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12:14 AM
@Bubbler 9317 at writing
That said, any feedback?
12:53 AM
> JavaScript → TypeScript
Java → Kotlin
C++ → Carbon
Google making big claims here
Wait it's LDW
I just happened to look at the starboard and noticed it lol
wait what
13 hours ago, by GingerBot
Welcome to the fifth Language Design Workshop! The general premise is that you can post work you've done or are doing on esolangs and people will give feedback. In short, you'll get to show off our languages and their features, chat about them, get feedback, try out WIP languages, and, hopefully get ideas over the next 24 hours.
i didnt even do any work on fig this week
1:27 AM
My OpenAI playground credits expired :(
Q: Divisor of a string

badatgolfChallenge Given a positive-length string \$S\$, a divisor of the string \$S\$ is when there exists a number \$a\$ so when we write the string \$a\$ times we get the string \$S\$. For example, the string abcd is a divisor of the string abcdabcd Your challenge is, given a positive-length string \$S...

@NoHaxJustRadvylf they have a habit of doing that
1 hour later…
2:46 AM
mmm sorry what was that?
Did you say you had 1234 rep?
Because methinks you may be wrong
3:08 AM
Q: Can you tell me about her company?

user114122 can you tell me about it. it is very big and exciting

@NewPosts I'm not sure how to deal with this lol
The genius of ccgc shows no bounds codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/250941/108721
@emanresuA spam, move to bakery
3:49 AM
@NewPosts that question seems like they are in a internal group chat about an airline company
It somehow also typed rrm- in my terminal, which is concerning lol
cat named back lol
little kitty tables
> emanresuA, put your keyboard away emanresuA. I'm not rm rf-ing your computer right now emanresuA
4:18 AM
What time zones are people currently in chat on?
I am on CEST (GMT +2)
You can see the room activity and user activity graphs here
4:30 AM
@Bubbler thanks!
Although it doesn't tell me who is nocturnal
It appears my challenge has been solved now. The remaining challenge is to understand the solution :)
3 hours later…
7:11 AM
If you ever need a more robust program, consider learning Rust :)
I love rust but as long as you don't use threads python is equally robust
7:26 AM
When an email starts with Dear %s
{{ greeting }} {{ title }} {{ first_name }} {{last name}}
Bob, insert the text from the attachment here please
8:31 AM
Is this a dupe of this
3 hours later…
11:30 AM
I'm gonna move this because, while on topic, it's not particularly interesting to anyone other than you two.
in news that's interesting to even fewer people i just noticed i'm at exactly 16000 rep :P
just 384 away from a nice round number
Sorry sorry did you say you were exactly at 16k? I coulda swore you did. Weird given that you aren't.
crazy how that happens
12:02 PM
its still ldw for another hour right
unpins your ldw announcement
it said 23 hours ago :sobbing screaming:
but that doesn't mean you can't discuss any golf/esolang you're making :p
lol true ok
@thejonymyster it's 23 hours and 5x minutes
where x is some number > 5
12:05 PM
just enough time to discuss my lang "notmuchlang" where you can increment two variables at once, thats it thats the only feature
whew just in time
@thejonymyster Do they wrap back to zero eventually?
@mousetail one of them does
12:06 PM
Ok not sure how to imagine that. So basically the only operator will be a,b=a+1,(b+1)%n right?
thatd be messedu p yeah
honestly in general im super curious about weird modularity like that
Would certainly be interesting
i keep coming back to "tape/thing that loops when you try to leave it on one end, but is 'infinite' the other way"
Maybe a conditional jump operator to see of B wrapped or not? Just to make it turing complete
lol maybe
damn honestly depending on the specifics it kind of reminds me of waterfall method lol
fudge it enough and it probably is tc
that's not a professional opinion though
12:09 PM
You really don't have to put in a lot of effort to make something TC
To make it actually usable though is another matter
evidently not
of course lol
12:19 PM
would it be cheaty to port an answer from tc lang interpreter to minimum chars for tc
/ would it even be a valid answer to the latter
12:42 PM
Afternoon all
Anyone awake?
help, the sun went out
That sounds less than ideal
@JoKing dang, I can't see it either
12:53 PM
Neither can I, although there seems to be some source of illumination here
Oh wait, I just have the blinds down
I opened mine and it's definitely gone
i just see light blue sky but no sun :(
and when i look towards wst i see red sky
its weird but still no sun :(
i cant look outside because my skybox code is busted and itll crash
my skybox code is just returning void
with a few dangling pointers here and there
> So, basically, saying that this game should be burned is an insult to fire.
12:57 PM
who knew memory leaks ended up thousands of lightyears away
Sounds like floating point accuracy issues
Someone tell the universe to use doubles
@lyxal Or in other dimensions (disclaimer: shameless self-promotion)
well I don't see what else would be giving off light within the void of the skybox right now
A giant flaming meteor thrown at us by aliens
CMQ: How similar do and ÷ look? ∻÷ - are they distinguishable from a distance?
1:03 PM
Not that similar
The first looks like a tilted script x to me
@lyxal it took me a minute to realise that they are different characters
well alas isn't spaced nicely
so it doesn't matter anyway :p
CMC: Given a list a_1, ..., a_n, add 10x_i to each element a_i such that the list is strictly increasing and the sum x_i is minimised (where each x_i is a non-negative integer)
In other words, increase every element of the list so that it is strictly increasing and each element stays the same modulo 10
+1 cool idea, no idea how to approach it yet :P
