://download.mono-project.com/repo/ubuntu trusty main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official.list if you haven't yet
I am so mad
12:54 AM
dammit everything's just a huge loop of unmet dependencies
Pls send help. I lost a large amount of interpreter work and I have ONE builtin I cannot remember
ehh send a list of all of the builtins you have?
and i'll try to see if there are any patterns that seem to have gaps
also, revision control?
Nope and nope. All on khanacademy
12:56 AM
@Christopher pls use jsbin instead
or even better github pages
pls do not use khanacademy it is not real js
@HyperNeutrino it is real js but it's terrible js
Oh really?
That's like saying "It's real Java but it's verbose Java"
It doesn't make sense.
Well then it must just have a ton of built-ins and prewritten stuff behind it
12:59 AM
Just use node.js and do it locally jeez.
@Phoenix ...
1:28 AM
@HyperNeutrino do you think you'll have time to do a full run tonight?
@ASCII-only It is processing
I use it for live editor
much ez
Good for hacking stuff together.
@WheatWizard So it is fixed (the interpreter) and I have an answer ready
Right, but generally a language shouldn't be a hack.
@Phoenix It was for a challenge :P
Also it is actually solid.
1:47 AM
@Christopher who won the duel btw?
you or wheat?
or neither yet
Q: Slowest terminating program

Simply Beautiful ArtInspired by this question, what's the slowest terminating program you can write? Rules: Physical restrictions such as the universe do no apply, but everything has to work out theoretically. Must actually terminate... eventually. Maximum 15 bytes No additional inputs will be given, code runs as...

CMC: shortest code to output -27208
Wondering how to measure termination time if computer doesn't terminate within reasonable time, or computer breaks
Q: Slowest terminating program

Simply Beautiful ArtInspired by this question, what's the slowest terminating program you can write? Rules: Physical restrictions such as the universe do no apply, but everything has to work out theoretically. Must actually terminate... eventually. Maximum 15 bytes No additional inputs will be given, code runs as...

@Riker waiting for him to winish
I am going to bed as I sleep like a human :(
1:56 AM
(need them for a small project of mine)
@Riker the second link probably answered my question, while the other two have pretty much no answers under 15 bytes
2:15 AM
25 min and not a single entry to "CMC: shortest code to output -27208"?
Python 2: print-27208
@JonathanAllan What's significant about that number?
2:23 AM
but then
seriously guys, some of the highest voted answers are boring answers
TBH, I downvoted Dennis' answer there.
I don't know why anyone upvoted it
really guys, why are boring answers so amusing to you?
I was thinking of making a meta post
because people tend to use the "downvoting" argument about loopholes
Uncomplicated isn't boring.
2:26 AM
"aw if they do this we'll just downvote them"
@ATaco yup. and this is boring
@DestructibleLemon Don't bother, the people that read the meta posts are not the ones upvoting these.
That's entirely a matter of your opinion.
also the question makers opinion
@PhiNotPi About the full run, not tonight, because I just finally got VB.NET set up (because of the one person who had to use that for KoTH >_>). Tomorrow morning, almost certainly.
if your golf is entirely just the language, then its boring
2:27 AM
In Unary's case, it is the correct answer.
You don't pick the less golfy answer because it's "more interesting"
@HyperNeutrino okay
someone was reprimanded for doing the exact same thing, and had a deleted answer with no votes
@ATaco are experienced users above the law?
Neither was forced to delete the answer, it was optional.
I would gladly VTD them but they have too high a score.
@HyperNeutrino Ah good Python 2, 11. :)
2:28 AM
> Although you can
also, just remember the 300 scoring 0 byte answer
@ATaco ok
yes :c
but that doesn't make it not stupid
and undeserving of a higher score than most posts
I give up.
ok, but seriously: 300 votes purely because they got there with the language first
(on the hello world question)
2:32 AM
i mean, that's just how this stuff tends to work? if you get there first, you'll get the votes (at least, more compared to if you get there later)
ok, but remember
0 byte answer
and 0 byte answers were SPECIFICALLY decried by the question itself
I think it is a problem, just like code trolling was a problem, though this is less in magnitude
A user will come to the site and see that people actually like the trivial and boring answers more
if you really think it's an issue, feel free to create a meta post, although iirc it has already been addressed
and by addressed you mean they said they would do it?
or said people would do it?
or just used it as a compromise for a standard?
by addressed i mean i'm fairly sure that there's already been a meta post about it
not sure what the consensus was
its a worse version of star spam
2:41 AM
@SimplyBeautifulArt yeah, all related tho
@DestructibleLemon that's actually a preexisting language
doesn't make it not boring
yea, just pointing that out
again, though, like Wheat Wizard pointed out, what are you going to do about it? they're upvotes. people upvote posts if they like the content
i would personally agree that it's kind of boring, but still
I think it is a problem. just like code trolling was a problem
so how about that hit and sunk koth, huh?
kinda confused about how that works
I mostly just wanna know if turns are simultaneous
also ram seems kinda useless
3:14 AM
CMC: Get the default terminal colors.
I made an image
Of all of the inputs you could have set the TIO link to, you went with "Allahu Akbar"? For shame. — user00001 5 hours ago
bad meme yo
@LeakyNun the user actually said nothing about terrorists, maybe they are saying "for shame" because they are anti-religious?
also you know, all caps is screaming
3:22 AM
@JonathanAllan hmm...
3:44 AM
Doesn't Allahu Akbar just mean something like "for god's sake"?
Q: Draw the Moon Phase

