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12:00 AM
Mini-challenge: Given a positive integer N, print in any order (in any readable format) all the decimal integers that fit in a length N string, using "-" for negatives properly and leading zeros in place of blank spaces.
e.g. N = 3 -> [-99, -98, -97, ..., -12, -11, -10, -09, -08, ..., -01, 000, 001, 002, 003, ..., 998, 999]
N = 1 -> [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
N = 2 -> [-9, ..., -1, 00, 01, ..., 99]
I wonder how many of the mini challenges people post would be perfectly acceptable on main, and contribute to our question count and general site activity.
I officially allow anyone to steal my mini-challenges for use as real challenges.
Oh shit, Calvin's Hobbies Public License v1.0
The WTFPL (Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License) is a permissive copyright license, most commonly used as a permissive free software license. It is essentially no different from dedication to the public domain. The original Version 1.0 license, released March 2000, was written by Banlu Kemiyatorn who used it for Window Maker artwork. Sam Hocevar, a French programmer who was the Debian project leader from 17 April 2007 to 16 April 2008, wrote version 2.0. It allows for redistribution and modification of the software under any terms – licensees are encouraged to "do what the fuck [they] want...
12:08 AM
Q: Do you need a cup holder?

mınxomaτYou're going to replicate the 90's cup holder joke software. Here's what's it did, and you have to do: Display the message Do you need a cup holder? If the user confirms, enter an infinite loop that keeps opening the CDROM drive. If the user doesn't confirm, silently exit. You may display t...

@NewMainPosts This is going to be difficult to do for a lot of computers. For example, I'm on a Mac and while I do have an optical disk drive, there's no tray.
The newest Macs don't even have optical disk drives
@NewMainPosts dupe
> If the user confirms, enter an infinite loop that keeps opening the CDROM drive.
or at least I think so...
12:09 AM
@AlexA. Well, the program has to be valid. Incapable hardware doesn't limit the challenge.
Q: Eject the CD drive

TheDoctorTask: Create a program that will open the CD drive of your computer. You may use any language/command except Bash's eject command. Rules: Any language is accepted. This is a popularity-contest, so the most upvoted answer wins.

Does that mean opening and closing it again?
Damn it's a pop con
@AlexA. mine doesnt
@quartata Damn, I searched for tray
12:10 AM
It's OK it's a pop con
not a dupe
@mınxomaτ It limits who can test their code, at least
@quartata Ah, I trusted you. Damn it.
@AlexA. You may still have an "eject" command, just not an uneject
@Calvin'sHobbies Good point
@Calvin'sHobbies what about reject
or deject
12:12 AM
Well, prematurely closed. Reopen if you care.
Ah yes Code Golof. My favorite sporot. — KoreanwGlasses 7 hours ago
@Calvin'sHobbies drutil eject It's even reasonably golfy
@AlexA. Does not apply to avian creatures.
12:16 AM
That seems so damn familiar:
Q: Code Golf Pro Golfer Least Swings Calculator

MonsterYour Challenge: For a golf Course Of Inputted 'n' length to hole where: 'n' is a whole number and a multiple of 5 between 150 and 500 and 1 integer in code = 1 metre You must calculate the least amount of swings it can be completed in using a combination of clubs and ranges. Here is a v...

@mınxomaτ That's because it is
Q: Code me some golf

EridanIf you haven't played golf before, here's a list of golf-related terms I use in this question Shot, also called a stroke: Every time the ball is hit, this is a shot. Hole: A golf course is split into holes, in which the goal is to hit a ball from one designated location to another in as few sho...

At least I think
A: Build a polyglot for Hello World

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴJavaScript ES6, Oration, Vitsy, Minkolang score = 74.92004824517143 126 / 2^(3/4). Fun fact? I'm not trying to win, just to add as many languages as possible. 222 //X>"!dlroW ,olleH"Z shush=0 alert("Hello, World!") sorry=` listen capture Hello, World!` $$$ =` >### .O$r"!"rXr<` What Vi...

First program with layers!
12:37 AM
@AlexA. This is the one that gets me. chat.stackexchange.com/…
@Dennis XD
@mınxomaτ halp
Is the challenge "continuously open and close the disk tray" or is it "hold the disk tray open"?
@AlexA. No where at all it says close it
Just keep sending the open command.
Sweet, in that case my answer is shorter
12:44 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ +1 :D
This is why: On desktop drives, when they're open and you give them a lil push, they'll close all the way. If you keep sending the command, they will re-open while they're closing.
@El'endiaStarman YEAH! :D
@mınxomaτ Ohhhhhhhhhh okay
12:51 AM
This event ping
fuckin jumpscared me
@quartata You're not playing SCP
I wasn't anticipating a ping
I'm playing SCP.
12:54 AM
@quartata When are you ever anticipating a ping?
@AlexA. Considering that about 80% of the messages in this chat room are copypasta I've found that it is fairly easy to predict pings
I don't understand
It's OK.
What's being copied and pasta'd?
@AlexA. subtle insult / 10
12:57 AM
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ as it's currently written, you challenge does not forbid the output of 123 pennies
@Quill I also do not understand this
> least amount of coins
@AlexA. he's implying that you're implying that nobody would ever want to ping quartata :P
> people ping you?
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ oh I can't read
12:58 AM
Well at least he didn't understand my counter-insult
I blame incorrect grammar :P
@AlexA. Maybe this face: "ಠ_ಠ"
I don't copy and paste that face, I use system text replacement.
ಠ╭╮ಠ <( I am not loved )
@Doorknob That's not what I mean D:
I just meant that when is anyone ever anticipating that they'll receive a ping at any given time?
Like, "I know I'm going to get pinged right now"
@quartata forgive me senpai
1:00 AM
@AlexA. forgiven and noticed
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ .o/
@quartata <#
@VoteToClose (I was speaking for the face :P)
ayy my alt just got silver 3
@Dennis Every time I watch Super VIM I'm reminded that I'm terrible at vim
1:01 AM
Q: This Challenge Makes Cents

DoᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛI know, the title cracks you up Given an amount of money (less than 1) output the fewest number of coins make up that amount Examples 0.1 1 dime 0.01 1 penny 0.28 1 quarter 3 penny 0.56 2 quarter 1 nickel 1 penny 1.43 5 quarter 1 dime 1 nickel 3 penny Spec 100 cents in a dollar. The ...

and yet I can't stop watching it
If you want, I can make far more impressive gifs. Those are actually pretty simple. :P
@Cyoce pleb
You should make a part 2
Visual Mode: What It Means To You
1:03 AM
Visual Mode and You
Or better yet skip part 2 and go to part 3 since who actually remembers Super Mario Bros. 2
@Cyoce wat. stop smurfing. ruins the game
@Quill it's not bad if I always play like crap on the smurf
some basic surround plugin magic
@Doorknob not impressed
well somewhat impressed since I can't do that
not even the "surround by function" thing? ;)
the reverse version
1:06 AM
I'm pretty sure what you're doing is moving around with the arrow keys in insert mode, and the rest is just clever photoshop effects.
@AlexA. Actually no visual mode is really weird and can do all sorts of things
changing surround-thingies
ok ok I get it you're really good at vi stop
@quartata I know, it was a yolk
1:07 AM
I'm better than you at vimscript at least
I'm having way too much fun with this
@quartata *vim
@quartata orlynao
@Doorknob ye
proof it
(to appropriate @AlexA.'s wording)
1:07 AM
wtf is that
> proof
@AlexA. hey you said it first
A: Output the Current Time

quartataVimscript, 44 bytes while 1 echo strftime("%T") sleep 1 endwhile Run like so: vim -c ":so FILE"

@Doorknob I feel appropriated
nailed it
1:08 AM
@quartata have you ever made an actual plugin? :P
@Doorknob no but I tried once
o shit
look how cool I am
I have made... a singular, rather small plugin
shots fird
1:08 AM
> fird
@Doorknob I almost made a singular rather huge plugin
What does // do in Python 2?
how bout some visual block mode
3 mins ago, by Quill
wtf is that
1:11 AM
@flawr Relevant to your interests:
I can never understand Vim
Too many commands
Easily one of the best videos on YouTube. Right up there with that guy who microwaved a microwave.
I can't believe you've done this
6 mins ago, by Alex A.
What does // do in Python 2?
1:16 AM
@Doorknob Oh sorry, you right. That's the best.
@Doorknob It's some kind of division.
in Python 3 it's integer division IIRC
Integer division
1:17 AM
(/ defaults to float division)
but I don't think it's a thing in Python 2
@Doorknob In 3
you said 2
I did
/ does not default to float division in 2
In 2 it's a thing
Just checked
@AlexA. it does in 3
1:18 AM
@Doorknob I know
Both round down
@LegionMammal978 So // is floor division, regardless of whether the inputs are integers or floats?
Yes, it floors, but still returns a float if one of the inputs is a float
Okay great. THANK YOU!
Literally just opened python2 just now to test it
>>> -1/2
>>> -1//2
>>> -1./2
>>> -1.//2
1:22 AM
this is interesting: movies.stackexchange.com/a/47128
>>> -1/2
>>> -1//2
>>> -1./2
>>> -1.//2
> Therefore, I'd conclude that you do not need to be a genius to produce this level of perfection in meth.
Good life lesson: I can make meth without having to be smart.
in PPCG Code Snippet Chat Bot, yesterday, by Alex A.
You could just make a TNB announcement like, "YO! Wanna eval all the shit? Come on down to PPCG Code Snippet Chat Bot, the coolest damn room in town! We got Data from Staaaaaar Treeeeeeeeek"
My intention was to give an inane example of how one could make an announcement in The Nineteenth Byte. I didn't realize I was implicitly making the announcement myself. :P
Hey, whynaut?
1:30 AM
does it have to pass a code review - suitable for production code? — Lance Feb 17 '14 at 19:37
1:44 AM
@o@ <-- cheerleader
1:56 AM
Super Chinese Peanut Butter
Ten Hour Tomato
Old Metal Ship
@Cyoce Jolf has inline string interpolation!
A: This Challenge Makes Cents

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴJolf, 67 bytes Ζj"¦mf/Ζ*ζ~1Q5 quarter ¦mf/Ζ%ζQ5t dime ¦mf/%ζt5 nickel ¦mf%ζ5 penny part 1: initializing Ζj => ζ = j (input) part 2: the innards "¦... quarter ¦... dime ¦... nickel ¦...penny ¦... is inline string interpolation. The innards are drawn from @ETHProductions JavaScript answer.

Q: Brainf**k interpreter in Brainf**k

Alex L.Your challenge is to create a Brainf**k interpreter in Brainf**k. This is normal code-golf. There are few rules. Here are the exact specifications of the BF language: '>': Shift the pointer right by one '<': Shift the pointer left by one '+': Increment the byte at the pointer by one (% 256) '-':...


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