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6:00 PM
Stars are like votes - how someone uses them is their own perogative, except you're doing it wrong stahp
I wanted to make @NewMainPosts more popular :D
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος Don't, all he does is sit in the back of the room and eat glue
@Mego At least he does something than nothing
Yup. I just answered in this language. There was only one answer (and I don't think it even worked) on PPCG, so I was like, "Hey, why not?"
6:05 PM
@VoteToClose also not a programming language
@Mego Also on esolangs wiki.
@Mego Can you delete that .gif, I could smell that guy's breath ಠ_ಠ
@VoteToClose HQ9+ is on esolangs, that doesn't make it any more of a programming language
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος Are you that weird guy from earlier that can smell through the internet?
@Mego Unfortunately, yes.
@VoteToClose Google Nose is fake
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος ... really?
@VoteToClose I like it how your italics formatting is not showing :)
@VoteToClose C:
6:15 PM
user image
@Mego How many votes does someone have in total?
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος yes
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος 20 per room per day
6:17 PM
@Mego Interestingly, I posted this same image yesterday.
Did anyone here know that you can make an exe with the extension of png? Never thought that was a thing....
yesterday, by VTCAKAVSMoACE
user image
My god, someone's clicking the star button a lot.
@VoteToClose Not a dupe, mine has 2 less notifications than yours
Yes, I have used my vote allowance for today!
You want that?
6:19 PM
@Mego And the font is different. Just pointing out the "common" issue.
Now maybe the stars will stahp
@VoteToClose Is it? I can't tell.
Your font is wider in typeface. Also more transparent.
Probably because desktop vs mobile
6:20 PM
I dunno
Mobile browser's fonts are terrible
Especially with non-monospaced code blocks
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Will you please stop posting challenges with remarks like "<important part of task> is coming soon". That's what sandboxing is for.
Yay, me!
6:27 PM
I've got ~17k people reached
~7 billion people reached
@BetaDecay I have a hard time believing that
~World Population reached
What happened to Geobits?
@BetaDecay I think you mean 276k. ;)
6:40 PM
Nvm, he was chatting during the only hour that I wasn't (lunchtime)
Did you need him?
No, I just noticed that he was unusually quiet today
But still in the room
Last talked 4h ago ... obviously dead
He's busy downvoting.
Hey people, can you cast your eyes upon this, thanks?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayElectron Configuration Diagrams code-golf chemistry Challenge Given an element name and its charge, output its electron configuration. Input Your input will be the full name of each element (the range being from Hydrogen, 1, to Radon, 86) with some exceptions - you should be able to account ...

6:48 PM
I have an idea for making the site more active. What if, upon reaching 100k reputation, you gained a privilege called "One wish." You could have one PPCG related wish granted you by the developers. Geobits could wish for more downvotes. I could wish for tips to be destroyed.
And TheDoctor could wish for more stars
And I would wish for a better mothership.
@BetaDecay This did sound quite horrifying to me, as I knew to cast only as in casting iron.
And by "more downvote", I don't mean me getting more. More like you can earn the ability to upvote X times by using X downvotes.
@flawr Owww XD
6:53 PM
@Geobits Do they roll over to the next day?
Like, if I downvote twice and upvote once, can I upvote on the next day?
Yea, you get a stash of them.
The last page of challenges would all be at negative 400 votes
@BetaDecay Is it correct that the inner most orbit can only have two electrons while the outer ones can have up to 8 electrons each?
@Rainbolt Still working out the kinks. If there's one thing TV/movies/books have taught me, it's that you have to be careful when wording your wishes.
@flawr Yep
6:56 PM
@Geobits I'm having uncomfortable flashbacks to Wishmaster
@BetaDecay Why don't you include this in your challenge=)
What an awful collection of dad-movies they were
I don't think I've seen it/them.
The internet is really weird.
@VoteToClose ಠ_ಠ
I recently got an all electric nightmare machine, so I don't have to use traditional fuel for them.
@flawr I didded it
is now synonymous with
@BetaDecay Is this the double-past tense?
7:04 PM
@flawr Nope, it's not real English at all :D
I definitely had doned it
I got an upvote on Heterograms Palindromes oh my, my first challenge. I'd say I feel nostalgic except it was only a month ago
@Pietu1998 I didn't had not doned it yet :(
@BetaDecay I noticed=) I just very like upmaking new grammar rules.
