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11:10 PM
Q: Evaluating expressions with numerical shorthands

ColeYou work for a company that wants to make a user-friendly calculator, and thus you have been tasked with adding the ability for users to use "numerical shorthands," that is, letters that represent numerical values, such as k for 1000. Because your company wants to save money on storage in said ca...

@NewMainPosts TL;DR
Q: Interrupt handler call serializator

peterhAs part of a bigger software, we have a C function: void wrapper(void* p); Which is a wrapper function around the C function: void handler(void* p); wrapper() is triggered by an external effect (hardware interrupt, unix signal, it doesn't matter), which also provides a p as its argument. Th...

Does anyone have any idea what this is? ^^
I'm always reluctant to unilaterally close things but my gut says 200% unclear.
11:27 PM
It's a Programming Puzzle...
We really ought to change our name.
It's a puzzle? It looks like a nothing to me
Yes, now that I look at it more closely, it looks like a puzzle that doesn't have a goal
Which qualifies as a nothing
Can we please document the "must have a winning condition" thing, like, anywhere in the tour?
It fits off-topic, unclear, too broad, and opinion-based, all at once
I'm impressed
11:30 PM
I stuck with off-topic because that's what the other votes are for.
We scare people off with this rule like multiple times a week. (Not that this looks like it can be saved, indeed...)
Ah, it's here. But it's very non-obvious.
It's on the "Ask Question" page. I'm not sure how you can get clearer than that.
Oh, I see.
I guess it's a UX thing. I bet users are very good at ignoring that box
It's been a while since I've seen such a serious attempt at a Programming Puzzle.
Because like, "I've asked a question on SO before, I don't need to read any of this junk, type type type."
I think "Programming Competitions & Code Golf" would lean closer to what this site is about
11:34 PM
@Mauris Absolutely.
Q: Should we change our name?

RainboltThis site may have been built primarily on code-golf challenges and puzzles that have no winning criteria, but we have evolved away from that. Our name is outdated, and we should rebrand ourselves. Because the folks in the chat cannot seem to agree on a name, I'm going to post multiple answers a...

Maybe "Programming Competitions" doesn't adequately hint that it's usually gimmicks. Not, like, the ICFP.
Consensus: "no."
To be honest, I didn't like any of the other names suggested.
11:37 PM
@NewMainPosts I think the key to understanding this challenge is contained in must handle any deep of reentrancy
@PhiNotPi Me neither
It sounds like I should know what it means, but I don't
TBH: Code Golf is a perfectly fine name. It should've stayed.
"Code Golf (but it's a little more broad than that, and some other things are on-topic, if you read the rules)" is much better than "PPCG (but it's a little more narrow than that, and the thing you're thinking of is probably off-topic, and you won't read the rules)".
@Mauris I fixed the leaderboard so it shows up next to the language list, rather than above
But it doesn't handle ties correctly :(
11:49 PM
Oh, darn, it doesn't.
@Mauris R U working on it, or can I?
Go ahead!

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