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12:26 AM
I don't think anyone here can teach F# (although we can all learn together)
Prolog is already LotM
@Bubbler Could you learn us Labyrinth?
12:45 AM
Welcome to this week's Learn You A Lang for Great Good! Today, we'll be learning Labyrinth. During the event, feel free to post CMCs to practice Labyrinth (LMCs), ask questions about the language, and so on.
Labyrinth is a 2D language based on the path-following mechanic. All non-instructions (including spaces) form a wall, and the instruction pointer (IP) follows the path formed by the instructions. Conditional branching is done at three-way or four-way junctions, and loops can be formed by creating loops in the path.
All the commands (not many) and detailed semantics can be found in the readme linked above.
LMC: Given n, calculate factorial of n
LMC: No input, print 0 or 1 randomly (both nonzero chance)
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Erasure Poetry
1:08 AM
it's been a while since i've done any labyrinth, i'm a little lost ;)
guess you'll have to check how many neighbours you have then
@JoKing Well, it is a pretty maze-like language until you find your way
@Bubbler 18 bytes
it took me a bit to figure out 0 too
checks vanilla factorial question, just as i predicted, past me got it in two less bytes
1:23 AM
note: two size 2 loops can beat out a size 3 loop
how do you do detailed debug mode on TIO again? -d doesn't seem to work
@Bubbler 7 bytes
I feel so sorry for anyone who answered a slightly-complex question before we had Mathjax, having to use images, or <sup> tags :(
Having updated enough of them to Mathjax, I can imagine the pain of writing them in the first place
1:45 AM
Yeah lol
1 hour later…
2:52 AM
There are so, so few resources out there on server-side MathJax rendering
Would be a great topic for my first blog post if I didn't need to figure out how to do server-side MathJax rendering to get my blog to work in the first place
I've, for possibly the first time, come across an error message that literally nobody else has had. I've gotten close a few times, where all that exists is one or two references to it, but this brings up nothing but MathJax's source code where the error is emitted.
MathJax: can't insert css rule '[ SOME CSS ]': Cannot read properties of null (reading 'insertRule')
Damn I'm pretty good at this whole COVID thing, I've infected 2/3 of my other family members now
@user Yeah, that's a possible meaning too. I was being a bit jokey with my response, though it was the first meaning that came to my mind.
@RadvylfPrograms Meh, just 66%? Gotta get 100% for that A+
@RadvylfPrograms how's covid treating you btw?
huh, there's no swap command in Labyrinth?
LMC: take n, output nth abacaba sequence but with numbers. n=1 -> [1]; n=3 -> [1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1] (output format is permissive)
that's a pain
@Bubbler rearranged for 19
4:26 AM
Q: shortest runtime bytecode question

AnonymousWhat is the shortest runtime bytecode you can write for a contract that satisfies both the following: Accepts calldata of length 32 bytes representing one uint256 (no function selector) Returns, as one uint256, the fibonacci number at the index of the input (the sequence can start at either 0 or ...

@NewPosts hmm it seems like a genuine code golf challenge attempt but they havent quite gotten the format
2 hours later…
6:05 AM
Seems like a dupe
6:59 AM
@Bubbler oh no, there's no command to swap the stacks either, rip my solution
apparently way harder than it looks
i also keep getting caught out by the n*10+x way of pushing, oof
@Bubbler 40 bytes but i can't be bothered to output it properly
7:39 AM
golfed to 24 bytes
8:25 AM
labyrinth golf, exotic
1 hour later…
9:29 AM
Q: Shortest runtime bytecode in Solidity

JizzyBWhat is the shortest runtime bytecode you can write for a contract that satisfies both the following: Accepts calldata of length 32 bytes representing one uint256 (no function selector) Returns, as one uint256, the fibonacci number at the index of the input (the sequence can start at either 0 or ...