7:08 PM
That's preposticulous.
When I saw this on the starboard I just had to go and try parse it, then translate it to Finnish
Groovy outgolfed everyone. As it should be. — quartata 9 secs ago
Java master race
@flawr *grammar rules of new
Quoting your own message in chat is like laughing at your own joke. — Rainbolt 15 secs ago
The message I mentioned makes a lot more sense when translated to Finnish. Even if you don't understand Finnish, it still looks nicer.
7:11 PM
@quartata If it stays that way, it'll be the first time ever, so... ;) — Geobits 30 secs ago
@Geobits Yay!
This video makes no sense.
I thought of a new CnR challenge
If no one smoked Geobits still wouldn't care
7:14 PM
It's kind of strange though.
@mınxomaτ First, I do not appreciate the remark; I've only done it once, twice if you're splitting hairs. Second, it is not necessary; the spec is now enough. Thirdly, I would love it if you would comment on the challenge where I can bloody see it.
@Geobits Do u smok
Used to, but haven't for quite a while.
Do u trumpit
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ You can respond directly to a specific message using the down arrow to the left of the message or the arrow in the bottom right of the mesage
That way, we have context
7:17 PM
@Pietu1998 The double-past perfect.
@AlexA. Nah, brass causes cancer; I'm not dumb. I'd rather use a woodwind if my guitar or keyboard aren't around.
@flawr The only thought this brings to mind is: "Dear god it would suck if everyone played the trumpet in public."
@quartata I'll hear it. :D
@AlexA. I'd still prefer people playing trumped instead of smoking.
7:19 PM
@flawr Oh, me too. But can you imagine the chaos with trumpets?
@AlexA. Tubas.
Meh. Random horn noises would be far more annoying to me than an occasional slight odor.
@TimmyD No
@TimmyD Sousaphone.
John Philip Sousa talks on the telephone?
7:21 PM
@flawr This hurts my eyes. Why would anybody do this to trumpets? :c
@AlexA. No, he invented the phone. Geez :P
It is worth noting that that video is linked to this:
Yea, I clicked onto their channel and played another random video. That was a mistake I don't recommend.
Occasional slight odor?? they frekin stink in every corner of the public, if you walk throu the train station you almost have to wear a gas mask to prevent suffocation. And it is also quite unpleasant if a fat drunk guy sits next to you that seemed to smoke all the time since the french revolution and never washed his coat.
> I was so happy because I knew my veins were getting pumped full of football milk.
7:24 PM
@flawr Gatorade drinkers or smokers?
@flawr Though I agree with you in general, never washing is a separate issue. :P
@flawr I don't know how it is there, but smoking is banned basically everywhere in public around here.
> ... never washed his coat.
So the "every corner" and train station thing doesn't happen.
@VoteToClose Yea, if you don't wash your clothes, they smell after a while. Regardless of whether you smoke or not.
7:26 PM
@Geobits Well thats nice, I wish it was like this, here.
@Geobits The response was to "never washing (implied self)" versus "never washing an object".
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Faraz MasroorQuinecatenate Given three different languages A, B, C, write two different programs P and Q such that: P is a quine in A Q is a quine in B Q concatenated after P (without adding a newline) is a quine in language C Pretty simple challenge statement, but how are quines scored? Is it better ...

Right, I'm just saying it's still a separate issue. I've known people that didn't wash their clothes often enough. I'd much rather be near a smoker who does.
@VoteToClose I implied nothing
So basically my idea for a CnR challenge is that everyone who wants to participate in the cops part of the challenge spends 7 days working together making one cop per person. Each cop is an obfuscated piece of code in an unknown language that outputs a clue to the language of another cop. After the 7 days, the robbers get 7 days to work together to crack each answer using their wits and the clues from other cops. If all the answers are cracked the robbers win. If not the cops win.
I was thinking about how to award like a "team" bounty to the winning team.
7:29 PM
Slight problem.
Yeah yeah human error
We'd need a moderator to make sure the cop answers are OK
Not so much error as laziness
How are the teams supposed to communicate in private? There's definitely nothing within the SE framework to handle that, and forcing an outside service seems meh.