Hyper NeutrinoChallenge Given the phase of the moon, draw it using ASCII art. Your program must handle new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. Your input will be an integer. 0 -> new moon 1 -> waxing crescent 2 -> first quarter 3 -

Q: Is it a number?

MendeleevGiven an input, output truthy if it is a valid floating point number, and falsy if it is not. Here are some examples of inputs: Valid 100 -100 10.245 -12.44 .5 -.2 0.3 -0.776 3365883.0000112 5e3 # equal to 5000 -.5245e3 # equal to -524.5 155.0e-3 # equal to 0.155 -5e-1 # eq...

@HyperNeutrino what happens if two entries are deadlocked?
How many round will you go before you declare it a tie?
@PhiNotPi I thought about that as well. I think I'm going for 1000 rounds before declaring a tie, and if it's non-deterministic, I might re-run it until I get a win. If both have deterministic strategies, then I'll just declare it a tie.
I also regret not making there be multiple rounds of turns in a 1v1 faceoff because that way the bots can actually learn to adapt to the other player's strategy
3:59 AM
@HyperNeutrino I just hard-wired that number into my bot as part of a backup strategy, so it might crash if you go further than that.
Oh okay. That's alright.
I'll add that into the challenge.
In case you didn't know: hypnotism is not pseudo science
which I think is pretty cool
@DestructibleLemon at the same time, the general public perception is 95% incorrect
yeah. but still
@HyperNeutrino one bot "Keeps track frequency of previous moves, assumes opponent will make the most frequent one again, defends against that."
whats up with that?
4:07 AM
@HyperNeutrino oh, it means "God is greater"
previous moves in different games against the same opponent, vs previous moves in the same game
Ah okay.
Yeah I believe PhiNotPi is right.
If not, too bad for the user anyway, because I delete all stored data before each run.
is that something you are allowed to do?
4:08 AM
Well not just each run, every single fight.
@DestructibleLemon you can store data for between turns but not rounds.
did not know this was a tactic.
hmm, I should read better
>_> I should have kept this to only a certain language because now I have weird languages wherefore I have to install the language first (and spend like an hour on it) before testing
ehh i don't have enough time for all of this
send help :c
4:11 AM
If I made a Turtlèd answer I would make a python answer that is an interpreter
I don't get that battleship koth
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MendeleevIs it a number? Given an input, output truthy if it is a valid floating point number, and falsy if it is not. The format that is used in this challenge is [-][<integer>][.][<integer>][e[-]<integer>], where square brackets specify optional values. At least one group in the first section ("manti...