Same user presumably
TODO: Create a userscript that reminds me to edit in code-golf if I want to dupe hammer
That's a pretty dumb loophole
You could always add a tag, close the question, then remove the tag again if you have at least one gold tag
Solidity is a statically-typed curly-braces programming language
@emanresuA If you edit the tags to include a tag you have a gold badge in, you can't dupe hammer
i wasn't aware "curly braces" could be a defining category
9:53 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh okay
That's good
10:38 AM
when will NP/SP come back?
Whenever radvylf / someone finds the time to fix them
SE made a major API change without telling anyone, as usual
2 hours later…
12:27 PM
Does CCCG still have a nearly 50% HNQ rate? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/232097/…
Wouldn't surprise me
It's currently 55%
12:45 PM
That looks like a very complicated query lol
It's fairly simple to check how many questions of a site hit HNQ, as it's a timelined event. The complicated bit is doing it across all sites for comparison
looks like lots of questions are being closed these days, i counted and found 5 questions were closed. do people still have an issue with using sandbox or is no one giving feedback over there (even after waiting 2-3 days)
Wait bricks is a site
we need a site for real brick fans (concrete)
12:51 PM
Oh that makes sense
which kind? the building one, or the Lego kits kind? a site for Building bricks is probably going to have few users
who mostly construct buildings
@py3programmer lego brick site exists, we need concrete brick site (explanation)
i doubt there would be much users for that
12:54 PM
@py3programmer the 5 most recent questions are closed: two are duplicates (one of the other), posted by brand new users; 2 are the same CnR, if the C gets closed, so does the R, and also posted by a relatively new user (they're 3rd challenge, and their second closed challenge); and one, posted by a new user, closed as unclear 15hrs ago, and hasn't been edited since
New users not using the Sandbox is a common problem, and we're still aiming to improve that
plus i had a previous challenge posted on sandbox ignored for 3 days
and got critics when released (especially radvylf)
@thejonymyster more people play with legos than build real towers in the world
so @cairdcoinheringaahing, what should be done about the not-getting-feedback problem
on sandbox
I just remind people in chat if I don't get comments
We've been looking for an answer for that for years
12:57 PM
@py3programmer how many towers have you seen made of legos
probably 7?
and how many real towers have you seen?
more than that
boom. QED. ill take my paycheque
ig im not so sure
12:58 PM
@thejonymyster at least 3
probably 4
jokes aside, lego brick talk reminded me of a code golf type idea i had :P
or not so much "idea i had" so much as "concept i enjoy"
Ok we really need reaction emojis on here
literally agree
but uhh dont get excited its just me
12:59 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing and @mousetail my first message here was to do that but no one responded to the question (now deleted)
@thejonymyster So far many of the concepts you have been excited by have excited me too
The typical way to get more attention to a sandbox post is posting a link here
i did that
it failed :(
i bet you know which one im talking about
yeah sandbox engagement is weird
1:01 PM
Needs a review queue
ooh interesting idea
Possible userscript idea
One that takes new sandbox posts and puts them in a simulated review queue
I guess a review queue is better
but what criterion determines questions to be on it
Hopefully one that actually works. The "sandbox viewer" userscript is very broken
1:02 PM
@mousetail well this one is like, an extension of a type of challenge we might have already seen a few of, sort of like, shaping code to fit some 2d shape i guess? in my brain it reminds me of those like, zachlike puzzles about optimizing your machine to fit in the space left by your other machinery
im not sure what exactly im getting at overall, but the idea of "your code needs to fit in this 2space, with everything else being either no characters or whitespace" appeals to my brain
i guess in the spirit of the inspiration, the shape could be determined by something besides "this is the shape used in the challenge"
Would be interesting for sure, depending on the implementation
@RadvylfPrograms This exists, but is broken :/
we do have a couple of those where its just one shape, like a square
@cairdcoinheringaahing Are you talking ablout sandbox viewer or something else?
Sandbox viewer
@py3programmer I suggest asking at least 3 times, minimum. Sometimes, people just aren't active at the same time
1:04 PM
i dont use sandbox viewer, just scroll down and answer it
No one uses the Sandbox viewer, it's broken
@cairdcoinheringaahing when i posted there was activity, next post was on 18 minutes after my post
Speaking of scrolling down to answer, shouldn't the answer box be below the question, rather than at the end of the pag? It's hard to remember the question details if they have to keep scrolling up and down
that is a good point, but it can be mitigated by just copying the question etc
whereas getting people to see how many answers there are before they answer is not easily mitigated
if the answer button is way up top, i know for a fact that a large percent of answerers will not scroll down far enough to see existing answers
there may be some third option though that solves both issues :P
@py3programmer I'd like a 2 column layout
question on the left, answers on the right
1:14 PM
And how about a search bar that searches for answers in a particular language? People will then know whether an answer exists
@py3programmer inquestion:12345 languagename
where do you type that
@mousetail maybe as answer chaining, where the previous answer determines the shape of the next somehow? though "output a shape" is too simple KC of a problem for the challenge itself to be interesting
@py3programmer the search bar
lots of great features there actually
1:18 PM
then how about SE converts it into a button with an input
instead of searches that look like commands
i mean, why?
just so that people can see if an answer exists
without typing much
"without typing much" sounds like a you problem :P
especially when its... not much
fine then
just that... its kinda tiring
seems like userscript territory though maybe
i guess i can see how an "inquestion:thisone" search bar per question could be useful, but then you have like.. two search bars, and one of them can already do that
i could be wrong also :P
1:26 PM
in 2nd search bar all you have to do is type the name, say "Python 3", then it checks if its there. also remove the functionality in the already-existing one
removing functionality is never the answer :P (sometimes it is but probably not here)
I was looking through lyal
Maybe we can do a puzzle jam some time?
I have a userscript that puts inquestion:this in the search bar by default. If I want to search without that I only have to triple-click the search bar, which selects the existing text, and then I can overwrite it as soon as I start typing
2:01 PM
New meta post on its way
Q: Event Proposal: (Weekly? Monthly?) Puzzles Jam

