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12:03 AM
@TheNumberOne I had no idea!
That's at least more interesting than my last name's actual origin. It was a mispelling of a German name (either Rainbold or Reinbold - I forget).
Misspelling at Ellis Island?
My grandpa and his brother got different last names going through Ellis Island.
Cool Japanese fact: it's the on reading of 雷. So in compounds it's read "rai", like 雷雨 "raiu" (thunderstorm), but on its own it's read "kaminari".
translate ja: lighting bolt
(from English) 照明ボルト
Basically, every character has a one or more ways it's read in compounds, and one or more ways it's read as a stand-alone word
I'm willing to bet whoever wrote the urban dictionary entry lifted it from the Pokémon.
Dang it, someone add to the word search already so I can score more points. ;-;
@Doorknob I added Ostrich but I'll let you do Snowman. ;)
I figured you wouldn't do Ostrich yourself.
12:19 AM
@AlexA. s/figured/knew/. :P I'll do Snowman now.
translate ja: doorknob
(from English) ドアノブ
translate ja: door knob
(from English) ドア ・ ノブ
translate ja: door
(from Dutch) によって
I've been exposed... I'm secretly half-Dutch. :P
(I did not know this until now.)
(That's how good I am at keeping secrets.)
ドア is the correct Japanese translation of "door" per my dictionary.
It's an English loanword--did Japan not have doors until the influence of western culture?
@Doorknob Dutchknob
guys, sorry for interrupting, but what I do to reopen my question? I edited it but it was abbandoned. Where should I post to get attention to open it again?
@FilipeTeixeira Can you give us a link?
12:26 AM
Q: The spoak laugh generator

Filipe TeixeiraThe spoak laugh For those who don't know, in Brazil some people laugh on chats like this: aposkpaoskaposkaposkpaokspaoskpaoksa. So here is the challenge: To make a program that generate this laugh in a natural way. How to produce this laugh programatticaly? When you laugh like this, you use o...

It has one reopen vote currently. It needs 4 more (IIRC) to reopen.
how can I see the reopen votes?
It's a privilege tied to reputation. I think you need 2k
oh I see
thanks anyway
Oh sorry, I guess it's only 250 rep here. See codegolf.stackexchange.com/help/privileges
Wow, only 250 on Stack Overflow as well. I thought it was a lot more.
12:35 AM
The Brazilian laugh challenge is actually more fun to read in its poor English than it would be in correct English.
Poor is probably a bad word for me to use there. "Not perfect" would be more accurate.
We should do a Russian one. "Russian laugh generate you"
Q: Brainfuck program generator

Vladimir LeninChallenge In this challenge, you are to code in any language a program or function that will take a string and output a valid BF program that will print the string. Input a string from any type of input, including stdin/file input. Output A valid BF program that prints the string. Scoring ...

^ This feels like a duplicate to me but I can't seem to find one
Too bad Peter isn't in here right now. I swear he has every question ever asked here in mental flash memory.
try searching for generate is:question bf
Yeah I had been searching
Thanks for telling me my english sucks. ;)
I'm still learning.
Could someone edit my errors? It would be better for me and for the people reading it.
12:40 AM
Aha! Found a duplicate candidate:
Q: Brainfuck Golfer

JiminPOne of easiest code written by a programming language is a program printing sequence of characters (ex. "Hello, world!"). However, some esoteric programming languages like Brainfuck, even this simplest code is quite annoying to write. Your task is to write a program (don't have to written in bra...

^ Does anyone agree that the newest BF challenge is a dupe of this?
The scoring is different but otherwise the concept is identical
Does that constitute a duplicate? /cc @Doorknob
A: What programming languages have been created by PPCG users?

DoorknobSnowman Once I tried to make a golfing language that was still somewhat readable, kind of like GolfScript++. Then CJam happened. So I went the opposite direction, and made an anti-golfing language that is as unreadable as possible. end preamble Snowman is an esolang written in C++. Its main de...