I just turned the braingolf answer into python because it was literally just <<?1:0 which is just import sys;print(1-int(sys.argv[2]))
I think that might be shorter if you do input() and not sys.argv[2]
No, it needs to be sys.argv.
It's not code-golf btw
4:16 AM
Also the 1- shouldn't be there, I'm dumb :c
No wonder it kept winning...
Because my controller was bugged previously
So it was throwing snowballs on the first turn (which shouldn't be possible), and only the duckling could beat it because the duckling dodged the first shot
Which koth is this?
4:18 AM
snowball fight
also some people seem to think the bots start with snowballs or something
@DestructibleLemon I did at first
IDK, but they say: throws most of their snowballs, when the way the bot is, it never gets more than 2
that answer is weird because they kind of understand that it has to reload
at the start
Darn, I'm really confused about the Jelly intermediate values loops
4:20 AM
Also youtube 1-indexes videos within playlists :C
I think my most recent version of my bot always beats duckling and almost always beats aggressor
If not then something doesn't line up.
I'll try doing a full run tomorrow morning; if I can't get some of the languages downloaded quickly, I might either do a quick port or just not do them for now.
yeah porting them yourself is not a great idea
yeah cuz i'll probably fail lol
also, y'know, the programs are complex
4:23 AM
yup :c
hmmm, fair amount of koths recently. too bad I can't really participate
(you could just make it limited to a few)
or just ask people to consider your feelings/include an interpreter
lol feelings are for the weak good idea
also how about a martian chess derivative for a koth?
as long as i can run it from cli it works
but with toroidal space or something
except then you'd need square number or something
I did make a koth already but considering I haven't finished my bot yet, maybe its too complicated
4:27 AM
toroidal chess is weird though and you also need to change the piece setup
I think toroidal chess maybe not best idea
ok, how about this: non-euclidean space extended a bunch
except you also have the issue of the ending being triggered by anyone
maybe teams?
for toroidal
yeah this is not chess
martian chess
and I decided against it
now all I have to do is figure out whether I should start on this, and how to code the non-euclidean space
when I say "whether I should", I mean should I release the other koth
CMC: given two pairs of coordinates on a toroidal 8x8 chess board, determine they could represent the starting and ending position of a knight's move.
4:32 AM
isn't that your standard moves mod 8?
toroidal is rather easy to represent in code
yeah, I'm not talking about toroidal
Klein bottle or projective is more fun
s/determine/determine if?
4:35 AM
You could have hyperbolic chess but you'd have to reinvent the moves
I'm gonna go with something like in the link if I make this
and also if it is massive multiplayer
nah, tri-chess is locally a square grid. Not that interesting.
no, it is three sides of a cube
4:39 AM
that does not disagree with my statement
what do you mean locally
I don't get it
also I think at one point I was working on a one dimensional chess variant
that was fun to play
easy question for charcoal here if anyone wants to bother learning Charcoal
if you don't want to bother learning then you can get the code from Print(Modulo(InputString(), 2)) and the -dv flag
@JanDvorak Jelly, 9 bytes: ạ8ạ«Ṣ⁼1,2
@HyperNeutrino doesn't look like it works for [7, 6] and [6, 4]
4:51 AM
well then...
eh i'm too tired to fix it and also apparently abs(8 - 1) = 5.
I don't understand the code anymore.
Goodnight o/
5:07 AM
@TuxCopter is it more idomatic to say "C'était presque 11:00" or "Il était presque 11:00"
Does anyone know what the name for this surface is?
Its not a torus, look at the arrows again
There is a half twist
Klein bottle?
brb searching
Its like halfway between a torus and a klein bottle
5:11 AM
In mathematics, the real projective plane is an example of a compact non-orientable two-dimensional manifold; in other words, a one-sided surface. It cannot be embedded in standard three-dimensional space without intersecting itself. It has basic applications to geometry, since the common construction of the real projective plane is as the space of lines in R3 passing through the origin. The plane is also often described topologically, in terms of a construction based on the Möbius strip: if one could glue the (single) edge of the Möbius strip to itself in the correct direction, one would obtain...
Oh it is a Klein bottle
Oh yeah that makes sense
@ASCII-only Thanks!
5:26 AM
Q: Find the shortest representation of a number in Modular SNUSP

ais523Background Many esoteric programming languages don't have numbers built in at literals, so you have to calculate them at runtime; and in many of these cases, the number representation can be quite interesting. We've already had a challenge about representing numbers for Underload. This challenge...

5:44 AM
Guys I need help. So, I fucked up setting up a user on bash for windows, so I put su pavel ; exit in root's .bashrc. I forgot to add pavel to sudoers. How to fix, attempting to switch to root puts me back to pavel.
edit .bashrc from outside bash?
IDK how
open in notepad?
I don't even know if ~ is a real directory on my windows filesystem, let alone where it is.
Good thing to research, I guess...
5:49 AM
I've been trying
nvm literally just found it
Nice. Link?
Q: Where is the Ubuntu file system root directory in Windows NT subsystem and vice versa?