Number BasherI wanted to make a puzzles jam here. Inspired by this and this and a lot more, I think we can start a puzzles jam where people can work in a group of 1-3 on a 3 hour continuous period every weekend to create a puzzle related to a specific topic. We can then vote on the best puzzle, the puzzles wi...

Why the random bold?
oh inside the linked question
Yea in the first paragraph half the words are bold
wont puzzle jam be too off topic here?
2:11 PM
I'm not sure but there is this paragraph "The puzzle must be post-able on this website (e.g. shouldn't be too long, adheres to guidelines, et cetera.)" which implies that these are actually challenges with a objective winning criteria, not puzzles.
actually apparently some puzzles are allowed here
@thejonymyster Depends on your definition of a puzzle. By my definition a puzzle has a single correct answer, thus every puzzle would be off topic.
My idea for what puzzles should be allowed here (not what the rules actually are) is basically a cops answer to a cops and robbers question, but without the cops and robbers question needing to exist
@mousetail Puzzles are allowed here
Our site even used to have "programming puzzles" as half of the title lol
How can a puzzle have a objective scoring criteria?
2:16 PM
The objective scoring criterion is who posts first
Makes sense
It's a bit of an exception since they're a bit of a separate category from challenges
Puzzles, challenges, tips
Someone should edit the tag wiki
Actually the tag wiki seems entirely inaccurate
2:44 PM
@mousetail Done fix
any more suggestions reply or just @ me, gotta go
3:18 PM
Ok heres my crazy source layout idea: two players take turns writing programs(1) in the same NxN(2) grid, the game ends when a player can't write a program that fits in the remaining space on their turn, the person who has taken up the least(3) space in the grid wins