@NoHaxJustRadvylf I have the same problem, and I find putting things in a git repo is a good way to encourage myself to work on them longer-term because it's much easier to come back to it 6 months later when it's well organised
1:21 PM
@pxeger javascript, 79 bytes not very short but this was still interesting to solve at all tbh. need to think about both a cleaner way to do this and a shorter way to do this :)
also i have no idea if thatd be a valid submission or how to like score it
that's right
ok good lol gfsdg
i guess itd probably be something to do with avoiding the slice by having the start of the reduce work better
but ill do that later lol
CMQ Do you prefer JavaScript or Typescript?
Though JSFuck is the best of the 3
1:32 PM
i've never used typescript, seems cool though
i think i get the occasional little typescript blurb from replit but sometimes its wrong because i write cursed code
I like the idea of cursed code
TypeScript is way better than JS unless you're working with some really cursed JS library (although even then it might have .d.ts files)
@pxeger and imo the biggest part of that is when you have git there's no shame in redoing half of what you left off on--you don't erase your commit history, just add a new chapter
There is also coffeescript of course
Coffeescript seems like a kitchen sink though
1:35 PM
lol specifically i remember it warning me that something like ".pop is not a valid method for this variable" cause it's initialized/expected as a string within the function, but immediately after initialization i split it into an array
That's really your fault tbh
If you're transforming something it's probably better to do let foo="foo";let splitFoo=foo.split() rather than let foo="foo";foo=foo.split()
right yea thats what it wants me to do
as i was saying, "because i write cursed code"
Doing the latter has caused me a lot of headaches in Python notebooks :(
my one defense is that its a function that takes a string as input, but i needed to make one of those default cases
Switch works with strings, though, right?
1:38 PM
so the function looks like (x="")=>{x=x.split("")...
no i mean default like
Oh I see what you mean
dunno what its called
Default argument? Optional parameter? idk either
so theres no way id mistake it for being a string, but typescript just assumes that since im giving it a default value, it should keep that type
which like, fair
but thats not how im operating
and im not gonna make a like... helper function just for handling that
I mean the easy fix is to just use let y=x.split
1:39 PM
maybe a maybe monad
I read a lot of python code with type hints these days but they are completely ignored when I run the code
fix is a strong word
Well TS has nulls so you don't really need that
the code works just fine, and im not remotely confused by it,
How do people actually use them in practice?
1:40 PM
its just that i get a little typescript warning/hint thing
Well fix for the warning
right yea
also i think ive scrapped that project
@graffe You use a tool like flake8 to lint your code. Also, your editor should be able to use those type hints to give you warnings and helpful completions
@thejonymyster Whoa that's a bit extreme for one little warning :P
@pxeger don't suppose this works? Jelly, 8 bytes: <Ɲ¬ÄŻ×⁵+
@user thanks. In my case that means Emacs
1:41 PM
also for fun ×⁵+ can be ż¹Ḍ :P
@user what can i say i have high standards :P except when im writing the code
I'm sure Emacs has a mode or whatever it's called for that. Also, you can make a GitHub workflow to check your code once you push or maybe a pre-commit hook
@thejonymyster I have high standards when I'm looking at other people's code, but not when I'm writing my own :P
i think im gonna post this, any last glaring issues i may have missed before i do?
@UnrelatedString yep, that's good
oh I guess i could illustrate the "3x3 region" step
and explain edges/corners of the board explicitly
1:45 PM
@thejonymyster good idea
@lyxal I leave the site for 2 weeks and lyxal becomes... I don't know how to finish this sentence
I have broken the bad
Please finish it! :)
call me Jimmy because I be slippin'
@pxeger Becomes what he's always been. That facade of responsibility he added after he became an RO was only temporary :P
(no offense lyxal, just kidding)
1:50 PM
@user nah nah it's from cooking
@mousetail Yeah as soon as I use more than 0 threads bad things start happening :P
@thejonymyster Is this clear now? just specified the edges of the board a bit in the start and the 3x3 region thing
@lyxal Well, it's not too late. You can cure yourself
@graffe also there is a mypy which actually checks those type annotations and sees whether they match or no
@user can't - Gus wants another batch
1:52 PM
@PyGamer0 don't the linters do that?
Oh yeah my bad flake8 is more of a normal linter, mypy's the static checker thing
@lyxal his name is finger
wait wrong guy LOL
Is this a Psych reference?
i havent watched it
@user no
Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul
1:53 PM
Oh ok
Is it only mypy that actually checks the types?
No, others do too
Ok cool
@thejonymyster neither, I'm just going off the memes lol
@user (since no one seems to have noticed, I'll point it out: "cure" was a pun)
1:54 PM
@pxeger call me lyxanberg because I'm the one who knocks :p
You can star my funny message now
@user I honestly thought it was a reference to how Walter has cancer in Breaking Bad
I am going to post codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/25030/108721 in about 30 hours from now unless anyone tells me not to
Please let me know if anything is unclear
2:13 PM
hey @NoHaxJustRadvylf, you should add pings to scrollchat (for online users obv)
You saw nothing
@pxeger Are you aaaaaaaaaa?
No that's probably JoKing
The thing you didn't see was something else
Hmm ok
page jsut crashed
2:21 PM
Hmm scrollchat broke after I pasted in RTL overrides
Oh it's not just me then
Q: Seeing the queen's lasers