7 days is like 10 years in internet time ;)
@AlexA. shrug Mkay. I've always seen to wash as to wash (something)
@Mego Uh nu. You changed it. shakes head slowly
7:31 PM
@Geobits Don't the mods have their own private room?
I think they could make one for each team
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I don't think minxomat was trying to offend you so much as simply saying what could be improved and recommending the sandbox. (Albeit not in the nicest of ways.) I think it was a useful remark. Comments on the post are a more appropriate medium for suggestions but feedback is often given in chat.
"this is a Q/A site" It is? — Doorknob ♦ 22 hours ago
@quartata Meta suggests you may be right. Hmm.
@quartata Uhm. So, basically, once you're a cop, you can't be a robber?
@VoteToClose Yes.
The teams would be picked before hand.
7:35 PM
> picked
Please clarify as to how you would do this.
Quality assurance?
@quartata Only mods and employees can create private chatrooms.
I thought all sites following the SE model were inherently Q/A. Can someone explain why I'm wrong?
Not PPCG per se
This is a C/A site.
7:36 PM
@ThomasKwa We're a site that isn't about questions and answers in a Q&A site model.
The Qs here are not looking for information and the As aren't supplying information
@AlexA. Right. One of you guys would have to make the team chatrooms.
@VoteToClose Simple sign-up thread I'd presume.
There's an inherent question in each challenge: What is the shortest/fastest/etc code [in any/your language] that meets this spec?
@quartata Would you ask a question on a main site that links to a chat room/separate site or something of the like?
7:38 PM
Of course, that's only to shoehorn it into the model IMO ;)
@quartata No. Private chatrooms are for moderation purposes.
Make us all mods then
@BetaDecay In a way the challenges are asking for the shortest way to accomplish a task, which is supplied by answers. I think that would technically count as information.
It still seems to me that an answer that doesn't add anything shouldn't exist.
@BetaDecay No
7:40 PM
Even if we were all mods, a cop room wouldn't be "for moderation purposes".
On SO, it's uncommon to find an answer that adds absolutely nothing
[citation needed]
Time to bring up the jQuery SO answer=)
Fair enough.
7:41 PM
but here, I think any uninteresting longer solution is worthless
Feel free to downvote answers that add nothing IMO (the tooltip says "not useful" after all). Even on SO I don't often see them deleted, though, unless they're self-deleted to stop the downvotes.
@ThomasKwa I think it's against the spirit of inclusiveness to forbid people to submit their own solutions even if they aren't shorter than existing ones.
^ Look, ma! Stars that demonstrate that people agree, not just are amused!
Well that didn't last.
7:43 PM
Guess this challenge wont work.
And what if someone posts a shorter answer? Do you delete the original longer answer? @ThomasKwa
@AlexA. I agree. Part of the fun is just proving that you did the challenge, even if it's not the best.
@quartata You can see when people join a room. People who join both rooms cannot be selected for the answer. :P
@BetaDecay By Thomas' logic, that would be adding something, so no.
@Calvin'sHobbies Yep. I have certainly provided my fair share of crap answers. But they were fun to make. :)
7:44 PM
@BetaDecay People already delete longer answers if they become redundant due to a shorter answer
@VoteToClose They could just log out
@ThomasKwa They do? They shouldn't.
@ThomasKwa They do? They shouldn't
There's a difference between deciding to delete it and being told you should (or having it deleted by others).
@BetaDecay Why not?
7:45 PM
@quartata Have a bot that says the name of people who join.
It's not best in every case
No I mean you can view chat rooms while not logged in
Anyone should be able to post their solution as long as it meets our general guidelines.
but if your longer answer isn't useful to future golfers
7:46 PM
I personally usually delete my answer if someone posts a shorter solution at the same time, using a very similar algorithm and in the same language.
@ThomasKwa Because for the answer to be longer it will use a different method and therefore could be interesting and use a method which could be useful for golfing
@quartata Did not know that.
There are lots of answers on SE that aren't the best. Some are downright bad. That's what downvotes are for. Deletion is for when it's not an answer at all.