(1) What programs are they writing? is it always the same or does it vary? Do both players use the same language?
(2) How can this grid size be chosen?
(3) Making it be "take up the least space" seems in the spirit of golfiness / making your opponent do a lot by doing little yourself, and prevents cheesing by w
clarification on (3): short is simple in shape. simple in shape is less interesting in shape :P
3:44 PM
i think it should be the same program being written for fairness
is there a "it's my pleasure" emoji?
I mean, there should be
@py3programmer sure, but which program? and theres more than two turns, after both players have written the program, are they writing the same program again? or a different one?
@thejonymyster also: related, related.
in that case... ig then only different programs
then theres still picking those programs :P no immediately obvious solution to me
it could be useful to tie the program to the current state of the "board"
but that could be too convoluted :P
my initial idea was to just have a list of challenges, maybe to have them be solved in order or like, you could just pick which seemed convenient at the time
but both players pull from the same pool, either both being allowed to do the same challenges or if one player does one, the other cant do that one
lots of possibilities, nothing jumping out as the obvious right choice though]
@graffe use windows + .
guess you get to decide yourself
same way how you need to define the challenge
3:58 PM
LOL fair
the biggest problem is probably (4) though. otherwise, id just sandbox it
@py3programmer what does look like? (on linux)
4:11 PM
I have no idea, windows 11 here
@graffe it pulls up a menu where u can choose emojis
but i hv no idea what the shortcut is on linux
@AidenChow ah ok
@py3programmer ya true
4:13 PM
you cant update to windows 11
@AidenChow that looks good
@graffe what looks good
the menu?
windows 11 is more updated
@py3programmer using a school pc rn lmao
its night here
so kinda strange
using school stuff in night
4:16 PM
night time for u but early morning for me
u can probably figure out the general area where i live now lol
@AidenChow yes
which I don't have sadly
on linux
@py3programmer wait does windows 11 doesnt have the emoji menu or what?
wdym by more updated
@AidenChow USA!
@graffe yep!
west coast
probably california :)
4:19 PM
@graffe O_O
San Francisco....?
or LA
phew, at least u didnt get that right lol
1442 North Daniel Avenue, Sacramento, CA, you left your side door unlocked
@RadvylfPrograms not again!
4:21 PM
@RadvylfPrograms is there a reference im missing here or is that truly just a random address
I just made it up lol
But there's a very slight chance that address exists, it is yours, and you did indeed forget to lock the door after feeding your dog (who is named Timothy)
@AidenChow's real address is **** ******* Street, *****, CA
is that called a bungalow in the US?
@cairdcoinheringaahing errrr... no. u got the zip code correct though!
4:25 PM
@graffe Maybe if you're a like, realtor. Never heard a real human use that term though.
@RadvylfPrograms in the UK it's the standard term
it just means a house with one floor
@RadvylfPrograms What would you call it then? just a house?
Yeah, and if I need to specify how many floors, a one-story house
@RadvylfPrograms same!
never heard of bungalow before until right now
Having a separate word for a one-story house seems weird to me, although I guess with the US's suburban planning it makes sense that "house" just refers to a typical 1/2-story single-family residence
4:27 PM
"Originally Anglo-Indian.
Originally: a one-storied house (or temporary building, e.g. a summer-house), lightly built, usually with a thatched roof. In modern use: any one-storied house. "
I guess it refers to a style of house more common in india?
Indian as in India or Native American?
Etymology: < Hindustani banglā, understood to be identical with the adjective of same form, meaning ‘belonging to Bengal’.
@RadvylfPrograms da hell is half a floor
(I'd assume the former, but living in the US, I'm more used to hearing "Indian" to mean the latter)
@AidenChow 1/2 as in one or two lol
@RadvylfPrograms always Indian...although in this case Bengali it seems
4:29 PM
Yeah no I'm just a typical American living in the crawl space under my neighbor's house
@RadvylfPrograms bruh lolol
@RadvylfPrograms :)
I dream of a crawl space
I crawl up through a drain vent in his house to use his oven when he's not home. I maintain his plumbing in exchange for the right to live there, it's a pretty normal arrangement.
you should count yourself lucky
@RadvylfPrograms that's for you
4:49 PM
just eating dinner, @AidenChow windows 11 has emoji menus, and im definetly not in USA
finished dinner, i mean
Let’s just say that my location is in another 3-lettered country, but not the USA
Hint: begins with U, ends with E
what country consists of 3 letters?
but I’m a resident
4:59 PM
@py3programmer windows 10 also has an emoji menu
I know
Never said it didn’t
WW's election announcement was posted so early on that the pin will auto expire almost 2 weeks before the election starts, so if we re-pin it after it expires, then it'll expire again before the voting even starts :P
What election?
Check the starboard: CGCC is having a mod election in 12 days
5:17 PM
I haven’t heard of it. Where do I find out about it?
The official announcement hasn't been posted yet, but codegolf.stackexchange.com/election/4 has the relevant info
The question collection thread will probably be posted at some point in the next few days tbh
5:43 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing "How do I juic advocad?" better make an appearance there :p
I'll vote for anyone who can try for thirtee minut and actually has juic
Jus put it in a blende
woul you say that for any other fruit thou
good questio
blende apple is not apple juic; blende orang is not orang juic
Belend orang is orang juic with plup tho
I know bc I tryd for thirtee minut
5:48 PM
How’d you know if someone actually made juice or is just… lying?
Radvylf won't lie
... right?
@RadvylfPrograms to much pulp to be juic
Who knows
Perhaps he’s going to make a pitch saying he can make juice
Although he doesn’t
( weak )
Q: IMO Question Six with a difference