JulyI have installed Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10 (after enabling feature in settings), but where is the Ubuntu file system root directory located in the drive?

nvm again
Show hidden files is ticked
nvm again again
it's in one directory up for some godawful reason
sudo: unable to stat /etc/sudoers: Input/output error
sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin
@JanDvorak I think opening it in notepad broke it, in the sense that it has crlf now.
does ... that break Bash?
No, it just breaks sudo.
I tried modifying sudoers
Atom can save with lf or crlf
6:03 AM
Yeah, I'll try in Notepad++, can't figure out Sublime.
This is unironically my favorite thing about linux. Trying to fix stuff like this.
You should try Arch then.
It will break by itself.
Only Ubuntu is available for WSL, and I want to have a useable computer for when I actually need to do work.
Is that a thing Minxomat made?
6:07 AM
Thanks @mınxomaτ, installing rn
6:26 AM
Q: Klein Command Line Arguments

Wheat WizardI made a language (and its not based on Brain-flak for once!). My language, Klein requires that you specify a topological surface in which the program is embedded. Currently this means passing 3 bytes to the command line to denote one of 8 supported surfaces. Currently we score command line arg...

@NewMetaPosts Wow that was fast! gj bot
6:47 AM
Q: uploading to PYPI

Farrokh YousefiI want to upload my python package to PYPI. I create setup.py and init.py files currectly. then did the following steps: python setup.py sdist python setup.py bdist python setup.py register python setup.py sdist upload or by replacing the latter two step with: twine upload dist/* but i...

6:59 AM
CMC: Given a string in UTF-8 or 16 (your choice), determine if it would be less bytes in the other encoding.
Q: Selection of two rectangular sections

Mickey JackBackstory The world is looking for a new living planet, where we can find a new generation of life and settle there. A decade ago, they found a planet called HOMESTEAD, which is 1 lakh billion light years away from us. Our scientists had explored that planet from last many years and had sent var...

Q: Climb to America

user00001Now that other users have helped Trump build the wall, its time for you to climb it. This is an ascii art challenge where you need to output a climbing wall with randomly placed holds. A climbing wall is made up of panels each of which has between 3 and 10 holds and is 5 panels high. Each panel...

1 hour later…
8:12 AM
Can we define custom script types in HTML?
HTML isn't a scripting language...
script DOM objects
In that case, no idea.
Unless you mean that type attribute.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

steenberghThe sum of some parts Challenge Given a list of parts and their value, and a target n, return all combinations of parts where the sum of their values equals or exceeds n. Input Input will be like this: [["Part 1", 20], ["Part 2", 15], ["Part 3", 14.75], ["Part 4", 3]], 30 Input consists of...

8:34 AM
@Phoenix yes that
I need custom ones so I can make stack snippets for all and every languages *Muahahahaha*
Ya know, theres <script type="text/processing"> in processing.js, Now I want things like <script type="text/jelly">
@SIGSEGV Well you can if you port Jelly to JS
@SIGSEGV What's the point though, Jelly doesn't have DOM support
That ... isn't a hyperbolic tiling
more like wrapped around the corner of a cube
@JanDvorak Yeah but it's still hyperbolic chess :P
calling this a hyperbolic chess is like calling every hard game a roguelike.
@Phoenix APL, 33: (</≢¨)1 2/¨'UTF-8' 'UTF-16'⎕UCS¨⊂ takes any string, returns 0 if UTF-8 is shorter, 1 if UTF-16 is shorter. OK? Try it online!
@ASCII-only TIO is our friend lol
@ASCII-only that's better :-)
@SIGSEGV Wait we can just make a TIO stack snippet
@ASCII-only well yeah I guess but thats hard to embed
8:50 AM
@Phoenix Pyth, 5 bytes: s*VSl
@ASCII-only idk
@SIGSEGV brb need to finish the stack snippet
@Phoenix Cheddar, 35 bytes: s->s.chars.map((i,j)->i*-~j).join()
@LeakyNun +1 for cheddar
@Phoenix wait wat you can't install sublime? sudo apt-get install subl
@ASCII-only is subl in debian/ubuntu's default repos? I think it's only in debian Sid
8:59 AM
@Mayube well I had it on Ubuntu, have it on WSL + VcXsrv
@Mayube nvm i think i downloaded it

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