I, uh, sort of wrote an entire mini-tutorial in there. Whoops. (@AlexA.)
@AlexA. Yes, I would say so.
Great, thanks.
Does anyone know if there's a way to search comments? I want to add "Crossed out 44 is just regular 44 :(" to the PPCG memes.
Crossed out 44 is just regular 44 :( — Alex A. ♦ Aug 25 at 3:33
12:55 AM
The original is from Optimizer
I can't recall where it was though
I've probably said it a couple times because I find it more hilarious than it probably is objectively.
translate ko: 44
(from English) 44
Ah so this is where it's at :P
Where what's at?
PPCG People ^_^
Struck out 44 is still regular 44. :( — Alex A. ♦ May 16 at 1:35
Not a single one of the answers to meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/6918/18487 are comprehensive. Another list question is born :(
12:58 AM
striked out 44 is still normal 44 :( — Optimizer Mar 24 at 8:22
@Doorknob Yes! This is the original!
Thanks! :)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Yes indeed!
HAHA OH WOW BrainSteel actually changed his username to StainRebel (an anagram of BrainSteel)
@Doorknob Lol just looking at this question. I'm working on making a bitmap language for golfing use on this site. It's currently a WIP, but it's rather like ><> and BrainF**k melded together.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Nice! Tell us when it's finished ;)
1:03 AM
@Doorknob Of course! How might I do that? Via Meta? :/
@AlexA. rofl that's fantastic. I'm gonna edit that into the memes post immediately
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ No, just here in chat!
@Doorknob Ahh okay thanks. That makes sense :P
@Doorknob My favorite anagram username is Zip It More (Optimizer)
I'm partial to Rad Roman (randomra). :P
There are no interesting anagrams of "Alex A"
1:08 AM
@AlexA. Try adding your last name?
There are a few okay anagrams with my full last name but nothing sufficiently humorous.
@AlexA. Ah, I see.
@Doorknob Should memes be ?
@AlexA. Nah, I think we've listed pretty much all of them
Except EmoWolf et. al.! I'm surprised nobody has posted a "Wolves" meme yet.
I don't know if most people would know what it means
1:17 AM
@Doorknob I was mostly kidding. :P
That challenge was a long time ago
@Rainbolt It's linked in a standard loophole
Oh really? That's neat
IIRC "Suicidal entries to KOTH challenges" or something along those lines
I bet I can match a few more standard loopholes to various wolves
1:18 AM
@Rainbolt What do you mean, "That challenge"? EmoWolf has made appearances in at least three, to my knowledge. :P
Really? Other people are making wolf challenges?
Nope, but the same name has been used
So the meme lives then
Oh the wolf challenge
:P I thought you were talking about REAL wolves ^^"
A: Save the last bullet for yourself

William BarbosaEmo Wolf With A Gun He's back. He hates zombies. He still hates Java. No copyright infringement intended. package player; import zombie.*; public class EmoWolfWithAGun implements Player { @Override public Action doTurn(PlayerContext context) { PlayerId myself = context.getId(...