thejonymysterIn chess, the queen piece can see arbitrarily far in each cardinal and intercardinal direction. What does this mean? Well, I'll show you with an ASCII drawing: \..|../ .\.|./. ..\|/.. ---Q--- ../|\.. ./.|.\. /..|..\ It means the queen (notated as Q) can see along these lines (notated as \, |, /,...

Looks like lyxal's the one who pasted a bunch of "lag lol"s
it's still dying
2:22 PM
@user at least 13k characters
RIP Radvylf's server
@radv maybe make it so that long messages dont obliterate everything :P also longer fade time pls
@pxeger i mean, i'm joking
presumably there should be some max length, especially since the rest of the message ends up cut off the end anyway
It'd be nice if there were two lines per user and it faded much more slowly
^ oo
also ^^^
2:27 PM
@radvylf feature request make enter type like 8 spaces or so
Oh, so you're aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ooo also fun
2:42 PM
You recorded it? Oh no
That's gotta be a privacy violation of some sort
i simply had to preserve the contest for posterity
There was no contest lol
Hi, what happened here
I was the only one taking it halfway seriously
a lot of it
2:43 PM
We should move half of this to Off-Topic or a dedicated room
I think you mean golfposting
oh smart
Wouldn't golf posting be on topic?
not quite, check urban dictionary
in other news: I'm compiling MusE
> no
don't give up
surely, you're joking
2:44 PM
ooh rhyme!
turns out i can't actually type that fast
update: I think someone else crashed scrollchat
@NoHaxJustRadvylf I think you might have forgotten to only let one person use a name at a time
I can put my name as JoKing and type in JoKing's line
wait it actually tracks it by name instead of some kind of session
that's amazing
2:59 PM
Where is this scrollchat?
Ok and it's broken right now because something someone typed earlier
boomboomboom :b
> JS fuckery is the only kind of JS you can write -GingerBot
... i didn't write that though
you did now, because it's too late for me to edit that
unless you 11 it to say user
yup, perfect
3:14 PM
@GingerBot ??? I said that
Not Anymore
lol ok
reality can be whatever I want, and I want it to be me saying witty quotes
Wasn't particularly witty, which is why I'm fine with it being attributed to you :P
We should really move this to a dedicated chatroom
did I not just say that reality can be whatever I want? it's witty now d:
3:16 PM
Whoa, Chrome OS just made some big changes. Like a dark mode :o
Cool....there's a calender widget thingy in the taskbar now
3:20 PM
No it's a good thing
@NoHaxJustRadvylf Could you move these messages to the scrollchat room (or a new room if you like)?
aint that neat
@NoHaxJustRadvylf Didn't that exist already?
I could swear I've seen people with dark mode on their chromebooks
@user Yes, sort of, but it now does a lot more stuff
3:21 PM
@all I'm thinking of installing a different DE on my Pi, what would yall suggest?
KDE looks pretty if your Pi can handle it
Ugh I hate messing with desktop environment stuff
I like linux because it gives me new and exciting ways to brick my computer
I remember I got KDE installed on my laptop a while back and then any time I'd try to turn it off it'd just freeze
3:23 PM
And all the good ones are bloated
@NoHaxJustRadvylf Was the laptop a really old one?
No, it was like a year old with all modern hardware
is there like a light image with KDE that I can install for testing?
rember it needs to be for ARM
@NoHaxJustRadvylf I've had KDE before and it was great even though people say it crashes
It depends on your computer
Yeah, it worked fine on my ~14 year old- computer, although it was a teeny bit slower
Customizing the widgets did make it glitch for a few seconds though
Apr 29, 2021 at 19:37, by pxeger
@RedwolfPrograms oh, one does not simply use power management in KDE ;)
I'm guessing there's some sort of setup I needed to do first or something
3:29 PM
Weird, maybe some distros do that setup for you
Yeah I'd assume they do
what specs did your laptop have? I'm worried that KDE might make my Pi just... die
LXQT isn't bad if you're worried about that
well the pi's default desktop is highly modified LXDE
I want another desktop primarily so I have GUI settings and notifications and stuff
Doesn't that look nice enough?
3:30 PM
@GingerBot Why are you messing around with DEs at all? I'd assume whatever the Pi comes with is fairly well optimized for a Pi's capabilities.
@GingerBot ah
example: default doesn't come with a notification daemon so I installed the one from xfce
I'm sure there are apps to install that let you do that
@GingerBot Eww, xfce
those notifications do look good tho
Xfce looks okay if you customize it for 8 hours
Which is a pain
any chance there are pre-customized versions somehow
3:51 PM
4:28 PM
o googles new language carbon looks nice
4:47 PM
its a nice mix of python, kotlin and c++ while leaving out the convoluted parts of c++
aww theyre using python style logical operators rather than c style
i.e. and, or, not instead of &&, ||, and !
5:03 PM
Does Jelly have an atom to remove a string from a string?
(Strings being charlists, it would be more like removing a sublist)
Like abcdabc, abc => d
@Seggan are you sad for golf reasons or other reasons
@lyxal Nope, entirely intentional
5:41 PM
@thejonymyster both
i like the logicalness of && etc
@NoHaxJustRadvylf "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!"
5:56 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