Since when is code golf about usefulness? :P
Just cannot post
7:47 PM
@Pietu1998 I agree with that
@AlexA. I expect NASA/ESA/Roskosmos/SpaceX to hire us some day to reduce the size of programs the have to send to spaceprobes.
@AlexA. A lot of challenges have very reasonable explanations for its usefulness
@AlexA. useful for further golfing
Code golf was created by the programmers' union to create more programming jobs by decreasing the productivity of programmers.
@flawr And then subsequently fire us for unreadable/unmaintainable code
7:49 PM
@flawr Unfortunately, disk space is really, really cheap these days, and so is memory. Goodbye space-coding job :(
Speed coding
@ThomasKwa It's still useful as a personal exercise. And why not post them if you'll get a little rep for it? Having some "practice answers" seems like a good step towards improving your answer quality.
One actual fact is that if you're just writing a quick script then golfy things can actually save time
I think Thomas has disappeared...
@Geobits It is, but transmission time can be really limited.
7:50 PM
@flawr They'll be looking for size coders, not code golfers.
Also I've found that code golf is an excellent way of getting to know a language's features and quirks. I believe I wouldn't have learnt Python almost at all had I not started golfing it.
@flawr Right... I missed the "send to" part. Okay, time to submit my application then :P
@VoteToClose You mean code bowlers?
I've found that attempting golfs in $LANGUAGE actually provide useful instances of "Huh, never would've thought of doing that"
@Pietu1998 Dang, ninja'd
7:51 PM
> Size coding is a method of coding in an attempt to reduce compiled code size.
So... no.
@BetaDecay Code-bowling usually bans comments and whitespace formatting. Unfortunately, a lot of professional programmers like comments and whitespace formatting.
The only way I know of making the cnr work is IRC but that would be asking too much of the participants
@VoteToClose Well that's a new challenge type we need :D
Code golf is specifically not size coding.
7:53 PM
What is size coding?
1 min ago, by VoteToClose
> Size coding is a method of coding in an attempt to reduce compiled code size.
Oct 9 at 11:22, by minxomat
Because this is codegolf, not sizecoding.
Do they only send compiled stuff to the probes?
So size coding is basically golfing in machine code
7:54 PM
@flawr I'd guess so. Why make the probe do the extra step?
I don't really know what language or setup they use, though.
@flawr I don't think they send any programming at all to probes. Once it's programmed, it's done.
Satellites maybe
@Geobits LISP iirc
(for the moon landing, at least)
@Geobits What do most Air Force systems use?
I imagine they'd be the same
7:56 PM
@Mego Rosetta did receive the updated code just a few days/weeks before touchdown IIRC.
@BetaDecay Depends on the hardware really. We had stuff from the 60s on forward.
And our mars rovers get updates all the time.
@Geobits So you used Fortran and stuff?
@flawr When you are submitting a sizecoding entry you are most likely in a room with other coders competing with you. If they find malicious code in your binary you'll be dead faster than you can say .invoke ExitProcess ;)
@Mego (That's (one (small step)) (for man), and ((a (giant leap)) for mankind))
@BetaDecay Personally? No. Some people did.
7:58 PM
Cool :D
Most really old stuff was analog, though.
@Pietu1998 Sure, but those are the exceptions, not the rules.
So was Java used at all? I have no idea how much it compresses down to when compiled
I know Fortran! :D
Q: Are Sizecoding Questions On Topic?

VoteToCloseThis conversation popped up in chat at one point. There is a subtle (yet important) distinction between code golfing and sizecoding: code golfing is an attempt to reduce the human readable source code, while sizecoding is an attempt to reduce the bytecode. Is sizecoding under the general headin...

7:59 PM
I your dog called Fortran? Sounds like a dog name.
@BetaDecay The last-last-ditch-backup navigation aid, for example, was an AM radio with a dial that points to the station it's tuned to. Find a couple stations and get the station IDs, and triangulate on your map.
Not much Java in that :P
program beta;
    implicit none;
    character(10) :: msg;
    msg = "Beta Decay";
    print *, msg;
end program;
I may have extraneous semicolons
@AlexA. flags as offensive
brb food
I know Fortran 77
8:05 PM
Oh. My. God. There is an amazing autocorrect thing in AppleScript I just discovered. Gimme a second to record and set it as a gif.
i recommend licecap for making screenshot gifs
5 hours ago, by VoteToClose
That will run on Mac OS X?