1:19 AM
@Rainbolt Kind of. New emo X submissions get nuked pretty much ASAP.
^^ That's the most prominent one I can find.
Only 3 downvotes? I'm kind of surprised. :P
Haha, he's even been called a meme before:
For someone who only casually browses, what is this? A codegolf meme, by chance? — Seiyria Jul 29 '14 at 16:08
That settles it.
Doorknob, do you want to do the honors?
Another common theme is hating Java.
@AlexA. You feel free, I still have some homework to do :P
1:22 AM
@Doorknob Me too >.>
Heh, okay, whoever gets around to it first then
What are you doing for homework? Super advanced mega calculus?
Nah, just English. :P
Less exciting but still alright.
What level math are you in? I believe you've mentioned it before but I can't recall.
@AlexA. My old school and my new high school use different math classes. So I was in Algebra II last year, and this year I'm in "Algebra II / Precalculus" (which is basically the equivalent of what the continuation would be in my old school).
1:26 AM
Ah, okay. Are you in 9th grade?
So you're 2 years ahead of your graduating class in math?
Uh, I'm not sure.
I took Algebra II in 10th grade and I was a year ahead of my graduating class.
Does Texas have any program like Washington's Running Start?
If I continued to go to a public school, I think it would be three years ahead. In my new private school, I'm not sure whether it's 1-2... somewhere in that range, I think. The math system is completely different.
1:30 AM
Ah, okay. I've never been to a private school so I have no idea how things work outside of the public school system. (The Washington state public school system to be exact. :P)
(read: anything I say about school may be completely irrelevant or nonsensical in other states)
@AlexA. I... have no idea, actually. There might be.
I recommend it if there's some kind of equivalent. The Washington state taxpayers paid for my first two years of college while I was in high school, so I graduated high school with a diploma and an associate's (2-year) degree from my local community college.
Only spent 2 years actually in high school (9th and 10th grade).
@AlexA. That definitely sounds like something interesting that I'll look into. Thanks :)
Now, for that English homework...
My pleasure!
Oh right, your homework. :P
@Anyone: Is Ruby worth learning?
1:55 AM
Me: No.
Some other people I've talked to: Yes
Why not for you?
I can do most everything in ruby with PHP/Python/Bash
but I know many people who swear by it
s/many/a few/
Ah, alright. I like the idea of Rake as a replacement for GNU Make (because I dislike make) but I don't think it'll happen, at least on any significant scale.
@AlexA. Again, as someone who has a fair grasp of bash, I like the simplicity of GNU Make.
@Tyzoid how dare you Ruby is awesome
@AlexA. how dare you make is awesome
(except for the fact that it requires tabs :P)
2:08 AM
Oof, a healthy dose of vinegar from the guy who should be doing his homework. :P
I finished it :P
Oh nice!
Ruby does seem really neat, I just haven't explored it much. Make is not awesome because it requires tabs.
Luckily I have no personalized settings or anything in Vim, so I can just do my Makefiles in there.
(where tab -> \t rather than tab -> space*4)
I'm trying to figure out a possible syntax for lambdas for Phi's Golfo Supreme (no that won't be its real name)
@PhiNotPi Why would you ever want that to not be its real name? It's perfect.
In Pyth, there is enough context to figure out when something should be treated as a lambda.
2:17 AM
Clearly lambdas should be defined as PhisGolfoSupreme:O-|-<
What I want to do with syntax is to avoid having special brackets around lambdas.
Okay, then just GolfoSupremeActivate!
(I'm actually trying to be serious here for 5 seconds)
I'm very bad at that
If I have an operator a that means "apply lambda" it would have to take a lambda expression as input.
2:24 AM
Prefix, postfix, infix?
The language, in general, is postfix, but I might need to make exception for stuff like this.
At the cost of one byte you could have a character that terminates the expression, so a<lambda>; or something like that
It's at least a byte shorter than matched brackets
If the lambda is (x^2+2^x) which is written as x2^2x^+ and I simply have that in my code, then the program would read the first x and push it onto the stack without realizing that it is part of a lambda expression.
Even if it immediately follows a?
So to apply a lambda to b using my suggestion, it would be like ax2^2x^+;b, right?