SegganCarbon, 85 bytes package c api;import Console;fn Main()->i32{Console.Print("Hello, World!");return 0;} Carbon is a new language by Google, supposed to be a successor to C++. This is how I think it would be written; I don't actually have a compiler on hand. Pretty boilerplatey language, even long...

6:19 PM
@Hello,World! woooow carbon looks like it suuuucks it doesnt even have a hello world builtin
6:59 PM
1 hour later…
8:23 PM
The periods of silence here worry me
Don't worry, we're not using that time to plot our revenge against Code Review
That was my main fear!
But please remind me again of the sins they have committed?
^ I'd like to work myself up into frothing fury but I'd like to know what's happened first
They take short code and add long, disgusting, readable variable names. They add unnecessary whitespace everywhere. They sacrifice binary size for performance. Ugh.
We optimize performance in challenges too
8:27 PM
Yeah yeah :p
imagine checking your code before running it! couldn't be me!
Although they do sometimes sacrifice both size (if we're talking interpreted languages) and performance for elegance
even worse, readable code is a sin upon this earth
in The 2nd Monitor, Aug 4 at 16:03, by konijn
Wot, dont be sorry. YOu saved me work. I think I will be sniping some zombies the coming weeks.
We need to be prepared before we go against these guys, seems they're tough enough to against zombies
fear not, we have butter and lyxal
that is all we need to destroy universes
8:30 PM
@GingerBot Nothing wrong with readable code. It's neither good nor bad. What matters is winning code golf challenges. Sacrificing conciseness for something else is a sin upon everything
@GingerBot Let's please destroy this universe then
We are...
I want nothing more
/srs if you're not joking go see a therapist /j
Why? I won't be saddened by your death /j
8:34 PM
I have no response for that.
Wait, the "You" in the message does refer to you and not whoever views the image, right?
@NoHaxJustRadvylf that is indeed sinful
it refers to you, user.
Welp, I'm not sure how to proceed then
If the killing involves death by chocolate, I'm all for it :P
Anything else and I can't really accept
Under 24 hours until I post my sandboxed question.... Still looking for comments !
8:36 PM
no you just disintegrate into a whiff of carbon and ozone
hol up someone wants serious cgcc stuff done time to be /srs for a sec
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

graffeWhen to give up and start again Consider the following setup. An evil wizard has ten opaque boxes in front of him. Hidden from you, he chooses a random number of coins \$x \in \{1 \dots 10\}\$ and spreads them uniformly at random in the boxes. That is, there should be equal probability of assig...

This part is worrying me "Hidden from you, he chooses a random number of coins x∈{1…10} and spreads them uniformly at random in the boxes. That is, there should be equal probability of assignment of coins to boxes from all possible assignments of x coins to 10 boxes"
Is it completely clear?
Hi @att
Sigh.... It's almost like people have more important things to do than help me :)
8:58 PM
today I learned that Gru is 14 feet tall
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