CockOS? Sounds legit.
8:09 PM
@flawr Hooray!
user image
But it's one, isn't it?
It's one, but it's its one.
By itself, it's one makes more sense to me than its one.
Is someone here able to write a "mystical" poem for a puzzle?
My mysticality knows no equal
Stop reading now, there ain't no sequel
8:14 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies *
@mınxomaτ I think we can do this in a collaborative effort=)
@flawr Small problem - I can't click something inside the frame.
Hm. I don't really want to spoil the story (for a challenge I'm working on).
I mean, I could do an applescript code for it - tell app"Script Editor"to tell its window 2 to compile
^ This doesn't work, hold on.
8:25 PM
I just realized my unusable interpreter might not meet the rules of no "undefined behavior"
@quartata It's probably ok if your language has undefined behaviors
The idea is not to use underhanded code in the interpreter
Hmm I'm not sure how to describe my situation without giving away how to crack it
Okay, this works:
tell app"System Events"to tell process"Script Editor"
set frontmost to true
click menu bar 1's menu bar item"Script"'s menu 1's menu item "Compile"
Noooooo! Daylight Savings Time is on Sunday morning
I already sleep in on Sunday morning, so it's wasted
I prefer to sleep an extra hour on a work day
@VoteToClose I wonder if it would be shorter to code actual Apple Events than golf in AppleScript
8:36 PM
@quartata chin stroke
@Rainbolt Just do Sunday as usual and set your clock back Sunday night ;)
Omg that is brilliant!
You just have to ignore auto-updating clocks, which is most that I use now :/
My phone is my alarm clock. I can't make it not auto-update
Easy, just no alarm Sunday :P
8:40 PM
Can you tell my local game store owner to pretend like he is holding draft an hour late?
Or you could just start your Sunday an hour earlier
And go to bed an hour earlier
@Geobits It's It makes the most sense to me
Is it just me, or has the rate of new challenges on main been slowing down lately?
8:49 PM
Hi, can I float a challenge idea by this room?
Speak of the devil.
@msh210 Sure!
@VoteToClose Not a nice thing to call me. :-( (I kid.)
Go for it
"Speak of the devil" is the short form of the idiom "Speak of the devil and he doth appear" (or its alternative form "speak of the devil and he shall appear."). It is used when an object of discussion unexpectedly becomes present during the conversation. It can also be used about a topic that quickly becomes relevant, such as the onset of rain or a car breaking down. Used in this sense it can be seen as an alternative to the phrase "tempting fate". Deriving from the Middle Ages, this proverb (which was, and to a certain extent still is, rendered as "Talk of the Devil...") was a superstitiou...
@VoteToClose Yeah, I know.
8:51 PM
Oh. Okay.
(Not a dupe.) Write a program/function that is given two strings, R and S, and, if R is a valid regex, tests whether S matches it. If so, it outputs the matching components. Thus, e.g., given 'fo.*b', 'foo bar baz' it will output [{f:f},{o:o},{.*:<space>bar<space>},{b:b}]. Use of the language's regex capabilities in the program is allowed.
The challenge is write a function that forwards its arguments to the language's regex engine?
What counts as a "component"?
Why would you do that
It sounds very close to the other challenge
8:56 PM
(Btw I'm thinking output could be a list of hashes like I just did, or a table, or whatever's desired; and choice of regex (PCRE or whatever) is also whatever the answerer desires within reason.)
For example, is (foo b.*az)* all a single component?
@Mego @feersum The output has to match each part of the string to the corresponding part of the regex;
What's a "part"?
@Rainbolt If it isn't connected to NTP it probably won't update
@Doorknob so '(a\d)*', 'a7a6b' would return a:a,\d:7,a:a,\d:6
@feersum ^
8:58 PM
@msh210 Then why is .* counted as a single component in your original example?
@Doorknob Oh, good point, it shouldn't be.
Shouldn't it be .:<space>, .:b, .:a, etc
@Doorknob Yep.
Components are regex bits that match exactly 1 character?
Another interesting way of doing it would be recursive output:
8:59 PM
@feersum er... I think so. :-) Except that of course \b would match a boundary, and maybe other exceptions also

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