Well, it would have to immediately follow a, despite the fact that the language is usually postfix and not prefix.
And so it would probably appear in code like bax2^2x^+;
2:31 AM
Oh sorry, I had pre- and postfix mixed up
Using ba... makes a an infix operator though
But everything else is postfix?
But that's because it can't be postfix, without adding brackets around the lambda.
So you'd want to be able to do something like b<lambda>a?
I'm okay with ba<lambda>
2:34 AM
You could still do b<lambda>a if you had something that separated b and the lambda, because when it encounters a it knows that the lambda is done
Yeah, that would work.
If you did ba<lambda> you'd still need some way of telling the interpreter that the lambda is done should there be code that follows it, so I think making a postfix like this doesn't actually cost a byte over infix
(in my head it did for a bit, but weird stuff goes on in my head most of the time)
That's... actually true.
Maybe.... I could make it so that the stuff inside of the lambda expressions is written in prefix...
And the interpreter would determine whether it was reading a lambda using the context of pre- or postfix operators?
So ba+^2x^x2 is what I would put for ba<lambda> and the use of prefix means that we can automatically determine when the lambda ends.
Saving a character for each lambda in the code.
2:39 AM
What about a dumb lambda, like 1?
Like ba1
What happens?
Well, it would look at the first thing in the lambda, the 1, and see that it takes no additional inputs, so that is the end of the lambda.
So the lambda would always have to begin with an operator?
No, it could totally be a single number, although there is literally no point to a lambda that is just a single number.
I mean lambdas that do something
This language is going to have the most bizarre operator precedences ever.
2:43 AM
Haha yes indeed.
Hopefully this means that it can "meet in the middle" of cJam's postfix and Pyth's prefix stuff.
Meat in the middle
ba^2x2+ would do 2^b + 2?
2:45 AM
translate ko: hi
@AlexA. Yes
(from Catalan) 있다
Catalan? Wth?
@AlexA. Uhhhh... that means "there is."
Do Doorknobs speak Catalan?
2:46 AM
It's 안녕
@Mauris ... I don't think so.
@Doorknob According to Google Translate, "hi" is Catalan for "there."
@Mauris Mine does.
@AlexA. That would explain it...
Why it assumed I was speaking Catalan is still a mystery
2:48 AM
translate ko: hello
translate ko: hello
(from English) 안녕하세요
That's correct. :P
That seems like a whole lot of lines just to greet someone
I can't tell if this is a script or Alex is just running these through Google Translate behind-the-scenes
translate ko: hey
"안녕" is the informal version.
2:49 AM
translate ko: hey
(from English) 이 봐
"look at this"
Trivia: "Sprite" is one syllable in English, and five in Korean ("seu-peu-rah-ee-teu").
I want to say that to people now when I enter rooms. Rather than a greeting: "Look at this."
translate ko: Sprite
(from English) 스프라이트
@Doorknob What about Sprites?
2:50 AM
@Mauris I guess that's 6 (extra 스 at the end).
There's not really a plural in Korean though.
So I only have one leg in Korea?
Got a small ruling question for one of you gurus: If a problem description says that the input is two values, say "a and b", can you take them in the opposite order? Or is that only if it specifically says something like "in any order"?
I should learn Hangul
@AlexA. Usually it's just assumed from context. :P
Sometimes you can add a 들 to make things plural, but I think that's rare in practice.
It's usually only used to "emphasize" plurality, if that makes any sense. But you can use the same word for, say, "potato" and "potatoes."
2:53 AM
@RetoKoradi From experience people seem to like assuming that in can be in either order, but you can always ask the OP for confirmation just in case
@RetoKoradi and doesn't specify an order in my book.
Hangulify "Strengths" for me. With the plural "s", pretending it's a brand name, or something.
There is no "th" sound in Korean either. (Nor is there an "f" or "v" sound.)
That's why "fork" is pronounced "po-keu."
Nice, that's 7
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Super ChafouinEmoticon facial expression recognition Write a program that accepts as input an emoticon and ouputs if the emoticon is happy or sad. The program accepts a string as input or parameter, and should display the string "happy" if the input is in the happy emoticon list, or "sad" if the input is in ...