Jonathan AllanIn 1988, the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) featured this as its final question, Question Six: Let \$a\$ and \$b\$ be positive integers such that \$ab + 1\$ divides \$a^2 + b^2\$. Show that \$\frac{a^2 + b^2}{ab + 1}\$ is the square of an integer. (IMO problems) This can be proven us...

Not sandboxed, but I think it's clear (although Question Six itself is obviously fairly confusing). Any suggestions to make it clearer very much welcomed!
5:57 PM
@graffe @pxeger I'd call that a "ranch-style house." Like the house I grew up in. I'm guessing that term is only used in America.
Huh, according to Wikipedia, ranch-style is more specific than just "one-story," and bungalow is also more specific than just "one-storey."
WP's example picture for bungalow looks like the house my mom grew up in.
@JonathanAllan the 1988 reference reminds me of 1960’s or 70s or even 80’s IMO with Clifford Cocks
The true inventor of RSA
@DLosc you do need to be in a country with ranches for that to work
@DLosc Really? From the name I assumed ranch-style houses were like, big houses.
@DLosc that wiki page doesn't really describe what a UK person means by a bungalow. Specifically, I would not call the house in the main photo a bungalow
I'd consider that a one story house
6:06 PM
It just has a room in the attic
@graffe There's a UK usage section farther down which says "It is rare for the term "bungalow" to be used in British English to denote a dwelling having other than a single storey, in which case "chalet bungalow", (see below) is used."
I have never heard chalet bungalow used!
" chalet bungalow n. a type of bungalow in the style of a chalet (sense 1a); spec. a bungalow with living space in the loft."
I learned something new
i am guessing americans don't say loft :)
6:08 PM
To me a loft is a really specific thing
Like, an overhang, where there's a floor above you but you can look down from it to see the story below
Unless I'm mixing that up with something else
@RadvylfPrograms My childhood home was 900-odd square feet, so unless I'm wrong about calling it a ranch, they don't have to be that big.
I'd also assume ranch houses had a specific style
Like, I wouldn't hear "ranch house" and think of like, a modern house
Depends what you mean by "modern." Is 1960s modern?
By modern I mean like, modern-modern. The style, not the time period.
Like, white with big windows, open floor plan, shiny stuff in the kitchen
And I wouldn't consider anything from 60 years ago modern in any context :p
> Modernism is both a philosophical and arts movement that arose from broad transformations in Western society during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
6:14 PM
Okay fine, in any context that isn't art or history or art history
Or architecture?
Is it really that old of a style?
WP says modern(ist) architecture "emerged in the first half of the 20th century and became dominant after World War II until the 1980s."
They've got a "see also: contemporary architecture"
A lot of things that were labeled "modern" in the 20th century are falling out of fashion, but it's too late to change the label.
@RadvylfPrograms in the UK a loft is really the same as an attic that typically you can only reach through a hole in the ceiling
So frustrating when you take ages over a question then the first vote is down with no feedback :(
6:27 PM
I hate that!
6:54 PM
@JonathanAllan the system shouldn't allow it
well, there are plenty of questions that deserve downvotes, how are you supposed to tell whether they took effort :P
@graffe hehe, but then we ... err as Wezl' says
@Wezl' You can just ask the OP.
I think they mean feedback should be required with downvotes
@mathcat Remember, lying isn't allowed on the internet.
6:58 PM
@mathcat ^^
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