2:57 AM
Someone should write a snippet for this challenge
@Mauris Are you trying to golf the Korean language?
I have no idea how they work. PPCG users are JavaScript wizards
Bowl it, I guess
@StainRebel and I are proud language daddies.
@AlexA. Congrats! Your first step to world domination.
I've been looking for a place to put Element on that list, but unfortunately neither its input nor output character have been used by any other answers so far.
3:11 AM
@RetoKoradi Haha thanks! I've been working on world domination for a while. I'm finally starting to see it come to fruition.
Wait, I found a spot to fit it.
Snowman can probably be (ab)used for that challenge to get a score of zero.
It literally ignores all whitespace (that's not in a string). So the following programs are equivalent:
    ~             v

Even though vg is a separate operator from sp.
What would sp3000 do in Snowman?
3:17 AM
Error, because sp is print and you can't print something that doesn't exist yet.
Clearly Sp3000 needs a name that works in Snowman.
how about PhiNotPi
@AlexA. Sp3000 works in both CJam and Pyth. I'm good with that already :P
@PhiNotPi Also an error, because Phi is capitalized incorrectly (setting aside the fact that there is no such operator as phi).
Well, highest score wins, and the score for a submission is 30/added bytes.
3:18 AM
@Doorknob There should be an operator phi that prints the string Phi's Golfo Supreme to STDOUT.
So... does added bytes = 0 give you a score of infinity?
@AlexA. Hahaha. But then it would have to be capitalized PHi or PhI.
I think the rules state you must add one character.
Awwww. :(
@Sp3000 If it helps, Sp3000 is a valid Element program. It pushes the string Sp3000 onto the stack and then ends, outputting nothing.
That's kind of sad, but in a poetic way.
3:22 AM
Any ASCII string is valid gs2 that does a whole bunch of shit!
So which usernames would work in Snowman then?
Probably crashing
@Sp3000 Uhhh... hmm. Probably not many...
Especially considering that any Snowman program that does... anything must have one of )(}{~ in it.
There should be an operator saymyname,saymyname that prints Snowman.
You can write valid Snowman programs without one of these characters, but these programs will do literally nothing other than not crash.
3:25 AM
Hmmm hard
... who starred that ಠ_ಠ
... well we know it wasn't Doorknob ಠ_ಠ
I wish sort by oldest didn't mix the deleted answers in with the rest. :/
I wish deleted answers were collapsed by default. I usually sort by active.
This definitely needs a Stack Snippet. I have no way of knowing which languages have been used without combing through 55 different answers.
Looks like ETHProductions made a basic one
3:33 AM
Hmmm... /me considers submitting an entry that strategically places characters for Snowman to use. :P
You could also simply place Snowman.
Yes, but then I don't get to submit a 0-char entry.
What's the Snowman program for putchar(getchar())?
g and p can be optionally capitalized
( can also be any of ){}~
And whitespace is allowed literally anywhere
It comes with no protection against hidden Whitespace programs
3:37 AM
Or 23.
An actual scoreboard doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to add at this point.
But I have no idea how to do jQuery thingies
I'm working on it now
But also I have no idea what I'm doing
Looks like the existing one isn't picking everything up
I feel like the tag could use a better name.
You know what, I completely misunderstood the meaning of the tag
Stupid mod deletion powers.
translate ko: powers
(from English) 힘
It could probably still use a less weird sounding synonym
1 hour later…
5:20 AM
@AlexA. Any progress?
5:30 AM
I'll never understand how people decide what to vote for. I posted two answers on a challenge today. One took 2 minutes to write, the other 2 hours. Guess which one is getting the upvotes...
And now the better one just got unupvoted. o_O
@Dennis I spent multiple days on some performance challenges, and maybe got 1 or 2 upvotes.
Yes, fastest-code and code-challenge is usually lots of work for little reward. I know that the vote tally doesn't always measure quality, but 8 votes for a 227 byte answer that required no effort vs 2 votes for a 107 byte answer that required a lot of work still seems weird, considering that both answers have been seen by the same people...
Maybe our user base simply likes bubblegum. ¯​\​_(ツ)_/¯
what happened to the right arm?
No clue. It looks fine when I edit it.
Zero-width space fixed it. Go figure.
You might have gotten a bonus for introducing a new programming language there.
5:45 AM
@Dennis who knew escaped undercore is a thing..
what is the quickest way to type zero width space?
Ah, yes, of course. Underscores can be used instead of stars.
@Optimizer Which OS?
(for life)
Try Alt + 8203.
I have already tried that.
Meh, poor Unicode support.
5:47 AM
I have to append the correct number of zero before it ..
A: Why does [ALT+224] return Ó instead of alpha?

DennisAs you have already discovered, the characters resulting from character codes between 0 and 255 depend entirely on the encoding that is used. Windows doesn't use neither extended ASCII nor ANSI (usually Windows-1252); it actually depends on the application. For example, Alt + (2, 2, 4) gives on...

Å are 963 and 0963 resp.
@RetoKoradi That might be it, although I got an insane amount of upvotes a few days ago when I did the same with Bash.
@Optimizer The behavior of alt codes is unnervingly inconsistent on Windows. The hexadecimal codes, once enabled, seemed to work a bit better though.
how to enable?
Set the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method\EnableHexNumpad to 1.
5:53 AM
If what I found on SO is any indication, I concluded that there's hardly any correlation between the quality of answers and the number of upvotes. And definitely none between effort and upvotes. The way I look at it, it averages out overall.
Sometimes I quickly get 5 upvotes for answers that are so trivially easy that I was almost embarrassed to post them. Other times I get nothing after searching for information in half a dozen spec documents.
I never got more than 20 something upvotes on SO, but this is might most popular post on the entire network:
A: Why do file URLs start with 3 slashes?

DennisThe complete syntax is file://host/path. If the host is localhost, it can be omitted, resulting in file:///path. See RFC 1738 – Uniform Resource Locators (URL): A file URL takes the form: file://<host>/<path> […] As a special case, <host> can be the string "localhost" or the emp...

I didn't even write the good part myself.
On SO the correlation is between upvotes and... people coincidentially finding your thing on Google.
Certainly. More views == more upvotes.

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